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The Inheritance part 29

Authors note: Well I hope you enjoy where the story is going. There are a couple of reasons it is. So hang a little while and I am sure you will see why. I think I have gone way past the twenty chapters I planned on writing. But I have enjoyed writing as much as you faithful readers have enjoyed reading. Thanks guys and enjoy

Thanks again Doug


As Wayne got to his feet he was expecting to get the hell beat out of him. Sam just sat up then propping him self up with his hands behind his back. He looked at Wayne who had a look of fear on his face. He told Wayne there was no harm done. Then Sam stuck his hand out for Wayne to help him up. Wayne reached out to Sam with a little trepidation. Sam grabbed hold and pulled himself up stating "I guess you won that one or did I."

Wayne was trying to apologize to for what happened. Sam looked at Wayne then told him "it really was ok. It was my fault not yours Wayne. I was the one that took the head of your cock in my mouth. You just happened to be the one that shoved it the rest of the way in."

"You mean your gay Sam"

Brad then interrupted and said "I think it's time to set down and talk boys"

Wayne looked at Brad and asked "Is everyone gay around here?"

Brad had Wayne set down so they could talk. He started with how he and Scott met and that Brent was a friend of his from way back. He had met Doug before he had met Sam but he knew of Sam through School. Then Sam was working to take care of the farm that Scott had been working on and we met up again. But as far as gay I can only say Scott, Brent and I are gay. As far as Doug and Sam I can not say.

Sam spoke up then and told Wayne he was pretty sure he was gay. He had always been with women but after his first time with a guy he figured out what had been missing. He had always enjoyed sex with women but it lacked something. So he tried sex with guys and found it to be completely different. He could feel more and knew what the guy was thinking. He guessed he was trying to say he connected better with a guy.

Sam went on to explain "Like when we were wrestling I was having a great time. I enjoyed the contact and challenge. Then when we progressed and it was getting great. I could smell the musky scent of a man. I will not lie to you it was turning me on big time. I did not mean to embarrass you by putting my cock in your face I forgot I did not have my boxers on. Then when you started back wrestling I took that as a sign you were cool with it. Then when you got on top of me it was like you were grinding your cock into my face. I took that as a sign so when I saw the tip of your cock sticking out of your jockeys I thought I would give you what I thought you wanted. I took the head of your cock in my mouth to tease you a little. Then you shoved your whole cock down my throat. I was confused when you jumped up Wayne; I thought you wanted sex." 

"No man that was not what I was wanting at least on a level that I am aware of." Wayne told him. Then it struck him about what he had done with Brad's hand. Wayne put his head in guilt.

The talk went on as Brad finished Breakfast and placed it on the table. Brad noticed Wayne got quiet as they sat down to eat. He wondered if it was what Sam had done. He made a mental note to ask later what was wrong.

When the boys were done eating there was not a scrap of food left. The puppy would have to eat dog food for its first day here. Once the dishes were in the sink Sam told them he hated to leave but he had to get back and take care of the cattle. He hugged Brad and told him thanks as always and to come over some time for a beer. He then turned to Wayne and hugged him but the difference was that Wayne's body was stiff.

Wayne went outside with Sam to take care of the animals while Brad washed the dishes. Sam saddled his horse while Wayne fed. He walked up to Wayne before he climbed in the saddle. He told Wayne "don't think I am a whore but if you ever would like me to finish what we started just ask. I think you're a nice looking man and would not mind my second ever sexual experience with a man to be you."

Wayne's eyes bugged out after what Sam said to him. "Do what"

"Wayne let me be honest with you. I find you very interesting and would love to have sex with you. We can do or not do what ever you want. I promise I will not ask again but I want you to know I almost came when you shoved you cock in my mouth."

"But I did not mean to do that Sam."

"You may not have meant to Wayne but I do want to thank you for doing it. I would have never thought I would have ever had sex with a man but I will never regret doing it. I have never felt so completely satisfied in my life and would love to experience it again."

"Sam I am not gay"

"I said that myself just a few days ago Wayne. Now I just say I want love and do not care who it is with, man or woman. I do think now it would be a man but I never know. I will say this though; I will be with another man someday at least once. I can not let my best ever sexual experience be a one time thing." As Sam said this he climbed on his horse and told Wayne "I hope to see you soon" then rode off.

Wayne just stared as Sam rode out of site behind some boulders. He could not understand the feeling he was having at that time. When at last he quit looking Wayne turned around and started to go feed the chickens. He then noticed his cock was hard and it dawned on him. He was smitten with Sam. What the fuck was going on with him. He could not be attracted to a guy. He needed to get away. Wayne finished feeding and taking care of the animals then headed back to the cabin.

When he got back he went in to talk to Brad. Brad had finished the dishes and was doing some laundry when Wayne walked in. Brad looked up and saw Wayne pacing the floor. He stopped what he was doing and brought the coffee pot and two cups over to the table. "Wayne come on over and lets talk."

