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The Inheritance part 36

Authors note: Well I guess I have taken enough time off and its time to get back to writing. To all of you who have written I am trying to get back to you as soon as I can. It has been over seven months into the story and things still seem to go on. I just hope you are still enjoying it as much as I have writing. Just wanted to let you know there is a new twist to the story. To all the faithful readers out there I have two questions for you. Are you ready? 1 What state do you think the story is taking place in, in the US. 2. I am trying to figure out how far this story is reaching so I would love to know what States you live in or what country. I know I have gotten letters from out of the US and that amazes me. So if you have time please let me know.

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Brad asked if he thought he could skip a couple of therapy sessions without hurting himself too much. Scott told him it would be okay. He then asked if May could bring him out to the cabin right now.

Scott came back in a couple of minutes with a "yes. What's up?" Brad said, "A lot of things are sounding fishy about the estate."

When Brad finished he explained he needed everyone's help to pull everything off in time. He asked Wayne how many cattle ranchers were in the area that he knew. Wayne sat thinking for a few minutes and came up with ten names. Three of them were big ranches and the rest were small. He told Wayne he needed to get hold of as many as he could.

He asked Wayne and Sam to head back to Sam's house and call all the ranchers on the list and see how many they could get out there tonight. He then decided he would go with them after he called May and asked her to just come to Sam's place.

It was just a few minutes later when they made it to Sam's place. Wayne started making calls as soon as they got in. Sam went out to check on the animals while Wayne made calls. Brad decided he could not put off fixing something to eat anymore. He looked around the kitchen and saw that the food cabinets were stocked up.

Brad went out back and hollered at Sam, asking him if he minded him cooking a big meal. Sam told Brad to fix enough for a couple of days of leftovers. Brad went inside and started pulling stuff out of the cupboards. There were two boxes of frozen beef patties in the freezer. Brad decided he would fix some smothered burgers. By the time Sam was back in the house Brad had everything going.

Wayne told Brad there were six out of the ten that would make it. They all would be there by six thirty. Brad was glad. He thought if he had a meal fixed, that would help break the ice.

Sam called the foreman again and he was answered this time. He explained what was going on and confirmed that he had been approached about a deal before being let go. Sam asked if he would be willing to come out to meet with Brad about this tonight. When he agreed, he told him supper would be on the table.

Everything was going well. Brad had plans made in his head that he hoped he could get carried out. As supper was finishing cooking there was a knock at the door. It was the foreman, Dan.

Sam shook his hand as he invited him in. It had been a while since Sam had seen him. Brad had Wayne finish cooking while he was introduced to Dan. They sat down for a second to explain what was going on. Dan was afraid something was up. He had been approached a few years ago about a shady deal.

He guessed that, once they found out that Brad's Grandfather had passed away, they could try again. Brad told Dan his plan to get even. They were paying almost top dollar for beef on the hoof, but not the prices they should be paying for breeding stock. That way, if someone did not know better, they would think they were getting fair market value. It would look like the market had just been a little down on that day.

Scott and May came in about that time. Brad was so glad to see Scott he kissed him on the mouth. You could tell Dan was a little taken back by the open display of affection. Brad apologized, and told Dan it would not happen again.

Dan told Brad he knew he was gay, but had never really known a gay person before. What shocked him the most was Scott; he would never have known Scott was gay. Brad explained you can not tell about someone by how they act.

Dan shook his head in agreement on that. Scott sat down with Brad and Dan and went over the plan he had been thinking about. A few minutes later and there was another knock at the door. The ranchers were showing up. Sam invited them in and asked each one if they had eaten. All seemed to be hungry after they saw May coming out of the kitchen.

May knew them really well and had them sit at the table. Brad told them that, when the rest of the men showed up, they would get started with business. "But for the time being make yourselves at home and fill your plates." It did not take the ranchers long to form a line.

As they went by, they were all asking May when she was coming back. The new waitress was not the same, and the food was going downhill without her being there. May was all smiles, knowing how the men felt about her. They had all been regulars at the diner.

