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The Inheritance part 28


Thanks again Doug


Fulton County Examiner

Man Found Beaten To Death in Cell

Reverend Bruner was found beaten to death

in his cell by jailers last night. An apparent

brutal rape turned violent and a man was

killed and another injured. The injured man

(name with held at this time) was treated

and released from the County Hospital.

Revered Bruner was in the County Jail for

the accused shooting of his own son and

attempted murder of another man. The

National PETA group were pushing for

Charges to be file against him in the killing

of a dog at the seen of the shooting. More

to come as the story unfolds.

Wayne was about to wake Brad and try to explain himself when there was a knock at the door. He heard him Mom yelling that she was fixing to come in. Wayne jumped out of the bed and ran to the door stubbing his toe on the way.

Brad woke to the cursing Wayne as he opened the door. May had tears running down her cheeks as she was babbling something that could not be understood. Wayne wrapped his arms around his Mom as Brad sat there in shock. He knew it had to be something to do with Scott. Brad tried to get his legs to move but he could not. It hit him that something bad had happened to Scott. Brad let out a noise between a scream and a groan but it was enough that it got May and Wayne's attention.

She had been so upset and was not thinking at the time. May walked across to the bed and sat down at the side putting her arms around Brad. She tried to raise his face up but he resisted. Brad this has nothing to do with Scott it is his Dad. Brad raised his head tears streaming down his face trying to stop the sobbing.

May let him know it was Bill. They had found him dead in his cell beaten till you could not recognize him. May again started to cry and hugged Brad. Brads tears of joy that his lover was still alive and May had tears of sorrow about loosing her brother. Wayne came over and put his arms around both of them and just held them.

It took thirty minutes for them to calm down enough to start talking. May told the boys everything she knew. Brad sat there in shock hearing all of this. He had mixed emotions about what happened. For one he thought there was nothing to horrible that could pay back that that was done to Scott. But then he felt sorry for May loosing her Brother.

In the end Brad said as little as he could not wanting to hurt May's feelings. Then he thought about Scott and how he would take this. He then looked at May and asked "has anyone told Scott yet." May shook her head and explained that was why she had come out to get them so he could be with Scott when he was told. Brad worried about how Scott would talk it in his condition. He wanted to talk to the Doctor before anything was said.

May fixed Breakfast and they ate. After the meal and dishes were done she went for a walk so the boys could shower. Brad let Scott go first then he followed soon after. Brad felt a little bad that his cock had gotten simi while watching Wayne bathe. It looked like to him that Wayne was watching him a little more than he ever had before too. Brad felt a little bad about how much he stared at Wayne. He could not help but think of Scott when he saw him naked. They were so much alike nude it would be hard to tell them apart in the dark. If it had not have been for their voices being different it would be hard to tell them apart.

They finished getting dressed and were ready to head out when Doug pulled up. He ran to Brad and handed him a paper. It was already in the paper that morning. Brad handed it to May and asked her if she would like to read it. May gasped as she read because she had not known that he was also raped. All she had been told was he had been beaten to death. May Broke down and started to cry again as she handed the paper back to Brad. Brad looked at the paper and read the article. He was shocked when he saw the part about the rape. Brad felt no man or woman should be forced to do anything sexual they did not want to.

Wayne just shook his head as he read the article over Brads shoulder. Wayne thought it was odd the way it turned out. Uncle Bill had two sons that were gay and he drove them away with his hatred of gay men. One son killed after running away because he was gay and the other he tried to kill him self because he was gay. Then in the end he was forced to do gay sexual acts with men and that's what got him killed. None of this would have happened if he would have just accepted his children for who they were.

Doug told Brad that he would hang around and do the things that needed done around the place today. Brad thanked him and told him to make his self at home that they would be back later that night.

When Brad walked into the Hospital reporters ran up to him and the family trying to get some information on what they thought about the murder. Brad told them they had nothing to say and please leave them alone. When they rode the elevator up to the floor Scott was on. There was a guy coming out of Scott's room with a camera when they rounded the corner. Brad ran to the room and hollered for Wayne to stop the guy.

