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The Inheritance part 32

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Sam knew he would be nervous all night around Wayne. He reminded him of Scott so much. Sam did not know Wayne's intensions and that made it worse. He did not want to push himself on Wayne because he had made the offer already. He just hoped that now they were alone he might take him up on it. Sam could tell Wayne was a little nervous to and he hoped that was a good sign. It was getting late and he knew Wayne would want to go to bed soon.

When Wayne stepped out of the room to empty some of the beer he had drank Sam cam up with a plan. He flipped on the TV and ran through the channels and found the one he was looking for. He punched in the code and the satellite brought the channel up. He then flipped a few more channels over and waited for Wayne to return. He had three channels for three hours he could watch. Wayne came back into the room and handed Sam the last of the beers.

Sam told him he would have something stronger and Wayne could have the last two. As Wayne sat on the couch he told Sam he did not realize how much he missed TV. He had not seen much except when he was at the hospital. Sam handed Wayne the remote and told him he could watch what he wanted. Wayne told him to watch what ever he wanted that he did not know how that remote worked.

Sam leaned over the back of the couch to where his cheek barely grazed Wayne's and took the remote and showed Wayne what button to push to scan the channels. Wayne could feel the heat from Sam's face against his own. Sam had on cologne that smelled nice. Wayne had not worn any in a few weeks and it reminded him of how much he missed it. He always thought it nice to smell good.

Wayne started flipping channels and had made it about ten or so when he stopped. On the screen were two women having sex with each other. It was not showing much but there tits and a little grinding. He felt his cock start to grow as he took it in. It had been a while sense the last time he had had sex with someone other than by himself. Wayne flipped the channel as bad as he hated to. The next one was a couple going at it Wayne just stopped and turned to look at Sam.

He asked Sam how he got those channels. Sam told him he orders it. You can order five channels for a few bucks for a few hours. He told Wayne he knew he would be in the mood to jack off tonight when he got back so he planned ahead. He was sorry about that if it offends him. He did not know anyone was going to be coming home with him. Wayne told Sam it was cool with him because he doesn't get to watch stuff like this at home.

Sam sat back down and told Wayne there were three more channels of adult content he could check out. Wayne clicked to the next channel and it was an adult game show the next was a girl fingering her self and the last a movie was just starting. Wayne looked over and asked Sam what channel he wanted to watch. Sam told him that the one they were on was fine by him. That way they could watch a whole movie.

It started off a little slow with crappy actors and Sam had watched about all of this movie he could stand. The only thing keeping his attention was trying to see if Wayne was getting hard. Sam was about ready to ask Wayne to change it when a little action started taking place. He thought it was past time for it but maybe he was in to big of a hurry.

A very big chested girl started finally taking her clothes off. The guy she was with was an average looking guy and he also started removing his own clothes. Wayne understood why the guy was chosen a little later because he had a t least a nine and a half inch cock. He was way to skinny for Sam's taste but when he started to plow the gal he started getting aroused. The guy got a little rough with the girl and went to enter her ass. Now that was beginning to catch Sam's interest.

He was going back to the night he got his first cock in his ass. Brad had done a great job opening him up. It did hurt a little when he first enter him but Sam was not going to tell him that. By the time Brad was through and Scott started pounding him he was ready. He remembered the next day he felt like his ass was turned inside out it was so swollen. He was also a little tender on the inside to but he would do it all over again if he got the chance.

When the guy had buried his cock all the way in the bitch's ass Wayne let out a gasp. Sam glanced Wayne's way. Sam would have like to known what was going through Wayne's head at that moment. As the man was plowing the girl Sam noticed Wayne's cock. He could see it was growing down the leg of his pants. Wayne opened the last beer and as he resettled he adjusted his cock some. Sam could plainly see Wayne was hard by the outline of his cock. Sam thought it had to be about the same size as Scott's.

Wayne could not believe his luck. He was getting to watch a girl taking it up the ass. The guy had a cock longer than his but not as thick. Why could he not find one like that? Wayne saw Sam move out of the corner of his eye. He was adjusting his cock too. He understood why he would be hard this was making Wayne hotter than hell. Wayne's throat kept getting dry as he watched and he was almost out of beer.

