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The Inheritance part 39

Authors note: Let me start by saying I am sorry for taking so long to write. My job comes first and I have had to do some traveling for it. I have been so busy I just have not had the time. Because I do not have a laptop I have not been able to write while on the road. Believe me it would have been nice on the long nights without anything to do. I have felt real guilty not being able to respond to all of your kind notes about missing the story. As soon as I had the chance I read everything you all have written and hope to be able to respond to you all soon. Thanks again for all of your support.

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The alarm seemed like something screaming in her head as May awoke. May slapped the snooze on the alarm clock, wanting just another nine minutes of sleep. She never understood why those nine minutes were the best sleep. She rolled over and her hand felt something warm and hairy. Sitting up in the bed and turning on the light May almost let out a scream. It took a couple of minutes before she remembered what happened. May then got out of the bed and headed for the shower.

As she turned the water on, trying to get the temperature set right, the alarm went off again. She had forgotten to turn it off. Now she was in trouble. She could take a chance and run in there, hoping Dan was still asleep. Or, she could just jump in the shower and get ready for the day. May opted for jumping in the shower.

As she closed the shower curtain, May noticed the alarm had stopped. She wondered if Dan had turned it off or just slapped the snooze. May could not believe she had let herself get drunk on a couple of beers and get talked into going to bed. As she berated herself for letting this happen, the bathroom door opened. May was shocked that Dan had walked into the bathroom while she was there.

May could not believe the sound she heard as Dan peed into the toilet. It sounded so loud. And when he stopped, May told him not to flush or she would be scalded. Dan told her okay, then pulled back the shower curtain and stepped in behind May. It came out a lot sharper then she intended, but Dan looked rejected when May asked him what he thought he was doing.

Dan told her to relax; that she didn't have anything that would scare him. But he was surprised when May told him he might have something that would scare her. She could not help but give him the once over. Dan reminded May of Scott's Dad in a lot of ways. He had a nice thick mat of hair on his chest, but it was brown and not black. His cock hung a little longer, and was a lot thicker, than Scott's dad.

She thought back to last night and could not help but smile. Last night was the first time she had had sex in over five years. She could still feel a little soreness down below. May felt strong hands soaping her back and, finally, she let her guard down. She would have to have a talk with Dan on the way out to the ranch. This could not happen again.

Brad woke the next morning needing to relieve himself. As he looked around he noticed that they had not moved during the night. As he lifted Scott's arm, it woke him. They were stuck together from the body fluids of last night. Scott looked over and told Brad he loved him. Brad then kissed him and told him they better get up as it was getting late. Scott stretched and, as he did this, he said "ouch" a couple of times because the dried cum was pulling his hair.

Brad and Scott both stepped outside and relieved themselves. It would be light soon and they needed to get around. They went inside and pulled on some pants and boots then went out to take care of the animals. The pup barked at them as they made their way to the horses. Brad told Scott they needed to spend a little more time with him for training purposes.

Scott bent over and scratched the pup behind his ears and the pup bit down on his finger. The little needle like teeth caused Scott to pull back. He lunged at Scott and growled when he reached out for him again. Scott told Brad they really had a guard dog here. Brad went over to where Scott was and saw the puppy. He looked at Scott and told him they really needed to give him a name.

Scott thought a second and laughed. He told Brad he had it. They would call him Rex. Brad wanted to know where he got that name from. Scott told Brad it was from the T-Rex. With all those sharp teeth, he was a scary little thing. Brad looked down and called Rex. When he came he rolled over to get his belly rubbed. After a few seconds the guys stood up and went to feed the other animals, with Rex on their heels.

Once everything was taken care of the guys went inside to get cleaned up. Brad was the first to shower. The water was cold so it did not take much water to decide he would get wet and then soap up. Brad finished rinsing off and Scott stepped into the tub. He let out a yelp as the cold water hit his skin. Brad watched as Scott's nipples hardened. He kind of snickered when his eyes followed downward and saw the water had an opposite effect down below.

It took Scott a little longer to clean up and the sun was just coming up enough to color the eastern horizon. Brad kissed Scott as they headed out the door. When they got into the truck, Scott told Brad to wait; he would be right back. Scott ran back to the cabin and was back in a couple of minutes. Brad did not like what he saw when Scott opened the door.

Brad asked Scott why he felt they needed the rifle. Scott let Brad know he was not going to leave it when they did not know what the day would be like. It might be needed if something happened to go wrong when the guys got there to pick up the cattle.

Brad was not happy about it but did not say anything else negative about it. Brad had secretly been worried all morning that something bad might happen. He did not want anyone to get hurt, and would hate it if they did.

The sun was just up as they pulled up to the house. They did not see any lights on so Scott knocked on the door. Still no answer, so Scott found the hidden key and tried the door again. When it opened, Scott flipped on the light inside but there were no sounds. Everyone must still be asleep.

Brad went over to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. He told Scott to go wake everyone up so they could get ready for the long day. As Scott went upstairs he saw the lights were still not on in the rooms. He opened the door to Sam's room and walked in where Wayne and Sam were naked and on top of the covers.

Scott was shocked when he looked down and saw the size of Wayne's cock. He was hard and looked to be almost an inch longer than him. He looked Wayne over as he lay there. He saw that could pass as Wayne if he was naked.

Scott felt a little mischievous and decided he would play a trick on them. Scott leaned across Wayne and squeezed Sam's ass. As Scott caressed Sam, he started to wake up. Scott leaned down and gently kissed Sam's neck and licked it a little. Sam was really getting into to this now.

