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The Inheritance part 27

Authors note: Well I have had a lot of you asking when the Reverend will go to trial. Maybe I can shed a little light on him in this chapter. I will fill you in on how he has spent his days. Seems like a lot of new readers, have just gotten started reading the story.

I want to thank all of you for sticking with it. I have been thinking about writing a short story. One inspired by a Mr. Brooks Martin with maybe only one chapter. If you think you would like for me to post it let me know.

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Brad leaned over and kissed Scott on the forehead and whispered that he love him. Gently he pulled back the covers to Scott's waist then went to get a pan and soapy water. Brad gently started washing Scott. Brad talked to Scott the whole time he washed him telling him he loved him and could not live without him. As he washed his privates he told him he needed him to make love to him. As in to response he felt Scott's cock start to thicken.

Brad leaned over to Scott trying to get another response. Brad asked Scott to squeeze his hand if he could hear him. There was not a response for the longest then he finally felt Scott hand move. Brad asked if Scott could hear him would he please squeeze his hand again. Again Scott squeezed Brad's hand. Brad leaned over and kissed Scott on the lips even though they were cracked and trying to heal from the ventilator he was own. When Brad stood back up he could see some activity in Scott's eyes. His eyes were moving under his eyelids. Brad pressed the button for a nurse.

When the nurse came over the speaker and asked what he needed Brad responded that Scott was responding some. The nurse told him she would call the Doctor. Brad continued to talk to Scott and get some responses.

Wayne and Scott's Mom were still in the waiting room. They were having quite a conversation. Wayne was telling her how much he missed Scott. The talk was going very well till the Doctor walked by.

Betty jumped up to see where the Doctor was headed when she saw he was going into Scott's room. She ran down the hall to find out what was going on. Wayne was right behind her as she entered her son's room. When she walked in she saw the Doctor talking to the young man that was going to bathe Scott. She asked what was going on.

Brad told her Scott was responding to voice. When the Doctor walked up to the bed and talked to Scott he had no response from Scott. He turned to Brad and asked why he had been called when there was not a response.

Brad picked up Scotts hand and asked Scott could he still hear him please respond by squeezing his hand. The Doctor and his Mom both saw him closing his hand Brad looked at Scott again and asked if he was in pain to squeeze his hand twice one if not. Brad felt one response. Scott's eyes were having movement again as Brad leaned over and told him he loved him.

Betty looked at Brad and screamed for him to get out. You're the cause of this you pervert. If it had not have been for you he would be ok now. The Doctor told them all to leave the room. He pushed the nurse's button as he said this. It was not long till a couple of orderlies were at the door ushering them out.

The Doctor came out of the room after a few minutes and called Betty over. It was not long till she was getting upset with the Doctor. After a few minutes the Doctor came over to Brad. He wanted to know how Brad knew Scott. Brad explained to him that they were lovers and that Scott was shot by his father trying to keep him alive. They hated the fact there son was gay and was trying to keep them apart.

The Doctor then went over to Betty again. She soon was raising her voice again at the Doctor. It did not take long till he headed back over to Brad. He told Brad that Betty did not want him around Scott. It was her choice to keep anyone out but family. He did say he was going to stop visitors in his room except for visiting hours for a couple of days.

They might as well not even ask at the nurse's desk to see him. All family visits would have to be during visiting hours. The nurses would be in at the shift change and three hours later to take vitals. Anyone in the room then would kindly be asked to leave the room till visiting hours if you understand what I mean.

Brad smiled and told the Doctor thanks. He then left the family outside of the room and went back in to check on Scott. As the Doctor entered the room Scott was awake. Scott was asking for Brad and the Doctor let him know he would have to wait for a little while. Once he was satisfied Scott was doing well he stepped back into the hall and motioned for Brad to come in.

Brad quickly entered the room and was closely followed by Wayne and Betty. Brad was leaned over the Bed giving his lover a kiss when he was grabbed and pulled back.

Betty was yelling for Brad to stop and to leave her son alone. The Doctor told her to step in the hall. When they were out of range so that no one could hear them the Doctor started talking.

"Look Mrs. Bruner I don't know what is going on but Scott needs the young gentleman that is in his room right now. After he is well you can do what you want but right now if you try to keep him away you may be doing harm."

"Doctor it is because of that young man that my son is in here anyway. He is a queer that is corrupting him."

