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The Inheritance part 34

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When Wayne hung up he went upstairs. Sam was just getting out of the shower. Wayne dug his last set of clean clothes out and then started getting undressed. As Sam entered the room all he had on was a towel. Wayne again could not help but stare at Sam. He just could not get over at how great he was built.

Sam told Wayne the shower was all his. That pulled him back to reality. Wayne stepped into the bathroom and finished getting undressed. He saw the towel drop when Sam dug through a couple of drawers, looking for his clothes.

Wayne could not help but look at Sam's ass again. He felt his cock rising as he looked at it. He thought again it was a shame he was not a girl. Being with Sam had to be one of the best times he had ever had in bed. The only thing that would have made it even better would have been if he had been female. He could have kissed and responded to her. He would have liked to kiss and feel his lover's body, but with Sam that would have been too Gay.

Wayne climbed in the shower before Sam could turn around. He did not want to see him with a hard on from looking at him. It was like his cock had a mind of its own, though. When Wayne got in the shower he started lathering up. It did not take long until he was almost stroking his cock.

He had horned up while touching himself. Wayne tried to listen to see if Sam had left the room. Wayne did not hear anything and decided it was safe. He was going to hurry and get out of the shower, and then get dressed before Sam could come back. Wayne turned the water off and pulled the curtain back to see Sam standing at the sink getting ready to blow dry his hair.

Wayne's first instinct was to cover his hard cock. Sam reached over and threw Wayne a towel and told him "here this will do a better job." Wayne accepted the towel and quickly covered himself up. He felt his cock going down from embarrassment, and started to dry off. Sam just acted like it was nothing as he finished his hair.

Wayne stepped to the other room and finished drying off. As he was putting his jockeys on Sam stepped out of the bathroom and headed down stairs. Wayne felt a little strange again as Sam walked off. He finished getting dressed and dried his hair and met Sam downstairs.

Sam wanted to know if Wayne was ready to go. Wayne felt like he owed Sam an explanation but did not know how to broach the subject. He finally told Sam he was ready and they headed out to the truck. They were about half way back to the cabin when Wayne asked Sam to pull over. When Sam came to a stop, Wayne stepped out of the truck. Sam sat there thinking Wayne just needed to relieve him self. But Wayne walked around and opened Sam's door and told him they needed to talk.

Sam stepped out of the truck, a little pissed. He expected the worst from the look on Wayne's face. Sam was the first to speak and told Wayne he had already promised not to tell anyone what happened over the weekend. Wayne looked at Sam and told him that was not what this was all about. All he could think about was what happened this weekend.

"Sam, I don't know why, but I am drawn to you. You are a good looking guy and I have thought about you a lot. I don't know how far I can go with this, but for some reason I want to try. You have something about you that I am attracted to. When I was not scared to death this weekend, I had a great time. I just don't know what I am going to be able to do and how far I can go."

"Wayne, I don't know that about myself yet. All I know is that I am attracted to you and would like to see where it would go." With that, Sam leaned over and lightly kissed Wayne on the lips.

Wayne felt electricity run through him when Sam kissed him and his cock sprang to life. He reached out placing both hands on the sides of Sam's face and kissed him passionately. Sam's mouth opened and Wayne's tongue entered and explored Sam's mouth. Wayne did not know how long it lasted, but when the kiss ended he wanted more. Wayne let his hands drop down to his sides and took in a breath of air. His head was reeling from the kiss.

As he regained his composure Wayne asked Sam if he would be willing to give it a try. Sam's only response before he jumped into Wayne's arms and planted a big kiss on him was, "HELL YEAH!"

Wayne had Sam leaned against the truck and was grinding his hips into him. Sam's body was responding the same way. Finally they broke their embrace and looked at each other. Sam made the first move by dropping to his knees and unfastening Wayne's pants. They were going to enjoy a few more minutes of each other before Wayne returned to the cabin.

Scott and Brad had a great night again. As they sat around the table eating breakfast Brad kept telling Scott how much he had enjoyed him being there over the weekend. They finally decided that they needed to plan a couple of more weekends like this if Wayne would agree to it. He could stay in town over the weekend, if he wanted. Brad then said he thought the way it was set up this weekend would work for Wayne.

Brad noticed that Scott was not having near as much trouble talking as the first day he had seen him. He just loved looking at him in his tighty whities. Scott had lost some of his tan but still had enough that he looked hot. The dark hair on his chest made him look even darker than he was. It was in little ringlets, tight against his chest right now. Brad noticed that, when he got hot and started to sweat, it would curl. But, when he showered and dried off it would be straight.

