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The Inheritance part 24

Authors note: Well this chapter is a little longer so I hope you don't mind. Thanks again for all the kind words guy's. Also to all the new readers that have written. Glad you are feeling better Richard.

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Brad felt better about Wayne now that he knew he did try to call him. Brad had never been around a CB before so Wayne showed him how to work it. Wayne told Brad his mom had one and kept it on channel 29 all the time. If she was needed that was one way we can get a hold of her after she got home from work. He ran through the gambit of the channels and what ones stay busy with truckers and all.

Wayne told Brad how when he was younger he had one and would listen to all the truckers. He even became good friends with some of them. When they were around they would come by the dinner and eat.

Brad let Wayne go on and on but he only had one thing on his mind. That was ways to get to see Scott. He was working out some ideas of how to get to see him where Scott's Mom would not know.

When Wayne touched Brad on the shoulder he jumped. Wayne explained he looked like he was a million miles away.

Brad apologized and explained he had his mind on Scott and was not trying to be rude. Brad then told Wayne he had better get supper started. Brad went into the kitchen with Wayne right behind him. As he was working on supper Wayne wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help. Brad gave Wayne a couple of things to do so he would feel like he was helping.

Brad seemed to enjoy the conversation through supper with his mind only straying a little. Wayne told Brad he would clean everything up so he could relax. Brad then decided he would shower while Wayne did the dishes.

Brad pulled the tub out and connected the drain hose to it. The water would now drain out to the garden watering it as he showered. Once he had everything set up Brad started stripping. He looked over to where Wayne was and noticed he was not even paying attention to what was going on. Brad then stepped into the tub and reached up to turn the valve. The water was warm as the sun had heated it all day. Brad had theuroly wet his body before he turned the water down to a drip. He then started soaping up good.

Wayne had finished the dishes by this time and came over to sit down. He felt strange sitting there while Brad showered. He had never tried to talk to someone while they were standing there soaping their body. His only experience with it was in the showers at school. At least there he was naked to and trying to get finished real quick so he could make it to his next class. This was totally different sitting there while a naked man washed himself.

Brad watched as Wayne sat down. He tried talking to him but he could tell he was uncomfortable. Every time he looked up and saw Brad naked and washing himself he would quickly turn his head. Finally he told Wayne that he hoped he was not shy. That with the living condition they had he would have to get over doing anything in private. He told him he had a problem at first with Scott. It was strange to watch another man wash him self when in society it was not normal. Men were not supposed to look at another man. The only reason would be he was gay.

Wayne explained it was just the setting he guessed. It did not bother him when they went swimming but it just seemed different now.

Brad laughed and told Wayne it was different. He figured out after a while the difference was that he was touching himself. You have a tendency to watch the moving hand. When it touches spots where it is private you have a tendency to be embarrassed. Like when I am just washing my chest its ok but if I take my hand and wash my cock it is different. It has a sexual context to it.

Wayne thought about it for a second and agreed with Brad.

Brad then went on to explain how it was so strongly engrained into men that it was wrong. He had even read that a lot of men at first have a problem with bathing male babies. The reason is you have to touch there penis and that is wrong. Another thing is like washing your ass. You don't think anything about another guy washing his ass but because I am gay you do. You think I am playing with my sexual parts.

Wayne was shocked that Brad pinpointed all of the hang-ups that were bothering him. He had never thought about why it bothered him but that it just did. Now that he understood it he would be able to overcome it. He just hoped he could overcome it by the time it was his turn to shower.

Brad turned on the water to rinse off. It felt so good to shower again. The warm water running over Brad's body rinsing the dirt and soap away. He had always felt a little dirty after a bath but not after a shower. The only reason he could figure out was he knew he was sitting in the dirty water. The water your ass was in was the water you were washing your face in.

Brad stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry off. He then looked at Wayne and told him it was all his if he wanted.

