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The Inheritance part 30

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Words Of wisdom from the past

The next morning they were awaken by a voice on the CB. It was Scott checking to see if they were awake yet. Brad jumped out of the bed and ran to the CB stubbing his toe along the way. Wayne rolled back over and thought here it goes again. The conversation did not last long because Scott had to go to see a speech therapist that morning. When they finished talking Brad stood up to go relieve him self for the morning. When he came back in he met Wayne on the way out the door.

They had a nice breakfast with out the conversation turning to Scott all the time. When the finished cleaning up the dishes. Wayne went out to take care of the animals. While Wayne took care of the animals Brad grabbed a shovel and went out to turn the dirt over where they seemed to relieve themselves every morning. This seemed to help the smell some but Brad decided he needed to pour some water over it and let it soak down in the ground more.

When Wayne came to the house the puppy was in tow. He sat on the porch and waited for his bowl to be brought out. He had been a good puppy so far but Wayne was working on trying to get him to stop chewing on everything. He was going to have his Mom bring out a couple of chew toys for him. That way he would have something to chew on and would not get into trouble for it. When the pup was taken care of and had a little time to play he was taken back out to the area he was to stay in.

Brad liked the pup but had not had much in mind as far as training. That would have to be Wayne's department. Brad had never trained a dog before. He had always bought one that had been trained.

Wayne wanted to know how Brad's hands were this morning. Brad looked at Wayne and responded ok he guessed. Wayne then threw him some gloves and told him they were going to cut some wood then. Brad put the gloves on and headed out to where they had pulled the trees to. Wayne grabbed one end of the saw and told Brad to grab the other.

Wayne explained that when he pulled on the saw to lightly push but let him do most of the work. Then he was to pull and let him lightly push. Wayne told brad to get ready and he pulled the first pull Brad pushed a little too hard and he told him. Brad pulled on his end of the saw then started to push back. Wayne told him when he meant push it was to basically keep the saw blade straight. Brad then understood what Wayne meant and the saw blade started moving in a fluid movement.

Wayne and Brad worked out a rhythm as the sweat started running down his face. Brad would wipe his face when it was Wayne's time to pull It took a little time but they had most of the first tree cut into lengths ready to split. By the time he needed to start lunch Brad was worn out. Wayne told him he would start splitting the wood while Brad fixed lunch. Brad was glad for the break.

Brad could here when the axe hit the wood with a thud. He did not understand why Wayne pushed him self so hard. Brad could feel his muscles were already tight and he would be sore later. He bet Wayne would be real sore.

Brad fixed lunch real fast. He did not want Wayne to be out there working real hard when he was inside fixing lunch. He let Wayne know right before he sat everything on the table. Brad had fixed some leftovers for lunch. They rested for about an hour after lunch then went back to work. They finished cutting the tree up when Wayne told Brad to go put some supper on to cook. Brad got everything started and came out to stack the wood Wayne had split.

Brad was running inside to check on the food some then came back out and stack some wood. They kept this going till supper was ready. When they sat down the CB went off. It was Scott telling them how his doctor visit went. He told Brad he had to go everyday for the first two weeks then he would let them know how often he needed to return. Scott told him he needed to go then because May had supper waiting. Brad said good bye and came back to the table. Wayne had almost finished supper when Brad sat back down.

For some reason Wayne felt a little pang of jealousy that Brad was dropping everything and running to the CB every time Scott called. He could not understand why but Wayne could not help it either. Wayne had gotten close to Brad in the four weeks they had been together. Now it was like someone was trying to take his playmate away from him.

Wayne decided he would take a shower before bed time. Brad was washing the dishes so he pulled out the tub to wash off. Brad told him to save some for him to as Wayne was taking his clothes off. Wayne stood in the tub and let the water flow over him getting wet before turning it off. He lathered him self real good across his chest then started to wash his cock and balls. Brad finished the dishes and turned to see that it looked as if Wayne was stroking his cock. He was half hard and slowly pulling his hand back to slide the length of his cock.

Brad could not help but stare. He had not had any in a while and was getting turned on by watching. Wayne's body was so much like Scotts. They both had six pack abs covered with a thick coat of hair. Wayne's seemed to have a little curl that Scotts didn't but still the black hair on their tan bodies were hot. Brads cock was rock hard and he was not trying to hide it.

Wayne turned and looked at Brad and a couple of strokes later he started firing huge loads of spunk across the floor. Brads eyes were following each load as it flew out to hit the floor. The scene was so hot that Brad could feel his own cock pulse in his pants. He wanted to run over to Wayne and kiss him. When Wayne's last load shot and his knees got weak he sank to the bottom of the tub.

Brad felt bad that he had not let Wayne have some time alone. He could not help but to watch Wayne. Emotions were running deep at this point as Brad could not turn away from the vision before him. Wayne was looking Brad in the eye. His eyes told Brad that his desires were not satiated yet. To satisfy Wayne's hunger he wanted to go to the point of overindulgence. His sex drive was in overdrive tonight.

Brad broke the eye contact and stepped out onto the porch. He then heard the water flowing again. Brad decided to give Wayne the time he needed to take care of his needs. When the water stopped he stepped off the porch and walked out to the pens to check on the horses. Brad tried to get the mental picture out of his head but seeing Wayne like he did Brad could not. In Brads mind it was Scott shooting his load across the room and he should have been there for him.

Brad had been gone for about a half hour when he went back into the cabin. Wayne was lying down on the bed naked when he walked in. Again the fleeting thought was that Scott was lying on the bed. Brad walked over to the tub and started to shove it back against the wall. Then he got a whiff of himself and thought better of it. He decided he needed a shower to.

Brad stripped of and climbed into the tub. He had never been one to be self conscious but tonight he was. He felt like Wayne was watching him the whole time. When Brad glanced around he saw that Wayne was still lying on his back starring up at the ceiling. Brad finished his shower and dried off. When he walked over to the bed Wayne looked at him.

"Brad I want to tell you I am sorry. I should not have done that in front of you."