When Brad entered the room Scott was in tears. He ran over to the bed to see if he had been hurt. Scott looked at Brad and asked if it was true. He tried playing dumb but could not hurt Scott any further. Brad asked Scott what was said. Through tears Scott told him the reporter came in the room and woke him. He then proceeded to ask me how I felt about my dad getting repeatedly raped in jail by four guys. I did not know anything about it. I was shocked by what he said then he asked me how I felt about the same four guys beating him to death. Then he started taking pictures and I could not do a thing about it.

Brad Turned and Saw May in the doorway and said watch him he would be right back. Brad went out the door and saw Wayne and him arguing. Brad walked up to the guy and said would you like a picture of his boyfriend to. When the reporter turned around Brad nailed him with a right hook to the jaw. The reporter dropped to the floor. Brad saw he had dropped his camera when he fell so he walked over and picked it up.

Brad pointed it at the reporter and took a picture. Then he opened the back up and pulled the film out. Then he pulls back his arm and threw the camera on the floor as hard as he could. Pieces flew in several different directions as the reported tried to get up in time to stop him. Brad stuck his finger in the guys face and told him if he stepped foot in Scotts room again he would make sure he wound up in the room next to him.

Once everything settled down Brad went in to talk to Scott. He could tell he was very upset when he entered the room. May was explaining everything to him. Brad just went over and sat on the edge of the bed and held Scott's hand. Scott just sat there not saying a word. It was like he was in a state of shock.

When May finished Scott looked around then bowed his head and started praying. "Lord forgive me for what I have done and what those have done against me. Please forgive my father for he thought he was doing your will. My Mother also must be in a lot of pain from loosing him so please watch over her as she goes through the rough times ahead. Lord I also want to thank you for letting me fined the man I love. He is everything to me so watch over us please. The last thing I want to thank you for lord is the family that is here around me today. Bless them and everyone here today amen.

Brad had tears running down his cheeks. How could he ask for forgiveness for what his father done to him? This big strong man has a heart that is so kind and forgiving. Brad had not been raised in a home where religion was such a large part of your life. He understood it but not to the extent that Scott did.

Scott then turned to May and Wayne and asked if he could have a little time with Brad alone. May hugged Scott then she and Wayne left the room. Brad was beginning to worry that something was wrong.

Scott took Brads hand in his. "Brad you know how much you mean to me. I love you with all my heart but if you want to leave me I would understand it after all that you have been through."

"No Scott I love you and never want to leave you."

"Ok will you promise me one thing?"

"Scott I would do anything you ask of me."

"Good... then what I want you to do is not to worry about me and go back to the cabin before you loose what you're Grandfather wanted you to have."

"Scott I can't do that you need me."

"Brad you promised me you would do anything I want. What I want is for you to go back. I am getting stronger everyday and what I want is to build a house on that small rise in the valley that we both love. If you stay away much more they will take it away from us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you in the place that brought us together."

"Scott all that matters to me is that we spend the rest of our lives together."

"Brad you know I love you to but you have to do this for you. If you loose everything I will feel like it is my fault. You might even resent my for it later on so I want you to do it. For your self and us and to prove that you are the man your Grandfather thought you were."

"Scott I can't go that long with out seeing you it killed me when I could not see you before."

"Brad I have some money saved up and I am hoping Aunt May will let me stay with her. We could come out and see you some that way. I will give her everything I have so she can afford to take some time off to stay home with me. When it runs out I should be able to stay by myself. Then it should not be long till I can come be with you again."

"Scott I do not know if I can stand not seeing you everyday. The money does not mean anything as long as I am with you. I would give every thing to be with you everyday."

"Enough Brad... don't be stupid. You and I both know money matters. You can't live on love. There is not enough protein that comes out of our bodies to keep us alive much less warm in the winter. So get your ass back to the cabin and get that money so we can afford to take time off to enjoy each other. If we can not stand to be away from each other for more than a few days we have a problem."

