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The Inheritance part 21

Authors note: Now for the faithful readers that have taken the time to write me this week I want to thank you. I do believe in love is a medicine and can make someone better. The only trouble I see coming is Scott going to be able to pull through and if he does what damage was done. There are more chapters coming so the year is not over.

Thanks again Doug


He had dreamed about being in the bed with Brad naked so many times. His masturbatory fantasy's had been about this for the last three years. Now here it was before him. He was fighting his urges to touch Brad. Then Brad moved his hand to scratch his balls. When he was done it rested on his cock. In a couple more seconds Brad again move to scratch this time his hand ended up on his chest.

Brent watched as Brads ball moved around in their sack. Brent knew it was to be making Brads sweet nectar. When Brent moved to cover Brad up he saw a drop of glistening nectar. Brad had a drop of precum at his piss slit.

Brent could not resist any more he laid the covers back down. Reaching back to Brads cock. Brent gently too Bards cock in his hand. He was so nervous that he was sure Brad would wake. But he had crossed over to no return. He savored the feel of Brads cock in his hand. It was even better than any of his fantasy's he had ever had. Adding a little pressure Brent milked Brads cock trying to get a bigger drop of precum.

As Brent's fingers made it to the head of Brads cock a bigger drop did appear. Brent leaned over and stuck the very tip of Brads cock in his mouth so as not to loose any of the precum. To Brent he had never tasted any ones precum that was this good. With out thinking Brent worked his mouth over Brads cock. Brent took Brad's cock all the way down his throat.

He felt his own cock twitching and reached out to stroke it. Brent had not moved once he had Brad's cock buried in his throat. He was running out of breath but loving the feeling. Brent finally backed off Brad's cock enough to take in another lung full of air. He could smell Brads scent and it was heady to him. Going back down till he bottomed out Brent started stroking again. Brent could feel his balls start to tighten up. He knew he could not hold back.

He was running out of oxygen again but he was also cumming. He felt the first blast hit.

He could not believe he was cumming so quick. He had already cam twice in the last couple of hours. He had been stroking his cock less than a minute and now cumming.

When he removed his mouth from Brads cock it made a wet smacking sound as it hit Brad's stomach. Brent just sat back on the floor. Looking at the mess he had made. His balls ached from having such hard orgasms.

It took a few minutes for Brent to get enough strength to stand up. When he got up his legs were still shaky. He covered Brad up and went to his side of the bed. Crawling in bed caused Brad to shift. He had laid his arm across Brent's chest.

Brent was having a hard time going to sleep. He could feel Brad against him. It was getting very late and he knew he had to get some sleep. Finally Brent drifted off his mind was not shutting off though. He was in that stage where you're asleep but you know everything that going on around you.

Brad had snuggled up around Brent like he was with Scott Brent's mind was screaming he wanted to make love but his body was not responding. Finally Brad moved away and Brent then fell into a deep sleep and rested some.

Brad woke about five and decided to take a shower and get dressed. There was a coffee pot in the bathroom area so he put a pot on. He was hungry this morning and wanted something to eat. He knew the town had to have someplace to get a bit to eat. He left a note on the dresser and headed out. Brad stopped at the front desk and asks where he could find a place open to get breakfast.

After finding out where to go Brad left. He was surprised there was as much traffic as there was. By the time he made it there and back it was starting to get light. Brad took the breakfasts up to the room to eat.

Brent was still asleep when Brad entered the room. Thinking he should get going before long he woke Brent. When Brent's eyes opened he had the look confusion and lack of sleep. If it had been someone other than Brad, that woke him. Brent would have told them to go to hell.

Brad let Brent know he had picked up something for them to eat. Brad poured Brent a cup of coffee to help get him started.

Brent was exhausted but seemed like he was in a real good mood. He had a shit eating grin on his face. If Brad had knot known better he would have thought he had been up most of the night having sex. Brent finally got around showering and eating. When he was dressed Brad asked if he was ready to leave.