"Mrs. Bruner if you do not want your son to be gay that is you're right. Studies have proven that children are born that way though not made to become gay. If your son is gay I would accept it rather than throw blame. You are lucky that he is alive and it is because of his love for that young man that he is out of the coma now."

"What did he have to do with it?"

"When I was in the room earlier he told me he thought his boyfriend was killed and he wanted to die to. Then he heard his boyfriend's voice and had to see if he was there. If he had not come to see him he would have not had the will to live. You may not like the fact that he is gay but he would have died if it had not have been for him."

"I can't believe that...it's a lie."

"Believe it or not but love can make miracles happen. Also now that he is awake he can see who he wants. That also includes that he can keep anyone out that he wants and that includes you."

Betty stepped back like she had been slapped. You could see the anger in her face. She was not going to let this Doctor tell her what she could on could not do. She stepped around the Doctor and went into the room. With the anger still showing on her face she walked up to Brad and slapped him across the face.

"I think it is time for you to leave you Queer."

Brad was taken back by this as he brought his hand up to his face. It stung where she slapped him but it also hurt his feelings more the way she looked at him. As she brought her hand back again to slap him once more he brought up his arm to stop it. Right before it hit him her hand stopped. Wayne had grabbed her arm and spun her around then looked her in the eye. The look on his face showed so much anger that she lowered her hand.

Scott spoke up then "Mom you can leave if you can not accept Brad. He is the one I love and want with me."

"Son you see how he has twisted your thinking. You were not raised that way and now he has perverted you."

"Mom I have always been gay. I knew I was gay even before you found out about Mike. I just hid my feelings and lived a lie. One that no matter how hard I tried I would never be able to change. I might marry and have a child or two but I would be miserable and hated it. It would never have worked in the long run. I just happen to be lucky and find the one I love before it killed me."

"But son you can not be happy with a man."

"Mom I got more pleasure the first time I kissed Brad than all of the girls I ever went out with before. He makes me feel complete where I had always felt empty."

"You know it is wrong...your father has always taught you that."

"Mom I would rather have what I have with Brad and take that chance than to have never loved. If you could feel what I feel when we are together you would never question it."

Marry Bruner turned and left the room then. Scott started to cry. He had just lost his mother but at least he had the one he loved with him. With Brad by his side he could make it through anything.

Brad sat by Scott's side while he slept. While Brad watched Scott sleep he thought back to how he had saved Brad's life. This man would have given his own life for him. Brad started to cry as he sat there watching the man he love sleep. It was not long before the nurse came in and asked that he leave till the next visiting hours. It was the hardest thing for Brad to leave.

When Brad came out of the room Brent was setting in the waiting room with Wayne. Betty was no where to be seen. Brad walked up to the guys and asked if anyone was hungry. Wayne was but Brent told them he could use another cup of coffee. They headed down to the cafeteria and ate a bite.

Brent could tell Brad was in a better mood. Brad was even kidding around with him some and he had not seen that in a while. Brent could not get over the fact of how much he felt for Brad. It had never changed over the years.

Wayne was the one that kept the group in stitches all the time. He was telling stories of when he was growing up that they knew he had to be stretching the truth on. If it happened the way he was telling it he would be lucky to be alive today.

Brent looked at Wayne he could not get over the fact that he and Scott looked so much a like. He wondered if Wayne might be gay. If he was he would sure be a good catch for someone. Brent just hoped if something bad happened to Scott that Brad did not fall for him before he got the chance to go out with him.

It was not long before visiting hours and Brad was the first one through the doors. When they got in the room Scott was asleep. Brad leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. Scott did not stir and Brad resisted waking him. His only thought was is he in a coma again. Visiting hours were just about up when Scott opened his eyes. He looked at Brad and motioned him over. Brad leaned down and kissed Scott on the lips and whispered "I love you" Scott smiled and told Brad he loved him to.

It was not long till the nurse came in and ran the guys out. She told them there would not be anymore visitors today. The Doctor had some test scheduled then Scott would be given a sedative for the night. He would be going for a second set of test in the morning so the next visiting hours he would be aloud would be tomorrow afternoon. Brad Kissed Scott goodbye and said he would see him the next day.