"Scott I love you but you can be an ass sometimes."

"Brad if you want to see an ass then just loose what your Grandfather wanted to leave you. I will turn into a real ass because I know what it is like to do without most of your life. You may love me and be happy but you will always wonder what it would be like if you had the money."

"So now I see that you love me for just my money."

"Not really... I think it's those things between your legs. But seriously Brad if I had a chance like you I would defiantly go for it. Being poor is not what it's all cracked up to be. You wonder why they have so many children it's because they only have sex for entertainment. That's all they can afford. You do seem to love each other more but why put yourself through it. Worrying how you are going to pay the next bill."

Brad had his head hanging down and told Scott he would really miss him. Then a smile came to his face when he told Scott they had a CB at the cabin so they could talk to each other. Brad went through all the improvements that had been made at the cabin. Scott had a little look of jealousy on his face as Brad explained what all Wayne had done.

He then told Scott he could not wait till he was back in his bed making love to him. This caused a little stir between Scott's legs. He reached out to embrace Brad and tell him he loved him and would love to be in his bed again. After a couple more minutes the nurse came in and told him visiting hours were over. Brad looked at Scott telling him he would be back for the next visit.

Brad walked out of the room and over to where Wayne and May were sitting. He told them he was ready for lunch and would like to go somewhere to eat. The three of them left to grab a bite to eat. Brad asked if the others liked Mexican food and they did so they went to a Mexican restaurant.

Mexican food was one of the things Brad missed. He and Chris had eaten at one of the finest Mexican restaurants every week. When they took his order Brad ordered two plates that had different combos on it. That way he could have a little of everything he missed. Wayne and May both got a chuckle out of this as they placed their orders.

As they waited for their food to arrive May asked how Scott took the news. Brad told them what had been said about it. When the plates of food arrived the conversation slowed down. Brad dove in like he had not eaten in a while. When they were about stuffed the conversation started back up.

Brad then started telling May about what Scott had in mind when he was able to get out of the Hospital. May then told Brad she would be able to take a few days off but she could not take much. She only had one week of vacation left and did not know if her boss would let her have any more time off. She had missed a lot of work lately and he was getting upset with her being away so much.

Brad told her Scott said he had some money put back and she could have it. Then Brad explained he had about fourteen hundred a month left from his trust fund after paying his bills. She could have that to help supplement what Scott gave her to help. May looked at Brad and told him she did not make fourteen hundred a month now.

Brad was shocked at Mays statement He knew everyone that worked for his Grandfather made more than that. When he himself worked he made more than twice than that in a month. Brad explained to May he would pay her a thousand a month even after Scott was able to come back. That way if she did not get her job back she could still have money to live on. Plus he told her she could draw her unemployment Insurance. He apologized for not being able to pay her more but he promised he would make it up to her later.

May told Brad not to worry about it the money he offered was more than enough. She let him know she was sorry for him to have to pay her anything because Scott was her nephew and it was part of her duty to take care of her own family.

Wayne told his Mom he was being paid enough to give her some if she needed it because he was able to put back most of the money the lawyers were giving him anyway. May looked at her son and said it is settled then. I will stay with Scott and take care of him till he is ready to be back on his feet full time.

They sat around for another half hour till it was time to head back to the Hospital to visit Scott. When they went in Scott was asleep so they tried to be quiet and not wake him. Brad just went to the side of the bed and held his hand. When the nurse stepped in to let them know visiting hours were over Scott stirred from his sleep. He looked into Brads eyes and said "hi lover" Brad returned the greeting and told him visiting hours were over but as soon as he was at his Aunt Mays house let him know. Scott asked him why he was leaving. Brad explained when they came back form lunch he was asleep and they did not want to wake him.

Scott pouted a little and told him he would have rather been awoken so he could have spent the time with him. Brad bent over and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and told him he would see him soon. As the kiss broke a single tear landed on Scott's cheek. Scott reached up to wipe Brad's eyes then gently put his finger to Brad's lips. Scott whispered his love to Brad and told him soon we will be together again. Brad had to turn away to keep from breaking down.

