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The Inheritance Part 4

About that time I noticed where I was. I had my clothes on and so did Scott so I was dreaming. The wet sensations in my jockeys told me I had a wet dream. Now I have done it. I made a mistake and said I love Chris and he will know for sure that I am gay.

Scott had only taken a couple of steps away when I called out his name.

"Scott wait I am sorry. I guess I was having a bad dream. Please don't walk away. We need to talk." said Brad. I hung my head down in shame for what I had done. I wanted to run after him and make him listen. But there was a large wet spot in the front of my jeans and I was afraid he would see it. I could still hear the sounds of Scott walking away from me and understood why he would do it. He just got confirmation about the fag he was staying with. He would not want to look me in the eye again. I thought I would hear the truck start at any moment and hear dirt being thrown in the air. I did hear something but it was the squeaking of a pump. He was pumping water in the kitchen area.

I stood up and headed to the area where Scott was. I could make out his form in the darkness as he was wetting something down. `Scott, please can we talk"?

"Yes, but I don't know if I am ready yet. Can it wait till in the morning" Replied Scott?

"I guess but we really need to talk" said Brad.

"Ok, we will in the morning Brad. I just need to put a cold rag of my eye. It's starting to swell where you punched me. Guess next time I will let you finish the bad dream you were having before I stick my face in front of you".

"Scott there is a piece of meat in the fridge I have always been told that it was the best thing for it".

I went over to the fridge to get Scott the meat that we did not cook that night and handed it to him.

"Thanks Brad. Guess I better put this on and head back to bed".

"Ok Scott. But we do need to talk in the morning". I turned and headed back to bed. As I crawled in. It dawned on me that I was a mess also. I never got the chance to clean up and the cum was starting to dry and pull hair as I moved. I decided I would just wake up early in the morning and head down to the creek to clean up before Scott woke up. It took me a while to fall back to sleep because I was playing the dream over in my mind. Why would I be dreaming of Scott? I had a boyfriend that I loved. Now in the morning we were going to talk about it. What was I doing? Am I loosing it? I don't want to talk about this, not to Scott at least. As sleep took me, making love to Scott came back to the forefront of my mind.

I heard the rooster crow and quickly got up looking to see if Scott was in his cot. He was.  He looked to be still asleep. It was just now beginning to turn pink in the morning sky. So I slipped on my shoes and grabbed some clean jockeys and pants and headed to the creek. I stopped to relieve myself along the way. What a mess I had made. My hair was matted and stuck to my cock as I tried to pull it out to piss. After getting it free and pulling about half of my hair out. I was able to relieve myself.

As I walked along I was trying to figure out what I was going to tell Scott. Sorry, I had a wet dream about you. That would be a joke. He would be punching the hell out of me. I would just have to face the music and tell him all of it.

I made it down to the creek and slipped out of my clothes to wash up. I let out a gasp when I touched the water it was freezing. I squatted down and just splashed myself with the water and it took my breath not to mention my cock. Dam it was cold. So I hurried as fast as I could so I could warm back up. The only thing sticking out was the head of my dick when I was done. I stood up and took the hand towel drying myself off when I heard a woman scream.

I turned to look in that direction. Then I saw a cougar drop from the large rock in front of me. It was about ten feet in front of me, baring its fangs at me. It screamed again and I started stepping backwards. I had not been paying attention to where I was placing my feet. I was just trying to get away for the big cat. The next thing I knew. I fell backwards in the creek. The water was about three feet deep here and the bottom slick from the slime covered rocks. The cougar did not seem to be afraid of the water that much jumping on a rock at the edge of the bank. It knew it had an easy meal. It was a matter of time. I came up to the top of the water and felt a sharp pain at the top of my head. I was screaming at the top of my lungs for the big cat to leave. Just then it took a swipe at me with those big claws and I fell back into the water to avoid it. My hands clasp some small gravel as I was trying to get back up to avoid getting clawed by the cougar. My vision was turning red from blood as I threw the hand full of gravel at it. The big cat let out another scream at me and lunged to the rock right beside me. The only way I could avoid it now was to go under the water I did not have time to run before it could strike me. I fell as fast as I could trying to avoid the claws. I knew it could take my life. I felt a stinging on my ass and a loud pop as I was going under water. The next thing I knew the cat was on top of me in the water. I was fighting with everything I had. I punched and kicked trying to get away from the big cat.

They were going to find my body in the woods naked from the waist down. I could not get away. The slime covered rocks kept me from getting any leverage. I know I was not winning but the big cat was not landing any blows that caused great pain. Yet the water was being churned from the fight. I felt a weight lift from me all of a sudden. The cat must have jumped out of the water. I felt something grab my shirt collar and lift me up. I tried to pull away but did not have the strength to do it. I came up to the surface to see Scotts face. Looking around I saw the big cat at the edge of the water, not moving. Panic still in my voice I yelled "cougar".

