The inheritance part 41

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Chapter 41 The Inheratance

When Dan woke the next morning and looked around the camp he had to take a second look. Doug and Scott were cuddled up together and Sam and Brad were cuddled up. He wondered what had gone on while he slept. Everyone was with their boyfriends when he went to sleep.

As Dan stirred he realized he was cold. The ground had sapped a lot of his body heat last night. Finally he stood up and looked around to see where Wayne was. That's when he noticed his cock standing at attention. He quickly pulled his pants on the walked to the edge of camp to relieve himself. As he felt the stream flow he wondered why he was hard. He had not woken up with a hard on in a while.

When Dan finished pissing he started to put it away. He was still hard and it felt great. If he had been a lone he would have taken care of it. Then he thought of May. How he would have like to have her here right now. The thoughts of the great sex they had had were making his cock jump between his fingers. Dan had not felt like this in a long time. He finally realized he was stroking his cock when Wayne speaking behind him.

Dan jumped at the sound and tried to stuff his hard cock back in his pants. He was having some difficulty getting it back in. He finally had to undo the button on his pants to get it put away. When Dan finally turned around he saw Wayne was smiling at him.

Wayne was the first to speak again and asked Dan if he was ready for some coffee. Dan told him yes and Wayne poured him a cup. As they sat down Wayne told Dan he looked a little stiff this morning. That almost caused Dan to spill his cup of coffee. Wayne quickly said I mean in your movements.

Dan could tell Wayne was teasing him some and told him in more ways than one. Then he chuckled along with Wayne. As he relaxed a little Dan asked what happened with the sleeping arrangements. It looks kind of bad from where I stand. Brad looked around and asked what he meant. Dan said everyone is with some one else when we went to bed do you guys mess around like that.

Wayne busted out laughing then and told Dan no. He said Doug's watch was after you right. So when Doug was done he woke Scott and crawled in with Brad. When it was Brads watch Scott crawled in with Doug. Then it was Sam's watch so Brad crawled in with me and then my watch and Sam crawled in with Brad. We just went to the warm spot and snuggled up to who we were with.

Dan told them he could understand now but thought maybe he had slept through some wild stuff. That cause Wayne to laugh again and he told Dan a few weeks ago and he would not have crawled in with any guy. He explained how he had changed in his thoughts and that if it is not meant in a sexual way then why should a man be afraid to have a man touch him.

Dan did not know how to answer that so he told Wayne he guessed they better get breakfast started. Wayne put a few small pieces of small wood on the fire to get it ready to cook in a few. It did not take long till everyone started to move around some. As they were waking up Wayne handed out the coffee.

Dan had breakfast fixed by the time everyone was a wake and up. It was not a big breakfast but it would keep them till lunch.

By the time they were getting the horses saddled they saw Wayne's truck heading across the hill. As it pulled to a stop May climbed out and asked if everyone had eaten. They told her they were just getting ready to leave. She asked them if they would like a cinnamon roll before they took off. May had fixed them last night and popped them in the oven this morning. As soon as Doug saw them he was off his horse.

Dan said they would have time so all of them headed over to get a roll before Doug ate them all. They were still warm and gooier in the middle. Dan told May thanks for the roll and went over to load the things in the back of the truck. There was plenty for everyone when May pulled out a second pan and a thermos of cold milk.

It was not long before Dan told the guys they needed to head on out. As they saddled up to head off May ran over to Dan and gave him a kiss on the cheek. This was followed by catcalls from the guys. Dan turned a bright shade of red then climbed up on his horse. Telling May he would see her soon.

The cattle did not want to move this morning and had to be pushed to get them going. More than once they tried to dart back towards the pond but were stopped. It took about an hour for them to settle down and get moving again.

Brad was hurting already from the saddle. He had not healed up completely from yesterday. He was glad he had put the creams on because he would have really been sore this morning if he had not have. As Brad and Scott passed each other a few times they asked each other how they were doing. It seemed they both were feeling the pain from the day before.

It took awhile to warm up much that morning but after it got there it was time to shed the jackets Brad tied his around his waist and put it under him for comfort. The slick outer shell let him slide better and helped with the pain.

As the sun was high in the sky Brad could make out some rolling hills in the distance that Dan said the place was on. He let Brad know you almost had to be on top of the place before you could see the house. It was down in the valley between two hills. It was by the only water source around for miles. He explained how every year they would meet someone that was sent out to white wash it.

Brad was getting curious about the place. The more Dan talked the more it reminded him of stories that his grandfather told. Brad asked again who this place belonged to. He told him again it was part of your Grandfathers place.

Brad wondered why this entire land sat empty; he could not see that even hay had been cut off of it. It was not grown up or anything but very natural. Dan explained he had shown different men that had been hired where to come but never knew why they came here.

It was getting time to stop for lunch so they climbed down and dipped up them selves a hot cup of stew. They did not waste much time before they were back in the saddle. It was not long till they came up to a fence. It looked to be in good shape and not very old. Dan told them they would have to cut it or drive them around. Wayne told them they should pull three posts out of the ground. They could then turn the wire so that it was on the ground and then drive the cattle over it. If they were careful they could then set the post back and pack them back in

They decided they would try that so they hooked up a rope and used a horse to pull the post. The first one was easy but the other two they had to work at. Once they got them pulled they were trying to turn them sideways.

Scott told them he saw a truck go over the hill that looked like Wayne's. Dan told them it was probably May because there are not any other roads out this way and it ends at the house.

It took two on each fence post to hold the wire down so Dan and Sam were the ones who drove the cattle across. A couple of times one almost got hung up in the wire but finally they were all across and into the field

It took about thirty minutes to put the fence back into place to keep the cattle in. them we split into two groups and rode the fence line to make sure there were no places that it was broken or down. For some reason it looked like it had been taken good care of. As we rode on we saw that the place had been taken care of. It began to bother Brad some thinking someone might be living at the house.

As they rounded the last corner Brad, Scott and Wayne came to the road leading to the house. They saw Wayne's truck was parked outside of the house. They spurred the horsed into a gallop so they would get there a little faster. There was a small barn behind the house and the place looked like it had been panted recently. The yard around the house could have used a mowing but you could tell it had been mowed a few weeks ago.

As they approached Brad saw May step out of the house and go to the truck... He was about to yell and get her attention when she turned and waved at him. Then picked up a sack and carried it into the house.

Finally they reached the house and put the horses in the barn. Brad headed to the house while Wayne and Scott unsaddled them. As Brad walked up to the house he noticed that it was very old and a lot of the wood was rough cut. He could see a few places where it had been replaced but the house was in good shape. When he came to the door he knocked and entered.

May was at the stove cooking when Brad came in. It was an old wood stove so the house was warm inside. As Brad looked around the place it did not have a lot of furnishings but looked nice. You could tell it had been a while since it had been cleaned but every thing looked like someone had just walked away from it.

As Brad started looking around he spotted a picture and picked it up. He almost dropped it when he recognized who was in it. He had seen one just like it at home growing up. It was his Grandfather and Dad when his Dad was about two years old. Brad started searching the house for more things and Saw another picture. It was of His Grandfather and Grandmother in front of this house. They were both young and she had a bouquet in her hands. It dawned on Brad then that this was the house his Grandfather started out in.

He felt a chill run down his back then as he realized this was the home it all started from. This was his roots where he came from. Where his grandfather started out and made his fortune from. Brad then knew the stories his Grandfather told him were true. He always thought he had embellished them by making it sound worse than it was. But this had to be the one hundred acres he started with.

Brad looked everything in the house over. There was an old desk that looked like it was hand made in one corner by the window. As Brad sat down at it he remembered how his Grandfather told him about making it for his Grandmother. She had wanted a small desk to pen letters to her family. He had spent weeks building it in the spare time he had when not trying to work the farm.

Brad then reached down and pulled the front edge and it moved. His Grandfather had told him how he had built a hidden drawer in the support edge for his wife to put her paper and pin. As Brad looked in he saw a small book. He pulled it out and opened it up. He found it to be a journal of his grandfathers. As Brad flipped through it he found the last entry dated four weeks before his Grandfathers death and read it.

This will be the last time I write as my health will not let me travel. I so enjoy the times I have gotten to spend here in my later years. I just wish I could have known then what I know now. I fear I am not long for this world anymore. My days seem to be a blur and the pains getting worse. I set out to make my mark on the world and am afraid I did not do the best that I could. In my younger days my greed and desires are what drove me. Now I wish I had taken more time and enjoyed life. Because of that I lost my only son and have seen him do the same. My Brad gave me a second chance and I hope I have done a better job this time.

I have come here many times to clear my head and figure out what is best for us all. My biggest regret was to not spend time showing my son how to help others. This land is my beginning and my heart. I think the one thing I have learned is when helping others it is best not to let them know who did it. Just enjoy deep down that you have put a smile on someone face. I wish there was a way I could have helped more of the old hired hands that had spent their lives working for me. I feel this place is as much theirs as mine. Letting them feel useful till the day they pass on to.

Well journal you have always been a good listener to all of my troubles. I just wish it would not end so soon till I know my boy will be fine. He has brought this old man more joy than I could ever put into words. May he find happiness in life?

Brad looked at the journal and flipped through the pages reading spots here and there. May had kept the others quit as I read. More than a few times Scott peaked over my shoulder and read along with me. It seemed Grandfather came out here about every three months or so. He would use the time to think on what needed to be done and to get back to his roots. He wrote about his thoughts in the last year on how to bring Brad back and show him how great the land could be. Wanting him to learn not to take it for granted. Brad felt a lot better when he put the book down and went to join the others.

May had fixed a feast again. As the men dug in she busied her self making sure they had plenty of food and drink. Once every ones plate was full May sat down and began to fix her own. Brad looked around the room and thought how every one felt like family. To think if he had not done what his Grandfather had asked of him he would not have the friends and lover he had now.

Not to say he would be unhappy but he would not have felt the completeness he did now. It was like they were part of him and made his life worth living instead of running through it. Brad really had loved Chris but found out it was not true love like he felt for Scott. There was not the bond he had now. Chris was more like a good friend that he got to have sex with. He truly knew what love was now.

If his Grandfather only knew how much he had done to make him happy. He had set him up with a man that was a lot like him. Brad was not paying to much attention to what was going on around him. He was just enjoying the fact that the words his Grandfather helped him make peace within. He knew if he was here today with them he would see Brad had made the right choices in life.

When supper was over they decided they would wait till the next day to ride the horses back home. They had been gone for two days but could make it back in one. Brad told everyone he really appreciated their help. They all told him they were glad to help and that this has made their lives a little more interesting. All the men except Dan were talking about how they had never thought about going on a cattle drive before. They also now had a lot more respect for the cowboys of yesteryear. They had only done it for two days and it was hard work.

Brad laughed then and told them he never wanted to be in the saddle that long again. With that he heard agreements from the others. After a while everyone started to wind down it ha been a long two days. When May finished in the kitchen she told the men she was going to head back to the house. She wanted to make sure she was back in time to fix breakfast.

With that Brad asked her if she could take Dan and Doug with her so no one would have to sleep on the floor. Dan told them he didn't mind the floor but Doug told them he would go because a bed sounded better. It did not take much of a look from May to get Dan to change his mind though. They helped he load the truck and climbed on in. Brad and Scott waved by to them as they pulled out.

It had been a long day but Brad and Scott walked around the house looking at things. He told Scott some of the stories that his Grandfather had told him while growing up. When Brad walked by a large tree he saw where some initials had been carved in the bark. He recognized them as his grandparents. He could not believe that this was the place that had started his grandfather's fortune.

It made Brad feel close to the place and wondered why he had never been brought to the place when he was growing up. It seemed his grandfather had kept a few secrets of his own. Scott had his arm around Brad as they leaned against the barn. He wondered what it was like to live out here all that time ago.

Finally Scott leaned over and kissed Brad in a soft gentle way. Brad returned the kiss with one of his own. He could feel Scott pulling him into his chest and encircling him with his strong arms. Brad felt secure when Scott did this. He had the days work smell of a man and this sent a chill down Brads back. When Scott finally broke the kiss he told Brad how much he loved him. They broke their embrace then and walked inside the house.

Even though both couples were young they were not in the mood to make love. The one thing they did do was to take turns doctoring there saddle sores. Each one of them had a few scabs from the first days riding. There was a little horse playing that happened but nothing came of it. Any other time a finger ventured that far something would have happened.

It did not take long till everyone was ready to go to bed. Sleep came easy that night in the soft warm bed. They were all beat as it were and the comfort of being in doors made it hard to resist sleep. After thirty minutes all you could hear was the rhythmic breathing of the four young men.

Everyone had decided to sleep in a little the next morning. May, Dan, and Doug did not get there till about nine the next morning and woke the others. May jumped in and started cooking breakfast and Wayne was pleasantly pleased when he heard her humming a tune. He had not heard that since he was a little boy and his Dad was alive. She always told him he made her want to burst out singing. Wayne knew his mom was falling in love.

As Brad, Scott, Wayne and Sam were getting dressed they were careful to hide the morning wood. When they had their pants on they all rushed outside to relieve themselves. Scott mentioned to Wayne he thought his mom was getting very interested in Dan. Wayne told them that he had better not hurt her but he thought she should have someone in her life.

As each one finished they headed back inside to finish getting dressed. They would be getting a later start than they wanted but it was nice to sleep in for a change. When Wayne went in to see his mom he kiss and she pulled away some and asked him if he had brushed his teeth yet. She told him his breath smelled like the back end of a horse.

Everyone chuckled at that but soon realized they had not brushed theirs teeth in a couple of days either. May chuckled to herself as she saw hands going in front of their mouth checking their own breaths. It was not long till it was ready to eat and when everyone found a place to eat May said grace.

Everyone helped pitched in and clean up the place like no one had been there. Then they packed up the truck so May could get headed back to the house. She let them know she would run to town and pick up food for the next couple of days. Once again Brad told her to hang on to the receipt and he would make sure she got paid back for it. May just shook her head and climbed in the truck. She told everyone to be careful as she took off down the road.

Dan told them they better get saddled up and head out if they wanted to make it back tonight. Everyone was saddled up and ready to take off in about thirty minutes and climbed up in the saddle. Dan told Brad he would be back the next day to check on the cattle. As they headed out Dan was thinking it would be nice to have them all sold in a few days.

Everyone was groaning when they took off. Still sore from the drive to the ranch but it was better than having to herd cattle. The pace they set was a steady gallop. It was not long till the house was out of site along with the cattle. Doug pushed his horse to take the lead. He had enough of eating dust when they were with the cattle. The biggest thing to Brad was it was a lot harder to talk when riding this way.

They had almost covered half way when they stopped for lunch. May had packed some sandwiches for their lunch. Dan told them they needed to eat while the horses drank and ate a bite. They needed to be back in the saddle soon.

Brad and Scott walked away from the others and were talking between them selves. Brad told Scott how his back was killing him. He had gotten soft buy not ridding everyday like he did before he came out here. Scott agreed that he did not feel the best either but he needed to get back into shape. Brad laughed and told him he had been getting a little soft lately. The two of them joked back and forth for a while till they heard Dan telling everyone to saddle back up.

When they went over a rise there were five deer that was shocked to see the men on horses coming at them so fast. Scott wished he had brought his gun when he heard a shot go off. Everyone pulled up to a quick stop except for Dan. Dan had pulled his revolver and taken a shot at one of the deer. As they looked around they saw one deer that looked wounded head away from the others.

Dan fired another shot but the deer kept running. As Dan disappeared over the rise they heard another shot ring out. Doug yelled lets go and kicked his horse to take off. Wayne had managed to grab hold of Doug's horses rein before he took off. He then told Doug they did not need to follow incase the deer circled back. Dan knew where they where now and would not shoot one of us by accident.

There was one more shot heard off a little further as the guys waited they let the horses rest and graze a little. It took Dan about thirty minutes to show up but he had his deer. He looked over at the rest and told them they would eat well for a couple of days at least. Doug then made the statement about how bad a shot Dan was. He responded back to Doug telling him he needed to try and shoot a running target. Make it from the back of a running horse with a pistol to.

A lot of bragging took place in the next few minutes then Dan told them they needed to be off again. It was cool out to day but he did not want the deer to spoil. They would come up to another pond in a mile or so and he needed to clean the blood up and rinse the deer. Everyone saddled up then and was off soon. All the horses did not like traveling behind the deer flopping behind Dan.

Brad noticed his spooked once but he got it back under control. They soon stopped and Dan rinsed his hands and then the deer carcass while the horses drank and ate a bite. After thirty minutes Dan was ready to take off again. It was getting close to dark when Dan told them they needed to press the horses a little harder. They were still a couple of miles from the house. You could tell the horses were getting exhausted to but they pushed them on.

Finally they came to the fence and slowed down some. Everyone could feel the aches from sitting in the saddle all day. It took about thirty minutes to get to the house and barn. Dan told them he was going to hang the deer in the barn and would be out to skin it after he rested some. Once the saddles were off and the horses rubbed down good they were placed in the stalls. Doug and Brad got the feed buckets while Scott and Wayne grabbed the hay. Dan grabbed the water hose while Sam went out to check on the cattle. It took a few more minutes and everything was taken care of.

They decided they would all rinse off before heading into the house. Not being able to bathe regular had each of them smelling. As they headed to the shower room Dan hung back. They guys acted like it were nothing to be nude in front of each other. He still felt a little uncomfortable with them. Finally Doug said something to Dan about being afraid to get in the shower.

Dan knew he was busted then and finally started taking off his clothes. All eyes turned to Dan as his fingers latched to the side of his underwear and pulled downward. It looked like Dan had a respectable piece of meat between his legs. When he looked up he saw all the guys were looking at him. His hand automatically went to cover his manhood.

Finally Wayne spoke and told Dan he just want to see what had caused all that noise the other night in the bedroom. That cause a roar of laughter and all the guys went back to washing. Dan was a deep shade of red when he finally stepped into the shower. It took everything he had to do it but was not going to act like it. The warm water felt good running over his sore muscles and soon he forgot all about the guys in the shower with him.

Brad was the first one done and was stepping out when he brushed up against Dan thigh. Dan jumped like he was shot at the touch and stared at Brad as he walked on by. He finally realized he was partially blocking the exit and scooted over. Brad brought a big hand full of towels over and sat them down on a bench so everyone could have one. He took it slow drying off because of some of the raw places on his thighs and ass. When he was dried off he saw a bottle of the same liniment that they had used before. Scott had come out and was drying off and Brad asked him if he would help apply some to the places he could not reach.

Everyone laugh as Brad danced around trying to stop burning. When Scott was dry he asked Brad to apply some to him also. And so it went as each one dried off they asked Brad to apply some to them. Dan was the last one out and the guys were standing around talking as their skin dried even more. Finally Brad asked Dan if he needed some liniment put anywhere and Dan told him he though he would be ok. Wayne went and got another hand full of dry towels and handed everyone one so they could have something around them when heading to the house.

Dan took the Bottle from Brad and applied the liniment to a couple of places and was trying to get the third but was having a little bit of difficulty. Brad had finally had enough and took the bottle from him and told him to turn around. Dan just stood there looking at Brad. Brad looked Dan in the eye and told him "Dan it's time you stop this shit. Just because we are gay does not mean we want in your pants. If I was just a friend you had known a while you would have already asked me to help."