Soon someone was at the door and Brad answered it. There stood the rest of the ranchers. Brad had them come in and they were greeted by the others. They were all as shocked to see May as the first group. Soon May had plates in their hands and was filling them up. As Brad fixed his plate, he thought how nice it was to have good friends.

Between bites, Brad and Dan were filling them in on what they had planned. They were looking for two hundred calves between four and five hundred pounds each. They needed feeder calves. The ranchers were kind of stand offish at first. When Brad told them the price per pound, they had a little more incentive to talk. The two big ranchers told them that was a better price than the last time they went to market.

The only problem was they had already sold some calves and did not know how many they had. One of the smaller ranchers told them he had twenty-five that size but they were not the best. He had not had the money to improve his herd for a few years and he did not think he could get that price for his calves.

Brad then looked him in the eye and told him he would swap him one young bull for a bull, and take the other calves at that price. The rancher agreed knowing what stock was on the ranch. Soon the others were doing the same and were asking if Brad would make the same deal for breeding stock with them. Brad told them if they could have the calves here tomorrow some time he would.

One of the farmers told Brad he would have to pull out of the deal then. Brad wanted to know why and he told him there was no way he could get them rounded up and loaded by tomorrow. Brad wanted to know if he could have then before noon the next day. He said he could, and he and Brad shook on it.

Soon Brad had all the cattle he needed. Brad told the ranchers that he would have the bull calves cut out the next week and they could have their picks.

There were some happy men in the room then. By the time the last rancher left that night, friends had been made by all. Brad had thirty days to sell the breeding stock in order to come up with the money for the ranchers, and the crooks were getting just what they paid for.

Brad then asked Dan if he could find buyers for the breeding stock. Dan let him know there should not be a problem locating buyers. They had a list of people that wanted the calves they have been producing.

Brad then told Dan that when this was all over, he would make a place for him if he had not found something else he really wanted to do. Dan shook hands with Brad and thanked him. He then told him he had been working part time for some of the farmers around the area. He would really like to get back into livestock but there were not a lot of full time work. Brad told him that it would be good to have him back.

When Dan left, May told the boys she was going to clean up the mess and then head back home. Sam said that it was too late and she should stay there for the night. Brad told her that he and Scott were going back to the cabin and there would be room if she wanted to stay. May agreed, and asked if they could be back for breakfast in the morning. All agreed and Brad and Scott headed for the door.

May then told the guys to go relax while she cleaned up the kitchen. Wayne was a little nervous about his Mom staying the night. He hoped Sam would not want to mess around while she was in the house. It had been a long day for Wayne. While the others were gone from the cabin, Wayne split wood and had been stacking it. He soon found himself falling asleep.

Wayne did not know how long he had been asleep, but he felt secure for the first time in a long time. His mom woke him, telling him he needed to go to bed. When Wayne figured out where he was, he realized Sam had his arm around him. Wayne sat up with a start. He could not believe his Mom had seen that.

May told the boys to head on up to bed; that she wanted to go out and sit on the porch for a while. She just loved all the open sky with the stars shining. You could not see that as well in town with the street lights. It just seemed so much larger out here.

Wayne and Sam headed up the stairs and Sam hit the showers. He wanted to know if Wayne wanted to join him. Wayne let him know he was a little nervous with his Mom in the house. Sam told him he would be quick then.

Wayne could see through the open door as Sam took his clothes off. He was still in awe about how Sam was built. If you did not know better, you would think he was still a gymnast. He body was still firm after all these years. Wayne knew he worked hard and that would keep him in shape.

As Sam pulled his tee over his head Wayne saw the muscles ripple, his flat stomach covered in a soft fine fur. Wayne could feel his cock growing as he watched Sam strip. The last thing he wanted his Mom to hear was him making noises during sex. Brad crept down the stairs to find out his Mom was not in the house any longer. He then decided he would take a quick shower with Sam.

