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The Inheritance part 33

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When he finally pulled up at the cabin, Wayne looked around to see if anyone was outside. He did not see anyone, so he thought he'd better act normal and just go on in. When he opened the door he could smell sex. The room smelled like a couple had just made love. Wayne looked around and saw that Brad and Scott were still in the bed.

Neither moved as he shut the door. They were lying there, naked as the day they were born. Wayne cleared his throat and still nothing happened. He thought he would start something to eat, and maybe they would wake up. But, he decided he'd better go and take care of the animals first and then cook.

As Wayne left, he glanced over at the two sleeping men. It made Wayne think of what he and Sam had done last night. He told himself there was nothing wrong with the way the two of them had acted. He was trying to convince himself that what he and Sam did was just sex. Then he had a nagging feeling because he couldn't figure out why he got hard every time he thought about it. Sure, it was great sex, but why did he feel bad about trying to get away with out facing Sam this morning. If it had just been sex would he feel that way? He had left women many times before and never felt guilty about it.

Wayne shoved all thoughts of Sam out of his mind and got busy taking care of the animals. The puppy was the first to greet him as he started feeding. Wayne picked him up and told him he should get a name that he would have to learn. Once he petted him a little, he sat him down and started feeding. It was a nice morning with a cool breeze blowing. The horses neighed when he walked up, letting him know he was late. They pranced around until the feed was in the trough. When Wayne finished feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs he started milking the goat. Nanny had all but dried up and Oreo was only giving half the milk she usually did. Still it would be enough for the two of them. Wayne knew that one day they would have to kill the young buck for meat but was dreading it. He like watching him play. After milking he staked the goats out so they could eat the grass.

When Wayne made it back to the cabin he was shocked when he walked in. He almost dropped the milk and eggs as he came to a sudden stop. There on the bed, Scott was on his hands and knees with Brad pounding away at his ass. Apparently they woke up while he was out feeding. It took awhile before they even noticed that someone had come in. When they did they just stopped with Brad's cock buried all the way in Scott's ass.

Wayne yelled "sorry" and walked quickly over to the table, put everything down, and turned towards the door. Brad pulled out of Scott and told Wayne to wait. Wayne kept his back to the two of them and tried to apologize again. Brad told him he didn't have to apologize; that it should be the two of them that did. Brad and Scott got up and started getting dressed as Wayne just stood there.

When Brad had his pants on, he came up to Wayne and thanked him. They were very grateful that he had given them a chance to spend some time by themselves. Wayne still didn't turn around, afraid they were still naked. He was so shook up he did not hear them getting dressed. Brad reached out and touched Wayne's shoulder, pulling him around. Wayne was red faced from walking in on them.

Brad again apologized for them having sex in front of him. Then he told him he probably thought he would never have to see two men naked and having sex. Wayne did not say anything; he thought his face said it all. How could Brad know? Was there some sign when you have been with a man? Brad looked at Wayne and thought he was acting strange. He did not expect it would affect him like this.

Scott walked over to Wayne and managed to say he was glad to see him. He hugged him and Sam felt the hair of Scott's chest brush against his arm. The next thing he knew, he felt his cock start to rise. Wayne broke the hug before Scott could feel his cock grow. Then Scott asked him what time he had made it back. He let them know he had come in once, and they were asleep so he went and fed the animals. He had planned to cook some breakfast for them when he got back. Scott laughed and said, "So you cook now?"

Wayne pushed Scott back a little and told him he stank. Then he said, "Yes, I cook." Scott mumbled something about stinking, then asked Wayne to cook while they cleaned up. He agreed that would be good, because someone smelt like dirty ass. "Roses," Brad shouted. "Rotten ones," Wayne said back. "Now you too wash yourselves."

Wayne was glad he had taken a shower before he headed home. He watched as Brad got everything ready for Scott to shower. Then he helped Scott out of his clothes and into the shower. Wayne thought he and Scott were built a lot alike. Even their cocks hung in the same way. Scott was a good looking man, and Wayne knew it. He was glad to think he and Scott looked so much alike. Brad scrubbed Scott's back so he would not have to strain.