As they walked out of the room more tears rolled down Brad's cheeks. Wayne walked up beside him and put his arms around Brad and told him everything was going to be ok. Brad laid his head on Wayne's shoulder and let the tears flow. May came up rubbing Brads back while he shed his tears. When Brad stopped crying he hugged Wayne and kissed him on the cheek then turned to May and kissed her to. Brad then told both of them thanks for being his friend.

May just patted Brads back and Said "Were not friends Brad we are family." Then Wayne piped up and Said "oh no not another ugly dorky cousin. Why could he not look like the sexy side of the family?" Brad punched Wayne in the arm and called him an ass.

It was not long till Brad and Wayne was off to the ranch after dropping off May at her home. This was the first time Brad had seen Mays house, he was surprised. Her home was not large but the upkeep had been very good. It reminded him of the homes built in the thirties with all the extra wood work. There were all kinds of spindle work on the house. It was almost like a doll house but painted white. The yard was surrounded with the white picket fence. With a couple of trellises covered with climbing roses. Along the sidewalk were flowers that she had planted. Brad was not sure but he thought they were marigolds. There were hedges also that were trimmed just right to look like spirals. They looked almost like they could not be real topiaries but Brad noticed one sprig that looked out of place. He saw that when May walked by it she pinched the sprig off. Brad knew he could use some lessons from May on keeping a place to looking like something out of a magazine.

Brad and Wayne stopped off at the diner and grabbed a bite before they headed back home. As they went down the road Brad put his hand on Wayne's knee giving it a light squeeze. He thanked Wayne again then immediately removed his hand. For some reason Wayne's cock twitched when he felt Brads touch. He tried to put it out of his mind but the more he tried to forget it the more he could not stop thinking about it.

Soon he could tell his cock was getting hard so Wayne glanced at Brad to see if he was looking. He was glad it was getting dark because you could tell he had a hard on if you happen to glance down. With a little relief Brad was not looking.

Wayne was having problems. He could not figure out why he was reacting to Brad this way. He had never had this reaction to a guy before and it was bothering him. He thought about what had transpired in the bed this morning and felt his stomach churn. Wayne was always comfortable with whom he was but this was bothering him. He looked over at Brad and wondered what he was thinking at that moment.

Wayne knew Brad was a very attractive guy. He would be lying if he said different. Brad did not act like a sissy at all but he did have some underlying qualities about him. He was very open about who he was and what he thought and felt, more that any guy would ever be. Maybe that is what caused this feeling in Wayne.

To Wayne the way Brad acted made him more relaxed and put his guards down. He did not have to walk on eggshells or worry he might slip up and say something he should not. Brad also seemed to be comfortable talking about anything and was always sincere. When Wayne really thought about it Brad was the perfect mate in all things except he was a guy.

Wayne could see the advantages of a guy, guy relationship in that a guy did not seem to need to hang all over you. Wayne did not like that about women. It was also you had your best buddy there with you all the time without some woman bitching about not spending time with her. You could horse around wrestle and do guy things with him and not worry if your hand slipped and patted him on the ass or something. You could belch or fart without getting bitched out. There were all kinds of things that were flying through Wayne's head. Then it turned to sex and Wayne came to a screeching halt. Wayne knew he loved sex but it was not something he wanted with a man. Sure he could let a guy go down on him and he could probably fuck a guy in the ass. The bad thing is he could never see him self going down on a guy or letting a guy screw him. Even kissing a guy could not be romantic. The thought of sticking a dick in his mouth grossed him out. It would taste like a dick and they had to taste bad didn't they?

Now Wayne was getting confused. He did not know what to think. This was giving him a headache so he tried to push it out of his mind. Wayne turned down the final curve in the road and was headed to the cabin. He was ready to get to bed. This was another long day. The trip to the Hospital was almost fours one way so by the time you got back the day was shot. Wayne was glad in a way that they would not have to make that trip anymore unless something happened.