"Wayne there is nothing to be sorry about. You had your needs and you took care of them. I should be the one to apologize for not letting you have your space."

"Brad I did not want you to leave."

"You... what?"

"I don't know why but I did that on purpose. If you had been close I would have grabbed you and pulled you in with me. I felt like a different person. I wanted you and it was you that caused me to blow my load. Your eyes it's like you wanted me to."

"I did want you but to me you were Scott."

"Don't take this wrong Brad but the other day when you were cleaning up I saw your ass. It was almost more than I could take."

"My... ass?"

"Yes... You don't really understand how bad I have always wanted to make love to a woman's ass. It is like I am obsessed with it Brad. You bent over and I saw your pink pucker and I almost lost it."

"Well Wayne I can kind of understand that. I love a good ass to."

"Yeah but you at least know what its like to make love to one."

"Wayne your day is coming and you will find someone to fulfill your fantasy."

"Yeah well I feel sorry for the first one. It's going to take a while to get my lips off of it."

Brad felt the urgent need to get some jockeys on. When he thought about Scott's first time he ate his ass Brads cock started getting hard. Brad then excused him self and went to finish getting something on. It did not even matter that his cock was hard he just needed something to cover him self with. Brad then told Wayne "I need to put something on. Your talk has gotten me horny and I do not want to make you uncomfortable."

"It's not bothering me to see you with a hard cock Brad. Just don't bend over and show me you hot hole ha ha. Brad may I tell you something without it being taken wrong?"

"Sure you can tell me anything. I have always told you that you could ask anything to."

"The other day when Sam was here he kind of hinted he would like to get together. It was right before he left that day. I felt almost like saying yes but then I felt afraid. We had a good time when we wrestled and it even turned me on some. I just don't know if I could go through with it."

"What are you trying to say Wayne? You have a crush on Sam."

"Brad I don't know what it is. If it's a crush, the hot's, fear or what, but I wanted something. I was drawn to him in a way like you but I don't think anything could ever happen. I mean I could get worked up enough to fuck him and he could suck me but I don't think I could do anything more than rim him. I hate to sound this way because it sounds selfish of me. I like him really but not in the way you should."

"It sounds like to me Wayne the two of you need to get to know each other better."

"Brad I don't think I should. He is your friend and it more than likely would never have anything come of it. I just can't see myself with a man."

"That's your call Wayne but I think you would be surprised."

"Brad I don't want to be a user. Sam seemed like a great guy but on my part it would be very selfish. I would only be using him for sex without ever reciprocating. That would not be fair to him or me in the long run."

"That's very true Wayne and a lot of men don't think anything about it. Come over drop pants get a nut and leave. It makes a fellow feel worthless like all he is good for is to get you off. But Wayne there is a lot of different types of relationships in gay couples."

"What do you mean?

"Some relationships are only oral and some total top or bottom and there are even more differences than that I am sure."

"Well I am afraid I would want something more towards the normal man woman or as you say fifty fifty."

"You might be happy then with Sam. He would at this point be willing to take on any roll his partner would want him to. He is very new to man to man relationships and very willing to be in one. Not to say he has never been with a woman. He had plenty of them in collage. He just found out than male sex was better and what he really wanted deep down."

"I am sorry Brad but I just can't see me in a gay relationship."

Brad told Wayne to scoot on over so he could get under the covers then. He needed to get some sleep. "I am not one to push Wayne but I would like you to just think about it." It was not long till the conversation stopped and the two of them went to sleep.

Wayne's dreams that night kept going back to where he found himself wrestling with Sam. The two of them had gotten so sweaty that Wayne was having a hard time holding on. Sam had Wayne pinned down telling him I will do anything you want. Wayne struggled to get loose but could not wiggle out of Sam's hold he had on him. The next thing Wayne knew Sam started kissing him. Wayne shook his head back and forth to keep Sam from making contact. It was making Wayne mad that Sam was able to hold him down so easy. He tried to yell for Sam to stop kissing him but every time Sam covered his mouth with his.

As they wrestled Wayne saw that the floor fell away at the edge of the mat. When Wayne tried to get away from Sam he came close to the edge. Wayne peered over the edge and saw there was nothing past the mat. It was a black void and it looked to be bottomless. The more Wayne struggle the closer to the edge he came. His head was already hanging off into the void and all the sounds he made seemed to be sucked into nothingness. His screams were like whispers.

For the first time Wayne figure out the more he struggled the closer he was to falling into the black pit. Wayne stopped movement but Sam still held him tightly. Wayne tried to access the situation. He slowed his breathing and then tried to figure out how to get back on solid ground. He new struggling with Sam only made everything worse. Wayne raised his head and looked at Sam and asked him to help him.

Sam replied back he was trying to help him but he was not willing to let it happen. He had to trust him if he was to help. Wayne then begged him to help pull him away from the edge. Wayne then felt Sam's hands slide over his shoulders and start down his chest. When Sam's fingers stopped at Wayne's nipples Wayne tried to move his arms but he could not for some reason. Sam's fingers closed around Wayne's nipples. He felt little shock's run through his body.

The words I will do anything you want came to his ears again. Wayne struggled to move his hands so he could remove Sam's fingers from his nipples. This caused Wayne to slip a little more over the edge of the mat. Wayne screamed again but once again it came out only as a whisper. He felt him self slip over the edge more every time he struggled.

Wayne felt Sam's hands run down his stomach and rest on his six pack abs. His fingers traced lightly around his belly button. Wayne then felt Sam's fingers slowly lift the band of his Jockeys and pull them down. Wayne was yelling what are you doing. Sam's soft reply was I am setting you free to be who you want to be. Those words were bouncing around in his head. Be who I want to be. What was Sam talking about?

Brad tried to set up but slipped over the edge more into the pitch Black gloom. He was teetering on the edge of falling off the mat into the darkness below. Wayne's mind was screaming for help. He did not want to fall. He did not want to find out what was in the darkness below.

