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The Inheritance part 37

Authors note: Well I have enjoyed all the responses from you and it will be coming out soon where the location is. It seems there are several states and even a few countries that read nifty. A couple of twist will be coming up soon that will help to pull the boys closer. We all need friends to help us make it through the rough times and the boys are not any different. We are finally heading to the final stretch and in a few months Brad will find out if he made it. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks again to Richard for the editing work he has done. I hope you enjoy


Wayne was enjoying the responses he was getting from Sam. He had been rimming Sam, knowing how good it had felt to him. Wayne pushed himself and reached out and took Sam's cock in his hand. It felt hard but soft at the same time. It did not feel the same as it did when he had his own cock in his hand. But it did not feel bad either.

After a while Sam pushed Wayne's hand away from his cock. He did not want to cum yet. He wanted it to last a while longer. Wayne slipped a finger in while rimming Sam. This was getting too intense for Sam and he could not last as long as he wanted.

Sam told Wayne to use two fingers and finger him hard. When he started doing this, Sam started wiggling. He felt Wayne's hand wrap around his cock again and start pumping him. That was it; he started cumming. His whole body shook as he felt the convulsions throughout his body. Sam was disappointed at how short it had been but still enjoyed the orgasm.

When Wayne saw that Sam was cumming he did his best to try and make it feel great. He could not get over the feeling of Sam's cock pulsing in his hand. To be able to control someone like this was great for him. Wayne started slowing down, not wanting it to get too sensitive for Sam. When he milked out the last drop, Wayne reached over and cleaned Sam up with the towel and wet washrag he had brought to bed.

Sam's cock started getting soft but Wayne was not through with it. He wanted to do more. Wayne wanted to make love to Sam. He wanted to be inside of him and show him how good he could make him feel.

Wayne moved up on the bed and started kissing Sam. It took a couple of kisses before Sam started responding to him. Wayne was hard and wanted to make love to Sam so he started trying to push his buttons again.

After a few seconds Sam started to respond. Wayne was worried that he had not pleased Sam and that was what Wayne always tried to do. After Sam started returning his kisses, Wayne worked his way to his nipples again. He had to back off some, because they were more sensitive this time, but soon he was getting a response.

Sam was a little hurt that Wayne just blew him off. He wanted to be made love to. He wondered now if it would work out. He loved Wayne but to get him off so quick hurt him some. He did not understand why Wayne started it up again. Did he just want to get another nut? Sam thought he was going to make Wayne work for it then. If Wayne wanted to get off, then he was going to have to work on pleasing him too.

Sam resisted the advances Wayne was making for a while, but soon he had to respond. Wayne was doing all of the right things to turn him on. When Wayne worked his way down Sam's stomach he knew Wayne was going to enter him this time. Sam had wished Wayne had done this the first time. That was what he really wanted. It would still feel good but it would have felt better the first time.

Sam could feel Wayne kissing the insides of his thighs and it felt real good. He thought, if he was finally going to get fucked, he might as well push the thought out of his head and make the best of it.

Wayne had moved to the place under his balls and was making Sam tingle some. Sam felt his cock start to rise. He knew it would take a little work to get off this time as he reached down to give his cock a squeeze. Sam felt Wayne pull his hand away from his cock and move around some. He just closed his eyes and fought the emotions of hurt springing up.

Sam was just fixing to tell Wayne to wait when he felt something wet touch his cock. Sam opened his eyes to see that Wayne had his tongue stuck out, touching his cock with it. Then he did it again. It was like he was tasting for flavor. To Sam's shock, Wayne flattened his tongue and ran it up the underside of it. Was Sam wrong in thinking Wayne was just out to please himself?

Sam reached down and took Wayne's head between his hands and gently pulled. He wanted to talk before this went any further. As Wayne crawled up in the bed, he asked Sam if he had done something wrong. Sam looked into Wayne's eyes and knew he had been wrong about everything tonight. Wayne was not just trying to get a quick nut; he was really trying to please him.

Sam looked at Wayne and apologized to him for not being responsive to him. HE then kissed Wayne on the lips and started to kiss his neck. Wayne stopped him and told him to lie back and relax.