Brad felt much better that he got to see Scott. As he Brent and Wayne drove out to the cabin. When they got home Wayne went out to feed the animals while Brad fixed supper. Brent told Brad he was going to head to the motel so not to plan on him staying. Brad did try to talk Brent into staying but Brent told him he had some work to do.

When Wayne got back supper was ready so they sat down and enjoyed their meal. Brad seemed like a different person at supper. He was radiating happiness and it was infectious to anyone that was around. Once everything was cleaned and put away they sat around and chatted for a while. The conversation was mainly about Scott and when he would come home. Brad made sure Wayne knew he would still have a job when Scott did return.

As it got later in the evening they decided it was time to got to bed. Brad was having a tough time falling asleep. He could not get over Scott and how happy he was to get to see him. His thoughts drifted to how much he missed him and wanted to make love to him. He could feel his cock harden as he thought about him. It took a while for him to finally drift off to sleep and his mind never strayed from his lover.

Wayne woke later that night needing to go to relieve his bladder. He found he was snuggled up with Brad again. He now was not shocked about it but was still amazed as to how his cock always seemed to be between Brad's ass cheeks. It he could feel how his ass caressed his cock as he moved to get out of bed. He stepped out on the porch so he would not wake Brad.

As he stood there he thought about what it would feel like to slide his cock in a girl's ass. He stroked it a couple of times and almost decided to jack off as he was so horny. If he had been awake a little more he would have but he decided he would just go back to bed instead. As Wayne crawled back into bed he felt Brad snuggle back up to him.

This was the last thing Wayne needed. He was already horny and to have Brad press up against him made it worse. Wayne turned over with his back to Brad and thought about getting up to take care of his needs. He laid there trying to go to sleep but it was not forthcoming. Wayne felt Brad turn in bed and snuggle up to him. He felt Brad's smooth body against his and it made it worse. As they lay there he felt Brads cock start to stiffen and crawl up the crack of his ass. At first Wayne thought Brad might be awake but his breathing never changed. Every once in a while he could feel Brads cock throb. Wayne was getting excited even more with the body contact. Wayne could not help but reach down and squeeze his cock. It felt good just to squeeze it but he knew he had to get some sleep. Wayne would have loved to throw back the covers and stroke his cock till he shot big globs of cum all over his chest and rub it in. Brad's cock still throbbed every few seconds and soon his hand rubbed Wayne's chest and came to rest on his crotch.

Wayne could not help it when his cock throbbed too. It was the touch of another hand that caused it. Now what the hell was he going to do? Wayne rolled over on his back and Brad shifted with him. His hand still on Wayne's cock. He could not help but wish Brad would take matters into his own hand and relieve his aching cock. Wayne reached down and felt Brads hand. He pushed his cock into Brads palm and felt his cock throb. Wayne fumbled around and managed to get his cock out. He wrapped Brads hand around his cock and tried to move it in a manor that he was jacking his cock for him. It was not working like he thought but he was enjoying the feel of someone else's hand on his cock. Wayne then started grinding his cock in Brad's fist. It felt great to him and he knew he could get off this way so he kept at it. Wayne soon worried he would wake Brad but was to the point he could not stop. He was taking large breaths and holding it. He could feel his balls pulling up and the strain in his leg muscles as he strained to cum. He felt the first sign. His cock throbbed, and then the second throb and a large glob of cum came flying out covering the sheets and Brads hand. Five more came in rapid secession filling Brad's hand.

Wayne started coming down from his high then and it scared him to think about the stupid thing he just did. Then he started feeling bad about what he did. He used someone without there consent. He knew he would be pissed if someone had done that to him. He tried to clean Brad's hand off as best as he could. He did not know how he was going to do it but he knew he had to apologize to Brad. He was just glad Brad had not waken up. How could he explain this without sounding like an ass?

He could hear it now. Sorry Brad, I used your hand to Jack off with last night. Even worse thanks man for letting me fuck you hand last night. Wayne could not help it. He even tried to get mad about it blaming Brad for having his hand on his cock. He knew Brad was asleep though and did not know what had gone on. How could he have done it? Wayne kept trying to think of a way to tell Brad till he finally fell asleep.

The good ole Rev

It is cold in this prison but if Jesus could endure trials like this then I can. Reverend Bruner had been in Jail for two weeks now and the guards were getting tired of his ranting and raving. He had cursed them all to hell several times for their actions. A lot of the guards were beginning to hate the man. The ones with children could not understand why he would have shot his own son. Being gay was not a good reason to kill someone.