Brad then took the bottle and applied it to the two places on the back of Dan's thighs. Then he looked Doan over and applied some to a small spot on one of his ass cheeks. When he was through Brad thrust the bottle towards Dan and turned away from him and headed over to the others.

With that they headed to the house dressed in white towels and boots. If anyone would have been looking there would have been no way they could have watched without laughing. Doug was the first to enter the house and a shocked May just looked as a parade of half naked men walked in. Brad Scott Wayne and Sam headed to the master bedroom to finish getting dressed. Dan went to the bedroom he had shared with May. Doug just stood there for a second trying to figure out where to go. Finally May told him to go to the bathroom and get dressed.

When the door was closed, Brad voiced his concerns about Dan being so homophobic. Wayne tried to calm him some but it was not working. Brad told them that he just gets so agitated that straight men think that all any gay man wants is to get in their pants. They are so insecure about themselves that they freak at another man touching them in a nonsexual manor.

It took Brad a while to calm down and get dressed. Sam and Wayne both left the room so Scott could talk to him. Brad was to the point he had had enough. He had been stressed out for a while with everything going on and Dan had broken the camels back. Scott kept Brad in the room as long as he could, he even tried to kiss and make out. Brad finally sidestepped Scott and went into the room where Dan was talking to the others.

Brad pointed his finger at Dan and asked him "Are you gay?"

Dan replied "Do what?"

"I want to know if you're a closeted gay because you sure act like one."

"I don't know where your coming from Brad but the answer is no."

"Well you need to reach down and grab a hold of your balls then and start acting like you're a fucking man."

"What the hell are you talking about Brad?"

"I am talking about men like you. You think we are so different from you that you are afraid of us. If it had been some guy that was straight that asked if you had needed help in the barn you would not have thought anything about it. But being the homophobic straight guys you are makes you afraid to be touched. Afraid you might catch it and wanna suck dick yourself."

Scott put his arms around Brad trying to calm him down. Brad shrugged Scott off and got closer to Dan once again pointing his finger.

"If you're so afraid you might catch something then you need to leave. I am tired of having to watch my every move to keep from offending people its time I was me."

Dan just stared at Brad not believing what he was hearing. Brad turned and left the room then. Scott was shocked as much as anyone at Brad's outburst. This was the first time he had ever saw this side. May pointed to Scott then off in the direction that Brad went.

Scott headed off in the direction Brad went and found him in the bedroom crying. As he walked up to Brad he spoke and asked if something was wrong. Brad responded to Scott by telling him he wanted to be alone. Scott did not leave but stayed and put his arm around him telling him he loved him and what ever hurt Brad would also hurt him. Brad cried into Scott's shoulder as Scott tried to sooth him.

Dan looked around the room at the shocked faces of the rest of the group. They had never seen Brad act this way either and were all shocked. May went up to Dan and asked him if something happened earlier. He told May that he did not think so and then started telling her everything that happened. She then asked the others if anything was said between them and Brad. They all told her they could not think of anything that could have caused this.

May finally told everyone to sit down and eat while the food was hot. Dan told her he thought it might be better if he left till things settled down. May grabbed him by the hand and told him to sit and eat. She was going to find out what was going on before any one left this house.

Scott soothed Brad till he finally quit crying. Brad felt like a limp dishrag in Scott's arms. Brad had withdrawn into himself not feeling anything around him back to the place where he felt safe. He could tell someone was holding him but that was it. The stress of everything had taken its toll and he retreated. All the pressure had made Brad exhausted and Scott laid him on the bed and covered him up. As he held Brad he worried about him.

When everyone had finished eating May fixed a couple of plates and set them in the oven. It was beginning to bother her that Scott or Brad had neither one came out of the room. Finally she decided she could not take it any longer and went to the door and knocked gently. When she did not hear a response she opened the door and looked in. Scott was holding Brad as he slept in his arms.

May walked over to the bed and asked Scott if Brad was doing ok. Scott told her what had happened and how he fell asleep in his arms. May did not like what Scott said and told him she would be back in a moment. May went into the living room and asked Wayne to go into town and get the doctor. Everyone wanted to know what was going on then. She explained that she thought Brad had been under so much pressure he was close to a breakdown.

Wayne left and May went back into the bedroom where the boys were. She told Scott to go get something to eat while she stayed with Brad. Scott told her he was going to stay. After May scolded him some he finally got up and went to eat. Doug was they first to ask what was going on as Scott left the bedroom Scott told him he really didn't know except that Brad was asleep now.

When Scott finished eating he went back into the bedroom where Brad was. He was still asleep and may was sitting on the edge of the bed watching him. May told Scott she was going to fix some soup for Brad and when it was done they would wake him.

It was about an hour later when May brought a bowel of soup in and turned on the light. Scott shook Brad to wake him but it was not working well. May stepped out and got a washcloth and wet it and came back into the room. When Scott used that he got a response and opened his eyes.

At first Brad was pissed that someone had used a cold wet rag to wake him. Brad was a little disoriented as to where he was. Finally he remembered where he was and saw Scott was holding him. May was the first to speak to him and Brad did not understand why he was mad but he was. He felt anger at both Scott and May but did not remember them making him mad. He tried to pull himself together and could repress his feelings.

Scott tried to sooth Brad as best he could. His voice had a sharp edge to it as he spoke. Scott finally got him to calm enough to eat a bite and when he was done he was more like his old self.

It was getting real late when Wayne finally made it back with the doctor. He asked if everyone would leave the room while he examined Brad. About an hour later he came out of the room and talked to Scott and May. He told them that Brad was very stressed out and needed some rest. He was under a lot of pressure and it came to a head. He gave them a prescription and told them they could fill it. Then give him a few days and he should be alright. What ever triggered it might happen again if he gets to upset.

Scott left the Doctor and May talking and went into the bedroom. Brad was asleep and resting. As Scott walked over to the bed he thought about how much he loved this man. He would give his own life to keep him alive. Scott leaned over and kissed Brad on the forehead. He whispered I love you Brad then turned to leave the room. As he reached the door Scott heard Brads voice. He turned and saw that Brad had woken.

Scott walked back over to the bed and kissed Brad on the lips and asked him how he felt. Brad wanted to know what time it was because he felt like he had been out for hours. Scott let him know he had only been a sleep for about a half hour.

Brad then asked if Dan was still in the house. Scott gritted his teeth and told him he was. Brad wanted to know if he could talk to Dan and apologize to him. Scott told Brad to rest for now that he could talk to Dan in the morning. Once again Brad told Scott he wanted to talk to Dan but with a more insistent tone. Scott remembered what the Doctor had said about not upsetting him so he told Brad to lie back and he would go get him.

When Scott exited the room everyone turned to look at him. He walked over to Dan and told him Brad wanted to talk to him. Dan asked if he thought it would be wise because it seemed he was the one that set him off. Scott turned to the Doctor and asked him what he thought about it. He explained that he could just as easily get up set if he didn't but to watch and if he started to get angry then leave the room.

Dan then headed to the bedroom and opened the door peaking in. He had hoped Brad had fallen asleep again. For the first time since he had been fired he felt like things were going good again until tonight. He figured he was about to get fired again but he was willing to take it like a man. The worst thing about it was he felt like he did nothing wrong. How was this going to affect him and May? He had started having feelings for her and really liked her. He could not afford to date someone without a job and where would he have to move off to too find a job.

Dan eased into the room and had made up his mind to ask Brad to give him another chance. Brad patted the side of the bed for Dan to have a seat. Dan did not really know what to expect but sat on the bed like directed. As Dan started to ask Brad for another chance Brad cut him off. He told Dan he was sorry for blowing up at him and did not know what had made him so angry. He just wanted to make sure he knew he was sorry for it.

Dan started to tell Brad he was sorry to when Brad raised his hand once more to cut him off. He then told Dan he was very tired and he would love to continue thin in the morning when he had rested some and his mind was not all drugged up. As Brad said the last words his eyes closed and he was back asleep. Dan stood then not really knowing what to think.

Would Brad be the same person in the morning or would he be back to the way he was when he came into the house. He thought for a second and then thought he would just have to wait till the next day to find out. He left the room as quietly as he could hoping not to wake Brad again. When he got back to the living room He told Scott he had told him he was sorry.

Scott let Dan know that was the first time he had ever seen Brad act that way. The Doctor came over and asked how it went then and told Scott to make sure he gave Brad the pills every six hours like the bottle will tell him to. He explained the shot would wear off in the morning but he needed a pill when he woke

Dan told Scott he would pick up the medicine for him in the morning. He needed to go home and get some clean clothes anyway. He could get it filled then bring it back. The Doctor told them good he was not sure he could find his way back or not so he would follow him.

Dan said all he had to do was gather up the few things he had in the barn and he would be ready to head out. He looked at May and told her he would see her in the morning then and kissed her on the cheek.

As Dan was pulling away May grabbed a hold of his arm saying whoa. May explained if he was going into town he could drop her off at her house so she could get some clean clothes to. Beside she needed to pick up a few things for the growing boys to eat. May then told Wayne she was going home tonight and would be back as soon as she could in the morning.

Wayne just shook his head and said ok. He thought all his Mom really wanted was to spend some alone time with Dan. She had gotten man crazy but why not everyone around there was except for Dan. It was a good thing to because Wayne thought his Mom seemed happier now that she had met Dan.

They all said their goodbyes and went out the door. Scott asked Wayne if he could borrow his truck so he could run by and check on the animals. He knew May had been stopping buy and feeding them some but would like to make sure they were ok. Wayne threw the keys to Scott and asked him if he would like some company to go with him.

Scott told him sure he could come if he wanted to. Wayne then tilted his head towards Doug and Scott got the hint. Scott asked Doug if he would like to go with him and he said sure if it wouldn't be too crowded. Wayne spoke up then and told Doug to go on that he would stay here and talk to Sam.

Sam smiled and evil little smile at Wayne then and told the other to go on and they would be fine. Doug headed out the door and saw the tail lights from Dan's truck and the Doctors car heading down the road. He walked on out to the truck and opened the door and climbed in. When Scott got in on the other side Doug asked Scott if Wayne was trying to get rid of them.

Scott laughed out loud and told him he was a smart cookie. Doug said he thought so but did not understand why. They could have sex in the house with them there. No one would think anything about it. Scott let Doug know he would understand better when he got a little older. Couples like to have a place all to them selves sometimes. It's more romantic when you know you do not have to keep the noise down.

Doug said he did not understand because Brad was there so how could it be like being alone. Scott explained that they knew Brad was going to be out of it so it was like being alone to them. Doug just shook his head still not understanding what Scott meant by that.

Scott changed the subject then and asked Doug thought he wanted to be when he was grown up. Doug snapped back that he was grown up and he wanted to be a rancher just like him. Scott told him there was a lot of responsibility to being a rancher. You have to remember that you still work for someone else and you have to do what they want.

Doug thought about it a minute then said he thought it would be cool to work for Brad. He was a nice guy and had already helped him some and maybe he would hire him to help like Sam. Scott told Doug it was a lonely life living out in the middle of nowhere.

Doug laughed at that telling Scott that was a hoot because it seemed that he found someone and Sam found someone out in the middle of nowhere. Scott told Doug that was just luck. Doug still believed his true love would come along to someday if it wasn't Brent.

Scott told Doug Brent was a little old for him but Doug let him know real quickly he though different. Brent may be older but he treated him good unlike the other men he had met in his life. Scott told him he agreed that he had a bad experience so far and hoped it would get better for him to.

Scott felt strange talking about this again and was glad to see the cabin coming into view with the headlights. When they pulled to a stop Scott got out and walked to the door. It hit him all at once the place had been sprayed by a skunk. It was strong enough it made his eyes water.

Scott was afraid the skunk might be inside of the cabin so he opened the door a little and looked around to see if he could see anything moving around inside. When he didn't see anything moving around he reached for the light and tuned it on. He could tell it had not been sprayed on the inside but still worried about a skunk being inside.

Doug helped him watch for something moving. He let out a scream as something bumped into his leg. Scott turned thinking Doug had gotten bitten. They were both surprised when it turned out to be the pup. The smell was real strong around the pup so Scott figured out that the pup was the one sprayed. He must have had his first encounter with a skunk. Scott noticed the pup rubbing his face on the floor trying to wipe off the smell.

He worried the skunk might have sprayed the pup in the face so the looked around for some tomato juice but knew he was wasting his time. He did however find a can of tomato sauce and opened it up. Scott had Doug hold the pup while he rubbed the tomato sauce around his face. They were having a hard time holding him and he kept trying to lick the tomato sauce off. It took a while but finally they calmed him down enough to use what they had.

The dog smelt a little better but one can of tomato sauce was by no means enough to neutralize the smell of the skunk. Scott noticed him and Doug both smelled like the skunk now that they had been handling the dog.

Scott took the dog out and went in to clean up some himself. He asked Doug if he wanted to shower to get the smell of before they headed back. Doug told Scott he did and Scott helped to get the shower ready. Doug started stripping as Scott headed out to feed the animals.

It looked like his Aunt May had feed everyone well but Scott put out a little more so they would not have to hurry home if they needed to stay later. There were a few eggs that he gathered and took in but the goat had started to dry up before and looked like she was completely now. Scott knew they needed a milk source so he made a mental note to get one.

When Scott finally got back to the cabin Doug was drying off. Scott noticed that he was built nice for a guy of eighteen. The years spent on the farm had made his body into something to be proud of. You could see he had a nice six pack and well defined chest. He even had a few hairs starting to grow around his nipples but being light in color you had to really look to notice.

Scott started to remove his clothes so he could shower to. Doug asked him about some things to put on. As Brad walked by to get him some clothes Doug placed his hand on his stomach. Scott jumped at the touch and asked Doug what he was doing.

Doug told Scott he had always wondered what it felt like to run his finger through that much hair. Scott felt very uncomfortable and took Doug's hand and removed it. When Scott removed Doug's hand he felt a little rejected. Doug could not help but to stare at Scott.

Scott went over to where they kept their clothes and got some out. He handed Doug a pair of underwear and jeans and laid out some for him self. Then walked over to the shower and removed the rest of his clothing and stepped in. Doug sat on a chair and watched Scott as he showered. It had been a while since he had been alone to take care of his needs. He was not trying to hid him self at all.

When Scott turned around he saw Doug watching him and masturbating. Scott could not believe what he was seeing. He asked Doug what he thought he was doing and was not prepared for the answer he got.

Doug told Scott he had always had a cruse on him every since he had met him that first day. To know that he was gat to made him crazy with wanting him. Doug remembered the first time him and his dad brought hay from the field to put in the barn. Scott helped them put it in the barn and it started to get real hot. Scott took off his shirt and it was all Doug could do to keep from staring at him.

Doug remembered how he told them he needed to go piss but went out to the side of the bard and masturbated to get some relief. His cock stayed hard all that day and when he got home he repeated his self pleasure three more times before he could keep from getting hard.

As Doug told Scott about all of this he could not help but swell a little from thinking about Doug. When he turned he once again saw that Doug had not taken his hand from his cock. This made Scott turn red. He had never seen anyone act this boldly before. Doug was doing the things he had always thought about but never had the balls to try. There had been guys in school that Scott would have loved to have watched when he was Doug's age. As a matter of fact they had been many of his masturbatory fantasies.

Scott finally turned towards Doug and told him that it was not right for him to do that. Doug countered with how they had told him that he could ask them anything and if it did not hurt anyone it would be ok. So he asked Scott if he could watch him and masturbate.

"Doug I don't think this is quite what we meant when we said that."

"But I am not hurting anything am I?"

"Well... not really but you are making me feel uncomfortable."

About that time Scott saw Doug stiffen and start grunting. Big ropes of cum flew out of the end of Doug's cock. Scott could not take his eyes off of it. He did not even notice when his own hand wrapped around his own cock. Doug's whole body was shaking with his orgasm. Scott looked across the floor and saw where each heavy load landed.

When Doug opened his eyes again he saw Scott was staring at him with his hard cock in hand. As he stood up his heart started pounding hard again he walked over to Scott not breaking eye contact till he was just a few inches away. He dropped to his knees and started sucking Scotts cock. Doug reached up and grabbed Scott's balls giving then a slight tug. When Scott curled his fingers in Doug's hair he realized what was going on and shoved Doug backwards.

Doug was off balance and landed on his butt. Thinking he did something wrong he ask Scott what happened. Scott quickly stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel and covered himself. It did little good with his cock still holding the towel out. Looking at Doug he told him that what happened was wrong. Scott explained that he was Brad's lover and did not play around.

Doug felt rejected by Scott and told him he was sorry. He had always been attracted to him and could not resist. He just wanted to have sex with him one time and did not think that sucking Scott off would upset him. He would be glad for Scott to suck him off or do anything with him. It had been a while for Doug and he was getting horny. Everyone around him seemed to be having sex but him.

Scott saw the rejection in Doug's face and went over and sat next to him. He put his arm around Doug and explained how he was committed to Brad. He let Doug know that when he found the one he wanted to be with in his life he would not want to act on his feelings.

Doug was hearing the words but they meant nothing to him at this point. To him he was being rejected and it hurt. He shook his head like he understood but the words were just noise to him. Doug needed someone in his life. Doug was just beginning to find out who he was and so far all he was finding was rejection. Brent seemed to be the only one who accepted Doug for who he was.

Finally Doug felt Scott's hand on his shoulder and understood him to say it was timed to get dressed and head back. Doug got up and headed over to where the clothes were and started picking something out to wear. As Doug started getting dressed all he could think of is no one seemed to want him. He felt like he did not fit in with the rest of the guys.

Scott tapped Doug on the shoulder and asked him if he was ready to head back. Doug just hung his head and followed Scott out the door. By the time they had gotten back to the house Doug was even more depressed. He went into the house and told Scott he was going to get ready for bed.

Sam and Wayne were waiting on the two and told Scott Brad was still asleep. When they noticed Scott had changed clothes they asked what happened. He sat down and told them about how the dog had a run in with a skunk and when they cleaned him up some they smelled just like him. When Scott had finished the story Doug came out of the bathroom and headed to the bedroom.

Wayne noticed he did not say anything as he went and asked Scott what was up with him. Scott told the two of them what had happened with Doug and Wayne was shocked. Sam told them he was probably embarrassed because he was turned down.

Scott told then he wished Brad was well because he would know what to do. Sam told Brad not to worry about it that he was young and more than likely would not think anything about it. Wayne told the others he was ready to go to bed that they could talk more about it the next day.

Scott was the first to leave the room so he could check on Brad. Sam and Wayne were shutting everything down for the night. As Wayne went to turn the hall light off he could hear noises coming from Doug's room. It sounded like someone was crying. Wayne knocked on the door but did not get a response so he opened the door and looked in. He did not see Doug in the bed so he flipped on the light.

As Wayne looked around the room he saw a foot on the floor. When he walked around the end of the bed he froze. There on the floor was Doug in a pool of his own blood. Wayne yelled for Sam to come help him. Wayne stepped over to Doug and picked him up and put him on the bed. As Sam entered he saw Wayne lifting the body of Doug to the bed. Red stains were on Wayne's Shirt and Sam started to panic.