Wayne stopped his pacing and walked over to the table and took a seat. "Brad I am having a problem."

"Ok let's talk about it then."

"Brad what I am going to tell you might piss you off."

"Wayne I don't think I will get pissed at anything you tell me."

"You might at this but I have to get it off my chest."

"Ok... you talk and I will listen. I will not comment on anything till you're through or ask me to."

"Thanks Brad. Here goes. The other night when I woke up I had been dreaming I guess. I woke up and you were snuggling up to me. My dream must have been about sex because I was so horny. You had your arm around me and your hand was on my cock. It felt so good for someone else to be touching it. Well I could not stand it so I pulled my cock out and started to beat off slowly so I would not wake you. The bad thing was I was using your hand to do it. It was scary but exciting in a way. I cleaned your hand up as best as I could then. I have felt real guilty about it. I was going to tell you and have tried but have been afraid to. I would not blame you for hating me. There was just something about getting another guy to beat you off without him knowing about it. Then I have noticed I have been getting a little aroused when I have seen you bathe. I don't know why but then this morning when I was half asleep and Sam was all snuggled up to me it felt so good. He got playful and we wrestled around. I was so sexually charged it was not funny. When Sam was on top of me with his cock was in my face I almost stuck out my tongue to taste it. Then I freaked and wanted up. For some reason I wanted to wrestle more and grabbed him. When I had my chance, it was like payback time so I put my cock in his face. It felts so good to grind it in then this sensation hit me like I was being electrocuted. That's when I shoved forward and my cock went down his throat. When I realized it I wanted to fuck his face then fear hit and I was afraid he would whip my ass. That's when I jumped up because I had crossed the line."

"Brad I don't know what is going on with me. It is scaring me and I feel like running away. Do you know what is wrong?"

"Wayne I can only give you my opinion but I have seen something like this a little. First I am not mad about you using my hand. Just next time Wake me up first. Just kidding, it does not upset me at all. We have been out here for a while without you being around women much. Second I had a friend in collage that went through this some."

"Was he straight?"

"Yes Wayne he was. The problem was he was around mostly gay men. Then he started going along with the comfort of being gay. Later he had question about himself. We have a tendency to be more open around each other as friends. We touch, hug, kiss, and are more open sexually. Gay men are kind of like best friends. But we take it one step further in a sexual way. We are always curious about other men and act on it."

"You mean like having sex."

"Well yes and no Wayne. We do have sex and most gay men are very promiscuous. We have a problem as a whole staying monogamous. But I was trying to get at we do not fear touching another man. It feels so good to have strong arms around you every once in a while. I think that comes from wanting more from our dads when we were little. It makes you feel so secure and protected."

"Yeah my dad died when I was just three."

"We derive from our lovers the best friend plus the security we wanted or got from our dads. To feel safe in a pair of strong arms and to get mind blowing sex from this same person is great. With you Wayne I do not know if you are gay or not. I not saying you could not have sex with a man even if you're not gay. It is I think you are curious and could be happy with whomever you fall in love with. You are what I would call a bi person. You could be happy with a man or a woman if you loved them."

"Why then did I do what I did with Sam then?"

"I think because he was someone you were attracted to and formed a silent bond with. Wayne there is always people we meet that we could fall for but it is just recognized to late. You meet them and think what a great person they were and you let it go by. If you let yourself you could fall in love easy but we stay on guard to much. We hide our feelings so we don't get hurt. If you liked Sam you should see where it could lead. Don't worry about the sex part it will happen when you want."

"Thanks for talking with me Brad. I guess I better go get to work now that I have some things to think about"

Wayne left the cabin and taking Scott's horse he grabbed an axe and headed out to debark a few trees. As he rode on he thought about what Brad had told him He came to where a few trees stood that would make good wood. There he found four ash trees that would be easy to split and burn great. As he worked on the first tree he thought about how nice Brad was. He had forgiven him and not thought anything about it.

By the time he was through with the second tree he was thinking about Sam and how much fun it was this morning. He had not wrestled with anyone for a long time. He could feel he was going to be sore from using muscles he had not used in a while. As he took in a deep breath it seemed he could smell the musky odor from Sam again. He felt his cock start to swell again.

Wayne was done with the forth tree and could not get the thoughts out of his mind. He was getting a boner from thinking about another dude. Wayne found a tree that had blown down and leaned against it. He tried again to picture Sam standing there nude and felt his cock throb. He glanced around seeing no one and rubber his cock. He finally pulled off his glove and unzipped his pants and let them fall to the ground. Wayne was having his first gay experience in his mind.