Wayne knew when he went to bed tonight he would not waste much time before he relieved his aching balls. If he had been by himself he would have already cummed at least once. He could hardly keep his hands off his cock as it was. He saw out of the corner of his eye movement again so he glanced at Sam. Sam was openly rubbing his cock. Wayne did not feel comfortable doing this.

Sam finished his drink and stood to make another one. He asked Wayne if he would like one and Wayne told him yes. Sam was glad Wayne did not look up because he was staring at Wayne's cock the whole time. Through his jeans Sam thought he had to have at least seven inches of thick meat he was hiding.

Sam stepped away from the couch to mix the drinks. He put a little extra in Wayne's drink hoping he would relax a little more. Sam reached around Wayne and handed him his drink. Sam was looking down over the top of Wayne's head right into his crotch and could plainly see the outline of that big cock he would love to be playing with. He felt his own cock twitching as he watched Wayne's for a second before going back for his own drink.

When Sam made it back to the couch and sat down another guy walked onto the scene in the movie. The girl quickly pulled the guys cock out and started sucking him. This guy had a hairy chest and was nice looking. Sam was focusing on their cocks and not the girl. To him it was he that had the two guys going at him. Reminding him of the only night of male sex he had with Brad and Scott.

As the scene unfolded the guy fucking pulled his cock out and shot all over the girls back. He then walked around to her face and told the guy to get some of her ass while she cleaned his cock. As the guy went around behind the girl and shoved his cock in the girls ass. Wayne let out a groan and almost shot his wad. This was killing him to watch but he could not take his eyes from it.

Sam had taken all he could and looked at Wayne and told him I hope this doesn't offend you but I have to have some relief. With that he stood up and walked into the other room. Wayne thought he had gone into the other room to Jack off. He thought this would be his chance so he looked over his shoulder to check and then decided he was ok and stood to remove his belt and unzip his pants. Just when he had his pants to his knees and sat down Sam walked back in.

He had some lubricant and a couple of hand towels and changed into some loose cutoff sweats. Wayne turned red and was trying to figure out how he was going to get his pants back up without Sam seeing him. Sam walked over to the couch and saw Wayne sitting there with his pants down and his cock sticking straight up. He smiled at Wayne and threw him a towel telling him it looked like he would need one to.

Wayne was shocked by this. He had not planned on jacking off with someone else in the room. He had not done this in years. His cock was starting to go down from embarrassment some but as Sam settled down beside him he pulled off his shorts. Wayne was shocked at how muscled Sam's legs were and his was rounder than any woman he had ever gone out with before. Sam turned to him and asked if he needed lubricant.

He nodded his head no and turned back to the TV. The other guy was long dicking the girls ass by that time and it did not take long till Wayne's cock was getting hard again. He caught him self sneaking glances at Sam playing with him self some. It was more out of curiosity than anything. Wayne was trying to postpone his orgasm as long as he could. He wanted to watch the guy fucking the girl a while longer before he came.

Sam was getting worked up. To him it was Wayne plowing the girl. He would look over and just watch Wayne playing with him self some and thoughts were running wild through his head. He thought about reaching over and helping Wayne some but was to afraid to. He did not want to get into it with him.

Sam had gotten to the point that he had been fingering his ass while he jacked off. He wanted to do that now so he would have a great orgasm. He finally decided he would so he reached over and added some lubricant to a couple of fingers and reached around and started rubbing his asshole. When the first finger slipped in he let out a guttural moan.

Wayne heard Sam let out a moan of pleasure and looked his way. He knew his mouth dropped open when he looked. He could not believe what he saw. Sam was sticking a finger in his ass. Sam let out another moan as the second finger slipped in. Wayne shot hot cum all over himself when he saw that. Two shots landed on Sam's leg but he could not help it. Wayne could not believe how hot it was watching Sam's fingers slide in his ass.

Finally Wayne was through and told Sam he was sorry he had shot all over him. Sam told Wayne it was cool and he thought it was hot getting cummed on in between breaths. Soon Sam was going at it hard with his fingers. Wayne was wiping up his mess that he had made but still watching Sam in his peripheral vision. He could hear Sam's ass making little sucking sounds as his finger were sliding in every once in a while.