Wayne saw Sam enter the room and he told his to call 911 and get a chopper out here as fast as they could. Wayne saw the blood still pulsing out of Doug's arm and grabbed the sheet ripping a piece from it to tie off his wrist. Doug started to fight Wayne and Wayne punched him knocking him out. Wayne was not in the mood to put up with a kid trying to kill himself. He found the blood seemed to stop and hopped he had not lost too much blood. Wayne looked at his other wrist and saw that he had not cut it.

Once he had everything taken care of that he could he went into the living room to see if the chopper was on its way yet. Sam was telling the emergency operator where the house was. He then told them he would have a fire built outside the house so it would be easier to spot. Sam saw Wayne walking into the living room and that he was white as a sheet. Sam feared the worst but saw Wayne nod that everything was ok.

Sam told Wayne to keep on the line while he went out side and moved a bale of hey to set as a watch fire. Wayne told Sam to wake Scott before he went outside if he was asleep. Just make sure he did not wake Brad.

It did not take long for Scott to come down the stairs. He ran into the room to see Doug was covered with blood and starting to wake up. He went over to hold Doug while Sam went outside. Scott could not figure out what was going on was everyone loosing it. Why would Doug do this? Scott wanted Wayne to hurry back in the bedroom so he could find out what was going on.

It seemed like it was taking forever for Wayne to get off the phone. As Doug was coming to he started to fight Scott and pulling at his wrists bandage. Scott yelled for Wayne to hurry up and help him that he was fighting him and trying to pull the bandage off. Wayne came back into the room and saw Scott was trying to keep him still. Once again he walked over and punched Doug knocking him out again.

Scott yelled "what the fuck do you think your doing" at Wayne. He tried to get between the two of them so Wayne would not hit him again. Wayne looked at Scott and told him "I am knocking his ass out so he will not fight and get his heart to pumping all that much faster." Scott did not think Wayne was right. The last thing someone needed to be was punched out when they were loosing blood.

It took the chopper forty five minutes to get there and they hooked up and IV as they saw what was going on. Doug had lost a lot of blood and needed some fluids. They then wanted to know about the bruises on his face and Wayne told them he punched him. He explained he was fighting them trying to pull the bandages off so he knocked him out.

One of the paramedics looks at Wayne and told him that he had never seen that before but it might have just saved his life. Wayne looked at Scott with a smile of I told you so as the paramedics finished up with the questions. Soon they had Doug rolled out side and on the chopper. Wayne looked around the room and sat on the couch putting his head in his hands.

He wanted to know what the hell was going on. It took him a few minutes to pull himself together enough to think about calling him Moms. He knew that she could make it to the hospital a lot quicker than he could. After not getting and answer at his Moms he asked Scott if he had Dan's home number. Scott went over and found the number and dialed it.

It took a few rings before Dan answered the phone. He sounded like he was half asleep. Wayne asked Dan if his Mom was there he needed to talk to her real bad. Dan responded with a do you know what time it is. Wayne's voice deepened and once again he asked Dan to put his Mom on the phone.

Finally Wayne heard Dan say something and his Mom answer back. When she got to the phone May wanted to know what was so important. Wayne was quick to ask her if she could head to the hospital to meet the chopper. Mays first response was what was wrong with Brad. Wayne told her he did not have much time to explain but Doug had tried to commit suicide and had been taken by chopper to the hospital.

May responded with a yes that she and Dan would both go and wanted to know when he would be there. Wayne told her he needed to shower off some but would be there soon. As he hung up the phone Sam was coming in from putting out the fire. He looked at Wayne and saw he was covered with blood. As he crossed the floor to hug Wayne he was stopped Wayne told him he needed to shower off but not to clean up the bloody mess in case the cops needed to look at the scene.

He told Scott that he and Sam would head into town while he stayed here to take care of Brad. Scott could not help but think this was his fault. Had he said something wrong to Doug and caused this.

Wayne was back in just a few minutes and told Sam he was ready to head out. He hugged Scott and told him to hold the fort while they went to check on the young one. Scott told then to call as soon as they found anything out. They had not been gone long when it crossed Scott's mind that Doug's Mom and Dad needed to know. As he thought about it he shoved it out of his head. They could wait till Doug decided if he wanted them to know or not.

About an hour later the phone rang and it was Dan. He told them he had stopped for gas but would be there in about fifteen more minutes. He wanted to know if the chopper had left yet. Scott filled him on everything and then told Dan he decided not to call Doug's Dad. Dan was against not letting him know and told Scott so. He explained how close Doug and his Dad had always been. Dan then told him he would go by in the morning and let him know. It was not right to keep it from them even if they were on the outs.

When Scott and Dan were through talking he sat on the couch. He could not help but wonder what he had done wrong. He really needed to talk to Brad but knew he did not need the pressure. There had been so much that had happened to Doug in the last couple of weeks. He had to be under a lot of strain to with being kicked out and raped by the ones that should have protected him.

Scott could not help but to feel guilty. If he had not rebuked Doug's offer like he had he may not have tried to kill himself. That made it worse though if he had he would have heated on Brad. He felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. This must be the way Brad feels at times. He has all the pressure of having to stay here for a year and trying to make a new love interest work. People are trying to steal from him and people have tried to kill him. No wonder he had to crash.

Scott finally decided he needed to get some rest. He went into the bedroom and lay beside Brad. As he adjusted himself in the bed Brad's eyes opened and looked at Scott. His response was "hi baby go back to sleep" But Brad turned to look at Scott. When he put his hand to Scott's cheek and kissed him Brad felt something wet. When he broke the kiss he turned on the bedside lamp.

Brad wanted to know if Scott was alright. Scott let him know he was ok to just close his eyes and get some more rest. Brad looked at Scott and apologized to Scott for all the fuss tonight. How he needed to talk to Dan and let him know he was sorry. Scott let Brad know he already had talked with Dan tonight. Brad then rolled out of the bed and told Scott he was going to the restroom.

When Brad came out of the restroom he wanted something to drink so Scott got up with him and headed to the kitchen. When they were going back to lay down there was a knock at the door. Scott told Brad to go on back and lay down and he would take care of who ever was at the door.

When Scott opened the door he saw two officers standing at the door. For some reason he did not expect them till the next day. He told them to come on in and he would answer any questions he could. Scott told them to have a seat and he would be right back. Scott was hoping that Brad would fall back to sleep soon so he would not have to tell him about it yet.

Scott was not having a good night because Brad was still awake when he got to the bedroom. He told him it would be a few minutes before he could join him but to relax and he would be back soon. Brad asked Scott who was at the door and that stopped Scott in his tracks. He did not want to lie to Brad but still did not want to have to tell him what was going on. Scott finally told Brad it was a couple of officers that wanted to ask a few questions about what had happened to Doug. Brad let Scott know he was getting up then even though Scott tried to stop him.

When Brad made it to the door Scott stepped between him and the door. When Brad looked at him he wanted to know what was going on. Scott looked into his brown eyes and told him that Doug had cut his wrist. It looked like Scott had slapped Brad when it registered to him what Scott had said. Brad turned around and walked to where his clothes lay and started to get dressed.

Scott asked him what he thought he was doing. Brad's reply was as soon as the officers leave we are going to go see Doug. Scott told Brad he was supposed to be resting and that was when Brad snapped at him.

"I am not sitting around here when a friend needs me"

"Brad you have to take it easy the Doctor said so."

"I can take it easy after I know why Doug wanted to kill himself"

"I think it was because of what I did Brad"

"What do you mean? Did you do something to him?"

"Brad sit down for a second, I need to tell you something."

Scott went into telling Brad everything that happened at the cabin. He also told him everything he could that Doug had said in reply. Brad listened till Scott stopped then he stood and put his hand on Scott shoulder and told him to come on we have the officers to talk to. Then we can go to the hospital and check on Doug.

Brad led the way into where the officers were. One of them was writing down notes from what he could see in the bathroom. He then went into who found him and how did you find him lying on the floor. When the other officer came over he kept staring at Brad. After a while he finally asked if he had met him before. Brad looked at him a little closer and recognized it was the same officer that came out when Scott was shot.

They asked how the man shot was doing Brad told them they could see for themselves pointing at Scott. The officer apologized then for bringing it up then. Scott told them it was ok he was finally getting back on his feet. Then the officer told him they hated what happened to his Dad. Scott just hung his head then and told the man thanks.

Brad then asked the officer if the county jail had fired anyone yet. The officer told him no and wanted to know what he meant. Brad then explained who Doug was and what happened to him in the county jail. He went on to explain that it had and effect on Doug and had something to do with his trying to kill himself. The officer wanted to know if a complaint had been filed yet. Brad told them it was in the process of being filed.

The other officer then stated he hated to see anyone have to go to county. There was always talk that they were not treated well. Brad asked if he knew any names of people that had been in county and complained. The officer gave Brad a couple of names then asked if he would not bring his up he could get into trouble. Brad let him know he would try to keep him out of everything but may come back to him later to ask some more questions.

The phone rang then and Scott answered it. It was May letting them know Doug was there and going to make it. He was getting a tube inserted into his arm where he had sliced it. He was lucky that they had found him when they did because if it had been much longer he could have died.

May asked how Brad was doing and Scott filled her in on what was going on at the house. May told him he needed to keep Brad in bed so he could rest. Scott laughed then and told her it was impossible to do that. He then told her Brad was acting more like his old self but he would try to keep him home. Then he asked May if she would tell him there was no need to come up there yet to wait till the morning.

When Scott told Brad May wanted to talk to him he told her he would see her later then handed the phone over to Brad. May explained everything that was going on there and how it was not needed for them to come up there tonight. She explained how they were already there and Doug would be sedated when he came to the room. He would do everyone more good if he stayed home and got some rest. He needed to call Brent anyway and let him know what was going on. Brad agreed and let her know they would be up the next morning after everything settled down some. They told each other good bye and how they loved each other before hanging up.

Brad looked over at Scott and the officers and asked if he had called Brent yet. Scott told him he had not even thought about it so much had been going on. Brad told him he was going to call because Brent really should know.

When Brent answered the phone he was surprised Brad was calling. He quickly asked if something was wrong. Brad told him what had happened with Doug and everything was silent on the other end. Brad asked Brent if he was still there a few times before he finally answered. Brent started pumping Brad for answers then.

It took a while to calm Brent down but he told Brad he was going to the hospital to check on him. Brad realized how much Brent really cared for Doug then and that it was not just a fling for him. Brent told Brad he had filed the complaint about the county jail in court that morning. He needed to talk to Doug about that soon but would have to wait now. Brent then said Doug would be tied up with psychiatrists for a while and has to be watched for a few days.

When Brent got throw telling Brad everything he knew he then told Brad he brought on another lawyer to help him with some of the things going on. He told Brad it was getting bigger than he could handle by himself. He also wanted to know when he might be getting some money for the cattle. He was beginning to get into a pinch with the bills coming in for this case. Brad told him use anything he had and he would try to get him something soon.

Brent then told brad he was going to head out to see Doug and wanted to know if Doug's dad had been informed yet. Brad looked over to Scott and asked him if anyone had called Doug's dad and told him yet. Scott told him Dan was going to take care of it. He relayed the message to Brent and told him to just be calm. Brent promised he would then and told Brad he really needed to go. They said their goodbyes and hung up.

Brad told the officers then that the papers had been filed in court that morning about Doug's treatment in jail. They asked what had happened and Brad told them how Doug had been raped. It seemed that he was abused more than once and he planned to get them fired of close that jail down.

It was not much longer till the officers had asked everything they needed and was ready to go. Brad told them goodbye and that they would be calling soon. When they left Brad walked over to the couch and sat back down. When Scott sat beside him he leaned over and put his head on Scotts shoulder. Scott wrapped his big arms around Brad and told him how much he loved him. Brad replied with how much he loved Scott.

It did not take long till Brad dozed back off to sleep. He still had enough medicine in him that when he got still he fell asleep. Scott turned on the TV and adjusted himself on the couch to where he was holding Brad against his chest. Scott pulled the throw on the back of the couch over them to keep them warn. It was not long till both of them dozed off.

When Scott woke later he really needed to go to the bathroom. Brad was pressing on his bladder and it was making it worse. It took a little while for him to manage to get up and woke Brad in the process. He told Brad to go back to sleep he was just going to the bathroom. Brad told him to hurry it was cold in the house.

As Scott entered the bathroom he almost threw up. There was a strong odor of blood and it was drying on everything. He took care of business and went to the back porch and grabbed a mop. When he got back he ran some hot water in the tub and started mopping the floor. The water became red fast and he had to change it three times before he finally finished. He worked up a sweat and jumped in and showered when he was through.

When he came back into the living room he noticed it was getting colder and looked out side. It was snowing. It was the first snow of the year. Scott flipped the channels trying to find out how much snow to expect. When Scott found the weather channel he saw that they were not going to get much and it should be gone in a day. He was glad in a way but would like to be snowed in with Brad for a few days all alone.

Scott finally crawled behind Brad on the couch and drifted off to sleep. He would rather have gone to the bedroom where they could have stretched out. Knowing he would have a sore neck in the morning from sleeping on the couch.

When Scott woke next it was daylight and Brad was not beside him. Scott jumped up and saw Brad was sitting in the chair across from him drinking a cup of coffee. He heard Brad telling him good morning lover would you like a cup of coffee. Scott took a second to realize everything was ok the answered him and Brad got up to get him a cup.

Scott stretched trying to work out the soreness from sleeping on the couch when Brad came back. He handed him a cup of coffee and kissed him. Brad then asked if he was ready for breakfast yet. Scott told him let him wake up a little first and he would be.

Brad then sat beside Scott and snuggled up beside him. Then he asked Scott if he knew it had snowed last night. Scott told him he had seen it start snowing but the weather channel said there would not be much and would melt off the next day. Brad started laughing then telling Scott that the weathermen never could get it right. Scott wanted to know what he was talking about and Brad told him to look for him self.

Scott got up and walked over to the door and opened it. He could not believe it, there had to be at least three inches on the ground and it was still snowing. He let Brad know he wished they could get snowed in last night he guessed he was getting his wish to come true.

Brad told him he would love to be snowed in with him but they needed to get to the hospital and see Doug. Scott wanted to know if he had called to check on him yet today. Brad told him he had not because he did not know what hospital he was at. Scott told Brad he was in the same one he was at so it would take a while to get there.

Brad went over to the phone and dialed the number after looking it up. He thought he remembered it but was not sure. When the operator came on he asked for Doug's room and was connected. When the phone was answered by a woman that Brad did not recognize he asked to talk to Doug. The lady asked who was calling and Brad told her. She immediately told him he should not be calling and that his help was no longer needed then hung up the phone.

Brad was shocked by the icy reception he received and called back. He then asked the operator if she could page May for him. It took about a minute but seemed like forever before May's voice came on line. He asked what was going on up there. May told Brad that Doug's parents were in the room with him. They had asked the Doctor to keep everyone out but family.

Brad groaned and said not again. Well Brent should be up there in a little while and can see that everything changes. Well as soon as you find anything out let me know and we will come up and see him. May then told Brad that Dan would be coming back soon. He had a buyer for some of the cattle coming in today. Brad told her that he would tell Scott and he could go with him. There were a few things he needed to take care of.

After saying there goodbye's Brad told Scott what had been going on at the hospital. Scott told him that breakfast was done so to have a seat and they could talk about it. When they had the day planned they were done with breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Brad went in to make a few calls while Scott fed the cattle and went back to the cabin to take care of the other animals.

When Doug woke that morning he still only had his Mom and Dad in the room. Where were his friends? He guessed they really did not care after all. He thought at least one of them would have come to see him.

When Doug's Mom saw that he had opened his eyes she asked him how he was feeling. Doug let her know he felt a little groggy and his head hurt. It looked like to him the only ones who really cared for him were his parents. They wanted to change him though and could not accept the fact he was gay.

Doug asked if any of his friends had come to see him. She explained after looking at his Dad that she had not seen any of them. Doug turned his head and closed his eyes to keep tears from spilling down his cheeks. When his Mom asked him a few questions he did not answer. After a while she sat back down thinking he had fallen back to sleep.

It was all Doug could do to keep from busting out in tears. The ones he had felt so close to, had turned there backs on him to. The only ones who even cared it seemed were his Mom and Dad. God why could he have not just died! It would have been so easy to just die and not have to face everyone. His family would look at him different now like he was scum.

He would not have any friends anymore because they would find out he was gay and would not want to be around him. His life sucked. Doug knew he would have to kill himself he could not live this way. How could he do it and make sure it did not hurt. If he had just cut both wrists he could be out of this.

Doug's thoughts were broken by a new voice in the room. He did not want to open his eyes because if he did then they might want to talk to him. Doug heard the man say he was a counselor who would be working with Doug.

Doug's Mom was asking questions to him and Doug wanted to scream at her to shut up. She wanted to know if he could help her son become straight again. Doug knew he was turning red because he wanted to crawl under the bed. So now he knew what kind of questions his Mom and Dan would be asking. Doug wished he could just die.

The Counselor looked at Doug's Mother and told her there was no need to try to change Doug. Doug was just being who he was and trying to change him would just make him more miserable. It was hard enough to cope with being gay without parents trying to push their ideas onto their children. You need to accept the fact your son is attracted to men.

As Doug opened his eyes to see the man talking to his Mother like that he was surprised to see he was an older man. He looked to be as old as his Grandfather. Doug quickly closed his eyes shut again and listened.

Doug's Mother was telling the counselor that they did not want their son to be gay. If he would not help them they would find someone who would. Doug wanted everyone to leave the room. They were talking about him like he was a little kid and did not have a choice. Doug Sat up in bed and yelled for everyone to leave the room.

His Mother turned towards him and asked him what was wrong. Doug yelled for her to leave he wanted everyone to leave. When he did not stop yelling the counselor left the room while Doug's mom tried to soothe him. It was only a couple of minutes till a nurse came in and asked them all to leave the room.

When they finally left the nurse turned to Doug and told him she had a shot for him. Doug had calmed down some and told her he did not want the shot. The counselor came back into the room then and asked if it was alright if they talked. Doug looked at him and said as long as the others stayed out of the room. He assured Doug that they would stay out as long as he was in the room.

He told the nurse that she could wait on the shot for now if Doug wanted but he should get one soon to help him rest. As he sat down he began to talk to Doug to feel him out. Finally he asked Doug why his parents thought it was wrong for him to be gay.

"Wrong... what's right about it? All you do is get hurt. Your family doesn't want to be around you and you friends drop you. Even the ones who are gay drop you."

"Doug what do you mean by drop you."

"They don't come to see you."

"You mean since you have been in the hospital."

"Yes... but also before that...they don't want to have anything to do with you."

"So your saying you have gay friends that have stopped wanting to be around you."

"They never came out and said it but yeah."

"Doug when was the last time you saw your friends?"

"The nights that I cut my of the guys shove me away and told me he did not like me that way."

"So you were rejected by someone you love."

"I don't know doc...I...just...don't have no one to love me. The only guy who ever showed me any love lives a million miles away and he don't want to be bothered by a kid. He's got a real good job and I almost caused him to loose it. So I know he has to hate me. He even got thrown in jail because of me. It's like the only reason someone wants to be with me is to just get their rocks off. Then they make fun of me and beat me up."