While Wayne was away from the cabin Brad worked in the garden He hoped he had enough time for the last crop of vegetables to come up and produce. Brad planted some green bean seed he had put back and some pinto beans. There were a few tomatoes coming up close to the cabin where he had thrown out a couple of pieces that were left over from some meal. He dug them up and planted them too. Brad dug a trench and planted some potatoes that Doug had brought him. His mom had let them go to waste and they had some big sprouts on them. Brad dug the rest of the potatoes they had planted and took them to the shed to put in some straw. If they were lucky they would have enough for five meals. There were only a few that got bigger than a hen's egg but at least they had some potatoes.

His next stop was to feed the chickens. Brad knew it was coming soon that they would have to start killing the young roosters to eat. If he did not have to survive off the land he would have let them go. That way he would not have to kill them. He knew that if he did something would kill them in the long run. With the last batch that hatched there were sixteen roosters that would feed them this winter. They had been lucky that there were more hens than roosters hatch. They now had a total of thirty two hens but were not getting that many eggs. Brad guessed that the new hens would not start laying eggs till spring. Boy would they be eating a lot of eggs.

The new puppy was fun to watch as he was checking everything out. Brad would watch him run and trip over his own feet. He really needed to give him a name soon but he wanted to let Scott name him.

It was past lunch time so Brad decided he would go in and fix some lunch. When he got back up to the cabin May was there. He ran the short distance to greet her and asked about Scott. She filled him in on Scott and let him know he would be coming home with her tomorrow. Brad asked her if she was hungry that he was fixing to start lunch. May told him yes she was but she had brought lunch. She told Brad when they got inside she brought some bologna and bread to. Brad threw his arms around her and thanked her. He had missed bologna sandwiches. He loved a good bologna and tomato sandwich.

When Brad walked into the cabin he smelled something cooking. When he walked over to the stove he saw a chicken in a pot that looked like it was done. Brad asked what it was and May told him "I am going to teach you to fix chicken and dumplings. The last time I was here you had a bunch of roosters that were to big to fry so they will make a great pot of chicken and dumplings. Just kill them the day before you cook them that way you will not have that smell stuck in your head."

 May had a big bowl on the table. In the bowl she put four cups of plain flour then added some salt to that. The next thing she added was two cups of cold water and mixed it up. She told Brad there were several different dough recipes out there using eggs or broth

but this was the way her grandmother made it. When you don't have much you make due.

Once the dough was mixed up she put down a couple pieces of wax paper and poured some flour on it. She handed Brad a dough roller and told him to put some of the dough in the middle of the flour and sprinkle some more flour on top. Start rolling the dough making sure you keep flour over it till it is as thin as a pie crust. She took the chicken out of the pot while she told Brad what to do.

Once the chicken was out she went to check on the dough. She liked what she saw, so she told Brad to cut it into strips. When he had that done she told him the broth had to be at a rolling boil to keep the dumplings from sticking. If it is not then you get a ball of dough that sticks to the bottom of the pan.

Once the broth was boiling she had Brad drop in the strips. Then she told him to roll out the rest and repeat it. While Brad was doing that she stirred the pot a couple of times. When he had all the dough in he noticed the broth was starting to thicken some. She added some black pepper to it for flavor.

Brad watched as she deboned the chicken. He asked what the green stuff was by the chicken. May told him she liked to put in a couple of stalks of celery while the chicken cooked. It added a little flavor she liked.

By the time she had the chicken off the bone she told Brad to turn the dumplings down as low as he could. She added the chicken and the little broth that was in the bottom of the bowl and stirred them once more. She next pulled some green beans and corn out and put them on to cook. May had even brought some bacon to help season and a few onions to.

Brad loved it when she came out it was like the holidays to him. May always fixed big meals and had leftovers that were good the next day.

Wayne came in late. Brad and May had already eaten and were just fixing to put everything away. As Wayne walked over to his Mom, Brad saw a look of confusion on his face. May told him Scott would be coming home with her tomorrow. Wayne was happy about it. He then asked when he would be able to come out here to live. His Mom told him it would be at least six weeks minimum. Wayne looked up like he was trying to figure something out. Brad told him not to worry he would be taken care of besides he would need him to stay around for a while.

Wayne enjoyed the home cooked meal that was prepared. It reminded him of home when Mom would bring food over because she was worried that he was not eating right. When the dishes were done they sat around and chatted some. May told them of her plans of things to do to get Scott on his feet. Then she let them know that she had quit her job at the diner the day before. Her boss did not like it but told her when she was ready let him know and she could come back.

Wayne told Brad that he had four trees that would be ready to cut down in a couple of weeks. Then he planned to cut down the two he had ready tomorrow and he would need his help with them.

Brad wanted to know if Wayne could stay around for a little while after Scott came back. He would rather have him around for a while in case something happened. Wayne smiled and told him sure that he had enjoyed his stay here and would love to spend some time with Scott.

May filled Wayne in on everything that was going on with Scott. He was getting better fast but he still had some problems with his speech when he got upset. It was like he knew what he wanted to say but he could not get the words out. That would get him even more frustrated and he would just clam up till he calmed down.

