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The Inheritance part 20

Authors note: Now for the faithful readers that have taken the time to write me this week I want to thank you. Scott is not dead yet and from the sound of things you would like to keep him around a while longer. I do believe in love is a medicine and can make someone better. I have received letters that have told me that they have had tears in their eyes when they read the last chapter. I want to say to you "thank you very much for letting me know I can touch you that way." I write what I feel at the time in parts of the story. There are more chapters coming so the year is not over. This chapter is for some of the wilder guys out there. I hope I can tell it well enough that it takes care of the kink some would like. I will say I was ready to give up this story but you guys have been the best. Your response this week has made me want to continue. You have made my week!!!!!

Thanks again Doug


Brad collapsed when he heard this. He was awakened by a smell of ammonia. When he came to he was setting in a chair. Brad looked at the doctor then and begged him not to do that. The doctor told him that was why he had the living will. Scott did not want anyone to have to make the decision for him.

Brad looked at Brent and asked him to make a couple of calls for him. He wanted the best surgeon in the world brought in. He was to use the money in his trust to do this if needed. Brent left to make the calls. Wayne had a puzzled look on his face. He wondered if Brad had that that kind of money.

Brent came back and told them Doctor Latches would be in town in two days. He was the best in his field.

Brad let out a sigh of relief knowing Scott would have the best. May came over to Brad putting her arm around him and told him thanks. Brad hugged May and told her you do know how much Scott means to me.

Wayne was going to stay the night at the hospital so the others could get some rest. Brad and Brent headed back to the motel while May went home.

When Brad and Brent made it to the motel they sat and talked for a few minutes. Brent went over Brads trust with him and told him that he was old enough to take it all out now. He advised him to leave it in as long as he could. The interest he was drawing in the trust was a lot more than he could in a savings account. He also had to get back to the cabin as soon as possible. He did not want to forfeit what his Grandfather had left him.

Brad did not understand what Brent was talking about and asked for him to explain. Brent let Brad know he could not be out of the area more than 48 hours without returning or forfeit his inheritance. Brad did not know about the stipulations. Brent sat down and filled him in on everything. Brad was ready to give up on the whole thing. Let them have everything I don't care I want to be with Scott.

When Brad calmed down some Brent finally was able to talk some sense into Brad. He might need the money from the estate to take care of Scott. With all of the specialists Scott would to need to see Brad may need the money. The cap on the insurance could be used up quick. Then he could become a ward of the state and not get the treatment he needed.

Brad agreed to go back but if there were any change he was to be notified. Brad then took a long hot shower. He did not realize how much he had missed this. It seemed a lot of his stress went down the drain with the water. He felt kind of numb when he stepped out to dry off. He missed Scott so much.

As he walked into the room to lie on the bed Brent came in from taking there clothes to the laundry room. Brad had the clothes Brent had bought him and what he had on when he left the cabin. Brent could not help but to admire Brad's body. With only a towel on there was more flesh showing than not. Brent tried to control himself but his cock had other ideas. He had always been attracted to Brad and the time of hard work at the cabin had only improved his body.

Brent let Brad know he was going to shower then he would go check on the clothes. It had been a long day just sitting around waiting to see Scott. When Brent got in the shower he started rubbing the bar of soap over his body. The thought of Brad just having the bar of soap rubbed over his body made him get hard. He started thinking of soaping Brad down.

Brent's cock started to grow as he ran the bar of soap over his cock and balls. He was imagining it was Brad's hand feeling his body. He took his other hand and slowly started stroking his cock. This felt good Brent had a good lather worked up and continued to run the soap over his full balls while he slow stroked his cock.

Brent started getting into it. In his mind it was Brad touching him. Brent slowly started soaping his ass. When he started getting a good lather worked up he ran the bar of soap past his pucker. This felt so soft and reminded him of a cock sliding between his ass cheeks. Brent ran the bar of soap past his ass tickling his spinster by applying pressure as it past his hole.

It did not take long till he was really worked up. He could feel his balls start their journey towards his body. He roughly crammed two fingers in his ass as far as he could get them. In his mind it was Brad's cock that was invading his body. He crammed the third finger in and hit his prostate a couple of times. The painful pleasure he received for stretching his spinster muscles more. Plus the hitting of his prostate sent him over the edge. Three large globs of cum slatted against the wall as three more did not travel that far.

Brent sank to the bottom of the shower his legs to weak to hold him anymore. His mind still was racing with thoughts of Brad making love to him. Brent leaned his head against the wall. When he opened his eyes one of his shots of cum was before his face. He stuck out his tongue and licked it off the shower wall wishing it was Brads instead.

Brent finally got enough strength to stand and rinse off. He stepped out of the shower and dried him self off. When the towel brushed his asshole he felt a twinge of soreness. He wished it had been Brad's cock that had caused it but it was not. Brent combed his hair and slipped on a pair of shorts.

