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The Inheritance part 26

Authors note: This chapter was a little fun to write. For you nurses out there don't hold this one against me. I know you keep better watch than this. Well I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again Doug


A Missouri woman shot a man she caught

in bed having sex with her husband. Chris

Houston 26 was the man identified after

being taken to the Hospital. Our source in

the Hospital said Mr. Houston is in stable

condition at the Hospital but should be re

leased in a few days. Mr. Houston is under

police protection at this time. Charges are

to be filed later on today.

Brad looked at Brent and shook his head. Brad could not believe Chris would do something like this. They had lived together for a while and Brad would never have thought he would have done something like this.

Brent went on to explain that Chris is out of the Hospital now and being hid from the wife's family. Her Brothers has a hit out on Chris and her husband has not been seen around for a few days either. Brent then went on to explain the Chris had contacted him to be his attorney.

Well this really shocked Brad to know that Chris would have the balls to ask Brent to help him. All Brad could think was to thank God he was not involved with Chris or his mess he had created. At least he was a few hundred miles away from him. He had enough going on with Scott without having to worry about Chris. Brad knew he still loved Chris but it was over. He had found someone that he loved even more than he had loved anyone before.

Brad then made plans with Brent for the next day. Brad was going to see Scott and he could hardly wait. Brad told Brent everything he needed and off Brent went. He told Brad to be ready by daylight to head out.

Brad paced the floor that night. Wayne could hardly stand it any longer. He had to think of something to take Brads mind off of it. Wayne asked Brad if he knew what to do tomorrow. Brad tried to explain it to him. Wayne knew right away that he had never been in the hospital much. He went over the plan with him one more time. You may even ask her to leave the room but you better keep a watch on time. Remember the real nurses will be around some.

Brent headed out to take care of the shopping needs. The town was small and he did not find what he was looking for. Brent headed to the next town where it was a little larger. There he found the shop he needed. He made the purchases he needed then headed to the motel.

When Brent arrived he was hoping he would meet the young Mexican again. He went and had a bite to eat. It was still early for the young guy that he had met before. As he was setting in his room he flipped channels trying to find something to peak his interest. He came across the porn channels and called the front desk to get it turned on.

The movie started with a couple of women going at it. This did not help achieve what Brent was looking for. He did not get turned on by two women eating each other out. This scene last about ten minutes longer before a man entered the room. It did not take long for the women to remove his clothes. This was what Brent had been looking for.

They quickly had the guy on the bed and were sucking his cock. Brent could not see why a guy would want women to do this for them. The girls never took much of the guys cock in their mouth. Brent wished the cute guy was with him. He could show him how it was really done.

Brent soon boned up and was slowly jacking his cock while he watched the guy get bad head. The movie was not getting much better. Brent tried to block out the women but they kept focusing on them. He was just about ready to turn the channel when he heard a knock on the door. This made Brent jump up and he quickly went to the window to peak out to see who it was.

To his surprise it was Doug. Brent quickly opened the door and Doug entered. Brent asked how he knew he was there and Doug informed him he had seen him drive by. He told Brent his Dad needed a part from town so he volunteered to go get it. Doug reached out to grab Brent's cock and asked if he would fuck him quickly.

Brent told Doug to come in and have a seat. Doug headed to the bed stripping as he went. Brent could not help but chuckle as he watched. When Doug was totally naked he told Brent he had about thirty minutes before he had to head back. His Dad would be waiting on the part. Doug being the young and ever horny guy got on his hands and knees on the bed. He looked at Brent and asked him to give him some. Brent almost laughed but did not want to hurt Doug's feelings.

Brent walked up behind Doug and spit on his fingers and started rubbing Doug's rosebud. Doug moaned in appreciation as Brent's fingers did their best to loosen him up. Brent managed to get one finger in and move it around a little when Doug said he was ready. Brent knew he was not but added some spit to his cock and pressed it to Doug's ass.