May then told them about the funeral for Scott's dad. There were only about ten people that showed up for it. Scott's Mom made a scene at the funeral. The will was to be read in a couple of days and Scott had to be there for it. He was mentioned in the will.

Brad was not sure he should go but as long as May would be by his side he thought it would be ok. Brad then asked what Scott's Mom was doing now.

May let him know she was staying locked in the house and was not seeing anyone. She had been upset that more people did not show up at the funeral. There were a couple of reporters that had been trying to get her side of the story but she was not talking.

After a few minutes May got up and started washing dishes. Brad tried to help but she was adamant that she did not want any help. She told the boys that if they did not want to just sit back and relax then they needed to get outside and do some work.

Wayne looked over at Brad and told him "that means get." The guy's stood up and stretched then headed outside. Brad asked Wayne what he wanted to do then. Wayne thought for a couple of minutes and told Brad they could go and cut down the two trees that were ready and get them hauled up to start cutting up. Wayne already had the axe leaning by the door so he grabbed it and headed out. Wayne had the axe in hand so he felled the first tree. He then handed it to Brad and let him start the next one.

Wayne stopped Brad after the first couple of chops. He told brad he needed to cut a little higher on the tree. Brad did what Wayne told him and started a little higher. After a few swings of the axe Brad started to move on around the tree. Wayne again stopped him and told him he needed to cut a wedge shape out of that spot he started. Brad did not understand why so Wayne explained. Were not beavers and care where the tree falls. They eat all around a tree and it could go where ever the wind blows. We want our tree to fall in the clearing so we cut wedges so it will fall the way we want. See you cut out a wedge on the back side then one just lower on the front side that way the tree will fall in the direction you want. Just never stand behind a tree when its falling. Always go to the side and step back a few paces. If you are in back it could kick back on you.

Brad took everything Wayne told him to heart. He had used a chainsaw a few times but it was to just trim a few limbs. It seemed like it took forever to get the tree to fall. It fell just like Wayne told him though. Once the tree was down Wayne took the axe and started to chop off the limbs. He had Brad pull the small branches over into a pile but if it was big around as his bicep he was told to leave it. Brad followed Wayne picking up the limbs as they went once it was all done Wayne went back and trimmed the smaller limbs.

Wayne let Brad trim the tree that he had cut down while he hauled the branches and put them in the same pile. When it was all done Wayne headed back to get the horses. Brad was not sure if the horses would pull anything without spooking. Wayne told him that he was going to hook them up to the big logs first. This way if they did get spooked they would have a large load to pull and would tire quickly. If they could not pull it he would cut one log free and try just one.

Brad helped hook up the horses. The collar's that were used spooked the horses bad enough. They were not used to having something around their necks that was heavy. It took a while to calm them down. The horses pranced and snickered around for a few minutes. Wayne then got them hooked up and ready to pull. I grabbed them by the lead and started towards the cabin. When they got to the point that the collars were pulling back some they stopped. Brad pulled but the horses did not move. Wayne picked up a little branch and gave them a little smack on the rump.

Both horses jumped and the logs moved about six inches. Brads horse started to paw the ground and had his ears back. Brad knew he would bite if he was mad. Wayne smacked them once more and they both jumped again. I pulled on the lead and the horses pulled the logs about ten feet. We could tell it was taking everything they had to pull so Wayne cut one of the logs loose. We worked till supper time getting the logs to the cabin.

May came outside and told us supper was ready, we let her know as soon as the horses were put up we would be in. We could tell the horses were tired and so were we. Wayne grabbed the milk bucket and milked the goat while I rubbed the horses down. Once Wayne was done he fed the chickens and gathered the eggs. The puppy was barking the whole time wanting in to play with us. He was growing like a weed with all the extra milk he was being fed. I told Wayne to not let him know where the milk was coming from. We might just have to beat him off the tit to get us some milk.

When they finished with the animals Wayne and Brad headed back to the cabin for supper. As they washed up Brad felt a couple of blisters in the palm of his hand. He reminded himself the next time he worked with an axe he had better wear gloves.

They sat down to eat and May said grace. She added a little prayer for Scott also. The guys were starved as they dug in. Everything was great that night. May had fixed smothered steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and green beans. Brad commented on everything because it tasted so good. May told him there was plenty for everyone and there would be leftovers. Brad told May he did not see the beef steak in the fridge and wanted to know if she had went to town.

May explained that they were eating deer steak from the freezer and the potatoes were instant. She had brought a box from home they could have. Brad thanked her because he had always loved potatoes.

The guys were miserable after stuffing them selves and kicked back after eating. May asked the guys if they were ready for desert then. Wayne asked what she had fixed. When May told him it is your favorite Wayne said "Heck yeah." He told Brad his Mom fixed the best lemon icebox pie. Brad groaned and told him he didn't have anywhere to put it.