Wayne took his clothes off quickly and walked up to the shower. As he pulled back the curtain he saw two perfectly rounded but cheeks. Both cheeks were covered with a fine sprinkling of hair. Wayne stepped into the shower and placed his arms around Sam's chest, pulling him back into his own body.

Wayne felt Sam's ass clench as his cock rested between his ass cheeks. Wayne's cock was growing with excitement. Even though it was not his first time, Wayne still felt a little nervous about being with a man. The parts were different and he was not as sure about himself. The only way he knew he was doing anything right was when he got a verbal response from Sam. Wayne tried to think about what felt good to him as he touched Sam.

Even as his hands explored Sam's body, he was aware that he had not yet been able to touch some parts. He had this funny feeling that if he did he could never change the fact. Wayne did love kissing Sam though. It was very intense and had a hunger aspect to it. It was like something was very demanding and just waiting to be released.

Wayne finally told Sam they should hurry before his Mom came back inside. Sam seemed ready and dropped to his knees and took Wayne's cock into his mouth. Wayne reached down and pulled Sam back to his feet. He looked him in the eye and said, "Not here; I want you in the bed." Sam reached around and turned the water off. He was ready for this man to make love to him.

Both Wayne and Sam never broke eye contact as they dried them selves off. Still with a few drops on their bodies, Wayne and Sam made their way to the bedroom and quietly climbed in bed.

As the soft sheets caressed their bodies Wayne wondered what he was willing to do. He wanted to please Sam but still had some issues he needed to work through. Finally he decided it would be best if he just explained to Sam what he was thinking.

Before Wayne could get the words out Sam covered his lips with his own. Brad let Sam explore his mouth with his tongue and responded in kind. Wayne could still taste the fresh mint of the toothpaste Sam had used. Sam broke the kiss to move to Wayne's neck. Shivers ran down Wayne's spine as Sam found the spot right behind his ear. Finally, Wayne came down enough from the high he was on to ask Sam to wait.

Wayne started out telling Sam he felt something for him. Then he told him he wanted to talk. Sam broke his embrace and leaned back so he could look him in the eye.

"Sam, you know how I feel towards you and I want to be honest with you. I am afraid that I may not be able to do the things for you that you have done for me."

"What are you talking about Wayne? You have made me happy and have done everything I ever hoped you would."

"Sam, you know as well as I do that I have not returned the love you have shown me."

"I do not expect you to do the things I do for you in return."

"Right now you may not, but what happens later own if you begin to resent me for not returning the favor."

"Wayne, can we cross that bridge when we get to it."

"No, Sam, we are at that bridge now. I don't want a relationship that is one sided, but I do not know if I can cross the bridge."

"What are you think you can not do for me? Tell me and I will tell you if I want you to or not?"

"I do not think I could ever let you fuck me in the ass. I mean, we have been together a few times already and I think I have touched your cock only once. I get sick thinking about sucking your cock, and I don't think it is fair to you."

"Wayne, I have not asked you for any of this and will not pressure you into something you are not comfortable doing. The reason I am more comfortable with this is because I have known I was gay longer than you."

"But Sam, what happens if nothing changes."

"Then I accept the relationship for what it is. I think, as my feelings deepen for you, it would never matter. But for now, can we just not enjoy it for what it is and see where it goes. I am not asking you for a ring or anything; just let's explore and see where it might go."

Wayne looked into Sam's eyes and could see in their depths that he was telling him the truth. When Wayne leaned into Sam and gave him a kiss, he had never felt the passion over come him like it did then. This man made him tingle with the ache in his heart he had always wanted, but could never reach. Why a man, and why never before? Why had he never felt this way when he was with a woman?

Wayne felt his heart speeding up as he broke the kiss. He worked his way down Sam's chest searching for the small nipple he knew was buried beneath the thick fur. Wayne knew he had hit it when Sam's body jerked. Wayne loved the responses he got from Sam when he hit the very sensitive places on him.

