Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. If you are offended by descriptions of homosexual acts or man/man relations, please exit this page.

Brads bad dream

Scott came in as I was putting the plates on the table. It will be about ten more minutes before it will be ready.

Ok I will just get washed up then.

Scott walked over to the pump primed it and filled the tub with water to clean up a little.

It felt kind of funny hearing the echo bouncing off the roof we put on today. I hoped that when the shingles were on it would be a little better. For my part finished outside walls would be better but Scott insisted we make the trusses and get the plywood put on today. He said at least we could get out of the beating sun and rain with a roof. I guess he is right but there are mountain lions in the area and walls would make me feel a lot better.

I put supper on the table and we sat down to eat. Scott seemed different tonight more distant. He answered questions with short quick answers and also he would hardly even look at me. My mind raced back to today at the creek and how he had caught me looking at his dick and body several times. That had to be it he was disgusted with me, knowing that I am gay.

After I cleaned up from supper I headed to bed. We had moved the cots under the roof area of the cabin in what would be our bedrooms when we finished them. They would be small rooms but we did not need a lot of space for sleeping. They were just so we would have some privacy for ourselves. They would be the only walls in the cabin. The rest of the place was an open room so we would not feel like we were trapped in a cracker box. The nights were still cool so we still slept in our clothes with a blanket to pull up over us when the temperature would drop more in the night. I was having trouble falling to sleep after seeing Scott today as it kept playing over and over in my mind. I went to my suitcase and pulled out Chris's shirt and stuck it to my nose. The scent was fading but still there some. I took it over to the bed with me and put it on my pillow so I could smell the scent of the man I loved. This helped to relax me some but also made me long to hold Chris. I needed him to help me through the night and support me in the days to come. Even if he was only in my mind I could close my eyes and hear his say I love you. I dozed off after a while as thoughts of Chris started entering my head.

Scott had been waiting in the other part of the cabin for Brad to fall asleep. He was not in a good mood everything was coming back to haunt him running through his thoughts with lightning speed. It came back to why he had run away. He believed in god and has always been taught it was wrong. Man should not lay with man or lust after another, it was wrong. So why was god tempting him, he came out here to get away from the temptations. He could not even relive himself with out thinking about Brad now. It was getting to him but he gave his word that he would Stay out here for a year helping Brad to appreciate the land. He was also afraid Brad would find out about how he felt and if he knew what was going through his head he would run as fast as he could.

Scott stood up and walked away from the cabin to help clear his head. He thought a walk would do him some good as the air had cooled down some. He walked past the goats and horses to where the trail got a little steeper going down more into the valley. He had always loved this place because it was alive unlike the flat plains up above. There were some trees here and not just the scrub that you see. It was green and alive like a separate little world. I could only imagine that the earth had opened up or a meteor had formed this oasis thousands of years ago. The animals around the area knew this was the only place to provide water year around except for the pumping stations for the cattle. This place was special in that we had never run cattle on it. I was told we would never fence it off to graze but not why. It was only a few miles from where I have lived for the past few years and I had been here a few times. There were signs that years ago the plains Indians had used this spot as a home base. They had taken care of the land and helped it to be what it was today.

I wished I had a wife to share this with but had never met a girl that I wanted to be married to. I want children and a home but never felt anything for the women I knew. I made up my mind right then after this year was over I would go out and look for a woman. That I could share my love with and have children, so we could make a home. I could not let what happened today mess this up. I will be straight not letting the perverted thoughts of men cross my mind again.

I headed back the way I had come knowing I had a lot to do in the morning and needed to get some rest. The moon was out and it was a bright star lit night so I did not have any problems seeing where I was going. I walked up to the horses and petted them; they always wanted some attention. The shed where I had relieved myself came into site and I hung my head in shame as I passed by it. If Brad had caught me I don't know what I would have done. I would have had to leave in shame knowing how he would have been disgusted to have been around me. I had fought the feelings all my life of being attracted to men and was hoping some day a woman would come along and make them stop.

I made it home and quietly went to the cot I had set up in the area that was to be my bedroom. I looked over at Brad sleeping and silently mouthed the words forgive me for the thoughts I had about you. I removed my boots and climbed in my cot to go to sleep. As the silence grew I could hear Brad toss and turn some. He was not resting well and I had an idea as to what had caused it and did not blame him if he was mad at me. It took a while before I finally dozed off but it did come.

Brad was looking into Chris's eyes telling him how much I loved him. With the smile that made me feel so loved looking back at me I felt peace. He loved me as much as I loved him. There could never be another in my life. All I had to do was look at him and I would feel my hart pumping faster. This was the man I loved and wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He bent forward and placed his lips against mine. The feeling was unnatural this time; his lips were a little rougher. He was consuming me with his mouth like an animal. Nipping my lips with his teeth and forcing his tongue in my mouth. He had never been this way he was a passive lover and I always took charge. Something was different this time and I was going to let him have his way. It was exciting to see what he was going to do. I could feel myself being pushed back down as I began to try rise up, he was forcing me to lay back.