May told the guy's they could clean up she needed to head home. Brad told her sure he would clean up after some of his food settled. He wanted her to get plenty of rest before having to pick Scott up in the morning.

Wayne and Brad walked May out to her car and hugged her good by. As she pulled out Brad sent a silent prayer thanking God for her.

When they got in the cabin Wayne headed to the refrigerator and took out the pie. When he sat it done on the table he asked Brad if he wanted a piece. Brad told him a little one would be ok. Wayne then said good... that leaves more for me. Brad kidded him about getting fat and no one would want to have sex with him. Wayne looked over at Brad and said "you will...so I think I will eat the whole thing."

Wayne cut a small piece and handed it to Brad then cut a little bigger piece for himself. Brad took his first bite and his mouth drew up like he was sucking on a lemon. Wayne made a face mimicking Brad then laughed. He told him the first bite will make you pucker but the second is not as bad. Brad told Wayne he better save a little for his fat ass he was going to get if he expected him to take care of it. Wayne made a pouting face then dived into his pie.

Brad did like the pie after the first initial shock. May was a real good cook. The guys put the pie away after eating a piece. They then picked up the dishes while Brad put some water on to boil.

Brad told Wayne he could take a bath if he wanted while he washed dishes if you want. Then he told him he stunk and was sleeping on the floor if he didn't. Wayne shot back he would do anything just to get him naked so he could see his fat ass. Brad slapped him on the butt and told him he was going to make him squeal like a pig for that. It did not take long to wash everything because May had cleaned up most of it while she cooked.

Brad looked at Wayne and told him "you have a cute ass for it to be so fat. I guess it's a good thing you have a cute ass because you sure do have a little dick." Wayne grabbed his cock and shook it at Brad and told him "your just jealous because mines bigger."

The horsing around and banter between the two kept up till Brad had showered and they went to bed. When they settled in bed Brad leaned over and kissed Wayne on the cheek. He then told him thanks for everything. Brad rolled over and fell asleep quickly.

Wayne had problems going to sleep that night. He kept thinking about how much he enjoyed being with Brad. They had a great friendship and he enjoyed the kidding around with Brad. Was this what it was like to be with a man? Wayne thought about how different his life would be. He no longer was afraid to touch Brad in any way but sexually. When they were in bed and it was chilly inside he no longer worried about snuggling close to him for warmth. When his leg bumped Brads he no longer pulled it back immediately. It did not freak him out if he woke up and Brad had his arm wrapped around his chest. It was nice to not have to worry about things like that. He could never have done that with any of his male friends without them thinking something.

Wayne liked the not living in fear anymore. Why are men the way they are? Are we so afraid that it demasculineizes us to touch another male? What would his Mom think if he was to become gay? Wayne tried to shove the thoughts out of his mind. He could hear Brad snoring lightly. Wayne rolled over looking at the back of Brads head and mouthed the words thank you for opening my eyes. Wayne then put his arm over Brad's chest and went to sleep.

The next morning Brad woke to find him self snuggled up to Wayne. He could feel the hair on Wayne's chest and thought of how nice it will be to be back with Scott. Brad moved a little to stretch his leg out and Wayne pulled him closer. Wayne was awake! Brad could not believe that Wayne was still snuggled up to him. Brad was wondering what he was up to by doing this.

Brad broke the silence and asked how he felt this morning. Wayne responded with just great. Brad shifted around to look at Wayne. He then asked Wayne what was up with him this morning. Wayne let him know after the talk they had last night that he would no longer be afraid to be around or touch a man. What Brad had said to him was something that awakened something in him.

Brad told him not to let it awaken too much of him it had been a while and in the dark and half asleep he might just go for it.

Wayne smiled back then and told him there would be none of this half asleep shit. If he made the effort there was no way he could blame it on half asleep. Because what he had between his legs had made many women see God.

Brad laughed and stated well I hope you're not referring to the little thing that is trying to tickle my butt. If you are you better pray for more because I like to be tickled big time not just a little bit.

Wayne put his hand to his chest trying to act hurt. "Well I never."

"Well that's what I have heard"

Putting on his best Miss Scarlet Wayne said "Bradley Darling Are you trying to say I could not make you feel it."

"Yesam mam...I aint had no babies but that thang can't hurt no one." By this time Brad was laughing so hard he thought he was going to piss all over his self.

Wayne got out of bed having to go pee he turned towards Brad. He then pulled down the front of his jockeys and shook his hard cock at Brad and said "it's a good thing I am a grower and not a shower then."

Brads mouth fell open then because he had never seen Wayne's cock like this. He actually looked like his cock was bigger than Scott's. "Dam did you get in line for dick twice?"

Wayne just Smiled and walked out on the porch to piss. Brad could feel his cock get hard as the size of Wayne's cock burned into his mind. He knew he had felt it up against him and seen it through his jockeys when he thought it was hard. Brad guessed he had never really seen it hard just simi hard.

