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The Inheritance part 38

Authors note: Well I have enjoyed all the responses from you and it will be coming out soon where the location is. It has been great writing and knowing I have touched so many lives. For you that have shared so many of the hard trials the guys have gone through I am glad you made it. As a community we have to be there for each other to show support and help. For the younger ones that have written that are coming out, it is a tough world but we who have been through it are there to listen and help in any way. Thanks again for all of your support.

Thanks again to Richard for the editing work he has done. I hope you enjoy


Dan and Brad both went out to look and the calves that had been dropped off. There were some that looked like they had come from good stock. They stayed close to the herd because of the mixing of new calves. Sparing for dominance was natural and Brad did not want any hurt.

As the last of the calves were being unloaded, Brad took a deep breath and relaxed. They had every calf covered that should be loaded the next day. Dan was inside, checking off the calves given to the ranchers on the computer. After he was finished with that, he started organizing the papers for the calves to be sold as breeding stock.

This was going to have to be a quick deal this time. He made a couple of calls to line up the trucks that would haul the calves to the sale. He had some of the drivers wait at the diner for a call. Once the first batch was loaded, they would call the diner and have the next group sent out.

The plan was all set. He just hoped he could pull it off. When Brad got into the house, they put a bill of sale in a big envelope for two hundred head of calves. Then they started working on getting all the papers ready for the registered calves. Sam and Wayne worked on getting the cattle rotated for the last time.

May made it back and asked Dan and Brad to give her a hand with the groceries. They unloaded a car full of groceries while May got to work putting them away. She had even remembered to get some beer for the guys.

When the last sack was brought in she told the guys to scoot and let her get busy. May started pulling out the largest pots she could find. She had even picked up a couple of larger pots so she would be able to cook enough. It was not long till the house started to smell like a holiday.

Dan and Brad both were beginning to get hungry. It was getting late and, even though they had stuffed themselves at lunch, the smells coming from the kitchen were making them hungry. They decided it was best if they went outside before they got smacked for sampling before supper.

Brad and Dan walked out to the barn talking about the next day's events. As they approached the barn Dan looked out at the guys moving the cows. He spotted Sam pulling his horse up to Wayne then leaning over and giving him a kiss. This made something in the pit of his stomach do butterflies. No matter how hard he tried he still felt funny around gay men.

Brad noticed Dan getting quiet and asked what was wrong. Dan shrugged it off and told Brad it was nothing. Dan heard a truck coming down the road and he was glad because it gave him a chance to stop the questions he knew would be coming. When it got a little closer Brad let Dan know that was Wayne's truck.

Soon Brad could make out the Driver and a smile crossed his face. Scott was back. He also saw that Doug was with him. Brad started walking towards the truck. He had missed his lover while he was gone, and when Scott got out of the truck he kissed him on the mouth.

Dan turned his head when he saw Brad was going to kiss Scott. He had always liked Scott and never would have thought he was gay. It was still hard to believe, because he acted so normal. Dan wondered if Scott acted like a sissy when he was alone. All gay guys act like girls; at least that was what Dan had thought.

He had seen some gay men before when he was in the city. They swished around more than most of the women. They were easy to spot.

Scott and Brad acted like men though. Now he found out Wayne and Sam were gay. Was there something he was missing? Was everyone gay? No, he knew he was not. But even Doug was gay. Dan was getting confused by this.

Scott and Brad finally broke their kiss and walked around to check on Doug. He looked a little better. Scott had stopped by May's place long enough for him to clean up. He looked like he had been run through the mill though. Scott told Brad they stopped by the cabin and fed everything because he did not know when they might get back home.

Brad then asked Doug how it went at the hospital. He told Brad it was the most humiliating thing he had ever been through. They had asked him all kinds of questions and he felt like they were trying to blame him for what happened. They had taken swabs of his rectum then put a tool inside of him and opened him up to see if he had any bleeding.

There were a couple of small tears but nothing that needed stitches. He was sore from being opened so much. Then he told Brad how embarrassed he was when he passed gas while they were looking in him. They had brought more than one person in while he was examined. He had to fight with them over calling the cops to come and take a statement. The cop that did show up was one of the guys that had roughed him when he was put in jail.