If it had not been for the weight of Sam's arms resting on Brads thighs he would have slipped over the edge. Wayne knew he could not afford to struggle anymore but what was he going to do?

Once again the words I will do anything you want came to Wayne's mind. What was meant by those words? Wayne felt Sam's hand wrap around his cock and he jumped ever so slightly. His hand felt strong but callused from all the work he had been doing. Wayne felt his cock start to grow. He wanted to yell for him to stop but was afraid if he did he would fall more.

Sam was working his hand up and down Wayne's shaft. The fear Wayne was having was mixed with the feelings his cock was receiving. He could feel his body begin to shake and tremble. The emotions were building inside him like he had never felt before. Wayne did not no whether to relax and enjoy this or to try to push Sam away and fall into the darkness.

Wayne's body was betraying him and reacting to Sam. He tried pushing away the thoughts of pleasure he was receiving and think of a way to get back on the mat. Then he heard Sam ask if he trusted him or not. Wayne could not respond. Again the words rang in his head. Do you trust me? Wayne wondered if he said yes what would happen. Wayne told Sam he did and he felt a mouth engulf his cock. He shuttered again but did not slip any more. Sam's warm mouth felt great and Wayne's body tensed under the feeling.

Wayne was having problems concentrating because his mind was struggling with falling over the edge and the good feelings Sam's mouth was providing. Wayne felt Sam's throat contract around his cock and his body responded with a shudder. Again he felt Sam's throat contract and again his body shuddered. Wayne's mind thought about how great this felt when he noticed he was not hanging over the edge as much as he was. He moved his hands to run them through Sam's hair and did not slip but this movement scooted him even more onto the mat.

Wayne was feeling like he was going to cum any second. He could feel his balls drawing up. A moan escaped his lips as he felt himself getting close Wayne felt all warn happy inside. Then the mouth came off his cock and Wayne wanted to scream no don't stop. Sam's face appeared before Wayne's and he told him do not go towards the dark Wayne there's more out there if you just open your eyes.

Wayne woke with a feeling he was falling. His body covered in sweat. Wayne looked around to get his bearings as to where he was. He shook as goose bumps came up on his arms. Then he remembered the dream. What was that about? Wayne got out of bed and stepped onto the porch. He relieved himself and looked up into the sky. He saw a shooting star fly across the sky and before he thought he made a wish. It was the same one he had always made. Let me find someone to love and love me back the same.

The next thought was of Sam and Brad's words came back. "You might be happy with Sam. He just found out male sex was better and what he really wanted deep down inside. Was that what that dream was about. No it could not be about that. Wayne started back inside and crawled back in bed. Wayne kept replaying the dream over and over in his head. Wayne did not understand but there had to be some kind of meaning to it all.

Wayne did not realize when he had fallen asleep but Brad was waking him up. Breakfast was ready and on the table. Wayne threw his legs over the side of the bed placing them on the floor and stood up to stretch. Walking over to the door to relieve him self Wayne started to scratch his ass. He realized he did not have any jockeys on that they had gone to bed without any. Wayne changed directions and headed to the dresser to get a clean pair to put on. He had slept nude for years but now that he was in a bed with another man he had to wear some.

Brad laughed at Wayne as he was trying to put some on. He lost his balance a couple of times before he managed to get them on. Brad asked if he had slept better last night that he knew he had. Wayne thought about it and told Brad he guessed he had. He felt real good this morning. Brad laughed and told him it was because he slept in the nude. Wayne looked at him and told him he guessed that was right.

Brad was setting down when Wayne came in to was his hands before he ate. Wayne said a prayer then they dove in and ate. When they were finished the CB went off with Scott asking for Brad. Wayne stood up and started clearing the table while Brad talked to Scott. They went through their morning pleasantries when Scott asked him how he slept. Brad told him he slept with a naked man last night.

(BANG) Brad looked up and saw Wayne had dropped the skillet. Wayne was looking directly at Brad. Then Scott's voice came back and said "I at least hope he looked a lot like me." Brads reply was "well right now he's kind of pale but when his color comes back he does." Scott then asked If Wayne could talk to him.

Wayne walked over to the mic and meekly said "Hi"

"Wayne don't let him give you a hard time. He's just horny and needs a good ass fucking. You may have to do that for me to if I don't get back soon."

Wayne shot back "I have been praying for you every day."

Scott could hear the shakiness in Wayne's voice. "Well you can sleep naked with him all you want but remember he's mine when I get back"

Brad Grabbed the Mic "Well I might not want you back. Wayne treats me better and he has a bigger cock."

"Well I hope you have taught him how to use it well. I might just have to see that one for myself."

Wayne walked back over to the sink when he heard Brad say "Boy does he know how to use it. I can't even walk anymore."

If Wayne could have melted through the floor right then would have been a good time to do it. He had a flutter of fear and excitement run through him all at the same time. He just hoped Scott was not taking Brad seriously. He would hate to get into a fight with Scott. Wayne did not know who would when that one.

Wayne put the last dish in the drain and headed out to take care of the animals. On his way by the garden he saw that the things Brad had planted were coming up. A new crop of food would be nice and handy. Wayne feed the animals and played with the pup some then headed back to the cabin.

When he stepped up on the porch the door opened and Brad stepped out. He told Wayne his Mom was on the CB and wanted to talk to him.

Wayne went on inside and talked to his Mom for a while. She asked if Brad was still around and when he told her no she said "good". She told him she had a surprise for Brad and she needed his help with it. Wayne listened and replied yes to the things he was to do. She let him know all the details and when it would be so he needed to get things ready.

When they were finished talking she told him Scott wanted to talk to him. Wayne really did not want to talk to Scott at this time. He knew he was going to be chewed out and he knew he had it coming. Scott then got on the mic and asked how he was doing.

Wayne thought he was asking only because his Mom was still in the room. He went along with it for a few and then asked if his Mom was still around. Scott told him she had gone right after talking to him. Wayne then asked when he was going to let him have it. Scott asked what he meant. He told him he knew he was pissed about what happened this morning.

