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The Inheritance part 35

Authors note: Well I guess I have taken enough time off and its time to get back to writing. To all of you who have written I am trying to get back to you as soon as I can. It has been over seven months into the story and things still seem to go on. I just hope you are still enjoying it as much as I have writing. Just wanted to let you know there is a new twist to the story. To all the faithful readers out there I have two questions for you. Are you ready? 1 What state do you think the story is taking place in, in the US. 2. I am trying to figure out how far this story is reaching so I would love to know what States you live in or what country. I know I have gotten letters from out of the US and that amazes me. So if you have time please let me know.

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Brad and Wayne both slept well that night. Their dreams were even peaceful. As Brad woke up and stretched, he looked over at Wayne. He still had a shit eating grin on his face. As Brad settled back down in the bed, he felt Wayne's hard cock touching his leg. Brad raised the covers to check it out. He had never really seen Wayne's cock before.

Brad was shocked that it looked so much like Scott's, but just a little bigger. He reached out to touch it before he even thought. God it felt so good. How could something like this make you feel so much better? Brad would have liked to go under the covers and suck Wayne's cock for him, but thought better of it. Finally, he got out of bed and went to relieve his bladder.

Brad was in a good mood but he still missed Scott. He wished he was here because he would have loved being woken up and made love to again this morning. He made a mental note that Scott was going to make love to him next weekend. Brad was still daydreaming when Wayne walked up and put his arm across his shoulder.

Brad jumped because he was in his own little world. Wayne stood next to him and let his stream go. Brad looked down and saw his cock was sticking straight out still. Then he saw his own was still hard to.

"Watcha doing Brad? Daydreaming?"

"Yeah I was kind of thinking about this last weekend."

"Yeah, I have been doing a lot of thinking too. I know you have been through this, but it is all new to me."

"Wayne, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. First, if no one would ever find out that you were having sex with a man, would you be happy with Sam as a sexual partner? Second, do you enjoy being around Sam even when your not having sex? If you can answer yes to both questions, then you have a reason to see where it will go."

Brad I don't really know about the first question. I mean, we really just had animalistic sex. As bad as it sounds, I really didn't do anything for Sam. I mean it was really one sided, and that's a problem. I don't know if I can reciprocate or not. As for the second question, yes."

"Wayne, I don't know what you did or didn't do, but Sam looked like he was happy about it."

"Yeah, but how happy can he stay if I don't."

"You know how I have told you how some relationships are between men. This might be what Sam wants. You just need to talk to him and see what he wants and expects from you, and what you expect from him. Then you will have to decide what you can or can't do, and if you both agree then it's settled."

"But what happens later on, if he wants more?"

"That's when you know if you are really in love with someone. If you are, you will do everything you can to please him. But if it is something that hurts you, then do not be afraid to say no and explain why. That's when you find out how much that person loves you, because he should never do anything to you that would hurt you."

"That's one thing that made it hard to resist Sam. I have always wanted to try anal sex and he offered. I mean, I know how far I will go with a woman. If one tells me no, I won't bring it back up."

"That's the same way Sam should be with you. If he asks you to do something you can't do, then tell him no and he should not bring it up again. But I will ask you to be open minded, Wayne. Don't just say no to everything. Try some of them first. You might find out they are not so bad and you enjoy them too. To give pleasure to your lover is to bring pleasure to yourself."

Finally the guys realized they were standing on the porch naked and decided they had better get dressed. Brad told Wayne he would start breakfast while Wayne went out and did the morning feeding. The timing was just about right; as Wayne entered the cabin Brad was just beginning to put the food on the table.

Brad said the Morning Prayer. He thanked God for the recovery of Scott and the progress he had made. He then asked God to bless the new relationship of Wayne and Sam. This made Wayne open his eyes a little. For some reason it made him nervous for Brad to mention his and Sam's names to God. He was afraid a lightening bolt would come from the sky. That had to be from early upbringing under his uncle's preaching.

When Brad finished the prayer, they both said, "amen," and dove into the food. It was about an hour later than usual for then to be eating. The small talk was about what needed to be done that day. It was decided that they would work in the garden first and then work on the wood in the afternoon.

There was still enough food left over for them not to have to cook lunch. That was one thing about May; there were always leftovers. She made sure you had all you wanted to eat.