Wayne put some bacon on and some biscuits in the oven. Once Scott was washed, Brad stepped in while Scott dried off. Wayne could not help but think it was odd that Brad was fucking Scott. For some reason, he thought it would have been the other way around. He was now glad he didn't do anything with Brad because he didn't want to get fucked; he wanted to fuck. He thought it was strange again. He knew both guys acted like normal guys and you could not tell they were gay but it just blew Wayne's mind that Scott was getting fucked. Mister macho was a big pussy boy. Dam he could not help but chuckle thinking about it

Brad was done by the time Wayne had put the eggs on to cook. Both guys only put on boxers and did not finish getting dressed. Wayne put the food on the table and got to sit in a folding chair for a change. The benches were shoved against the wall because May left the chairs for them to use. They were a lot better than the bench, and you did not have to worry about tipping them over.

The talk was about all the improvements Wayne had made. Scott told him he would never have thought about them. He then thanked him for helping to keep Brad company. When they were through eating Brad cleaned the dishes while Wayne and Brad caught up on things. It had been a few years since they really talked, and they never knew what was going on.

By the time they were through talking, May was at the door. They hollered, "Come in," and she hugged them all like she had not seen them in a while. She then asked Wayne where Sam was. He explained he had come home this morning while Sam was working the cattle.

May let Brad know that she had something she needed to do in the morning and asked if he would mind if she came by and picked Scott up Sunday afternoon. Brad was quick to respond that he would love to have him stay. She then turned to Wayne and asked him if he would mind staying at Sam's again and letting the boys have a little more time by themselves.

It looked like May had slapped Wayne across the face when she asked him. He stammered around a little and finally got the words out. "Okay, I guess, but shouldn't I ask Sam first?" May said she had already asked the day before in case this came up. Wayne looked like a scared kid but said he would. Brad and Scott both hugged her and thanked her. Then they hugged Wayne and told him he was the greatest. May told them she needed to head back and for them to take care.

Wayne felt trapped. What was he going to do now? He knew if he went back, that he would have a hard time looking at Sam. How would he act, having to spend another night with him? What if he wanted Wayne to have sex again? Man, he had gotten himself into a mess. Sam's place was the last place he wanted to be tonight. As a matter of fact, Sam was the last person he wanted to see for a while.

Scott asked if it would be alright for him to leave after supper. Wayne told him that would be fine. While Brad was getting supper ready, he kept a close eye on Wayne. He knew something was wrong, and did not think it was what he walked in on this morning.

Once supper was finished, Brad asked Wayne if he would help him feed before he left. They headed outside to where the animals were. Once they had made it to the feed house, Brad grabbed Wayne by the arm and asked him what's up. Wayne told him nothing was up. Brad then asked him how the sex with Sam had been. That floored Wayne. How could he know? Wayne did not say anything, but just stood there with his mouth hanging open.

Brad again asked him how the sex had been. Wayne stammered around and finally just threw his hands up. He asked, "What you want me to say?" Brad asked him if he was forced to do anything he didn't want to. Wayne shook his head no. Next, he asked if he or Sam had been hurt. Again, Wayne shook his head no. Wayne told him no one was hurt or forced to do anything. He just needed some time to think about what happened. A year or two might be long enough.

Brad laughed, and asked Wayne if he remembered the two of them talking about him being gay. Wayne said yes. Brad then asked him if he remembered about how a guy had sex with him, and then he did not want to see him after that. Then a few weeks later he came by scared shitless, but wanted to have sex again. "Wayne you're that guy. You have not yet come to terms with what happened between the two of you."

Wayne agreed with Brad, then asked him what he should do. Brad told him he should face his fears and go over to Sam's. "Just be honest with Sam and tell him you need time to think it all out." Brad explained he had known Sam in school and he would not be the type to force himself on others. Wayne agreed, but told Brad he did seduce him. Brad said, "Well that's your fault, then, for not saying no."

They fed all the animals and headed back to the cabin. Wayne packed a few things and left. As he headed down the road, he became more uneasy the closer he got to town. Wayne finally had to pull over and empty the contents of his stomach. That helped a lot, but he was still a wreck when he pulled up to Sam's

When he walked up on the porch and knocked on the door, he just about bolted. As the door opened, Wayne had to hold on the frame to keep standing. Sam opened the door and told Wayne to come in. Wayne made it to the couch and dropped. Sam saw the bag beside the door and brought it in. He turned to Wayne and asked him if he was staying the night again. Wayne nodded his head yes, because the words were not coming out. Sam told him to just make him self at home and that he would be fixing a bite to eat later if he was hungry.