When Sam did what Wayne had asked him to do, he explained to Sam that it was his turn to show him how much he loved him. Wayne had wondered what was bothering Sam but it seemed to be over with now. Once again Wayne went from his neck back to his nipples. Only this time he was getting the responses he had expected.

When Wayne got back to Sam's groin, he made up his mind that no matter how bad it tasted he was going to put his cock in his mouth. It might not be for long but he was going to show him he loved him. Wayne kissed all around the area and saw that a drop of precum had managed to leak out. He wiped it off and tried to clear the repulsive thoughts of how nasty it would taste out of his head.

Finally Wayne opened his mouth and put the head of Sam' cock in. He gagged some at first but realized he did not taste anything. Wayne moved his tongue around but still did not taste anything. Wayne kept thinking it had to taste like something, but it did not.

Wayne heard Sam let out a groan when his tongue moved back and forth on the underside of his cock. He moved it again and the response came again. Wayne then sucked on it and moved his head a little. This caused Sam to groan again. Wayne thought a couple of seconds and realized it was nothing like he had expected.

A cock does not have a taste. It has a few smells but it was just skin the same as a finger or nipple. Wayne then remembered everything a girl had done wrong, and thought he did not want to do that. He rolled his lips over his teeth and started moving up and down on Sam's cock.

Sam was encouraging Wayne by telling him how good it felt and soon Wayne was bobbing up and down on Sam's cock. He could not take much without gagging but he was trying his best. Wayne felt something warm and sweet in his mouth. Why now was he getting something that had a taste? Then he realizes Sam must have released some precum. Wayne gagged at the thought and pulled off for a second. He had to catch his breath before he really gagged and ruined the moment for Sam.

Sam could tell something was bothering him so he moved around in the bed so he was face to face with Wayne. He kissed Wayne then asked what the matter was. Wayne told him he must have gone too deep because he was queasy. Sam looked at Wayne and told him he did not have to do this.

Wayne looked at Sam and knew he had to. If for nothing else, he had to prove something to himself. Wayne kissed Sam once more and told him to scoot back up in the bed. Instead, Sam turned so they could sixty nine. Wayne squeezed Sam's cock and saw that he did have precum coming out. He tentatively stuck out his tongue and tasted it. Sure enough it was what had the sweet taste.

Wayne once again stuck the head of Sam's cock in his mouth. When he started bobbing up and down he felt Sam working on him. This was distracting him from concentrating on what he was doing. It was feeling too good and Wayne started getting into it. The closer he was getting to getting off, the less Wayne thought about Sam's cock being in his mouth.

Then Wayne was getting close to cumming again and started thrusting his hips into Sam. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that Sam had stopped sucking his cock. When he had come down from this feeling he found that he had been taking a lot more of Sam's cock into his own mouth. Wayne slowed down and let Sam's cock slip from his mouth.

Sam turned around and straddled Wayne. Wayne felt the heat as Sam scooted up and positioned Wayne's cock at his ass. He had not even added any lube but was wet from Sam's sucking. As Sam slid back he could feel Wayne's cock break through his muscles. The pain was very mild this time, so he kept going until he could feel Wayne's pubes scratching his ass.

Sam could feel Wayne cock as it filled him and a moan escaped his lips. This was heaven. As Sam started to lift off of Wayne, he opened his eyes to see the pleasure on his face. When all but the head of Wayne's cock was out, Sam let his weight go and impaled himself on Wayne's cock again. Sam kept this up while Wayne met him thrust for thrust.

Sam could not help but feel euphoric as he ground his ass against Wayne. Soon he was grinding so fast he could feel the heat from the friction. Wayne helped all he could by pulling on his hips as he ground as hard as he could. The feel of Wayne's cock as it went from front to back hitting his prostate had him ready to go over the edge but he could not quite get there.

When Sam rolled off of him, Wayne thought he might have cummed. But then Sam backed up to the edge of the bed and told Wayne to pound him doggy style. Wayne got behind Sam and pointed his cock at his hole once more. Sam shoved backwards at the same time he shoved forward.