It took them longer to weed the garden and get everything picked than they thought. Where they had planted, everything had sprouted but the grass had come up like it was planted there also. Brad was worried that it was too late for what they had planted to actually produce more food, but he still hoped. He had just enough seed to plant a small garden the next spring, but figured he would be gone before it had time to produce.

That sounded so great: getting out of here and back to the real world. He would love to just go for a drive or be able to go to the bathroom and close the door. It had been hell adjusting to life out here. The first few days, Brad looked at it like a camping trip. When reality set in, he wanted to give up and say he could not do it. If it had not been for Scott he would have.

Scott took one day at a time and faced what he was given each day. Brad always looked at the big picture. Between the two of them they complimented each other. Only his one day at a time other-half was not with him. Yeah, he could see him when he looked up. All he had to do was let his eyes glaze over and Wayne was Scott.

If it had not been for Wayne, Brad would have given up for sure. Brad knew he really needed to thank Wayne for everything he had done. He had made it better for them through the things he had done. Brad tried to think of something he could do for Wayne when all of this was over. He knew he could give him money, but that was not a real gift. He did not want to forget May either; there was another person for whom he had to get something nice.

Brad was awakened from his daydreaming when he heard Wayne yelling, "hi." Brad looked up and saw Sam running from his truck. He hollered at Brad as he came down the incline. When they finally met, Sam said hello to Wayne while also saying that he had some bad news.

Brad wanted to know if Scott was okay. Sam said everything was okay with Scott, but Brent was in trouble. "He got arrested today on charges of child molestation. It seems that Jim had charges of molestation brought up on him."

Both guys were shocked. Brad wanted to know when it happened. Sam said he had just received the call. "Brent was taken in just this morning. He has been accused of molesting Doug." Brad asked if Sam could take him to Doug's house. He wanted to check on Doug and find out what was going on. If Brent had forced himself on Doug, Brad wanted to know.

Sam and Brad went to his truck and climbed in. Wayne gave Sam a hug before he left and told them he hoped everything turned out okay. As Sam was pulling out he told Brad everything he knew.

Brad and Sam talked a little about his and Wayne's budding relationship as they drove. Brad wanted to know what Sam was expecting from Wayne. Just as they were getting into what was expected, Jim's house came into view. The conversation stopped just as Brad was thinking of what to say.

When they pulled up, Brad did not see anyone around the house, so he walked up on porch and knocked on the door. A woman came to the door and, as Brad expected, it was Doug's Mom. He asked where Jim was and was told they were out in the field harvesting corn. She gave them directions to the field and they thanked her and headed out.

It took a few minutes before they found the field. There was an eighteen wheeler parked at the end of the field and two combines in the field. Brad and Sam pulled up beside the big truck and saw a man standing by the cab. Brad and Sam got out and walked over.

When they introduced themselves, Brad asked where Jim was. The man told him he was on the lead combine. He told Brad it had another round before he would be in. They made small talk while waiting on Doug and Jim to get around.

It seemed like it was taking forever but in reality it was only ten minutes. Jim was the first one in and drove up to the trailer and started dumping his corn. He saw Brad and Sam and started getting pissed. He shut the combine off and climbed out of the cab.

"What the fuck do you two queers want?" Jim yelled

Brad could see this was not going to be pleasant. "We just wanted to talk to Doug."

"I think the two of you have already done enough."

"Look, Jim, we just wanted to check on Doug and make sure he is okay. We heard about what happened, and want to make sure he is not hurt."

"I know what you're up to, trying to convert young innocent boys into your perverted ways."

"Look Jim we're not going untill we talk to Doug. If he is ok, and what we have been told is true, then we will leave. Let me tell you one thing though, it better be true and not some lie to hurt a good man"

"It's true enough. Doug told me his self."

Brad felt like he had been punched in the stomach. How could Brent molest a young boy like Doug? Now he was going to be scared for the rest of his life. Brad thought about turning around and heading back to the truck. He knew that Doug might blame him for part of it. If he had not made it so simple for them to meet, this might not have happened. No, Brad had to face Doug; it was his fault that this happened.

Doug was pulling up then and waving at Brad and Sam. As the combine came to a stop, Doug climbed down and came over to Brad and Sam. Jim stepped between them and told Doug to get back on the combine. He told his dad he wanted to talk to Brad and Sam.

Jim grabbed Doug by the arm and told him to get his ass back on the combine. Brad and Sam both stepped up then and told him there was no need to be rough with the boy; all they wanted to do was talk to him.