Scott started laughing then and told him no... he was not pissed. He told him that they had not committed to each other yet. He will ask him to later but they had not as of yet. He then explained how if Brad was going to mess around he would rather have him or Sam to be the one he messed around with. He then told Wayne about how he and Brad had a three way with Sam and how Brad told him he needed to see what was out there rather than make the choice and not be happy with it. He has also taught me that love and trust are different things. Scott went on and on about how Brad had shown him so much. He knew Brad was human and had needs and the he was human and had needs. If they took care of each others needs it was ok by him. He explained that he had already talked to Brad and if he needed to have sex he had his permission to go for it.

When did you tell him this Wayne wanted to know? I told him that when I was in the Hospital. He has been free to have you or Sam ever since then.

Wayne told him he had never made a play for him. Then he told him about the other night when he was taking a shower and what he had done to Brad.

Scott laughed and said If I had been him I would have walked over and done something. I guess that goes to show you he does not try to take advantage of men.

Wayne agreed. He then asked Scott about how he knew he was gay. The conversation got deep then. Scott telling Wayne everything he felt and Wayne was telling him everything. They talked for over and hour and Wayne felt better after the talk. Scott kept trying to get Wayne to promise him to talk to Brad about his feelings but never got the commitment.

Wayne finally told Scott he needed to go help Brad out some and said their goodbyes. As Wayne headed out side he felt like a weight had been lifted but in other ways some had been added.

Brad had been in the garden weeding there was not that much to pick now. Most everything was coming to the end of its cycle. Brad cut down the rest of the late corn and had the stalks ready to thro to the horses. He found a few corncob stubs that he shelled the corn off of to save for seed. He only had a few tomatoes and squash and peppers left. The new seed was coming up at least and he needed to get some fertilizer mixed up soon for them. What he had left was to strong so he added a bunch of water to it and fed the new plants coming up. When he was almost done he saw Wayne walking towards him.

Brad stopped what he was doing and asked Wayne how his Mom was doing. He told Brad she was doing great. She had been busy but it was a nice break from being on her feet all day. Brad told Wayne how happy he was, knowing his Mom was taking care of Scott.

Wayne told him he and Scott had a long talk to. He then asked Brad why he had not told him that Scott told him he could have sex with him.

Brad told Wayne he would never have asked him because he knew he was straight. Wayne then wanted to know why he was trying to set him up with Sam if he thought he was straight. Brad put his head down not wanting to look at Wayne. Wayne asked again. Brad finally looked up. In a lower voice Wayne had to strain to hear Brad said "because I would be making love to you as if you were Scott. I would have a hard time separating the love I have for Scott and you."

"Brad that's all I wanted to know. I know I am a little better looking than he is so that could not be the reason." Wayne started poking Brad in the ribs.

"Better looking of now but how would it look in you got your ass whooped by a gay boy."

Wayne grabbed Brad in a headlock not applying much pressure. "Well now I guess I can tell Scott honestly I got a little head from you."

"Well that the only head you will get from me."

Both guys started laughing then. When the fun died down Wayne grabbed an arm load of the corn stalks and headed to the horses. Brad picked up the rest and headed on over with them. Wayne threw his over the fence and the horses came running. They enjoyed the fresh corn leaves and even part of the smaller stalk. Wayne had brad put his in the shade and he would give them to the horses the first thing in the morning.

Wayne told Brad he planned on killing a couple of chickens the next day. He wanted to kill the youngest ones for fried chicken and maybe an older one while they were at it for another pot of chicken and dumplings.

Brad dreaded the smell that he knew was coming. He wondered if he had to even be in the cabin that day. The last time Scott killed one he almost threw up. Never did he ever imagine that chicken could smell that bad.

Wayne and Brad headed in and grabbed a bite to eat. The meal was quick and then they headed back out to cut some wood. Brad was ready today, he had his gloves on. The work caused the day to pass by quick with the banter between the boys making it an enjoyable day.

By the time Brad had to go in to start supper they had cut both big trees into wood ready to split. Wayne stayed outside and started splitting wood. He was glad the trees he had chosen were splitting easy. He had some in the past that a man could work himself to death trying to split. The double sided axe was sharp but he knew he needed a sledge and a couple of wedges if he ran into hard wood to split.

Brad had left the door open because the cabin was warm. He could here the chop, chop of the axe as Wayne was splitting the wood. He was thankful they had electricity and did not have to cook with wood like his Grandfather did. He did not know if he could stay in the cabin while it was as hot as today was. There was a nice breeze blowing today up the valley and brad wished they had more windows to open.

Wayne came in a few minutes before supper was ready to rest a little before he ate. He had gotten a little hot and taken his shirt off while splitting the wood. The hair on his chest was matted down and soaked. When it was wet it you could not see the skin under it, it was so thick. Brad felt a little twinge in his crotch when he looked at Wayne. The longer he was around Wayne he could see the differences between the two of them.

Brad sat the meal on the table and as he turned to go get the serving spoons Wayne slapped him on the ass. Brad started to turn and say something to him when he felt him self being pulled backwards. He landed on Wayne's lap.

"Darling you make the best darn cooking I ever ate."

Brad looked at Wayne like he was crazy and said "What"

"I thank I'll marry yourn ass and have me a passel of youngens. We can name the first six boys after me."

Brad started laughing then and told Wayne he was crazy. He got up from Wayne's lap and retrieved the serving spoons. Wayne slapped him on the ass again when he walked by once more.

"I'll be thanking your cute to."

Brad turned and smacked Wayne's hand with one of the spoons and said "You'll not be touching my ass again mister till there's a ring on this there finger" Brad pointed to his ring finger.

The banter kept going through supper and by the time they were through eating; both of them had their sides hurting from laughing so much. They cleaned the dishes up and took their showers before bed. It was still a little warm in that night so neither one of them put on more than their jockeys.

After they rested some and got ready for bed both of then were so sore and stiff from the days work they could hardly move. When they finally crawled in the bed Brad said he wished he was home so he could go over and get a massage in the morning. Wayne told him he would give him one if he would return the favor. Brad agreed so Wayne got in position above Brad and started working on him.