He looked at Brad as he came out of the bathroom. He was still in the same spot as he was when he went to shower. Brent then slipped on some shoes and went down to the laundry. There was only one other person in the laundry when he got there. A young Mexican man about twenty one years old stood there staring at Brent. He had a mocha complexion with black hair and black eyes. He smiled at Brent with perfectly white teeth showing.

Brent acknowledged his presents with a nod of his head. Brent watched the young guy out of the corner of his eye. He could not help wanting to stare. Brent put the wet things in the dryer then sat on top of the washer while they dried. He could not help but look at the young man.

As the young guy switched his load to the dryer Brent enjoyed looking at his ass as he bent over. Brent continued to watch as he put another load in the washer. He had only a few things left to wash. Smiling he pointed to the washer Brent was sitting on. Brent understood what he meant and got off the washer. When he had everything in the washer the young man pulled his shirt off tossing it in to.

Brent thought he was hot. He was not the six pack kind of guy but he was not a slouch either. He turned saying something to Brent. Not understanding the man Brent just shook his head yes. The next thing Brent knew he was removing his pants and tossing them in the washer to.

Brent felt his cock go hard as a rock. This young guy was hot at about five nine one sixty. Nice legs covered in kind of thick black hair. Form his jockeys to his belly button a nice treasure trail. He had just a few hairs between his pecks. His stomach was flat and he had a nice round ass.

When he turned again towards Brent he was scratching his balls in his jockeys. The white jockeys looked hot against his darker skin.

Brent knew he would never see this kid again so he did not try to hide his erection. There was no mistaking the nine inch cock he had. Brent leaned back a little so it would show more. When the young guy looked the next time he smiled at Brent saying something the Brent could not under stand.

Smiling Brent thought he might as well see how the guy would react. Reaching down Brent rubbed his cock through his pants. Brent loved the expression on the young mans face. Brent made sure he twitched his cock a few times so the guy would know it was real. It did not take long till he noticed the guys cock had swelled some. It was not hard but more than half way there.

Brent could not help but watch as the guys cock grew before his eyes. Keeping an eye out Brent also watched for someone else coming into the laundry. Rubbing his cock openly now Brent wanted to make sure the guy knew he was interested.

It was not that long till the young man headed to the restroom. He opened the door and looked back at Brent nodding his head. Brent paused only a second before he made his way to the bathroom. He could not believe his luck. Brent opened the door to the restroom and looked in.

There on the counter of the sink sat the young man. He had pulled off his jockeys and sat naked on the counter with his feet propped up on the edge. Brent watched as the young man was running his finger over his pucker then sticking it in his mouth.

Brent walked up to the young man pressing his hard cock against his hand. The young man felt its length then started unfastening his pants. He had Brent's pants and underwear down quickly grabbing his cock. Brent started to kiss the young man he was met with a little resistance but finally the guy started kissing back.

Brent felt himself being pulled forward by his cock. Then he felt the head of his cock being lined up with the man's ass. Brent started to slightly push forward then felt two legs wrap around him pulling him forward. If it had not have been for the spit the young man had applied to his ass. Brent knew it would have felt like his skin was being ripped open. His cock plunged into the man. Never had he entered a man so quick. This guy wanted it hard and rough. Brent thought what the hell it's a one time thing so he plowed him. Brent mercilessly plowed into him hearing grunts of pleasure. This guy liked it better the rougher you were. Brent started pulling his cock all the way out then ramming it back in as hard as he could.

The young man was rolling his head back and forth speaking Spanish the Brent could not understand. All Brent knew is that this guy was pulling him with his legs as hard as he could to meet each thrust. It did not take long till the guy started cumming on Brent. He added everything he could to pounding him harder. Brent felt his own load working its way out as the guy collapsed on the sink.

Brent could not stop till he unloaded everything he had into the young man. When Brent slid his cock out the young man he started to come to. He looked Brent in the eye and spoke. Again Brent did not understand a thing he said. The guy reached between his legs grabbing Brent's cock and looked into Brent's eyes and smiled. Brent understood that language and smiled back.

Brent's cock had not gone down completely and as the boy stroked it he knew it would not. The guy spoke to Brent again and took his hand putting it to his ass. Brent did not know what he was wanting. Then he turned Brent's hand so his fingers were at his hole. Brent stuck two fingers in and the Guy smiled shaking his head yes. Brent started fingering him harder and saw the guys cock start to grow.

The young man made a fist with one hand and an ok sign with the other. He then showed Brent he was running his fist through the ok sign. Brent thought he knew what the guy was wanting. He had read about this and seen pictures on the web. The young man wanted him to fist him. Brent did not know about this. He was afraid he might hurt him.