Scott told Brad they had taken two samples; one was mailed to a lab in the city and the other was kept at the hospital. He wanted to make sure that a sample got to the cops out of town in case the other was lost.

Brad walked Doug into the house and told him to lie down and rest for a little while. When Doug sat on the couch, Brad and Scott went outside. Brad wanted to know if Scott had found out anything about Brent. Scott told him that Brent was released that afternoon but he had not been able to locate him. He filled Brad in on everything that had happened and then told him charges had not been filed.

Brad said he would go inside and make a call to locate him. Before he went back inside, he asked Scott how he was holding up. He let Brad know he was worn out and was going to head back in and catch some sleep.

When Brad and Scott got back in the house, they found May hovering over Doug. She had given him a cup of broth and crackers to nibble on. She hugged Scott when he came in and asked him if he was hungry too. He let her know he was, and she told him to sit down she would bring him a cup. Supper would be ready in an hour.

Brad told Scott she had been cooking for a while now, and he bet she was preparing a major feast. Brad walked on over to the phone while May brought Scott some broth.

When Brad did not get an answer on Brent's home phone he tried his cell. On the third ring Brent answered. Brad asked him a few questions and found out Brent was on his way. He told them he could not stay at his house right now because the press was hounding him.

Brad then asked when he would be there and he let them know it would take about an hour. He was already turning off the highway. He was glad Brad called because in a few minutes he would not have a signal. Brad talked to Brent as long as he could and then the call got dropped. May told Brad to go get cleaned up and sent Scott out to tell Dan to bring the others in.

Brad made it to the shower and was trying to sort everything out. He needed a good night alone with Scott to help take his mind off of things. As he reached down to clean himself he could feel his cock start to grow. Brad quickly finished cleaning his cock and started washing his hair. He wanted to save himself for Scott.

As Brad was rinsing his hair, he heard voices coming from the bedroom. He finished and pulled back the curtain to see Sam taking a leak in the toilet. He turned his head, looked at Brad, and smiled as Brad reached for his towel. Sam told Brad he hoped he didn't mind; he really had to go. Brad told Sam it was fine and, if he wanted the shower, he was through.

Sam told him he did and started to strip. Wayne came in then and asked what was going on. Sam told him to get naked it was time to shower. Wayne was already down to his jeans and went ahead and dropped them. Brad could not help it when his cock started to swell a little, from the eye candy he was seeing. Both Wayne and Sam had bodies to die for.

There was more than a little treasure trail on those two bodies, and Brad had learned to love it. Sam looked over at Brad and commented on the nice semi he had. Brad turned pink and said, "How can I help it when two hot guys like you are naked in the same room with me."

Wayne stepped around Brad and slapped him on the ass as he stepped in the shower. His only words were, "You had your chance to find out, big boy." Brad smarted off and told him if he had he would have had to marry twins. Sam kissed Brad on the cheek as he squeezed by, and said, "I am glad you didn't." 

Brad dried his hair as best he could, dressed, and headed down the hall. As he passed the other bathroom he heard a noise inside. Brad asked if everything was ok and heard Dan say that he needed a towel to dry off with. Brad told him to hang on and he would get one.

As Brad entered the bathroom he could hear sucking noises coming from the shower. He could not tell for sure, but it looked like Wayne was getting sucked off. By the shadows cast, the shoulders did not look broad enough to be Sam who was standing.

Brad just smiled as he walked out and headed towards the other bathroom. Stopping at the door, Brad knocked lightly. When the door opened Brad did not get much of a view. Dan was standing behind the door so he could not be seen.

Brad then went downstairs and May asked if he had brought the dirty clothes with him. She wanted to get a load started so they would have time to wash while they ate. Brad turned around and went back to Dan's door first. When he knocked on it Dan opened it up part way.

Brad told him May wanted all the dirty clothes and she would not take no for an answer. Dan told Brad he could just put these back on till he got home. Brad tilted his head and told him he was not going to say that to May. Then Dan told Brad he did not have any other clothes to put on.

Brad asked him what size he was and found out he was about the same size as Wayne. He knew Wayne had brought extras and told him to go down there and get some to put on until his were clean. Then Brad opened the door and started picking up Dan's dirty clothes.

