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The Inheritance part 25

Authors note: Well it's time to find out what is going on in Chris's life. I would bet most of you already know. Well it's about time we find out. Thanks guys for all the kind words and for the readers that have been knew to the story I hope you like it. I Just wanted to say WOW to a sexy older bear that sent me his pic. Have fun guys and enjoy.

Thanks again Doug


Wayne had great dreams that night. He kept seeing the girl he had dated last laid out on a bed with her legs spread wide fingering her ass. She would tease Wayne telling him she wanted his cock in her ass. He never got to do it though. He would get up there and stick his cock at the entrance and start shoving but it did not go in. Then when he felt like it was giving some someone would come and pound on there door.

This went on for hours and he was getting frustrated. He would watch he finger herself over and over again but he could not get his cock in. he even went down and ate her ass till he could feel it loosen up enough that he could get three fingers in it but he could not get his cock in.

When Wayne woke he found he had his cock at Brad's ass. He had been rubbing it on his ass while he had slept. The only thing that had kept him from fucking Brad had been his jockeys. Wayne rolled over and started rubbing his cock. He needed to piss but he wanted to get off more so. Wayne started stroking his cock and soon had him self worked up. He was not going to last long. The urge to get off after his dreaming was so strong that he just wanted to cum. He was not going to take his time just get a nut as quickly as he could. He had been so worked up that if he lasted a minute he would be surprised. The feeling was quickly coming to a head. He could feel his balls pulling up and reached down to pull on them.

He felt cum start to rising in his tube. Brad rolled over as soon as Wayne started to fire the first shot. Brad rubbed his eyes as he figured out what was going on. Wayne was into it to much to stop now he felt the first throb of his orgasm so he kept going. Brad propped up on one elbow so he could see it better as shot after shot of cum landed on Wayne's chest. When Wayne's last dribble worked its way out the end of his cock Brad got out of bed and said he was going to fix some breakfast. Brad threw Wayne a towel and told him there was something he could wipe off on. Wayne was shocked at how casual Brad was about this.

Brad stepped out on the porch and relieved himself. He figured this gave Wayne enough time to clean himself up. When he headed back in Wayne excused himself to go to the porch. Brad turned on the hose so he could wash his face and hands before fixing breakfast. He had everything going when Wayne came in. There was not much said between the two of them as Brad finished cooking.

When they sat down to eat Wayne Spoke up "Brad I apologize for what I was doing this morning."

Brad chuckled "I am glad you felt comfortable enough to do it. I have been sneaking off to do the same thing."

Wayne looked at Brad and laughed "I just thought you never did it."

"Wayne I do it every chance I get. I know I didn't want you to see me do it because you might have thought I was trying to get into your pants."

"I am glad we had this talk because I might have thought that."

"I might be gay but I know everyone is not. I like sex but everyone is different. I know you are not attracted to men and respect that. I am however and hope you can respect that. You are a very attractive man and I just got my jack off fantasy material for the next few sessions this morning. We do have needs but they can be taken care of by ourselves."

"Brad I want to tell you something and hope you don't get mad."

"Sure Wayne you can tell me anything."

"Brad I woke up the other night and found that I had been rubbing my cock on your ass. It bothered me a lot but I was dreaming about a woman that I had dated a while back. I have woken up a couple of times snuggled up to you and don't want you to get the wrong impression."

"Wayne that is ok I never thought anything other than how good it felt. It made me sleep better and I know you did not mean anything by it because you were asleep. As far as the ass thing I think I would wake up if you had gone too far. I mean you're not a pencil dick so I think you would have woken me."

Wayne chuckled at the strange compliment. "Well I have been called a lot of things but that's not one of them."

"Is there anything else you want to ask Wayne?"

"Yeah I have wondered how you knew Scott was gay."

"Well I woke up one morning and he was sucking my cock and when I moved to stop him he jumped up on me and pinned my arms down above my head. Then he crammed my cock in his ass and rode me till I came."

"What the fuck. You have to be shitting me. Scott never did that did he?"

