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The Inheritance part 23

Authors note: There is a new Hero in town. Someone will finally speak up. Hope you like it.

Thanks again Doug


It took a while before they drifted off to sleep but soon there was steady breathing. Brad slept better that night. He did not know if it was just because someone else was there or not. The night passed quick and as the roosters started to crow Brad felt the familiar warmth of his lover against his back. Brad bolted up in the bed and turned to look at his lover. At first he felt the relief that it had all been a dream. Then Wayne sat up wanting to know what was going on.

Brad looked at Wayne the tears welling up in his eyes. He was fighting to keep from crying. Brad explained to Wayne that he woke and felt him wrapped around him. How he felt it was Scott and all of this had just been a bad dream.

Wayne put his hand on Brads back and rubbed it lightly. He then told Brad he was sorry that he had to go through this. Brad wiped his face then stood up. "I will start breakfast if you will go milk the goat."

Wayne agreed and put on some clothes then headed out to milk the goat. It had been a long time for Wayne but he got the hang of it again. He finished milking and fed the other animals. When he went in to gather the eggs there was a hen that was setting. She only had four eggs under her but Wayne did not know if he had put them there or not.

Brad almost had breakfast done when Wayne made it back. Wayne asked Brad about the hen and was told he needed to put all the eggs aside for the hen to set on. He would like to have a dozen for her to set.

The guys ate there breakfast having a good chat about what they needed to get done for the day. Once done Brad almost yelled for Yeller to come up for the scraps. It seemed every time he turned around something was reminding him of how empty his life seemed now. Brad tried to be happy the Scott was still alive it was hard because of the anger he had inside.

Brad had prayed more in the last few days than he ever had in his life. He was not a real religious man but he did believe in god. All he was praying for is that Scott's life has one more chance.

Wayne broke Brad's concentration when he asked Brad for some help. Wayne needed help cutting the hoses. He had the extra hardware to put new ends on after they were cut. The barrel had a place for the hose to screw into when they had it placed on the roof. The two barrels went up easy with just a couple of adjustments having to be made. Once they were up some extra hose was placed on the roof. It would heat up faster than the barrel.

There were two small holes cut up under the eave and the hoses fed through. The water from rain would drip there instead of going in the house. Once the hoses were through the wall they went inside to connect the hoses for the house.

Wayne had a valve that could be switched from one side to the other. This way the same tank that fed the sink could feed the washing machine. The other tank could be for showers. Once everything was done Brad started pumping the old well. When he had a little water in the bucket Wayne kicked on the electric pump it fed the barrel for the washer first.

Brad wanted to know how he would know when it was full. Wayne told him to listen for water running on the roof. Brads arm was getting tired of pumping when he finally heard the water hitting the roof. Wayne then switched the valve and it started filling up the other barrel. Wayne came over and started pumping the old well. He knew the water was cold and would take a while to warm in the sun.

At least Brad could fill the barrel and wash a load of clothes without having to watch the washer in between cycles. It dawned on Brad then if he had some more hose he could water the garden with the wash water. It would not be as bad a having to haul it out there all the time.

He was thinking about all kinds of things now. He asked Wayne if he could get a few more bid drums. He wanted to put plumbing in. If he had some pipe for sewer and a couple of barrels he could put a toilet in. In door plumbing, man would it be nice to be able to set on a commode again. The out house had a board with a hole cut in it and you sure didn't set there long.

It was a little after lunch time when they got through hooking things up. Brad thanked Wayne for everything he had done and asked him what he wanted for lunch. Wayne went outside and looked around while Brad fixed lunch.

As Wayne walked around he was amazed at how different the valley looked compared to the flat ground all around. He wondered if it was formed by an earthquake or had a meteor had formed it years ago. It had fresh water that ran into it but did not run out. That told him there had to be a place where the water went under ground or the valley would be a lake. There was also a part of the valley that did not have many trees on it. It was covered with plush grasses at one time there must have been a fire that burned out that area. Lightning might have started the fire that caused that.

Wayne just could not get over how it seemed like a different part of the world here. The trees were taller and everything seemed greener. He wanted to explore this valley and see what other mysteries it held. He was sure there would be a lot of things to see but his stomach started to growl. This was a reminder to head back to the cabin.