I felt him lock his fingers with mine and place them above my head holding my hands so I could not touch him. He moved his lips to my neck kissing me so gentle it was sending goose bumps all over my body. I felt him make it to my ear and nibble my earlobe this was making me feel helpless. His beard was scratching my cheek in a good way and I was getting so turned on that I tried to break my hands free so I could touch him back. He was having no part of this and he removed my belt with his free hand and bound my wrist above my head then tied the end to the headboard so I could not get loose. I had never been tied down before so the little bit of helplessness I felt was fear and excitement mixed together. His mouth returned to my neck bringing back the goose bumps as he moved his hands to my nipples. His hands felt rougher and this also helped cause a heighten sensation in my nipples as he pinch them. I kept my eyes closed afraid to open them for fear he would stop.

He started working his way down my chest with his lips first nipping one nipple then the other. Now I knew how he felt when I did this to him. He bit me a little hard and I looked at him to tell him not so hard when it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was not Chris but Scott that was making love to me. I shouted for him to stop I do not want this please stop. He looked up at me with a grin that told me there was no way he would. I started to protest more when he covered my mouth with his again. I shook my head side to side to get away from him but with every turn his mouth kept mine covered. I could not win he was bigger and stronger than I was. I tried to free my hands but could not the belt would not budge. I planted my feet on the bed and shoved up trying to get him off of me. He looked at me and just smiled I was having no effect trying to dislodge him from me. I was running out of energy trying to get loose he was to strong.

He reached to the side of the bed and pulled out a couple of pieces of rope. Sliding down he grabbed a leg and tied it to the foot of the bed. I kicked at him telling him to let me go but he would just grin at me never saying a word. He grabbed my other leg and tied the rope around my other ankle but did not tie it to the foot board yet. Reaching up he undid my paints pulling them down. This caused me to not be able to use the leg that was free in fighting him off. I worked on getting the free leg loose from my pants so I could fend him off again. I was successful in getting it free but he just grabbed the rope attached to my leg and tied it to the footboard. I was stupid for thinking I could get free he had planned for this to happen. He untied the other leg and finished pulling my jeans off then retying it. Now all I had on was my jockeys and shirt that was unbuttoned already. I looked Scott in the face and pleaded with him not to do this.

Brad you're a faggot and I am going to treat you to my cock that you have wanted all day. I will show you how much you want this cock making you worship it.

Scott I know I am gay but I have a lover all ready and do not want to be with anyone else.

Come on slut you know you want this cock up your tight ass.

Scott please... I don't do that. I have never had anything up my ass before.

Lying little faggot I bet you have had more cock up that ass than any slut I know. You will enjoy this gay boy.

Scott started removing his cloths and I could not help but look he was smiling as he removed all but his jockeys. I could see the outline of his hard cock in the white material. The out line of his chest covered in dark hair that ran all the way to his underwear. His nipples protruded from the hair on his chest all pink and hard dimes sized. He was beginning to precum from the spot that I could see in the front of his jockeys. He walked over and ripped the shirt off of me saying you will not need this. He straddled my chest setting down and this made it hard for me to breath. He lifted my head by the hair of my head and slipped my shirt around my neck and told me not to bite or he would choke me with my own shirt. He then leaned up while he pulled my head up and ground his cock in my face. I could feel the heat coming from the hardness of his cock as he rubbed it on me. I felt the wet precum moistening my lips as it rubbed past then as I inhaled his scent was so masculine. Pure sex radiated from his jockeys and was starting to get to me. I could feel myself wanting to react to him. I struggled trying to get away from him then I felt the shirt tighten around my neck cutting of my wind.

Scott look me in the eye ok fag boy is this what you want or are you going to cooperate.

I was getting to the point of passing out and shook my head. I felt it loosen around my neck and the air came burning back into my lungs. I made gasping sounds as I tried to catch my breath but with him setting on my chest again it was hard to do. He got back to his knees pulling my head back up with him.