As they pulled up to the cabin they saw a light was on inside. Both Wayne and Brad stepped out of the truck with caution. As they stepped up on the porch they could hear noises in the cabin. Wayne told Brad to wait as he stepped back to the truck. When Wayne walked back up on the porch Brad saw he had a pistol in his hand. Wayne whispered into Brad's ear he was going to look in the window to see if he could see anyone. As he eased over to the one of the boards creaked. Then a yip was heard from inside of the house and the sounds of someone walking to the door. Brad tried to get away from the door in time but it opened and someone spoke. Brad froze in place then slowly turned to face the person speaking.

He saw a silhouette of a guy outlined by the light from inside the cabin. The voice spoke again asking "Brad". Brad squinted and then exhaling said "Sam" Brad felt relief wash over him as he recognized that it was Sam. "What are you doing here this time of night?"

"I came over to check if you had heard anything about Scott. You were not here and I saw that the garden needed some work and the animals had not been taken care of so worked on that stuff hoping you would get home."

Brad felt something pulling on his pants leg and looked down. To his relief it was a puppy. Brad leaned over and picked up the puppy it was a little yellow fur ball and asked Sam when he got a new puppy.

Sam explained to Brad that he got the puppy for him He thought he needed a puppy around the place. Knowing how much help they can be at times around the place keeping things away.

Brad didn't know what to say. He wanted another puppy someday to replace Yeller but he thought he would wait and ask Scott first. Sam looked so proud that brad could not turn him down. He then went over and hugged Sam and reintroduced him to Wayne.

Wayne shook his hand and checked Sam out. Dam was all Brad's friends good looking? He had not met any of then that were not. Wayne wanted to know if Sam was gay or not. This guy was built like a freight train with big arms and chest with a slim waste. He was shorter than Brad but looked like he could rip a person apart. Wayne followed the guys in the house and sat down. Wayne got a beer for each of them then sat back down. He remembered meeting Sam but never really got to talk to him.

Brad and Sam chatted along as Wayne sat back and listened. Once everything was explained to Sam the subject started changing. Brad looked at Sam and noticed he was even bigger in the arms than he remembered. He asked Sam if he had been lifting weights again and Sam told him no. He explained how he had been helping Doug's dad with the hay. He told him the first day he thought he was going to die it was so hot. The next day he was sore but soon worked it out. The hay was brought to the big bard for storage so the cattle will be close. He did ask one thing though. He could not understand why you had to move it all the time. You stack it here then move it there then put it in a barn then pull it out of a barn to feed to the cows. Why not build sheds in the pastures to store the hay and move it only once.

Brad thought that would be a better idea and asked Wayne about it. Wayne jumped at the sound of his name. "Sorry guys I was off in my own world. Now what was the question again?"

Brad explained everything again and soon they all agreed that it would be better if it was changed. Smaller sheds could be built and the main hay could be stored at point of use. Then any extra could be put in the big barn incase it was a hard winter.

Sam stood up to leave after the talk but Brad insisted he spend the night. He could have breakfast with them and take off in the morning. Sam then wanted to know where he would bunk. Brad told him he could pile up with them in the bed or one of them could sleep on a cot.

San snickered then and said "piled up would be fine."

Brad shook his head "I guess you just want to sleep with real men."

"Sleep oh I guess I will take a cot then."

Wayne did not know if Sam was serious or joking. But as they were getting ready for bed Wayne saw Sam take off his shirt. "Dam man what have you been doing on that farm. I thought they were raising cows not wrestling them."

Sam beamed at the compliment them told Wayne he was a gymnast at school but had a little bad luck. When he recovered he was not able to work out much but now he is better and working the ranch he has time. He was not dating his girlfriend anymore and all he has to do is work out. "Have you noticed that there is not anywhere to meet girls around here? Besides I think I am going to take a break from them anyway."

Wayne could not get over the hard body that Sam had. Then Sam slipped off his boxers and crawled in the middle of the bed.