Sam told Wayne to come on over and fuck him. Scott almost lost it when he said that and had to hurry and get off the bed without waking Wayne. Scott barely made it before Sam rolled over. The next thing Scott heard was Sam telling Wayne to quit faking it; he knew he was awake. Scott had to put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Scott heard Sam say, "Well, if you want to play hard to get then that's okay with me." Then sucking noises were heard and Wayne's voice saying "What the fuck?" When Wayne finally got Sam to quit sucking his cock, Sam was a little pissed at Wayne. Scott could not take it any longer, and sat up besides the bed laughing.

It was Sam's turn to say "What the fuck?" as he looked over at the laughing Scott. When Scott finally could quit laughing, he told them it was time to get up. That's when Sam tackled Scott. Wayne joined in and soon they had him pinned to the floor, tickling him.

Brad came in the room next and asks what all the noise was. Sam looked up at Brad and told him "That little pervert of yours played with my ass and made me think it was Wayne" Well, it would be hard to tell them apart this early in the morning.

Brad said, as he turned to leave the room "Well if I were you I would make him make good on it." Scott started yelling for Brad to wait and help him. As Brad was going down the hall he yelled back. "Take him boys, and use him like a sex toy. He needs it."

Scott started pleading with them then to let him up. Sam looked over to Wayne and said "He shore has a perty little mouth on him bubba."

"Yeah, Sam, and I bet he would squeal when you poke him too."

"Okay. Look guys, we've all had our laughs now so let me up." Scott pleaded

"What do you say, Wayne? You want to make him pay?"

"Yeah, I think we need to teach this here whipper snapper a lesson."

"Okay guys, let me up. I have learned my lesson."

"Not till you pay Scott." Then Sam started to unzip Scott's pants, and it was getting hard for Wayne to hold him down. Sam pulled Scott's cock out and started sucking on it.

Scott started yelling for Brad to help him. Scott could not help but start getting hard with Sam working his cock like that. When Brad finally made it back to the room, Wayne was sitting on Scott's chest with his cock dripping on Scott's mouth and Sam sucking Scott for all he was worth.

Brad told them to go ahead and let him up because someone was pulling into the yard. "We will finish this later on, when we all want to have a good time." As Sam and Wayne let Scott up, he told them that that was not funny. Sam looked at him and said, "It was as funny as getting my ass played with this morning." But like Brad said, we can finish this later.

Scott walked out of the room trying to stuff his hard cock back into the tight jeans he was wearing. As Scott left the room, Wayne and asked Sam what Brad meant when he said they could finish this later. Sam looked at Wayne and asked him if he remembered when he told him about his first experience. Wayne said he remembered but what did that have to do with anything. Sam smiled and said Scott and Brad were his first. Wayne sat back on the bed with a shocked look on his face.

Wayne and Sam dressed in silence and headed down the stairs. Wayne could not get over the fact that Brad and Scott had messed around. He thought that the love they had for each other would be strong enough to keep them from doing that.

As Wayne stepped on the last step, he saw his Mom and Dan had come in. He spoke to them both and then headed out the door. Doug came in the room in his underwear as Wayne headed out. He was still a little asleep as he headed to the bathroom and did not notice everyone was watching him. When the bathroom door closed everyone started laughing.

Dan whispered something in May's ear and she just shook her head no. She then headed to the kitchen to start breakfast. Dan looked at the guys and asked them if they could help with the rotation of the cattle while Breakfast was being cooked. They all told him they could and headed out to the barn.

Wayne had walked around in the barn thinking about what was going on between him and Sam. How could Sam not have told him that he had been with Scott? He thought that Scott and Brad were a couple? This was very confusing to him, and he had to think about whether he wanted to be involved with this or not.

Wayne had had enough problems trying to deal with his inner conflicts about being with a man. One man was one thing but being with more than one would mean he was gay. Wayne knew he was not gay. How could he have been tricked into thinking he was. Wayne heard voices coming toward the barn so he hid in the shadows in the back.

As he saw the others saddle the horses and head out, Wayne sat there thinking; what was he doing? Wayne needed to talk to his Mom, but how could he? She would not understand what he was going through. For God's sake, how could he talk to his Mom about gay stuff? Wayne needed to go for a drive to clear his head.

As Wayne came out of the barn, Brad came around the corner. He waved for Wayne to stop. It was all Wayne could do to keep from running to his truck and taking off.

When Brad dismounted he asked if Wayne was going to help. Wayne told him he just went to look at the calves. He knew he had lied, but could not tell Brad the truth. Brad asked him to sit down and talk a bit. Wayne asked Brad if he was going to help move the cattle around. Brad said he had intended to but, when they got out there, they thought it might be good for someone to hang around the barn in case someone else came.

Brad could tell something was eating at Wayne. He had been around him long enough to know that, when he was avoiding eye contact, something was up. Finally, after what seemed like a long silence, Brad said, "Wayne, what's wrong?"

Wayne shrugged it off and told Brad it was nothing; that he was just tired. Brad put his hand on Wayne's shoulder and told him to spill it.

Finally Wayne looked up at Brad. "Did you really have sex with Sam?"

"Is that what Sam told you?"

"Yes...but...he told me you and ...Scott both did it with him his first time."

"Wayne, I have always told you that you could ask me anything. In hopes that it does not hurt our friendship, yes, we did."

"Are you planning on doing it again?"

"As far as planning on it, no Wayne, I am not planning on it."

"Then what was the comment this morning about. We will finish this later on."

"Wayne, we all joke around and play pranks on each other, but it was time to get ready for work. If you want to play games and wrestle around, then we can do that later."