All Dan had on at the time when Brad opened the door was the towel Brad had given him. He saw Brad give him the once over as he picked up his clothes. Brad pulled out his wallet and keys and handed them to Dan then turned and headed to the bedroom. When he got to the doorway he turned and motioned for Dan to follow.

Dan could not believe Brad came back to get his clothes. It made him feel really uncomfortable being naked in front of Brad. When Brad went to the bedroom Dan did not want to be in there with him. He was afraid that Brad might make a pass at him and Dan did not want a fight. If Brad had not stopped and turned around, telling him to come on, Dan would not have come out.

Dan eased down to the door and saw Brad was not in the room. Where was he at? Dan looked around and saw he could not be behind the door and eased on in a little more. The next thing he knew Brad was coming out of the bathroom. He threw down some clothes and walked over to a bag in the corner.

Dan set it on the bed and start to go through it. He pulled out a pair of boxers and put them on the bed. Brad then turned to Dan and asked him if he preferred boxers or briefs. Dan told Brad boxers would be fine; that it did not matter. Next Brad pulled out a pair of jockey briefs for Wayne and put them on the bed. Looking around a little more, Brad found two pair of jeans and two t-shirts and put them out with a pair of socks for each.

Brad said, "Here you go," and started to pick up the dirty clothes. Dan waited a couple of minutes until Brad started down the hall. He then shut the door and dropped his towel. When he turned to sit on the bed, the other door opened. There he sat, naked on the edge of the bed, and in march Wayne and Sam, naked. They did not even have a towel wrapped around them. Sam and Wayne both spoke to Dan as they walked into the room.

Dan did not know what to think. He was trapped in a room with two muscular nude gay guys. Dan tried to cover his cock as quickly as he could. He was too scared to move, afraid he would be raped. Sam and Wayne both saw that Dan looked scared.

Wayne asked him what was wrong, and Dan just panicked and said, "Don't touch me." Wayne furrowed his brow and told him they didn't want to touch him. They just wanted to get dressed and eat. Wayne crossed in front of Dan and saw that Brad had put two sets of clothes out, one for him and one for Dan. Wayne looked at Dan and asked if he wanted the boxers.

Dan, still trying to keep his self covered, finally stuck out his hand and took the boxers. One of the guys was on either side of him Dan could not put his clothes on without them seeing him. Then the door opened and Scott came in and headed for the bathroom. He really needed to go.

Both Wayne and Sam heard Dan mutter "Sheeshish this place is worse than a dorm." Neither Wayne nor Sam thought anything about it. Wayne asked Dan if he needed them to leave so he could finish getting dressed. Dan said he was a uncomfortable being nude around other men. Both Sam and Wayne pulled on their underwear and pants and left the room. Scott came out as they were leaving and headed to the door.

He turned to look at Dan and saw there was something wrong. He stopped and asked Dan what was wrong. Dan told Scott it was nothing; just that he was a little uncomfortable. Scott laughed and said, "You too, huh?"

Scott walked over and sat on the bed across from Dan. He explained that he understood that being around gay men had to be hard; that being naked had to be really hard for him. He never knew when he would be jumped and raped. Dan nodded his head as Scott told him all of this. Then Scott told him to grow up.

Dan was caught off guard by this, not knowing what to think. Scot looked at Dan and told him. "Look we all have boyfriends here except for Doug. I am not interested in anyone except my boyfriend, and Wayne and Sam are the same way. Sure, we might look at your stuff just out of curiosity. But that doesn't mean we want you for sex. It's just like college. You check them out to compare them to yourself, but that's as far as it goes."

"Dan you're a nice looking man and all, but we need to get something straight. We are not after you for anything other than as a friend. We might be Gay, but we are not pervs."

Dan did not say anything but just looked at Scott. Finally, Scott stood and left the room. Dan felt so humiliated that he wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear. When he calmed down enough, he pulled the boxers on. He scolded himself over his reactions. Dan then finished putting on the clothes Brad had put out for him. When he was all dressed, he opened the door and headed downstairs.

He saw Sam and Wayne sitting on the couch talking to Doug and Scott. Brad was in the kitchen helping May. When Dan sat down, Sam and Wayne asked to be excused so they could finish getting dressed. Dan still felt out of place with all the gay men around him. He never knew if or when they were looking at him, and if sex was on their minds.