"Sorry guys but I sleep naked I hope that does not bother you"

Brad looked at Wayne and said "as long as he's got that thing turned towards your ass it won't bother me at all."

Wayne hung his head down and shook his head. "Lord help me... I think I am in hell. I now have to lie down with two perverts that no man would be safe with."

This got a chuckle out of everyone. Wayne finished taking his clothes off down to his jockeys.

"Dam Brad he looks just like Scott with his clothes off. How do you sleep with him without getting confused?"

"Just lucky so far... I just hope I don't get my hand slapped some morning when I reach around half asleep thinking it is Scott. I know I have woken up and found myself snuggled up to him. Dam nice to... He would make some man a good husband."

"You two goof balls trying to get me married off... Well this ole boy doesn't put a ring on any ones finger till I find out if the milks good."

Sam winked at Wayne and said "Is that an offer?"

"Not tonight this ole boy is beat. I never understood how just sitting at a hospital can be so tiring." Wayne walked over and turned the light out then crawled in bed. He felt the heat from Sam's body as he covered up. As he settled in he noticed he was pressed up against Sam. His body was firm to the touch and not soft like a woman's. Wayne could smell Sam's scent as he lay close to him. Each breath he took in was Sam. Wayne felt his cock was hard and pressing into Sam's side. When he realized this he turned his back to Sam thinking thank god he had his jockeys on. Then he felt Sam shift also.

Sam leaned close to Wayne's ear and whispered "its ok I have the same problem"

Wayne then felt Sam's hard cock pressed against his ass. He did not understand why two straight men would be getting hard from what had happened. Wayne laid there trying to go to sleep but could not. The only one that sounded like they were sleeping was Brad. Wayne had heard the rhythmic breathing enough that he knew Brad was asleep. Wayne listened for Sam to fall asleep to. After a while he thought maybe Sam did not make noise when he slept. Wayne needed to piss so he crawled out of bed trying not to wake the others and slipped out the door.

He was relieving himself when the door opened and Sam stepped out. "I need to do that myself" Sam said as he walked over to the edge of the porch. Wayne could not help but look at Sam's cock as he let loose his stream. There was a tension in the air but it was not one from anger. Wayne felt charged up as he placed his cock back into his jockey. It was on the rise from seeing Sam stand there with his cock in his hand. It reminded Wayne of when he was younger and him and a couple of guys would get together and jack off watching to see who could shoot their load the farthest. That was the excitement he felt but how did it always happen. Who was the first one to say something? How do you say something? Wayne could not remember, and then it hit him. It was Don who always said "hay guys do you want to see who could blow their load the farthest." Someone else would say "sure" and then we were off. Stroking our cock's to see who the biggest man was.

Wayne tried to say something but nothing came out of his mouth. His cock was getting harder and he wanted to just pull it out and start jacking off. He remembered Sam talking about a girlfriend so he knew he was straight. But why this urge, and why now did he want to jack off with this guy. Could this be the same urge that he had when he used brads hand the other day?

Sam finished pissing and shook the last drop off. He was close enough to Wayne that when he turned the tip of his cock brushed the back of Wayne's hand. There was a jolt that went through his body when it happened. Then it surprised Wayne that Sam walked sideways to get past him and the stool on the porch. It was obvious as Sam brushed his cock and chest against Wayne as he went by. Wayne thought he had cummed in his jockeys from the contact.

Sam went on inside and got in bed while Wayne stayed where he was. Wayne had to set down on the stool for a second to clear his mind. His hand slipped into his jockeys and sure enough he had cummed in them.

Resting his head in his hands he could not understand what was going on. He was not gay but does it rub off on you. Can you catch being gay from someone? Wayne did not think Scott was gay at all but now says he is. Did Brad turn him gay and was he turning him gay to. Sam said he had had a girlfriend but if he did not know better he would have sworn Sam had been making advances on him. Dam this was confusing Wayne had to talk to someone.