"Well ... Sam hurt my feelings this morning. I just don't know how to tell him."

"Wayne, I can tell you the most important thing in a relationship is being able to talk. If you don't, then things fester until you can not take it any more."

"Brad, can I be honest with you without you telling Scott or anyone?"


"I really don't think I am gay...I mean I like Sam and all... but I don't really think that it will last."

"You may not be gay. I knew I was gay when I was real young."

"Brad, I just don't know for sure. There are times when I am with Sam that I really enjoy it. The sex is good, but I just feel it's wrong sometimes."

"You are fighting your inner demons. It's the fight between right and wrong. Every gay man goes through it. It's like, when you're with them, you are really happy. When you're in bed, it feels so good, until you do something new that pushes you one step closer to having to admit you are gay."

"That's part of it. But, like this morning, it hurt my feelings when Sam sucked Scott's cock while we wrestled. It really hurt to think he would cheat on me."

"Ah - I think I know where you are coming from. Scott was the same way when we started seeing each other. I was the one that pushed Scott to sleep with Sam"

"Why in hell did you do that? Don't you love him?"

"Yes Wayne, I do love him. I love him with all my heart. But, you see, Scott had never been with anyone but me."

"That's the way it should be."

"Yes it should be, Wayne, but I am a realest. How many relationships have you known where one partner did not cheat?"

"A bunch"

"Oh really, Wayne... Do you really know these people that well? I mean you can know someone for years and never know they cheated on their spouse. Look at all the couples that get a divorce that cheated. You have to be real about things. Men sometimes cheat... they may not have meant to...but look at this morning."

"What about this morning?"

"Did you plan to hold Scott down and let Sam suck his cock?"


"Then, it just happened in the heat of the moment. I know you did not mean for it to happen. It does not make me happy that it did. But should I let someone go that I love because of horsing around?"

"No, I guess not."

"Things happen that shouldn't, but that does not mean I don't love him. When we had sex with Sam, it was because I wanted to make sure I was the one Scott wanted. He had never been with another man and I wanted him to be sure he was really ready to be with me. If he wanted to be with someone, I would rather he come to me and tell me than do it behind my back. I will say that it would still hurt, but I love him enough to know that I want to be there with him when it does happen."

"What would you do if he kept wanting to mess around?"

"That's a choice I would have to make that I really don't want to think about. I would hope he would not."

"But I think Sam might"

"Wayne, you have to remember this is new to him. Sam is like a kid in a candy store. He doesn't have anyone around to answer to like his Mom or Dad. He is free to do as he pleases for the first time in his life."

"I guess I understand...It is like when I moved out. I was trying to get every girl I knew to come over and spend the night. I did have them park down the street, though, in case Mom drove by."

"Well that's what you have on your hands. A guy that's free for the first time. It will be tough at first, but I don't think he will be like this for long. Give him a little slack and see if he calms down. I know you care a lot for Sam or you would not have let it go this far."

"That's part of my confusion. Sometimes I have strong feelings and others I don't. Like when we are alone and in bed he drives me crazy. But when we are apart I really don't miss him till I see him."

"Falling in love takes time. Sure, some folks may fall at first sight, but most of us don't. You are with someone interesting and that you are attracted to and it seems like you want to be around him more. Soon he is all you think about and it hits you...you love him."

About that time a truck pulled up. It was one of the ranchers from the day before. He had a couple of guys with him. Both of them had been at the ranch too. Brad told Wayne they could talk more about this later, and headed out to greet the ranchers.

Brad shook hands with all three and reintroduced himself. Wayne was not far behind and also greeted the men. Brad asked if they would like to go in the house; that Dan was inside and breakfast would soon be ready.

When they were headed in, Wayne told Brad he would wait outside and greet the others as they pulled up. Actually, Wayne just wanted some time to be alone and think. As Brad and the others entered the door, Wayne headed back out to the barn. He looked out to see where the other guys were, trying to figure out how much longer they would be. He guessed he had at least another half hour before they were through.

As Wayne sat down on a bale of hay, he was trying to figure out how he was going to get out of this mess. Once more he needed to find a reason and a way to end a relationship. He just was not gay. He had to ask himself, then why did he get excited when he was with Sam?

Wayne had so much going through his head, he did not notice the next truck pulling up. He heard someone shout in his direction and saw four men standing beside a truck. Wayne stood up and walked over to greet them. Wayne knew one of the young men from school and in town. After the greetings, Wayne directed them into the house.

Robert stayed outside with Wayne to talk. Once everyone was inside, Robert wanted to know how Wayne was doing. He told him everything was going great and how much he enjoyed the job.

Robert then looked sideways at Wayne and asked him if it was true that the guy who owned all of this now was a queer. That shook Wayne up a little, and he really didn't know how to answer. Wayne had a range of emotions flood over him from anger to fear and everything in between. Finally, Wayne looked Robert in the face and said, "Yes he is gay, but he is a very kind man."

Robert started laughing then. When he spoke, he said "Would he be kind enough to suck my cock for me?"

"Look Robert... Brad is a nice guy... you should not be talking about him like that."

"Touchy, touchy... Why are you trying to defend him? Is he taking care of you?"

Wayne was getting a little pissed. "Look Robert, I don't think it is any business of yours. Brad is not that kind of guy."

"Your awfully defensive Wayne...have you switched sides too? Is that why you never dated the same girl for very long? You're a cock sucker?"