The only place Dan felt safe was in the kitchen with May. Brad said "hi" to Dan as he entered, and asked if he wanted something to drink. He told Brad that would like a beer if they had one. May told Dan she had picked some up that afternoon, but did not know how cold they would be.

After Dan opened his beer, May told him he could go out and watch TV with the others; that supper was almost done. Dan asked her if she was sure she didn't need any help. May then understood what the problem was so she told Brad to go out and relax with Scott. Dan could help her with the rest of it. Brad looked at May, raising an eyebrow, and she nodded for him to go on.

When Brad left, May asked Dan how the day went. He explained that every thing went well. It helped having the guys here to make things go so smoothly. Then May dropped the bomb shell. She asked Dan how uncomfortable was he that they were all gay. Dan turned, looked at May, and asked "Does it really show that much?"

"Hun, it shows as plain as the nose on your face."

"May, I can't help it sometimes. It just makes me sick to my stomach when I think about what those boys do."

"Well Dan, how do you think I feel. My son just came out to me about two weeks ago."

"My God May, I am sorry. I didn't know."

"Dan, you have nothing to be sorry about. I have a hard time to when I go to bed at night and hear them making love, you know, but Wayne is my son and I love him."

"But how can you accept it May? It's not natural?"

"Natural to whom Dan? You or me? Well, I love my son and I am not going to push him out of my life. I would rather have him happy and with a man, than to be out there going from woman to woman trying to fit in. How many people's lives do you have to mess up before you come to the conclusion that women don't make you happy?"

"I never thought about it that way, May."

"Well I have, and I don't want to lose my son. I lost a nephew, and almost lost another, because someone could not accept it. If Sam makes Wayne happy then I am happy. Kids kill themselves over this stuff. How could you ever live with yourself if your kid commits suicide?"

"I don't know May. I lost my wife and son during child birth and never really got over it."

"I hate to hear that, Dan, but then you should know how hard it would be if they killed themselves because you could not accept them. I look at those boys out there and see some happy faces for the first time in a long time. So if I have to suck it up, and let the little things I don't like slide off me, then I will."

"Well, it makes me real uncomfortable; like tonight, being undressed around the guys"

"Oh, I am sorry about that Dan...I did not think anything about it. The boys don't think anything about it. I guessed you wouldn't mind either."

"If I had not known they were gay, I wouldn't. I mean they act like normal guys around each other for the most part. But it just made me nervous and very uncomfortable. I didn't know what to expect."

May started to laugh and, after a couple of minutes, Dan joined in. May handed Dan a pot and told him to set it on the table. It took a few trips to bring out all the food and, by the time all the pots were out, the boys were in there seats.

Brent had come in while the table was being filled, and May went over to hug his neck. He thanked her for her kindness and asked if she was sure she had enough food. May looked at him and told him there'd better be. She had fixed enough food for an army.

With all of them crowded around the table and a coffee table, May said the blessing, thanking God for good friends, good food and love. When she was done you would have thought school was out with all the noise. Every one was trying to talk at the same time, with an occasional "That's hot, watch out," and the ringing and clanging of pots and silverware added to the din.

May loved the way they dug in and ate. She had always wanted a big family. She loved it when everyone would get together and have big meals. It would not be long until Thanksgiving, and she hoped that everyone would be around for that. May loved the holidays and could not wait. This year she was going to have a little spending money and would be able to buy Wayne something nice.

Finally, one by one, they started leaving the table. May told them not to go too far as she had dessert coming out of the oven soon. There were several moans and groans from the room.

May looked at what was left over and smiled. There were enough things left over that she would have some for breakfast and lunch. With the mashed potatoes she would make potato cakes for breakfast along with sausage, eggs and oatmeal. The left over baked chicken would make great chicken salad and she would use the corn in Mexican cornbread for their supper.

May got up and headed to the kitchen to pull the cobblers out of the oven. When she sat the last one on the stove top, a line of guys was coming in the kitchen with pots and dishes. Brad walked over to the sink and started rinsing the dishes. Sam was putting them in the dishwasher. The pots and pans were being put on the counter to be washed. May told the boys to stop, she would take care of it, but they told her to go for a walk.