When Wayne came back in Brad saw that his cock had gone down. Brad felt the need to piss then so he crawled out of bed and stepped onto the porch. When he got out there he could still smell the piss from where Brad had gone and the days before. Brad made a mental note that they needed to turn the ground to get ride of some of the smell. Brads cock had not gone down all the way yet because his mind was on Wayne cock part of the time. He shook it a couple of times and tucked it back in before going inside.

Brad washed his hands and noticed the blister were bigger this morning. The cold water even made them hurt. Wayne walked up beside him and noticed Brad was looking at some blisters on his hand. When he saw them he told Brad that sawing wood was out of the question for him today.

Brad told Wayne he would just pop them then he could get to work. Wayne told him not to because there is a chance of getting an infection if he did. Just wait a couple of days and let them heal.

Wayne then told him to take a seat and he would fix breakfast today for them. Brad did not know what to do and soon got bored. He thought it would be a good time to do some laundry so up he got and started a load of clothes.

Wayne thought it was nice to have someone around like Brad. He was a lot of fun to be around and stayed busy. He was not lazy and care about what he did. Wayne thought if he was a woman he would make the perfect wife. Wayne had never been around a woman as long as this that she did not get on his nerves. They always wanted to run around and shop and you had to go with them. Tell them how good they looked in the clothes they bought. Why could they not be more like Brad? You didn't always have to keep paying attention to them. Wayne also love the fact that he could run around dressed like he liked. He could ware as little as he liked or clothes that a woman would bitch about. It was even getting to were it did not bother him if he was naked in front of Brad.

Wayne watched Brad as he moved around inside the cabin tidying up the place. He always seemed to keep the cabin clean and did not let things pile up. Most girls Wayne had dated would do that for him but when he went to there place he saw that they were not the same at their place.

Brad moved the clothes from the washer to the dryer then started another load to wash. It looked like there might be enough for another load to wash after Brad was done with this one. He then walked over to the bed and started stripping the sheets. If he was not going to be able to work cutting up the wood then he was going to do everything he could to clean the cabin up.

Wayne finished washing the last pan the pulled out the bucket and electric pump to fill the barrels on the roof. He wondered how Brad had always managed to do all of this while he was not around. It seemed to take forever before the barrel was full then he switched the hose and filled the barrel for the shower and sink. He knew the only one left was the one for the commode.

Brad wished he had more storage space at the cabin. He would like to have a place to keep the cots and a few other things out of site. He looked over a Wayne and asked how hard would it be to build on another room. They would need another room anyway for him when Scott came back.

Wayne told him they would need some lumber and nails and shingles to do that. Brad made a mental note to have Brent ask the lawyers to send some out. Brad thought it should be a bedroom and a good size closet. That way Wayne would not have to hear the two of them making love.

Wayne told Brad he was going to head out side and start cutting up some of the small wood they had brought up. Brad did not wait long after the clothes were done till he started warming up the leftovers for lunch. He wished they had some kind of air conditioning at times it was hot and sticky working inside. He thought after he finished the lunch he would go to the creek for a swim and cool off. He then could fish for a little while and maybe catch a few to put in the freezer. He did not want to run out of food and with three of them living there for a little while he did not know if they would increase the supplies they sent out.

Brad finished lunch and stepped out to let Wayne know it was ready. When Wayne stepped in he was soaked all the way through. He told him after lunch he was heading to the creek to swim and cool off. He wanted to know if he would like to join him. Wayne agreed he would.

They finished eating and cleaned everything up. Brad told Wayne to grab his fishing pole on the way out the door. Brad stopped off and grabbed some of the worms out of the worm bed he had made and put all the worms he found while digging in the garden in. While they walked to the creek Brad thanked him for all the help he had been while there. Wayne put his arm around Brads shoulder and told him thanks for helping his cousin. Wayne left his arm around Brad as they walked the rest of the way.

Brad loved the feel of Wayne's arm around him. He missed the contact of another man. Brad then thought if he had not met Scott he would have loved to have met Wayne instead. Wayne would make some woman a good husband some day and Brad would be glad to call him family. He thought he wanted to always be friends with him and planned to find something for Wayne to do for him if he would like to work for him.

They made it to the creek and stripped off and stepped into the water. It was cold but after a few minutes it felt real good. Brad and Wayne swam around each other talking about Scott getting to come home today. Brad told him the only thing that would make him happier would be when he was able to come back here to live. It was a nice swim and they cooled off fast.

 When Brad stepped out of the water he decided he was not going to put anything on for a few minutes if it did not bother Wayne. He liked to dry naturally if he could. Wayne told him he was cool with it and he might do the same thing. Wayne wanted to go for another swim before they headed back.