Brad felt like he was melting under the hands of Wayne. His muscles were relaxing and he loved it. There were a couple of times Brad let out moans as Wayne's fingers found sore spots and worked on them. It did not take long till Brad was so relaxed he was having problems staying awake. Brad knew if he had some massage oil Wayne would make him melt.

Wayne enjoyed making Brad feel better. He had had a girlfriend in the past that could do a good massage. But out of all the different ones he dated he only remembered the one that had enough power to do much.

Wayne was digging in and could feel the muscles start to relax. After a little while Wayne noticed his cock was getting hard from the up and down motion rubbing against Brad's ass. He moved down and started working on Brad's thighs and calves. He was amazed at how little hair he had on his legs. If it were not for the few light blond hairs you could see Wayne would have thought Brad shaved his legs. Wayne worked on Brad a few minutes more but still could not get his cock to go down. It was the body contact that had him aroused. He found him self staring at Brads ass more than once. Brad did have a nice round ass.

Wayne finally had all he could take and laid down beside Brad and told him it was his turn. When Brad did not respond Wayne thought Brad had fallen asleep. As he laid there beside Brad, Wayne rubbed his back lightly. It seemed to Wayne that Brad's skin was so smooth. He thought about in and it really did not feel any different than a woman. He traced a finger down Brads back to the top of his jockeys.

Brad turned his face to Wayne then and Wayne jerked his hand back. "That feels so good I guess it's your turn now."

"I thought you had fallen asleep?"

"No you just had me so relaxed I did not want to move at all. Ok it's your turn now."

Brad straddled Wayne's ass and started to massage Wayne then. Wayne had never had a professional Massage like Brad had so some of the things Brad hurt a little at first. It did not take long till Brad had him loosening up though. Brad has found spots on Wayne he never knew were sore till he started working on them. Brad started to relax Wayne's muscles now and it felt great.

Wayne's cock was still hard but at this point he thought he was feeling better than he would if he was having sex. Brad was really working Wayne over to get him relaxed. When Wayne thought about he had never had a massage the even felt close to this good. He had that deep down fuzzy feeling going on.

After about thirty minutes Brad moved down to the legs. He loveed the strong legs Wayne had. His legs were also very hairy and Brad could not help but to get hard after he started rubbing them. When his hands worked their way up Wayne's strong thighs he could feel the heat coming between them. When he was close to Wayne's ass his fingers would lightly graze Wayne's jockey covered balls. He noticed that they were drawing closer to his body as the pouch started to shrink.

Brad wanted to grab Wayne by the ass and rip his jockeys off and dive into that ass. If Wayne would have asked him to make love to him then he would have. The temptation was to strong. Brad wanted to sink his face between those two melons and eat till his heart was content.

As brad moved his fingers to the inside of Wayne's thighs and up he noticed Wayne was also pushing his ass up. Brad wondered if Wayne was really enjoying this. On the next stroke downward Brad pulled for Wayne to spread his legs a little. Wayne parted them ever so slightly. Brad again rubbed upward letting his thumbs graze his jockey covered balls and rounding off at the bottom of his jockeys. This made a little moan escape Wayne's lips. So Brad repeated this again and heard another moan. When Brad went upwards again He kept his index finger straight and it followed the crack of Wayne's ass.

Wayne did not move that time so once again Brad repeated the move. That time Brad saw Wayne grind his cock into the mattress.

Brads cock started leaking precum from the excitement of what was happening. He was getting so horned up he knew it would only take a few strokes and he would blow. When Brad leaned over on the next upwards pass he ran his tongue on the sensitive part behind Wayne's knee.

Wayne felt a little spark of electricity when something hot and wet touched the back of his knee. Then it happened again on the other side. He was already so horny he could not stand it. Every time Brad's thumbs grazed his balls it made them draw up more. This was nothing like he expected. It was better. He could feel his cock throb between him and the mattress when Brad touched his balls. The finger running up the crack of his ass was just making matters worse to. It was tickling the crack of his ass. He did not know it would feel like that. There it went again something hot and wet on the back of his knees. Then a blast of cool wind and it sent chill bumps up his legs. Wayne wanted to turn and see what Brad was doing but he was afraid he would stop.

Brad could see Wayne's ass quiver as his fingers worked over his legs. As Brad's hands moved upwards again he licked the inside of Wayne's thigh. This caused Wayne to flip over onto his back. Brad scooted back a little waiting on the repercussions.

Wayne looked Brad in the eye. It looked as if he was waiting for Wayne to hit him. Wayne was shaking he was so charged up and scared at the same time. He wanted to kiss Brad but did not know how. His cock had leaked so much precum it looked like he had already blown his load. Wayne looked down and saw Brads cock was hard to and he also had a wet spot in the front.

It felt like Wayne had been holding his breath the whole time he had been looking at Brad. Wayne wished Brad would do something but he was not. He was not even touching him anymore. He tried to get the words to come out but nothing wood. His throat was so parched he could not talk.

Brad knew he had gone too far but he was caught up in the heat of the moment. As he watched Wayne it looked like he was trying to say something but he couldn't His eyes were saying volumes though. Brad just could not figure out if it was disgust, hatred or die. He turned away from Wayne he could not stand the look he was getting.

Wayne wanted to tell Brad to suck his cock but he just could not bring himself to do it. He sat up a little more and part of his cock came out of the top of his jockeys. He knew he had hurt Brad by tempting him and now it was his fault Brad would not look at him. If he had just not spread his legs he would not be into this mess. He knew Brad was gay and his cousin Scott was his lover. Scott had given him permission to mess around with him and he had pushed it to where Brad would more than likely kick him out.

Wayne got out of bed and went out on the porch. He started to feel tears running down his cheek. He hated that about himself. Wayne always knew he hated to hurt anyone and now he had possibly had hurt several people.