Jim started yelling then and told them don't you queers think you've done enough damage already? Doug then realized what was going on, and he pulled away from his dad. Yelling back at his dad, he told him he was a grown man and did not need him telling him who he could talk to or not. Jim was shocked at Doug's outburst. Doug had never been one to talk back to his dad. Jim yelled at Doug to return to the combine.

Doug stood up to his dad and told him he did not need to be acting the way he was. He then walked over to where Brad was and told him he was sorry about the way his dad was acting. Brad told him he understood; when a man finds out his son is around gay men he gets weird. Doug then told Brad how he had come out to his Dad on the way home.

Brad wanted to know if Doug had been raped by Brent. Doug was quick to say he had not. The he wanted to know if he and Brent had ever done anything together. Doug hung his head and said yes. Brad just shook his head.

Doug looked at Brad and asked why he needed to know. As Brad started telling him that Brent had been arrested, he freaked out. Then Doug realized he had said something to his Dad about him and Brent.

Doug then felt sick to his stomach. He told Brad what he had done. Jim came walking up just as Doug finished telling Brad that he had come out to his Dad on the way home from the party. Once again, Jim grabbed Doug by the arm and was pulling him away from Brad and Sam.

Doug looked at his Dad and confronted him about Brent. He wanted to know if he had had Brent arrested for statutory rape. Jim looked Doug in the eye and said, "Yes and if you don't do what I told you I will have the other two arrested too."

Sam walked up to Jim and said there was no reason to get upset. They were just trying to figure out what had happened and what was going on. Jim was getting more angry now and tried to take a swing at Sam. He missed, and Doug jumped between his Dad and Sam. Doug started yelling for everyone to stop. Grabbing his Dad around the waist, Doug told him to stop fighting.

When Sam backed up, Doug let his dad go and confronted him. "How could you have Brent arrested."

"How could I have him arrested? He was molesting you."

"Dad, if anyone was molesting anyone it was me molesting him. He did not want to have sex with me but I talked him into it."

"Doug, he is an adult and knew better. He was taking advantage of you."

"Dad, I am gay, and sorry if you cannot accept it but that will not change anything. I have known for a while now, and thought I was the only one around."

"Doug you're not gay. You have dated girls. If had it not been for all of these gay guys being around and trying to change you, you would still be chasing girls."

"Dad, half the time I told you and Mom I had a date I really didn't. I was just running around with the guys. The two of you kept asking me about a girlfriend and I didn't have one, so I felt pressure."

"We never pressured you."

"Yes you did. You and Mom both were always talking with your friends and family about when Doug gets married. Mom was always talking about having a daughter-in-law and grand babies. It made me sick to my stomach to think I was eventually going to have to leave. There was no way I could live around here so you could come over when you wanted. I was going to have to move far away so I could be happy."

"Doug, I don't know why you have started thinking like this. He must have done more to you than I thought."

"See, you're not listening to me. I was gay before I met Brent. I have been thinking about running away for a couple of years. Brent just happened to be here for me when I needed someone the most. I did not want to face you and see how disappointed you would be in me."

"We can get you some help. There is a church in the city that I have read about that will help you get past this problem."

"That's it. There is no talking to you. I am not going back home. I am eighteen now and can be out on my own."

"You'd better stop this nonsense and get back to work."

"Until you realize I am a grown man and can make my own decisions about how I want to live my life you'd better forget you have a son. You also better drop the charges on Brent too."

"Doug, if you don't get back on that combine and get to work, and away from all those gay men, you are not welcome back at the house."

"Fine, Dad, I guess I am not welcome home then. Brad, can you drop me off somewhere?"

"Yes, Doug, I can, but don't you think you and your Dad need to work things out?"

"Brad please just get me out of here."

Brad and Sam walked back to the truck with Doug right behind them. As they climbed in, the last thing they heard from Jim he was calling the cops on all of them.

As they drove down the road Sam asked where they needed to go. Doug told him he really didn't have a place to stay. If he could get into town, he could maybe stay with one of his friends for a while.

That did not sit to well with Brad, so he asked if they could go to the cabin for a little while and think things out. Sam headed back and Doug asked if he could stop off at his house; he had a couple of things he needed to pick up. When they pulled in the drive Doug's Mom came out of the house. She told Doug to get into the house and to stop his nonsense.