Wayne felt strange about it but did not want to show he was uncomfortable around Brad. He still was a little worried about being around a gay man naked. It did not bother him like at the swimming hole or with his clothes on but to be washing himself was different. You are standing there naked at least when swimming your under water. He was afraid the Brad would just stare at him. It was bad enough that Brads cock was bigger than his.

Wayne started taking his clothes off to get into the shower. Man he wished he had thought about a shower curtain. When he was completely undressed he walked over to the tube and climbed in. Wayne noticed Brad was not looking but drying his hair with a towel. He quickly wet himself and started soaping up.

Wayne saw that Brad was putting on some shorts then started gathering up some clothes to wash. He turned and asked Wayne if he wanted his jeans washed. He told Brad that he did so Brad picked his up and headed to the washer.

As Brad was going through the pockets of the jeans he stuck his hand in Wayne's jeans and found some rubbers in one pocket. Not wanting to jump to conclusions he put them along with his wallet and knife on the shelf above the washer. He could not help to think that Wayne thought he might have sex. Brad was determined that it would not happen though.

Wayne was rinsing himself off when Brad brought a towel over and sat it in a chair. He told Wayne he was going to go sit on the porch for a second. Wayne was glad he had left the room so he could finish by himself.

 As he dried off Wayne pulled a suitcase out to find something to wear. It did not take long to find what he was looking for and he put on a pair of jean shorts. Wayne finished drying his hair and took his towel over to the basket beside the washing machine. He saw his wallet and knife on the shelf and picked them up. As he grabbed them the condoms fell to the floor. He had forgotten about having them in his pocket. He hoped Brad did not think anything about them.

When Wayne was done he headed out to the porch to check on Brad. It was a warn night but enough breeze was blowing to keep you from sweating. Brad asked if he found everything he needed. Wayne told him everything but where to put my clothes.  Brad felt guilty about not showing him earlier where to put them.

Brad took Wayne into the bedroom area and pulled back a curtain and showed him where he could hang his clothes. The other things went on a little shelf he had. Brad had not removed anything of Scotts yet. In fact he had been wearing some of his things because it made him feel better.

He let Wayne put his things away while he went to put the clothes in the dryer. Brad noticed the Wayne's things were not on the shelf anymore. He must have gotten them off the shelf after he got dressed. Brad switched the clothes around and started loading the towels that needed washing. It was so nice not to have to run and add water to the washer every cycle now.

When Wayne came out he started unhooking the shower so it could be moved out of the way. Brad told him he would take care of that but Wayne insisted.

 When the washer started Brad went to the sink and pulled out the bucket to fill the barrels up. He did not know how many loads a barrel held but he did not want to run out.   

It took a while before Brad could hear the water running over on the shower barrel. He guessed they had used most of it while taking a shower. Brad then through the lever and started filling up the barrel for the washer and sink. When it was full he rested. He knew there would be enough to finish the load and would not have to about it running out.

Wayne asked if Brad would like to help him dig a hole in the morning before it got to hot. Brad wanted to know what it was for. Wayne explained he had not unloaded his truck yet but he had brought a couple of things for the house. One was a couple more barrels and the other was a toilet.

Brad was excited over that and told him he was ready for a peaceful sit on a real toilet again. Brad then wanted to know what the hole was for. Wayne told him they needed a septic tank. Brad understood then. He had been raised in the city all of his life and had sewer.

It was not long till the guys headed to bed. Brad was a little nervous after finding the condoms but soon was asleep. Brad awoke early the next morning. He could feel the familiar hairy chest against his back and the hard cock pressed against his ass. Brad pushed his ass back and felt the familiar cock slide just between his cheeks. He wanted it in his ass. Brad wanted to feel it slide in.

 Brad backed up more but could not seem to get the cock to move into position to enter. Brad was going to reach around and place it where it would enter him when he felt it grind into him. He loved the feeling as he pushed back to. The grinding was not going anywhere so Brad started reaching for it.

The grinding stopped as Brads hand was reaching between them. Wait, that's not Scott. Brad woke up completely then. Brad and Wayne were all snuggled up and Wayne's hard cock was at Brad's ass. The only thing separating them was the fabric of their jockey's. 