About that time they heard the CB going off. It was May telling them that she was heading out, so put away anything they did not want her to see. Scott went over to the CB and told her to take all the time she wanted. She laughed and let him know they had had enough time to take care of that. Scott let her know there was never enough time to do that. She told him to hurry up; he only had a couple of hours before she got there.

Brad told Scott he would like to go for a walk. As they headed out Brad left a note, with the time on it, about where they were going. Then they headed out. The first thing Brad did was to take Scott to see the puppy and get him to name it. Scott picked the pup up and played with it. He was getting bigger every day now. His coat was getting darker and he was now a light brown.

Scott told Brad they could go on with their walk and he would think of a name as they walked along. Brad was glad Scott seemed to enjoy the pup. He was afraid it would remind him of what happened and what he lost. His good friend Yeller's grave was the second stop for them. Scott kneeled down and touched the ground where he was buried. Scott apologized to Yeller for what had happened. Telling him thanks and how sorry he was that he had been shot.

Scott and Brad both shed a few tears over Yeller's grave. Brad put his arms around Scott as they both stood. Brad could not seem to thank Yeller enough for saving Scott's life.

They walked the path a little further, kicking rocks as they walked. They enjoyed watching the pup chase them as they went. Brad reached out and took Scott's hand. It was a beautiful day, with a cool breeze blowing up the trail, and you could hear the creek in the background. After a while they just stopped and leaned up against a bolder and relaxed. Brad was still amazed by all the beauty in the valley. It seemed to change dramatically with the seasons. Brad closed his eyes and listened to the sounds; a grasshopper jumping and making clicking sounds as it went from here to there; a bird singing off in the distance; a bee buzzing by in its flight to collect pollen from the many flowers of the valley; and the rustlings of leaves when the wind picked up were all sounds Brad heard.

Reaching over and taking Scott's hand, Brad pulled him in for a kiss. The peacefulness of the Valley was relaxing. The comfort of having someone that you love by your side was even better. They just stood there in an embrace for a while. Brad felt safe and secure wrapped in Scott's arms. He could feel the strength in Scott as he hugged him.

Brad finally broke the embrace long enough to pull his tee shirt over his head. He did the same thing to Scott. Then Brad hugged Scott again. He just wanted to feel his flesh against Scott's. For some reason this made him feel even better and more secure. He could not get enough of touching his lover.

Finally they walked on, hand in hand, uthil they came to the creek. There was a big sycamore tree close to the bank. The grass under it was not thick but Brad took his and Scott's tee shirts and laid them down. Brad lay down under the tree and Scott laid there with his head on Brad's chest. It was so relaxing and peaceful that soon they both drifted off to sleep.

It was a couple of hours later when Brad woke up. His neck was a little stiff from the position he had been in, but knowing he was holding Scott made it worth it. He watched as Scott slept. Scott woke up about thirty minutes later. He realized how long he had been asleep when he looked at his watch. Scott asked Brad how long he had been awake. Brad let him know only a short time. Scott stood up then and helped Brad to his feet. Brad grabbed the shirts and shook them out. Scott told him they had better head back, so when May got there she would not have to wait on them.

The walk back was a nice one. The sun was out and it was starting to get warmer. Brad could see the sweat beginning to form on Scott's back because there were a couple of places where they could not walk side by side. Once, when going up the side of the valley, Brad saw a drop of sweat run down the center of Scott's back and into the waistband of his jeans. Brad thought that he would love to be that drop, and run down the crack of Scott's ass.

When they made it back, they found that Sam and Wayne were already there. Wayne had started lunch and, for a change, smelled very good. He had not burned anything. Brad asked Wayne if he needed any help and was told no. Scott and Brad both hugged Sam and told him they were sorry that he had to put up with Wayne for a couple of days. Sam said that Wayne had been a big pain in the ass, but it was nice to have someone to talk to.

Wayne almost got whiplash from turning his head so quick. When he saw that Sam had not meant what he said, in the way Wayne took it, he felt relief. Wayne did think he should let the two of them know about what was going on though.

Wayne finished cooking lunch and set it on the table. Everyone sat down and enjoyed a good meal. When they finished eating, Wayne asked if they had heard from his Mom yet. Brad told them it would be at least a couple of hours before she got there. Sam told the guys he needed to head back so he could get the cows on the move again. Now that he had lost his helper it would take a lot longer.

Brad and Scott stood to hug Sam goodbye. When they finished Sam hugged Wayne. The hug was a little long and had too much emotion in it to suite Scott. When it was over Scott asked what was up with the two of them. As both of them turned, they asked what he was talking about. Scott looked at the two of them again because they had not let each other go.