Soon Wayne was pounding him so hard the bed was scooting across the floor. Sam was yelling for him to pound him harder. Wayne knew that he could not go any harder without making too much noise. After a few more minutes, nether guy cared how much noise was being made.

A few more thrusts and Wayne felt his balls climbing up close to his body. He was pushing hard against Sam, trying to position himself so he could hit his prostate. He could tell every time he did from the noise he was making. That drove Wayne to do even better. He placed a hand on each shoulder and pulled Sam back.

Finally Sam let go of a groan he knew his mom had to have heard. There was nothing he could do about it now, but at this point he did not care either. Sam's sphincter muscles were clamping down on him and bringing him to the end. When Sam felt the last of his cum pump out of him, he had a sensation of being totally satisfied. The pleasure was starting to back off so he clamped down as hard as he could.

About thirty seconds later Wayne felt the tell tale signs that he was fixing to cum. He pumped with all he had left and soon felt the first volley fire. It seemed to burn some as it fired its way into Sam. Wayne then let go noises that could be heard down stairs. Once done, Wayne collapsed on Sam's back while Sam collapsed on the bed.

Wayne finally rolled off of Sam and lay beside him. Wayne felt a lot better inside for taking it to the next level. Sam rolled over to face Wayne and gave him a kiss. Then he asked Wayne why he had sucked him. Wayne explained he did it for himself as much as for him. He then explained how bad he felt about not showing his feelings towards him. Sam kissed Wayne again and wrapped his arms around him. It was not long until they both fell asleep.

Brad sat there trying to figure out each step he needed to take to make sure everything happened. He knew he would have to be out at the ranch the first thing in the morning. He hoped Scott would be back by then, but knew he could get there by horse if needed. Brad figured that there were around three hundred thousand dollars stolen from the cattle business, at least. From the numbers Dan had given him, at least five thousand cattle had been sold over the last few months at a very big loss.

Brad hoped Brent would be free soon, and could help some. He needed someone he could trust on his side. Brad wrote the figures down for the calves they still had, and how many would be ready the next month. He knew that whoever had been working on the other end would know they had been caught after this all went down.

Brad knew he would have to get hold of the trustees soon, also. He could do that tomorrow when he was through with the cattle swap. He made note to call the cops in case some trouble took place. This was going to be a major thing happening in the next couple of days.

Brad set the alarm for five in the morning, before he forgot. He knew Dan would be out at the ranch by seven, and wanted to be there when he got there. Brad was trying to stay awake, so when Scott came back they could spend a little time together.

May came back while Wayne and Sam were in the throes of love making. She could hear them going at it in their bedroom. It was really hard for her to think about her son up there making love to another man. She loved Wayne, though, and if Sam made him happy she would have to accept it.

She knew Sam was a very nice looking man and all, but could not imagine the two of them having sex. From the sounds she heard she knew someone was taking it in the ass. It made hers draw up tight thinking how much it had to hurt. She remembered one time she tried it for her husband and it hurt so bad she made him stop.

She felt sorry for the one getting it, and in a way hoped it was not her son. Wayne seemed so masculine and she could not see it happening. Then she thought about it and did not see any feminine traits in Sam either. Finally, she pulled a pillow over her head so she would not hear any more and went to sleep.

The next thing Brad knew the alarm was going off. He must have fallen asleep at the table. He was still so sleepy he could have crawled over to the bed and gone back to sleep. Brad went over to the sink and washed his face. He knew May was going to fix breakfast for them so he headed out to feed the animals. It was six o'clock when he made it back in.

Brad took a quick shower and it helped to wake him. The water had been cool and that's what did it. As he got dressed he was wondering what had kept Scott so long. Had they kept Doug overnight for some reason? Then Brad got to thinking maybe something happened to Scott on the way home. Brad finally pushed all thoughts out of his mind and got on with what had to be done.

It took Brad a little while to saddle the horse that morning. It didn't want to have to go anywhere. When he finally got ready to go it was six thirty. Brad climbed on the horse and headed out. The wind was a little chilly blowing in his face that morning. He knew if he pushed it he might still beat Dan there.

The ride was uneventful as the sun was just coming up. Brad loved the beauty of the sunrise. The purples, oranges and reds, then pinks and yellows as the sun finally broke the horizon were really beautiful. Brad loved the open space without all the houses and big buildings blocking the view.