Brad walked over to the deep part and sat on a boulder casting his rod. Once everything was set he kicked back to soak up a little sun. He saw that Wayne was on the other side on a bolder himself. Brad could not help but think how sexy he was. The hair on his chest was still matted from the swim but it made it darker. His chest looked black from where Brad sat. Brad was daydreaming about making love to Scott and how good that chest hair felt rubbing against him when his pole bent almost in half.

Brad grabbed it and hung on setting the hook in place. What ever he had on the other end was not small. He struggled with it but it seemed like it was not moving very much. Brad fought for a while before he made any progress. When he saw something pop up out of the water he thought he had a snake at first. Then again he saw it but something bigger and darker was behind it in the water. Brad fought with it for about ten minutes before he realized it was a turtle. Brad was surprised when it came to the shore. He had not seen a turtle like this one before. It had a real long neck and was very large around. 

Wayne had come over to see what Brad had. Brad managed to get it on shore and flip it over. He looked at Wayne and asked how to get the hook out so he could let it go. Wayne told him he needed to keep it because turtle was good eating. Brad told him he did not know how to fix it. He let him know his Mom did and she could cook it for them when she came out. Brad put the turtle in a spot where he could not get away and cut his line.

They both went back to fishing then and it was getting close to time to head back. Wayne finally jumped in the water and hollered for Brad to join him. The two horse around some in the water. Brad was very aware of every time Wayne's cock touched his body. He even felt it was getting bigger a couple of times. He knew Wayne got a little excited when he wrestled from watching him and Sam the other day.

After a little while they got out of the water and stood there to dry off. Wayne's cock still looked a little swollen and Brads started to swell until he looked away. Brad realized how attracted to Wayne he was. He just shrugged it off as it was because he was in love with Scott and they looked so much alike.

When they started to get dressed Wayne looked at Brad as he raised a leg to put on his jockeys. He had a real nice round ass and great body. Wayne thought he had a better ass than most of the women he had dated. It was also firm and not flabby like a lot of women. If he was gay he could go for someone like that. When Brad lifted the next leg Wayne saw his little pink pucker. He had to turn his eyes away to keep his cock from getting hard.

 Wayne had always had a thing for ass. He could look at the pucker on a woman and get hard quickly. He just never had one before, not that he had not tried to. He had asked every girl he had ever dated and they all told him the same thing...NO. Not a one he had dated would oblige him. Some of his buddies had told him they had fucked a girl in the ass and it was the best ever.

It was on the way back Wayne broke the silence. He did not know why but he just blurted it out. "Does it hurt to get fucked in the ass?"

Brad stopped in his tracks. "What did you say?"

Wayne stopped to and turned towards Brad. "I just wanted to know if it hurt to get fucked in the ass."

Brad laughed out loud and said. "I can't believe you just asked me that."

"Sorry Brad I did not mean to offend you... I just wondered if it did. I mean I have always tried to get a girl to let me but they never would. I thought maybe you could explain to me why."

"I am not offended Wayne... just shocked at the way that came out of left field. But why would you be asking me. Should you not be asking the girls you have dated?"

"Well I thought with you being gay you might know why they would not let me."

"What makes you think I am getting fucked in the ass it could be Scott that's getting fucked."

"Well I just thought that since you are the one that keeps the house and everything clean you were the woman. Isn't that the way it is?"

"No Wayne that's not the way it works and by the way you can ask anything you want. But why did this pop up now?"

Wayne turns red faced and spits it out. "When we were back at the creek getting dressed I saw your ass. I don't know if there is something wrong with me or not but when I see an pink little asshole I get turned on."

"Ok I just wondered where the hell that came out of left field from. To answer your question, I would have to say yes and no. Now does that help?"


"Ok Wayne lets have a seat and I will explain." They stepped over to a large rock and sat down. "To be honest the first time does hurt and it takes a while for it to even start to feel comfortable at all. It did start to feel better at the end. It does get to the point it does not hurt but it feels weird. It's hard to say. Like a little shocks of electricity running up your spine and when they hit your prostate it's like you almost have to pee. But in a good way. I mean there are times you can not wait to get his cock in your ass. There is some pain involved but it adds to it in some way. But as far as me taking it always Scott was my first. We are versatile though and we both take it and give it. We both love the feeling of joining completely that way."

"Then why do girls not want to do it with me then?"

"Wayne not everyone likes it. Most gay men will do it though with the right person and some will do it with anyone that will. They like it so much that they can't get it enough. Some guys have dildo's they use a lot and eventually go up to bigger size because they need that little extra pain for the thrill. Some of the girls may be afraid that you might hurt them. Some women would never admit that they like having their ass played with."

"I have always wanted it and hope some day I can find a women that will let me."

"Have you ever tried rimming while you were down there?"

"Rimming... what's that?"

"It would be like eating pussy but it's their ass your eating instead."

"People really do that?"

"Gay men do. It's the equivalent to pussy eating to the gay male. I love doing it and so does Scott. Both giving and receiving are great."