Wayne said, "Thanks but I've already eaten. I would like something cold to drink." Sam brought Wayne a Pepsi and told him they would not be drinking tonight. Wayne looked up at Sam and said "Thanks." Sam handed Wayne the remote and told him to turn the TV on and find something to watch. "Just make sure it is something decent; my ass couldn't take another night like last night." Wayne spit Pepsi everywhere when Sam said that. It came out his mouth and nose, burning both. Sam saw it and handed Wayne a rag to clean up with.

He looked at Wayne, and said, "Calm down, I'm not going to jump your bones. Can't we just be two buddies relaxing for the night? Wayne let out a breath he guessed he had been holding for a while. He still could not believe Sam was talking about this. He looked at Sam and said, "Thanks."

Sam burst out laughing. He told Wayne he was safe; that his ass was so sore he could hardly sit in the saddle. Then he explained that last night was only the second time he had had male sex. He just hoped Wayne was not wanting a replay because he was out of luck.

Wayne told him he had been scared to come back because he was afraid he would want tonight to be like last night. Sam looked at Wayne and said, "I know last night was your first, so I figured you probably did not even want to see me tonight. I remember my first time. I thought everyone that looked at me would know I had had a cock in my ass by the way I walked. The last person I wanted to see was the one that took my cherry."

Wayne was shocked by what Sam said. He did not know that Sam had felt that way in the beginning too. Now Wayne felt a little guilty over his actions. He asked Sam how long was it before he felt comfortable about what he had done. Sam told Wayne that it took him a couple of weeks to see that sex with another consenting person wasn't wrong. It didn't matter if it was male or female as long as both parties agreed. "You can not help who you fall in love with, and it shouldn't really matter."

Wayne told Sam that, for him, it was just a guilt thing. Being taught since he was a small kid, that it is wrong is where the guilt came from. Wayne guessed that if no one ever said it was wrong, then it would take only a couple of generations before no one thought anything about it. Wayne explained he would feel guilty if anyone ever found out about what happened.

Sam reassured Wayne that he would not tell anyone. What they did was between them. It was great sex between two men. Wayne looked at Sam and asked him if he really meant it when he said it was great sex. Sam told Wayne it was the best he had ever had. Wayne turned red, and grinned at Sam, then let him know it was great sex for him too. He explained that he had always wanted to try anal sex but never found a woman that would do it.

Sam looked over at Wayne and smiled back as he explained that he loved it last night. He said he felt like he had really been made love to and had stayed horny all day in the saddle. Then, the first thing he did when he made it back to the barn at lunch was to jack off. He also told Wayne he had jacked off in the shower before he had gotten here, thinking about last night.

Wayne felt his cock stir when Sam started telling him this. When Sam was done he finally told him how he had pulled over and done the same thing this morning. He then told Sam about Brad figuring out what happened and ask if he thought Brad would tell anyone.

Sam told him that, so far, he had never known of Brad telling anything on anyone. By that time Supper was done, and Wayne had gotten his appetite back so they sat down to eat. Sam had fixed hamburgers and fries and they tasted great to Wayne. When supper was done, Sam loaded the dishwasher and then they went into the living room and sat down.

Sam turned the TV on and told Wayne he had better pick the channel tonight. Wayne punched him in the arm, and Sam told him he better be careful or he might have to whop his ass. Then he added, "You know, paybacks are a bitch."

Wayne chuckled and said, "I give up, you win. So let's watch some TV." It was getting late when Sam told Wayne he had to get to bed. He could either sleep on the couch or with him, where ever he felt safest.

Wayne thought about what Sam had said as he headed up stairs. Now, he would feel funny if he didn't sleep with Sam. He thought about it for a couple more minutes then turned everything off and headed upstairs. His mind was made up that nothing was going to happen tonight. But, he was man enough to sleep with Sam.

When Wayne got out of the bathroom and into the bed, Sam was already asleep. He felt relief when he heard him snoring lightly. When Wayne was settled in the bed it did not take long before he fell asleep too. He was sleeping peacefully until he woke up, needing to go to the bathroom. He awoke to find himself all snuggled up against Sam. He realized he had Sam's cock in his hand and it was hard. At first he thought Sam might have pulled something, but the sounds of even breathing and light snoring told Wayne he had not.

