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The Inheritance part 40

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Dan was glad the calves were used to being driven from pen to pen. It would have been really hard if they had never been forced to move. He just hoped they had enough men to move that many calves. He made sure he gave good directions not to move too fast or make too much noise so as not to spook them.

As they started moving the cattle it was not as hard as Brad thought it would be. It seemed all he had to do was walk his horse beside them. He hoped it would stay this way all day. He noticed that Scott and Sam were having a few more problems than he was. The calves wanted to stop and moo at the cows in the other pens. Doug had to run down a couple that ran ahead and get them back with the herd, but all seemed to be going well.

Once they were clear of the fences and on the hay ground, the cattle were trying to spread out. Dan had Scott and Sam on one side with Brad and him on the other. Wayne was positioned in the back and Doug was out front keeping them moving. Dan wanted to keep them walking because if he let them graze along the way they would have more problems. He knew they would have to break sometime, but wanted to get as far as they could.

Wayne wondered why he had gotten stuck in the back. He knew he was not as good a rider as the rest but they were kicking up some dust and the smell was not the best. For some reason, it seemed a cow could not walk without taking a shit. They might have gone a mile from the ranch when it seemed like all hell had broken loose.

Both sides had calves break off within a minute of each other. With fewer men on the sides the calves started to spread out. As this was happening, Wayne had to ride back and forth to keep them moving. Dan came back where Wayne was, and told him they needed to push them a little faster.

With that, Wayne and Dan pushed the cattle to moving a little faster. Doug dropped to the side and helped Dan try to get the herd to tighten up. As Scott finally made it back with the three that had split off on him, he went over to help Brad with his.

Brad had not had as much luck as Scott did. He had five to round up and they all went in different directions. When Scott found him he only had two together. He told Brad to go on and take them back to the herd. He would try to find the others. By the time Brad made it back he knew he was going to be really sore the next morning.

Dan was glad they had gotten the cattle moving faster as it seemed they kept to a tighter group when being driven harder. It took about an hour before Scott came back with the other three. When he got back, he fell back into position.

Brad worried this might be too hard on Scott, but he had said the doctor told him he was physically one hundred percent now. Brad could not help it though. He did not want to do anything that would set Scott back.

As they rode on Brad noticed he was getting sore. He had not ridden much in the last few months. When he worked with the horses full time he rode every day. The few times they have ridden were short trips of about an hour at the most.

Brad rode up beside Dan and asked him how much longer before the broke for lunch. Dan let him know that there was a place about a mile further up where he had planned on having lunch. He hated to push the stock to hard or it could make them loose a lot of weight.

Brad then explained he thought he was getting a little galled from being in the saddle to long. Dan told him to hang on as he got out of the saddle and riffled through his saddle bags. Dan pulled out a big tube of salve and told Brad to rub some of it on him before he became too raw.

Brad took the tube and asked Dan to hold his horse for him. When Brad dropped his pants, Dan found him self looking. Brad inner thighs were very red and would be very sore in the morning. Dan could not help but to feel sorry for him. He knew that if you were not used to working cattle on horse back it could be rough on you.

When Brad was done he handed the tube back to Dan. Dan made sure Brad waited a few minutes before he pulled his pants back up. He did not want the cream to be wiped off before it had time to dry a little. Once Brad was ready Dan asked him to ride the side while he went and checked if the other boys needed to use the cream.

When Dan finally made it back he told Brad they would stop just ahead and have some lunch. They topped the hill and saw that there was a small pond ahead with a fence on the back side. Dan told Brad they needed to drive the cattle to the pond and let them drink.

It had taken a few minutes for the cattle to settle down and then the guys settled in for some lunch. May had fixed some sandwiches for their lunch and they ate quickly. It had been a long morning and had worked up and appetite. Dan smiled to his self as he looked over the tired boys. He felt his own pains when he moved around but knew he was more used to being in the saddle for longer periods of time.

The cattle were busy eating and drinking while the guys ate and had not wondered too far. Dan told them if they were exhausted tonight it would keep them close together. They had rested about an hour and Dan jumped back in the saddle to drive a couple of calves closer to the herd.

While he was gone the guys sat around and chatted about how this and that hurt on all of them. Scott then spoke up and told the others that if they hurt this bad could you imagine how bad Dan had to hurt. He had to be at least fifty. Doug spoke up and told them he hoped he would just be able to walk when he got that age.