When they made it to the Hospital they headed straight to the nurses desk to find out how Scott had done through the night. They explained to him there had been no change. Brad turned to see Wayne. He gasp at first sight again but then felt the sinking sensation when he realized that it was not Scott.

Wayne came over to talk to them. He was told that Dr. Latches would be in some time today. He had a cancellation so he would be in early. Brad hugged Wayne and told him thanks for the good news. Brad then let Wayne know he would take him to breakfast as soon as he saw Scott. They chatted for a couple of minutes till it was visiting time then Brad left to see Scott.

As Brad pulled back the curtain he almost broke down and cried. Scott laid there with wires coming out of him every where. His chest and head was shaved he really did not even look like himself. They had still not cleaned him up very well. There were places where he had dried blood on him. Brad went over to where Scott lay bending over to kiss him on the forehead. He spoke to Scott telling him how much he loved him and needed him.

Brad watched for any kind of a response to any of the words he spoke to Scott. He never did get a response even though Brad was wishing for one. It seemed like he had been in only a couple on minutes when the sign flashed visiting hours were over. Brad leaned over and placed a kiss once more telling Scott he loved him.

As Brad left the room he wondered deep down if Scott was going to be ok. Then asking his self what was he going to do with out him if he didn't make it. Brad returned to the waiting room to see May had made it. He asked Brent if he could stay while he took the others to breakfast. Brent told him no problem that he would be glad to wait.

As they left Brent settled into one of the recliners to take a nap.

Brad took Wayne and May to a nice restaurant for breakfast. There they chatted about what happened and how Scott was doing. Then May asked how Brad was doing. Brad looked at her and tears started to flow. He could not even answer her for a while. He explained how he was angry that Scott had shoved him out of the way and gotten shot. He hated the fact Scott was laying there in a hospital bed fighting for his life because of bigotry.

Brad spilled his guts not caring what anyone thought about him. He knew he was walking on a lot of toes. But at that point he did not care.

When Brad came down from his tirade May just put her arms around him giving Brad a hug. Brad felt like this was a real hug. One he never received from his own mother. The only one that hugged him like this was his Grandfather.

Brad broke the hug and thanked May then looked over to Wayne to thank him to. The look Wayne had a look on his face told Brad that he was uncomfortable. Brad apologized for going off like that and asked for forgiveness.

They had finally finished Breakfast and headed back to the Hospital. As they were pulling in May's cell phone went off. It was Brent letting them know Dr Latches made it in and was looking over the x-ray and notes.

It was a couple of hours before Dr. Latches made it in to examine Scott. After he was through he ordered some test. He came out a few hours later to talk to the family. He explained what he had seen in the reports.

Scott had had a lot of damage to the Temporal lobe of the brain. This is the area of the brain that processes auditory information. If the bullet had gone in a couple of inches lower it would have severed the brainstem and Scott would have died instantly. There was nothing that could be done till the swelling goes down. They would go in and remove the bullet and bone fragments when they were able. The best thing for him was to be in this self induced coma till everything was done. If he wakes they will put him back into a coma till everything is taken care of.

Dr Latches suggested that they save there energy till later. Scott was in good hands but he needed to rest if he was to make it. His brain would have to make new pathways if he was to have any kind of life. There would be parts of his speech that could be affected also. Time would tell. I would just suggest you go home and rest as much as you can. It would be a few days before anything would be done.

This was not what Brad wanted to hear. He wanted news that Scott would be ok.

May turned to Brad and asked what he was going to do. He told her he would stay and watch Scott. Brent looked at Brad and told him he could not do that he had to get back to the ranch. Brad turned to Brent giving him a look that he could drop dead any second. If you plan on having the financial ability to support Scott you would have to.

May spoke up telling them she would help any way she could financially. She did not make that much but she would give anything extra that she had.

Brad told Brent he would go back but someone would need to stay to let everyone know what was going on. Brent told him he would make arrangements for someone to stay here. Brad felt better about it after that.

They stayed through visiting hours again with Brad staying the whole time. He once again told Scott he loved him as he left. Brads feet felt like lead as he walked out of the room.