Sam kept moaning how good it felt. Wayne stopped cleaning himself up and was watching Sam go at it. He was surprised when Sam let go of his cock and raised his legs up to his shoulders. He then started trying to get his fingers in more and more. When he managed to get his third finger in he let out a gasp. Wayne was just staring anymore. He was not trying to hide the fact. Here in front of his was a live show of an ass getting fingered. Sam was not being that gentle either ramming his fingers faster and faster. He was moaning lake a woman getting a good fucking and close to cumming.

Wayne's cock was hard again from watching Sam's fingers sliding in and out of that pink hole. He was getting worked up again and started stroking his cock. Sam had been going at it about ten minutes when he put his legs down. He let out a deep breath and looked over at Wayne. Wayne turned his head and said he was sorry for staring. Sam told Wayne he had to put his legs down and catch his breath a second.

Wayne told Sam he was sorry but it was hot watching his finger his ass. He said he had always wanted to finger and then fuck a girl's ass but they did not like the feel of his finger in there and sure as hell was not going to let his fuck it. He then told Sam he had one girl that let him eat her ass and finger her some but when he asked if he could fuck her in the ass she told him no and never went out with him again.

Sam Laughed then and said hell you can't find a girl to let you have her ass and I can't find a gut to take mine. Hell I would love to have you finger my ass and fuck it. But I know you don't swing that way. I just wish I could find someone that liked fucking ass as much as I would like to get fucked. And with that Sam raised his legs and started playing with his hole again.

Wayne could not believe Sam could not find someone to fuck him. He was a real nice looking guy and build like a brick shithouse. Wayne said he thought it was hot the way he was fingering himself and with that Sam turned so his ass was facing Wayne. Wayne had a great view wit one of Sam's legs propped up on the back of the couch. He even moved his hand so Wayne could see his fingers sliding in better.

Wayne started stroking his cock faster as he watched. Sam was getting into watching Wayne jacking his cock to. He started groaning louder as his fingers rubbed his prostate. He had to quit for a second when his fingers started to cramp a little.

Wayne could not get over it when Sam pulled his fingers out of his ass it looked like a little pussy. He could not see into it but the lips of Sam's ass looked so soft. He wanted to touch it and see how it felt. He just almost caught his hand lifting when he heard Sam say he wished he would finger his ass for him.

Wayne fought the urge to do it then he saw Sam man pussy start sucking his lips back inside. His finger touched it before he knew it and circled the pick ring. Sam let out a moan of appreciation as he felt Wayne's finger circle his hole. Then the words came out come on man stick it in for me.

Wayne slid his finger in with a little resistance. It was dry but slide on in. Sam's sphincter muscles clamped around his finger and a moan escaped his lips. Sam had pulled both knees close to his chest giving Wayne full access to his ass. Wayne noticed how soft and hot the inside of Sam's ass was. It was just like a pussy but wrapped around his finger only a lot tighter. He moved his finger around some and Sam's ass responded. Wayne pulled out his finger and heard Sam's groan of disappointment.

Sam told him to use two fingers this time and handed Wayne the lotion. Wayne was curious now so he put some lotion on two fingers and started sliding them in. He was surprised at how tight and hot it was inside as his fingers went all the way in. Sam let out another groan and told Wayne to fuck him with them. Wayne slowly moved his fingers in and out a couple of times loving the feel when Sam told him faster. Wayne sped up and started moving faster. He had Sam making all kinds of noises then. Wayne thought a second then tried adding a third finger. When it soon made its way in he heard Sam moaning "yeah baby fuck that man pussy"

The encouragement caused Wayne to speed up. His hand was flying on his cock in time with his fingers. He loved this getting to finally play with an ass the way he had always wanted. Wayne could feel something hard and getting harder in Sam's ass and every time his fingers hit it Sam would let out a groan. He soon figured out it had to be his prostate.

Sam was yelling now "Fuck me buddy work that hole over. Come on man fuck that ass."

Wayne was getting caught up in it and getting closer to cumming. He looked at Sam and smiled at his. Their eyes locked for a while then Sam asked Wayne "Buddy will you fuck me. I want your cock in my ass. Please stick it in and fuck me. Come on buddy you have always wanted to fuck some ass now your chance, fuck me please."