Brad lay still to see if Wayne was awake or not. He lay there for a second and Wayne ground into him again. He was breathing steady and could tell Wayne was asleep. He must have been dreaming. Brad realized he had been dreaming to so he could not blame him either.

Brad struggled to get out of bed without waking Wayne. He had to pee really badly and it was a relief when he made it to the porch. When he was done peeing he thought he would lie back down for a little bit. He would need all the rest he could get if he was going to be digging a hole. It did not take Brad very long to doze back off.


Wayne woke next it was almost daylight. He found himself snuggled up to Brad. His cock between Brads cheeks. It felt nice to be snuggled up. Brad felt different than a girl harder but still it was nice. Wayne got up and went outside to pee. He noticed a wet spot on the ground and figured that Brad had gotten up in the night sometime. It made Wayne wonder when he had snuggled up to Brad.

Wayne went in and started a pot of coffee. Once he had that done he found some bacon and eggs for breakfast. There was just enough milk to drink so he did not fix any gravy. There were a few biscuits left from yesterday so breakfast did not take long to prepare.

He hollered for Brad to wake up that breakfast was ready. Brad had been laying there not wanting to get out of bed for a while. He smelled the food cooking and decided the longer he lay there the longer he could get away with it. Brad finally got out of bed and stretched. His cock was hard again and sticking out of the top of his jockeys. Wayne had been looking and turned his head as soon as he saw Brad look that way. Brad quickly stepped out on the porch to relieve his self then washed up before eating.

They ate that morning without saying much both deep in thought. Brad was wondering if Wayne was trying to seduce him. Wayne wondering why he was snuggled up to Brad with his cock pressed into Brad's ass. Once the table was cleared and dishes done they started work. Wayne took care of the animals and Brad hoeing out what few weeds there was in the garden.

After finishing that they unloaded Wayne's truck and put everything away. The toilet was old but Wayne said it would work. The sun was high and bearing down on them as they started digging the hole. Brad asked Wayne how deep it needed to be and he told him at least four by six by six deep. That way they would not have to mess with it the whole time he was here.

They had made good progress when lunch time came around. They took time to eat and relax before going back. Brad could tell he was going to be real sore the next day. His back hurt and he had a blister on his hand. By late afternoon they had the hole the size Wayne had wanted. He told Brad that they could finish it the next day.

Brad was relieved because he had not worked that hard in a while. He ached and hurt all over but did not want to let on in front of Wayne. Brad decided he wanted to go to the creek for a swim and clean up there. They grabbed a couple of towels and headed out.

When they returned the CB was going off with May asking if they were around. Wayne quickly went over to let his Mom know they were there. She let them know that Scott was doing better. His vital signs were improving but he still had not regained conciseness yet. Brad felt better knowing this and thanked May. She told him she was off the next day and would bring lunch out for the two of them.

Brad felt better that night when he was fixing supper than he had in a few days. He was hoping Scott would be ok and out of there soon. Brad decided he would have to get everything figured out to see him.

Wayne could tell Brad had a lot on his mind but his mood had improved a lot. He seemed like he almost had a grin on his face. Wayne had noticed that Brad even looked better.

They headed off to bed that night and thy both fell asleep quick. Wayne woke first and found himself snuggled up to Brad again the next morning. This was beginning to bother him. It was not like Brad was not on his side of the bed. Wayne was for some reason wrapping himself around Brad in his sleep. His Hand cupped around Brad's right pectoral.

As Wayne started to move Brad awoke. He knew that Wayne was pulling away from him by the cool air that he felt against his back. He rolled over and told Wayne good morning. Wayne jumped when he heard Brad's voice. After a couple of seconds Wayne returned the greeting. Then he told Brad he was sorry. Brad wanted to know for what. Wayne then said for being up against you. Brad could tell he was sincere about it and told him it was ok. You can't help what you do in your sleep. Besides I slept better that way.