When Dan rode back up he told the guys it was time to head out so back on the horses. Dan laughed to him self as he saw the guys get up and how stiff they were. He remembered back when he was their age how he first came to work on the ranch. They had to drive cattle from one ranch to the other and he always felt like shit.

That was the best years of his life to Dan thought. He could remember when he first came to work here. Brads Grandfather was the one who hired him. He was just twenty years old and looking to start a life. The guys he worked with gave him a hard time till they figured out he was there to stay.

His boss then was a big man that would work right along beside you the first three weeks you were there. He wanted to know you would really work and were not a slacker. He treated you with respect when you earned it. Dan slowly got the respect he wanted by working hard.

His first year at the ranch was his hardest. He would have to do the things no one else wanted to do. The second year it was a little better the load was shared between the men a little more. Dan soon found his place in the world.

He remembered the day he became boss. It was one of the best days of his life. He was given the position because he would go the extra mile without being asked. He married soon after because he did not have to stay in the bunk house anymore. He met his wife and found a place in the next county.

It was not all a bed of roses though. He remembered when he walked around the back of the barn one day. He caught to of the ranch hands having sex. It made him throw up to think two guys were humping each other. It was a few years later before he knew what it was called. It seemed that a lot of the hired hands were doing things like that.

Now he was surrounded by men who liked men. What was it on the ranch that caused so many men to act that way? Was it because they were not around women much? Or the fact that so many ranch hands were lonely after a long time being with men. Dan could not figure it out. He knew that most hard working ranch hands were in a lot better shape than the city boys. Dan was jolted out of his thoughts by his horse. A calf went running in front of him and his horse responded by cutting it off.

Scott felt like part of the old west driving cattle to the market. He wondered if it was a lot harder back then. He knew he was only going twenty miles compared to the thousand miles they would go then. He knew it would take him a while to get used to sitting in the saddle all day.

As Scott looked over at his lover he could not help to think it might be a little fun. He wondered how it would have been if he and Brad had been ranchers back then. The long drives taking the cattle to market. Sleeping under the stars all wrapped up in each others arms.

Scott ran all kinds of scenarios through his mind and felt his crotch tighten as his cock expanded. It did not help the matter that the rocking back and forth in the saddle kept him excited. He just wished it had been Brad it was rubbing against. He wondered if he could get off buried inside of Brad with the rocking motion of the saddle. He made it a point to find out soon some day.

Time seemed to pass a little faster while Scott had been daydreaming most of the afternoon. The cattle seemed worn out from walking all day. Scott knew they were getting close to where they would be staying the night. He looked to see if he could spot the campfire in the distance.

If Scott knew his aunt well enough she would already be out here with most of the food already done. The sun was beginning to set and he knew Dan wanted to get settled in before dark. It would be too easy to loose cattle moving them in the dark. Dan had started pushing the cattle a little harder wanting to make sure they got to where they should be for the night.

It took about another hour before they made it to the camp for the night. May had two big camp fires going with pots full of bubbling delights. She was beginning to worry that she had not gone to the right spot. She was on the top of a hill that overlooked a large pond. She had made sure she did not get close to the water because the cattle would want to drink.

As the cattle and horses drank May started getting the food ready to serve. She had driven Wayne's truck and was setting the pots on the tailgate so they could serve themselves.

May had fixed two pots of thick hearty stew with a pan of cornbread. She had even made sure there would be enough for tomorrow's lunch. All she had to do was to put it on to cook over night. May had brought thermoses for all the guys. All they had to do was let the pot of stew simmer through the night Fill them up before they took off. Who ever was on watch had to do was come by and stir every now and then.

Brad was glad to get off his horse for a while. The insides of his legs were really chapped He knew by tomorrow he would have a hard time sitting in the saddle. As he walked over to where May was standing she asked him what was wrong. Brad explained he was chapped on the inside of his thighs.

May walked around to the cab of the truck and brought back a bottle of medicine and handed it to Brad. She told him to put that on and be ready that it would sting. Brad told her thanks that he would do it in a little while. May looked at him and told him not to be shy put it on now so it would have more time to work.

Brad was a little embarrassed but finally he sat on one side of the tailgate and pulled his boots off. As he began to undo his pants Wayne walked up and asked Brad what he was doing. He let Wayne know he was chapped and May had given him something to put on it. About that time May handed him a pair of pajama bottoms and told him he could wear those for the night. As Brad dropped his pants he could see how raw he was.

May looked at Brad and told him she did not think he should ride tomorrow. Brad was quick to tell May it was his responsibility to handle things. He was the one that was being taken advantage of in the long run. Because of that he would not ask anyone to do something he would not do.

