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The Inheritance part 22

Authors note: A new man at the Cabin. I wonder what would happen If everyone was around a guy that looked like your lover. There have been so many that have written to me and I hope I have been able to respond to you all. You guy's are the greatest. I have been surprised that so many from other countries have read nifty and responded. The net has been an around the world thing that tie us all together. I guess it's a good thing I have not found my Brad yet, you might not get much to read from me. But I guess it could get hotter. Thanks again guy's you have been great.

Thanks again Doug


When Sam stood up to get another beer for the two of them Brad understood. Sam was sexually charged so to speak. As Sam handed Brad the beer Brad broke the ice.

"So Sam... thought any more about playing with guys?"

Sam dropped his beer and tried wiping it up as quickly as he could. "No not really"

"Come on Sam it's just us guy's here. You can't tell me that boner you had just a few seconds ago, was not because of me. You know you want to do it again."

"No man I have not even thought about it."

"Come on man. You know it's cool with me. You can ask anything you want."

Sam sat there for the longest not saying a word "Brad... I can't believe I am going to tell you this. It's just that I have not been able to get the other night out of my mind. I have masturbated more in the few days after that night than I have the whole time I have been here. Every time I think about it I get hard and masturbate."

"Sam that is normal after having a new experience that you liked."

"Brad you don't understand. I have never had the intestacy of orgasms that I have when thinking about that night. It's like right now I want to rip my cloths off and have you make love to me"

"Ok I understand the feelings but do you think you are gay or just wanting to experiment more."

"That's part of the problem I don't really know. I think about all of the guys back when I was a gymnast now. Wondering what it would have been like to make love to them. Never had sex been as good as it was the other night. I thought every day I would ride back over to see if you two would let me in your bed again. I just was afraid you would say no."

"Sam I would never sleep with anyone but Scott with out his permission. If he was well and would like to have sex again that would be ok. I would never cheat on him. The only way I would have sex with another man is with both of us talking about it first. It could ruin a relationship quickly."

"I am not asking you to have sex with me Brad."

"I know Sam but I wanted to explain it to you. I had to talk Scott into it the last time and the only reason I did. Was so he could be with another man and could not say he had never had the chance. I would never want him to tell me the reason he was with me is because he never had the chance to be with someone else. I went through that with the second guy I dated. He started cheating on me all the time so now I will give them the chance and see how far they will go with it."

"So the only reason you had sex with me the other day was to see if Scott would want to do it again?

"Yes Sam it was and I am sorry for doing you that way. I just had to know if Scott would want to play around all the time. I will not lie to you I did want to have sex with you to. I am not dead I know a hot guy when I see one. You just have to know you will not do it. If it were not for Scott I would love to date you. You are a sexy and sweet guy that would be a good catch."

"Thanks Brad."

The talk the guys had helped both of them in a way. Brad by knowing Sam was someone that he could trust and would be a friend. Sam with knowing he had someone he could talk to about anything and would not judge him.

Brad hugged Sam's neck and headed back to the cabin. As soon as he got back he was missing Scott. Brad headed out to feed the animals and take care of them. It seemed like he was just going through the motions.

It did not feel the same with Yeller not there wagging his tail. Brad almost broke down and cried. Yeller had given his life to save theirs. Had he not jumped in on the fight Scott and Brad would have been dead. Brad decided he would make a marker for Yeller's grave.

Brad finished the marker right before it had gotten dark. He went into the cabin and sat down to rest a while. Brad decided he would not fix any supper he would just wait and fix breakfast. When he got ready to go to bed he noticed the mattress was stained with Scott's blood. This upset Brad. He did not have anything to get the stain out.

It also was making Brad angry at thinking how Scott's father had shot him. Brad would do anything he could to see the man go to prison.

Brad grabbed a blanket and slept on the cot. It was not a very good night and rest was not one of the things Brad got. When Brad got up he was worn out. He had tossed and turned all night. Brad knew he needed to clean the place up. There were spots of blood on the floor.

Brad heard a truck pulling up and ran out side. It was May and Wayne. He ran to the side as May was getting out and asking questions before she even had the door closed. May told Brad they needed to go in and talk.