It took everything Wayne had to keep from jumping on Robert. He walked up to within six inches of Robert and looked him straight in the eyes. "I think it is time for you to keep your mouth closed, Robert. You shouldn't care who's fucking who. You have Rhonda and, as long as you're getting some, you shouldn't worry who's taking care of the rest of the world. As far as having to worry about the guys looking at you...open your eyes and look around. I think you will find you would be the last guy to be chosen around here." With that said, Wayne turned around and walked back to the barn. The last thing Wayne heard as he walked off was "fucking fag."

Wayne was doing his very best to not turn around and deck Robert. The closer he got to the barn, the madder he got. He did not like anyone making fun of his friends. All Wayne knew was Brad, Scott, Sam, Brent, and Doug were all good men. No one should be making fun of them.

As Wayne entered the barn he noticed the guys were coming in from the pasture. Wayne paced around trying to calm down. He was afraid if Robert said anything there could be trouble.

Scott was the first one in, and Wayne told him he needed to talk. Scott climbed down from the saddle and stepped off to the side so they could talk. Wayne related the story to Scott and asked what he should do. Scott told him to let it go; that if Robert started something he would take care of it. Wayne told him he felt responsible for the situation as it was.

The guy's had just finished putting the horses away when Brad came into the barn. Scott called the all the guys together and told them what happened with Wayne. Sam hugged Wayne and told him he was sorry for what happened. Wayne tensed up at first then relaxed as he knew Sam was serious. Finally he told Sam he was sorry. Sam was puzzled by that statement, but did not ask any questions. He could do that later on when they were alone.

With the guys warned, Wayne felt better as they headed to the house. As they entered, Wayne saw that Robert's Dad had his finger in Robert's face telling him to shut up. It was all Wayne could do to keep from busting out laughing. When he heard what Robert was getting dressed down for, it made Wayne feel a lot better.

Mister Johnson was letting Robert have it over his prejudice. He told Robert if he was going to act like a small child he would treat him like one. When Robert looked over and saw Wayne, he wished he could disappear.

Wayne stepped out of the room and went to wash his hands. Dan was trying to usher the others into the kitchen. When Scott got there he asked May what happened. She told them in whisper that Robert made a derogatory remark about all the queers around here. Scott told her that apparently Wayne and Robert had had some words a few minutes earlier.

May then wanted to know where Wayne was. Scott looked around the room and said he must have gone to the bathroom. May finally told the men to grab a plate and form a line. May had everything sitting on the counter, buffet style, since there were too many to put food on the table and try to pass everything around.

Soon the table was full and the card table had only one place left when Wayne came in. There were still guys lined up, filling their plates, when Robert and his Dad came in. May had gone back to the stove to scramble some more eggs before she ran out. She had made big bowls of everything except eggs. May always hated cold eggs, and did not want to serve them to anyone.

Before the last one got through the line, they could hear Brad greeting someone at the front door. May stuck her head out of the kitchen and hollered for them to come on in and fix a plate. It seemed like all the ranchers showed up again and they had even brought a few more hired hands. They were interested in how the ranch worked here. They had more head to the acre than on the other ranches, and still had good pasture for them to graze on.

It seemed Dan was a big hit in the kitchen as was Scott in the living room. All the ranchers had questions for them on how often they rotated the stock and reseeded the pasture. Scott explained that they had a pasture where the hay was raised and in the winter that was where the cattle stayed as a big herd.

One of the ranchers wanted to know why. Scott told him that they only cut hay twice and then left the third growth for grazing. The last growth was usually knee deep for the cattle. There were four sections where the hay was raised. The cattle are on one section for about a month then moved to the next section. By the time they get to the last section, it's spring, so we start to cut the cows back out into smaller groups.

The time they spend on the hay ground provides the most fertilizer that will be put on the land. It will be fertilized once more before we let it grow for grazing. We don't like to use anything that is not natural if we can help it. You will have a few bare spots come spring because of so many head on such a small amount of ground. The good thing is that so much manure gets mixed in that the grass grows quickly enough to cover everything up before the end of the year.

That gives the ground that has been grazed all summer a chance to rest. So when spring comes back it is refreshed and ready for cows and calves. This allows us to run a lot more head per acre than most ranches. A few of the ranchers were shaking their heads with every word. They knew Scott was right, because they had always seen more cattle on his ranch than most would ever think about putting on that ground.

Scott told the ranchers that he would be willing to help them set up each of their ranches that way. All he asked was that they start putting cross fences up around twenty acre lots. He would help them get their watering systems and choose pasture grasses to best suit their needs. A couple of the ranchers told Scott that they would put up some of the money from the sale of the calves to start.

Scott was glad to hear this and told them that, even if they only did part of it to start, they could turn more ground into growing more hay. In turn, they could sell the hay for more profit, or even turn more ground into raising cattle.

Dan also agreed that it would not be as hard as they thought after they got started. The profit helped outweigh the extra work required. Improving the herd would help getting higher prices. Dan told the smaller ranchers that the best thing they could do would be to use the new bulls they got for about three years. He said they should keep a few heifers and swap bulls with one of the other ranchers. That way they got new blood for breeding without having to pay for it. This also insured that the out breeding would produce quality offspring and help to build up the herds.

By the time breakfast was over, the ranchers were excited about what could happen. They thought, with a little help, that there could be a bigger profit for them. It was not long until the sound of an eighteen wheeler was heard outside the house. As the ranchers filed out of the house, the driver's eyes got real big.

Twenty men came out of the house. Some headed to the barn others went to talk to the driver. The rest headed out to the loading pens. Dan, Brad, Scott and Sam met the driver. They told him that he could back up to the loading area and then meet them back at the house.

The driver asked if they were having a party or something. He had not seen this many guys to help load before. Brad just told him they were having a few friends over for the day.