He would always throw his head back, exposing his throat and his mouth would open with a gasp. There was no faking it with him. Wayne had never before been with anyone that would just open up and enjoy what was being done to then. It made him want to do so much more, but he did not have the courage to let himself go.

Wayne moved from nipple to nipple until the results finally started to subside. A couple of times, if Sam had squeezed his head to his chest any harder he might have broken his nose. The fact that he could excite Sam this much made him feel much better.

May walked out by the fences and watched the cattle while they grazed. She enjoyed the peace and quiet out here and also wanted to give the boys time by them selves. For one thing, she did not want to hear her son having sex with another man. May had a hard time understanding why two men would want to be together. All she knew was how much she loved her son, and would support him on any choice he made.

She even remembered walking in on Wayne and a friend of his comparing the amount of hair each was getting. She knew when he was growing up how the socks would be stiff or the tee shirt would be stuck together. He was about twelve when he started masturbating. May just knew it was normal and glad he was.

May missed a man in her life at times. She had even entertained the thought of getting married again a few times. The one thing that kept her from doing it was the love of her son. She could not see spending all her free time making sure he knew he was loved. She never wanted him to hate her for bringing in another man.

What little loving May did get was a well kept secret. She had a man that traveled through town about every three months that she would see when he was in town. May had always made sure Wayne was not going to be home when he was in town.

The year she had gotten into it with her brother Bill, was the year she started seeing him. Bill told her she was going to hell just like the bastard she was raising. Wayne had graduated and moved out on his own when she found out Michael had died of a heart attack while on the road. Wayne had always thought she was sad because he had moved out.

It had just been a bad year for May. Mike had gotten killed in the war, she had been fighting with her brother Bill, Michael had died of a heart attack, and Wayne had grown up and moved out. If it had not been for work taking her mind off everything, she would not have made it.

As May walked around, she realized how much she had enjoyed having a man in the house again. What she had been missing was someone in her life. Being at home and having someone to talk to everyday had been very nice.

With everything that had been going on, May realized how short life was. She needed to take time for herself. She had worked hard and had a small nest egg put away that she had not told anyone about. She realized then that she did not have to put in all the hours she had been working. When she went back to the diner, she was just going to work a regular shift. It was time for her to enjoy life. Wayne was grown and on his own, so she was ready to have a little fun.

Wayne was lying on the bed while Sam had his chance to explore his body. He could not figure out why sex with Sam was so intense. He would get caught up in the moment most of the time, unlike when he was with a woman. Sex with men seemed so raw compared to women. You did not always have to worry about being too rough.

Sam was making places on his body more sensitive every time they had sex. Wayne remembered some women would suck his nipples a little, but he never really felt much from it. Sam, on the other hand, was rougher and making them something that was connected to his body sexually.

Sam had moved down his body and was licking the soft skin between his balls and thighs. This felt good too, and Wayne would not have thought much about doing this. Sam worked his way down below Wayne's balls and it was driving him crazy. Wayne had always loved this, but most women did not do this. For them, it was to close to his asshole and they looked at it as being nasty.

Wayne felt Sam push his legs up so he could have easier access under his balls. Wayne looked down at the puddle of precum that had filled his belly button. It was starting to run down his side and tickled. Sam pushed his legs a little harder and Wayne helped by holding them up for him. Wayne loved the feeling of Sam licking the sensitive skin. He would run his tongue all the way to the bottom of his balls.

Wayne could feel the skin of his balls pulling up tight to his body as Sam tongued them. He was enjoying the feeling so much he did not realize he had pulled his legs close to his body. The rougher Sam got down there the tighter he gripped his legs. Wayne was really getting close to cumming.