Wayne told him thanks and stepped out to pee. As Wayne was out side he was trying to figure out why he was doing that. He was not gay and never could be. There was nothing about Brad that was sexually exciting at all. He decided he would put a pillow between them tonight so he would stay on his side of the bed.

That morning after they started work on the septic system it got really hot. The sun was right over them. They set the four railroad tie in the corners and nailed boards to keep them straight. Wayne then told Brad they needed to get the tin he had brought and nail it to the sides of the railroad ties. That would form a box that would keep the dirt from caving in on the sides.

Brad hauled around the tin while Wayne nailed it up. When it was all up Brad helped Wayne out of the hole. He told Brad they would not have a drain line but the water should soak in the ground. It should last you till your time is up here.

Wayne then had Brad bring around the Boards that he had brought for the top. They were thick three inch boards that had been treated. Wayne started nailing them on as Brad brought them around. They had almost finished it when May pulled up.

May had a couple of sacks in her arms as she walked up to the boys. Brad thought they might have been some of Wayne's stuff.

"Boy's I think you better get your buns cleaned up for lunch."

"Yes mama" Wayne Said

"Come on Brad we better head to the creek so we can clean up."

"The creek... Are we going to bathe?"

"If we want something good to eat we had better. Mom doesn't like men to stink at the table."

"Don't you boys stay to long? Food will be on the table in thirty minutes."

Brad and Wayne headed to the creek. When they got there they stripped and jumped in. Both let out a yell as the cold water took their breath. It felt great after you adjusted to it but it still was cool. When they had been in about fifteen minutes they climbed out onto a rock to dry some.

Brad looked over at Wayne and stared for a while. When Wayne looked up he saw the Brad was starring at him. Jokingly Wayne said "What you starring at?"

Brad looked at Wayne and told him "You... You look so much like Scott. I sometimes feel like he is with me when I know it you here with me. Like in the mornings when I wake up and you have snuggled up to me with your arm around me."

"You know about that?"

"Yes Wayne I know and it is ok. I know you are asleep when you do it and you are not meaning anything by it. It is natural to snuggle up when you're in a bed with someone."

"Yeah but I am not gay."

"So do you think you have to be gay to snuggle. It is just instinct to do it. I do not think you're gay or that you would even want to try anything. I just mint it was nice."

"Well I didn't like it Brad. I thought there was no way that it was natural."

"Well I liked it and want to thank you for it. It helped me to sleep better. It somehow took my mind off of the fact that Scott was not here with me."

"I am sorry about that two but I just did not feel right about it when I woke up like that."

Brad punched Wayne in the arm and said "Stay on your side of the bed then." Brad started laughing then and stood to go put on his clothes.

Wayne shoved Brad backwards into the creek stood up and said "now that sounded like something some queen would say" Then he ran for his clothes

Brad tried to get out and catch Wayne but by the time he got out of the water Wayne had his pants on and was running to the cabin. Brad tried to put his pants on and take off after Wayne. He could not get them on fast though being wet. When he finally got dressed Brad slowly walked to the cabin. He had to figure a way to get even.

May had a large dinner fixed and there would be a lot of leftovers for them for supper. It had been so long sense Brad had eaten a beef roast. The potatoes and gravy were great to. Brad ate till he thought he would explode. Once they were done eating Brad got up to do the dishes. May insist he relax and let her take care of it today. When she was done with the dishes May checked to see if the apple pie was done. It looked great as she pulled it out of the oven. May told the Boys as soon as it cooled some she would cut them a piece and there was also ice cream to go with it. Brad could not believe May had gone to all of this trouble.

The cabin smelled so good when the pies came out of the over. Brad could not wait till he got a piece. The one thing he had not had much of is sweets. They did not get much sugar when supplies were dropped off so he could not afford to waste it.

The cabin was getting warm inside from the oven being on. Brad opened the windows and door hoping a breeze might blow through. Brad knew they needed to get out and finish digging the trench. Once it was done they might get to use the commode inside. It was he just enjoyed having others around the place. It made it seem more like a family.