As Wayne tried to move around enough to untangle himself from Sam, he had the chance to feel Sam's cock really well. It felt different than his cock. Once he was out of the bed, he went to relieve himself. His cock was hard too, but when he felt of it he noticed his felt a little bigger than Sam's. Wayne went back to bed crawled in. Once he was settled, Sam shifted to where he was up against Wayne once more. If it had not been for the jockeys he had on, his cock would be right in Sam's ass crack.

Wayne felt his cock stiffen when that thought crossed his mind. Wayne Backed away long enough for him to shift his cock. Once he was relaxed, his cock head was right at Sam's ass. Wayne could not help it as his cock twitched. He thought, "Why am I acting this way around Sam when I was the one that did not want to do anything?" Wayne finally had to turn over so he could go to sleep.

The next morning Wayne woke first, to find Sam snuggled up to his back. It felt nice and warm all snuggled up that way. He remembered that sometimes Brad did that too. However, he noticed a big difference when he moved a little. Sam was not stuck to his back. When he was at home, Brad would always be stuck to his back. He guessed that it had to be the hair because he never stuck to Brad's back.

Wayne laid there until Sam woke up. Sam kissed Wayne's shoulder as he snuggled up a little tighter, thinking Wayne was still asleep Wayne felt Sam's cock throb a couple of times, but it was a little higher up than when Wayne snuggled against Sam.

Wayne shifted and told Sam good morning. Sam backed away from Wayne a little, so as to not offend him. He told Wayne good morning and that he needed to head to the john. Sam crawled out of the bed and, as he came around to the bathroom, he saw Sam's cock was sticking up at a forty five degree angle. Wayne thought Sam had a great body. He looked like one of the Greek god statues to him. If Wayne were into men, he would really go for someone like Sam.

Once Sam was out of the bathroom, Wayne got out of bed. His cock was almost hard but looked great in the Jockeys. Sam made a comment on how hot he was, and Wayne responded that he was not so bad himself.

"Not bad? What do you mean not bad?"

"Well, Sam, I see better than that every morning when I look at myself in the mirror. With a body like this, it's hard to beat."

"Hell, If I was as wimpy as you are, I could not have been the best athlete on the team."

"Yeah. Well, jocks like you have to have someone to back your ass up so you don't lose. If it were not for them fucking up so much on purpose, you would not look so good."

That was it. Sam tackled Wayne and they landed on the bed. The wrestling match was on. Wayne started yelling, "No fair, I have to pee," but Sam didn't let up. Once he had him pinned, he started tickling Wayne.

"If you don't let me up I'm gonna piss all over you Sam."

"Go ahead. If you think I care, you're wrong." Sam started tickling even more.

Wayne struggled to get Sam off of him and finally managed to get an arm loose. He grabbed Wayne's arm and pushed it behind his back. This caused Sam to shift his weight and lose his balance. Wayne managed to get on top. It was taking everything he had to stay there. Sam was stronger than Wayne from working out every day. Wayne had to put his head against Sam's chest and push just to keep him down while he struggled to get loose. It seemed that, no matter what he did, Sam was going to break free and he would torture him. Sam started arching his back, lifting him off the bed. Wayne opened his eyes and all he saw was Sam's nipple in front of his face. Wayne stuck his tongue out and licked it. When Sam jumped, he took the nipple in his mouth and nibbled at it. Sam let out a yell and fell back on the bed. Brad thought he clamped down on his nipple too hard and relaxed his grip.

As Wayne started to say he was sorry, Sam grabbed the sides of his head and laid a lip lock on Wayne. Wayne was caught off guard and started to say something. When he opened his mouth, Sam's tongue entered. He fought it at first, then figured it was no use. Sam was paying him back for the nipple thing. For some reason it was not as disgusting as he thought. Actually, Sam was a lot better kisser than most of the women Wayne had dated. Sam broke the kiss and said, "Damn, you're a great kisser."

Wayne did not know what to do, and all he could say was, "You're not so bad yourself." Wayne jumped off Sam and told him he had to go. When Wayne came out of the bathroom, Sam was still lying on the bed naked, with his legs up and his hard cock in his hand. His other hand had two fingers buried in his ass. Wayne stopped and stared. He could not take his eyes away from Sam.

Sam lay on the bed watching as Wayne's cock got hard. He brought his hand up and added more spit to his fingers. This time he buried three fingers in his ass. Wayne's hand went to his cock without even thinking about it. As he rubbed it through his jockeys, Sam saw it throbbing a couple of times. He looked at Wayne and told him he sure wished he would fuck him. Wayne turned away and stopped looking at Sam.