Doug walked up to his Mom and hugged her and told her he was sorry. But, until his Dad came to his senses, he was not going to stay there. He then walked into the house and came out with a sack packed with a few things. As he passed his Mom he told her that, when they accepted the fact he was gay, he would talk to them. As they were climbing into the truck, Doug looked back one time to see that his mother had tears streaming down her face.

It made him sad to see his Mom crying as they pulled out. He thought she should have stood up for him. As they went down the road, Brad started to ask Doug several questions. He needed to know how old he was the first time he and Brent had made love. It was before Doug turned eighteen. Brent might really be in trouble. When they got to the cabin they got out and headed inside.

Wayne was full of questions when they returned. He wanted to know what had happened. Brad had him sit down while he was told everything. Wayne could not believe it at first. He never figured that Doug and Brent might be messing around. Brad told him no one did, but when Doug came out to his Dad he slipped and told him.

Jim had called it in to the cops that Doug had been molested by Brent and that he was underage. Wayne asked Doug how old he was. When he said eighteen, Wayne said there was no problem then. Brad spoke up and told him Doug had not been eighteen very long.

Doug wanted to know what the difference was. Brad explained if he was eighteen when it happened, then he was an adult. "Charges would have to be pressed by him and it would have to be rape or sodomy. Statutory rape is a lot worse. If Doug was underage, even if he wanted it, it would still end up with Brent doing time. I am afraid he will loose his license to practice law as it is."

Doug was getting upset and wanted to know why Brent could loose his license. Brad explained that you can be disbarred if you have a federal crime against you. Doug then told them he wanted to talk to the police. Everyone shut up and just looked at Doug. Doug wanted to know if he could borrow Sam's truck.

When Brad asked why he said, "I got Brent into this mess and I have to get him out." Brad told him if he was caught lying he could get into trouble. Again, Doug asked if he could borrow Sam's truck. Wayne spoke up and said he could use his. Sam then told him he could use his. Wayne told Wayne to let Doug use his, because, if they needed it, they could call his Mom and she could call him.

After a few seconds Wayne pulled the keys out of his pocket for his truck. Handing the keys over to Doug, Wayne took out his wallet and pulled the last ten dollar bill he had to Doug. He told him it was not much, but it was all he had on him. Doug handed it back and told him he had money. That was one of the reasons he had to stop at the house. He had been putting everything away he could, in case the day ever came when he was on his own.

Doug took off and told them he would be back as soon as he could. The three guys waved bye to Doug as he pulled out. As they turned to walk back into the cabin, Wayne put his arm around Sam. He told him he should have seen how his Dad was acting. You would have thought we had been molesting him right then he was so mad.

Brad asked if anyone was hungry and all three of them were. He had the food on the table and was saying the prayer when someone knocked on the door. Brad stood to open the door and saw it was the same detective that had been there before. He asked if he could help him.

The detective asked Brad if he knew one Brent Williams. Brad told him, "sure" and asked him what this was about. The detective asked if he knew of Brent abusing a Doug Nestly. Brad told the officer he did not know of anyone molesting Doug.

The detective went on to explain that charges had been brought up against Brent for child molestation. He was just looking for anyone who might know anything. Brad looked at the detective and told him he was sure the charges were false. The detective asked how long he had known the victim. Brad explained that he had met Doug about six months ago.

Brad finally decided the detective was not going to leave so he invited him in. He asked if he was hungry and would he like something to eat. The detective told him he was okay, but would like something to drink. Brad told him help himself; that he was going to eat before it got cold. He would answer all the questions he wanted while they ate.

When they were just about done eating the detective's radio went off. The detective stood and went out the door. He was gone for a good twenty minutes before he finally came back. When he did he told them thanks for the help and that he might have to come back some time.

Brad wondered what was going on when the CB went off. It was Scott. Brad went over to the CB and asked what was going on. He explained that Brent had called and was released on bail, but was not to leave town. Charges had been filed.

Brad was upset that something else seemed to be going wrong. Ever since he had been here, it seemed like something was going on that he was unable to do anything about. Brad talked with Scott and told him that Doug took off, that he had told them he had something he had to do.

Scott told Brad that the police were looking for Doug. They needed him to come in for questioning. They needed to examine him for proof that he had been molested. Brad asked what would happen if they could not find Doug. Scott told him that Brent still could be charged until Doug surfaced.

Scott tried telling Brad everything Brent told him. He then told Brad he should go to Sam's and call Brent. Brad agreed, and told him he would holler back at him later. When they were through talking, Brad turned to Sam and asked him if he could take him to his place so he could call Brent.