Brad sat on the bed not knowing what to do. Wayne was so disgusted he did not even want to be in the same room with him. He had really fucked things up now. Just because he had stepped over the line and tried to satisfy his sexual needs. God he was a dumb ass. Why did he push it? He was only supposed to give Wayne a massage. Brad lay down on the bed and started to cry. He had ruined a good friendship. He hoped Wayne would forgive him but he could understand it if he did not. It was just Wayne was so nice and for a straight man very accepting of his lifestyle.

Brad after a while tried to figure out if he should go check on Wayne or not. He had gone out on the porch over an hour ago. Brad knew he had to be getting cool because the wind in the valley blew up through it and it was always cooler in the valley at night. Brad thought Wayne might be so mad he did not even feel the cold air. He finally lay back down and decided he would come back when he calmed down.

Wayne was freezing and scared, not knowing what to do next. He really needed this job now that his Mom quit working. He was afraid Brad might even cut his Moms money off. He knew she could go back to the diner but that meant he would have to stay with Scott. She would not be able to support herself and them on what she made working there. Wayne also thought he would not be able to pay his own bills either. He had given up the lawn mowing jobs. That is where the bulk of his extra money came from. His other jobs barely covered his bills. And with out the mowing jobs he would not have enough money to eat. There were a few checks in the bank from working out here but some of that had been spent paying some bills he could not help but pay. Yeah he had really fucked up this time.

Wayne was shivering now but afraid to go back in and face Brad. He could not even go out and get a saddle blanket because they kept them in the cabin to. It had been over two hours and Wayne could not take it anymore. He was going in where it was warmer and if Brad wanted him to leave he would just have to wait till morning and he would call his Mom to come out and get him. Wayne opened the door as quietly as he could and looked inside. Brad was in the bed asleep it looked like. Now as to what to do was the question?

Brad heard the door open but just lay there. He did not want to make Wayne any madder than he was. He just knew when he got in bed he had better act like he was still asleep. Brad felt the bed move as Wayne got it. He stayed as far away from Wayne as he could. It was not a good night for sleep for either one of them.

Brad woke up early with a lot on his mind. He needed to talk to Wayne and try to work out something. Brad went ahead and started fixing breakfast. When he was done cooking he went to wake Wayne.

Wayne had not slept well either and when Brad woke him he was shocked he would even say anything to him. Wayne stepped out on the porch and took care of the morning business. When he was finished he washed his hands and sat down to eat. It was strange that no one said grace that morning but of course no one was even talking.

Both guys were trying to think of a way to break the ice but no one said anything. Brad had a head start eating and was done first. When he was finished he stood up and went to wash dishes. Wayne finished with his plate and headed to the sink when the CB went off. Brad rushed over to it when he heard Scotts voice.

Wayne dropped his plate in the sink and headed out the door. Brad felt a tear run down his cheek when he saw Wayne leave. Scott seemed to be in a great mood and that helped to better Brad's mood. Brad told Scott what happened last night and he felt bad about how it turned out to. Scott wanted to know if Wayne was around so he could talk to him but Brad told him he had left.

Scott did not want anything to fester between the two of them so he told Brad have Wayne holler at him when he made it back to the cabin. Brad finally told Scott he had to go finish the dishes but he would talk to him later. They each had to tell the other they love them a couple of times before the CB went silent. Brad reheated the water and finished the dishes. He had a couple of loads to wash then he was going to head outside to do something. As Brad loaded the washer Wayne walked in the door. He had three dead roosters in his hands.

He told Brad he better make himself scarce if he did not want to smell a wet chicken. Wayne could not tell if Brad's mood had improved much or not. He was just not ready to talk yet.

Brad tried to figure out if he had done that on purpose to get him out of the house or not. As he left the Cabin he told Wayne that Scott wanted to talk to him when he got the chance. As Brad left he grabbed his saddle and the rifle. He thought today was as good as any day to go for a ride.

Wayne got a little upset when Brad walked out. He just knew he had told Scott about what happened last night and now he was pissed at him. Wayne thought what kind of mess had he gotten him self into. He even bet his mom was going to get into the act. He was not afraid that his mom would be mad because he tried to mess with a guy but she would be pissed that it was Brad.

Wayne decided he would call Scott after he finished cleaning the chickens. When Wayne got the water hot enough he took it out side and dipped the first one then started plucking the feathers. He was not crazy about the smell either but he had been around it while growing up. His Mom had always had a dozen or so chickens in the back yard. Every year they raised a few and killed a few. When a hen got to be about four his Mom would replace her with a new pullet. She had always told Wayne they slowed down laying after they were four. So she would hatch some new chicks and replace the older ones.

Wayne found out there were a dozen hens when the guys got started but now they had a little over two dozen. The roosters had almost out numbered the hens. Wayne thought if he were around for much longer he would try to kill some of the older roosters and put them in the freezer for later on.

Cleaning the chickens had given Wayne a while to think. He figured if it pissed Scott off he would get over it eventually. Brad would be another problem though. Wayne knew Scott would always be family but what about Brad Would Scott stay away as long as he was seeing Brad?

Wayne brought the three chickens in after he had them plucked. He had just started gutting the first one when he heard Scott on the CB asking for either him or Brad. Wayne was a little nervous but finally went over to the CB and keyed up the mic. Scott did not sound any different than he usually did.

It took a while for the conversation to get around to what happened last night but it did. Wayne wanted to fall through a crack in the floor. Wayne started apologizing to right off the bat until Scott told him to stop. He asked Wayne what the heck was going on. First Brad then Wayne telling him they had pushed the other too far. Scott had Wayne start at the very beginning and tell him everything that happened. By the time Wayne was through he had it figured out.

Scott asked Wayne if he was excited last night and was told yes. Scott laughed a little then he told Wayne what the problem was then. Scott let him know he bet he had made the face that he makes when excited and can't say anything. Wayne it makes you look like you're frightened and pissed at the same time. Brad probably thought he had crossed the line.

Wayne felt funny talking to Scott about Brad. He figured he would never let things go that far again. He knew that the other night he would have done things he would have never thought about doing before. Wayne thought maybe it was a good thing things turned out the way it did.