Wayne sat on the porch on the stool thinking. The next thing he felt like he was falling as he woke up. He wondered what time it was and how long he had been out there. Wayne stood up and walked back into the cabin and looked at the clock. Man he had been out there for a couple of hours.

Wayne eased over to the bed and saw that Brad and Sam were snuggled up. Wayne was a little chilled so he climbed on in the bed. He felt Sam move as his cold flesh touched his warm flesh. Wayne finally fell back to sleep after laying there trying to figure out what was going on again.

The next morning Brad was the first out of bed. His bladder was so full it was hurting. It had gotten cool last night and the cabin was cold Brad wanted to go crawl back into the bed where it was warm but he had a lot to do. Brad decided he would get his shower and start breakfast. Brad grabbed the soap and jumped in the tub. When he turned the valve for the shower he almost screamed. The water was cold, not warn like it usually was.

Brad finished with out waking the others when he went over to the bed he saw that the two of them had snuggled up. Brad looked down and thought what a hot couple they would make. One muscle bear snuggled up to another. Brads cock became instantly hard when they shifted in the bed. When they moved Wayne came out from under the covers. Wayne's cock was hard and sticking out of the top of his jockeys with Sam's hand holding his balls.

Brad wished he had a camera there to take a picture of it. This would always be something he could tease Wayne about later own.

Brad finished dressing and started breakfast. There were plenty of eggs with them having been gone so much. Also they had brought some bacon on this last trip so he would make some biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. By the time the coffee was done and bacon almost fried Sam was awake. He saw that he had his hand on Wayne's cock and it was hard. It was all he could do not to start jacking Wayne off. Sam took his hand from Wayne's crotch and started rubbing his belly and chest. Wayne must have been having a good dream because he was purring as he was waking up.

Sam tweaked Wayne's right nipple as he had curled up into Sam's arms and was lying against his chest. Wayne's eyes popped open when he felt his nipple tweaked. It was like getting shocked but it was connected to other parts of his body.

Sam had his head propped up elbow on the bed and head in his palm. Wayne turned to look at who was behind him when Sam said "Hi sweetheart was it good for you to"

Wayne tried to push Sam back mumbling something about show you who's the bitch. Then it started a wrestling match with tickling and all. Down in the floor they went each trying to better the other. It was all fun for Wayne till Sam got him in a scissors hold. That's when he found a hard six inch cock sticking almost in his face. He quickly gave then said after he was released that he would have won if it had not been for that nasty little cock he tried to shove in his face.

Sam started laughing and told Wayne "if all it takes is six inches, then it don't take much to beat you then.

Wayne then grabbed a hold of Sam and the match was on again. The body contact started having effect on Wayne. He felt his cock start to stiffen as it pressed into Sam's flesh. Wayne was not able to stay in control very long. Sam was stronger than he was. As Sam worked his way around to where he was setting on Wayne's chest again. Wayne could smell Sam's masculine scent again. It was stronger this time because of wrestling some more. Wayne could see Sam's hard cock was almost right in his face again. The hair on his balls was tickling his chin as he struggled to get up. Wayne clasped Sam forearms and felt the hard muscle under the skin.

Sam looked up at Brad and asked what he got for winning two out of three. Brad shook his head and told him that was between the two of them. Sam started to shift a little and his balls rested on Wayne's chin. Wayne took in a deep breath and his head started to spin could not understand. He knew his cock was harder than he could remember and he was horned up more than he could remember in a while.

Wayne then pushed with everything he had. As he shoved up he held onto Sam's arms flipping him over on his back. Wayne then pulled on Sam's arms keeping him off balance while he flipped himself over landing on Sam's chest. As he struggled to position him self a little better he felt his cock was on Sam's face. He tried to move down but San had raised his knee to keep him from scooting back. Then Wayne did not know what was going on. He felt Sam moving his head back and forth then something clamped around the head of his cock that was sticking out of the top of his jockeys. It was hot wet and moving. Wayne tried to reposition himself and as he scooted his cock went into Sam's throat. Wayne jumped up and yelled "What the fuck... I am sorry man" Sam just looked at Wayne.