Sam agreed and asked Wayne if he wanted to go too. Wayne said he had better wait around in case Doug returned. Sam kissed Wayne on the cheek as he walked out the door. Brad smiled at Wayne as he walked by. Wayne had turned a nice shade of red.

Brad was getting jittery as they got close to Sam's. It had not been a long trip, but he was thinking the worst. As they pulled up, Sam told Brad he needed to rotate the cows. Brad told him he would help him after he had made a few calls.

Sam let Brad in the house and went out to the barn. He saddled his horse and headed out to the cows. Sam's first stop was to the watering system. He found that the float had broken at the fists station and water was flowing over. He had to turn the valve off so the water would stop. This made the third time this had happened in three weeks.

He needed to call the trusties and see if they would get someone out here to check all the water lines. He hated that, because they had let the foreman go that had been taking care of the operations. Every time he had asked for some help getting something fixed they turned him down. It was not that way when the foreman was around; he made sure things were taken care of.

Sam worked the first herd through and started working on the second. There was one cow he needed to cut out of the second group. She had not been feeling well, and he wanted to get the vet to check her out. It took Sam a while to get her cut from the herd. When he worked the others through, she bolted to stay with them.

It took him a lot longer to cut her out this time. The others were also upset. He finally got her cut out and into a pen by herself. Sam worked his way around. It seemed like it was taking longer today. Maybe it was just that he wanted to know what was going on.

Brad finally got an answer at Brent's. When Brent picked up the phone he started screaming into the receiver. Brad was yelling back as to who it was when Brent finally heard him. Brent apologized about cursing him and explained how the press was hounding him. Brad told him he understood how it was.

Brent then broke down in tears. He told Brad how he was going to lose his practice and everything, all because he could not make a young boy stop. Brad told him he had talked to Doug and was told everything.

Brent told Brad he could not believe Doug had turned him in. Brad said, "Brent it was Doug's dad who had pressed charges. Doug came out to him after the party and let it slip that he had had sex with you. He did not mean to get you into trouble; it just happened."

Brent told Brad he tried to get Doug to wait but he had insisted. He explained how low he had been and when someone as hot as Doug came on to him, it made him feel better. It was not that long until Doug had him talked into it. "Brad I will not lie. I am attracted to younger men, but I have never been with someone under age before."

Brad believed him and told Brent so. He then explained that the police were looking for Doug. "They need him to tell his story so you can be prosecuted. With out it, it will be a hard case to prove."

Brent told Brad he was trying to put together a defense, but he did not see any hope of beating it. His only hope was to get a lesser sentence. He would now be recognized as a sex offender and would have a hard time getting any kind of work.

Brad told Brent he would make a few more calls and see if there was anything he could do on his end. He told Brent he had one more question for him "Do you love him?"

Brent was quiet for a few seconds, and then said, "Yes I do." His only problem was he knew Doug could not be in love with him. He knew that, for Doug, it was just an infatuation and the age difference was a big factor. He had not let Doug know how he felt because he knew it would never work, but he did love him. He had been fighting his feelings over this, but did not blame Doug for anything. He was the adult and he should have been the one stopping it.

Brad told Brent he was glad he loved the boy and was not just using him. Brent again said that he really did love Doug, and wished, many nights, that they could be together for good. Doug's life had been the farm and he did not know if he could ever lure him away from it. Brad told Brent not to give up yet; he would be seeing what he could do.

When they exchanged their goodbyes and Brad hung up the receiver, he sat there for a few minutes, trying to figure out the best way he could help. It did not look like there was anything he could do to save Brent's career. He made a couple of calls to friends with whom he had gone to school and that he knew were lawyers, and asked them to see if they could find out anything for him.

The third call was to the attorneys over the trust until he completed his year. He told them he had had a conflict with the man who brought supplies in every six weeks and wanted them to switch to Sam bringing them in.

Their response was not a resounding approval but that they would check into it. They were already upset that he had changed Scott to Wayne and told him they would have to think long and hard about making any other changes. Everything was already over budget and financials were not looking very good for the year.

Brad asked what was going on and was told there were a few projects that were losing money, and they had thought about meeting with him to consider selling them. Brad told them they would just have to wait a little less than six months, and he would be in to help on the decisions.