He told them he might be new at this, but it seemed like a little something was going on between them. They then realized they had not separated and quickly backed away from each other. At the same time, both blurted out, "Nothing, why?" Scott looked Wayne in the eye and said, "Out with it. I know something is going on so don't try to hide it." Wayne quickly glance at Sam, trying to get him to come to his rescue. Sam just shrugged his shoulders back at Wayne.

"Ok...ok you've got me. Sam sucked my dick. Now that you have the whole story are you happy now?"

Sam and Scott, at the same time, said "What?"

Scott looked at Sam "I bet you regret that now don't you? It will take weeks to get the nasty taste out of your mouth."

"I don't know, Scott. It was the smallest thing called a cock I have ever seen. I mean it was like he never went through puberty."

"Hey, my cock ain't that small."

"Hell, I didn't know if it was a cock or a hair for a moment."

"See if I let you do it again."

"Hey guys let's not get away from the question. I just wanted to know if there's a little more there than friends now."

"Look cousin, Sam and I have talked a little this weekend and decided that we might start seeing each other to see where it goes. I am not sure whether I am gay or not, but I like Sam and want to see if it could work for the two of us. Just keep it quiet for now please."

Scott walked over to Wayne and hugged him. "Sure because, I won't tell anyone, but you should know it won't be hard to tell. You know, once you've had a dick in your mouth you have a sign."

"So that what that thing above your head is; a sign that says cock sucker."

"Smart ass. You can just tell you two have something up your sleeves. When your Mom gets here I bet even she will be able to tell."

"How would she know, Scott, if someone keeps his mouth shut?"

"It's like this Wayne. Do you remember Mr. Logan from school?"

"Yeah... Why?"

"You know how he always acted on Tuesdays but the rest of the week he was different."

"Yeah, it was almost funny. He was always in a good mood on Tuesdays."

"Well that's you. You're in too good of a mood. You can tell you got laid just like old man Logan was laid every Monday night."

"Hell, I never new that."

"Well, his son always overheard them having sex Monday nights. It was the only night that he got any."

"Well, I am not acting like that."

"Hell if your not. You've had a half assed grin on your face ever since we got back."

Sam burst out laughing. He knew Scott was telling the truth. He remembered every time he looked in the mirror the next day after his night with Scott and Brad. He had the same shit eating grin. The just fucked look, he called it.

Wayne told them he needed to be gone when his Mom got here, then. He didn't want her to know yet, in case it did not work out. She would be pushing for a ring and a wedding.

Sam looked at Wayne and asked him if he planned on it not working out. He let Sam know that was not it, but he did not want to feel pressured by his Mom. Scott came to his rescue by telling Sam that Wayne's Mom would be the type to be calling him son-in-law. She would constantly want know if everything was going well, and how Wayne was treating you. Sam told him he would love to have a mother-in–law like that. That way he could tell on Wayne.

They were all laughing when the door opened and May walked in. She told them she almost knocked, but heard laughing, so she figured they had their clothes on. May went from young man to young man giving each one a kiss. Wayne was the last one his Mom kissed. She asked him whose cologne he was wearing. Wayne stammered a little and then said it was Sam's.

She looked over at Sam who turned beet red. She looked from one to the other and said, "It looks like I have another son, then." Brad and Scott both burst out laughing. Sam was standing there with a shocked look on his face, while Wayne just turned red. She grabbed Wayne by the arm and headed over to the kitchen table. When she passed Sam she grabbed him by the arm to.

As the three of them sat down, May told them she wanted to hear the whole story. Brad and Scott came over and sat down too. May took Sam's hand in hers and told him to spill his guts. He looked at Wayne and saw pleading in his eyes. Sam told May he did not really know what she wanted to know.

That was a mistake on Sam's part. May told him she wanted to know everything. Wayne started to object but May told him to shut up; he had had his chance. Brad and Scott started to laugh, and May looked at them and told them that, unless they wanted to be next, for them to keep quiet. Sam started to panic at the tone May was using with everyone. She turned towards Sam with her hands propped on her hips. It made him feel like a little kid again; like when he had done something bad and was getting into trouble.

Sam sheepishly told May that he wanted to date Wayne. May then turned to Wayne and asked him how he felt about that. Wayne looked at his Mom and told her that was right. He and Sam were going to date to see if it worked out.

She looked at Brad and Scott and asked how long the two of them knew about this. Scott told her about fifteen minutes before she had gotten there. Brad told her he had figured something was up the day before.

May looked at the boys and told them they'd better not try to hide anything from her again. She should have been the first one they told she had a new son. Then she burst out grinning from ear to ear as she hugged Sam and then Wayne. She looked at Wayne and told him she thought he had him a cute one. Then turning to Sam, she told him if Wayne ever gave him any problems to let her know and she would straighten him out.