Sam was just fixing to lower his legs when he saw Wayne turn his head back to look again. He crammed his fingers in as deep as he could. That was all it took. Wayne dropped to his knees at the side of the bed. He pulled Sam's fingers out of his ass and replaced them with his mouth.

Sam thought he saw stars. He had never had anyone eat his ass like this. This man was crazy. It felt like Wayne was sucking his insides out. He was running his tongue in as far as he could, then twisting it around and around. It reminded him of the days when he was little and licking the cake bowl. He could not get his tongue out far enough or taste it fast enough to satisfy his taste buds. Sam started yelling for Wayne to eat his ass. This seemed to make Wayne try to get even farther up Sam's ass. The soreness from getting fucked like a mad man the night before was soon gone, replaced by need.

Wayne was in such a high state of arousal that it would have not bothered him if every friend he had was watching right now. He was getting to satisfy his needs. To him, it did not even matter that it was Sam's ass he was eating. It was open and tasted good and responding to him. Wayne even liked the texture of the hair around Sam's ass ring.

Sam helped hold his ass open as best he could. If he pulled any harder he would rip skin. He knew every time Wayne's teeth scrapped his hole it sent chills up his spine. Then it happened; an electric jolt ran through his body. Again it happened, and it took a while for him to figure out that it was Wayne's fingers hitting his prostate. Sam let loose a string of curse words when it happened the third time. Wayne inserted two fingers and Sam let loose again. By the time he put his third finger in Sam was cussing at Wayne because it was not his cock. It did not take long before Wayne stood up. When he did, he placed Sam's feet over his shoulders and lined up his cock with Sam's open ass. Sam felt Wayne slide his cock head across his open ass lips, wetting them even more with his precum.

Sam tried to push back, but Wayne teased him. Finally, Sam yelled for him to fuck him. With one push Wayne bottomed out in Sam's ass. It took Sam's breath away for a second, as the pain of such a sudden entrance took him. It did not last very long though, because Wayne started to pull out. He started delivering long slow strokes and watching as his cock sank into Sam's ass. The thrill of being in this hot hole again was something he did not know if he could live without.

Sam started feeling good as Wayne slowly put out the fire in his ass. The only thing he needed now was for Wayne to speed up. It was obvious that he was not going to, so Sam lifted his feet off of Wayne's shoulders and rolled out from under his. He grabbed Wayne by the shoulders and turned him around and pushed him back on the bed. He had Wayne's ass on the edge of the bed and turned around to straddle Wayne's legs. Once he reinserted Wayne's cock, he placed his hands on Wayne's knees and started riding his cock. Sam was slamming down on Wayne so hard that, after a while, the bed was sinking four or five inches every time he bottomed out.

Wayne had never been ridden this hard before and loved it. He was getting close to cumming and felt his balls pulling up against him. He could watch as Sam plowed himself on his cock. Wayne felt the cum rising and pulse after pulse started filling Sam's ass. Wayne let out a yell that he was cumming and Sam sped up even more and, within five strokes on his own cock, Sam's ass started clamping down on Wayne's cock. Sam's own cum was flying out and spraying the walls.

Wayne was glad when Sam finally stopped the ride. His own cock was so sensitive that he could not take anymore right now. Sam slowly slid off into the floor, drained of all of his energy. When Wayne finally stood up he helped Sam to stand too. He looked at Sam and told him he needed a shower.

Wayne helped him to the shower and turned on the water. As Wayne started to close the shower curtain Sam grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in. The shower was not that small so there was enough room for the two of them.

Sam reached over, grabbed the soap, and started soaping up Wayne's chest. When he had it all soaped up, he turned Wayne around and started working on his back. It felt good to have someone soaping him up. He had always loved showering with his girlfriends. When Sam reached around and started washing his cock and balls, Wayne tensed for a second before relaxing again. He was getting hard again from all the attention.

Wayne was okay until Sam started soaping his ass. He could not help himself but grab Sam's wrist to keep him away. Sam told him he was not going to hurt him or force him to do anything. Once Wayne let loose, Sam once again started soaping his ass. Wayne felt Sam's finger tracing across his ass ring. It made him nervous when Sam touched his ass. Sam never tried anything else but just soaping and cleaning Wayne. When he had finished washing Wayne's feet, he handed the bar of soap to Wayne and turned around.