Wayne kept his eyes on Sam for a while and his fingers slipped out of his ass. Sam thought he had fucked up then. He was just fixing to drop his legs when Wayne shifted. Wayne was lining his cock up with his ass when Sam finally relaxed. Sam felt the head of Wayne's cock touch his hole. Sam relaxed as much as he could as Wayne started to push just a little. The head popped in and Sam started pushing back. He loved the feeling of fullness as Wayne's cock slid in. It felt thicker than the fingers but softer. He felt a little pain as it slid all the way in but it was a good pain.

When Wayne was all the way in he could not get over how tight it was and not causing Sam pain. It felt a lot different than a woman. It was hotter and tighter all the way down his cock instead of just a couple of inches. Wayne buried him self all the way in and just sat there for a while trying to take it all in. Sam brought him out of his thoughts when he wrapped his legs around his waste and started to ride him. Wayne pulled back some then went back in. He did not want to hurt Sam.

Sam finally told him to start fucking and quit playing around. Wayne moved a little faster but Sam kept telling him harder. He soon was pounding Sam just like it was a pussy. Sam started telling Wayne that was it. Over and over he kept telling Wayne how good he was making him feel. Soon sweat was dropping off of Wayne and hitting Sam. It was the most intense feeling Wayne had ever had. Here he had a man held down with his feet in the air that could whip his ass anytime. Instead he was pounding his ass and making him like it. Hell it was even better than he had ever thought it would be. It was like Sam's ass was sucking his cock.

Wayne started noticing when he was hitting Sam's prostate he would grunt. He raised Sam's legs a little higher and started hitting it every time he rammed. Sam was turning into a wild fuck, one like Wayne had never had. It was the feeling of power under him. Then all of a sudden Sam ass muscles started squeezing his cock. Wayne looked down and saw Sam was cumming. He was not toughing his cock but he was cumming. The thrill of this and the squeezing his cock was getting was getting Wayne close. He started really pounding hard then. Sam grunted every time Wayne bottomed out.

One, two, three and four Wayne counted the throbs before he could feel the cum travel up and out his cock. Nine, ten, eleven strong throbs, Wayne did not know why he always counted them but he did. That's how he rated the women he was with. The more throbs his cock had the higher his rating. The bad thing was the best he had ever had before was eight.

Then when Wayne pulled his cock out it was still hard. Sam feared he would be one to cum and run now will be when he finds out. Wayne got up off the couch and went to the bathroom. He heard the water running so he figured Wayne was trying to wash away the evidence. Sam one of the towels under his ass to keep the large load Wayne had shot off the couch.

Sam heard the door open and was ready for Wayne to leave when Wayne came around the end of the couch with a warm wet washrag. Sam stuck out his hand but Wayne told him he could do it. He pushed Sam back on the couch and raised his legs. He took the towel Sam had given him earlier and gently wiped Sam he told him to push out so anything that might leak would come on out. Sam pushed and air along with a lot of Wayne's cum came out. Sam turned red as he broke wind telling Wayne sorry. Wayne told him it was ok he knew it had to be air that he had shoved in. When Wayne was through he used the warm wet towel to finish cleaning Sam up with.

Once he was clean Wayne stuck his fingers back in the swollen ring. Sam made a noise and Wayne pulled his finger back out quickly. Sam told Wayne it was a good thing he pulled his finger out or he would have to fuck him again. Wayne stood then his hard cock sticking straight up. Sam smiled then and grabbed Wayne by the hand an led him to the bedroom Where they started a round of making love this time. Wayne did not know why he went but he did.


When Wayne woke the next morning he thought he had had another dream. Then he realized he was not at the cabin. As he slid his hand to his cock he noticed it was a little sore. Oh my god what had he done. He looked over and Sam was not in bed. His head hurt a little from drinking too much and he needed to empty his bladder. When he went into the bathroom he looked at himself in the mirror. What had he done? He just shook his head and grinned. He told himself what a dumb ass he was.

As he got out of the shower he noticed his cock was getting hard again. He did not understand why because if he remembered right he had filled Sam's ass with four big loads. How was he going to face him today? As he dried his hair he glanced in the mirror and saw he had a big grin on his face.

He dreaded it but got dressed and headed down stairs. He really did not want to face Sam this morning. When he got down stairs he smelled breakfast but did not see Sam anywhere. He walked into the kitchen and there was a plate on the table with a note beside it. Wayne picked up the note and read it.

