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The Inheritance part 31

Authors note: I want to thank all the loyal readers for the kind notes I have received. I thought the story was getting close to the end. It seems that my thoughts have added a few more chapters. It seems that Wayne would like to be a little more active and so he will be soon. I hope that those of you that really struggled with being gay will be able to understand where he is coming from. He will have a few ups and downs in the coming chapters. Being a gay single male makes it easy to write about love and the struggles we all have from time to time. Just maybe some day I will find the man to practice all I write about on.

Thanks again Doug


Brad had both tears of sadness and tears of laughter rolling down his face when he was through reading the letter. Everyone was looking as Brad started over reading the letter aloud. When he was through everyone had tears in their eyes. Brad pulled out the second piece of paper then. It was the deed to one thousand acres.

Brad folded the deed back up and handed it over to Brent and asks him to put in it the safety deposit box for him. Brent told him he would and handed him another gift and told him he could open it later.

Brad looked at Brent and he told him it was something he should not open in mixed company. Scott heard him and told him to go ahead. Aunt May's not shy. Brad looked at May and she nodded for him to go ahead. Brent turned red as Brad opened the small box. When Brad opened the box he found a little note and a vibrator shaped like an egg. He read the note.

Note: a little something to help you till Scott gets back.

Everyone got a good laugh out of Brent's gift. Mark and Tim then stepped outside and brought in an Ice chest that had several steaks in it. They told Brad their was a small charcoal grill and some charcoal to.

Sam then stepped out and brought in four cases of beer. He told Brad he remembered how much he had said he missed one every once in a while. Brad thanked him and told him he had missed having a beer or two on the weekends.

Doug then went and brought in the gift he and his Dad Jim had gotten Brad. When Brad opened it up it was an electric blanket with a couple of extension cords. Brad then looked at the two of them and told them "now that's a gift I can use a lot"

Scott cleared his throat and said. "I don't know if you will need that are not as hot as you make me. I should radiate enough heat to keep you warm." Everyone laughed again except Jim as Scott said that. Jim had a hard time with the fact that Brad and Scott were gay. They were the only gay men that he had ever been around.

It kind of bothered him that his son liked them so much. He knew that they did not act any different that normal guys but for some reason he expected different. He had always heard that gay men acted like women. These two guys acted normal except when they kissed.

Jim sometimes wondered what they saw in each other. He was glad Doug was not gay. To have to tell your friends you son was gay would be hard. They would think it was your fault because you did not raise him like a man.

Jim had always liked Brads Grandfather. He was a good man that treated you with respect. If you did a good job for him he made sure you were compensated for it. Jim and his family had lived on the farm for years and even managed to put money back. He had been paid a decent wage and his house was rent free. This made it to where his wife never had to work and outside job. She did help on the farm some by driving the hay truck some while he and a couple hired hands threw hay. The thing he never expected was that she was paid every time she did it.

Jim's wife had always taken that money and put it in a savings account for Doug to go to college with. She wanted him to be able to do something other than farm if he wanted. Doug was a good farm hand and was paid for the work he did. He had been saving his money and almost had enough to buy a new truck if he wanted.

Jim was proud of his son and how he had grown into a man. He would make some woman a good husband some day. He was worried about how Doug seemed to be having so much fun around Brad and Scott though. Jim thought he needed to monitor how much time he spent around them. Jim didn't feel that they would do anything to him but the influence might not be good.

Just then Brad hugged Doug for the electric blanket. Jim felt a twinge of fear and jealousy about the way Doug hugged Brad back. It was not the norm for Doug to hug another man much less a gay man he really didn't know that well. Doug would hardly even hug his own Dad. Jim saw Doug was whispering something in Brad's ear and in response Brad Kissed him on the cheek and told him they could talk about it later.

Jim knew he needed to have a talk with Doug on the way home. Was there more to this than he knew? Could Doug be interested in men? Jim needed to find out the answers to the questions flying through his mind.

The party was a big success May thought. Every one was having a good time. Even the young men she had not met until that day seemed like she had known them all their lives. They were a gay couple that was friends of Brads. Again she noticed they did not act the way she had always expected. There were five gay men and three straight men at the table and you could not tell the difference between them. Maybe they were normal after all. She knew her brother had preached against them for how they acted like women and the perverted sex they had.

May had never seen Scott so happy before. He had always been a good kid but deep down he never seemed happy till now. May remembered when she met Wayne's dad. How special he made her feel and the love she had for him. She understood why Scott seemed so happy now.