All of a sudden a bolt of pleasure hit Wayne as Sam's mouth closed in on his ass. Wayne let out a gasp as Sam started rimming him. His cock started throbbing and he knew he was going to cum. Sam had him so worked up when he started rimming him, Wayne lost it. He could not even warn Sam he was cumming. Wayne could feel the contractions and Sam dug in like a mad man. He knew Wayne had started cumming. Even though he wanted Wayne to cum in his mouth he loved knowing he had made him cum this way. Wayne did not realize how vocal he had gotten. He had never been rimmed like this, and knew now why Sam loved it so much.

As Wayne came down from his orgasm, he saw Sam looking into his eyes and smiling. Wayne just started laughing. He was so euphoric that he could not help it. That had to be one of the all time best orgasms he had ever had. He reached out and Grabbed Sam into a big playful hug and said "You know something? I think I love you"

This started a playful wrestle in the bed. Sam letting Wayne win easily. As the wrestling slowed down some Sam started snuggling into Wayne. This caused the air to charge with sexual energy again. It was Wayne's turn to make Sam feel better.

As Brad and Scott made it back to the cabin, they discussed what would have to happen in the next few hours to pull everything off. Brad could only hope that Dan could find buyers for the cattle. He would rather replace the cattle from the ranchers with his calves than have them stolen.

It had been a very long day and both guys were tired. Brad told Scott as they stepped up on the porch that he should go ahead and get to bed so he could get the rest he needed. He had a couple of things he needed to write down before he went to bed.

Scott let Brad know in no uncertain terms would not be going to bed by himself. He would just wait for him. It had been too long since he had made love to him, and would not be going to sleep without it.

Brad stopped and turned, kissing Scott on the lips, and telling him he loved him. The kiss was not rushed and lingered a little longer than most. As their lips parted, Scott reaffirmed his love to Brad.

They were lovers now and past the driving stage to rip their clothes off and make love where they stood. They had made it to where they knew the other would make sure they pleased each other. They knew they did not have to rush any longer and that they could take their time. They would enjoy the pleasure that each could give the other.

As Brad opened the door he heard someone inside. As Brad looked around he saw Doug sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked a little scared and shook up. Brad saw that Doug had some rips in his shirt and it looked like his nose had been bleeding.

Brad stepped over to Doug and asked what had happened to him. He told Brad that when he left here he went to the police and told them that it was not true; Brent had not molested him. The police accused him of lying about it for fear that Brent might hunt him down and hurt him.

Then Doug told them he was eighteen when they had sex and that he was gay. He was the one that forced Brent into having sex. Doug then let Brad know the police officers grabbed him and threw him in a cell. It was a few hours before anyone came to check on him.

"When they did, it was one of the cops that I knew; I went to school with his brother. He was acting like a big shot as he yelled names at me. He kept asking questions about why I was so afraid of the cock sucker, meaning Brent. When I defended Brent, he opened the cell door and hit me a few times. He was telling me I must like having things shoved up my ass.

I tried fighting back, but he hit me with his flashlight and I saw stars. When the stars started fading away, I felt him grab me by the hair and felt something pushing at my mouth. I tried to yell for him to stop but when I opened my mouth I realized he was shoving his cock in my mouth."

"He told me if I was really a cock sucker to suck his cock. He might just see about getting my queer buddy off the hook if I was good at it. I was scared and did not know what to do. As he shoved his cock deeper in my mouth, all I could think of was either I sucked it or he would choke me with it.

"So I started sucking him. It was hard at first but after a while he stopped being so rough. Finally he sat on the bunk and told me to lick his balls. I did what he wanted and sucked each one into my mouth, making sure I did not hurt him. By that time I was starting to enjoy it some.

"The less pain he put me in, the harder I tried to make him feel good. Soon, I had a good pace going taking his whole cock down my throat. He started letting me know when to speed up and when to slow down. It was probably the best blowjob he had ever had.

"He had me sucking his cock for almost a half hour before he started shooting his load. He held my head down so he could cum down my throat. I thought I was going to pass out before he finally let go of my head. When I pulled off of him he squeezed the last drop out and told me to lick it off. When I did he stood up and put his cock back in his pants. He then rustled the hair on my head and told me I was a good cock sucker.