"So this guy has told you he didn't want to see you any more?"

"Not really but how could he. He could have almost anyone. And besides he couldn't want me I don't have anything. Everyone has someone but me?"

"So are you saying the only reason you tried to kill yourself was because you don't have someone Doug."

"No Doc...There's just too many things going wrong so it's not worth it. It would just be easier if I wasn't around. I mean Mom and Dad would not be having problems and fighting about me and with me."

"Did you ever think how sad your Mom and Dad would be if they lost you."

"Yeah but at least they would not have to worry about people finding out their kid was gay."

"So you think that is the worst thing that could happen to them Doug."

"No I think there are worse things that could happen because of this. But why should I put them through it. I mean I am not worth all the trouble."

"Doug you are worth it! Believe me. You have to remember when you are in school you have only those kids that have grown up in the area to choose as friends. You may not feel like you have anything in common with them because you are gay. You go through so much with all the changes your body has been going through. Then your interest is not the same as your friends. So you pull away feeling out of place. You feel alone and depressed and that life is not worth it. Well it is. When you get out on your own you have a choice as to who your friends are. You meet people that have the same interest that you do and become friends with them creating your own little circle of friends."

"I have tried that Doc but it seems like my own friends rejected me. I don't fit in with anyone."

"Doug what makes you feel like your friends have rejected you?"

"Its like they don't want me."

You could hear an argument going on out in the hall way. The counselor was being distracted by it and was afraid it would bother Doug. He asked Doug if he could wait a second before they went on while he quieted the noise in the hall.

When the counselor opened the door he saw Doug's parents arguing with and man in a suit. As he stepped out the door he heard Doug yelling Brent. Stopping he looked back at Doug and saw a glimmer of hope on his face. He then turned and went on out the door. He walked over to where everyone was arguing and asked them to hold down the noise.

Brent turned to the counselor and told them he would be glad to as soon as he saw Doug. Doug's father was quick to reply that he was never going to see his son again. If he did not leave now he would call the cops and have him removed. This pissed Brent off and he responded by saying you mean the same cops that raped and beat him. This was the straw that broke his dads back and he pulled his arm back to take a swing at Brent but was stopped before he could make contact.

When Doug's Dad looked to see who stopped him he saw Doug standing there. He had come out of the room when he realized Brent was there. His dad told him to let go he was going to punch this asshole. Doug yelled for them to stop.

About that time security came up to the scene and told them to step into a room and hold it down. They ushered them into Doug's room and told them to all hush. Then one of the officers asked the counselor what was going on. He told the security men that he was trying to have a session when the noise outside the room had gotten to loud. He stepped out to quite down the noise and saw the three of them arguing. He knew two of them to be the young mans parents but did not know the other man.

Doug's Dad started to blurt something out when the security guard shushed him. Doug spoke up then and told him his name was Brent. The officer then asked Doug how old he was. He told him eighteen. He then asked how he knew this Brent and Doug's response was he was his lawyer. He then asked Doug if he was the one who hired Brent or was it his parents.

Doug's dad blurted out no one had hired him he was just butting in. The officer turned to Jim and told him he needed to shut up unless he was asked a question. Then turning back to Doug once again he asked if he was the one who hired him. Doug hung his head and told the office he guessed he had not hired him because he did not have any money to pay him. Brent then spoke up and told them it was a pro bono case.

Jim had had all he could take and lunged at Brent taking him down to the ground. He was yelling while he punched Brent "pro bono my ass you've been molesting my son" The officers were quick and jumped in and pulled Doug's dad off of Brent. They were not very gentle in restraining him and told him he would be spending the night in jail if he didn't calm down.

Doug rushed over to Brent helping him up. He pulled Brent into an embrace and asked if he was ok. Brent turned to look at Jim and told him he needed to accept the fact that Doug had grown up.

When the officers had Jim settled down they told him to go sit in the chair. One of the officers then stood beside Jim in case he tried anything else. The other Officer then asked the counselor what he had seen happen. He went through everything that had happened with them and told then he needed to talk to everyone later but he needed to go see another patient. Then he looked at Jim and his wife and asked them to step outside.

He had one of the officers following them into the hall to make sure nothing happened. They went to another room that was empty. As they entered a small room he told them to have a seat. The counselor looked at them sternly and told both of Doug's parents it was time to accept the fact their son was gay. Unless they want to be going to a funeral soon they would accept him. If it had not had been for his friends he would have been dead. The only reason he tried to kill himself was he hated the fact you could not accept him for who he was. He felt all alone and depressed because he did not have anyone. You can tell that he loves Brent and needs Brent at this time. If you keep pushing him he may not be found the next time until it's too late.

Jim started to blurt something out but stopped when he felt his hand being squeezed by his wife. He looked at her and she told him she was not loosing her son. If you can't accept him as he is then I will pack my things up and find the two of us a place to live in town. I will not put up with anything else.

Jim was shocked at his wife's terms because they had never disagreed on anything before. She had always agreed with him on matters the pertained to how the family was to be run. He was mad that she had cut him off the way she had. Jim looked at the counselor and asked if there was some way he could be made normal.

This pissed of the counselor and his words came back with stinging venom. "You can not change who a person is. Being gay is who your son is. If you still want the same son that grew up in your home accept it. He was gay when he was growing up and he will be gay when he dies. All you would do is make him miserable and lead a life that is a lie. He would never truly be happy and he would always be thinking of what he could have had."

Doug's Mother started to cry. Tears were rolling down her face as she wept. Between the sobs she told the counselor that she loved her son and would do what she had to. She deep down had always known the truth. She noticed Doug had not been interested in girls that much but he was good in sports. The sports thing made her hope it was just he dedicated himself totally to them and would later change.

She really noticed a change when Scott moved out to the ranch. When Doug would go over there and help Scott he would come back and talk about him for days. Then it got really bad when the grandson came to live in the valley. It seemed Doug would make any excuse to go over there. She had made herself believe that it was the fact Doug had some males closer to his own age. But when he talked about them it was like puppy love.

Finally she dried her tears and stood up. Looking at Jim she said I am going to go talk to my son's boyfriend. Jim started to say something but she cut him off and told him accept it or be gone. My son is a part of me and I will not turn my back on him. The counselor and Jim both had shock expressions on their faces.

She stood up then and left the room heading back to her son's room. Jim sat there in shock. His wife had never acted this way before. The counselor asked him how he felt now. As Jim started talking he got the impression that in time everything would be better with the whole family.

As she opened the door she saw that Brent was sitting on the edge of the bed with his arm around Doug's shoulders. When Brent saw her enter the room he stood up and moved to the chair. Sue told Brent he did not have to get up on her account. Then she walked over to Brent and stuck out her hand introducing herself. She explained to Brent and Doug that it would take some time to accept the fact her son had a boyfriend. She would do her best to accept it.

Doug smiled at his mother for the first time in a while then. Brent explained that he was not really Doug's boyfriend but a good friend. Doug looked at Brent and told him he loved him. Brent told Doug he also loved him but knew realistically that he would want someone closer to his own age. He went on to explain that he knew that and was grateful for the time Doug had given him so far. Being realistic Brent knew that someday soon Doug would meet someone closer to his own age and fall for them. There were just too many years between them.

Doug looked at Brent his eyes were filling with tears and told Brent that he loved him. He realized that more now than he ever had. Brent just shook his head and leaned over to kiss Doug on the forehead. He knew in his heart that Doug would change his mind someday soon. Brent being seventeen years older knew there was not any way that it could last. He decided that he would just enjoy it as long as he could though.

Sue thought Brent was a nice man and deep down thanked him. Brent looked at Doug then and asked if he felt like having some more company. Doug asked him who and Brent told him when he came in almost everyone was in the waiting room. Doug looked shocked at that and told him sure. Brent left then and headed down to the waiting room to get them. As he pushed the button on the elevator he saw Jim step out of the room with the counselor. He was thankful that the doors opened then and he did not have to speak.

When Brent made it down stairs he saw that everyone was there except Brad and Scott. He asked how Brad was and was told that he had slept through it and was resting when they left. Brent then told them Doug would like to see them and lead the way.

There was a knock at the door and Brad turned everything down so it would not burn. When he made it to the door it was Dan standing there. He had a funny look on his face and Brad asked him to come on in. He told Dan to make himself comfortable and that he would finish fixing breakfast. Brad asked if Dan had had anything to eat yet. He let Brad know he had not then told him he was going to wash up.

Brad went back and put on a little more sausage and a couple of more eggs. He had fixed enough biscuits and gravy so he did not need to make more. He had planned on having a few biscuits left over to make a cold bread pudding like his grandfather always loved. He thought he could make that the next day though.

Scott came through the door and brought some eggs that he had gathered and placed them in the fridge. Brad asked how everything was at the cabin while Scott cleaned up. Dan placed the plates and cups around the table while Brad was putting the food on the table and Scott was relating things at home.

When they sat down to eat Brad told Dan he was sorry for getting bent out of shape. He had just been on edge lately and some things came out that should not have. He explained to Dan that they were not things that did not go through most gay men's minds when dealing with straight men. We just get tired of men thinking we are after them all the time. Sure we will look at them for the most part just like all straight men look at women. It's not any different than a straight man trying to see a woman's tits. If you show us a dick we will look but that does not mean we will try anything.

Dan hung his head then looked at Brad and asked if Brad could forgive him. He explained he felt the same way when they were in the barn the other night. It was strange to be around a man that liked men to him. Even though he knew that Brad had a partner he just felt like because he was gay he would hit on him.

Brad told him that was normal. It is kind of like a woman that did not appeal to a man hitting on them. Brad then told Dan that gay men do hit on straight guys but most of the time it's because they think they are nice looking. Some do it just to make guys feel uncomfortable and see if they would go for it. Straight guys do bring a lot of it on themselves by asking a guy to suck them off when they think no one would ever find out. There are a lot of guys when they are young that will let a gay guy suck them off. Then as they get older do not want to have anything to do with them. They are usually the ones that make the biggest fuss about gay men. It a guilt thing from the fact that they have had it done to them and are afraid that someone will know.

Dan informed Brad that he understood his anger. He also let him know he would work on his hang-ups about gay men. He explained how he had been raised that it was wrong to show his feelings. Men touching men except for a pat on the back every great once and a while was just wrong. Seeing how you did not think anything about touching another man just made him nervous. It was like something a mother could do but to have another man touch you like that was just wrong.

Brad told Dan that was part of what was wrong about the whole thing. Men did not hold there sons like they should and let them feel secure. You know your mother loves you because she hugged you and told you she did. It was the fathers that never did. You respected them and knew they were strong but could never go to them for fear they would laugh at them or call them weak.

Dan related a story about how his dad had yelled at his brother when he was nine for crying. He was calling him a big baby and a sissy. He knew from that men should not want to be hugged by other men. It was a sign of weakness and not manly. Most men had been raised like that and were afraid to show affection to other men. He had never had another man touch him and it caused a flight reflex in him when Brad had asked if he needed some medicine applied to him the other night. He had a lot of hang ups he needed to work through and knew it. He had just been engrained so much that his first response would more than likely be the same every time.

Scott had enjoyed listening to both sides and finally decided to throw his two cents worth in. He explained to Dan a little about how he was raised and how his dad kicked his brother out for messing around with his best friend. Then how he was so scared he would turn out the same way. He fought off his feelings and the reason he came out to work on the ranch was because he did not want to be tempted.

Dan told Scott it shocked him when he found out he and Brad were a couple. He had known him for a while and would have never guessed that he would have ever been with a man. Scott let him know Brad was his first guy he had been with and all the guilt he had felt about it.

When they finished eating they sat and had a cup of coffee and finished their conversation. Finally Brad stood up and told them he was going to clean the dishes. Scott was quick to tell him that he was not supposed to be doing anything but rest. Brad turned and gave a look that told Scott just try and stop him. Scott stood up and told Brad he would at least help him. Dan told him he was expecting the rancher to show up at any time but would like to help clear the table.

When they were through cleaning everything up Brad put on a fresh pot of coffee and told them it would be ready in a second. They had just sat down on the couch and turned on the TV when someone knocked on the door. Scott went to see who it was. When he opened the door the man asked if this was where Dan was. Scott backed up and asked the gentleman to come on in.

When he stepped inside Dan greeted Phillip with a hand shake. He saw a young man that stepped in right behind him. Phillip introduced his son Layne to everyone and then Dan directed them over to the table. Brad asked if they would like a cup of coffee as they sat and went to get it.

When Brad came back they were talking about the cattle and the prices he was wanting for them. Layne could not stop looking and Brad and Scott. As Brad poured them each a cup he checked them out. Phillip was a small man of about 5'7" slight built. He was bald on top and wore his hair in a horseshoe around his head. He was clean cut and looked nice in his clothes. Layne was just a little about an inch taller than and not as young as Brad had thought at first he was 31 Brad found out later. He had a very handsome with short dark brown hair he had not shaved in a few days and his beard had a red cast to it. Brad was quick to ask if they had had anything to eat and Phillip told him they would get something later.

Brad could not help but to notice how thin they both were and wondered if they had been eating at all. He wondered if they really had money enough to buy cattle at all. Brad finally asked them if they would eat some ham and eggs if he fixed it. Phillip kind of stalled but Layne spoke up and said he would he was hungry. Brad asked him if he would like to come to the kitchen and talk while Dan and his dad talked business. Layne agreed and Brad, Scott and he went into the kitchen while the others settled business.

While they were in the kitchen Brad started asking Layne a few questions. He wanted to know where the lived and found out his dad owned a big ranch in the next state of Utah. He went on to explain that they had ten thousand head of cattle on the ranch and had needed to buy some new stock for new blood on the herd. His dad had bought some cattle from this ranch about five years ago and it helped to improve the heard some and now they had a chance to buy many more.

As Layne kept talking Brad finally realized that they were not poor but that they both were just very small in stature. Brad was glad to figure this out but thought because he hated to see anyone go hungry.

Layne kept a close watch on the two men as they worked together fixing something to eat. He thought both guys were very hot looking and wondered what they would think of him if they knew he was gay. Layne had never told his father he was gay but had approached his mother with the fact he thought he might be bisexual. She was quick to say it would be best not to tell his father about it.

Brad was about ready to start taking the food up when he asked Scott "baby could you hand me a plate." He realized the slip of the tongue as soon as he said it and turned to see Layne's expression.

Layne could not believe what he heard and had a shocked look on his face. Could these guys be gay? Brad spoke up then and looked at Layne and told him that he hoped he did not offend him. Layne just stood there looking at the two of them in shock. He could not believe that these to guys might be gay. The thought that they were just making fun of him was what came to mind. Finally Brad broke the silence and told Layne that he was gay and Scott was his lover. This caused Layne to have a more shocked look on his face. Brad thought at first Layne was going to run. But when Layne got to where he could talk he said it was ok with him.

Brad felt a little relief when Layne said that and turned to finish taking up the food and putting it on the plates Scott handed him. Scott on the other hand kept his eye on Layne until he started to talk again. He could not help but think Layne was a little uncomfortable but soon figured out he was not going to go running out of the kitchen.

Brad then led the way back into the other room where Dan and Phillip were and sat the two plates down. He next refilled the cups of coffee and watched as they ate. Both men consumed everything on their plates and Brad worried if he had fixed enough for them. He knew he fixed them the same amount that he would have for himself or Scott but wondered where they put it all. He noticed as they were talking that Layne would steal glances of him when he thought he was not looking. It was beginning to piss him off a little but shrugged it off. He knew he should not be getting upset.

Finally when they were done eating Phillip thanked them for the breakfast but told them he would like to go see what they had for sale and look at the breeding stock here at the ranch. He would also like to see the records of the calves he was interested in to see the birth weights. Dan told him it would be best if they went and looked at the calves first then.

Looking over at Brad and Scott he told them that they could stay here and not get out in the cold. He could handle this and grabbed a tablet to write down the numbers of the calf's Phillip was interested in.

Brad then excused himself and went to clean the table off and wash the dishes. Scott was right behind him as Dan, Phillip and Layne left.

When Brad knew they had had time to leave he asked Scott if he had really messed up. He was afraid that Phillip would say something to his dad and mess up the deal. Scott told him not to worry that if they did not want the cattle because of them being gay then they did not need there business.

It was getting close to Dinner time when the phone rang. It was Brent calling to let them know how Doug was doing and how they had some problems at first but everything was settled now. Doug wanted to know how Brad was doing and Brad could hear him asking in the background.

Brent let Doug know that Brad was doing good and wanted to come see him. Brad could hear Doug's reply and Brent repeated that Doug wanted Brad to stay home today and get some rest. He could come up the next day when some of these goons had left. He heard some chuckles in the background as the guys were laughing at Doug's response.

Brad was glad to hear the laughter knowing it was good and put Doug in the right state of mind for getting well. He had worried that Doug would be depressed. Brad asked a few more questions then hung up the phone then let Scott know what was going on. Dan told the boys he was going to leave now and go on home and take care of a few things there. Brad told him he could stay if he wanted there was no hurry. Dan declined telling him if he did not get some clothes washed he would be running around naked soon. Brad commented that they did not want to see that so get going. Dan fiend hurt as he headed to the door. As he was closing the door he told the boys to rest up it was a cold day outside.

Brad poured them both a cup of coffee and they snuggled up on the couch and turned on the TV to relax. After a few minutes Scott asked Brad if he would turn and sit with his back against his chest. Scott wanted to snuggle. When Brad lay back against Scott he realized how good it felt. Scott had his strong arms around wrapped around him feeling secure. Scotts hand absent mindedly rubbed Brad's chest stopping to tweak his nipple from time to time.

They had been watching television for about an hour when Brad zoned out. His mind was now focusing on the sensations coming from his nipple. Scott's hand had seemed to stop rubbing elsewhere and focused on it.

Brad started rubbing Scott's leg and wished he did not have on jeans so he could feel the masculine leg. It was not long till Brad thought he felt Scott start to harden against his back. He could feel the bulge had grown and his efforts on Brad's nipple had increased. It was when Scott started kissing the back of his neck that Brad knew he was right.

Brad rolled over his head right under Scott's chin his nose burred in the hair at the opening of Scott's shirt. Brad breathed in deeply the scent of the man he loved. Brads hands instinctively reached up and started to unbutton Scott's shirt. As he did he searched for Scott's nipple in the forest of hair breathing in the mucky scent that drove him crazy. Scott had not showered yet that morning and there were slight traces of salt on his skin. As Brad zeroed in on his nipple like a starved baby Scott pulled him in tight. Brad bit lightly and a groan of pleasure escaped Scott's lips.

By the time Brad had Scott's shirt off he could feel the bulge he knew so well pushing into him. Brad sat up and took Scott by the hand then stood up and led him to the bedroom.

Once they were inside the bedroom brad quickly undressed and then helped Scott undress. He had Scott to lie back on the bed and once again climbed on top of his lover kissing him deeply. Tenderly Brad explored Scott's mouth with his tongue. When the kiss was finally broken and Brad pulled back a string of saliva still connected the two of them. Brad leaned in before it could break and kissed Scott once more before he started working his way down to Scott's throat.