Wayne told Brad to hurry up then he could use some of that cream to. He thought he had raw meat for legs and his butt. May chuckled and told them she had brought plenty for everyone.

Brad started applying the cream to his inner thighs and jumped off the tailgate screaming he was on fire. Wayne started laughing so loud that the others that were headed to the camp came running over to see what was going on. Wayne was laughing so hard he could not explain what was happening and brad was jumping around to much.

May finally told the guys Brad applied some ointment to his chapped thighs and it was stinging. It took a few minutes for everyone to stop laughing then. Brad decided he would finishing doctoring him self and what ever it took he would not let on it stung. He was going to let some of the others burn a little.

Brad had to fight back tears it burned so bad but he kept quiet. When he finished he thought he would have rather poured alcohol in an open wound. When he finally got the pajama bottoms up he walked away bowlegged to keep from hurting more.

When Wayne dropped his draws he saw he was just as red as Brad was. He knew he had really been hurting but hoped it was not as bad as Brads. Being in the saddle all day and sweating some had rubbed him raw to. As Wayne applied the liniment to his thighs he let out a scream and danced around a little to. That started another round of laughter but each guy knew that sooner or later he would have to do the same thing. The only thing was Wayne was glad he had put on some cream earlier or he would have been a lot worse.

One by one the boys took their turns applying the liniment. The one that was the funniest was Doug. He had not ridden as much as the others and so was in worse shape. He could not help but cry from the stinging. May being the mother she was took her towel and fanned between Doug's legs with it. He felt like he was on fire and the wind felt good but also made it worse.

Dan was the last one to camp and wanted to know what all the noise was at camp. He told them they almost spooked the cattle hollering like they were. When May told him she had brought some liniment and showed him the bottle he burst out laughing to. He told May he used that once before and that was all it took. He never used it again after that. He found a cream that would do the same thing but did not have the alcohol that the liniment did so it did not sting.

When the boys heard Dan say that they all turned to look at May. She just through her hands up and said she did not know. Dan looked around and told then that what they had used would work faster but sure burned like hell.

Once everyone settled down some May started serving her stew. She did not bring little bowls for serving the food. May had brought small serving bowls that would hold enough to fill a man up. The guys ate like they were starved and all had a little second helping.

It did look a little funny with them all running around in pajama bottoms but it did help get air to their legs. May was busy refilling glasses and bowls making sure everyone had plenty of food to eat. She knew they had all had a long day and wanted to pamper her boys and Dan to.

When everyone said they were stuffed May told them to let their food settle a bit and then she would cut everyone a piece of cobbler. There were groans from everyone except Doug. Doug told May he was ready now for her cobbler. May could not help but smile, she could always count on the growing boys. As she handed Doug a piece of cobbler she sat down beside him and asked him how he was doing.

Doug told her he missed his Mom and Dad but until they could accept him he guessed he would have to live else ware. May then wanted to know how he was doing after his ordeal in jail. Doug looked like his eyes were filling with tears. He turned his head down and after a while whispered he guessed ok. May put her arm around him and told him she loved him.

Doug lost it then as tears rolled down his cheeks. As he sobbed May held him tight and a few tears rolled down her cheeks to. She whispered words of encouragement to Doug telling him everything was going to be ok. May told Doug he had some good friends here with him that would help him through it all.

As Doug pulled himself back together the other guy's came up and gave him hugs and told him they were there for him. Dan just watched the display of affection from a distance. He did not know how to take it. If it had been straight men they would have just walked off and not said a word about it. But these guys supported Doug and were there for him. He wondered why men felt it was weak to support one another in there time of need.

When May got up she walked over to Dan and told him she was going to leave soon. She needed to get back and get this mess cleaned up. She explained that if he would put the other pot on the hook and keep the fire low they should have stew for lunch tomorrow. She told him she left some eggs and bacon in a small cooler so they could fix themselves something to eat for breakfast. Once she got around she would come back in the morning and pick up the pans.

Dan looked at her jokingly and said "you mean you're not going to stay and fix us some breakfast." May punched him and told him he could fix it his self. Dan reached out and hugged May to him. May blushed but let him pull her on in. It felt so good to have strong arms around her again. Finally she pulled away to pull herself back together. She could not help but to feel twinges of sexual energy from Dan. It felt so good for a change.