Sorry big guy that I was not there when you woke up.

I really enjoyed last night and would have liked to have done a repeat this morning. I had time to fix you a plate but had to get back into the swing of things. I hope you are still their when I get done because I would like to thank you in person. If you are not I will understand though. You can take my truck if you have to go and I can pick it up later. Thanks again for the wonderful night and hope your still there.


Wayne could not believe Sam would even bring it up about last night. He quickly wadded up the note and threw it in the trash. Wayne lost his appetite thinking about what had happened and started pacing the room. What was he going to do? Panic struck him as he thought about everything he had done the night before. When he sat down in the chair he felt his belt buckle pinch his cock. When he went to rub it he found his cock was hard. It was almost like his cock was betraying him.

Wayne put his head in his hands and rubbed his face briskly. Man was he stupid. He started having little pains in his stomach and started to feel nauseated. Wayne wondered if Brad and Scott would know what he had done if they saw him. How was he going to face his Mom now?

The pains hit him again and he realized they were hunger pains. The last thing he had eaten was about two thirty yesterday. Wayne pulled the plate in front of him and uncovered it. There were three biscuits and three sausage patties on it. He pulled one biscuit apart and put a patty between it and started eating. He had to get his thoughts together and figure out what he was going to do.

When Wayne had finished the last sausage and biscuit he walked over to the trash can and pulled out the crumpled note. He smoothed it as best he could and found something to write with.

Sam I am sorry but I need to get back to the cabin to check on the guys. You were a very good host last night and I want to thank you for your hospitality. I need to ask you for a favor and hope you will do it. Will you please not tell anyone about last night? I would appreciate it. My private life is just that.

Thanks Wayne

As Wayne sat the note beside the plate he whispered a prayer to God. Lord if you help me get out of this mess I got myself into I would really be grateful. Wayne then checked his pockets to make sure he had every thing and then looked out the window to see if he could see Sam anywhere. When he saw the coast was clear he headed out the door and ran to Sam's truck. He knew Sam kept the keys in it and started it up and headed back to the cabin.

The farther Wayne got away from Sam's place the more his heart stopped racing. As he made it past the last trees Wayne let out his breath he had been holding. He was almost away. "FUCK FUCK FUCK WHAT THE HELL." Wayne almost locked up the brakes. Wayne worst nightmare was there at the corner waving at him. Sam was in the last section rounding up the cows and saw him coming down the road. He was riding up to the fence and waving his hat at Wayne.

Wayne thought about just waving and to keep going but he knew he could not. He finally pulled up and got out of the truck. His legs were shaking like he had just gotten out of a fight. Sam told Wayne he had hoped to make it back before he left. Wayne let him know he needed to check in on the guys incase something went wrong.

Sam walked over and shook Wayne's hand telling him he had a great time last night and what happened would just be between the two of them. Wayne felt a little relief in hearing those words and told Sam thanks. Sam then let him know he knew how he felt. He was ashamed that he had gotten him drunk and taken advantage of him. Sam then hugged Wayne and told him as he was turning around that if he ever wanted to come over for a rematch he would be willing. But you have to do it because you want to.

Wayne just looked at Sam as he climbed back in the saddle and road off towards the cows. He was shocked that in one breath Sam apologized for getting him drunk and taking advantage of him. Then in the next he offered to do it again any time he wanted. The thing that shocked Wayne the most was his cock was rock hard. He felt the stirrings in his loins like he never remembered before. Wayne climbed back in the truck and headed of down the road. Things that happened from the night before were flying through his thoughts.

Wayne felt his cock throb as he pictured Sam laid out on his stomach lifting his ass for him. He had done that so much last night. Sam would hold his cheeks as far apart as he could so Wayne could watch his cock slam home over and over again. Wayne caught him self stroking his cock to the thoughts of last night through his jeans. He looked in the rearview mirror and pulled over.

Once Wayne was sure no one was around he pulled his cock out and started beating it. He did not take long to get off and that was not like him. Once he cleaned him self up as best he could he noticed a little drop of cum on the back of his hand. Before he thought about it he licked it off. When it dawned on him what he did he was surprised at himself. It did not have a lot of taste but was a little salty sweet. Nothing like he expected though. Wayne looked around to make sure he did not have any more on him then put the truck in gear and took off.