Brad was still amazed at the texture that hair gave skin. He could no longer understand why he had thought hair on a body was a turn off. He could not imagine Scott any other way. He let his tongue trace the thick trail of hair that lead to Scott's belly button. Seeing it turn even darker and stick to Scott skin in the wet wake of his tongue. The excitement was building in Scott as stomach pulsed slightly with each beat of his heart in anticipation of what was to come.

When Brad reached Scott's navel he tongued it softly feeling the hair running across his tongue. Scott took in a deep breath holding it as Brads warm breath blew across the moist skin sending shiver down Scott's spine.

Brad lifted Scott's legs so his feet were flat against the bed. He then took his finger tips and lightly gliding them along the inside of Scott's thigh as he licked his navel. Scott felt the thousands of hairs on the inside of his legs come alive. The sensations were unreal. It was almost a tickle but in the height of passion it was different. He could feel his flesh start to crawl. As he looked down he could see the goose flesh rising on his arms and legs.

Brad inched his way down breathing deeply the scent of Scott bush. His hair held the scent of his sexually aroused partner. When Brad chin bumped into Scotts cock he felt it jump. Having not shaved that morning his stubble was sending shock waves through Scott.

Scott arched his back as his cock repeatedly bumped into Brads chin. He let a groan escape his lips signaling Brad he was doing something pleasurable. Scott was submissive today he wanted Brad to take him. Scott reached down grabbing his knees and lifting them in the air. He wanted Brad to have full access to him offering everything he could.

Brad could not refuse the offering Scott was giving him. He moved down to see Scott's opening and blew warm air across it. This caused the thick hair to move sending chills up Scott's spine. Goose bumps started rising under Brads hands that were resting on Scott's thighs. Brad blew again and Scott wiggled his ass because it tickled some. When Brad breathed in a deep breath the musky heady aroma that was Scott assailed his senses. Brad removed his hands from Scott's thighs and placed them on the melon shaped globes of Scott's ass. Brad leaned in taking one more intoxicating breath before spreading Scott open to taste him.

Scott had been waiting in anticipation of what he knew Brad could do to him. He was not as prepared for it as he thought though. When Brad attacked his ass Scott shouted "oh god don't fucking stop" Scott felt the loose skin of his balls draw up real fast sending little shivers of electricity across his body. As Brad attacked him even more Scott arched his head back and guttural noises escaped his lips from deep down. Brad was spreading him open to the max and as his teeth scraped across his opening every now and then the moans would increase.

Scott was pushing out as hard as Brad was pushing in. When Brads tongue broke through his sphincter muscles Scott could feel it moving in and out of him and around and around. He knew he loved the feel as Brad rimmed him making his muscles relax. Scott finally wanted something larger than Brads tongue entering him and could hear himself telling Brad to "put it in man I need your cock."

Brad not quite ready yet started spearing it faster with his tongue. He was really enjoying this. Brad next felt Scott's hands curling in his hair as he grasped him and ground his face into his ass. As Brad redoubled his efforts he wondered at times if Scott was going to break his nose. He was pulling Brads face into him real hard. Brad finally had to have a breath and reached up and removed Scott's hand.

Brad slowly pushed one finger into Scott and felt his sphincter locking around his finger. Brad slowly moved it around till he felt the muscles loosen some. When Scott started pushing back to get more of Brads finger in him he slipped in the second finger. Again it tightened up and spasms clamped hard around the fingers.

Scott was still not accustomed to something entering him yet but it was getting easier. He knew after the pain died down some the pleasure would start. He could not understand how filling so full could feel so good. Brad stuck his third finger in and Scott realized it did not hurt as much this time. He was more relaxed and knowing how soon it would feel great. Brad brushed Scott's prostate and he felt the jolt run through his body. Scott was glad when he figured out he was not going to piss all over himself. Just relax and enjoy the light show. Scott was ready and was soon asking Brad to make love to him

Brad leaned over and kissed Scott passionately. Brad was enjoying the feeling of Scott's tongue in his mouth. Brad took that opportunity to start to slide his cock into Scott. Only when the head passed the sphincter muscle did Brad break the kiss. As Brad backed away a string of saliva clung to both of their bottom lips. Finally it became thin enough it broke and Brad felt the coldness of it hit him in the throat. As Brad leaned in to kiss Scott he saw that Scott still had not adjusted to his entering him.

Brad backed off to let Scott adjust to him and after a few minutes he was signaled to give Scott more. Once Brad knew Scott was relaxed enough he entered him till he felt his balls resting on Scott's ass. He stayed that way for a while waiting on Scott to let him know he was ready.

Scott closed his eyes as Brad slid all the way in. the feeling was always different than anything else. It was hard to describe for him. It is like pain with pleasure and fullness. The pleasure was always the most dominant of feelings and he liked it. When Brad cock slid by his prostate Scott felt like he was going to cum. He felt something being pushed out of his cock and looked down. He was shocked to see a glob of cum hanging from his cock. He knew it had been a while for him and Brad to be together but still was shocked. It felt like electricity had flowed through his whole body.

Brad was enjoying the looks Scott was getting on his face. He had seen many a time before on other lovers he had in the past. He knew he was making Scott feel good. Brad continued at a slow pace till Scott was bucking his hips up to join Brad and begging him to speed up. Brad enjoyed pleasuring Scott and he was putting everything in to it today. His goal was to bring Scott to the edge and keep him there as long as he could without pushing him over.

Each time Brad would slow down Scott's body would reach up at a faster pace. He was trying to keep Brad going faster so he could reach the top and release his pent up seed. Brad felt his own body trying to push him over the edge along with Scott's. Finally he could not refuse it any longer and let it consume him. With four hard thrust he felt the release he needed. He could feel his seed entering Scott to be part of him. As he felt himself coming down from the high something hot splashed across his stomach. Scott was moaning and releasing his on load across Brad's and his on stomach.

Brad finally collapsed on top of Scott feeling the warm stickiness from Scott's on release cement them together. Brad felt Scott's lips searching for his. The kiss was one of pure satisfaction. The bliss of sharing ones self with the other soon turned into light steady breathing as they drifted off to sleep.

Brad woke later and smelled food cooking. He felt hunger and a need to relieve himself. He looked over and saw that Scott was still sleeping softly. As he untangled himself from Scott and started to pull away it woke him. The hair on Scott's belly was matted to Brads belly and as they pulled apart it woke Scott.

"What's wrong babe" Scott asked as he opened his eyes. Brad assured him it was nothing but him needing to get something to eat and to use the restroom.

Brad went into the bathroom and relieved himself the slipped on his briefs. As Brad entered in the bedroom Scott was sitting on the edge of the bed. He asked Brad if he was cooking anything because he smelled bacon cooking. Brad told him no but someone must have made it back from the hospital.

As Brad stepped through the door he could also smell coffee. He made his way into the living room and saw that the clock only said nine thirty. Brad knew they had been asleep for a while but did not think they had slept all day. When he stepped around the corner he saw Dan was cooking something to eat.

When Brad spoke Dan jumped almost knocking the pan off the stove. He turned to see Brad standing there in his jockeys. Dan just had a panicked look on his face at first then spoke to Brad. He asked Brad if he had made to much noise and woken him up.

When Brad told him he had not but he guessed it was the smell of food cooking that did it. Brad's hand rubbed his stomach at the mention of food and felt the crusty remains of their love making from earlier. He blushed and looked down to see how bad it was. He decided it was not as bad as it felt. Dan was about to ask if Brad was hungry when Scott walked in.

Dan's eyes turned to look at Scott and his mouth opened a little and he had to turn his head to keep from staring. When Brad turned to look at his lover he saw what made Dan look away. You could see the white flakes of dried cum in the thick black hair of Scott's stomach and chest. Some was even matted down in places like you had glued it down.

Brad then asked Dan if he would fix them something to eat too while they went and cleaned up. Dan told them he would as they stepped out of the room.

When Brad and Scott got back to the bedroom Brad started laughing. Scott wanted to know what was so funny. As Brad pointed to Scott's stomach Scott looked down and saw the matted and flaked hair on his stomach. He looked up at Brad and told him he guessed there was know way of hiding that they had just had sex. They both started laughing as they headed to the shower.

Dan was still a little embarrassed about seeing the boys like that. It was the fact he knew they had had sex with each other that made him feel funny. He had seen his own stomach matted with cum before but he knew he had been with a woman when it happened. This was just unnatural. Men were not supposed to be doing those things. Dan then worried that folks might think he was gay hanging around gay men. Still men were killed for the things those boys were doing. Around here were a bunch of rednecks still and they would not like it much.

Dan did not know how long he had been standing thinking about the boys when he heard Brad speak. Dan startled out of his thoughts did not hear Brad come into the room. Brad then asked again if he needed some help. Dan told him he was just getting ready to take up the food.

Brad asked what he was thinking about because he had looked like he was a million miles away when he walked in. Dan turned to Brad then told him how he had been thinking about him and Scott. He worried that if the wrong guys around here found out they were gay there could be some trouble. The area was still full of redneck guys that thought what they were doing was wrong.

Brad assured him that it was that way all over. A lot of guys hated the fact that men would sleep with men. It stepped on their macho fears that it was contagious and a good thing to hurt gay men. It proved that they were real men and not the fact they were trying to hide fears of their own.

Scott walked in at that time and told Dan he was sorry for few minutes ago. Dan told him it was alright. It had just shocked him some. He knew they were gay and all, but as long as he saw no evidence that they had sex it was not a reality. It was just one of the hang-ups of straight men. They all know what you do but until you see evidence you think that no man would really do that.

Brad and Scott started laughing then as it dawned on them that gay men thought the same thing about straight couples. You know they have sex but you really don't want to picture it in your head. Brad felt sorry for the gay male that lived a false life just to keep everyone from knowing. They had to feel bad sometimes not having the sex life they really wanted. Being with a woman and knowing they would love to have sex more often if they were with a man. He knew they would sometimes having to think about sucking a man off and even being the one getting fucked to perform while with their wives. Looking at men from a distance and not being able to say or do what they really want to.

As Brad sat down at the table he was thankful he had the friends he had. He knew if he did not he would not have been able to make it as well as he had. He had been under a lot of pressure in the last few days. He was hoping it would soon smooth out and life could go own as normal.

Dan was the one to say the prayer over the meal and asked that Doug be blessed and watched over also. When he was finishing up the prayer he asked that those around the table be blessed to. Brad felt better knowing that Dan was including then in his prayers to.

The conversation turned to the cattle being sold the next day as they sat around the table. Dan had fixed breakfast food for supper because it was easier for him than anything else. They enjoyed the talk and even setup a couple of times when the next person buyers come look at the calves when they could all be there.

After they finished eating Brad told Dan that since he cooked they would clean everything up. Dan helped them clear the dishes and stood in the kitchen and talked to them while they washed everything. He would have felt strange just going in the living room and setting down by him self.

It turned out to be a pleasant evening watching television with the guys. When it started getting late Dan stood up and told them he should leave he just thought everyone would be home by now and he wanted to know how Doug was doing. Brad told him he should stay and spend the night. Everyone should be back soon and he could find out for himself. Dan told him e would just be taking up someone else's bed. Brad told him nonsense he would be sleeping in May's bed with her. Dan had a little shocked expression on his face.

Scott started laughing and told him don't act shocked we all know what you two are doing in there even if it is disgusting. Dan laughed at that saying not as disgusting as what happens in the rest of the rooms here.

Brad jumped in with the two of them saying to you maybe but that's what makes us all get along so well. You can get what you want with out the hassle knowing the rest of us will leave it alone. Dan could not help but to bust out laughing then. The face Brad made when talking about is was so funny. It reminded him of a four year old when you asked him if he like girls.

Dan finally sat down and relaxed watching television with the guys. It was a couple of hours later when the rest of the gang came in. The only one that did not come back was Brent. He wanted to stay the night with Doug.

May asked if anyone wanted something to eat as she headed to the kitchen. Brad and Scott told her they had eaten earlier as she was pulling things out of the fridge.

May fixed a little something for them to snack on and after a while Brad and Scott stood up and told them they were going for a ride. They needed to get out and get some fresh air.

When they got out side Scott took the horses and saddled them up. He wanted to go for a late night cowboy ride.

Scott and Brad took off at a slow pace just enjoying the warmer weather. It had warmed over the last couple of days and they got a little spring fever. They were not saying much as they rode along until Scott saw a shooting star go across the night sky. Brad got a glimpse of it just before it faded out.

Brad then asked Scott what he wished for. Scott made his horse move close to Brads and reached out his hand to him as they rode along. When they were holding hands Scott told Brad he had his wish now. Brad pulled his hand back and asked Scott what he really wished for. Scott laughed and asked him if he really wanted to know he would tell him. Brad thought about it for a second and decided he really didn't want to know in case it caused Scott's wish to not come true.

Brad listened to the sounds of the night. He noticed there was not the constant chirping of the crickets and the hum of flies and mosquitoes in the air either. He could hear a coyote in the distance and the cattle every now and then but everything was quiet. When they reached the end of the fence they headed out into the open.

The ground was a little soft and you could hear the horse's hooves making a sucking sound as they crossed the open area. For some reason they just let the horses go the direction they wanted. Brad and Scott were just talking about the days last few events. Every once and a while one of then would laugh at what the other said. It was a very relaxing ride and both were feeling good.

When they finally realized where they had gone Scott told Brad they were almost home. Brad looked around and saw the dark hole where the valley was. The horses had headed back home with the two riders with out them knowing. Brad told Scott if he knew the others would not worry he would love to spend the night there. But he knew they would start looking for them if they did not make it home.

Finally they grew tired of looking at the place that had been home for so long and turned the horses around and headed back. When they were about a mile from the ranch the guys picked up the pace. The wind on their faces and the power of the animal between their legs as it ran, gave the feeling of exhilaration. Brad always loved the feeling of the powerful animals. That's why he had always loved working with the horses his Grandfather had.

As they made there way closer to the barn they slowed down. Finally they made it inside the barn and unsaddled the horses. While Scott put the saddles and blankets away Brad started brushing the horses down. They had worked up a sweat while running and he never liked to put one away wet. Always afraid they would get sick and loose them Brad took care of his horses.

Scott watched as Brad rubbed down the horses. He looked like he really cared for his horse. Always bring him a treat when he had the chance. Brad had spent many an hour with his horse over the years. They had a connection and it showed by the way the reacted around each other.

When Brad and Scott slipped back into the house they headed to the bedroom. After spending a while making love the drifted off to sleep. Wayne came in and woke them up and asked if they were going in to see Doug this morning. Brad told him there was no way he would miss it and climbed out of bed.

Wayne could not help but look at Brad standing up naked. He had learned to appreciate the naked male's body. He thought back to the time he almost made love to Brad and felt his cock jump at the thought. He regretted not doing it now but at the time he just could not bring himself to do it. Wayne heard a stir from the other side and saw Scott stand up. He was also naked and as Wayne looked it was almost like looking in a mirror.

As Scott rounded the foot of the bed Scott hugged him and thanked him for waking them. Wayne felt the heat rising as Scott morning wood poked him between his legs. He instinctfly reached out and grabbed Scotts cock and told him to quit poking fun at him.

Scott felt the big hand closing around his cock and could not stop his cock from throbbing. Even though he had to relieve him self badly it felt good. Looking Wayne in the eye he leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips and said I will give you an hour to stop that.

This caught Brad's attention as he walked back into the room. Looking over at the two Brad could not help but think what it would be like to be between the two big men. Finally clearing his throat Brad told them to quit playing around when they knew they had to be somewhere soon and start it back up when they had time to finish it.

Wayne released Scott's cock and smiled at him. Trying to think of something to say he told Scott it would be like fucking yourself to much. Even though, he really was getting turned on by the thought of doing them both. He remembered how Sam told him about the night they both made love to him. How Brad was so loving and gentle breaking him in then having Scott ravage him next. Wayne had to turn and leave the room before he did something he regretted doing. As he was getting ready to close the door he looked back over his shoulder and told them to hurry so they could get on the road.

Wayne drove the truck to the cabin to feed the animals first then they were on the way. Sam and May were carrying on a conversation beside Wayne and Brad and Scott were talking in the back. As Wayne drove on he started zoning out and was thinking about what it would be like to make love to Brad and Scott. He could feel his cock growing down the side of his leg as the blood engorged it. He caught him self squeezing his thighs together as his cock started to throb. He felt like he was almost on the verge of getting off but could not push it over the edge.

When all of a sudden Sam shook him out of his thoughts and asked him to turn around. Wayne was not clear on what was happening till he heard his Mom tell him to turn around and go back to the diner. Finally Wayne realized he had turned towards the town when they had planned to stop at the diner for breakfast.

It was a good thing there was not much traffic that time of day and Wayne made a u-turn in the road. They were all teasing him as he pulled into the parking lot and he took it well. His only thought was he had a serious hard on and it showed. Wayne opened the door and climbed out of the truck. Brad and Scott were not far behind him. As Wayne started to close the door to the truck he took his time hoping it would go down.

Brad noticed Wayne seemed a little out of it and looked at him. It did not take long before he noticed the large bulge in the front of his jeans. Brad snickered and reached out and squeezed it. Wayne tried to jump back but Brad leaned over and whispered in his ear that maybe he should have stayed in the bedroom a little longer this morning. Wayne turned real red at that and started to walk off. Before he did though Brad said someday they would have to try it. Then he headed to the diner leaving Wayne staring after him.

Breakfast was good as usual at the diner but every time Brad looked at Wayne he would look away. He could tell by Wayne's actions that he would like to take him up on his offer but was too embarrassed to say anything. So Brad winked at him a couple of times to just see him turn red.

Finally everyone was finished eating and headed back out to the truck. The rest of the trip was nothing special and in a few hours they were there. When they made it in the hospital they headed straight up to Doug's room. Brad knocked gently on the door and pushed it open. They could not see Doug in the first bed but looked over and saw he was in the other bed. A young guy close to Doug's age was in the first bed.

When Doug heard his name he looked up and saw Brad and Scott walking through the door. Soon followed by May, Sam and Wayne. Brad asked how he was doing as he leaned over to hug Doug. Then when Doug told him he was doing ok Brad let Doug have it. In the middle of it a woman asked what was going on in here. Brad turned to look at who spoke and noticed it was Doug's Mom. She became defensive real quick hearing someone chew out her son.

Finally Doug stopped her tirade and told her to be quiet that Brad was just jumping his ass because he cared for him. It took a while but finally she realized Doug was telling the truth. Her mother defense was up and she was going to defend her cub.

Doug then introduced her to his friends and told her that Brad was the owner of the ranch and farm that his dad worked on. Then went on to tell his Mom that Brad was the first guy he was able to talk to about being gay. How he helped him realize that he was not crazy and there were others out there like him.

It took a while for Doug to get through to her that Brad was not hurting him but just jumping his case for being stupid. A little while later a nurse came in and ran them out of the room. Visiting hours were up and Doug did not have a private room so they had to obey the visiting hour's schedule. 

As they left the room Brad excused himself to make a call. The phone rang three times before he heard a hello on the other end. "Mark this is Brad"

"Hey Brad what's up?"