It was getting late in the afternoon so Jim told the guys he and Doug needed to be heading back. His wife should be back from town with her sister so they should be heading out. Doug once again hugged Brad then Scott and headed to the door. Doug winked at Brent and hoped he would be at the hotel later. Jim shook every ones hand as he headed out.

Brent told them that they needed to be heading back soon to. If they left soon they might make it home before midnight. Brad hugged Brent then Mark and Tim telling each of them how much he loved them. Scott was glad to meet Mark and Tim. It was nice to meet some of his friends. They headed to the door a few minutes later and were gone to.

May started cleaning up the table as every one had finally pulled back from it. Brad told May she had out done herself today the food was great. The others soon followed up saying they were stuffed. Brad stood up to help and May told him to sit back down she would take care of everything.

The four guys sat around and talked for a while. Scott looked over at Sam and Wayne and asked them if they would do something for him. They told him sure and wanted to know what he wanted. Scott asked if he cared if Wayne spent the night at his cabin. That way he could stay the night here. They would only be ten minutes away and he could call them on the CB.

Sam told Scott he did not have a CB. Scott told him May did and she could call him on the phone if they had a problem. Sam looked at Wayne and shrugged his shoulders and said sure. Wayne did not see a problem with it either. Scott thanked then and asked May if she could come back out tomorrow and pick him up. She told him she did not have a problem with that but he did have to come home tomorrow afternoon. Scott had a Doctors appointment Monday. With it worked out everyone seemed happy.

On the ride home Jim asked Doug if he had a good time. Doug told his dad he always had a good time around the guys. Jim looked over at Doug and wanted to know what he meant by that. Doug panicked a little at the tone his dad had used. Doug knew that he needed to tell his Dad everything. Finally Doug asked his Dad if he could pull off the road he needed to talk. His dad pulled down one of the field roads and stopped the truck.

When they came to a stop Jim turned in the truck seat so he could face his son. Doug was not looking at his dad he played with the buckle of the seatbelt instead. Jim reached over to his son placing his finger tips under his chin and lifting his head to face him. Right then Jim saw a very vulnerable little boy starring back at him. Doug had tears running down his cheeks so he took his thumb and gently wiped them away.

"Son it's all right. What ever you need to tell me or not is all right. You know your mother and I both love you so there is nothing you can say that will change that."

Doug buried his face in his hands and really started to cry then. His body tensed up preparing for the worse as he began to speak. "Dad I'm gay" Doug closed his eyes and tensed up even more. He expected to be hit even though his Dad had never hit him before.

"Doug look at me!"

Doug slowly raised his head and through blurry eyes he saw his dads face.

"Doug for some reason today this does not surprise me. When I saw you with the young men today you seemed very happy around them. I just don't understand why. I guess it's not for me to understand though. I learned today to that at least two men don't act the way I expected."

"What do you mean Dad?"

"Well neither Brad nor Scott act the way you always hear gay people act. At least I hope you never act any different than they do. I just can't believe they are gay or that you are. What did I do son that made you that way."

"Dad you didn't do anything. It's just that girls never did anything for me. I mean I kissed them and touched them but it did nothing. I tried to think of things that would make me hard so I could do something. The only thing that got me excited was thinking about guys. It wasn't to have sex with them at first it was how hot their bodies were. Then it grew from there as I learn more about my own body."

"Son promise me you will stay the way you are and won't act like a girl"

"That's an easy one dad I will act like Brad, Scott, Brent, Sam and the other two guys"

"What...Doug you mean to tell me the other guys there were gay to."

Yes... all but Wayne...Why?"

"Doug are you sure you're telling me the truth?"

"Yes Dad...Why"

"Well I would not have thought all those guys were gay. They act so normal and all. How did you know they were gay Doug?"

"Scott told me about Brad's two friends coming in but I already knew Sam and Brent were."

"Are Sam and Brent a couple to?"

"No... They had just met each other after Scott got shot. Sam went to collage with Brad and Brent became friends right after school"

"Well I am shocked. Put me in a room full of gay men and I don't even know it. Heck I didn't even know my son was. Doug I still love you but I worry about you and what you might have to face. You know how hard it could be out there. Especially around this area with all the rednecks we have."

"I know Dad but I want to meet someone some day and I don't think it will be around here. I will probably have to move off someday to find someone."

"Son I want you to be happy but I wish you did not have to move away from here you know how your mom feels."