Wayne did not know what to do. He had washed women before but never a man. As a matter of fact, he really didn't want to wash parts of Sam at all. He started with Sam's back and was amazed at how the muscles played under the skin. He worked his way down Sam's back to his ass. Wayne kind of enjoyed the way his firm ass felt. Wayne worked a finger into Sam's ass and soaped it up a little. He could feel Sam clamp down on it as he moved his finger around.

Wayne took both hands and caressed Sam's ass letting his fingers trace their way into his crack. Sam moaned a little as Wayne worked him over with his hands. Sam took Wayne's hands and pulled them around to his pec's, making his fingers find his nipples and pinch them lightly. Wayne found himself grinding his cock into Sam again, and Sam responded by pushing back into him.

Wayne pressed himself into Sam with as much body contact as he could. He felt Sam reach around and guide his cock into his ass. With a light thrust he felt it slide all the way in. Wayne let a moan escape as he felt the warm softness of Sam engulf him completely. Wayne started again thrusting into Sam.

Sam felt Wayne hitting his prostate and knew he would not last long this time either. There was something about this man that sent him over the edge quickly. He loved how Wayne's size stretched him just enough that he felt like he was completely full. The thickness rubbed his prostate every time he entered. But it did not apply too much pressure for him. Sam was feeling great but needed more. He pulled away and turned to face Wayne. Lifting his leg to rest on the hand rail he pulled Wayne back to him.

It took a couple of minutes to get it right and back into the rhythm, but it was worth it to Sam. Once he started getting back into it, he latched onto one of Wayne's nipples and started sucking and nibbling. Wayne had never known his nipples to be sensitive, but what Sam was doing felt great. After a while the pleasure was getting too great and Sam locked his fingers around Wayne's neck and wrapped his other leg around Wayne's waist. Wayne had to press part of Sam's weight against the shower wall to keep from slipping

Once Wayne had done this, it gave him better balance and he could pound harder. Sam had water spraying in his face and could not take it any more. When he pulled up he was face to face with Wayne. He licked Wayne's lips then planted a big kiss on him. Wayne was getting close and had been breathing through his mouth. When he felt Sam kiss him, he did not think anything about it. He automatically started kissing back. His tongue was searching for Sam's and when the battle was over he found Sam's mouth a willing orifice.

Wayne felt his cum emptying into Sam once again, caused by the spasms in Sam's ass. When Wayne felt his last shot of cum enter Sam he started sliding down the side of the shower to rest on the shower floor. Too spent to stand anymore it was all he could do. Sam and Wayne, still locked in a kiss, opened their eyes to look at each other. Sam knew then that what he wanted was to be with this man the rest of his life. Wayne looked at Sam and saw love in his eyes. He felt something but was unable to label it.

They finally realized the warm water was running out. Sam stood and washed his ass and the cum off his stomach. He helped Wayne stand and clean himself too. Once done, he handed Wayne a towel and retrieved one for himself. Neither one said anything as they dried off. Wayne was done first and stood looking at Sam. This was a powerfully built man. He did not act like anything but a man.

When they were through they headed down stairs to fix some breakfast. Sam was not much of a cook so they again had biscuits and sausage. They sat around and talked about what Sam needed to do that morning while they drank coffee. As the morning went on and nothing said about what had happened Wayne relaxed. He was relieved that the subject was never brought up.

When Sam told him he needed to get to work Wayne asked him if he had an extra horse. Wayne would help him get his morning chores done. Sam took him out to the barn and pulled two of the three horses out. They saddled them up and took off. Wayne always liked the feeling of freedom when riding a horse. Everything was so open with the wind blowing on your face.

As they went through the first gate Sam said, "Wayne, you ride in reverse. Go into an open plot and open the gate to the one that has cattle in it. Round up the cows and drive them into the one that's empty. You then go through the next two that are empty and into the third one that has cattle in it and drive them into the previous empty one. That way, if you move them twice a day, every plot is grazed for only twelve hours and rested without grazing for twenty four. It allows you to have more cattle on less land."

It did not take nearly as long with two of them working the cattle. Once the gate was open Wayne would ride down one side and Sam the other. The cows were used to this so it went fast. While one of them closed a gate the other rode towards the other plot to open the next gate. The timing worked well. Sam and Wayne had made it back to the house in about half the usual time, working as a team.