"Mark I need to know if you still have that credit card I gave you."

"Yeah Brad... I still have it. Man are you in trouble or something?"

"Mark I need you to do something for me. There is a young guy that works at the accounting firm I have had to use. His name is Tom. I need you to go to him and give him that card. Tell him it is his to use as he needs to."

"What's going on Brad?"

"Mark this guy is going to help me. He is on the inside and I need all the help I can get. It's hard to get a chance to talk with out someone around so I felt this would be the best time."

"Well Ok Brad is there anything else you need. Well there is something else you can do for me if it's not a problem. I would like to have a party for Doug when he gets to come home from the Hospital."

"Yeah I heard he tried to kill himself."

"Well he won't be trying that again or he won't have to worry about it I will do it for him. By the way see how many gay men you can get to come. Post it at the collage campus gay BBQ with all the BBQ you can eat and beer you can drink free."

"Man are you sure about that you might have guys coming out of the wood work. Even straight guys will come for free beer and food."

"Mark I want as many guys there as you can get and no girls please. We might have a skinny dip at the creek."

"Ok Brad...I hope you know what your asking for."

"I will call you in a couple of days to tell you when it will be. Just post some signs on campus with date coming soon. Also go to the gay bar and ask the dancers if they would like to come along with any nice guys there."

"Ok Brad I just hope you know what you're getting into."

"Thanks Mark and tell Tim I said hi."

When Brad hung up the phone he went to the nurse's desk and asked who the Doctor in charge was. The nurse called him down to talk to Brad. When he got there Brad asked if they had any single rooms. The Doctor told him he did not know for sure but he did not think that the insurance would pay for a single room. Brad told him it would and to see if he could get him moved as soon as he could.

About thirty minutes later a nurse came up to Brad and told him she had checked and found out the insurance would no longer pay for a single room. At that Brad headed back over to the phone and called the insurance company representative. Brad found out that the policy had been changed when they found out the premium had gone up. Brad talked for a while and soon had that changed. He told the insurance rep to bill the estate and call the hospital and let them know it has been changed.

About two hours later a nurse came down and was rolling Doug out of the room. When his Mom stopped her and asked what was going on. She soon found out that there was a mistake and Doug was eligible for a single room to himself. Brent looked over at Brad and thanked him. Soon Doug was set up and had a nice room all to himself.

Everyone was able to go into the room and could even stay over night if they wanted. Doug's Mom was happy that her son was in his own room now and did not have to obey the ten minute visiting rules anymore.

It was beginning to get late and May told them they should head on back and give them some time to be by their selves. It was not long after that that Brad told Doug they needed to load some cattle the next day but would be up to see him the next day. Doug told them not to bother coming back that he would be home in three more days any way. Brad was shocked a little at how soon he would be back but told him ok he was welcome anytime.

Finally on the way back Brad told the others of his plan to have a party for Doug when he was back on the first Saturday. He told them it only gave them one week before it would happen. He wanted to find a good fatted calf so there would be plenty of meat. Scott told him maybe they should trade one of the ranchers around the area for one or just buy it out right.

That's what they talked about the rest of the way home was of the party. Brad told Sam he wanted to have it here at the ranch and that he thought the barn could be cleaned out to make room for everyone incase it started to rain. Besides there was two bathrooms at the house and a couple in the barn and he was sure they would be needed. He just hoped there would not be a bunch of primpy sissy boys showing up. This was suppose to be fun and rugged and a way for Doug to know he was not the only gay boy.

Brad had Wayne drop him and Scott off at the cabin. They had been gone for long enough and needed to get back to home. May told them to be over early the next day because they had cattle to load.

As the truck pulled away Rex came around the corner of the cabin barking at the two of them. Brad bent over and spoke to the pup and he came over wagging his tail glad to see them. It was not long before they made their way into the cabin. Brad was eager to be in the arms of his lover again as they laid down.

The next morning Brad woke before Scott and started fixing something to eat. As the food cooked Brad cleaned out the refrigerator. They had been away so much over the last few days some of the food had spoiled. He also saw they were getting low on food. He knew it was past time for the new things to be delivered but was not going to worry about that right now.

It was not long before Scott came into the room and stepped outside to relief his bladder. It was not very cool outside that morning and the dew was thick. Rex greeted him and was excited to have someone around that morning. Scott found a stick and threw it a few times for Rex to fetch. Rex soon tired of running after the stick and sat down and chewed on it so Scott went back inside.

When Scott entered Brad was standing at the stove. He walked over and put his arms around Brad from behind. Leaning over and placing a kiss on the back of Brad's neck. Then he whispered in Brad's ear how much he loved him.

Brad turned and put his arms around Scott's neck and planted a big kiss on his lips. Brad then told Scott how much he had missed this. Just the two of them being alone and taking life one day at a time. Scott told Brad it was nice and how he hoped that one day soon they could be back to where life was calm.

Brad turned back to the stove and took the breakfast and put it on the plates. They sat at the table and soon finished breakfast. When the dishes were done Brad pulled out the shower tub. Scott looked at Brad and told him the one thing he did miss is a shower with hot water. Brad laughed and commented about Scott getting soft in the last few days.

Brad did not realize till he climbed into the tub and turned on the water how cold the water was. He smiled to himself and thought he was getting soft to. The shower was quick and as Brad dried off he thought about how much things had improved from the first day when they came out here. This place held so many memories he would never forget. He had to say a quick thank you to his Grandfather for giving him this chance.

Brad and Scott finished getting dressed and headed back to the ranch. When they got there Phillip was there with a big rig to haul the cattle. It was funny to see Phillip climb into the rig as small as he was. He looked like a small child when he stepped on the running boards.

Dan greeted them and asked if they had eaten yet. Brad responded and told them they had. Dan was glad because Phillip was ready to get them loaded and on his way. Dan told them to follow him in the other truck that May was going to go in and check on Doug while they loaded cattle. Brad agreed and saw Sam and Wayne coming out of the house and head to Dan's truck.

Soon they were on there way to where the cattle were grazing. What took two days to drive the cattle only took fifty minutes by truck. When they turned the bend Brad saw before him the little white house where his Grandfather started it all. They pulled the truck up in front of the house. Dan pointed the eighteen wheeler to the loading shoot area.

Brad headed to the cabin as soon as he got out of the truck. He wanted to get the diary of his grandfathers and read it all. He had thought about it several times and worried that something would get it or it would be lost forever. He had known his grandfather had always kept one but not like the one here. The ones Brad were used to did not tell of his feelings like what little he had read in this one.

Once Brad had the diary in his hands he took it back out to the truck and placed it on the seat. He did not want to take a chance on loosing it. It contained the real man that was his grandfather. His Grandfathers thoughts and inner feelings he would not express to anyone but to him self. Brad loved him like he was his own dad. He had been raised by the man like he was his son.

Phillip came walking over to Brad then and shook his hand. They exchanged greetings and started some small talk. Dan walked over and asked Phillip if he had the list with the tag numbers on it. That way he could start cutting out the calves they had selected. Phillip pulled out the list and handed it to Dan.

Dan told the two of them to go over to the pin they would be cutting the calves into for them and watch. He wanted to be able to cull any calf before it was loaded if he didn't like the looks. Phillip agreed and the three of them walked on over and stood at the gate were the calves could be culled. Dan told them he would run them through the worming shoot read off the number. He would let him know if it was one he wanted and give him a chance to look at it before cutting it loose or letting it in the loading pin.

As the first caves came through there was not much talk going on between Brad and Phillip. But as time went on Brad noticed he was being checked out along with the others. It was not long after he noticed that Phillip started to break the ice. It really shocked Brad when Phillip asked him what it was like to wake up with a sexy man every morning.

Brad just turned and looked at Phillip then told him that he did not talk about his private life. He then headed over to the shoot and told Dan he would work in his place a few minutes and let him have a break. Brad did not understand why Phillip rubbed him the wrong way but he did for some reason. It took Brad a few minutes to calm down and Scott saw he was upset about something. They did not have many calves cut out yet but Scott walked over to Brad and asked him what was going on.

Brad explained to Scott what was said and how he felt about Phillip. He was afraid he was trying to cause trouble. Brad told him about how some guys were trying to split couples up and that was the vibe he was getting from Phillip. He hoped he was wrong because he hated to think of someone that way. It was just the way he felt when he was around Phillip.

Scott reassured him that there was no way that he would let something like that happen to them. Phillip was not someone that he would be interested in. Then he put his arms around Brad and gave him a kiss.

Brad stayed away from Phillip as much as he could the rest of the day. He kept his eye on him as he flirted with all the guys. Brad watched and saw that when Phillip would flirt with one of them they would go and talk with their partners as soon as he left. It was like no one wanted to piss him off but no one wanted to take him up on his offer either.

It was turning into a long day and Brad told the others he wanted to take a break. It would give the calves a chance to calm down some to. May showed up as they were walking to the small house with their lunch.

Phillip walked with Wayne up to the house and tried to put his hand on his back as they did so. Brad saw that Wayne physically flinched as he did so. Then reached around and took Phillips hand off of him. Brad could not tell what Wayne said but he could tell Phillip did not like it. Brad decided he would have a talk with Phillip to head anything off before it started.

May had the guys helping her unload everything and soon had it in the house. There were not enough places for everyone to sit so Brad thought it was time for him to have hiss talk with Phillip. He called Phillip over and asks him if he would step out side so they could talk while the other ate.

Phillip had a surprised look on his face and quickly accepted. Brad could tell he thought something was going to happen from his advances. Phillip was the first out side and headed towards the back side of the house. When Brad caught up to him Phillip started to try and kiss him. Brad stopped him before anything could happen.

Once brad had his attention he explained to him that Phillip had the wrong idea of the guys here. None of them were interested in messing around on their partners. Phillips face turned from happy to embarrassed to mad. He started to yell at Brad and Brad quickly told him to stop. Brad then told him if he didn't like it he could leave without the cattle but none of them wanted to have sex with him. They were here to load cattle and not to make a date.

Phillip stormed off to the front of the house then headed to his truck. Brad felt sick to his stomach that he lost this sale because he needed the money to pay some things off. When Brad went in the house he was asked what Phillip had yelled about. He explained to them he thought they had lost this sale. Dan stepped up to Brad and put his arm around him and told him they had not lost anything. There were plenty of buyers for the calves.

About ten minutes later Phillip stuck his head in the door and asked Brad if he could step outside he wanted to talk. Brad told him he could speak in front of everyone they knew what happened. Phillip turned red and told them he was sorry for the way he had acted. Brad told him to come on in and eat so they could finish getting everything loaded.

The rest of the day went as planned. When Phillip climbed in the truck to leave, he once again apologized to the guys for the way he acted. Brad told him it was ok but not to think because someone was gay that they would want to have sex. Phillip shook Brad's hand and started the engine.

As Phillip pulled away Brad looked at the check then asked Scott if he could deposit it in his checking account. He did not want to take a chance on the bookkeepers finding it in his checking account. They would go in a couple of days and pay some of the ranchers more for the cattle they bought. He wanted to make sure the ranches did not feel like they were cheated any. He knew he could not pay all of them off but the ones that needed the money the most he wanted to get it to them soon.

They cleaned the house up then headed back. May was going to take the money to the bank for them when she got up the next day. Dan said goodbye also he needed to arrange for that week. Brad told Wayne and Sam they would see them the next day as they all went their separate ways.

When Brad and Scott got to the cabin they decided it was time to plant a little garden. Even if they were to leave as soon as they could there might be a few things they could eat before they got to leave.

Scott started digging the garden up with the shovel while Brad chopped up the dirt clods with the hoe. Brad was careful to look for worms while digging. They worked for a couple of hours before they decided it was getting late and other things needed to be done. Brad went to gather the eggs and noticed there were several eggs that day. The hens were starting to lay again because the weather was warming up.

Brad was still surprised at the weather at the valley. It could go for warm to cold in one afternoon. Even though it had not snowed in over two weeks it still could at any time. Brad loved the looks of the snow but hated having to get out in it. It was warm today and that was all that mattered. He knew he missed watching the news so he could know what the weather would be like the next day.

Brad went inside and started to cook something for supper he needed to remind Wayne to pick up some supplies for them sometime this week. Brad thought if it was warm in the morning they might try to catch some fish. He would ask Scott if he would like to go later.

When Scott came inside Rex was with him. Brad stopped cooking long enough to pet Rex then turned to finish. Scott asked what they were having to eat. Brad told him it was some kind of food but he would not name it. Scott told him what ever it was he knew it would be good. Brad really had his doubts tonight though. There had been little to fix and he would normally not put it together for a meal.

Scott went to wash up for supper then shooed rex back out side. He went over to the sink and filled the bucket with water then put the pump it to fill the water tanks. He wished he had done this before the sun started going down now they would have to take a cold shower before bed. Brad told him to fill the tank for the washer to he needed to wash the bed clothes in the morning.

Finally they sat down and ate there supper. Brad watched for Scott to make some kind of face as he ate. He never did so Brad started to eat to. He found out his surprise casserole was not as bad as he thought it would be but not something he would want to do again. As they ate they talked about the things that needed to be done in the next couple of days. All brad could think of was soon they would be free to do the things they wanted.

When they finished eating they cleaned up the kitchen and then pulled out the tub. Brad could smell Scott and his own body odor. A little was sexy in a way but tonight they plan ole stunk. The cattle and working in the garden had made it to where he wanted to freshen up.

Scott was the first one to strip so Brad stepped back to just watch. He loved to see Scott take his shirt off. Watching the muscles as he twisted to remove it and revealing that hairy chest. Brad could not help it when he felt his cock start to grow. The love he had for this man was different than any he had before. Scott was not the type of man he would have gone for before they were out here. He was too rugged for his taste. Now Brad knew what real men were like.

Brad had always been drawn to the clean shaven collage type. The type that was dressed like they could walk down the runway at a modeling contest. Scott was nothing like that. He looked like the cowboy type. He was rugged with well worn jeans and always looking like he needed to shave. Brad felt like he fit between the two types. He had always dressed nice but had been a city cowboy. He had never worn a plaid shirt and tee before he had met Scott. Now he loved putting on one of Scott's shirts and tees because it was Scott's.

It did not take long until both were finished bathing and were ready to crawl into bed. Brad leaned over and kissed Scott. He was ready to roll back over and get some rest when Scott wrapped his arms around him and whispered "I'm horny... how about you." Brad wanted to say not tonight but when he felt Scott push his hard cock against him he could not say no. Instead he pushed back against Scott as he felt his heart speed up and thumping in his chest.

Brad could never say no to Scott even if he wanted to. His love for him could not deny the man he loved. Brad melted into Scott's arms as he wrapped them around him. The strength he felt in those arms made him feel protected and secure.

It was different also with Scott when making love in the fact he did not already know what it was he was suppose to do. He had always been the top in his past relationships and knew he would have to perform in the dominate role. With Scott he would sometimes be the receptive partner and just enjoy the feelings. It was so different in the fact he could feel the power of his lover as he pleased him.

This night it was Brad's turn to be the dominant one and he knew he would do his best to please Scott. They had gotten to the point in their relationship that you did not have to spend so much time getting each other receptive. They were way past the virgin stage now. Each time now there was not much pain at all just pleasure. They had managed without lube several times when they had others around and snuck out for quick pleasure. A little spit and they were ready.

Tonight though would be different. Brad was going to show Scott how much he loved him. They had all night and he planned on using most of it on Scott. Brad wanted to hear Scott begging him for release.

Brad asked Scott if he trusted him and when he was told yes Brad got out of the bed and retrieved some rope. He brought it over to the bed and asked Scott to let him tie him up. As Brad started tying each arm and leg to the bed he saw that Scott's cock was getting hard. When he was done with this he reached down beside the bed and picked up a tee shirt and blind folded Scott.

Once Brad had Scott secure he took a feather he had found a few weeks ago and started to run it around Scotts neck. This got a slight groan from Scott. Brad moved it to his nipples and Scott started to squirm. Between the light touch and the hair it moved it was tickling him in a sexual manor. Brad made sure he spent equal time on both nipples licking, tickling and nipping them both till they were hard and red.

As Brad moved down to Scott's cock he saw there was enough precum leaking that it had filled his belly button. It was hard for Brad not to lick it up yet but he did not want to spoil the feelings he was giving Scott. As soon as Brad ran the feather over Scott's balls they drew up. They skin pulled in to where it was tight against his body. Scott's cock started jumping with each pulse of his heart. Brad noticed that Scott was pulling on the restraints some to as he wiggled on the bed.

Scott almost knocked the feather out of his hand when his cock jumped. He felt Brad run it on the under side of his cock and it was causing his skin to crawl. This was driving Scott crazy. The thought of not being able to move was something that was hard for him much less being sexually tormented.

Brad had used the feather from head to toe before he stopped. Then he went and got a piece of ice and brought that back to torture Scott's nipples and balls. As Brad climbed on the bed he also grabbed the lube. He slipped some lube in his ass as he put the ice on Scott's nipples. This elicited a yelp from Scott before he realized what it actually was that was touching his nipples.

Brad worked the ice around till they were hard and cold. When it got to were the cold was not as bad Brad took one into his mouth while he ran the ice around the other. This was confusing to Scott's brain hot on one side while cold on the other. After a few seconds of this Brad moved the ice to Scott's cock.

This was more than Scott could take. He started protesting about how cold it was and started to struggle against the ropes some. Brad just told him to relax he could take it. He continued rubbing the ice on it till it started to go down some. Brad worked it in his hand just enough to keep it hard. When the skin felt icy to the tough Brad straddled Scott and aimed his cock at his hole. Brad plunged downward and soon Scott was entirely in Brad's ass. The difference in the sudden tempters was a shock to Scott's system. It had the same effect on Brad with something cold going into his ass. His ass locked down from the sudden cold and intrusion.

Brad felt pain almost like the first time he was entered but knew that it would go away quick. Brad started bouncing as soon as he hit bottom. He was riding Scott with everything he had.

It took Scott a couple of seconds before he knew what was happening. The sudden change from cold to hot was making the feelings come fast. It also seemed Brad was even tighter that the last time. As he was getting into it he noticed the bight of the ropes. There was slight pain but also a pleasure from it. It did not take long at all maybe just over a couple of minutes. Scott could feel it before he could stop himself from erupting into Brad's ass.

Scott let out a groan that Brad knew. He pushed himself faster and felt the hot liquid filling his ass. As Scott's muscles tensed it was easier for him to pick up speed. Finally Scott went limp and totally relaxed. Brad took this time to climb off and loosen the ropes around Scott's feet. When both were undone he took Scotts leg and lifted it up and retied it to the head board. Then he tied the other also to the headboard.

Scott started to protest till he felt Brads tongue probing the soft lips of his ass. Brad started rimming Scott for all he was worth. Finally Brad saw Scott's cock was starting to harden again and he backed off and placed his cock to Scott's opening. He eased it slowly into Scott till he hit bottom feeling his balls rest against Scott's ass.