As a group they headed out for lunch before going their on ways. Brent drove Brad back to the cabin and stayed the night with him. It looked as if someone had taken care of the animals while they had been gone.

Brad was not in the best of moods when he woke up the next morning. He got up and fixed something to eat then woke Brent. Brad asked Brent how he had slept last night. To which Brent told him it was a little warm for him but other than that he slept ok.

Brent ate breakfast then told Brad he was going to head out to make the arrangements for someone to stay at the hospital. As Brent left he wondered if the hot little Mexican guy had showed up and waited for him. He made it back to the motel and decided he would stay the night.

About eleven o'clock Brent headed over to the laundry room to wash the few things he had dirty. Really he was hoping he would meet up with the cute boy again. When his laundry was done he headed back to his room. He felt disappointment that he had missed him. Brent turned on the television to see what was on this late. As he flipped through the channels he saw where the fluffer was going to be on later. He thought he would just stay up and watch it.

Brent put his things away and thought he would run and get a couple of cokes. He headed to the coke machine to see what they had. As he was bending over to retrieve his cokes something touched his ass. Brent turned to see the young Mexican boy was behind him. Brent almost dropped the cokes as the young man touched his crotch.

Brent looked around not seeing anyone then nodded for the boy to follow him. Brent took him to his room sat the cokes down. Brent turned to the young man and took him into his arms giving him deep kisses. The young man was groping Brent's cock trying to release it. Brent walked the boy backwards to reach the edge of the bed. Once he had him against the bed he pushed him down onto it.

Brent started removing his clothes. The young man did to until Brent's cock came into view. Once he saw Brent's cock he was down on his knees servicing it. Brent could feel he was going to cum soon. He thought about it for a second then decided he would let it blow. If he blew quickly later he could fuck this young guy for a while.

Brent placed a hand on each side of his head sliding his cock deep into him. When the young man started gagging Brent backed off. The young guy grabbed both of Brent's ass cheek's pushing them towards his face. After a while Brent understood and started forcing his cock down the young guys face. The more the young man gagged the harder he sucked. Soon Brent was face fucking him with abandon.

Brent's balls started churning he was going to blow. He grabbed a hand full of hair on each side and forced his cock as deep as he could down the guy's throat. His first wad shoots deep into the guy Brent holding him there as two, three, four and five fire into his throat. He could tell the boy was fighting for oxygen so he pull out just enough for him to catch a breath then forced his cock back down his throat. When Brent could feel his cock start to soften he pulled it out of the young boy's mouth.

Brent pulled him up and saw tears running down his cheeks but the smile told Brent he had loved it. Brent then reached out and unfastened the young mans pants and pulled them down. Brent was surprised that the young man had cummed in his boxers. There was a big wet spot that circled the front. Brent pulled these down and cleaned the boy up.

Brent then laid the boy down on the bed and made love to him the rest of the night. He wanted to make this boy feel as good as he could.

Back at the cabin Brad was having a bad night every noise he heard he thought it was someone coming to tell him bad news. Brad felt sick at his stomach. There was something happening that he was not going to like he felt it. Brad got up after a while and got dressed he could not sleep.

He decided he would ride to Sam's house and call the Hospital to check on Scott.

Brad saddled his horse and headed out he walked past where Yeller was buried and started crying. That dog had saved both of them there lives by attacking Mr. Bruner. Brad pushed the horse a little harder now wanting to hear some kind of news.

Brad had to slow the pace for the next mile because of the thick underbrush. It seemed like it was taking forever to get there. Brad once again felt like something was going wrong. Brad knew he should be seeing the house soon but he could not it was to dark.

He was straining trying to find it. It would be light soon and he knew he would find it soon. He started pushing his horse a little harder now that the brush was thinning. He knew the last time they came this way they could already see the farm. Brad started to panic because it was not in site.

Brad stopped and decided he would wait a little while till the sun came up before he missed the ranch completely. As the sun started coming up Brad saw the wire fence. He looked but did not see the house. Turning in the saddle he saw the house it was almost straight across from him on his right side. He had veered to far off so he turned to follow the fence till he came to the road. He had his horse in a gallop as he followed the fence hoping nothing jumped out in front of it. Now would not be a time for a spooked horse.