Brent did not want to hurt Doug so he was trying to be gentle. Doug must have been in a bigger hurry than he let on or just horny as hell. He pushed back and Brent felt his cock sinking into Doug's ass. Brent had almost bottomed out before Doug stopped.

Brent felt Doug's ass clench around his cock. Doug had taken too much to fast and now he was paying for it. Brent stood as still as he could so the pain would go away. He finally heard Doug let out his breath then push back some more.

Brent though Doug was to dry for this but he started moving his ass back and forth on Brent. It did not take long for Doug to loosen up a little. Brent added more spit then sped up. Doug was telling Brent to pound him so Brent obliged.

Brent placed both hands on Doug's shoulders so he could pull Doug back onto his cock. The harder he did the more Doug moaned. Doug was taking his cock like a pro now. He would make someone a good power bottom some day. Doug was not going to let you out do him. He was backing into Brent so hard his head was bouncing back and forth. Brent was not going to last long like this. Brent also hoped there was not anyone in the rooms next to his to. Doug had gotten very verbal.

"Come on...harder Brent...Fuck yeah that feels gooood...oh yeah...oh god yeah...that's it...pound my asssss...oh yeah...your goanna make me cum...oh man...I love it...come on man long dick me...yeah that's it...oh fuck ...yeah man...I love it...I'm cum... min...man...f u c k

Brent pounded Doug's ass as hard as he could. Then as he was feeling Doug clamp down he started firing into Doug to. He was amazed at how they both were cumming so hard. Brent collapsed on Doug's back his knees were so weak.

Doug moaned as he felt Brent's cock soften and slip out of his ass. He loved it when Brent fucked him. He could feel cum all over his stomach and chest where he had spilled his seed all over the sheet. Doug wiggled his way out from under Brent and went to the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean his self up. Once he was done he headed back into the room and started getting dressed.

Brent asked Doug what the hurry was. He was hoping to get another chance to have sex again. Doug told him he had to get back to the farm as fast as he could. His Dad was waiting on the part he picked up. Doug was just glad he had seen Brent's car go by so he would have a chance to see him. Doug then wanted to know if he would be here the next day so he could see him again.

Brent explained he did not know yet but if he was stop on by for a longer visit. Brent kissed Doug before he headed out the door. As Doug pulled away Brent lay across the bed and thought how lucky he had been lately. He knew Doug did not love him and he was not sure how he felt about Doug. Doug was in love with the sex and for now Brent was just glad he was having sex. Brent dozed off thinking of Doug.

Wayne returned to the cabin just as Brad was putting everything on the table. Wayne wanted to know why they were eating so early.

Brad explained what he and Brent had been talking about and that the plan was to do it the next day. Wayne wanted to know if he needed his help in any way. Brad let him know it might be good for him to come along to be a diversion if needed. They ate their supper then and headed to bed. It would be early when they got up the next day.

Brad had a hard time falling asleep that night. He was excited at the chance of getting to see Scott again. It seemed he had just fallen asleep when the alarm went off. Brad jumped at the sound of the alarm and did not want to get out of the bed. He pulled the covers back and climbed out. As he turned around to wake Wayne he saw Wayne was awake and had rolled over. Wayne smiled at Brad and asked if he was ready to see his love.

Brad smiled back and told him to get out of bed or he would have to be his love tonight. Wayne jumped out of bed and covered his ass with his hands and headed to the door. When he reached the door he looked back at Brad and told him come on lets go now. If we start walking right now I can stay a virgin.

Brad could not help but laugh at Wayne's antics. Brad told Wayne he would enjoy his cherry being gone too much to let him loose on the world. Wayne just shook his ass at Brad as he went out the door.

Wayne brought in the tub as Brad fixed breakfast. He went ahead and showered while Brad cooked. The water was cool because the sun had been down but nothing like it would have been using the well water. Brad could not help but think of Scott as he looked at Wayne. He was excited to think he was going to see him today.