He did go out and check on the animals to see how they were doing. Brad just hated Yeller not greeting him every time he went out there. He made a note to have a dog some day. A pup would be nice.

When Brad was done taking care of the animals he headed back to the cabin. May was just finished packing everything up when he arrived. She told Brad she was headed to the house to call and check on Scott. She would call them on the CB as soon as she found anything out. She hugged the boy's goodbye and headed to her car.

Wayne told Brad they had better get to work digging the ditch for the sewer. Brad dreaded this because he was so sore. Once they got going he could tell he was working some of it out. They dug a trench one foot deep and ten feet long. Wayne told Brad that as long as they did not have anything else running into the septic they would not have to dig drain lines.

Wayne laid the pipe while Brad cut the hole in the wall. He then had Brad take a little piece of tin and cut a hole that would just slip over the pipe. He did not want any mice to be able to get in through the hole in the wall. Once everything was in place outside Wayne headed in to work on the inside. Brad went to the garden to check on it.

When Brad was through in the garden he headed in to see how Wayne was doing. He was shocked when he got inside and set the vegetables down. Wayne had built a platform. It was three foot wide and five foot long and eight inches high. Brad asked what that was for.

Wayne explained that sense the plumbing was not through the floor he had to build a platform so the pipe could be turned up for drainage. Brad then understood and teased Wayne about really turning it into a throne.

Brad put everything away while Wayne worked on the throne. That also made Brad think about what was needed and he thought he would ask May if she could bring a couple of flat sheets to hang around the throne for privacy.

May called as Brad was warning the leftovers for supper. She told Brad Scott was stable and would be moved to a room in a couple of days. He had not regained conciseness yet but hoped in a couple of days he would. She told him if there was any change she would call as soon as she found out. But she would be out on Friday to check on them. Brad asked her to pick up a couple of things for her and asked if she would contact Brant for him.

Brad was excited that Scott was going to be moved to a private room soon. His plans depended on it. As soon as May found out and told him it would be time for a visit. Brad was thinking about his plans so much he almost burned the food. He came out of his thoughts long enough to set the table and put the food on it. Brad told Wayne it was ready to eat so clean up.

Wayne knew he had another couple of hours work left so he thought he would finish it tomorrow. They had gotten a lot done today and would finish up tomorrow. He cleaned up and sat at the table. Brad told Wayne his plan as they ate there meal. He could not get over how well Brad had thought things out. Wayne told Brad he could count him in on it.

Once they finished eating and the dishes were done Brad told Wayne he was going to shower. Again Wayne had an uneasy feeling about shower time. He understood Brad wanted to be clean knew he always did himself. It was just seeing a guy stand there and bathe that got him. He helped Brad get everything ready and then stepped out on the porch. Brad bathed and when he finished he told Wayne he could bathe if he wanted. Wayne came in after a couple of minutes and saw that Brad was getting dressed in some shorts.

Wayne slowly stripped down and started to shower. He tried to keep his back to Brad as much as he could. He noticed Brad would look every now and then but did not stare. Wayne still was uncomfortable with Brad. He did not know exactly why, but he was.

Brad went on with the rest of his chores steeling glances every chance he got. He felt his cock growing from the thoughts in his head and the eye candy he was seeing. There were not enough differences in Scott and Wayne that you could tell them apart at a glance. When Wayne was wet it made him look even more like Scott.

Brad had all he could take and headed outside. He wanted to pull his cock out and jack till he shot off. He could use the relief sense it had been a while. He had not cum in over a week now and Brad was getting hard at the drop of a hat. He had to be careful and not make Wayne feel like he was hitting on him. Brad thought about it and decided he would go in and get his boots and head out for a long jacking session.

As Brad entered the cabin Wayne was drying off. He looked one more time at Wayne before slipping his boots on and heading towards the door. Wayne asked him where he was going as he reached the door. Brad told him to take care of business. Wayne yelled he hoped everything came out ok. This stopped Brad in his tracks. Was Wayne making fun of him or did he mean something else.