Scott snapped Wayne back to the present when he asked him if he had things about ready on that end. Wayne asked what he was talking about. When he explained he assured Scott all was ready. After a little normal chat on how he was feeling and about what all he had done around the place Scott told him he was getting tired and needed to let him go.

Wayne was a little relieved when he got off the CB. It was hard facing what had happened. Wayne went back to work finishing up getting the chickens cleaned and putting them in the fridge. When his mess was cleaned up Wayne went outside to burry the remains.

Wayne looked around but did not see Brad. He must still be off hunting. Wayne had a few things he still needed to do before tomorrow and sat about getting them done before Brad got back. It was getting late and Brad was not back yet so Wayne went in and started supper.

There was some fish he started cooking. He knew how to cook that and he also thought it would help cover the smell of the chickens he had cleaned. Wayne was not sure how to make hushpuppies but he thought he would give it a shot.

Brad walked in a few minutes after the second batch of fish was done. Wayne was just putting the hushpuppies on to cook. Brad said high to Wayne as he walked in and headed over to the sink to wash up.

Wayne asked if he had seen any game and Brad explained he had not. The conversation was kind of tense on both of their parts. Brad hated that it seemed like Wayne was a little distant but he also understood. Why did he push things the other night?

Brad went over and sat down at the table. He wanted to help Wayne but did not want to start any confrontation. Brad decided he would pick up the place a little rather than sit around. By the time he had picked up the clothes and thrown them in the washer supper was ready.

Brad sat down and Wayne said grace. Brad was surprised that Wayne thanked god for friends like Brad. This made Brad feel better and think that maybe he was just looking for something that wasn't there.

When grace was done they started to eat. The fish was good and done just right. Then Brad took a bite of the hushpuppy. He did not know how he was going to get it down. It did not taste like any hushpuppy he had ever eaten before. It was more like fried cornmeal. Brad sat it back on his plate and went back to eating his fish.

Wayne was proud of how supper turned out till he took a bite of the hushpuppies. He looked over at Brad to see if he had eaten any yet. He saw where Brad had taken a bite out of one and sat it back down. He started to laugh then and Brad raised his head to see what he was laughing about.

Wayne looked at Brad and told him his hushpuppies sucked. Brad smiled a little agreeing with Wayne. Wayne told him he had no idea on how to make them. He mixed up some cornmeal and water then fried it. Brad chuckled and told Wayne the next time he would show him. The subject stayed on food for a while and how they were getting low on meat.

Wayne asked Brad if he thought he could go hunting again tomorrow while he worked on the wood. That way they could both get something done. Brad asked him why they both didn't go hunting then they could work on wood after lunch. Wayne thought quick and told him his Mom would be calling tomorrow about some business he needed talking care of and he did not want to miss her call.

The fish was all eaten but it looked like there would be hushpuppies left over. Wayne took the leftovers out to the pup and what he didn't eat he fed to the chickens. Brad cleaned up the mess while Wayne took care of the animals. When Wayne went in to check for eggs he saw something black in the nest. It was a black snake and it had three lumps in its side now were it had eaten three eggs. Wayne really did not want to kill it because of the mice that it would eat but he also knew that it would be back now. The snake figured out where a food source was and would be back. Wayne ended up pulling the snake out and killing it. He hated to kill anything he did not have to.

When he made it back to the cabin Brad was taking his shower. Wayne stared through the window watching him for a while. When brad started washing his ass Wayne saw him slip a finger in it to clean it better. Wayne could not handle this and turned away and went for a walk. His cock was throbbing in his pants from what he had seen. He had to calm himself down some so he could go back to the cabin.

Brad finished his shower and put on his jockeys for bed he wondered what Wayne was up to he had been gone a while. It was dark and he should have been back. Brad went out on the porch and saw the egg bucket was sitting on the bench. He thought maybe Wayne had gone for a walk or was taking care of his needs. Brad went back in and lay down on the bed. He fell asleep fast while he waited on Wayne.

Wayne came back after a few minutes and went inside to find Brad asleep on the bed. He thought he must be tired so Wayne just sponged off to keep from waking Brad. He crawled in the bed soon after. As he drifted off to sleep he felt Brad wrap his arm around him. Then all seemed right with the world.

When Brad woke in the morning Wayne had breakfast ready to set on the table. Brad asked what was going on. Wayne told him he wanted to get an early start on the wood before it got to hot. He figured Brad would like to get out early to hunt to. Brad walked over to the door and stepped out to do the morning ritual. When he got back inside breakfast was on the table.

Brad sat down after washing his hands and said the Morning Prayer. Today should have been a day of celebration but it was just another day at the cabin. Wayne seemed to eat fast this morning and told Brad he would do the dishes later if he was ready to go. Brad told him he could do them then head out. Wayne insisted he get out there while it was still early so he could get the jump on the game. Wayne then walked over and put some water on to heat.

Brad felt almost like he was being pushed out the door so he headed out to his horse. He was not fully awake but managed to get the horse saddled. Once he had that done he saddled up and headed out. Brad hoped he didn't have much cross his path today because until he woke up good he would not see them. The sun was coming up but it was still darker in the valley. Brad thought he would head over to where the deer had been shot.

There was not a lot of noise this morning. The wind was not blowing so the leaves did not make any noise. Brad could hear the bubbling of the creek some and his horse's hooves as he was walking along. A small patch of fog was over the stream bed where a small waterfall was. Brad knew they did not have much longer till everything would start to die off. Fall would be there before long and he wondered how the valley would look then.

Brad loved the fall when the maple leaves turned yellow then red. The oak would change also but would hang onto a lot of their leaves being the last to drop them. The beautiful birch with its peeling bark was already starting to drop a few leaves. It was a sign that it was beginning to get dry. Brad rode on till he was under some old oak trees and thought this was a beautiful spot all around the area it was like you were in your own little world.

Brad crosses the creek again and saw there was a deep fishing hole there. You could see the fish in the water as they swam around. Brad wondered if he could catch some of them. He would like cleaning fish over something else any day but he did not think to bring a pole.