It was getting late that night when Tony was making his round. When he went buy the reverends cell he was ranting about how all queers need to be removed from the earth. This made Tony's hair stand on end. He had just came on shift and was not in a good mood. He had just came out to his mom and dad a few weeks ago and his dad was still giving him a hard time.

Tony's dad was very verbal in his thoughts but he did not try to hurt him for being gay. He just kept Tony pissed off whenever he was around. Tony's mom tried to explain to his that his dad blamed him self for having a weak gene. He thought that his male genes were weak and produced a gay son.

Tony had just about had enough of hearing Bruner's mouth. He went and asked the sergeant if he could move him to a cell in the back so he did not have to hear him all night. The sergeant told him it would be ok because they had some new prisoners that would be coming in tomorrow and one of them had to be housed by himself.

Tony grabbed a friend and had him help with moving the prisoner. He was still in a cell by himself but there were six more bunks in this cell. At least he was far enough away that he could not be heard all night.

Tony was glad when his shift ended he wanted to go home and forget. He had been in a bad mood for weeks. He may have been gay but he was not the typical gay man. He did not drink and party so that meant the bars were out. He did not have any gay friends either. The only thing Tony had had was a friend that he grew up with that like to use Tony for sex. He would come over and ask Tony to suck his cock but never returned the favor. He even fucked Tony a few times but he never showed any affection to him. It was just get me off and take care of yourself later when I am gone. Tony put up with this because he had never met anyone.

His friend had moved across the state and was going to get married. Tony knew he was straight and just used him to get a nut. It had been that way even when they were juniors in high school. Tony slipped up one day and made a comment about another guy in school that he thought was hot. His friend then figured out he was gay and asked his to suck him off. Tony had known he was gay for a while and after he pleaded a little Tony tried it. After that day Tony knew he was gay and this was at least sex.

Tony's only sex partner was not what you would call nice at times but it was the only sex Tony got. He did not like the fact he was being used but what could he do. He wanted sex and this was all he could find so he took every opportunity to have it. After a while Tony began to believe this was normal. The guy comes over to your house and talks a little, and then he reaches down and grabs his cock through his jeans and asked you if you want to suck it. You not knowing different and wanting a cock to suck drop to your knees and suck him off. Once he cums he will say dam that felt good but I got to go someone is coming over in a few. Then he's up and gone leaving you feeling like shit and horny as hell.

Well the only sexual partner Tony ever had had just moved off just three weeks after he had came out to his parents. Now Tony felt more alone than ever and hearing the good ole Reverend rant and rave all night did not help matters. It was coming up on the end of his shift and he was ready to go home.

Bill Bruner did not like his new cell at the back of the jail. He wanted in the middle so he could preach to everyone. In his eyes he had done nothing wrong. They were holding him for no reason and he would soon be out. It was that queers fault that he was in here anyway. If it had not been for that mangy mutt he would have done gods work and sent those queers to the devil. He could not stand the fact that his wife was staying with there son. She should be by his side trying to get him out of this cell. She should be trying to raise the money to get him out of here. She should be selling the house and Church if she had to raise the money for bond.

Bruner had paced the floor in his small cell so much his legs hurt. This one was bigger and he did not feel so cramped up at least. It was almost midnight when the key entered the lock and the door opened. A young man was brought in by one of the officers. He was drunk and looked like he had been beaten up. The Reverend walked up to him after the cell door closed with that hard metal bang and grabbed him by the hair lifting his face to see. About that time the young man vomited and Bill Bruner was covered in it. He smacked the young man across the face as he lost his temper. He did not stop as he was taking out some of the anger he had held in for a few days.

Once the young man passed out he finally stopped. Why hast God put me into this hell he shouted. Then as he calmed down he went to the sink and washed his clothes as best he could. He would not get another jumper till the next day.

When Tony came on duty the next day he saw that there was a young man in the cell with Bruner. He was huddled in the corner as Bruner berated him over his sins. He was yelling at the young man that he would burn in hell just like his son. Then he heard Bruner calling him a Queer that was it Tony opened the door.