Sam unsaddled his horse and started rubbing it down while Wayne did the same to his. As the day went on, Wayne became more and more relaxed. When they went inside, Sam kicked off his boots and hung his hat on the hook by the door. He told Wayne to make himself at home.

Sam headed to the kitchen to see what he could fix for lunch. There was not a lot of food to choose from. Sam finally told Wayne they would have bologna sandwiches for lunch. Wayne told him that sounded good; he had not had that in a while. Sam told Wayne if he would stay for supper he would fix spaghetti. Wayne told him he would call his Mom after lunch and see what time she would be out.

When Sam came back in the living room he sat on the couch beside Wayne. He then told Wayne that, when he got hungry, he would fix him a sandwich. They kicked back a little while and watched TV. It was not long until one of the talk shows called Harry Springer came on. The subject for the day was, "my wife is a whore." As it started, both guy's laughed a little. Then came out the guys she had been sleeping with. This woman had four guys she had been messing around with and all of them knew her husband. The fight was on. Sam and Wayne both commented on how fake it was.

When the next couple came out they yelled a lot and then she told him she loved another man. The guy came out and the fight was on again. This time it did not look so fake. They both commented on how the guys could have done better though, and their opinions were different. Sam slapped his leg against Wayne's and told him that was why he always got his ass whooped. Wayne slapped Sam on the thigh and told him he did not know much about wrestling.

Sam jumped on Wayne and told him he would show him, as he tried to get Wayne in a head lock. Wayne did not put up much of a fight and soon gave in. He thought that, if they wrestled around, they just might end up in the bed again. He knew his cock was already responding to the body contact.

Sam then told Wayne he was getting hungry, and went to the kitchen to fix something to eat. He was a good host and brought something for Wayne too. They relaxed a little and started talking about what plans both of them had for the future.

Wayne was shocked by Sam's plans He had been putting most of his check back every month and saving up to buy some land and raise his own cattle. He figured that, in five years, he would have enough to buy enough land and have enough cattle to make a living. Land was not that expensive and, if he found someone that really wanted to get rid of some, he could make a go of it.

He even thought about looking now and making payments on it. That would give him time to work on the land before he had to depend on it. If he was lucky, he could even get a few head along the way and get a head start. Wayne told Sam about a guy that had five hundred acres of good land that was for sale. This had Sam asking all kinds of questions.

Then Sam asked Wayne what he had planned. Wayne told him how he would like to settle down, get married, and have a couple of kids. You could tell that this was not exactly what Sam wanted to hear.

He told Sam he would just like to find a good job where he could get ahead in life. He did not want a lot, but would just like to find someone who could give back the love he had to give. Sam then asked him if he had any prospects. Wayne told him he had never found anyone that he thought really loved him for him. "It seems like they are either looking for a place to stay or a pay check. It is hard to find someone in a town of five hundred. Sure, some new women came through now and then but they always had a passel of kids and were looking for a place to shack up. By the time I settled down, and even thought about looking for a wife, all the good ones were taken.

"By the time a couple of the good ones get a divorce, they have a lot of baggage and have been ruined by a bad marriage. Then you have to put up with the asshole she was married to, for the kids. Small towns don't have a lot to offer kids, so sex starts early and so do the kids. Some leave, hoping to better their lives and most do. The reason I stayed is because of my Mom. It hurts me to see her kill herself the way she does. She works from seven till seven every day of the week. She is finally getting a break and I am glad about it."

Wayne doesn't want to live in the fast lane. He loves the country life and what it has to offer. He just wishes it had more to offer sometimes. You have to work a long time to make enough money to afford much, because the pay is low. The only reason he has a house is because, when hid dad died, he left an insurance policy for him. Wayne's Mom insisted he buy a house with it so he could have a place to call his own. Wayne always teased that she just wanted him out of the house.

Sam thought, for such a great guy he did not have much drive. Wayne could go places if he had someone pushing him. He was smart, good looking, and a hard worker. He had a lot going for him. Sam figured there were a lot of good men in small towns that just did not want to leave. They like the small town life but the town just did not have anything to offer them.

Sam knew he had feelings for Wayne. He could be happy with him. Between the two of them they could make a great life for themselves. Why couldn't Wayne fall for him? Would living together as a couple be so bad? Sam knew he could take care of Wayne's sexual needs, but what was Wayne looking for on an emotional level.