"No Wayne I am just kidding. Actually it took a while to figure out that was the problem. He did not know I was and I didn't know he was so it caused some friction. We both were falling for each other and did not want it to show. When it did it was a mess. I had a boyfriend and was not going to mess that up. Then I was told he was messing around on me while I was out here. We broke up and then Scott and I were free to pursue each other."

"Wow that sounds like it would be a great movie in the making Brad!"

"The bad thing Wayne is we were just beginning to have a relationship when this all happened."

"You mean sexual?"

"Yes and other wise to."

"But how are the two of you going to make it? You're both men and one of you is not the swishy girl boy type."

"What do you mean Wayne?"

"Well I don't really know how to put this other than you don't have anyone to fuck.. I guess a guy can get by on blow jobs and jacking off but you still want to fuck."

"I see what you mean. Wayne we have sex just like everyone else. Well let me take that back. We have better sex than straight couples because we both like to please each other. We are versatile and both enjoy it."

"Versatile? What do you mean by that?"

"Ok I guess you have not been around many gay men. I take it and give it and so does Scott."

"You mean you both like a dick up your ass!"

"Well that's one way of putting it."

"Wow I can not believe Scott would ever let some guy fuck him in the ass. Of course I would not have pictured you taking one either... I have seen the sissy guys come in the diner before. I could see them wanting it but you two do not seem like it. Doesn't it hurt? I mean I have tried to get girls to do it before and they either say it hurts to bad or just flat out no way."

"Well I would say it hurts some the first few times and on occasion it will later on to. But you can not describe how good it can feel to. I mean I have enjoyed it some times so much I thought I was going to cum with out touching myself. I have had an ex that has cum without touching himself."

"Man I don't see how it could feel that good. I mean I have had a Doctor stick his finger in my ass and it hurt. I did not feel anything in that that felt good and a cock is a lot bigger than a finger."

"But Wayne that is a lot different than it is to make love to a guy. When you make love to someone you take you time to make sure it don't hurt and that they enjoy it. There is a big difference."

"Well I guess that's why I am straight then because I can not see it. I will admit that I have always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass. That has been my biggest fantasy."

"So you're one of those guys are you?"

"What do you mean one of those guys?"

"So Wayne you're the kind that likes to do it to someone else but not have it done to them."

"I didn't say that Brad. All I said was it was a fantasy of mine. That does not mean it will ever happen."

"Sorry about the accusation Wayne but I remember a guy I met in High School that always wanted his cock sucked but never would reciprocate. He would tell you he would try until you got him off then he would say he couldn't."

"Brad I would never want anyone to do anything they did not want to. I have asked a few women if I could and when they said no I never brought it up again. I don't even know if I would like it or not. The reason I have always wanted to try it was because of some stories I had read. That and a couple of guys I know told me it was so much tighter than pussy."

"Well I don't know about the pussy thing but it is tight and feels like your slipping your cock into satin. To me if it was not better than pussy, why would all the straight guys be trying to get there wives to let them fuck them in the ass"

"You may have a point there Brad but at the rate I have been going...I will never find out."

"Well then you know how gay men feel."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well you know how Scott acts...


"How would a gay man know Scott was gay? You would not. So how do gay men that act like Scott meet other men like him?"

"I don't know."

"There in lies the problem. They don't so they lead a lonely life or marry a girl and have a bad relationship. A lot of guys would love to meet someone but never knew how to. You would not believe all the men that deep down in there heart would love to be with a man. Most never knew how to meet one till they were already trapped in a marriage or was afraid of what their families would say. So they live their lives secretly cheating or masturbating to the thoughts of how it would be like to have a man to make love to."

"Wow Brad I never thought about that."

"Well just imagine Wayne... You know what its like to masturbate and the difference it is to have someone else do it for you. Well imagine what it would be like. You want another guy to make love to you. So your only option is to stick you on finger in your ass or a cold hard dildo. That sucks when you could have a man make love to you. You can relax not having to try to keep both hands going at the same time just to get a little feeling like a man is making love to you. It's worse than you could ever imagine. You do not get the feel of flesh on flesh. No kissing, touching or receiving pleasure from someone else."

"Brad I think Scott is lucky to have you. It must be hard knowing you will never have someone to fill the empty place in you heart. Just going through the rhythm of life with out the pleasure you know you want."