Brad looked around for rabbits or squirrels but did not see any of them. He wondered why Wayne had sent him to hunt. Surly Wayne was a better hunter than he was. Brad finally found a place to stop and wait. He could not stand having to go out some place and sit around all day.

Brad had been out for three hours now and had seen nothing. He hoped it would not be his hunting skill that kept food on the table. They would starve this winter if it was left up to him. The sun was midway in the sky so Brad decided he would head back to the cabin for lunch. He thought lunch should be ready by the time he made it back.

Wayne was watching for Brad to come back. He had been waiting for over an hour and still he had not heard seen anything. Wayne thought he would give it another ten minutes then head back to the cabin. He was getting hungry and ready to eat. He knew there would be a good lunch today and he was ready for it.

Wayne paced around for a few minutes longer and scanned the valley one more time. He wondered if Brad had left the valley and went on top of the rim and around to the cabin. Then he saw it: a little dust stirred in the air. He kept his eye on it and then he saw something moving and he could tell it was a horse. Wayne took off running back to the cabin. Brad was on his way.

Twenty minutes later Brad was walking up the path to the cabin. He had put his horse up and was coming in for lunch. He already had his mind made up he would stay at the cabin and Wayne could go hunting. As he approached the cabin Wayne was out front splitting some wood. Brad asked Wayne if lunch was ready he was starved. Wayne let him know that he had been chopping wood and did not realize what time it was. As Brad walked past Wayne he was a little miffed that lunch was not ready. He was so hungry he thought he could smell food.

As Brad opened the cabin door everyone screamed happy birthday. Brad did not know what to say but when he saw Scott he ran over and hugged him. Then he planted a big kiss right on the lips. When he broke the kiss he stared Scott right in the eyes and told him he loved him. This time Scott kissed Brad and told him he was his life.

Then the guys heard save it for the bedroom. Brad turned and said we are in the bedroom. Everyone laughed at that then Brad realized who was their. Brent, Sam, Doug, Jim, May, and a couple of friends of Brads from the city Mark and Tim were at the cabin.

Brad was so shocked that they had showed up for his birthday. He never thought anyone would have even recognized it was his birthday. When Brad looked around he saw a big folding table loaded down with food. May had three big platters loaded down with fried chicken. Along with the chicken she had potatoes, corn on the cob, broccoli with cheese, two different casseroles and baked beans. Brad could not believe all the food she had fixed. Once everyone had a chance to say hi May told them to sit and say grace so they could eat.

May wanted to say grace that day and she thanked God for everyone gathered and all the close friendships they were forming. When it was over it got a little loud with all the talking and the rattle of dishes being passed. Brad was asking everyone about what was going on in the world outside. His friends filled him in about what was happening around his home town and with Chris. It was kind of a shock hearing what a mess Chris had gotten himself into.

The conversation turned to one of joking around. Brad's friends were telling stories about him and how he had gotten pranks pulled on him several times. Everyone laughed and the meal took a while to finish because everyone was paying so much attention to what was being said. You could feel the love and camaraderie in the cabin. Even the ones who did not really know each other were becoming fast friends.

Brad and Scott held hands while eating and watched each other as much as anyone else. The warmth of Scott's hand had Brad starting to stiffen in his pants. Brad even noticed how Doug and Sam were sizing up the other guys. Doug being young and not being able to control himself was at full staff thinking about all the possibilities.

After stuffing themselves everyone stayed around the tables and talked. Brad felt a tear of happiness rolling down his cheek. He was surrounded by people that he loved and genuinely loved him. The fact he was holding the hand of the man that had his heart was an added bonus.

May acted like a social butterfly going from one to the other talking. She was getting to know each of the men around the table. May still had the waitress in her filling every ones cups or glass when they emptied. Finally she told everyone to pull back from the table so she could put the food away for later because we were having leftovers. There was more food left than was eaten so plenty would be had later.

Once the table had been cleared May pulled out a cake. She had just one candle in it and told Brad she did not want him to pass out trying to blow them all out. Brad blew the candle out and made his wish. To always be surrounded by good friends like today.

As May cut the cake Doug pulled out a small box and handed it to Brad. Brad was surprised he was getting anything. He had all he wanted just sitting around him. When he opened the box he found a bracelet with his name on it. On the back was inscribed. (Thanks for helping me be me.) Brad hugged Doug and told him anytime.

Brent then handed Brad and envelope. He explained to Brad that he was given the envelope by the lawyers and was told to give it to him on his Birthday. Brad looked back at Brent with an confused look on his face. He asked Brent what it was all about but Brent let him know he didn't know what it was. He was just told to give it to you at the party.

Brad looked at the letter and recognized the writing on it. His hands were shaking as he opened the letter. Scott knew something was up as Brad pulled the Hand written letter out and started to read.

Dear Brad,

If you are reading this then I have passed on to my reward. I want you to know how much I love you and that you turned out to be the son I always wanted.

If you are getting this letter that means you are going through with the one year testing that I want to be called the sabbatical. I do not want to cause any hardships for you but I am hoping this will bring out the love I have for the land in you. I thought this was the most beautiful spot of land I had ever had the chance to own. In this valley it is like a world all its own.

This piece of land you are on right now is the spot of land where I proposed to your Grandmother and we built our first home. I never wanted it to belong to anyone but you. You and you alone know how much I missed her.

To make sure it happens and that you always have a place to call home. I am now deeding it to you free and clear on your first birthday after my passing. If you make it or not you will always have a place to call your own.

Brad you are the one that kept me going as long as I did. I wanted to give up for years but your love and wanting you to be something special is what kept me going.

I would love to have had Great grandkids but I can see it's not in the cards. I just hope you find someone that is as special as you are. I know you think that boy you are with is the one but I do not see it. For your sake I pray that I am wrong but I have a feeling I am not.

I love you SON

PS: I hope its working out with the cowpoke you living with. He reminds me of me when I was your age kind of ornery.