Brad was told that six months might be too late. They had already had to let a few people go just to keep costs down and they had some balloon payments due in five months.

Brad got upset over the news and told them not to do anything until he could check out a few things. Brad then ended the call and called Brent back. Brad asked Brent if he could get the names of the two guys his Grandfather used a couple of years ago to check out the books for him. Then he told Brent not to worry about his job; that if everything worked out, he would always have a job with him. Brent told him he would do his best, but he was not able to leave town so he would just call Sam and have him bring the information.

When Brad hung up he realized he had been on the phone almost two hours. He got up and headed out to the barn to saddle a horse and help Sam. When Brad finally found Sam he was over half done moving the cattle. He caught up to him and told him he was sorry it took so long.

Sam told him it was okay; he had had a couple of problems and did not think about it. Brad asked what the problems were and found out that Sam had had a problem getting things fixed ever since they had let the foreman go. He could not get anything bought and had been fixing things with his own money. Brad asked why he had not brought this to his attention before.

Sam told him he had been told money was tight, without your Grandfather running things. The Banks were not as free with money and they had been letting things go. He then told Brad it seemed strange that they had not been taking the cattle to the breeder sale. He was told they were taking them to the regular cattle auction.

Brad knew they would not get half the price for the cattle there. There were a few things that were not adding up. The ranch had always raised breeding stock and was not a meat farm. Brad knew he needed to talk to Scott when he got back and see when things changed. Sam then told Brad that, the last three times, all the bulls and heifers had been sold to the same farm.

They had been buying a lot of cattle. The guy would come up with a bill of sale for everything that was to be sold. They loaded them up and hauled them off. Brad told him that, the next time they came to get the cattle, he should notify him. He did not want a cow loaded until he was there to check everything out. Sam told Brad he had made copies of all of the bills of sale before he sent them in because the price had been so low.

Brad told him he wanted to see them when they got through moving the cattle around. They pushed themselves to get them all moved quickly so they could get back. After the last of the cows had been moved, Sam asked Brad if he would help him with the two that had been cut out of the herd.

Brad was glad to help; it reminded him of his job at home with the horses. He had always loved working on the farm and being with nature. They headed out to get the last two up to the barn, and made sure they were separated from the others. Brad looked them over and then gave them a couple of shots, hoping that would help.

He told Sam if they were not better in a couple of days to call the vet. Sam told him the vet was not on call out here anymore. That was one of the services that had been cut back. He could not have it billed anymore, so he had been paying for it on his own. Brad got really pissed, then, and told him to hang on to all receipts and he would make sure every cent was paid back.

After rubbing the horses down and taking care of the sick animals, Brad went in to make a couple of calls. He got hold of the lawyers again and asked for one in particular. He was transferred and a familiar voice answered on the other end. "Wess Bolin speaking"

Brad told him something funny was going on with his Grandfather's estate. As he described what was going on, Wess was shocked. Brad told Wess he had a couple of accountants coming in to check things out. Wess, being a good family friend, told Brad he would help anyway he could. Brad told him to expect them to show up at his office in the morning, around ten.

Brad knew Wess was in charge of the account, but did not handle the day to day business of it. Brad needed to know what was going on as soon as he could. He let Scott know that no more cattle were to be shipped out until he had a chance to check things out. Sam looked a little shook up. He told Brad that an invoice had came in two days prior for two hundred head to be picked up in three days. That would be the last shipment for three months and they were taking all the cattle that were old enough to sell.

Brad told Sam the cattle were not to ship. When the men came to pick them up tell them the sale has been canceled. Brad then asked to look at the bill of sale. As he looked it over, it only said two hundred head and nothing about papers going with them. He then wanted to know if the men had been given papers before. Sam told him they always asked for them before they even started loading.

Brad figured someone was trying to steal from the estate. He again told Sam not to ship anymore without his okay. He asked when the first shipment like this was made. Sam told him it was the week after they let the foreman go.

Brad used Sam's phone and called the foreman. He did not get anyone on the other end, but left a message for him to call Sam. When he hung up he told Sam he'd better be getting back to the cabin. They might have found out something by now.

Brad's mind was really spinning now; he had so much going on. When they got to the cabin, he had a plan. He would most defiantly need some help. He asked Sam if he could stay for awhile. Sam told him he would as quickly as Brad finished asking him, and grinned at Wayne. Brad headed over to the CB and started asking for Scott. It only took a couple of minutes before he heard his lover's voice.