Lick my cock boy

I tried to avoid it but a quick yank on my hair told me I better do it. I stuck out my tongue and licked his covered cock like it was candy. When my tongue touched the spot where the precum was I could feel myself licking harder. The spot started growing as he ground his cock in my face he was leaking a steady stream of precum. I tried to grab hold of his jockeys with my teeth so I could better taste him. I felt myself starting to get hard and realized what are you doing fight it he is raping you I told myself. He was putting off a scent that was driving me crazy I knew this scent but could not place it. It was familiar to me and exciting at the same time. I closed my eyes trying to figure out what was happening to me. Then I felt a hand grab the waistband of my jockeys and pull ripping them off. I opened my eyes and a cock was touching my lips. This cock was familiar I had seen it many times I opened my mouth to take it in. It fit like it belonged this was the cock I loved. I took it down till my nose was being tickled by pubic hair and balls were resting on my chin. I wanted this as his hand gently holding my head caressed my cheek. Now it was helping me to bob my head up and down. I went down again till balls were touching my chin and started humming I felt it expand in my throat and throb. I pulled back being rewarded by a sweet as honey tasting precum that was flowing at an amazing pace. Never before had I ever had precum oozing out like this and I could not get enough of it. I was going at his cock like a mad man trying to milk every drop out of him. I wanted nothing more than to please him. I started sucking harder grinding my face into him I wanted it all. Then I realized my hands were free and reached for his balls pulling lightly so as to keep him from coming yet. I wanted to make this the best blowjob he ever had as my lover. I felt the hair of his stomach rubbing against my face as his hips started thrusting his cock faster and faster down my throat.

I reached up to grab his firm hairy pecks and pinch his nipples Chris was groaning so loud he was going to cum soon and I knew it we had done this a thousand times before. I could not get over the sensation of his hairy chest and how it made my skin feel alive as it rubbed against me. This was it I know any second he would blow his load when his hips pulled back and his cock slipped from my mouth. Wait I wanted it. I had been working on getting that load for a while. I felt him shifting around till he lay on top of me grinding our bodies together and I could not get over all the hair he had now Chris was slick but now he seemed to be covered in hair. I ran my fingers over his chest and marveled at how much bigger it was to. The sensations were driving me crazy and I started grinding my cock into him. Chris was grinding back into me keeping time with my movements. Why had we never done this before, it was animalistic the way we were grinding into each other. His hand found my nipple and he started tweaking it as we ground into each other. I could feel the precum making us glide together easier along with the sweat we were producing. Chris shifted a little and our balls started to make contact also. The hair Chris seemed to have now was tickling my balls sending new sensations to my brain.

Chris moved down and engulfed my cock in one swift motion; a deep groan escaped my lips. I could not help myself as I felt my ball drawing up the ending was in site. A couple more minutes and I was going to loose every thing I had pent up inside me. A hand started tugging on my balls while a wet finger was trying to enter my tight ass. He was deep throating me like a jackhammer and I could not resist. He started pushing his finger in and I felt my ring resisting the intrusion. Why was he doing this? He never has attempted to do this before but I wanted it. Never have I had anything enter me before but always wanted to know what it felt like. I pushed out trying to help the finger enter and when it did I felt very little pain. The finger was working in and out of me and was bumping something inside that was sending little sparks up my spine. I mouthed the words harder and the sucking and finger action increased. I could feel my balls drawing up with the pressure increasing. One, two, three, and I was cumming I could feel my ass clamping down on Chris's finger and then every time it clamped down I could feel the cum flying out of my cock into his hot mouth. I was getting very sensitive but could not stop thrusting my cock in his mouth. I wanted it to go on forever not stopping. I looked down at the top of Chris's head running my finger through his hair. I was lost to the feeling of bliss.

Chris come up here and let me hold you and kiss you.

Chris's head rose up but it was not him looking at me it was Scott.

See fag boy you are a slut. You would let anyone do anything they wanted to.

I started screaming stop. Go away. You can't touch me like that. I was trying to get away from Scott. But when I moved he was always there.

He looked me in the face and grinned. Come on my little fag boy I am going to fuck that ass real good for you. Make you my little pussy boy. He grabbed me by the shoulders and started shaking me harder and harder...

Brad wake up you are having a bad Dream

As my eyes opened there was Scott. With his hands on my shoulders I started fighting back. Swinging my fist for all they were worth. I felt my fist connect with his face and he stepped back.

Leave me alone I don't want you touching me. I love Chris and what you have done was wrong.

Scott stepped back more and turned to leave.

Authors note: Ok now it has been three parts to the story and I think I am ready for your comments or suggestions. Remember this is my first attempt at writing and I know there are some mistakes in spelling and the grammar is not the best. As a gay male thought writing a story would be easy and it is in a way. The hard part is the sex scenes would you believe that. Oh I have had great sex and still do but putting it into words is a little harder than I thought. I have a few more ideas as to where the story will go but would like to hear some suggestions from some of the readers. Don't ask for more sex because the time is not right yet. I will be getting on a few toes in the next part so I do apologize for it now. It is just where I think one of the characters needs to go to give you a better picture. So if you feel like writing me you can at ment10@yahoo.com