Once they were inside the cabin May looked around and saw the cabin was ok but she knew she would not want to stay there long. Then she saw the blood on the floor and gasp. Wanting to know if it was Scott's, May asked if this was where it happened. Brad told her that was where Yeller had been shot. Brad then took her over to the bed and showed her where Scott had been shot saving him.

You could tell May was shaken by the sight of the place. Brad asked if she would like something to drink and started to make a pot of coffee.

After the coffee was made they sat at the table for a long talk. May started out by telling him there was some problems. Scott's health had not changed but his mother had taken over. She was not allowing anyone to see Scott except her and she would be making the decisions for him now.

May explained how she could not even see Scott now. His dad is running the show from his cell in jail. He is telling Scott's mom what to do. She is planning on moving him to there home town hospital. May talked to Scott's doctor and they had put off moving him as of yet. It will not be long till he is moved though.

Brad jumped up and started yelling she could not do that. May calmed him down and explained that as his parents they could do what ever they wanted. May had already talked to a lawyer about it and they have the right to do what they want as long as his father is not the one doing it. Brad broke down and started to cry. They are going to kill him if something is not done.

May let Brad know Brent came by the hospital while she was there. He was going to position the courts to terminate the rights of the parents. Once he does that May was going to try to get custody of Scott.

It took a while but everything was explained to Brad as to what was going on. It was way past lunch so May asked Brad if she could cook something for him. Brad told her she could fix what ever she could find.

May fixed a big lunch but Brad did not eat very much. Wayne had gone out and picked everything that needed picking in the garden working up an appetite. When lunch was over, May and Wayne headed back home. She told Brad she would keep him informed to what was going on

Brad went and fed the animals and headed back inside. He was mentally exhausted and climbed in the cot and fell asleep.

The next morning he awoke to the sounds of a truck pulling up again. Having not taken off his clothes he ran outside hoping to hear some news from May. It was Doug though and Brad was glad to see him. He was bringing out the supplies that were overdue. Brad saw that the other mattress was on the truck. Doug explained he wanted to make sure he was home. When the unloaded everything Doug told Brad to help him load the old mattress up and he would get rid of it.

Brad was putting everything away when he heard another vehicle pull up It was May and Wayne again. She had brought some cleaning supplies and lunch.

They sat down to eat lunch. May had brought steaks for lunch and there were even a couple of extra so Doug had one also. It was a big lunch and when the bellies were full May told them to disappear for a while she had some cleaning to do.

The guys headed out side to feed the animals and kill some time. Once it started getting hotter Doug told Brad he smelled like something dead. Brad had not even thought about it but he had not bathed for three days. He said he needed to bathe so he would go get something clean to wear and head to the creek. When he returned Doug told him He and Wayne decided they would like to go for a swim to.

Brad went in to get a couple of towels for the others. May asked him how he washed clothes before he headed out. Brad told her but said he could do that later May told him to shut up and go soak his head for a while.

The guys headed to the creek to have a little fun. Brad did not really want to be around the others but went along with it because they were friends. When they got to the water Doug was the first undressed and in the water acting like the kid he was.

Brad and Wayne stripped with there backs to each other. Wayne felt a little uncomfortable about stripping with a gay guy but he knew he did not have anything to worry about. When Brad was naked he turned around to See that Wayne was done to. When Wayne turned towards Brad, Brad gasped he looked like he was Scotts twin. Even the way his cock hung was the same. Doug was the first to say anything though. He told Wayne he looked just like Scott naked. Wayne let out just a snicker and Said Scott looked like him. Remember I am older by two weeks.

Brad could not help but stare at Wayne. He felt like he was looking at Scott and his body was reacting to it. When he was able to break his staring he knew his cock was sticking straight out. He looked at Wayne and apologized to him for the way his cock got hard.

Wayne took the apology and kind of joked back. Well I am sorry but looking at you doesn't get my cock hard. I know I am a stud now when the guys start getting hard around me.

Doug stood up then and told them I guess you really are a stud because my cock is as hard as a rock to.