Wayne pushed his mom out of the kitchen and told her to relax; they could handle it. May went and sat down for a few minutes while the guys cleaned up. Dan was the first one done and came to join her.

It did not take long, as they worked as a team. The dish washer was full and running while the last of the pots were being washed. Brent asked Doug if he would like to go for a walk so they could talk.

Brent and Doug headed out the door. As they stepped away from the house Brent turned to Doug and apologized. He wanted him to know he was sorry for bringing all of this on him.

Doug told Brent it was not his fault; that if he had kept his mouth shut like he had asked him, none of this would have happened. He was sorry for him having to go to jail. If he had not said anything to his dad, that would not have happened.

Brent put his arm around Doug and brought him to his chest for a hug. He whispered "Thank you for getting me out, but you should not have lied for me. I had a lot of time to think while I was in there. Doug, I have feelings for you, but I know I am too old for you. I want you to be happy and find someone closer to your age so you can grow up together."

"Brent, I have found someone and that's you. I would not have lied if I did not love you. You see, you are also the one thing I never had; a father that held me and made me feel loved. I always wanted that from my own dad but he was cold. He was a good dad, that provided a roof over my head and taught me things, but I missed the hugs that the other kids got."

"Well Doug, let's just give it a few days and see how it goes. After all the excitement calms down and we get back to a normal routine, we can see what happens."

Doug then kissed Brent on the lips, and Brent felt a jolt as his resistance started to melt away. His tongue fought to gain entrance into Doug's mouth. Doug broke the kiss and took Brent by the hand and pulled him in the direction of the barn.

Dan and May sat in the living room and talked while the guys hung out in the kitchen and talked. May told Dan his clothes would be ready soon, and he could put them on if he wanted. Then she asked Dan why he wasn't married. Dan let May know that, as he had told her, he had been at one time. After the death of his wife, he felt really depressed and never felt like dating anyone. After a few years, he no longer missed having a woman around. He buried himself in his work.

It seemed that all the men that hired on were single, and so he was never around very many women. The ones he did see around were married, or were not the type he would be interested in dating.

May then related her story to Dan, about why she was still single. She told him that, working in the diner, she knew all the men in the area. The ones that were single left a little to be desired. She told him about the traveling salesman she had seen for a long time, and was getting close to the point of maybe thinking about marriage. She told him how he had died, and she had not seen anyone since. 

May then asked Dan if he was ready for another cup of coffee and some cobbler. Taking his cup, she headed to the kitchen to check on the boys and get some cobbler. When May returned she sat down and told Dan she was going to head out as soon as she was through eating. She would be back in the morning, though, to fix breakfast.

Dan wanted to know where she lived. May told him she lived in town, but it took a while to get there. Dan told May he had to leave also, and that he had a house in the next town down the road. He wanted to know if he would like her to drop her off and pick her up in the morning. It would save her some money, and give him someone to talk to on the way home. May agreed it would be nice and, when they finished eating, she told the boys they would see them in the morning.

As Dan turned to leave, Scott looked at Wayne and grinned. Wayne punched Scott in the arm and told him to stop. Brad could not help but to say, "Is someone getting sweet on your mom?" Sam chimed in and told Wayne, "Looks like someone may have a new daddy." Finally Wayne grinned and told them, "If my mom is interested, that's fine by me. She has not had anyone in her life in a while now, and Dan seems to be a good man."

Brad and Scott told them they were going to head to the cabin. They needed some alone time. Brad hugged Sam and Wayne, telling them how much help they had been. Then looking around, Brad asked where Brent and Doug were. Wayne told Brad they went outside to talk. Brad shook his head and said that they really did need to talk.

Brad asked Scott to borrow a vehicle, so they could go home. Wayne threw his keys to Scott and told him to have fun. Scott shot that sexy little shit eating grin at him and told Wayne he planned on it.

Goodbyes were said again as Brad headed out the door. Scott wrapped his arm around Brad and pulled him into a hug, telling him how much he loved him. Brad kissed him. He still got chills running down his spine every time he kissed his love. When the kiss ended, Scott grabbed Brad's hand and pulled him towards the truck. They both took off at a run and climbed in as fast as they could.