Brad started moving out till all that was in Scott was the head of his cock. He shoved it back in with a little force then slowly started pulling out again. Brad kept this up for a few seconds then he pulled out completely. He waited till he saw Scott's ass muscles start to close he shoved back in. This made Scott's body jerk with the sudden intrusion. Brad repeated this twice more then placed it back in and pounded Scott mercilessly. Brad watched as Scotts cock swelled even more with every hit to his prostate. The angle had him hitting it every time he pushed in. Brad knew he was getting close but wanted Scott to cum with him. He reached down with one hand and started stroking Scott in time with his movements. It was not long till he saw Scotts balls traveling upward against his body.

Brad could not hold back any longer. He grunted and started firing into Scott. He could feel it burning its way out through his cock and into Scott. Brad did not slow down though because he knew Scott was also close. When Brad was done and almost to the point it was to sensitive for him he felt Scott's ass clamping down. Brad pushed on through the intensity of it and pounded Scott all the harder. Brad saw each shot fire out and splash onto Scotts chin. When he knew Scott was spent he slipped his cock out of his ass.

As Brad lay down beside Scott he pulled the slipknots to release Scott's legs and arms. Scott could feel the soreness of his stretched muscles as his legs came down. He was not used to this position. Scott rolled over and wanted to know where Brad came up with that Idea.

Reached over and started us and explained that he had always wanted to try something like that but never had the chance. Brad then kissed Scott and asked him if it had hurt him. Scotts only response was you will find out some day. Then he rolled up behind Brad and told him than he loved him

Brads mind racing at the thought of being done that way as he snuggled in for a good nights sleep.

It was not long till they were woken up by the incessant crowing of the roosters. Brad knew they had not been asleep very long but had many things to do. He crawled out of bed and went to the porch to relieve himself and was met by Rex. When Brad was through he reached down and petted Rex and asked him how he was doing. Rex's only response was a wagging of his tail. Brad turned and went back inside of the cabin.

Brad stepped over to the side of the bed and picked up his jeans and started to slip them on. In doing so he tangled his big toe in them and started dancing around trying to keep his balance. By the time he finally got his foot untangled he was falling. At least he was falling on the bed but that caused Scott to set up in fright. Thinking something was wrong Scott ask Brad what was going on.

Brad chuckled and told him that he and his pants were not getting along today. Brad finally slipped his legs in and stood up pulling his pants along with him. He then turned and told Scott he needed to get up to so they could get the day started. They could go fishing after they cleaned the place up and had all the clothes washed.

It took a couple of hours to get everything washed and cleaned with both of them working on it. Brad was just putting the dishes away when there was a knock at the door. Scott thought it was one of the guys and hollered for them to come on in. When the door opened it was not a face that Scott recognized so he asked him who he was.

Brad turned when he heard Scott say that and hollered out Hi to Tom. Tom looked around and saw Brad standing there. He spoke back to Brad and then turned to Scott and explained that he was Tom from the accounting firm. Brad asked Tom to come on in and have a seat. Tom kind of looked around the room and slowly walked over to the table where Brad had pulled out a seat.

"Tom would you like something to drink. We have coffee tea or water." Brad asked

"Some Water would be nice" Tom said

Brad went over to the fridge and fixed Tom a glass of cold water then walked back to the table to have a seat. Brad then introduced Scott to Tom as his lover and partner. Then after the introductions were over Brad asked what he had found.

Tom kind of stammered around for a couple of seconds and really was not saying much. Brad figured out he was afraid to talk in front of Scott. He let Tom know any thing he had to say to him he could say in front of Scott.

Tom took a big breath and started spilling his guts. He found traces that the accountant that had handled the ranching part of the business had for over a year been putting down false numbers for the cattle sales. He had the checks deposited in an account then had part of the money wire transferred to the account for the books. He was making it look like it was being handled by a third party.

"The first time he did it he only skimmed off a few hundred dollars. Then he knew your Grandfather was getting ill and not watching the books. He kept skimming off more and more each time. He was smart enough not to do it on single sales just when there were several head. I do not know how much he has skimmed off because I do not have access to the account info but I am working on that."

"Tom do you know who it is doing the skimming?"

"Yes Brad I do and that bothers me. It is my direct boss at the firm. I almost went to him a few weeks ago about the way the money was coming in and now I am glad I didn't."

"Tom don't let him think you know anything. Just see if you can get the information for me and don't put yourself at risk. I do not want him to think anything about it. Just pick up what you can and do not worry digging for anymore information."

"But Brad what if he gets away with it."

"Don't worry Tom he won't when all of this is through."

"Brad you don't understand he has turned in his notice and Friday will be his last day."

"Brad looked at Tom and asked him if he still had the account information he had been transferring the money from."

Tom told Brad he did. Brad and Tom then got into a very tricky conversation. It was about three hours later when they finished. Brad then asked Tom if he would be missed after being gone so long. Tom told Brad he had taken a day of vacation because he had been told it would take a few hours to get here. He had left out the night before and stopped at a motel for the night. Brad told him he would make up the lost time and wages to him and see that he benefited in the long run.

Brad then asked Tom to stay for lunch that he needed to fix something soon. Tom was about to speak when the CB went off. It was Wayne telling then they needed to get to the house for lunch that May had fixed a big lunch. Scott picked up the mic and asked if there was room for one more. Wayne came back and said sure. Then he wanted to know where they had picked up the stray. Scott told him they would explain later. Wayne told them to be there in an hour.

Brad looked at Tom and said that's settled then your coming for lunch. Brad and Scott changed into some clean clothes before heading out. Brad noticed that Tom kept his Back to them the whole time they were changing.

As they headed out to Tom's car he asked Brad how he could stand living like he was having to. Brad let Tom know quickly that it was not as bad as he thought it would be. It was hard at first but he adjusted quickly.

Brad went into the whole story of how they had to build the place themselves. Using only tools that were around when his grandfather was younger. It was real hard not having plumbing. The only electricity they had was one line. When they run the dryer they have to not run anything else or it will throw the breaker. It was real hard at first but you adjust.

Tom told Brad that he did not have as much as Brad did growing up and he did not think he could do it. Tom did not know how to cook and going with out a TV would drive him crazy. Then not being able to see his girlfriend would be the killer.

Brad chuckled and explained to Tom that he had Scott at least. It helped having Scott by his side. When you have someone you love backing you up, it makes it easy to get through. The hard part is finding out that someone is trying to steel everything else from you.

Tom then asked Brad what he would have done if they had gotten away with it. It could have left him with out a penny if they had been greedy and done it all quickly.

Brad told Tom he would have been upset but he had what was most important in his life. A good man that loved him and that he loved. A good friend to share it all with and that supports them. He had the deed to the valley here and could have started over if needed. Brad then told Tom he hoped he could include him in the circle of good friends.

Tom stuck out his hand to shake Brads after he put his satchel in the car. Brad grabbed it with a firm grip and felt himself being pulled towards Tom who embraced him with a genuine hug. When they broke their embrace Tom told them to hop in the car and get on there way he was starving.

On the way to the ranch house Tom told Brad how his Grandfather had helped him get on at the accounting firm. His father had worked for Brad's grandfather till he was hurt in an accident. He had been thrown from a horse they were trying to break and he was the one broken instead. He had gotten his spine broken and was paralyzed from the waist down. His grandfather had carried insurance on all of the men that worked for him. If it had not have been for that they would have never made it.

Brad agreed how his Grandfather had always been the type to keep insurance. He made sure that who ever had been left behind would be well taken care of. Brad knew when his Mom and Dad were killed in the wreck his Grandfather had some large insurance policies on both of them. The talk soon turned to normal talk of what do you do each day and before long they had made it to the ranch and climbed out of the car.

Brad introduced Tom to everyone and Breakfast was served. May had a bunch of questions for Tom as everyone started eating. Tom looked Brad's way before answering them. Brad let him know that everyone here knew what had been going on and he was not hiding anything from his friends.

It took Tom a few minutes to understand Brad really was not trying to hide anything. He was telling them things Tom had told him in private. He made sure they knew it all. Tom had to wonder what kind of relationship he had with his friends. He had to put a lot of trust in the people to tell them everything.

Tom was setting between Scott and Wayne at the table and still felt like he was setting between twins. He kept looking from one to the other to see if he could see anything different between the two of them. Finally he spotted a small scare on Scott that he did not see on Wayne. It also seemed Scott had a slur to his speech that Wayne did not have.

After Breakfast Tom told them he needed to head on out before it got too late. It was a long drive back and now that he and Brad had talked he needed to check on a few things and take care of a few others. It was time to get the evidence and take it to the police. He just needed to copy all of the evidence to a different file and make sure it password protected it to keep it from being wiped away.

Everyone told Tom goodbye and shook his hand before he left. As Tom pulled away he thought about how normal everyone seemed. He met a big truck on the way out and knew they had mentioned something about selling some calves today. The only thing Tom thought they had sold everything for the year.

Tom could not wait to get home his thoughts turned toward his girlfriend. He could not wait to get her into bed. For some very small reason deep inside he had to prove to himself he was not like the other guys he was a round today. He pictured her naked in his mind as he had so many times. Tom felt his cock begin rise and breathed a sigh of relief.

Brad and the others had just made themselves comfortable when they heard a big truck pull up. Dan stood and saw the man step out and walk towards the house. It was the same trucker that had hauled the other calves away. Dan felt his heart jump as he recognized the man. A couple of seconds later Dan recognized another man as he stepped around the truck. Dan slowly let out the breath he had not recognized he had been holding. Dan then told the guys to get up they had work to do.

Dan opened the door just before the guys make it to the porch. Stepping out Dan shook hands with the driver and then with an old friend. One that Dan had been doing business with for many years. But Dan had not had the opportunity to do so in the last couple of years.

Dan introduced everyone as the filed there way out of the house. Each one of them was shocked to see the driver again. Once the small talk was out of the way Dan asked if he was ready to see the calves.

Everyone headed out to there vehicles and headed out. As Brad, Scott, Wayne and Sam headed out to the old farm they started talking about how freaked out they were when they walked out and saw the driver of the big rig. They all agreed that they had thought there was going to be trouble.

They got to the old house before Dan and the rest did and went out to bring the calves up to the loading pin. Brad caught the horse they had left there and brought him up to be saddled. By the time he was done the others were just getting the calves moving.

Brad hurried out to where the others were and made the work a little easier on them. Dan had made it there by the time they made it half way across the pasture. So he opened up the gate so they could put them in the holding pin. It took about another half hour to round them all up even with the coaxing of feed.

Dan told his friend that they would run the calves through and all he needed to do was tell them when there was one he wanted. They would write down the number and run it up the shoot into the big rig. The others they would turn back loose into the pasture. They had worked through two hundred head before the man told them that was all he could afford. He had chosen seventy five head and now they needed the papers on all of them.

Dan handed Scott the list and told them to head on back and start getting them ready. He would unsaddle the horse and wipe him down then they would be right behind them. It took Dan about two hours before they made it back to the house. They had to go slow over the rough ground with the caves in the truck.

When Dan made it into the house he was greeted with the smell of hot rolls and ham. May had figured that there would be a bunch of hungry men to eat supper. When she kissed Dan on the lips in greeting there were cat calls from the kid section. May told the boys to shut up that they were just jealous. Then there was a bunch of kissing sounds and the boys saying come on Dan kiss us to.

May pointed her finger at the guys and said that's not what I meant. Scott spoke up then and said he wanted a kiss from Dan to. Dan's face turned beet red then white. They all busted out laughing and walked back into the other room. May turned then and stated she guessed they just didn't want supper then.

That stopped the guys in there tracks and they turned as one. Sam was the first one to react by put his arms out and walked towards Dan saying he was sorry. Dan back pedaled a couple of steps before Sam reached him and stuck out his hand. Sam came on anyway and laid one on Dan before he could stop him.

When Sam broke the kiss with a loud smack he wiped his lips with his shirt then looked at May. She had a look of shock just like the one on Dan's face. Ok we kissed and made up can I have something to eat now. Dan and May both just stuttered and stammered for a second. Then Sam looked at the others who were laughing so hard that they were on the floor holding their sides. He told them they would have to kiss Dan for themselves he was not going to. Dan was not that good at kissing for him to have to go through that again. It did not matter how hungry he was.

That had them all going then except for Dan who was still in shock from being kissed by a man. His arm slowly rose to wipe his lips with the back of his hand. Even May was holding her side from seeing this. Dan's friend came up and slapped him on the back and told him that was the funniest thing he had ever seen.

Wayne was next to raise his arms and start walking towards Dan. May stepped in front of him and told them go wash up or none of them were going to eat. That stopped the boys but not the laughing. They turned and headed to the restrooms to wash up.

It took a while to settle down but finally all were gathered around the table. As the food was being passed around conversation started up. Dan asked his friend if he knew anyone else that needed some good breeding stock. There were a few names thrown out along with some that Dan had already contacted. Dan knew most of the ranchers that was named and planned to call them later.

Once everyone had had there fill May shooed them into the living room while she cleared the table. There was a fresh pot of coffee and a cake and saucers on a cart that she shoved into the living room and told the guys to help themselves. May then turned and headed back into the kitchen to finish cleaning.

It was not long after finishing his cup of coffee. The boys had all the paperwork finished for the calf's the man bought and he said his good byes to everyone. As he drove the big truck down the road Brad asked Dan how much he had gotten for the caves. Dan pulled out the check and handed it to Brad. Brad was shocked at the amount written down. This was enough to pay off the rest of the ranchers plus some.

Brad told Dan to deposit the money for him and he would write the checks to finish paying off the ranchers. Now if they could just finish selling off the calves they could get ahead. Brad could pay Brent what he owed him and May also. He would even have enough to give Wayne what he promised him and Pay Doug a little something for his help.

Brad went into the office and started writing checks. It was a big relief to have the ranchers paid off. He wanted them to know that he was a man of his word. Brad made the checks for ten percent more that he owed the ranchers for all there help.

When Brad finished and balanced the books he still had three thousand and some change left. He wrote another check to May for three thousand for her help. When he got up from the desk he took the check into the kitchen and gave it to May. At first she refused it but Brad insisted. He told her it was for the food she had bought out of her on money and not pay for what she had done that would come later. May insisted she had not spent that much and Brad told her it was not over yet.

May hugged Brad and told him she appreciated it. Brad explained how he could not have made it without her and Wayne. They had been a life savior for him. Brad reflected back to when he first met May at the diner. How he was not in the best of moods and how he was sorry for that. May gave him a big hug and told Brad not to worry he had a lot on his mind that day. His grandfather had just passed away and he was on his way to the middle of nowhere.

When Brad finally returned to the living room Dan told him he found someone else interested in some of the calves and he would be out in a couple of days to look at them. If all went well they could sell most of the rest of them to this man. His stock was getting to the point he needed to replace a lot of the older cows with a new blood line.

That would leave a few bull calves that could be kept for selling as breading bulls in another year. They could get more money for them by just carrying them through the next winter. A two year old sells for more money that a younger bull.

Brad told Scott it was time for him to go back to town and get the therapy finished. Scott was not happy with that decision but knew he would have to sooner or later. He had hoped deep down Brad had forgotten all about it and he could skip it. They talked about it and May put her two cents in and soon Scott was heading out with May to town.

Brad Then told Wayne he did not have to go back to the cabin with him because he knew he wanted to stay with Sam. Wayne looked at Sam then Brad and stated he was going he had a job to finish and was not going to slack on it now. Sam came up and whispered something into Sam's ear and got a smile out of him. Brad told them all whispering is lies and to not believe anything Sam whispered to him. Wayne told Sam he would think about it and smiled at him as he went off to the bedroom to pack a few things.

Dan left right after Wayne left the room and bid them all a good night. He told Brad as he was going out the door that he could handle it by himself till they needed to load some more. Then he would gather up all of them to help again. Brad told him thanks for all the help and sell as many as he could.

Wayne came back in a few and kissed Sam goodbye then told Brad to come on it was time to leave. Brad thought it was strange that Wayne would be in a hurry but hugged Sam goodbye and followed. As they climbed into the truck Brad noticed Wayne's eyes were starting to fill up with a little moisture. He knew then why Wayne had been in a hurry.

Sam waved them goodbye and turned to enter the house. It felt big and empty now for some reason. Everything was quite and all of a sudden Sam felt all alone. He had never felt that way before even when he was out here by himself. Sam missed Wayne and he had not even been gone more than a couple of minutes.

Man had he gotten sappy. Sam wanted to scream. He knew he was in love now. He had never felt this way about anyone before. He was a little jealous that Brad was with his man. He would have to sleep all by him self tonight for the first time in nine weeks.

Brad and Wayne pulled up to the cabin and unloaded the truck. They had brought a few things May had bought for them. Wayne opened the door and was still shocked at how Brad had to live. He knew the house Sam stayed in was nice if not nicer than what he had. So in Wayne's mind what Brad was used to living in had to be real nice.

It was getting late by the time everything was unpacked and the animals were all fed and watered. Brad fixed a couple of sandwiches while Wayne checked on everything. When Brad heard some footsteps on the porch he placed the sandwiches on the table. He even opened the chips to go with them. Brad had sure missed potato chips and a few other things also.

When they were through eating Brad dragged out the shower tub and stripped to rinse off before bed. Wayne just sat there talking and watching as Brad showered. He even felt himself rise in his jeans looking at him. Wayne saw him in a different light now that he had a lover. He caught himself checking out different things about Brad. He was not muscled up as much as Sam was. But there was something very pleasing about him. Brad did not have any hair on his chest or stomach and vary little else ware.

Brad noticed Wayne was looking at him more than he ever had before. When they were talking he could see Wayne checking him out. He knew what he was doing and thought how strange it was compared to the same Wayne that moved out here. Back then Wayne would leave to go outside most of the time and was real modest to be seen naked by Brad. Now this same man was checking him out.

The longer Wayne stared the more excited he got. He even notices Brad started to swell some. When Wayne looked up he saw Brad was looking right at him so he diverted his eyes.

Brad finally shook it out of his head. This was not Scott he was looking at even though they looked alike. Anyone could have mistaken him for the other but still Brad knew who he was. When Brad stepped out Wayne started to undress. He kept his back to Brad but when his pants and jockeys hit the floor Brad had to look. He had always like looking at a nice round ass and Wayne sure had one. It was cover in a nice coating of hair that thickened in the middle. Brad had seen that ass before. One just like it belonged to the man he loved.

When Wayne turned around he was still half hard and Brad gasp silently to himself. His own cock started to stiffen then and he could not stop it. Brad had to walk away and grab a pair of underwear to put on before he completely exposed himself.

Brad knew the last two night they spent together they had not made love. They were both so tired they had fallen asleep in each others arms. So Brad was having a hard time not thinking about sex. He knew Scott had told him many times it was ok with him. But Brad felt like he would be cheating if he had sex with Wayne.

Wayne kept looking at Brad wondering if he should make a move on him. He knew Sam told him to when he was whispering in ear before getting ready to leave. Scott even told him more than once to go for it but could he. That was the big question he kept asking him self. He thought Brad was good looking and had a great body but would he regret doing it. Would he feel guilty afterwards? Wayne's cock was still over half hard and would not take much at all to go full blown.

Finally Wayne finished his shower and pulled the plug on the tub and put it back. Then he asked Brad if he was ready for the lights to go out. Brad was and out they went. Wayne noticed that the floor seemed to need a little sweeping as he walked to the bed. That could be one thing he could do in the morning. He hated sleeping in a bed with grit in it.