The driver backed up to the loading area and climbed out of the truck. He headed up to the house as the guys started to load the truck. When he made it to the house, Brad asked him what kind of paperwork was needed. The driver explained that he thought they knew what was needed. All he knew was he had to have a bill of sale and vet health clearance to haul cattle across state lines. Brad told the driver that he just wanted to make sure.

Looking over at Dan, Brad saw he was ready. Dan handed him the envelope that contained the bill of sale for the cattle. The vet's health check was also in the envelope. Brad asked the driver where he was supposed to deliver the load. He let them know it was to a stock yard in Kansas but not one of the usual stockyards. He let them know this was only the second time he'd deliver there. His hauls were always to one of the fattening lots.

Brad asked him if he could get a copy of the information from him. The driver said sure, and headed back out to his truck.

When the driver left the house, the four of them started talking. They agreed that the drivers must not be involved. Brad asked Dan to find out when the pickups were to be scheduled from the other ranches. Dan left the room to start calling.

Brad told Sam and Scott to keep the driver busy while copying the documents. He even asked May to fix him a bite to eat while he went out to check the cab of the truck. Brad knew the driver would not be using his cell phone because he would not be able to get a signal.

When the plans were set they waited on the driver to start to head back. When Brad saw him climbing down from his cab, Brad went out to the truck. He met the driver about half way. The driver asked Brad what they were loading on his truck. Brad told him the calves he was suppose to get. When the driver asked Brad how come they did not look like the calves in the pens, Brad had to think fast on his feet, and told him they used different bulls on this batch.

Brad told the driver he needed to get out and help the others. When Brad made it to where the truck was parked he asked one of the ranchers to keep an eye out for the driver. Brad climbed into the cab of the truck and started looking around as quickly as he could. You could tell a lot about a trucker by what you found in his truck.

The man had a few pictures of a woman and a couple of kids. Brad noticed you could see them growing up through the pictures he had. Finally Brad found a leather satchel that had a few papers in it. As he thumbed through them he saw an itinerary for the driver's next pickups. He found the address to where the man was to deliver the cattle and also saw that he was to pick up more cattle in Missouri, at a ranch that belonged to Brad's Grandfather.

Brad copied down the address to the ranch and looked through the rest of the papers. It looked to Brad that he was not going to find anything else. As he put the folder back he happened to see the edge of a piece of paper in the visor on the passenger side. Brad pulled it out and saw it had letterhead from the law firm that handled his account.

Brad started reading it when the rancher tapped on the door. Brad looked down and was told the driver was coming. Brad scanned the paper and saw a number to call. He jotted it down and quickly put the paper back.

When the trucker made it to the truck he climbed in and put the paper work in the satchel. Brad called Scott and Dan over to the side and asked them if they could not have kept him a little longer. Dan let Brad know that the man wanted to get a count on the cattle so he could sign off on the bill of sale. He would have to go back in to do that so he would have a few more minutes.

The trucker stood close to the back and counted the cattle as they were loaded. It took two hours to get them all loaded into his trailer and when he did his second count he was satisfied. Dan then asked him to come back to the house and sign off on the bill of sale.

When Brad thought it was safe he climbed back into the truck and grabbed the paper. He knew he had to get a copy of this as soon as he was through reading it. Brad ran up to the house and into the office. He called Scott out and told him what he found.

Scott then went in and made a copy of the paper keeping himself between the driver and the copy machine. He then stepped to the door and told Brad should run and get Sam. He would have to sign the bill of sale to before the deal was final. Brad took off as quick as he could. He hollered at Sam to go up to the house and sign something for Dan.

Brad managed to put the paper back in the truck before Sam had climbed out of the saddle and made it around to the cab of the truck. Brad told Sam what he had found and that they made up a story about needing him to sign something before the cattle were transferred.

When they got to the house the driver was sitting at the table with May and having a cup of coffee. She told the driver to hang on and she would fix him a couple of sandwiches to go. He thanked May and sat back down to have the rest of his coffee. When Brad made it back to the house the driver was sitting and talking to Dan.

Brad told Sam he needed to sign the bill of sale for the driver. Brad had the info so he thought he would see how much he could get out of him. When he sat down at the table Brad asked the driver who had bought the cattle. The driver told Brad it was some new guy. He had been hauling cattle for years and had never heard of this guy before.

As the driver started to talk more, he explained that the guy always asked for the packet of sale papers and had some smaller trailers waiting around the lot. When he made the last drop there was always a guy there that he knew was an auctioneer for some of the other places where he had picked up cattle.

Brad felt a little funny about not telling the guy what was going on, but could not take the chance on blowing things. He had to make sure he was not getting ripped off. Brad was told this would be the last time this year they would be picking up calves. There was another trucking group that would be replacing them at the end of the month.

The more the driver talked the more Brad figured out. He asked the driver for the number to headquarters so he could get some information. Brad knew, by the time the driver left, that he did not know anything. It looked like who ever was in charge of this was switching hauling companies to cover up some of the stealing. Who ever it was, was not quit as dumb as Brad had hoped.

Brad talked it all over with Brent when he made it back in the house. He showed him all the paper work he had copied. Brent looked everything over then told Brad they had to find a way to tie the crooked lawyer into this so they could press charges. Brad then handed him the last copy he had made. Brent looked it over and could not believe it. With the name on the letterhead, Brent smiled. This might be the clue they had been looking for.