"Brad," Scott said as he grabbed me buy the shoulders. Putting his arms around me, "Its ok man the cougar is dead now. Calm down so I can check you out. You have blood on you and need to find where it's coming from".

I wrapped my arms around Chris and started shaking and crying, I was scared to the point I did not know what to do.

He hugged me back. Telling me it was alright and I was safe. I was numb from the cold water but could feel some heat coming from Scott. He helped me out of the water and onto a large rock. I never took my eyes off the cougar afraid it would get up and attack me again. I could feel Scott checking me out, when he said, "We need to get you back to camp and patch you up. You have a gash on your scalp and one on your ass cheek that may need some stitches".

I pointed at the cougar and said, "How? I could not have hurt it that bad".

Scott started laughing a little and bent over to pick up the rifle. "I shot it when you went under the water and it was jumping in after you".

So then it hit me. The whole time I was fighting it in the water it was dead.

Scott continued, "Yes, it was maybe having some muscle spasms but it was dead. I heard it scream a little bit ago and got up to go check on the livestock. I looked toward your cot and you were gone. That's when I heard it again and grabbed my rifle and took off in this direction. When I came around the corner I could not get a good shot but you went under and I took the chance hoping you would not pop back up".

I looked down and realized I did not have any pants on. I started laughing hysterically. What a picture I must make. Naked from the waist down and my ass and head were bleeding.

Scott started laughing again also and said, "Get your clothes while I drag the cat out of the water. I will come back for it later".

"What for"? I ask said Brad.

"Well now it looks like we will have a fur rug for the cabin". Scott beamed and flashed that big smile at me.

I could not help but smile back while I put some pants on. I was going to have to go commando till we got back. It was stinging where the cat scratched my ass as the jeans rubbed when I walked. We made it back to the camp after stopping to rest a couple of times. My legs were shaking badly because of the after effects of the adrenaline rush I had while the cougar attacked me.

Setting me on the cot, Scott checked the wound on my head. He took a washcloth and cleaned it up.

"Hey Brad, looks like you could use a couple of stitches up here".

"If you think it will heal I will tough it out" replied Brad.

"Well it will scar but not that bad", said Scott

"You know as well as I do, I can't leave to go to the hospital unless it is an emergency", Brad stated.

"Well I guess we could sew it up here if you want Brad. I do have a needle and we can use a hair from one of the horse's tails. Stay here and I will get the things I need".

I was glad to see Scott put some water on to boil before he took off. He was back in a few minutes with what he needed. He moved me over to where the sun was shining in so he could see well.  He put in three stitches and said, "Ok taken care of on top. Now drop the draws and let's check out that bottom".

I turned a deep red when he said this and flashes of my dream crossed my mind. I looked up to tell Scott how sorry I was when I noticed the black eye he had. His right eye was just about swollen shut. This made me feel even worse. Here he had saved my life and patched me up after I had struck him for no reason.

I put my head down in shame and told Scott I was sorry.

"For what Brad? There was no way you could have known the cougar was going to attack".

"No not for that Scott. For giving you a black eye. I should not have done that".

"Hey Brad lets forget about that now and get you patched up so drop the pants".

I stood unfastening my pants and started to remove them. There was a pulling where the blood had dried to my pants and the wound. It started bleeding again as I got them off. I lay down on my cot while Scott went to get some more hot water to clean the wound.

When he got back he commented on how this was kind of deep. He started cleaning the wound while I flinched every time the washrag passed over the area. "Brad all I have is alcohol to disinfect this with and it will sting like hell. There was some dirt in the cut and it's still bleeding some. The bleeding will help cleanse the wound some but I still think I need to put the alcohol on it. This will need some stitching because the flesh is starting to swell and is puffing up bad".

Scott got ready to stitch the cut up and warned me before he poured the alcohol in the wound. I was not prepared for the burning of the alcohol and let out a scream. The three scratches besides the cut also added to the pain and I started to whimper like a baby. Scott kept telling me he was sorry for the pain but at the moment it did not help. After a few minutes he had me stitched up and told me I would have a scar but hoped he had done a good enough job to keep it from being too bad. Then he smiled that smile of his and said the little wife will tease you about the puss that bit back.

This hit me kind of strange that he would say that. He knew I was gay and would not have a wife.

He told me he did not have a way to bandage the wound properly. But we did have some band-aids that he could cut the tape part off of to make a bandage. So here I was with my ass cut bad and could not sit or walk much for a few days till it healed some. That meant I could not help Scott with the house and we really needed to be working on it.