As Brad rode up to the house he saw that a light was on. Good he thought Sam is already up. Brad knocked on the door and he saw movement in the house. He knocked again and yelled that it was Brad coming to use your phone. Sam recognized the voice and went to the door.

Brad was shocked that Sam answered the door naked. He asked Sam if he could use the phone. Sam let him know anytime he wanted to he could. Brad headed to the phone and Sam headed to the bedroom. Brad called the hospital and was talking to the nurse when Sam returned wearing some pants. Brad was transferred to the floor Scott was on. While he waited he told Sam he liked the way he answered the door.

Sam turned a deep red and told Brad if he had known it was him he would have just yelled come in.

Brad got someone on the other end and asked how Scott Bruner was doing. The nurse asked who he was and Brad told them. The nurse then said she was sorry she could only give that information to his relatives. Brad explained he had been up there for the last couple of days and a family member gave permission.

The nurse explained Scott's mother was here and did not wish any information given out. Brad yelled Scott's mother. The nurse asked him to calm down and told him she knew who he was. She had been the nurse on duty when he had been there. Also there had been no change. There were orders put out that no one but family member were aloud in to see him now. Brad just hung up the phone.

Scott's mother had cut him off from seeing Scott. Brad thought for a few minutes then called May.

May could tell Brad was upset as soon as he started speaking. When she had heard the story she was mad. She told Brad she would go to the Hospital and see what was going on. Brad broke down on the other end explaining he was sorry for all the problems. May let him know that it was her family that should be saying they were sorry. May wanted to know how to get a hold of him when she found anything out. Brad told her to call Sam's number and he would get the information.

When the conversation was over Brad sat back and cried. He had been protected in so many ways when he grew up. Even though he had suffered much loss it still hurt.

Sam asked Brad if he had had anything to eat yet. Brad told him he had not so Sam started to cook. It was not long till they had eaten and cleaned everything up. Sam then asked Brad if he would mind helping him out. Brad kind of hesitated for a second.

Sam explained that if he had everything done and Brad needed to go to the hospital he could take him. If not he would have to find someone to come out and do it for him. Sam also explained he had an answering machine so he would not miss anything important. Brad finally agreed and went out to his horse.

Sam really just wanted to have something to keep Brad's mind off of Scott for a second. He knew he could take off any time Brad needed to. He headed out to the gate to the first paddock. He explained if Brad could open the gate while he herded the cattle over to the gate they would be done soon.

There were two empty paddocks between each herd of cattle. This way the grass got a little time to grow without being over grazed. They went through this process twenty times. Always checking the water troves as they went to make sure there was plenty of water.

By the time they were through it was lunch time. They had covered a lot of acres today. Brad was pushing his horse a little hard as they headed back..

As brad climbed out of the saddle he could feel he would be sore and stiff the next day. He tied his horse up and headed to the house. The first thing he did was check the messages on the answering machine. There was one from May to let him know there was no change in Scott but his mom was not allowing any visitors. Brad felt relief from hearing this but was mad about not being able to see Scott. Then she said she would be out first thing in the morning to let him know what was going on. This made Brad wonder what was going on.

Brad dialed May's number to see what else was going on. After four rings Wayne answered the phone. Brad asked if he had seen his Mom today. Wayne told him she had gone to the hospital that morning and had not returned as of yet. Brad thanked Wayne and told him he would see his Mom at the cabin.

Sam fixed them some lunch before Brad had to head back to the cabin. Brad noticed That Sam had started to say something a couple of times but stopped. When they sat down for lunch Brad looked at Sam and asked him what was up. Sam tried to act as though there was nothing wrong. As they were eating Brad noticed Sam was watching him closely. Then it dawned on him that Sam had some personal feelings that he was battling with.

When Sam stood up to get another beer for the two of them Brad understood. Sam was sexually charged so to speak. As Sam handed Brad the beer Brad broke the ice.

"So Sam... thought any more about playing with guys?"