"I know dad but I want to be happy and that means find someone to love and love me back. Not just who ever I can find that happens to be gay. We live in the boonies and finding another good man out here is like finding a needle in a hay stack."

"Son from the looks of things it's not that hard. There were seven of you under one roof today."

"Yeah and one I would not mind having for myself."

"What...which one?"


"Brent... he's my age...he's too old for you son...You find him attractive?"

"Dad Brent's a nice man. He treats you right and does not act like you're a little kid."

"Doug what do you mean he treats you right. Has he done something to you?"

"Dad Brent was my first."

"Do What... I will kill that bastard."

"Dad...calm down it is not Brent's fault. I was the one that made the move on him."

"You might have made the first move but he should know better he's twice your age."

"Dad I pushed him. He did not want to be with me but I talked him into to it. He never forced me to do anything. He always told me to not do anything I did not want to do. Never let anyone do anything you don't want them to. He showed me how you should be treated."

"That don't matter Doug he should know better than to touch a young boy"

"Dad you can't say anything I promised Brent I would not. He begged me to leave but I would not. Dad I was the one to force myself on him and I would never ask for someone else to be my first. If it had been someone else they could have hurt me. He was gentle and told me we could stop anytime. But I wanted more so I pushed him to show me more. He was never more than a gentleman dad."

Jim had to think about this. He was mad that an older man was preying on kids. His own son was mixed up with him. Jim did think he was going to talk to Brad about Brent and find out what he could. He then remembered he had Brent's Phone number. He would call him later and make him pay.

Doug spent the rest of the time talking to his dad. Jim kept trying to find out more about Brent. After a while Jim figured out he was not getting anywhere with Doug. He would go out to the cabin in a day or two and see what Brad could tell him.

May had everything cleaned up and was ready to take off. Brad tried to get her to stay but she wanted him to enjoy the rest of the day. She then looked at Sam and Wayne and told them it was about time for them to scoot along to. They could get to know each other a little better to. Wayne looked at his Mom like she was trying to fix him up or something. May grabbed her purse, Sam and Wayne by the arm and headed to the door.

Wayne waved by and went out the door. When they were outside May hugged him good by. She told then she would only call incase of an emergency. She then got in her car and headed home.

Sam asked Wayne if he was ready to go to and he told him he really needed to get a couple of things out of the cabin but did not want to get in trouble. So he would just have to do without tonight. Sam winked at Wayne and told him only if you don't want any.

Sam was excited about Wayne staying the night. He remembered the last time they wrestled and had fun. Sam already thought Wayne was a hot looking guy and was forming in his mind how to do a couple of things.

Finally the two of them were alone. Brad pulled Scott to the bed as soon as he heard the doors on the cars close. He had Scott lie down so he could spoon him. Brad had been alone so long he felt as nervous as his first time. As they laid there in bed and talked Brad felt Scott backing into him.

Brad did not want anything to happen because he was afraid Scott might hurt him self. It was just Scott was having nothing to do with it. Scott finally sat on the edge of the bed and told Brad it's time to strip. Brad asked Scott if they should be doing anything. Scott looked at Brad and told him it was his big head that got shot not the little one. He needed someone to take care of his needs.

Brad finally stripped to and as soon as his body made contact with Scotts he was hard as a rock. He could not believe after all this time he was able to lie down with the man he loved.

Brad snuggled behind Scott feeling his body with his. He started trembling because of the excitement he was having. He could feel his hand shake as he reached around to run his fingers through the thick hair on Scott's chest. It was almost like the first time all over again.

Brad wanted to feel every inch of Scott. Brad placed a hand on Scott's thigh and let travel slowly up his thigh. Feeling each and every hair caress his fingertips as his fingers traveled the strong muscles. All the while kissing the nape of Scott's neck where the hair formed a little v.

Brad was so excited he could hear his own heart pounding in his chest. Scott was responding by grinding his own body against Brad. He was reaching around and had a hold of Brad's ass to pull Brad tighter against him.

Scott's scent was driving Brad crazy, that manly smell. The smell that had all but faded from the shirt Brad had slept with. Brad tasted Scott's flesh. It was a mixture of heaven mixed with a little salt. Brad pushed into Scott as Scott pushed back. Brad felt his cock slid between Scotts ass cheeks. He had created enough precum that it slid effortlessly between them. Scott let out a slight moan as Brads cock grazed his rosebud. This caused Brad to speed up in his efforts a little.