Wayne looked over at Doug having a confused look on his face. He finally asked are you gay to. Doug told he was but he had not come out to his parents yet. Wayne then asked him had he even been with a guy. Doug's reply was yes.

Wayne then wanted to know how you could tell if someone was gay or not. Brad explained it was hard to tell. You can tell the flamboyant ones but the every day normal boy next door types where hard to tell. You have to know someone that knows they are gay or go to the bars. The internet now seems to help but you run into a lot of guys looking for a one night stand. This is bad in a way because it makes a lot of guys think all gay men are looking for a quick roll in the hay and that's all.

Well Wayne never knew anyone that was gay before and wandered how you knew. Brad explained he did know someone and that was Scott. It is just hard to meet guys when you act normal. You can only stand to be punched so many times.

Brad then decided it was time to get soaped up and clean. He worked up a good lather and soon was washed. Once he was done he crawled up on a rock to dry off some.

Doug being the boy he was soon got into a water fight with Wayne. The wrestled around a little in the water till the tired some. Then they kicked back to rest. Doug then started to question Wayne about his love life. Wayne tried to explain it all to Doug. Then Doug tried to explain everything he knew about being gay.

It was not long till they decided it was time to head back Doug woke Brad up and they dressed and headed back to the cabin. Before they even made it to the door of the cabin they could smell food cooking.

May had fixed supper for them while she had been cleaning the cabin. She told the Boys once they had eaten and dishes were done she needed to head back.

They all ate like it had been a while. Swimming did give you an appetite so they were glad the food was ready. The conversation evolved around Scott and how they would handle things for now. Brad asked May if she could call Brent and see how it was going legally. She agreed and told him she would send Wayne with the news. She also told them she had plans of sending something else to.

All of then left at the same time and Brad was by himself once again. He could not help but be depressed as it sank in he was all alone again. Brad missed Scott so much and to find out he was barred from seeing him. Brad tossed and turned again that night. It was almost lunch time when he woke up.

Brad got up and took care of the animals. There were fewer eggs now that the heat was getting up there. They were just getting a little over a dozen a week now. Some of the young chickens were almost grown. There were four roosters now and the fighting was getting bad. Brad decided he would pull a couple out and put them in the pins they had used for the chicks. This helped some but did not stop it all.

There was a roll of wire that was in the old shed and Brad decided he would build a larger pin. Brad saddled his horse and rode down into the valley to look for post. He found a place that had some small cedar trees that would make good post. The axe was sharp and the trees came down fast. The hardest part was the limbs. It was not easy to cut the limbs off. Brad was slapped in the face more than once with a limb as he tried to cut it off.

It was almost dark when he made it back to the cabin. Wayne was there waiting for him. Brad ran up to Wayne and asked if there was any news. Wayne told him he had not found anything out that Scott's mom was keeping everyone away. Brad told him thanks but wished he had something to tell him.

Wayne told Brad to go on inside and clean up. Brad looked at him a little funny but headed on inside. Brad walked over to the sink and started washing his hands when he heard a noise. He turned and saw that there was a CB radio sitting on a small table. Wayne explained that his mom wanted a way for him to reach her if needed.

Wayne then pulled out a small pump that was submerged in a five gallon bucket. Wayne explained that there were two 55 gallon drums that he had brought with him. Tomorrow they were going to place the drums on the roof one on each side of the fireplace that way they would have the southern sun shinning on them. It would also help to keep them from freezing in the winter.

The drums were painted black to absorb heat one drum would be used for showers and the other would be used to wash clothes with. They would have a hose that would run them to the washer and set up a place for the bathtub. The bucket with the pump would be used to fill the barrels up with.

Brad was really surprised that May had thought about all of this. Brad asked Wayne if he was hungry. He replied that his Mom had sent them a plate lunch if he wanted it. Brad was glad to have someone else's cooking beside his own. They ate there lunch supper then kicked back to talk for a while.

"Wayne do you think Scott will be ok?"

"I hope so. Did you know we were best friends when we were little?"

"No Wayne I did not know that."