Wayne asked Sam what he was looking for in a spouse. When he told Wayne he was looking for someone just like him, Wayne's punched him in the arm and said, "No, really, what are you looking for." Again Sam told him "you." Wayne got a worried look on his face.

"What I am looking for is someone like you in most ways; someone you can have fun with, a real man. Physically you are perfect for me. I can still whoop your ass when needed. Just kidding! I don't know... it's like I have really loved the time we've spent together. When you're relaxed you are fantastic. You just have a tendency to freak out when I touch you. That's my fault though, because I want to make love to you all the time. We just haven't done it yet."

"Haven't done it yet...What the hell do you call what's happened the last couple of days, Sam?"

"Getting fucked, and that's not bad. In fact, I have loved it. I would just, one time, love to make love to you. I want to kiss you, and spend time finding out everything about your body without having to worry you will freak out and run."

"I uh... well I can't do that."

"I know Wayne... I think if you ever tried it. . ."

"Look Sam, I did try it...it's just not me...I like the sex and all, but that's all it could ever be."

Sam put his head down and tried to pull himself together. It was hard and the lump in his throat was so big he almost lost his lunch. He finally took in a deep breath and set his jaw. When he looked at Wayne he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He was very vulnerable then, and it took everything he had not to break down in tears.

Wayne saw the tear roll down Sam's cheek and he then felt like a heel. He wanted to go put his arm around him and tell him it would be ok. He knew he couldn't, though, because it would just hurt Sam more. He just did not have the feelings for him that Sam had. So why did he feel so bad?

Sam stood and said he had to go to the restroom and would be ready to go out and work as soon as he was through. As Sam headed out of the room, gone was the proud man. His grace was even gone as he walked across the room Wayne even felt worse because he had hurt Sam. Why did this always happen to him?

Wayne sat there, lost in his own thoughts while Sam was out of the room. If Sam were a girl, it would be different. Wayne could see himself falling for someone like that. He had everything going for him, except he could not really cook and he was a guy. The best thing was he was great to be around and did not expect him to hang all over him. He was great help and could pull his share of the load and, that ass. Fuck, he was a great lay. Clean and begging for more...man it was good. He did not even expect pay back. Wayne had to think. Did he even touch Sam's cock? No, he didn't. Sam always made sure it was out of the way. He did cum on him though, and that was kind of gross.

Sam entered the room again and broke Wayne's thoughts. He told him he could go with him and rotate the cattle again or, if he felt uncomfortable, he could head on back if he wanted.

Wayne stood and told him he would help him before he headed back. They saddled the horses and headed out. It went quickly and they were back again, not taking near as long because the two of them worked together so well. When they were in the barn wiping down the horses, Wayne still noticed that Sam did not quite act the same. He still acted like he had his feelings hurt.

When they were through in the barn, Sam asked Wayne if he wanted to clean up before he headed back to town. Wayne thought that might be a good idea. Besides, he enjoyed having a real shower for a change. They headed to the house and Wayne tried to get Sam into a talking mood. It did not matter what he said; he seemed to just get clipped answers from him.

When they went in, Sam told Wayne he could shower first if he wanted. Wayne let him know he needed to call his Mom first to see if she was on her way, so he go ahead if he wanted. Sam headed on up the stairs to the bedroom. Wayne picked up the phone and dialed his Mom's. She was still at the house when he called. It was the first time he had been able to talk to his Mom in private in a while. He asked her how she was doing financially and she told him that she had gotten more money over the last few weeks than she ever had, and she was putting a lot of it into savings. She told him she missed the gossip that she always heard, but she was also enjoying the time off.

The small talk went on a few more minutes and then Wayne told her he better let her go so she could pick up Scott.

"Hold on son... are you in a big hurry?

"Not really Mom"

"Well, tell me how much you have enjoyed your last two days with Sam."

"Do what...What do you mean?"

"Well I noticed how Sam looked at you the other day and wondered. I think he has a little crush on you."

"How did you know that? Did Brad say something to you?"

"No... why... should Brad have said something to me son?"

"No Mom,"

"Wayne, you know it would not matter who you are with as long as you're happy. If Sam made you happy it would make me happy."

"Mom, you know I am not that way."

"Well Wayne, you know if you were I would understand and support you, don't you?"

"Yes Mom I know."

"Ok then... Mom loves you and, no matter what, I always will. I guess I better let you go then."

"Ok Mom I love you too... later."