Brad found Scotts nipple in the mass of hair that surrounded it and pinched it lightly. This caused a deeper moan to come from Scott. Brad was becoming frenzied with the thoughts of everything he wanted to do to Scott running through his head. Brad couldn't take it any more as he rolled Scott onto his stomach. He then got to his knees and started to nibble his way down Scotts Back. Wetting it with his tongue and blowing cool air across the wet spots. Brads hands were also busy while he was doing this running along the crack of Scott's ass.

Scott was trying to push up and open his ass at the same time. He wanted Brads probing fingers to find their way into his wet and waiting hole. Scott's body was craving to be fucked. He wanted that feeling again of completeness. One with the man he loved.

Brad had finally made to the beginning of Scott's ass. His tongue licked the fine hairs that made a small patch above Scott's ass then he dipped down slightly tasting his on sweet precum mixed with the musky scent of Scott. Brad felt Scott's ass quiver ass he traced each cheek with his tongue. Scott lifted his ass in the air for Brad to get better access to it. Brad had thought about this a long time though and one thing he liked was making love to a man's ass.

Brad started tonguing Scott from the underside of his balls to the little v patch of hair. He was doing it so lightly hi could see the goose bumps rising on Scott's ass. He was not even touching his skin just the hairs. Scott wiggled his ass trying to get Brad to get a little deeper but it did not help. When Brad was ready he had Scott roll over and then he flicked the two little curls of hair under Scott's ball and right before his crack. Brad always wondered why there he had two curls when every where else his hair was straight. Rapping the two curls around his finger he pulled a little causing Scott to lift his ass.

Brad took the chance to dive in then and smiled as he heard a grunt of pleasure escape Scotts lips. He had missed this so much. The taste of Scott's maleness was very slightly musky. You could tell he had wanted to get naked for a while. Brad started pulling at Scott's ass to get deeper. Brad at first tasted a little of his own precum but soon he could taste the raw heat of the man. Scott was now holding his leg's up telling Brad "Eat That ass" This just had Brad pushing harder and lightly scraping his teeth on Scott's opening.

Scott was in heaven now. It seemed so long ago since he had learned how to have a man in his bed. A bolt of electricity shot through him as he felt Brad suck his loosening ass lips into his mouth and lightly chew them. He could not help himself but the words came out "Rougher babe, chew that ass". Scott felt another bolt shoot through him as Brad gladly did it. Brad was sticking his tongue as far as he could into Scott's ass then sucking him ass lips in his mouth and chewing on them.

Scott was in a world of ecstasy and teetering on the edge. He soon didn't know a thing going on around him. It was like he was floating in clouds. All he knew was his body was on fire. It all came crashing down and pouring through his cock. Brad had crammed two fingers in his ass hitting his prostate. That's all it took and he was cumming all over him self. Brad redoubled his efforts when he felt Scott's sphincter muscles clamp around his fingers. He soon was rewarded by getting to see Scott cumming. Seven shots fired out and not a one smaller than the first.

As Scott's legs started coming down Brad started licking the cum from Scotts chest and shoulders. When he made it to his mouth Brads cock was at the opening of Scott's ass. When Scott felt this his legs came back up. He wanted Brad in him and it did not matter that he had just cummed. He had waited for this for a while and nothing could stop him.

Brads cock slid right on in. Scott's muscles seemed to melt around it. When he felt his pubic bone hit Scotts ass he looked into his lovers eyes. Brad thought he had hurt Scott when he saw tears running down his cheeks and started to pull out. Scott just wrapped his legs around Brad and drew him back in. He then told Brad he felt so complete now that he was in him. Then a smile crossed his lips as he told his lover pound me into the ground.

Brad and Scott made love the rest of the night. Their passion did not waver at all. Brad dominated Scott through out the night showing him every trick he had ever used in pleasing his lovers in the past. If it had not been for the short breaks in their lovemaking to catch their breath Brad would have been worried about Scott's health. It did not take long for Scott to beg for more. Brad was only too happy to oblige him. Every time Brad started to cuddle Scott he felt his cock stiffen and had a longing feeling to make love to him one more time. In the back of his mind Brad feared he would loose Scott again and he wanted every chance to make love to Scott to be as if it were his last one to show how much he loved him.

While the two of them were making love over at Sam's place. Sam was trying to get Wayne a little tipsy. Sam had not expected to have company and was not prepared for it. He only had a couple of six packs of beer and not much food in the place. He had planned to run to town soon but had put it off. He had taken the extra beer he had over to Brad. Now he wished he had kept a little more of it at his place.