"Well we were till his Dad and my Mom got into it. Mom would take me to church where he preached. Mom never did believe in half of what he preached and would tell me what was wrong that he had stated. I remember he was a scary preacher. He would always tell you that you were going to hell all of the time."

"Wayne I remember Scott telling me how his dad would tell everyone they were going to hell all the time."

"Mom quit going there after Mike was killed. She got real mad when he told everyone that Sunday during his sermon. God sent Mike to hell because he had tried Queer stuff with another boy."

"You have to be kidding me. He said that in church."

"Yep... Mom stood up and walked out she was so mad. We never went to that church again."

"So you and Scott were not around each other after that?"

"Brad it was hard on Scott. We seen each other at school but after school Scott had to go straight home. His Dad watched him like a hawk. When we would go to family reunions his Dad would not let him out of his site. He had to set around with all the old folks and listen to the stories of how hard they had it when they grew up. Scott's Dad would start his ranting and raving on how everyone was going to burn in hell and everyone would start to go home. The bad thing is Scott really loved his Dad. He would always tell me his dad was a real man. How he hoped he would grow up to be built like him."

Wayne I remember one time when I said something about how hairy Scott was. He was real quick to tell me he was a real man like his Dad. He loved his Dad and from what I can tell and his Dad loved him to. It just seems from what I have been told he really went nuts after the Mike thing."

"Brad you should have seen the way he changed. I mean he was always overzealous about religion. But he really changed when Mike was caught. I remember my Mom explaining it to me. She told me what ever choices in life I made she would support me. It did not matter if I love a man or a woman she would still love me."

"My Grandfather never liked that I was gay but he did not beat me down for it. He had always hoped it was just a faze I was going through. He would tell me he wanted Great Grandchildren. He never got to see any but I do hope to have children some day."

"Brad you and I both know that will not happen as long as you are gay"

"Wrong Wayne I can adopt, or have a surrogate mother. My first choice is to have a surrogate but I plan to also adopt. I would like to have one child of my own blood and adopt a couple also. I was an only child and do not want my children to be raised without other brothers or sisters."

"Brad that cost a lot of money. How do you thing you will be able to afford that?"

"So you don't know?"

"Know what?"

"The reason I am here."

"Yeah... Because you work here and because Scott lives here."

"No Wayne... I am here because of my Grandfathers will. He wanted me to get to know the land. In a way he wanted me to appreciate how he has struggled to become the man he was. He wanted me to become the type that did not take for granted what he had put into it and what he had accomplished. My dad had it rough when he was little. As Grandfather had more money he made sure Dad had everything he could want. This made my dad into something he never wanted me to turn into."

"So how much money will you get?"

"I really don't know for sure. I know he owns this land and the cattle on it. He has a couple of factories and businesses in town and the property in the city."

"So you are worth millions then?"

"Yes Wayne I will inherit a large sum of money. I would expect it to be a few million maybe even up to fifteen million. I have never been told what Grandfather was worth. Money matters were never talked about. I always had what I needed but if I wanted something extra I had to work for it."

"Man Brad you had a rich Grandfather. I would have never known. So how did you and Scott hook up?"

"It was almost four months ago now. Scott was the ranch hand that had been hired to stay out here with me. He was supposed to be the one that would help me make it."

"Well that explains why you are living here instead at Scott's place."

"Yeah we built this place. It was a lot of work and not the best of jobs but it is keeping us dry for now. Speaking of dry we need to get to bed so we can get an early start in the morning."

"That sounds good to me. Where do I sleep?"

"Well Wayne you have two choices the cot or in the bed with me. I promise I will not cop a feel while you're asleep if you sleep with me."

"Dam I guess it will be the cot then."

Brad looked at Wayne and he had that same smile that had always melted his heart. "Sorry dude I am a taken."

"Ok but don't roll over and expect me to back up to you."

"Dam Wayne... Scott and I have been practicing snoring while being ridden and now I won't be using it"

Both guys had a good chuckle and headed over to the bed. Brad stripped to his jockeys and climbed in Wayne was not far behind. As Wayne headed over to turn the light out he looked at Wayne once more. He looked like Scott so much.