Scott let me know he was taking off to get the cougar and bring it back.

I got up after a few minutes and put some jockeys on and could not believe how bad it hurt when they fit snugly on my ass. My head was pounding and I felt for the first time the gash I had gotten on my head. As I checked my self out I found more scratches but they were small and not from the cougar at least. There we a couple of nice size bruises that were starting to turn the blue shade on there way to black. I was just happy I was alive the cougar could have killed me.

I remember as it happened the few things that flashed through my mind. You know you always are being told your life flashes before your eyes. Well I must have had a dull life because all that was going through my head was I was going to die. I was not thinking about Chris and how much I loved him or anything but I was going to die. And it was going to be the one thing that I have always tried to avoid that was going to do it. A pussy, a dam pussy was going to kill me. My tombstone was going to say a gay man killed by pussy.

I lay on my cot again so I could try to ease my head. It was starting to hurt and the adrenaline had worn off so I was getting shaky. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I smelled food cooking. I tried to set up and just about fell down again. I was so weak and talk about sore. I was ready to die. Every part of my body hurt. But I forced myself to get up. I looked around for Scott and spotted him at the stove so I stepped over to him.

"Hey Brad how you feeling"?

"Is shit a good answer? That's how I feel... like shit. I am so sore that every muscle in my body hurts".

"Well you had a good fight on your hands. That was a big cougar that attacked you. Do you want to see the hide"?

I told Scott I did and he walked me over to the frame he had made to stretch the hide.

 "I will need to build a fire and smoke it so it will not stink up the place and help preserve the hide. I will scrape all the meat and fat off of it I can in a few minutes. I don't know much more about it than that but we can try to keep it from being ruined".

Scott walked over to check on dinner. And I told him I was going to set back down and rest again

It was just as hard finding a way to sit down as it was to get up. I was not very comfortable no matter how I was sitting so I got back up. I felt a little strange running around in my jockeys when Scott was completely dressed. I asked Scott if he would put some water on to boil so I could clean up a little after he was done cooking. I saw I was going to do a lot of standing for a few days.

Yeller was staying close to me now that I had been hurt and I wondered if he felt a little guilty that he was not with me when it happened. We had been making him stay at camp most of the time after the tracks of the cougar had been spotted so the goats and chickens would not be eaten. I petted him and he was glad and then ran off to check on the other animals.

We ate our lunch and had the talk we had put off. I was dreading it so bad. We both avoided a lot of things by skirting around them and I was glad they did not come up. The one thing that I wanted to tell Scott would not come out. I tried. I wanted him to be told I was gay and proud to admit I had a lover. Then I thought would Scott have acted the same way this morning if he had known. Would he have let the cougar kill me and gotten to go back to his normal life as a hand. I was afraid to take the chance right now. I needed him too much. He had to know but could not confirm it and I was not going to be the one that did. I was exhausted by then and went to stretch back out on my cot.

As I turned to walk away Scott said," You have bled through your bandage and need to have it changed". I looked back as best as I could and saw Scott was right. I had a lot of blood that had stained my jockeys. I went to lie down as Scott brought the hot water over that I had asked for earlier.

Scott said," You wash up and I will put some more water to heat and get you cleaned up".

I took an old fashion sponge bath. Washing everything I could reach without hurting too bad. I could smell myself and knew Scott had to smell me. I did not get all cleaned up this morning like I wanted. I looked to keep an eye on Scott while I washed my cock and balls. After I was done I threw out the water and took the pan back to Scott.

He followed me back and asked if I had some more clean jockeys to put on so he could get the blood washed out of those. I told him in my suitcase there was another pair.

I went to get Brad some clean jockeys out of his suitcase. I looked around in it but did not see any. As I looked through his things I saw a picture of him and another guy. They looked happy but there was something different that I could not put a finger on. I kept looking and saw more pictures of them together. Then it dawned on me. They looked like a couple. The way they looked at each other. Then I saw it. They were kissing. He had a picture of them kissing. I dropped them like I was shot and just stood there. Brad was gay! I looked back at the pictures and there he was the guy that Brad was kissing. I could not believe it because Brad did not act gay. I quickly put everything back where it was. I grabbed his other suitcase and found what I was looking for. I was in a daze because I could not get the image out of my head. Brad kissing a guy and the guy was model type at that. I walked back over to where Brad was lying on his cot. I wanted to scream at him for not telling me he was gay. If I had known this I would not have taken this job. I was being punished for the thought I had about men and now I was having it right in front of me. A gay man lying on a cot in just a tee and jockeys and the jockeys were fixing to come off and I was going to be touching his ass. The ass I just doctored a few hours ago.

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