He could see Scott's house in the distance. He looked over his shoulder and saw headlights coming down the road. Brad spurred his horse to a faster pace. He knew the vehicle would make it to the house before him, but he did not want to be too far behind.

As it got closer he could see it was Dan driving the truck. When he got to where Brad was he pulled over and stopped. When he got out of the truck he told Brad he had some good news and some bad news. He just wanted to wait until everyone was all together before he said anything. Brad told him sure, that would be fine and said they had better get to the house before breakfast was cold.

Dan had made it there and was inside when Brad arrived. He took the horse to the barn and took the saddle off before he went in. Dan was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee with May when Brad walked in. He asked where the others were, and May said she was just fixing to go wake them. Brad told her he would do it for her if she wanted, and for some reason it looked like there was a little relief in her voice when she thanked him.

Brad was quiet as he walked up the stairs to Sam's bedroom door. When he put his ear to the door he could not hear anyone so he thought they were still asleep.

Brad got ready and burst into the bedroom, letting out a scream, and jumped across two bodies. The next thing he knew he was on the floor at the foot of the bed. Both Sam and Wayne sat up with a start and threw him into a spin. When Brad got to his feet he told them to wake up and brush their stinky teeth. It smelled like someone had shit in their mouths.

Brad got two middle fingers up in the air for that one and he started laughing. He told them breakfast was almost ready and if they wanted to eat they better get dressed. Then Brad headed down the stairs with a smirk on his face.

May asked Brad if he would like a cup of coffee when he sat down. Brad took the cup and asked May if she had heard anything from Scott. She told him she had not, and asked what was wrong. Brad told May about what happened to Doug and that Scott took him to the hospital. He had to call Brent to make sure the hospital did not lose the evidence.

The news shook May as she knew the young man who did this to Doug. He was married with two children. She said he was always a good boy, but was one of the members of Bill's church when they were growing up. He more than likely had taken everything seriously that Bill had taught.

Brad made a call to Brent but did not get an answer. His answering machine did not pick up either. Brad wondered if Brad had the phone unplugged. Brad next called Mark and Tim to see if they were home. Mark answered the phone. He was glad to hear from Brad, and told him he would go over to check on Brent before work.

By the time Brad got off the phone, Wayne and Sam were coming down the stairs. Brad teased them about being so hard to wake up and how jumpy they were first thing in the morning. May had breakfast ready and sat the bowls down. Brad said a prayer and everyone dived in.

While everyone was eating Brad asked Dan about what he had found out. Dan let everyone know that the guys had been selling the breeding stock to the list of people Dan had had. The good news was that everyone he had talked too would like to buy more. Some of then even had others that wanted calves. Then Dan let them know the best news. The amount they were getting for the calves was for more than they had been asking.

Dan then told them that the other ranches had been having the same problem. He called the others and found out they had been dealing with the same bunch the last two times. Dan told them what they were fixing to do, and the others said they would also work on trying to do the same thing. They just did not want to lose their jobs over it. Dan told them that, if anything happened, he would make sure that they were compensated.

Dan then explained who he was working with on the deal, and who they would all be working for in the future. Once this was all done, he would be back and they would be well taken care of.

May watched her son and Sam closely as they were eating. She could not help but think about what she had heard last night. They did not act any different than normal guys would but she had to wonder. She did catch a lot of eye contact between the two of them and Wayne seemed to be happy.

May was having visions in her mind of all kinds of terrible things going on in that room last night. The bad thing was none of it could have been pleasurable. Was Wayne into that kinky stuff, like pain?

May was brought out of her thoughts when Dan asked her to pass the biscuits. May blushed as Dan smiled at her. She wondered if he knew what she was thinking. Dan told her she was a wonderful cook.

May thanked him then started to size him up. He was about six three and about two hundred and ten pounds. With light brown hair, a square jaw, and eyes a deep green that seemed to sparkle when he smiled. May felt a little twinge when she thought about what this man would be like in the bed.