Sam let out the breath he had been holding for a while. He thought he was in trouble with May. Once all the hugging and kissing was over, Wayne asked his Mom how she knew.

She looked him in the eye and said, "It was easy. First, you smell like cologne." He did not understand how that meant anything. She chuckled and said, "Wayne, for one thing it is on your skin, around your neck and mouth area, and not on your clothes. You never wear it on your skin. Two, it's the same cologne Sam had on when I hugged him. Three, you smell like sex. Hot fresh sex had within the last hour. Four, Sam smells the same way. His scent is on you and yours is on him. Brad and Scott do not smell like that, so that tells me you have not been with them.

Sam was amazed at how May had figured out they had been together. He knew it would be hard to pull one over on her. He looked at May, and asked her if it was okay with her that he saw Wayne. She laughed out loud and told him that whoever her son settled down with was fine with her. The only thing was, he had better treat her son real good and her son better treat him good too. Sam looked confused for a second as May said all of this. She could tell he was having a hard time with it.

May looked at Sam and explained that she had told Wayne a long time ago that she did not care who he loved, male or female. "Just make sure you love them and they love you back. I did hope to have some Grandkids some day but you can adopt. All I want is for him to be happy."

Then May hugged Sam, telling him not to hurt Wayne or she would whip his ass. Sam told her he would not hurt him. When May broke the embrace, she looked at the guys and said she was hungry. They told May there were some leftovers from lunch, if she wanted them, or they would cook her something else. May told them she would be fine with what they had eaten. They got a plate down and let May fix it. There was not much left after the four boys had eaten, but it was enough to satisfy May's hunger. When she was done, she asked Wayne if he would take a walk with her.

Wayne told her it would be fine and the two of them headed out the door. As the walk started, the conversation was light. But when they got a few hundred yards away from the cabin the conversation changed.

"Son does Sam really make you happy?"

"I wondered when you were going to bring this up. Mom I don't really know."

"You know I will always ask you things like this."

"Yes Mom, I know, and would feel funny if you didn't. It's different with Sam in a lot of ways."

"What ways are they, Wayne?"

"It's hard to explain, Mom. Some, I would not feel comfortable talking with you about. I don't know, though, how it really happened. There is something about Sam that stirs something inside of me."

"Do you really want to pursue this relationship though? You know how hard it will be around here with two men living together."

"Mom, are you saying you don't want me to do this?"

"Son, I really meant it when I said I just want you to be happy, and I don't care who you choose as your other half as long as you're happy. What I'm saying is that, before you come out into the open with this relationship, make sure it's really what you want. You know how people will talk about you, and as long as you live in this town people will label you as gay. They will look at you differently, and act differently toward you. There are a lot of things you will have to face if you choose this. I just want you to know what ever you choose, I will back you and support you."

Wayne hugged his Mom and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Mom you are the best Mom a son could have."

"You know I love you too."

"I just did not want to hurt you, Mom. You have had so much heartache lately."

"Wayne, maybe one good thing will come out of all of this. You and Scott both may have found the ones that will make you happy for a change."

"For a change! What do you mean for a change?"

"Son, I don't think there's been a girl go in your house that I have not known about. You know how a small town likes to gossip, especially with me working in the only diner in town, and the way the people gossip around here."

"Man, you can't get any privacy in this town."

"I know son. That's why I want you to make sure this is what you want before going public. I know you haven't found anyone that makes you happy so far, and if Sam does I think it's great."

"Well, we will have to see. I mean we just spent one weekend together and do not know when we will have a chance to see each other again."

"Well, let me work on that for you. Mama might just be able to help you along. Besides it looks like I will have to push you just to get you hitched."

Both of them started laughing, then, and had a final hug before heading back to the cabin. The walk back was giving May a chance to look all around. She noticed how beautiful everything was. She just did not understand why anyone would not have wanted their cabin down there instead of where it was. The cabin was at the top of the valley and back too far away to see anything. If it had been moved down some, you could look out over everything and seem its beauty.

The three guys were wondering when May and Wayne would come back. Sam was more worried than the others. He knew if he had any chance of a relationship with Wayne, May could end it today. Sam was getting to the point he was pacing the floors and asking questions. He wanted to know if May could be trying to talk Wayne out of seeing him. Scott reassured him May was not that way. Sam said, "She might be okay with the relationship you two have, but not want her son in a male relationship."