The night was just a little chilly so Brad sat next to Scott, enjoying the body heat he could feel. As Scott started the truck he told Brad he could not wait until they got home. He wanted to make love to Brad all night long.

Brad Kissed Scott once more and told him to step on it then. As Scott took off, the tires threw a lot of dirt in the air. Wayne had been watching as the couple took off. As soon as the truck turned around the corner he took off at a run for the upstairs where he knew Sam was waiting on him.

It took longer than either of them wanted, but Brad and Scott finally made it. Brad already had Scott's shirt off and his belt unbuckled. They ran to the cabin and opened the door. Brad tripped and fell while moving forward with his pants still tangled around his legs. Scott bent over and picked Brad up and carried him to the bed.

Brad threw his arms around Scott's neck and kissed him deeply, tongues dueling for dominance. As Scott leaned over, he gently laid Brad on the bed. As Scott stood back up he slowly pulled the offending pants from Brad's legs. There before him lay the love of his life, with nothing on but the white jockeys contrasting against his tan skin. Scott just stood and stared thinking how much he loved this man.

As Brad looked up he could see a tear escape from the corner of one of Scott's eyes. Brad sat up and wrapped his arms around Scott's waist. He could feel the thick fur on Scott's stomach as he nestled into it.

Brad felt Scott's strong hands massaging the sore muscles of his shoulders. Brad could not help but let out a groan as the muscles relaxed. He had not realized how sore he really was. As Scott worked his way down a little further, Brad felt the metal buckle of Scott's belt biting into his chin. Brad reached up and undid the belt and opened Scott pants. He could feel the heat and was engulfed in the scent of Scott's maleness.

Brad lowered Scott's pants slowly letting his fingers feel the hair on his legs. Brad caressed Scott's legs as he slowly raised one, then the other, and slipped off his pants. His hands could feel the muscles ripple as Scott balanced his weight from one leg to the other. Once the pants were off he gently brought his hands up, only brushing the hair on Scott's legs. By the time he had made it up to Scott's thighs, he could feel the goose flesh caused by this.

Brad turned his face to breathe in Scott's scent through his jockeys. He felt a wet spot brush against his forehead. Raising his face he searched out the wet spot and brought his mouth to it. As he stuck out his tongue he tasted the sweet nectar Scott was producing. Brad finally exhaled his warm breath over the wet spot, which caused a moan from Scott.

Brad's hands were still roaming over Scott's body and finally found his sensitive nubs. Between the effect of Brad's warm breath and having his nipples tweaked, Scott began to feel his knees going weak. His body swayed with pleasure and his erogenous zones were being massively stimulated. Brad finally brought his hands around Scott's sides to the small of his back. There they found their way into the elastic waistband and pulled down.

As they were pulled off, Scott slid down Brad's body until they were chest to chest. Then Scott leaned into Brad and made him fall back onto the bed. Once on top of Brad, Scott finally was in control. His head was spinning from the intoxication of the love he felt for Brad.

They kissed a slow passionate kiss. Tonight there was no hurry; they had all night to make love if needed. The kisses began to become a hunger, and Scott felt his cock throbbing against Brad. He was in too deep now, and could not stop. His scream into Brad's mouth signaled the first shot, as his orgasm started. Scott ground harder into Brad and moaned louder. With the added pressure and the hot cum spraying over Brads cock, he too started cumming in time with his lover.

Once Scott came down from his high, he apologized to Brad. Brad looked deep into the eyes of the man he loved and told him he would not have had it any different. With that, they started kissing again, enjoying the fact that their love was so strong. It was much longer until Brad felt Scott start to slide his awakening cock against him. He could not help but feel the rush of blood engorge his own cock in anticipation.

Brad lifted his legs around Scott's waist and asked him to make love to him. Scott scooted them back further onto the bed and then slowly worked his way down Brad's smooth chest. When he found Brad's nubs he attacked them; one with his teeth and the other between his finger and thumb. This caused Brad to arch his back.

"God baby, harder... Fuck yeah."

"You like that, don't you Brad"

"Yes love... I love it when you do that to me."