Bruner yelled it's about time. This queer puked all over me and I stink. Take me to the showers so I can clean up. Tony pulled his baton out and pointed it at Bruner telling him to shut up and back off. He then walked over to the young man to check on him. You could tell he had been crying and he looked awful. Tony poked him and asked if he would like to clean up. After a while he finally raised his head and said why.

Tony talked to the guy just to give him some relief from the ranting and ravings of Bruner. Finally the young guy told him he did not need to bother himself he just wanted to die. Tony could hardly stand the smell and told him he was going to shower. Grabbing him by the arm and pulling him to his feet he headed to the door. Bruner started to protest but was told to shut up.

When Tony got the young man to the showers he waited for him to strip off and get him a towel. As his shirt came off he saw bruises all over his back and sides. When the guy dropped his paints he saw the same thing on his legs. Tony was shocked at the condition he was in. As he was standing under the water he saw that the young guys balls were swollen and black. Tony called the desk and let his sergeant know this young guy needed a doctor.

After returning from the Doctor Tony checked in on the young man again. He questioned him about all the bruises he had and after a while he found out. It seemed the young man was caught masturbating to a magazine of nude men by his father. He had whipped him severely and then his older collage age brothers beat his up. They had told him if they ever saw him doing that they would kill him. He was just nineteen and ran away from home because he knew they meant what they had said.

He was hungry and stole some food to eat and was caught. He had ran away without any money and only the clothes on his back. He knew if he ever returned home it would be worse. Now after the three days he had been gone he could not return. He wanted to die and would have killed himself but was too afraid. So the only choice was to steal something to eat. He was caught stealing and that is how he ended up in here.

Tony knew Steve was not the best looking guy he had ever seen but he had something about him. He seemed like he was different. Tony was drawn to him for some reason but could not put his finger on it. He finally asked how he had managed to get the new bruises on his face. They did not look as old as the others. Steve told Tony that the man in the cell last night had hit him because he was gay. That made Tony so mad he would have beaten Bruner if he was in the cell with him. Tony calmed down and told him he did not have to go back in that cell he would make sure of it.

A couple of hours later the key turned in the lock to Bill's cell and he saw that the officer named Tony was bringing in four prisoners. These guys looked like they had been around for a while. As Tony unlocked the handcuffs he told Bill here is your new room mates.

When the door shut Bill Bruner had a chill run down his spine. One of the men named Pete asked him what he was in for. The reverend replied he had been doing gods work.

"Just what is Gods work?" Pete asked

"I am ridding the world of queers." Replied Bill

"Look boys we have a martyr on our hands. He don't like cock suckers." Pete told the others as they laughed

"God don't like queers the Bible says. Look what he done to them. He destroyed a whole city because of them." Bill stated

"Well it looks like we are going to get along just fine" Pete told his friends

This sent the Reverend Bruner off on a tangent then. He started his preaching as the others looked on and grinned at him. He condemned all queer to hell and sinners to. This went on for a few hours till supper had been served. Pete and his friends would just look at each other and grin.

Later that night after lights out while Bill was sleeping he felt something shoved in his mouth. Waken abruptly by this he reached for it but found he was being held down by strong arms so he could not move. After his eyes adjusted to the light there was in the cell he saw Pete's face next to his. His hot stinking breath in his face.

"Look here mister queer killer we have been in prison for a long time. Killing someone that helps a man get his jollies off don't set to well with us. So heres the deal. We aint had none in a while and sense you seem the best we can do. Knowing how much you like it your gonna be our girlfriend tonight." You could hear the other's in the background agreeing with Pete. "We are only going to be held here for a few days till we get moved to another prison so till we go your gonna be our bitch. Yah here."

Bill was shaking his head no and trying to scream but not enough sound came out that it could be heard. He was over powered by the men and could not get away. One of the guys took a sheet and ripped it. They grabbed Bruner and drug him to the back where he could not be seen from the glass in the door.

The guy that ripped the sheet tied a piece around his head to hold the gag in place. He then ripped another strip and tied one of Bruner's wrist to the back side of the foot end frame of one of the bunks. Then the other wrist was tied to the head end of the bed frame. This had him gagged and laying across the bed with his knees on the floor.