Brad told Wayne he was just fixing to go hunting for him. He told him about the cougars they had run into and had to kill. We never go very far without a gun. Wayne was surprised about that. Brad explained what had happened when they ran into the cougars before.

After a while Brad asked Wayne what he done for a living. He told Brad that he did odd jobs for a living. There was not much to do around the area and he did not want to move. Certain times of the year he had steady work. Some of the farmers would use him in the spring time for planting and summer he hauled hay. The fall if weather was bad he would help harvest when they got behind. If they did not he would cut fire wood. He had a couple of yards he kept up and would do repairs for people. It was always enough to get by on but not enough to take a wife and settle down.

The town was not growing because of lack of jobs. Most people would not settle for part time jobs so they move. I have been lucky in the fact I have not been sick or in the hospital. I know I can not do this forever but I like having different jobs to do. I would not be able to do this but my house is paid for so my expenses are very low.

Brad then asked If Wayne had a girlfriend or someone he was seeing. Wayne explained he had an older woman he seen on a regular basses. They would never be anymore than they are now. He had a girlfriend for a few years and she wanted to get married. The problem with her was she wanted to move away from here. It soon got to the point that they could not get along so it ended. She soon married someone else and moved out of the area. Her husband is now moved back and she stayed in the city.

Wayne went on to how he would like to get married some day and have children. The main problem was that there were not many girls around the area that he would even want to marry.

Brad told Wayne that he would be a good catch for any girl. But that he did understand a girl wanting a man to have a steady job. It would be hard to raise a family when you do not know where your money will come from. Wayne agreed with Brad and told him he hoped to find a steady job someday. There were a couple of farmers that had hired hands that were getting on in age. He knew that there would be an opening in a few years there.

Brad then asked Wayne what he was doing now for a job. He told him that it would be hay season again soon and he would work hey. There was still two or three weeks before that happened. As long as I make at least five hundred a month I can survive.

Brad then asked Wayne if he would like to work in Scott's place till he could come back to work. He hated staying out here by himself. Wayne told Brad he would have to talk it over with his mother and see if he could find someone to take over the two lawns he had first.

Brad then explained to Wayne the job paid Four hundred a week plus room and insurance. There would also be a small bonus if he made it through the year. Wayne liked the terms. The most he was ever paid was eight dollars an hour for any job he had ever had. He could have every thing turned off at his house till he came back and put that money all away.

Wayne told Brad he needed to get cleaned up and head into town. He would check to see what he could find out about Scott and talk to his mom about the job. He would come back tomorrow and let him know what he decided either way.

Brad felt better about everything now. He pulled out the tub and told Wayne he could take the first shower if he wanted. Wayne told him he would just go to the creek and clean up. The water in the barrel had not had enough time to warm up. As he headed out the door he asked Brad if he would like to join him at the creek.

Brad could smell himself so he said he would love to. They headed to the creek to clean up. Brad thought along the way how nice that Wayne was. He never seemed to get upset or stand offish about anything. Even the fact that Brad was gay did not seem to bother him. He acted as if there was nothing wrong.

As they walked up to the edge of the bank a couple of frogs jumped in. Wayne told Brad he should catch him some frogs to eat sometime. Brad looked at him telling him "I don't think so." As Wayne was setting down to take his boots off he told Brad they were very good to eat. If you went to a restaurant to eat them they were expensive.

Brad sat down beside Wayne to take his boots off to. It felt strange that someone that looked so much like Scott could be so different also. They were a lot alike in a lot of ways buy Wayne seemed to have a calmer disposition about him. Brad could only thing it had to do with how they were raised. Scott was raised by an explosive preacher and Wayne was raised by a very calming lady.

Scott seemed to be a little more bulked up than Wayne but he had been busy working full time on a ranch. Lifting bales of hay and sacks of feed everyday bulked him up more. Brad could not help but to admire Wayne's body though. He caught himself starring at him as he took off his clothes.