"It would be Wayne and I could not do it. I just feel sorry sometimes for the men that put themselves through it. I know many have children they love and would never want to hurt them. Some even have wives they love but what they desire and really want is to hold and be held by a real man. To feel the tight muscles move as they make love to each other. If I was able to I would give each of them a hug and let then know the feel of a man in their arms."

"Man Brad you make it sound like it is the best sex there is. I just know I could not handle the lifestyle. I do not think I could live with a man the rest of my life. I like the softness of a woman to much."

"I can understand that Wayne. It is not meant to be for everyone just like being straight is not meant for everyone."

"Don't get me wrong Brad. I am not saying I could not do it its just it does not appeal to me. Hell any guy would take a blow job or even fuck a guy in the ass if they thought there was no way in hell anyone would ever find out."

"Well I have met a few of those guy's in collage. It used to piss me off to have a guy tell me you can suck my cock if you won't tell anyone. You also had the ones that get drunk and make a pass or put your hand on their cock and ask you if you want to suck it. They like the drunken thing best. That way they can act like they don't ever remember or you tried to take advantage of them."

"Man Brad that bad. How did you put up with it?"

"Well it was fun at first till you figured out you were being used. That did not take long. But every now and then you would find someone you did not mind using you a little. Those are the ones that only see you once or twice though. All in all it is hard for a gay man to meet other gay men. Well enough about this subject... We better get to work."

Brad and Wayne got up from the table. Wayne went to finish the sewer project and Brad went out to feed the animals. Once all of that was done he weeded the garden and gathered everything to take it and put it away.

By the time Brad finished cleaning and putting the vegetables away Wayne needed some help. He had finished everything except putting the barrel up. Brad helped make a stand for the barrel to sit on then they sat it up. It was right at the roof in the cabin but only about eight inches higher than the toilet tank. Wayne hoped this would be enough to give enough pressure to run the tank. If nothing else it might take a while for it to fill back up.

It was a good thing Wayne was a handy man because if he had not been one they would not have had all the different pipes and fittings needed to do this job. The pipe size had been reduced four times before it was the right size. Brad thought it looked a little strange but when they started filling the barrel the tank started to fill to. He was happy no matter what it looked like. Winter would be here before long and he had dreaded the walk to the out house.

Once the tank was full Wayne gave it the first flush. It seemed a little louder than Brad remembered but he was glad for it. Wayne made a couple of adjustments then he told Brad it was open for business.

Brad started fixing lunch and told Wayne it would be about an hour before it would be ready. Wayne told Brad he was going to head out by the creek and skin the bark back on a couple of trees that were dieing. That way they would go ahead and dry out before they had to cut them for wood.

Brad had just finished putting the food on the table when Wayne made it back. He washed his hands and face then sat down to eat. Brad had fixed a good meal. Wayne living by himself for a few years had not been the type to cook much. He went by the diner a few times a week for a good meal but did a lot of snacking otherwise. He could cook but cooking for one is not much fun.

They ate there meal and chatted about what needed to be done next. Wayne told Brad it did get cold here in the winter and the cabin not being insulated would need a good fire to keep warm. They could put the rest of the lumber they had on the inside walls to help keep the cold out some. Also if they cut some of the tall grasses around, they could put that between the walls for insulation. Brad had not even thought about winter. It was getting to be late summer and winter would be here soon.

Brad had not even thought that far ahead. He did not know if Scott had thought that far ahead. Brad told Wayne if he would select a couple of trees to cut for some more lumber they would cut them in the next couple of days.

Wayne went looking for what they needed while Brad cleaned up everything. He had just put everything away when he heard a car pulling up. As he stepped on the porch Brent came around the corner. He told Brad "Scott was on the main floor now." Brad felt good then. He asked Brent how everything was going now. He filled him in on everything he had been taking care of.

Brads accounts had all been closed now and new ones opened. His bills were now paid in full. He even had a little money left over. He then hander Brad a news paper. Brad took the paper and opened it up to see what the headline was. Brad was shocked it was not the local paper. It was his hometown paper.

The head line read Wife Shoot's Man for Tryst with Husband. Brads mouth fell open as he read the article.