Brent decided he would go as far as he thought would not hurt the young man. Brent's semen was all the lubricant that he had. He reached over and got a little water to add to it so it would not dry out. Brent had three fingers in easily and was working on his forth. Brent was taking his time with it and would not push any harder till he started to move his hips for more. Brent added spit as he could, he did not want his hand to dry out. It did not take long till he had his hand in up to his thumb Every time he thought he was hurting the guy and about to stop, the guy would grab his arm and pull it towards him.

Brent could not understand why he did not loose his hard on. To be putting this guy through this should not be a turn on but it was. Brent started folding his hand to get his thumb in. He added the precum from his cock. It was dripping all the time. Brent was surprised at how much the guy's ass was stretched. He could see inside it how red it was. Brent held his cock over his hand so the precum would drip where it was needed.

Brent slowly twisted and pushed as he tried to get his hand in the guy's ass. He felt a cramp starting in his thumb from holding his hand in a way that was not meant to be maintained. Then it was in all the way to his wrist. Brent almost came from the feeling and excitement of having his hand in this guy's ass. He felt the guy's prostate on the back of his hand. It was a hard bump in his ass. Brent made a fist turning it slowly rubbing his knuckles against his prostate. The guy would flinch and moan as each knuckle bumped him.

There was a puddle of precum forming on the flat stomach in front of him. The guy was not hard but leaking like crazy. Brent leaned over and took his cock in his mouth. This made another moan escape the guy's lips. Brent was doing his best to get the guy hard. It took a while but he finally started to respond. When he got completely hard Brent went to town on him giving his blowjob. The guy started to move around some so Brent started rubbing his prostate with his knuckles.

It did not take long till the guy was getting louder than Brent would like. He grabbed Brent's head moving it just to the head of his cock. Brent started working his cock head over as hard as he could while knuckling the guy's prostate as hard and fast as he dared. Brent felt his prostate getting harder and his ass starting to spasm. He knew he was cumming so Brent sped up his actions.

The guy started yelling as he came. Brent knew if anyone was within a few yards of the laundry mat they would defiantly hear them. He wanted to cover his mouth but had never seen anyone cum so hard before.

The guy was shaking as he came. Brent felt the first shot of cum hit his mouth. It was not large but so sweet. There were five shots in all. As the guy stopped shooting Brent wiggled his fist inside again. The guy started shaking again like when he just came. Brent put his cock back in his mouth and started sucking hard again while he wiggled his knuckles against the guys prostate. Brent was shocked that he felt the ass muscles contracting again. There was another round of yelling and five more shots of cum hitting Brent's mouth. Brent paused for a second and started back sucking and moving his hand.

Te guy's legs started jerking as he was trying to get Brent's arm deeper in him. The guy could not take it any longer talking and pushing back on Brent. Brent understood what the guy wanted. He tried to slowly remove his hand. It was almost as hard removing it as it was putting it in. Brent looked down and saw he had shot off but did not know when. His cum was all over the guy's ass.

Brent washed his hands as the guy pulled him self back together. Brent looked at his ass while he bent over to retrieve his underwear. His ass looked very angry red. This made Brent hurt. The guy smiled at Brent as he cleaned himself up. He spoke to Brent again and was trying to get him to understand what he was wanting.

The only word in Spanish he recognized was the word tomorrow. Then it dawned on Brent the guy wanted to meet again tomorrow. Brent shook his head yes. The guy held up all ten fingers then added two. He wanted to meet again tomorrow at twelve midnight. Brent shook his head yes and made a few gestures to let him know he understood.

Opening the door Brent saw another young Mexican boy outside the door. He walked over to the dryer and pulled out his clothes and headed to the door. Brent saw the guy walk over to the restroom door and open it. As he was going out the door he heard a lot of shouting in Spanish.

Brent made it to the room before either of the guys came out of the laundry room. Quietly Brent entered the room trying not to wake Brad. Brad still lay on the bed just a Brent had left him. Brent went into the restroom and cleaned up. He was still playing it over in his mind what had happened tonight. He had not had sex in such a long time and here in a few weeks he had had sex with two how guys.

Brent started to feel a little guilty about what happened when he thought about Doug. He did not know why because he had not made a commitment to Doug. It was more of experimentation on Doug's part. He was not in love with Doug or was he.

Brent finally had calmed down enough to head to bed. He headed over to turn down the covers. Brad was in the center of the bed to much to get in so Brent was going to have to move him. Brent poked Brad to scoot over. Brad's flesh was cold so Brent got up and bunched the covers up against Brad's side. Then he rolled Brad over the pile of covers. Brad stirred and almost woke up but fell back to sleep.

The towel covering Brad had come undone and he had gotten hard during his sleep. Brent looked at Brad's naked body. He was the perfect man in his eyes. Brent could not help but want to reach down there and take Brads cock into his mouth.