May had not entertained these thoughts in a while and could not help but notice she felt a little flushed. Dan again complemented May on her cooking and she turned red. May had to get up from the table to put her thoughts in order before she embarrassed herself.

When breakfast was over, Dan and Sam headed out to the barn to get the horses ready. They had to get the calves back out with the others so the pen for the other cattle would be ready. Wayne and Brad headed out after they helped put the dishes in the sink. The horses were almost saddled by the time they got there. Brad had his own horse but Wayne had to ride one of the ranch's horses.

Dan told them he wanted to separate the bull calves from the heifers. He wanted to make sure that when the ranchers looked for breeding stock they would not have deal with the heifers. They decided it would be good to cut the heifers out first.

It took about three hours to get everything done so the guys were kind of dirty from all the dust that was kicked up. When they got to the barn they saw a truck coming down the road hauling a long trailer behind it. Dan looked at the guys and told them they had just finished in time.

Dan walked up to the truck when it pulled up. He talked to the man a couple of minutes. He got out and they looked at what was in the trailer. Dan stood, shaking his head, as the rancher talked to him and pointed at the back of the trailer. Finally Dan pointed at a gate by the side of the barn.

As the rancher climbed back into the truck, Dan walked over to Brad. Dan explained to Brad that the calves were not filled out as well as the ones they had. The new calves were just about a month older than their stock.

Brad looked at Dan and told him he was glad he could help a fellow rancher. Maybe with time they could even make more deals that could help out the neighboring ranchers. Dan explained how they made more money off of one head then some of the ranchers did on four. Breeding stock cost a lot of money and takes a lot of care.

Dan went over the numbers and told Brad that, as best he could tell, they had ripped him off for over a million dollars. Brad just shook his head. He wondered if they had been dipping into other areas too. The problem was that he did not know everything his Grandfather owned. He had worked on the horse side of the business and knew there was a lot of money tied up in it. He made a mental note to call a couple of the guys that he had been working with, and see if something shady was going on there.

Brad and Dan helped the rancher unload his stock then walked over to the pen with the bull calves in it. Brad told the rancher to pick a couple of calves and they would look at the papers on them. He did not want the man to get a calf that would sire calves too big for the cows to deliver. They had been developing lighter birth weight and faster growth in their stock.

Brad and Dan went in and looked at the records. They finally settled on a bull that was right for the rancher and Brad gave him a receipt for the cattle minus one for trade. By the time they made it back outside, another rancher had pulled up. Brad went over to talk to him while Dan handed the number for the bull calf that needed to be cut out and loaded up to the other guys. This went on most of the day with some of the bigger ranches making more than one trip. Brad worked out a deal with one of the ranchers to haul the heifers back to his ranch in case there was trouble.

They would take all the bull calves also once everyone had their pick. Brad was also going to give the rancher his pick of a couple of heifers for doing this. He just did not want any cattle on the ranch. Dan made a few calls while he was in the house to make sure everything was going as planned at the other farms. One of the places said there were not enough ranchers around to supply enough calves for trade. Dan told him he would make a few calls and see what he could do about it.

Dan had also made arrangements to get the other calves moved off the ranches. He had called some breeders and they were coming to look at what they had to sell. He was going to give them a better price because of the sudden change of plans.

Brad made sure they had all the paperwork done properly. Bills of sale were all signed and registration papers were handed over. All the ranchers were happy with the deals they were getting. Most just hoped that the Bulls they got would be ready for breeding the next season.

Finally, May came out and told the guys to get their butts in the house. Lunch was cold, and she was throwing it out if they did not get in and eat. She told them she was going to head into town and pick up some food for the next few day. She told them she could tell Sam was a bachelor by looking in his refrigerator and cupboards.

Even a few of the ranchers' hired hands came in for a bite to eat. There was not enough food left to keep a mouse alive when they were done eating. May was proud they ate everything but then thought she might not have cooked enough. There were several moans and groans as the guy's left the house. They were all stuffed to the gills and too full to work.

As soon as everyone was finished, May left for town.

Brad had asked a few of the ranchers if they would be able to come back and help with the loading. All of them told Brad they would be glad to help. Brad was glad because he was worried that there might be some trouble and wanted to be prepared.