Brent asked Brad if there was a way he could get hold of the original. It looked like it had a signature on it. If they could get a match then they would have grounds to stand on. Brad asked Dan about getting it from the driver. Dan told them he could catch him before he hit the road. Brad told Dan to give the driver what he wanted for the original. Dan thought a second, and asked Brad for the copy.

Dan took off to catch up with the driver. He had not made it too far past where you turn off to go to the cabin. Once he got him to stop, Dan ran up to the truck. He asked the driver if he had the original of the copy he had in his hand. The driver looked at it for a second and told him he did. He reached over to the other visor and pulled it out.

Dan explained that he really needed the original for the paper work he had to turn in to the company. The driver told him that was not a problem; he usually threw them away after the drop off. He told Dan he had a few from the last pickups if he needed them too. Dan was shocked at first, but when the driver pulled down three more he gladly took them. The driver explained that he had to have a copy with him, because lately each contract was drawn up separately. .

Dan thanked the driver and climbed back into his truck and headed back to the house. When he got there, he showed the papers to Brad. Dan was surprised that someone was able to steal from the estate so easily.

Brent looked at the papers and told Brad this would be good evidence for court. He then asked Dan how many hands had been replaced in the last few months. Dan explained that, after he had been let go, almost all had been changed. He compared the papers to the ranches and told Brent that all of the guys had been replaced right before these pick ups of stock.

Brad told Dan to get hold of the men that had been let go as soon as he could and to let them know they would have their jobs back next spring, if they wanted. Brad talked with the ranchers and asked them if any of them could use a good hand for a while. There was only one man that did. He told Brad his son had gone off to college and he could use some help.

Brad let every one know what was going on, to a point, but did not say anything that should be kept quiet. They went to the kitchen and had a hot lunch while Scott and Dan went over a few more things about how the ranch was run.

After lunch was over and the ranchers started to go home, Dan and the rest sat down to get started on selling the breeding stock they had left. Dan had a list of seven buyers that had been way down on the waiting list. He did not want to make anyone suspicious. That could ruin their chance of catching them.

Brad asked Dan if there was any fenced off area on the thousand acres he was left. Dan thought for a while, and then remembered that there was a small pasture that was fenced off. Then Dan wanted to know why. Brad explained that when the cattle arrived, who ever was behind this might come looking for the cattle. He wanted to move the stock that was for sale to another place if possible.

Dan told him that they could be driven there if that's what he wanted. The only problem was that it would take at least two days for the drive, because the fenced in area was behind a bluff. If he was not mistaken, it was an old homestead from years ago. He remembered the last time he had seen it. It still looked in good shape and had been recently painted. He could not understand why, but the place had always been kept up.

Brad wondered why his Grandfather would have done this. Maybe when he saw the place he would understand why. Brad asked all the men if they could go the first thing in the morning and check the fences with him.

It was a little more crowded at the house that night. Dan and May stayed and Doug and Brent came back to the cabin. Everyone was tired, so not much happened. You could hear Brent toss and turn, sleeping on the cot, but Doug must have slept like a log.

When I woke the next morning and stepped out on the porch it had turned really chilly. I could feel the goose bumps rising on my body. As I was shaking off the last drop, Scott stepped out to relieve him self too.

We chatted a few minutes about what needed to be done before we headed over to the house. As we were getting ready to head back inside, Doug came running out of the house. He was almost like a little kid with his hard cock sticking straight out the front of his boxers. When he got to the edge of the porch he dropped his boxers to his knees and let out a sigh as his stream started to flow.

Both Brad and Scott started to chuckle when they saw Doug relieving himself. Scott made a comment that he had not seen anyone do that since he was little. Brad told Scott they just had a little boy to raise. With that Doug turned and aimed his stream towards Brad and Scott. He did not hit them but they made a fast retreat into the cabin to keep from getting wet.

Once inside, Brad told Brent he needed to take better control over his kid. Brent, not knowing what happened, asked Brad what he meant. Brad told him there was a little boy out on the porch playing with his weenie and trying to pee on them. Brent looked at Brad and asked him whether, when he was Doug's age, he didn't play with his weenie all the time.

Brad looked at Brent and said, no. When he was Doug's age he had someone who wanted to play with it and that he always wanted to play with someone else's weenie. Brent and Scott started laughing as Doug entered the cabin. When Doug got in he asked what was so funny.

Brad could not help it and told him it was his cock; how it looked like a cock but he had never seen one so small before. That was all it took. Doug jumped on Brad taking him to the floor. He managed to get Brad's hands above his head and told him to take it back. By that time Brad was laughing so hard he was having a hard time catching his breath.

If the floor had not been so cold, Brad might have played around some more once he caught his breath. But he was freezing on the concrete floor. Finally, Brad told Doug he had the biggest cock he had ever seen. Doug loosened his grip and Brad flipped him over on the floor and said, ". . . on a gnat." Brad jumped up and got behind Scott.

Once Doug was off the floor, he told Brad he would get even some day when the big hairy ape was not around to protect him. Brent was about to bust a gut he was laughing so hard. As Doug turned to get some clothes on, Scott snuck up behind him and pantsed him.

Doug almost tripped before he realized his boxers were around his ankles. He cut his eyes around trying to see who had done it. He saw Scott laughing the hardest and that he was the closest one to him. Finally, he just stepped out of his boxers and said, "If you want to fuck me come on, I am ready. Apparently you just want to keep me naked all the time. Doug bent over spreading his cheeks and said, "Come on, if you think your man enough."

Doug looked over at Brent and saw he had a huge tent in his briefs. The sight of Doug bent over made Brad start to get a little hard himself. Scott grabbed Doug's cheeks and gave them a squeeze. Doug backed up on instinct, and rubbed his ass against Scott's jockeys. This shocked Scott a little, and he backed off.