After they ate Wayne started washing the dishes while Brad showered. When Brad was lathered up the front door opened and Brent came in. The cat calls started as soon as Brent got in the door. He told the guys this was a gay men's heaven. He always seemed to get to see naked hot men every time he came out. Brad just shook his head and started to rinse off.

Brent laid a couple of packages on the bed and grabbed the last sausage that was on a plate on the table. Brad asked him if he had eaten anything this morning. Brent let him know he had planned to grab something at the hospital.

Brad dried off and went over to the bed and pulled out the scrubs that Brent had brought him. When he put them on he asked the guys if he looked like an orderly to them. They both gave him the thumbs up then they looked at each other. Brent and Wayne both grinned and ask Brad if he wanted to play Doctor.

Brad shook his head telling them the only Doctoring they would get is his thermometer up their asses. Brent yelled bring it on baby while Wayne made faces and said I'm not sick after all. Every one was in a great mood that morning. Knowing that Brad was going to get to see Scott was making his day. The other guys were feeding off of his good mood.

After everyone was dressed they headed out to Brent's car for the long drive to the Hospital. They started out chatting along the way but the closer they got to the Hospital the quieter they got. Brad was getting nervous about getting to see Scott. He knew he was not out of the coma yet but he hoped he would be awake so he could tell him how much he loved him.

It was a long quit trip to the hospital and the closer they got the more Brad got nervous. By the time Brent pulled into the Hospital parking lot he wanted to puke. He stomach was tied in knots worrying that he would not get to see him. Brad took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. He turned and looked at his friends for a little support. When Brad and Wayne got into the elevator to go up to the third floor it was crowded. He was hoping that someone would not recognize that he did not work there.

Wayne was the first out of the elevator and headed to the room where Scott was. Brad stepped into the bathroom to wait for a few minutes. Shift change had already taken place and the nurse had taken vitals on the patients.

When Brad stepped out of the bathroom he saw that Wayne was in the hall arguing with a lady. Brad took this to be Scotts Mom. He carefully walked up to the door and entered the room. His Mom came in a few seconds later wanting to know what he was doing.

Brad turned towards the lady and told her "It was time for Mr. Bruner's bath and could you please step out of the room."

"Well you're not going to bathe him." she replied

"Maim it is my job to bathe him."

"But you're a man and no man is going to touch my son again."

"Maim I am here to bathe him not touch him. If you want someone to touch him you better get them yourself. My job is to make sure the patient is clean and not developing bed sores. But if you want a woman in here that may not be strong enough to hold him up and check him proper that's your choice to make. So when he is bleeding out of big sores don't blame me." Brad turned to leave the room.

"Wait...it's just...well he was being molested by a man."

"Molested?" Brad stated a little louder and sharper than he intended."

"Yes. There was this queer that was holding him way out in the middle of know where and molesting him. His Dad went to save him and got into a fight with the queer and shot Scott by accident."

"What! Lady you're crazy. That lunatic that you call husband shot him on purpose."

"That's all lies. The paper made up that stuff because that queer has money."

"No lady the paper wrote that stuff because it's true."

About that time Wayne came into the room because he could hear the yelling going on in the hall. When he opened the door he saw Brad in the face of Scott's Mom. He walked up to his aunt and grabbed her by the arm. She turned to see who had a hold of her arm. Wayne told her to. "Just step out of the room and let the man do his job."

She snapped at Wayne. "Let go or I will call the nurses station."

"Fine Auntie all they will do is to tell both of us to leave and let the man do his job"

"Well... I will leave but as soon as he is done I am going right back in there to take care of Scott."

Scott's Mom then turned and walked out of the room with Wayne right on her heels. Brad let out a big breath and finally turned to check on Scott. Brad almost broke down and cried when he looked at Scott. He was pale and still had all kind of tubes hooked up to him. He had lost some weight and looked like his cheeks were sunken in.