"The women I have gone out with freak when you even touch it."

"Well you may never get your chance then."

"Man I would love someone to let me eat their ass someday. I thought every one was kidding around about it. I can take my finger and lightly rub it down my crack and get that musky scent on it and talk about making you dizzy that will do it."

"Wayne if you could just get past the hang-ups about being with another man you could try it and see if that might make you happy. You never know that may be what you have been looking for deep down inside. It does not make you gay just because you try sex with a man. You might try it and find out that it is definitely not what you want. It just gripes my ass when someone condemns someone for trying something. You didn't know you really liked women till you tried it you just knew you were supposed to. So in most guys' minds they know that if you don't its wrong."

"I do have a hang up about it. I mean if you see a gay person on the street they are usually weird. Wearing the wildest clothes or dressed like a woman. That's what I think about when I think of gay people. That's why it seems weird to know you Scott, Brent, Doug and Sam are all gay. You act like normal people."

"Wayne there are more normal acting gays out there believe me. Some shove it straight people's faces by acting sissified. Some of it's an act just to let you know we are there and not going away."

"I guess that's why everyone thinks gay people are like that, but you act normal. I catch myself looking for signs that are not macho sometimes. Like cooking and cleaning but that doesn't mean anything really. I guess that's why I thought you were the girl of the two of you."

"We better get back to the house in case there is some news from Scott. You can clean the fish and stuff and I will get started cooking supper."

Wayne stayed out side and Brad brought him a pan of water so he could clean the fish and turtle. When Brad went inside he heard the CB going off. It was Scott's voice. Brad screamed thank God and ran over to the CB and picked up the mic. He returned Scotts hello.

Both of them got excited getting to hear each other voice's. The conversation went through how much they missed each other and their love for one another. Brad could tell Scott's speech pattern had not changed much in the couple of days. It seemed he had a harder time getting his words out today. Brad thought it might be because he had gotten worn out traveling. Brad wished he was using a phone because that way he could talk dirty to him.

Wayne stuck his head in the cabin and asked Brad to bring him some more water. Brad told him he would and asked Scott to hang on he would be back. Wayne did not know Brad was talking to Scott and told him go ahead he would get it himself. Wayne listened to Brad telling him how much he missed him. As he was going out the door he heard Scott telling Brad he should not be missing him his evil twin was there with him.

Wayne heard Scotts reply and shouted over his shoulder for Scott to kiss his ass the evil one is their at his Moms'

Brad relayed the message to Scott and a laugh could be heard for Scott.

When Wayne brought the fish and turtle inside Brad was still talking to Scott on the CB. He warned Brad not to say anything he did not want others to hear because they could be listening in.

Brad told him they probably already got their ears full then because they had been whispering sweet nothings to each other for a while.

Wayne said "well he bet that made people change the channel quick."

Brad could tell Scott's voice was getting weaker all the time so he let him know he had to fix supper. Even though he saw that Wayne had started it after he put the fish and turtle away. He told him he loved him and would talk later.

Brad seemed in a great mood that night as they sat down and ate. Wayne could see him have a slight glow about him. He wished he could find a woman that made him as happy as Brad. At this point though, even a good man like Brad was starting to look better. Then the thought of Brads little pink pucker popped into Wayne's head and he could feel himself start to rise.

While they ate Wayne could not get the thoughts about Brad out of his head. Wayne kept looking at Brad thinking about Brad's tight little ass ring pulsing. Wayne was still hard after supper was done and could not stand up to help clear the table. Brad just thought Wayne had eaten too much.

When Brad was through cleaning the dishes up he went over to the CB and tried to see if Scott was feeling better. It took a couple of times Asking if Scott was around before he heard the reply. It was so nice to hear Scott's voice. It was about an hour later when he could tell Scott was getting weak again. They had told each other how much they missed the other so many times you could see in Wayne's face he was having a hard time stomaching it.

Wayne had never really been in love. He would see a girl for a while as long as she did not pressure him for marriage. It was always the same though. Once they had started seeing each other for a few weeks the talk would turn to marriage. He loved the sex with most of them but Wayne always found something about them he knew he could not stand. The longest relationship he had ever had was two years. She had been a very attractive girl but there were a couple of things he could not stand about her. She would not keep a place clean nor did she know how to cook.

Wayne found the older a girl got without ever being married the more desperate she got to get married. This had been a problem he had run into in the last few years. His only other choices had been girls that had been married and had children that her and her ex would fight over all the time. Wayne did not like the confrontation all the time that came with this. Or the ones that did not think they could live without a man and were more desperate to get married than the single girls.

Wayne's only other choice had been married women and they came with an even bigger price. So he had not ever found the woman he wanted. He had always compared them to his Mom and they came up short.

It was getting late and Wayne told Brad he was heading to bed. Brad finished tidying up the place then was in bed to. Both guy's were horny that night and had a hard time going to sleep.