Brad walked down the path to the creek and stopped at a bolder along the way. He dropped his shorts to his ankles and freed his cock and balls. The air blowing the hairs made Brad scratch his nuts. He pulled down on his balls a few times while he stretched his cock.

Brad was getting hard quick with the picture of Wayne standing there naked in front of him. Brad opened his mouth and throat and imagined Wayne's cock sliding down it. His cock was hard as a rock as he slowly stroked it. Brad felt an edge of the rock and opened his ass so it slipped into his crack barely touching his rosebud. He pushed back on the rock enough that it gave a little excitement to his ass as he stroked his cock.

Brad felt like a slut with everything he was doing. If someone saw him now he would die. Brad rubbing his ass against a rock, while having his head thrown back as if someone had their cock down his throat and stroking his cock. He would die of shame but for right now he was doing what he needed to have a great orgasm. He often wondered what guys did while jacking that would embarrass them if someone else knew about it.

Brad could feel his orgasm building from deep inside and knew it would be a great one. He started grinding harder against the bolder and stroking faster he was getting close he went in his mind from having a cock crammed down his throat to one crammed in his ass. A squeeze on his balls sent him over the edge. Brad was spraying his cum out the end of his cock. Lost in the rapture of pleasure he did not even know if he shot one big load or if it took six or seven shots. All he knew is he no longer had the strength to stand up.

Brad stuck his finger in his mouth and cleaned all his cum off of it. The taste was kind of heady to him at this moment. He looked down to see if he had any cum on the front of his pants and he was clean. He could see where his cum had shot out across the ground though. It looked like he had unloaded more than a few loads of spunk though.

Brad pulled up his pants then and started to walk to the creek to wash his hands. His calves were stiff from straining so hard a few seconds ago so he was trying to stretch them back out. He washed his hands at the creek then headed back to the cabin. He hoped he did not look flushed when he made it back.

When Brad opened the door Wayne was on the CB talking to a friend of his. He had on a pair of shorts and that was it. Brad felt his cock harden some from looking at Wayne's chest. He could not get over how sexy a hairy chest was to him anymore. Never before did he like a man to have any hair on his chest but now that was all he liked.

Wayne stopped talking when Brad came in long enough to let him know he was almost through. Brad told him to talk all he wanted to he was just going to get ready for bed. Brad went over to the bed and straightened it up them climbed on in. He could not get Wayne's body off his mind. Brad noticed that Wayne was talking to a girl and the conversation was getting pretty heavy.

He lay there for a while listening to the conversation. You could tell that Wayne and this girl had been intimate before. She was telling Wayne she could not wait till they could meet up again some time. Wayne was confirming that he felt the same way. It was not long till Wayne told her that he needed to get off there and head to bed. They finished with see you soon and Wayne got up and headed to bed.

Brad did not move when Wayne got into bed and soon he drifted off to sleep. He had not been to sleep long when he was woken by the bed shaking. He just lay there a second then figured out Wayne was masturbating. Brad could not help but get hard. He wanted to roll over and join Wayne but was afraid he would scare Wayne.

Brad could tell Wayne was trying to be a quiet as he could be and not shake the bed much. Brad tried to imagine what Wayne's cock was like hard. Did it look like Scott's or different and the size, how big was it. Brad had never seen it but he had felt it up against him while Wayne was asleep.

It was all Brad could do not to turn over and grab Wayne's cock and swallow it. He was hornier now than he was before he had jacked off earlier that night. His balls hurt along with his cock. He was so hard he could not bend it even if he had to.

Brad just laid there and listened to Wayne take care of his self. He could feel Wayne's arm move some as he raised it up. Brad was trying to figure out what he was doing with it. In his mind he was playing with his nipples then it switched to him licking the precum off his fingers.