When Pete approached Bill kicked out with his foot. He also had to much play with his arms so Pete had two of the boys grab him by the legs so he could undue the jumper. Once this was done they untied one arm at a time and removed his jumper from his upper torso. When they had his arms secure Pete removed his jumper completely leaving him naked. He then had a strip of the sheet ripped off and tied his legs to the bed frame. His legs spread and ass open Bill started getting cramps in his legs but could do nothing about it. He was thrashing around so much Pete thought they might hear him.

Pete walked over and straddled his back so he could not move. He had Dave come over and sit on Bill so he would calm down and could have him first. Bill could not struggle anymore he did not have the strength to fight. Pete finally was ready and leaned over and whispered in Bills ear. "Do you know what it feels like to be shot ...well you fixing to find out?" Pete then stuck his finger in his mouth to wet it a little. He looked at Dave and nodded. Dave reached down and grabbed Bills ass with one cheek in each hand pulled to spread it open.

Bill was caught off guard then he felt it searing pain. He wondered if maybe Pete did have a gun but he did not hear the shot. He then figured it out Pete had crammed a finger in his ass roughly. Then again he had the same feeling but worse. Two fingers were in his ass and they were not being gentle at all. Bill tried to scream but could not. The fingers were pulling at his ass he even felt hair being pulled out. Then it hit again another finger crammed in there. He was screaming with everything he had but then a fist hit him upside the head. Again he was hit over and over again till he quit screaming and almost to the point of blacking out.

Then he felt something large at his ass and then it was shoved in. He could do nothing but cry. The pain was unbelievable he had never felt anything like it. He felt something hot and sticky on his ass as Pete unmercifully pounded him. It had to be blood his blood. He had been ripped while being raped. Bills head was pounding on the block wall there was nothing about him that did not hurt.

Bill heard Pete grunt then shove his cock deep into him filling him with his cum. Pete pulled his cock out then headed to the sink to clean up. By the time he heard the water come on he felt another guy behind him. Then the pain started again. This guy's cock was even bigger than Pete's. Bill felt more tearing as this bigger cock ripped into him. This guy was like a jack hammer but it felt like a fist was in him. This action was repeated over and over again. Each man fucked Bill at least twice that night Bill lost count.

Bill felt nothing he just lay there when the guy were through with him on of them ripped off a piece of the sheet and shoved it up his ass to stop the bleeding and come from coming out. Pete told one of the guys to keep watch in case the guards came by. Just wake us in time to clean this mess up in the morning.

Before the Guards came around the boys had him back and dresses as if nothing happened. When the Guards did come around he sat there unresponsive. Tony made his round on his shift and looked in. He saw The Good Ole Reverend was in his bunk and looked to be asleep. He went to check on the young man that had been beaten to see if he had been released yet. He could not understand why he worried about him so. The one good thing to his is the reverend was quiet.

That night it started all over again Bill was raped repeatedly by his cell mates. In his mind he could not understand anyone wanting this. The pain and humiliation he had gone through. If he resisted he was beaten. There were places where the thick hair from his chest was pulled out from him trying to resist. He wanted to die. This was hell and no one should have to go through this.

Bill thought his son surely could not have enjoyed this. He had done right by protecting him from that queer. Even sadist could not enjoy this. The next night Pete told Bill he was going to suck his cock. Bill said no and a fist came up beside his head before he got another word out of his mouth. Pete grabbed him by the hair and told him again he was going to suck his cock. Bill clamped his mouth shut. Pete then grabbed him by the cheeks and told him we can do this one way or the other. You either suck my cock with your teeth in or I will punch them out and fuck your face. Bill knew he meant what he said but could not bring himself to do it.

Pete struggled with Bill for a couple of hours beating him till he was barely able to hold his head up. When Pete got tired one of the others would rape Bill then Pete would start up again. After a while Pete was fed up he grabbed Bill by the balls and squeezed till he opened his mouth to scream. Then before much sound came out Pete shoved his cock in Bills mouth. He squeezed Bills Balls one more time and told Bill if he even thought about biting him he would ripe his balls clean off. Bill was gagging but Pete was fucking his face. It did not take Pete long to fill Bills throat with his load. Pete got off on the power trip.

Bill could not take anymore when one of the other guys stepped up to get his cock sucked. Pete squeezed his balls and Bill opened his mouth. The guys cock went down his throat and bill could taste the blood from his own ass in his mouth. He clamped down on the guys cock and he screamed. He felt blood in his own mouth then pain hit and he passed out.