"Tell me what you want Brad. You know I have to hear it"

"I want you to take me babe... make me like it"

That's all Scott needed to hear. He pushed Brad's legs in the air and dove for his ass. His tongue penetrated Brads ass ring.

"Fuck Babe... you almost made me cum."

That made Scott try even harder. He ran his tongue around the outside of Brad's ass then the inside. Brad soon had his hands on his firm ass spreading it open so Scott could get to him more easily. Scott loved rimming Brad. He could feel Brad's control slipping with each minute. Brad was soon making guttural noises and Scott knew it was time.

With one final jab with his tongue, Scott shifted his weight to his knees. Resting his hands behind Brad's knees he lined up his cock with Brad's ass. Brad was so open that, with a little push, Scott could feel heat engulf the head of his cock. Brad let a groan escape as more of Scott's cock entered him. He loved the fullness and the tingles that ran up his spine as Scott's pubes brushed against his ass.

His lover was in him completely, as Brad relaxed. He could feel the pressure against his prostate, and that caused him feel like he needed to pee. It did not take long until all Brad felt was the pleasure. Brad felt the emptiness overtake him as Scott started to withdraw. Brad clamped down with his muscles as hard as could, trying to get as much pleasure as he could. Just when Brad felt like Scott was going to take it out altogether, he felt him start to push back in.

Scott lowered his hips as he started to reenter Brad again. There it was; he felt his cock apply pressure to Brads prostate as it brushed by. A split second later, Brad gasped. This let Scott know he was right. Once again, on the in stroke, Scott felt his cock hit Brad's prostate. Now he knew where to focus to give Brad all the pleasure he could.

As Scott sped up he could not help but smile on the inside as he watched his lover thrash his head back and forth. He knew he was giving pleasure to his love. There was a small pool of precum forming between Brad's pecs. Scott could see it drip from his cock each time he made contact with Brad's prostate.

Scott started to tire. It had been a long day and he did not yet have all his strength back. When he thought he could not go much longer he leaned down and licked up the pool of precum that had formed, kissing Brad deeply and sharing Brad's sweet nectar. When Scott finally broke the kiss, he asked Brad to make love to him while he caught his breath.

Brad rolled up to a sitting position and started to sit on Scott's cock. Scott stopping Brad before he was completely settled and told him he wanted Brad inside him. Brad really wanted to cum but said, "Sure, if that's what you want." Scott smiled and then Brad was sure.

Brad got between Scott's legs and lifted them to taste his lover when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Brad looked up, and Scott smiled real big and told him he was ready. "I want you now." Brad was worried that Scott did not know what he was saying, but scooted up and placed the head of his cock against Scott's ass.

Brad leaned forward a little and Scott pushed back at the same time. Brad felt his cock head slip in and stopped, but Scott pushed onward. When Brad noticed Scott had taken half of his cock in the first push he knew that Scott really had been ready. The combination of sweat and Brad's precum had worked as all the lube Scott needed.

Scott let out a little groan. Some of it was from pain because he was so eager to feel his lover inside of him, but more was from pleasure. Scott took a couple more breaths and pushed back while at the same time pulling Brad forward with his legs. Once he knew Brad had all 7.5 inches in, he looked up and smiled.

Brad could not help but melt when his lover looked at him like that. Then Brad felt Scott try to pull him in deeper one last time. He leaned down to kiss Scott once more before he gave Scott the ride of his life. When they broke the kiss Scott looked into Brad's eyes once more. Then, for some reason, Scott heard his own voice tell Brad to pound the living hell out of him. It was strange to Scott; it was so animalistic, needy almost to the point of pleading.

As Brad placed his hands behind Scott's knees he saw something in Scott's eyes. It was almost like fear, but different. Brad eased out some and slowly pushed back in. Scott's voice cried out "pound me Brad". Brad picked up the pace, bringing his cock completely out a couple of times before pushing as hard as he could to bottom out.

Grunt's and groans kept coming with each stroke Brad delivered. Pounding Scott as hard as he could, Brad was glad he had already come once tonight. The passion and raw energy being developed between the two of them would have caused Brad to have cum almost immediately. Scott was bucking under Brad so much it was hard to keep a good rhythm going.