As May looked around all the young men were staring at the two of them. May looked from one face to the other registering the looks she was getting. After a couple of seconds to pull her self back together she spouted off. "Old people need lovin too." There were a few chuckles and some head shaking going on in the group around them.

Sam just looked over at Wayne and said "I hope you're that horny when you get that old." May gasped at the comment and pulled the towel off her shoulder and popped Sam on the butt. "Old I aint old" Then she chased him around the fire a couple of times and told him she would get him for that comment.

As the chase and laughter died May started gathering things up and packed them in the back of the truck. Once again she asked Dan the directions to the old house before she left. Then climbed in the truck and headed back to the house.

Dan let the guys know he would keep an eye on the cattle till they settled down. Then he would wake someone else to watch them. He told them he did not think they would wonder off but it was a good thing to keep an eye out.

Brad and Scott pulled there bed rolls out and placed them together as did Sam and Wayne. Doug looked over at Dan and said "well I guess that means I am stuck with the horny old man." Dan just shook his finger at Doug and told him he got second watch for that.

Finally they settled in for the night Scott had his arms wrapped around his love and pulled him close. As Brad settled in his arms he told Scott he loved him. The last words Brad heard were I love you to before he drifted off to sleep.

It was a few hours later before Doug finally woke Scott for his watch. When he had made sure Scott was awake he headed over to his bedroll. Scott stopped him and told him to just crawl in beside Brad. The spot was warm and it was getting very cool. Doug agreed and crawled in behind Brad. Doug told him he could use his blanket to keep him warm.

Scott got up and walked around a little making sure the cattle were still settled down. Once that was done he walked over to the fire and lifted the lid on the stew. Once he stirred it he put the lid back on and went to the downed tree they were using as a watch post. He sat on the log and daydreamed about if this was how it was in the old west. He did not know if he could take it or not.

The hardest part would be not being able to be with Brad the way he wanted. Sure they were together but how would they be able to be alone for private time. Other than a quick roll in the hay it would be hard. You would have to steel time away and would not be able to show the love for one another like you would like to. Even though he was with good friends he did not think he could show his feelings for Brad in a public manor.

Scott could not think how hard it had to be for the cowboy. They had to be lonesome men. Never able to form a relationship that would or could last. He had to think how far they had come over the years. He wondered how many cowboys were gay and hiding it by going from place to place because they did not fit in. Even they might have maybe made an inappropriate advance towards someone else.

Scott realized that it was time to change watch. He could not believe he had been out here for as long as he had. He headed back to the camp and relieved himself along the way. As he gently shook Brad awake he told him it was his turn. Brad jumped a little feeling someone behind him and seeing Scott in front. Scott told him it was Doug behind him and he would be able to use Doug's blanket to keep warm. Brad crawled out and Scott switched places.

Scott told him to stir the stew before he woke Sam. Brad gave Scott a deep kiss knowing everyone was asleep and told him to get some rest. Scott soon settled in snuggling back against Doug and fell asleep.

Brad walked around to check on the cattle, there was a couple he turned back to the herd. They had walked a little further out than he thought they should have. Brad found a few sticks along the way and took them back to the camp before he went out to the downed tree to take a seat.

Brad still could not get over the fact that there seemed to be more stars in the sky here than in the city. He was amazed at the beauty you could see if you took the time to look. The sounds made by the cattle eating the grass and a bird chirping off in the distance. He even thought his sense of smell was more acute than it had been.

All and all he had grown to love living out here. Sure he missed a lot of the conveniences of the city but he still loved it. He knew as long as he has Scott he would be happy. It seemed they had been though a lot though but it seemed to make their love grow stronger. Brad still worried that Scott would some day want to experience more that life had to offer.

Brad felt alone with out Scott by his side. He had grown so used to having him with his in the last few days. Brad decided he would make another trip around to check on the cattle before heading back to camp.

When Brad got back to camp he put a little wood on the fire and stirred the stew. It smelled good and Brad thought it would be nice to have a small bowl. When he put the lid he decided he needed to wake Sam so he could get some more rest.

Brad went over and gently shook Sam to wake him he had been all curled up with Wayne. Finally Sam did get up and passed the news on to him. Brad told Sam he was going to curl up with Wayne and get some rest.

Wayne moved a little when Brad climbed in. He could feel the cold of Brad's body but it soon went away. Brad put his arm around Wayne and pulled him close. It was amazing how much Scott and Wayne were alike. Brad slipped his hand under Wayne's shirt to rest on his hairy belly. It did not take long to fall asleep with the warm heat coming from Wayne.