"As he left the cell, he said he would go check on my queer buddy and see how much he could do for me. I felt better knowing I might have helped Brent some, but it left me feeling like cheep trash.

"It was getting later and I had not heard anything. I was worried that something was not going very well. It was getting dark outside when he finally came back in. I asked him if he was able to help Brent. He just looked at me and smiled. Finally I yelled at him to tell me.

"He pulled out his night stick and slammed it across the bars. He told me I would not yell if I knew what was good for me. I brought my voice down to the point I was not yelling. Once again I asked him if he had been able to help Brent. He wanted to know what it was worth to me to find out. I told him I had already sucked his cock to find out.

"He started laughing, and said, `yes you did and I did find out. But if you want to know what I found out it will cost you.' I smarted off and told him I had already paid him. He pulled his nightstick back and told me if I wanted to know what he found out it would cost me. Through gritted teeth I asked what he wanted.

"After pausing a second or two, he told me to strip and turn around. I felt humiliated but did what he asked me. He then told me to bend over and spread my cheeks. I finally did what he told me and heard something hit the bars. I did not turn around to see what it was but felt something like ice touch my ass. I jumped away and turned to look.

He had stuck his nightstick to my ass. He told me to get back over there and put my ass against the cell if I wanted to find out about my buddy. It was hard to move with the fear I felt, but I finally did. When I felt the cold bars on my ass cheeks I heard him spit. He had spit on the nightstick and was now pressing it to my ass. I tried to relax but was having a real hard time doing it.

"He kept pressing it into me till the nightstick entered me. It felt like it was tearing me apart. It was so hard and unforgiving and the cold did not help. He soon had it sliding in and out of my ass. He was slowly working more and more of it in. The dry part of the shaft was hurting and I told him to spit or he was going to rip me.

He finally spit again and missed the nightstick but it landed in between my cheeks and was running in the right direction. He kept shoving more and more in me till I couldn't take any more. He stepped around to the side a little and told me I must be queer. I asked what he meant and he laughed at me because my cock was hard.

"He started shoving it in at a faster pace and I could not help but moan. As humiliating as it was it started feeling good. When I started rocking back to meet it he just pulled it all the way back out. I then saw him pulling his cock out and he told me to press my ass back against the cell door.

"He started fucking me then. I was getting close and started jacking my self off. When I did cum I was clamping on his cock so hard he started cumming to. When I started to slide down I felt the last shot of his cum hitting my back. He grabbed me by the head and told me to clean his cock off again. I stuck his cock back in my mouth and cleaned it off. There were even a couple of drops of cum I sucked out.

"When he was through he put his cock away again and turned to walk away. I asked again about Brent and he told me as the door shut that charges had been dropped. About thirty minutes later he came in and let me go. As he walked me out the door he hit me in the face once more with the flashlight and said I'd better keep my mouth shut.

"Then he shoved me into some bushes and turned around and left. I tried to get up and was so scared that I tore my shirt trying to get out of the bushes. I looked back at the police station and saw he was standing in the door looking at me. I got up and ran to Wayne's truck and came back here."

Brad told Doug he should press charges against the cop. Doug let Brad know he was not going to because, if he did, he would have to report it to the guy that did it to him. "You don't understand. We only have four cops in this town. Two cops work day shift, one on the second shift, and one on third shift. If I went to the cops they would not believe me."

Brad told Doug that he would have Scott take him to the hospital. "Tell them you have been raped, and that you do not want to involve the cops yet. Let them know it was a cop that did it, and you just need the evidence put on ice until later."

Scott said, "Doug, come on and let me take you. Being a rape victim, you might have to stay overnight." Scott kissed Brad and told him he would be back. Then he started asking Doug questions as he headed out the door.

Brad went over to the table and pulled out a chair. Grabbing a piece of paper he sat down. As he gathered his thoughts, he said good God, what else could go wrong?