They had been going at it at this frenzied pace for about thirty minutes when, all of a sudden, Scott cock started firing shot after shot of cum across his chest. When the last shot fired, Scott let go of one of his ankles and scooped up some of the cum and put it in his mouth.

Then he took a hold of his cock and started jacking it. Brad thought he was just trying to enjoy the feelings after shooting off without touching himself. Soon he found Scott was begging him to pound harder. Brad had almost gone over the edge when Scott came but did not quiet make it. When he saw that Scott did not want him to stop, he started trying harder to cum.

Brad knew that sometimes you could not stand it anymore and had to stop. Your insides got too sore to continue, but not tonight. Scott was still going just like he did when they first started, except he was now jacking off. Brad noticed Scott's cock never changed; it was still as hard as when they started.

Brad felt his balls pulling up, letting him know he was getting close. He was fast approaching his orgasm and did not know how much longer he could go. Then he felt it. Scott's ass muscles were clamping down on his cock. Brad had had his head thrown back but looked down to see Scott was firing off yet another load. That was it; Brad lost it and joined Scott; firing his hot load in Scott's ass.

When Brad dropped down to kiss Scott, his body was tingling. He almost felt like he was floating in air. If it had not been for the sweat and cum bonding their two bodies together he would have thought he was floating. Brad felt Scott's cock twitch between the two of them. It had not gone down yet. Brad raised his head to look at Scott. Brad felt Scott's cock twitch, and Scott said, "Again."

Brad shook his head and told Scott he would have to wait till he could get some strength back before he could do something like that again. Scott then asked Brad if he had enough energy to let him top him. Brad just looked at Scott and asked him if he was on drugs. Scott laughed and let Brad know he just could not get enough of him.

Brad rolled off of Scott and laid flat on the bed then looked at Scott and said hop on and when I catch my breath I will see how long you can hang on. Scott smiled that evil little grin then kissed Brad before he climbed on top of him. Brad felt Scott stretching him once again as his cock slid in. There was no pain this time and it was feeling really good.

As Brad relaxed Scott started to slowly move in and out of him. Scott nibbled on his neck and an ear watching for signs Brad was ready for him to speed up. As Brad started to moan, Scott lightly bit Brad on the neck. Pushing back, Brad started to move under Scott's assault.

Scott linked his legs with Brad's and sped up his movements. The love of his life was under him and all he wanted to do was pleasure him. Scott could feel Brad when he hit Brad's prostate and shifted so he could make better contact. Brad could still not get over the fact that little jolts of electricity would run up his spine as Scott made love to him. The feeling was exquisite and caused Brad to feel like he was floating again.

Time after time Brad was lifting his ass off the bed so Scott could go deeper. Soon he noticed Scott had picked up the pace and his breathing had become more labored. Brad's prostate was getting so sensitive that he felt like he was going to piss all over the bed. He knew what would happen if Scott continued. He would cum even if he was not ready.

Scott started to pound Brad knocking the breath out of him each time they connected. Brad just relaxed and fell into the bliss of being made love to. His prostate was getting really sore but he knew with just a little more stimulation he would cum. Brad managed to move himself under Scott to get that stimulation he needed. He heard a low scream and his body started to convulse. The sound was coming from him as he started to empty his balls on the bed.

After about the forth spasm Scott joined Brad in orgasm. Scott pumped his seed into his lover. As he came down for the throes of orgasm, he laid on top of Brad for a minute to catch his breath. Finally he rolled off and scooted down till his mouth found his lover's entrance. Scott stuck his tongue in, tasting his own juice mixed with his lover's. As Scott started to devour Brad's entrance all he could hear was whimpering sounds coming from Brad.

Brad could not move. He was totally exhausted from their love making. Scott was sending goose flesh all over Brad but he did not have the energy to move. Scott's strong hands were molding his flesh as they ran along his back. Tears started to flow down his cheeks as Brad thought about how much he loved this man. He was everything he had ever wanted in a man. Brad had had lovers before but nothing like Scott. Scott did not sit back and make Brad run the show; it was more equal with him.

Scott finally worked his way back to Brad's lips and gently kissed him. When the kiss ended they both said at the same time "I love you." Brad snuggled into the soft fur on Scott's chest and they both drifted off to sleep before they realized it.