Wayne started to laugh when he noticed Brad starring. This brought Brad back to attention he apologized for starring. Wayne told him it was cool it just felt different having a guy stare at him while he stripped. Brad then told him he had a great body and it reminded him of Scott. Wayne turned to Brad and hugged him telling him he knew he missed Scott to.

Wayne then told Brad again how close he and Scott were when they were growing up. How when they were young they were teased about being twins all the time. Heck they were so close that when they noticed changes in there bodies they would compare them. That all changed after mike died. It was not till after Scott came to live out here that we were reunited. Things were different then, he was different. After a while Wayne started noticing things. Like Scott never dated or talked about women. When asked he would tell you he did not date in collage because he wanted to study and make good grades. Scott never explained why he had quit just he needed a break.

Wayne tried to set him up on dates but he never had the time. Then when he would come to lunch at the dinner he would not even notice the pretty girls when they came. Wayne asked his Mom about Scott one day. He explained that he never notice the cute girls and would never go on a double date with him. May explain to Wayne the reason she thought Scott did not date was because he was gay. May went on to tell him that Mike was gay also but that it did not change who he was. It just changed how he acted around others. It would make him a more guarded person with his feelings because of the way people looked at gay men.


Wayne then told Brad to just be his self around him. Brad looked down and said I guess I am. Wayne looked to where Brad was looking and saw Brad's cock was swelled. He was not hard but almost. Brad told Wayne he was sorry about that but the flesh was weak.

Wayne hugged Brad again and told him it was ok. He knew he looked enough like Scott and felt like Scott that he understood. Brad felt his cock touch Wayne's as he was hugged again. His was rock hard now but as Wayne turned to leave Brad saw there was no change in Wayne, his cock was as soft as ever.

Wayne walked out into the water and started to swim. Brad followed soon just to hide the fact his cock was hard. The more Brad was around Wayne the more he enjoyed it. Wayne was a very relaxing person to be around. He did not have any hang-ups about Brad being gay. Brad was shocked he did not get upset when he felt his hard cock pressing against him.

Wayne swam to the edge to the rock they put everything and grabbed the soap. He soaped everything he could then asked Brad if he would soap his back. Brad almost jumped at the chance to do this and soon had Wayne soaped up. When Wayne was rinsed off he asked Brad to hand him the soap. He then turned Brad around and soaped his back for him.

When Wayne was done he walked back to the edge of the water and got out to set on the rock. He lay back a few minutes to let the sun help dry him while Brad finished washing. Once Brad was done Wayne asked if he would like to set down and dry a second. As Brad sat down Wayne started asking questions about the job and what he would need to bring out. Brad answered all of Wayne's questions and then told him if he wanted to sleep in his own bed he would need to bring one. After they dried off they headed back to the cabin and Wayne took off to talk to his mom.

Brad felt better that night he had found someone that he could live with. Wayne reminder Brad of Scott so much. In some ways he liked Wayne's personality better and in some Scotts. Wayne seemed so laid back and that nothing fazed him at all. This was the one thing he liked most about him.

That night Brad rested better but he still could not wait till Wayne came back with the news of Scott.

It was late when Brad woke the next morning. He got up and ate a bite then started working on taking care of the animals. He sat some eggs under the hen and gathered the eggs he found. When he milked the goat he found she was not giving as much milk. She was trying to dry up. Brad knew if they were to have milk he needed to make sure the goats were milked more often or they would dry up.

Brad then started working the garden. There were more weeds in it today because of the lack of attention. He kept hoping that Wayne would show up any second. Brad had finished weeding the garden and picked some of it when he took a break.

Brad sat on the porch for a while and all he could think about was how was Scott doing. It was driving him crazy that he was not up there with him. Brad wanted to be with his lover. He wanted to go shake some sense into Scott's mom. Brad knew even if he was there he would not be allowed to see Scott. That fact did not make anything easier though.

Brad had finally cooled off and went back to work. When he finished in the garden he started working on putting the food away. There was more than he could eat by himself so he thought he would try to get more seed to put away. Brad started getting hungry and fixed something to eat. He fixed extra incase Wayne showed up. Brad was getting nervous that it was taking Wayne so long to get there. He could not help but think that something had gone wrong.