Brad cleared his throat and told Scott they'd better go feed the animals while Brent took care of his little horn dog. Brent wasted no time as Brad and Scott left the cabin. As soon as the door closed Brent had his cock pressed in Doug's boy cunt.

Scott could have sworn he heard Doug let out a big groan as he stepped off the porch. He looked at Brad and told him he was sorry it got so out of hand.

Brad explained to Scott that that is how it sometimes happens. "You can not have a room full of horny men without someone wanting to play around. The thing is, Doug is so young and has not had the struggle that you have had. His hormones were what were driving him."

Scott agreed with Brad, but then wanted to know if he really thought Doug would have let him fuck him. Brad told him he was sure he would have, even though he knew Brent was in the room. At that age sex can take over fast. The driving force in a young man is his cock. He can not think clearly when there is more blood in that head than the one on his shoulders.

Scott agreed that when he was Doug's age he would have given anything to have had someone to play with. The only thing that scared him so much was what happened to his brother Mike. He would have loved to have had sex with Mike. When he had caught him that day, it was all he could think about when he masturbated. The day he saw Mike and his best friend having sex would take him over the edge.

Brad told him it was the same with him and the guys that would go behind the barn. He could not tell you how many times he had come thinking about that. Brad noticed Scotts eyes seemed to have glassed over. He stopped and took Scott by the arm and turned him around. He asked Scott what was the matter.

When Scott turned to look Brad in the eye, he felt a tear roll down his cheek. Scott looked at Brad a second before he responded. "I was just thinking how different it would have been if Dad had accepted Mike and myself as being gay."

Brad reached out and took Scott into his arms. He hugged Scott and felt him relax. When Scott finally pulled away, he told Brad he hated the fact his Dad was dead. If he had been a forgiving and understanding man like he should have been, he would still have two sons that loved him.

Brad then asked Scott if he had heard from his Mom. Scott told him that every time they talked they got into a fight. His Mom still blamed him for what happened to his Dad. "She also blames you for it," he told Brad. "She thinks that, for some reason, you knew the guys in jail and had them rape and kill my Dad."

Brad was shocked at the statement Scott just made. Scott saw the shock in his face and told him not to worry; he knew better. Brad felt relief that Scott did not think he was behind it all.

Scott wiped his eyes and told Brad they better get going. They headed off to feed without saying another word. They both felt better when Rex came to greet them, wagging his tail. He had grown a lot over the last few weeks and was learning what was expected of him.

Scott made a mental note that they needed to clean out the horses' shed soon. He did not want their hooves getting caked up with droppings. Scott thought he would see if Doug would ride the other horse over this morning. He was young and loved to ride.

Brad had notice they were getting very few eggs anymore. It was even getting to where they were not getting eggs every day. He knew they had gotten a lot during the spring and it had slowed during the summer but now they were lucky to get a half dozen a week. Brad thought he would ask Wayne why that was happening when things settled down.

Scott fed the goats and met Brad coming out of the chicken coop. When they made it back to the cabin they saw Doug and Brent were dressed and ready to go. Scott decided it was time to ask Doug if he would ride the horse over. Doug said he would and went out to saddle it up. Brad and Scott finished getting ready and heard Doug yell he was on his way as he rode on by the cabin.

It took just a few more minutes and the guys headed out too. They passed Doug on the way and waved at him as they went by. Brad could not help but think how handsome Doug was sitting in the saddle. He hoped Doug and Brent made it, but did not think Doug was yet ready to settle down in a relationship.

It did not take long until you could see the house in the distance. Brad looked around at all the cattle and was amazed at how peaceful it was. There was also the smell of cattle in the air, and it made Brad feel good. He had always been raised around the horses and a few cows but nothing like this. He wondered why his grandfather had never exposed him it.

When they pulled up they saw the lights were on. It looked like everyone was up and about for the day. Wayne came out the door and greeted them as they got out of the truck. He then pulled Scott off to the side and asked if he could speak with him for a moment.

When he had Scott to himself, Wayne asked Scott's advice on how he should bring up the subject of his Mom to start dating. Scott asked Wayne where this was coming from.

Wayne then explained that he had gotten up last night and thought he would check to make sure Dan had enough covers. When he got to the living room, Dan was not on the couch. He then told Scott he thought he might have gone to the restroom but, when he looked, the door was open and no Dan. Then it occurred to him how strange his Mom had acted around Dan yesterday.

Scott looked shocked at what he was being told. Wayne knew the feeling. He then told Scott about going to the bedroom door and he could hear the bed squeaking and knew his Mom and Dan were having sex. He was glad but also floored. It had been quite a while, that Wayne knew of, that his Mom had had a man over.

Scott just could not believe it. May and Dan having sex. Scott had to know if it bothered Wayne that his Mom was seeing Dan. "Shocked was not the word for it last night when I got close enough to the door to hear Mom yelling in the throes of passion. Floored was more like it' but glad my Mom has met someone."

Scott could not help but laugh at the picture conjured up in his head of May and Dan. Wayne punched him in the arm for laughing, and told him it was not funny. "What would you think if it was your Mom?"

Scott looked at Wayne for a second then said his Mom didn't have sex. He could not remember the last time he heard the bed even squeak.

Scott told Wayne, as soon as they got out on the drive, that they would have more time to talk He was hungry now and would make more time later. Scott went in the house with Wayne on his heels. As Scott entered the house he was met by odors of ham and bacon cooking. He saw that May was bringing in the food and setting it on the table. As she turned, she looked up and said, "Hi."