Brad felt like he had been lying there for hours but really it had only been a few minutes. He was just fixing to say something when he heard Wayne start to make grunting sounds. Brad felt his back get hit with hot warm cum. Wayne was cumming and the first blast hit him. Then the second hit his shoulder and some landed on his cheek. Dam this made it even worse. Wayne was a real shooter and was shooting all over him.

Brad slipped a finger to his cheek and wiped the cum up and slipped the finger in his mouth. Wayne's cum had a bitter taste to it but also tasted strong and viral. Like Scotts in a way but bitter.

Brad could tell Wayne was finished as he rolled over to get something. He could tell by the sound that he was cleaning himself up. The cum that landed on Brads back was melting and started to run down to his side. He could not help but to sit up because it was tickling him. Brad looked at Wayne and told him he was sorry but he needed the rag.

Wayne just about jumped out of the bed when Brad sat up. He would have sworn he had been asleep. Brad again asked for the rag and when he did not get it he reached down and got his tee shirt and wiped the cum from his back. He told Wayne sorry but it was tickling him.

If the light had been on he would have seen Wayne was as red as a beet. Wayne started apologizing profusely to Brad. He told him he did not mean to do that.

Brad told Wayne to stop apologizing. It would not kill him nor did it even bother him. The only thing it did was make him want to jack off to. Again Wayne turned red but Brad could not tell.

Brad explained that they were both guys and needed some relief every now and then. So it is time for the talk. Brad told Wayne anytime he wanted to do that to let him know and he would go outside so he could have the privacy he needed or if it did not bother him he could do it anytime he wanted to. It was normal for a guy jack off and it did not bother him at all. For god sakes he was gay and he jacked off and jacked other guys off before. He even told Wayne he jacked off while he was outside earlier.

This seemed to put Wayne at ease a little. Then Wayne told Brad he was sorry again for getting cum on him. Brad just looked at him and told him he was glad he did. He also told Wayne he reminded him so much of Scott that he jacked off thinking about him some to.

Wayne told him that was ok as long as he only thought about him. But he could never get into man sex. He told him he did have a couple of jack buds when he was younger but that was all it ever was. They jacked and seen who could shoot the farthest. He had never touched another guy before.

Brad started laughing then and told Wayne that was how he and his first friend were. When Brad lay back his cock was still hard as a rock and sticking straight up. Wayne noticed Brads cock and said it looked like he had a problem. Brad smiled and told him it was one he had given him. Wayne then asked if he wanted him to step outside so he could take care of it.

Brad just looked at him and said he could if he wanted to but he did not have to. Wayne stood up and said he thought he should because it might make it hard for him to get off with him in the room. Brad looked at Wayne and said no it would be easier if he would stay and let him just look at him and picture him as Scott.

Wayne teetered with going or staying. Then Brad asked him if he would just stand over by the window so he could see his chest while he jacked off. Wayne finally agreed and stepped over to the window.

Brad then pulled off his jockeys and started to jack off. He looked at Wayne but to him it was Scott. He was not going to last long at all. In his mind he was trying to seduce Scott. Brad was pumping his cock for all it was worth. He felt his balls draw up and then he shoved two fingers in his ass and hit his prostate. He felt his cum flying out the end of his cock. He shot six big loads all over his chest.

Wayne had never seen anything like it. His cock started getting hard and he could not help it. When he saw Brad cram two fingers in his ass he just about shot off himself. The one thing he had always fantasized about was to fuck a girl in the ass. He watched as Brad was shoving them in. he was gentle in a way but rough in some ways. If Brad had been a girl Wayne would have been on his knees begging to fuck her.

Brad finished cleaning himself up with his shirt as he had already ate as much cum as he could get. He then told Wayne thanks that it had made his orgasm better.

Wayne told him no problem that it was not much different than when he was a kid and jacked with them. He quickly walked over to the bed and crawled in hoping Brad did not see that his cock was almost hard again. He could not get the picture of Brad shoving his fingers in his ass out of his mind. They rolled over to where their backs was against each other and went to sleep.