When Sam heard boots walking on the porch he jumped. He walked over to the door and opened it. When he saw the smile on Wayne's face, he felt relief. When they came in, May looked at Scott and told him they needed to head back soon. Sam looked at his Watch and said he was going to be late getting the cattle moved. He was so nervous, he started toward the door.

Wayne grabbed Sam by the arm, turned him towards him, and gave him a kiss. Sam tried pulling away, afraid of what Wayne's Mom might say. May told him to stop as he pulled away from Wayne and headed to the door. She told them they needed to make plans for the next weekend. She then asked Sam if he would care if Wayne stayed with him next weekend too if she brought Scott out to stay with Brad. Sam was shocked that May asked him this. After stammering around for a few seconds, he finally got out a "Yes, he can stay." She then looked over at Brad and asked if he minded her pawning Scott off on him again next weekend. He quickly told her it was no problem.

It did not take long before they decided that May could use every weekend off for a little while. She said she would bring Scott out as soon as he got out of therapy every Friday. Then she let them know that she would fix supper for them next Sunday.

Looking around at all the smiling faces she knew she had done the right thing. She worried about Wayne getting his feelings hurt, but knew it was his life. She just wanted what was best for him even if it was with another male. Scott was smiling as he stepped over to the door and opened it up to leave. As he waved goodbye to everyone, May smacked Wayne up the back side of his head. She told him he better get out there and say goodbye proper. Wayne ran over to the door and yelled for Sam to stop.

When he caught up to Sam he gave him a big hug and a kiss goodbye. When they started to break the kiss they heard three different voices giving catcalls. Wayne turned to the cabin and bowed while Sam just turned red. They started yelling, "Encore" at the guys so Wayne turned around and really locked lips with Sam this time, even dipping him while they kissed.

While the three on the porch headed back into the cabin, Sam and Wayne walked to the truck. May said she would never have thought she would have been cheering her son on to kiss another man. Both Brad and Scott burst out laughing.

May hugged Brad and told him to be careful. She needed to get Scott home since he looked like he was worn out. He looked at his Aunt and said, "I shore am. Brad kept me up all weekend." May reached over and swatted him on the ass. She said, "That's enough of that nasty talk, now head to the car." Brad and Scott walked out to the car and gave each other a kiss before Scott climbed in.

May told the boys to knock it off before one of them busted a zipper. As she started the car, Brad felt an emptiness already starting. Even though he knew he would be seeing Scott again the next weekend, he was already missing him and he had not even left.

As the car pulled away, Wayne looked at Sam and told him he would see him next weekend. Sam smiled really big, and told him that he was counting on it. He then started his truck and pulled out.

Wayne watched as Sam left. For some reason he could feel his cock start to stiffen. Was there something really there or was he just excited about getting to have sex again? Either way, Wayne was looking forward to a repeat of this weekend.

Brad walked up to Wayne and put his arm around his shoulder. He said, "I think we need to talk." Wayne looked at Brad and grinned. Brad then felt his own cock start to swell a little. Wayne had the sexist grin Brad had ever seen. Scott had the Smile, but Wayne had the grin.

Wayne put his arm around Brad's shoulder and said, "Yes we do. I have a lot of questions for you, and I am sure you have a lot for me. The guys walked up to the cabin with their arms still wrapped around each other. Brad let Wayne go when he stepped up on the porch. The two of them sat down for a long talk.

It was almost dark before the two of them finished. They had worked out what had happened that night between the two of them. Also, Wayne told him everything that happened with Sam. When it came time for Wayne to ask questions, Brad tried to explain everything to him.

Wayne was worried that Sam would want to do the same things to him that he had done. Wayne did not know if he could ever let a guy fuck him. He was even having problems with thoughts about even sucking Sam's cock.

Brad told Wayne not to worry about it. For right now, Sam was happy with what was going on. He should not even think about it. Wayne then wanted to know if it would cause problems later own.

Brad told him there were all kinds of relationships. He should always be honest and not afraid to try things. If you don't like them, let Sam know. He then explained that a cock does not have a taste when it is clean. It is not any different than sticking a finger in your mouth. It is a special kind of pleasure to be pleasing your partner. Like when you were eating out Sam's ass. It pleased you and pleased him to.

Sam had a lot to think about as they went inside to go to bed. As they climbed into bed, they both realized they were naked for the first time. Wayne smiled at Brad and told him it was to late; he was taken now.

Brad just had to pop off back at him. He said, "Just as well. I am too tired from being with a man who knows what he is doing to have to train someone tonight."

Wayne stuck his tongue out at Brad and rolled over, grumbling and mumbling, and not using real words. Brad reached over and patted him on the head. "Rest good, little boy, we have work to do in the morning."