After Brad got through cleaning up the dishes he went back out side to see if he could see Wayne coming in. There were no signs of anyone coming down the road. Brad sat on the porch looking in that direction. The longer he looked the sadder he felt. He wondered if Wayne had never had the intention of ever staying with him. Brad felt hurt and sad at the same time. Everything in his life was going wrong.

He lost his Grandfather, Chris and Scott all in a short time. Brad did not know how much more he could take. He was wishing it would have been him that was shot. The longer he sat there the more he felt sorry for himself. Brad was suffering from depression. It was getting late and Brad just wanted to lie down and cry.

Brad stood up and went inside. When he got in he went over to the bed to lie down and started crying. After a while Brad drifted off to sleep. He was exhausted emotionally and fell to sleep soon after. Brad kept hearing his name being called but could not seem to wake up. He felt like he was in a fog. After a while he stopped hearing his name called and drifted back off to sleep.

There was a pounding at the door that woke Brad next. He jumped up and ran to the door yelling just a second. Once he opened the door he saw two officers standing in the door way. Brad felt like he was going to be sick. His first thoughts were that something had happened to Scott.

The officers verified who Brad was then told him they had a couple of question for him. There were a couple of things they had forgotten to ask when they were out the other night. Brad felt a little relief when he was told this. He was afraid that something had happened to Scott. They told Brad there would be a preliminary hearing soon to see about the charges filed against Scott's Dad. Depending if Scott survives or not what charges will be files. They told Brad Mr. Bruner was still in jail. His wife could not come up with the money to bail him out yet. 

Brad the reporters will be hounding you as soon as they find out who you are. So far we have been able to keep your name out of it but not for long. This could turn into a mess for you so be careful.

When the cops were through Brad fixed breakfast. He still felt some discomfort at being alone. As he ate Brad was trying to think of ways to keep the press away. He had not thought about it until the cops mentioned it. Also, how long could he stand being alone?  Brad cleaned everything up after eating and headed out to feed. Once he fed everything he took Scott's horse out for a short ride. You should not keep a horse up all the time and not ride it. Brad rode down into the valley and thought about how much he would love to live here with Scott.

There was very little that would have to be changed to make this a Garden of Eden. There was a little rise that would make a perfect home site. Brad was sitting there daydreaming of how their happy little world would be. Time had passed and it was time to head home. Brad could not help but think how happy he could be here. As Brad rode up the hill he felt the desperate feeling invade him once again. He pulled up to unsaddle Scott's horse when he saw Wayne come out of the chicken house. Brads heart started beating fast as his first thought was always of Scott when he first saw Wayne.

Wayne told him he tried to call him last night on the CB but never got an answer. Brad was almost pissed about Wayne telling him a lie till he remembered he heard someone calling his name last night. He had completely forgotten about the CB. Brad quickly changed the subject to see if there was any news about Scott.

Wayne told Brad that Scott was operated on and the bullet was removed. He was doing ok but still in a coma. The only way they found out is one of the nurses that works at the hospital is a friend of Moms. She now is keeping Mom up to date on what is going on. She found out there are no visitors allowed on his papers. Mom went up to check on him and was not allowed in. She had Scott's Mom come out and explain to her why she could not see him.

It seems Mom really pissed her brother off when she went to see him at the jail the other day. It sounded like Mom told him he needed a big dick stuck up his ass. To dislodge the corn cob blocking the crap covering his eyes really pissed him off. It also pissed off Scott's Mom to because she thought she was calling him Gay to.

Well Mom let her have it at the hospital. She told her she was just a stupid cunt that could not make a decision on her own. If she had a brain she would be working hard to help Scott rather than cut him off from everyone. Then Mom was asked to leave but she told Scott's mom that this was not the end of it. 

Boy was Brad glad he was on the good side of Wayne's Mom. She sounded like if she got mad at someone that she would let them have it with both barrels. Brad felt better that Scott was doing ok but he needed to see him. Brad asked Wayne when Scott was out on the floor if he would take him to see Scott. He knew that as long as Scott was in ICU he would not get through. Wayne agreed that he would take him as soon as he knew.