Scott did notice something different about May's actions. When she went back in the kitchen, Scott could not help but smile. He just could not picture his aunt May screaming while Dan was riding her. It was a picture that made Scott laugh out loud.

Everyone turned to look at Scott when he laughed and asked what was up. Scott just shook his head and told them he had a fleeting thought about something funny.

When everyone had stopped watching Scott, he headed to the bathroom for a few seconds to pull himself together. When he reentered the room everyone was starting to sit at the table. Scott walked over and took his seat beside Brad.

May asked Dan to say the prayer, and Scott almost lost it again. Brad wondered what was going on with Scott, and squeezed his hand. When he looked at Scott, he saw that Scott was about to loose it and bust out laughing. Brad was getting confused as to what was going on.

As Dan finished, the noise increased as everyone was talking and passing bowls of food. Brad leaned over and whispered in Scott's ear what's so funny. Scott whispered back that Dan and May were messing around.

The look on Brad's face caused Scott to bust out laughing again. Then everyone stopped talking and turned to look at Brad when they heard him exclaim "Oh my God!"

May spoke up and asked Brad what was wrong? When Brad turned to face her he started to laugh too. Wayne looked at both of them and knew what was going on. So Wayne spoke up and told her it was nothing. He had told Scott something this morning and apparently he thought it was funny.

May then asked him to share it with the rest of the group. When Brad and Scott heard this, they both could not contain themselves and jumped up from the table and left the room. If they could have seen the look Wayne gave them they would not have been laughing.

As Scott and Brad left of the room May asked what had gotten into those boys. This made it even worse as the laughter sounds increased. Wayne jumped up and headed after them. The rest of the people sitting around the table looked at each other for some kind of an explanation.

When Wayne entered the room with Scott and Brad he started getting on them. He let Scott know that he did not want everyone knowing. Scott told Wayne the only one he said anything to was Brad. Brad could tell Wayne had had his feelings hurt. Brad stepped up to Wayne and put his arm around him and told him it would be alright.

The door to the bedroom opened an in stepped May. She looked at the boys and told them to spill it. Wayne looked panicked as she stared him down. Scott finally spoke up and told May it had something to do with her and Dan. It was May's turn to blush. As May turned to leave the room she made the statement "everyone else is getting some, so why shouldn't I?"

Wayne looked shocked at his Mom. "Come along boys, breakfast is getting cold." Brad looked out the door as May headed back to the table. He looked from one to the other and told them come on.

The guy's entered the room again and sat down. Sam looked at Wayne for an explanation but wasn't getting one. Finally he asked if everything was ok. May spoke up then and said "Everything's fine. Wayne's just shocked to find out he's not the only one who's getting a little."

Dan had been taking a drink of coffee and spit it out across the table. Doug had gotten sprayed and shouted "hey." As Dan recovered from the coffee, he looked at Wayne. Several broke out in laughter at that point except for Wayne and May. Dan was waiting for a response from Wayne, but it never came. He could feel the tension from the other end of the table.

Doug was the first to speak, asking who was the lucky guy. Which caused Scott and Brad to start laughing all over. Finally Wayne looked at Doug and said, "Who do you think stupid? There's only one straight guy in the whole room."

May stood then and told them that was enough. That she had the right to have some fun too. "With all the humping going on in this house, it could drive any woman mad. Sex... Sex ...Sex... twenty four hours a day. There is more testosterone in this house than a woman can handle. So now it's my turn to have a little fun and if more comes of it then so be it."

Dan was shocked and turning red in the face. He could not believe May was saying this to the guys. As he looked around the table he saw the guys standing up. Brad and Scott were first. Once they were standing, they started clapping and whooping for May. Finally, Wayne stood and started clapping too. He walked over to his Mom and kissed her on the cheek. Everyone started taking a seat again and Wayne turned towards Dan. He looked Dan in the eyes and said, "Next time stuff a sock in her mouth. You two guys were making too much noise when I went to the kitchen last night. You should keep it down with young impressionable kids in the house."

Finally Dan exhaled the breath he had been holding. He had expected the worst and was not sure it was over yet. He was worried that when they started to move the calves there would be trouble. He knew he needed to make it a point to talk to Wayne later, in private.

Finally breakfast was done, and May told them she had packed some food for the trip. There was a thermos filled with hot coffee too. Dan told her how to get to the place where they were stopping for the night, if she wanted to see everyone later. May told them she would try to get there early and fix them a bite to eat before bedtime.

All the men left the house for the barn except Wayne. He looked May in the eye and asked her if she was happy. She told Wayne it had been a while for her but, now he was grown, she was ready to get out some.

May explained that Dan was a good man, but she did not know if it would go any where. All she knew was that she had not planned on it happening. All she really wanted was for Wayne to be happy.

Wayne told her that it was cool, but he just did not know how to say anything this morning. May told Wayne she knew what he meant. She felt the same way when she figured out he was seeing Sam. Wayne chuckled then, and said he guessed so, as he headed out the door.

Everyone went except for Brent. Brent was just not the cowboy type. He needed to head back to town anyway and get to work on his part of things. Once again, he was amazed at how good Doug looked sitting on his horse. Brent did not know where things would go but he knew he was feeling something for Doug. As Brent started his car, he knew he had a great bunch of friends.

May walked out on the porch and waved bye to everyone as they headed out to get the cattle. As she turned back to go into the house she knew she had her work cut out for her. There was a big pile of dishes to wash and then she had to go shopping for food. She just hoped that she could get it all done and still go out to meet the guys before it got too late.