Wayne wiped off his feet before putting them in the bed. Once he was in he did not need any cover because it was quite warm. He reminded himself to ask someone to bring a fan out soon. It would be getting so hot he would not be able to sleep. He had enjoyed the air throughout the day at the ranch and at night when they went to bed it could be turned off but the house was already cool.

Wayne tried to stay on his side of the bed and not get to close to Brad. It was not long till he heard Brad's steady breathing to confirm Brad was asleep. Soon after wards Wayne fell asleep also.

When Brad woke he felt the strong arms of his lover wrapped around him. His hard cock was pressed in between his ass. Brad let out a little groan and pushed back. Scotts cock was not at the right angle to enter him but felt good between his ass cheeks. Brad moved around a little trying to slip it inside. He squeezed his ass cheeks together trying to give it a little help. It had been a while and Brad wanted Scott to make love to him.

Then it hit him it was not Scott he was with it was Wayne. Brad sat up in the bed waking Wayne with the sudden jolt. Wayne was asking what was wrong afraid something was happening. Brad looked around at Wayne and told him it was nothing but a bad dream to go back to sleep. Brad started to crawl out of the bed when he felt a hand grab his arm.

Wayne pulled Brad back and told him to snuggle up to him he would keep the bad dreams away. Brad stammered a little and told him he just needed to get up and get a little fresh air. As he stood up and headed to the door he looked back and Wayne was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Brad hurried out the door his nerves having him a little shaken. When he got out side it was a lot cooler than inside the cabin and a chill ran up his spine. He wrapped his arms around him and noticed he had broken out in a sweat. What was his dream trying to tell him? The next thing he heard was the door opening to the cabin and Brad turned and told Wayne to go back to bed he was ok.

Wayne saw Brad turn his back to him again and knew something was wrong. Walking up behind him he put his arms around Brad and pulled him into his chest holding him there. He felt Brad shiver then pull away. Wayne held on and told Brad to relax.

Brad was shocked that Wayne had walked up behind him and put his arms around him. The thought of Scott made him shiver. Oh how he wished it was Scott holding him. Brad tried to pull away but Wayne held him fast. Everything about this felt so right. Scott would always come up from behind him and slip his arms around Brad and the comfort he had always gotten form that was priceless. The warmth from Wayne's body and the thick chest full of hair against Brads back made him want to melt into those arms.

Wayne noticed Brad relaxing some and pulled him into a tighter embrace. He could not help but notice the difference between Brads and Sam's bodies. Sam was so much muscular that Brad was. Not saying Brad was not muscular but in a different way. Sam had the toned body of a gymnast where Brad had the toned body of someone that took good care of themselves. It was a lot like his own body but on a smaller scale. Brad was also smooth and it reminded Wayne of a woman's body in a way but firm not soft.

Wayne relaxed a little and started to hug Brad from behind bringing his arms up around Brad's chest. His hand brushed Brads nipple on its way across his chest and it hardened as soon as he touched it. He was not sure but he thought he heard a slight moan from Brad when it happened. As Wayne hugged him he could smell the manliness of Brads scent. It reminded his of Sam a little but still a little different. He noticed Brad scent remained his of how Sam smelled when he was getting excited.

After the hug Wayne lowered his arms a little and Brad's hard nubs were still standing out. Then as his hands passed on by he felt Brad's skin break out in goose bumps. This caused Wayne to bend over and kiss Brad on the neck and he was sure he heard a moan then. He felt Brad push back into him and he met his force with some of his own.

Brads head was swimming on him. He was still not completely awake enough and what Wayne was doing to him was making him melt. He felt his body respond to the touch of Wayne whether he wanted it to or not. This felt so natural then the kiss and little bolts of electricity ran through his body. Brad felt his skin crawling and could not help but to respond by pressing back into Wayne.

His own cock betrayed him and became hard. This was just a little more than he could resist. Brad felt Wayne pushing into him also and he could tell Wayne was getting hard. There they were standing on the porch in just white jockey brief between the two of then. Brad did not realize it but he was turning. His head leading the way till his lips found Wayne's.

Two tongues fought to see who would enter whose mouth first. Brad won and his tongue snaked into Wayne's mouth running across his teeth. It was met by another, just as warm and desperate to enter his mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever and when it was broken they were both gasping for air. Brads fingers ran down the side of Wayne's jaw feeling the stubble of his beard. As they crossed Wayne's lips one was taken into his mouth and suckled. Brad felt his cock pulse as Wayne warm mouth encased his finger.

When Wayne released Brad's finger he leaned in for another kiss. Pressing his lips firmly against Brads a moan escaped. Wayne was trying to devour bard. He was not the gentle man but the man hungry for another. His animal instincts were taking over and Wayne was not backing off. He felt Brad backing up and soon he could go no further. He had his back pressed into the cabin wall.

Wayne felt so dominant at that moment and his hands were searching out every part of Brad's body. Wayne could tell Brad was resisting some but not much. Wayne whipped Brad around and reached for his jockeys. He bit down on Brads shoulder some and pulled downward with his hands shoving Brad's underwear down. At the same time he brought up his foot hooking it in his brief forcing them around his ankles.

Wayne pressed Brad against the rough wall of the cabin with his own body. He spit in his hand running it in between Brad's ass cheeks. Locating Brad's hole he ran his finger across it.

This caused a gasp from Brad as he felt the finger grazing his hole. Then the shock of his finger as it entered Brad. He was not ready yet and the pain sent a jolt to his senses. Brad started to protest but then he felt a second finger enter him. Another bite on the neck and Brads mind went in a different direction.

Brad felt an arm coming around his neck as the fingers were pulled from his ass. The relief was short lived as he felt Wayne's cock trying to take there place. As he press forward Brad had no place to go his own cock was press up against the rough side of the cabin. He had several different places on his body being tortured from the splinters and knots sticking out of the wood. Then it happened, the searing pain of an ass being entered that was not ready.

Brad heard Wayne let out a grunt as his cock bottomed out in his ass. Brad was stretched wide and being dryer that he usually was also cause some discomfort. He could feel Wayne start to pull out slowly and the burn of his abused ass was protesting some. Brad felt a little relief with some of Wayne's weight coming off of him. As Brad tried to adjust some Wayne started to reenter. His cock felt like it was a little thicker than Scotts but not as long. Brad felt the sharp bite of the wall again as Wayne bottomed out.

On the third stroke Brad's pain started to ease up some. It was beginning to feel a little better. He pushed back into Wayne so he could get off the rough wall and stepped one foot out of his briefs. He kept pushing back till he was a good foot away from the wall. Brad was starting to feel better as Wayne kept pounding his ass.

He saw a block of wood they used for a seat off to the side and raised his foot to place it on the wood. This gave Wayne better access to Brad and he renewed his effort. Holding his arm around Brad's neck he started pinching his nipple. Brad arched back so his back was pressed into Wayne's chest. The fur tickling his back was heightening his senses. He started thinking of how he wanted Scott to pound him mercilessly only this was not Scott.

He could hear his own voice saying "yeah...come own...pound that ass. Over and over he heard himself. Brad could not help but enjoy it. The position they were in was one of the best for hitting his prostate. Brads head was rolling from side to side and up and down. He noticed there was a puddle of precum on the porch where he was dripping. The moon light was reflecting off of it.

It had not bee over five minutes but Brad felt he was getting close to cumming. At the rate he was dripping it looked like he was. He would look down and watch it string from the tip of his cock almost to the porch before it would break.

Brad shifted a little more and that caused Wayne to directly hit his prostate. One, two, three and he felt his knees weaken. The direct hits caused Brad to start cumming. He watched as his legs started shaking and cum fly out of his cock to strike the wall. Wayne had increased his effort when he felt Brad's ass squeezing his cock. He was trying to cum also at the same time. Every second hit to his prostate was sending a rope of cum to fly out. Brad counted five before they stopped hitting the wall. Then Wayne ground hard into Brad and started to release his own built up juices.

If it had not have been for Wayne Brad thought he would have just fell to the porch. When Wayne finally slipped out Brad turned to set on the log. He did not realize how tense he had been while having sex. Every muscle seemed to be like jello.

Wayne turned and leaned against the wall. "Dam that was intense! I thought I was going to pass out"

"Yeah it was but why and why did we do it" Brad wanted to know

"I don't know it just seemed to happen. Are you ok?"

"Yeah I am ok but Wayne I did not want this to happen like this."

"You should have said something Brad"

"I tried to but the words would not come out. I could not stop you. All I know was I was having this Dream about making love to Scott and woke up to realize I was in bed with you. Rubbing my self against you so I came out here and you followed. When you put your arm around me I could not stop myself."

"It's not all your fault Brad. I should have stayed away. I was just as much at fault as you were will you forgive me."

"Wayne there is nothing to forgive we just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time. I know both our lovers told us it was ok to do this but we do need to tell then."

"Do you think they will get mad at us?"

"Mad no I wouldn't say that. Maybe hurt but you can never tell Wayne. Sometimes they can tell you it is ok but when it really comes down to it, it still hurts. But I will not start lying to Scott about anything he has to know."

"Yeah I do not want to lie to Sam either."

"Well we better clean up a little and get back to bed"

It was just a few minutes later both guys were in bed. Brad leaned over and kissed Wayne on the head then turned his back to Wayne and snuggled up to Wayne to go to sleep. Neither one of them stirred the rest of the night.

The next morning Wayne woke first, still snuggled up to Brad. A feeling of guilt overcame him at the thought of what happened. He knew that Sam and Scott both said it was alright if something happened but it still bothered him. When Wayne moved a little he realized his hard cock was pressed up in Brad's ass. It throbbed at the thought of what happened last night but the guilt caused Wayne to try to get away without waking Brad.

Brad woke as he felt the cool air rush in where Wayne's body had been against him. It was damp with a little sweat and caused the skin to pull some. Brad rolled over and said good morning to Wayne as he climbed out of the bed. Wayne froze when he heard Brad speaking. Looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Wayne turned a little red as he covered himself.

Brad smiled at the act and told Wayne it was a little late to be hiding him self. I think after you abused someone's ass with that thing you should not have to hide from each other. That caused Wayne to go from red to white. He could not believe Brad could talk about what happened. Being new to all of this was still something Wayne was trying to get used to.

Wayne would have never talked about sex with someone the next day. That was just not right. The only time you talked with someone about the sex you had with them was the next time you were having sex. It was a little different talking to your buddies about some girl you had sex with. To Wayne this was not the same thing.

Wayne finally said "Good morning" and turned to go out on the porch to relieve him self. Brad thought that was strange and climbed out of the bed to do the same and find out what was bugging Wayne.

When Brad walked up to stand beside Wayne he asked him what was wrong. Wayne tried to shrug it off and act like it was nothing. Brad would have no part of that. He wanted to make sure something was not bothering him and cause any problems. Wayne still insisted there was nothing wrong and went back inside.

When Brad came back in Wayne was getting dressed. He told Brad if he would fix something to eat he would go feed the animals. Brad knew something was bothering him as he quickly finished getting dressed and headed out. The only thing he could think of was he felt guilty about last night. Brad thought when he got back they would talk about what happened and make sure there were not any hard feelings.

Brad started fixing something to eat when the CB Radio went off. It was Scott telling Brad good morning and that he loved him. Brad walked over and picked up the mic and told Scott he loved him to. Scott asked if he had been missed last night. Brad thought a second and then told him he had really been missed and apparently so had Sam.

Scott told him he did not understand what he was talking about. Then it dawned on him what he meant. Scott asked him if he was ok and Brad told him he was. He explained to Scott that he had not expected it to happen but it did. Then he went on tell him all about it step by step. Scott was a little shocked at the story because he would have never expected Wayne to act that way during sex. Brad let Scott know he was shocked also. Telling him he had a few splinters that he needed to pick out of his chest from the rough wood siding. Scott laughed at that and told him he would call Sam to let him know so they could get Wayne.

They had been talking a while when Brad told him he needed to go so he could fix breakfast. That Wayne should be back up to the cabin anytime and would wonder why it was not ready. He then told Scott they planned to go fishing today to try and put some food in the freezer. Scott told him to have a good day and he would see him as soon as he could.

They ended the conversation and Brad started cooking. It seemed the hens had started laying again since winter was over. It had started warming up and the hens and rooster was getting awful friendly again. Brad had just put the eggs in the skillet when Wayne came back in.

Wayne had hoped he had killed enough time that when he came in Brad would be through eating and would be ready to head on out to go fishing. When he saw Brad was still cooking Wayne felt a little let down.

Wayne went over to the refrigerator and put the eggs in. The hens had all been laying it seemed. They had twenty hens now and there were eighteen eggs this morning.

Brad had fixed a dozen and would feed the extra to rex but he did not want any raw eggs going to him. He didn't want to start the dog sucking eggs. It was easy to get them started but real hard to break them from it.

Wayne set the plates on the table then mixed up some powered milk He sure missed the fresh milk they had gotten from the goats. Maybe he could talk Dan into getting them a milk cow or at least trading the goat for one that was giving milk.

Brad brought the food over and sat it on the table. As they sat down to eat, Brad broached the subject of going fishing after they ate. Wayne agreed because he knew they would not be that close to each other while fishing. It would give him more time to think about what happened and how he would handle it.

When they finished eating Wayne told Brad he would go and get the fishing gear and worms ready. He wanted to get out of the house without having to say much.

Brad was a little disappointed the way he was trying to get away from him so quick. He had wanted Wayne top help him with the dishes so they both could go fishing at the same time. Brad was about half way done with the dishes when Wayne came in the cabin and told him he was going to head on down to the creek while the fishing was good. That told Brad he was not welcome.

It hurt Brads feeling that Wayne was acting this way. They had not done anything that was not approved of by there mates. Of course it bothered Brad some to but it happened and nothing could be done about it now. It was too late to stop it and there was no way of taking it back. It was just sex and not love. The stupid thing men do sometimes that they regret later.

Brad sat down for a couple of minutes before finishing the dishes. He now had to think of a way to make things right with Wayne. Why was it always him that had to do it? He was not the one to make the first move.

As Brad put the last dish away he felt the need use the commode. He walked over and sat down. As he was trying to think what to do next the cabin door opened. Wayne looked up hoping it was Wayne coming back to talk but it was not. It was Sam and he started yelling and shouting for Wayne. Brad asked what the matter was and Sam told him he was hunting for that cheating asshole. For some reason Brad was getting modest while Sam was yelling. Shocked, Brad was taken back by this and told him he was not here at the cabin.

Sam looked over at Brad then and started laughing. When Brad finally decided Sam had been joking with him, he called him a big shit. This caused Sam to really start laughing. Then Brad stood up pulling his pants up and turned to flush. He looked over at Sam and said "OOPS there goes you identical twin."

Sam told Brad he was just going to give Wayne a hard time so he would get over it quicker. He knew Wayne would have a hard time about it. He asked Brad if he would mind telling him how it happened without all the gory details. That is unless he wanted to tell him. Brad smacked him on the arm and said you know how it is. The best you could ever get

Sam sat down as Brad started filling him in on how it happened. Sam was a little shocked at some of Brad's descriptions and details. Wayne had never been that dominating with him before. Brad told Sam that he would not have expected him to have acted that way. Not that it was bad but kind of shocking how animalistic it was.

Sam wanted to know if Brad would help him pull something off. They went over it and Brad did not really want to do it. Sam told him he would not let it go very far just play along for him. Brad still thought it would be mean to do Wayne that way and told Sam that same thing. Finally Brad agreed even though he did not like it.

Wayne was sitting on the bank trying to figure out how to tell Sam about what happened and hoped he would not get mad. He knew he would have a hard time accepting it if it had been Sam doing it. Then he also wondered how Scott was going to take it. He liked him a lot and they were finally getting real close. It was almost like they were brothers.

Wayne was shaken out of his thoughts when he felt the touch of another man. It was Brad that was running his hard down his shirt and squeezing his nipple. He grabbed Brad's wrist and asked him to stop. Brad bent over then and kissed the nape of Wayne's neck whispering into his ear. Wayne's eyes bugged out when Brad spoke to him. How could he know? Wayne loosened his grip a little and Brad once again squeezed his nipple and kissed Wayne again.

Wayne stammered around a little and Brad once again asked Wayne. Wayne could not help it when his cock began to rise. He had been thinking about what happened last night then Brad comes up and asked him again to do what he loved. Wayne started to break out in a sweat and his breathing quickened. His heart was also speeding up and he could feel each beat in his chest. Wayne told Brad he could not do that he had a lover and what happened last night he was sorry for.

Brad started taking off his clothes and Wayne could not look away. He wanted to turn his head and run but was frozen to the spot. When Brad had stripped all his clothes off he turned his back to Wayne and bent over. Wayne closed his eyes not wanting to look. He heard Brad asking him again to come over and satisfy his needs.

Wayne was getting ready to stand up and run when he felt a pair of hands on his hips. He jumped back and was shocked to see Sam standing before him. Wayne instantly got defensive and asked Sam what he was doing there. Sam busted out laughing and told Wayne he was just trying to see if he was going back for seconds

Wayne shoved him back telling him it was not funny. Brad walked over and told Wayne he was sorry for his part in it. Then Sam told Wayne he had asked Brad to do it for him. Sam reached out to Wayne but was rejected as Wayne turned away from him.

Brad started putting his clothes on while Sam tried to get Wayne to get over it. He was telling him it was just a little joke and not Brads fault at all. He told him Brad thought it was a bad idea. But he made him feel guilty enough to do it. Wayne looked Sam in the eye and asked him if he thought he could not trust him. That's when Brad stepped in the middle of the conversation.

He looked at them both and told them to stop arguing. He then explained how Scott had called on the CB that morning and he told him about it. He was going to tell Sam and let him know so he would not be mad. Sam just wanted to have a little fun and see what you would do. He now knows you would not make a habit of messing around.

Wayne was still pissed about it and started walking back to the cabin. Sam ran up behind him trying to get him to stop. Wayne was really hurt and not in the mood for all of this. He had not rested well the night before because of dreaming Sam left him over this. He was kind of punchy any ways. Then to get this pulled on him had made it all come to a head.

When Brad finally had made it to the cabin he could hear the heated discussion going on in the cabin. He was trying to decide whether he should go in or not. Finally he thought he would sit outside and see if they were going to be able to work this out or not. It took a while before the voices reached a level where Brad could not hear them from the outside. Brad decided he would give them a little more time before he went in.

It was about twenty minutes later when Sam and Wayne finally came out of the cabin. Brad could still tell Wayne was not happy but at least he and Sam were not fighting any more.

As the two of them walked over Wayne told Brad he was sorry for getting mad at him. He figured he would not have done something like that by himself. Wayne then told Brad he was still pissed at Sam though. Brad smiled and explained he did not want to do that but Sam thought it would get him out of his bad mood. Brad then looked at both of then telling then they still had a lot to learn about each other. Wayne and Sam both agreed with Brad about that.

Brad asked them if they would like to go inside and talk about everything that happened. Brad wanted something to drink and he needed to fix some tea for lunch anyway. They all headed inside to sit down and have a big heart to heart.

Brent made it to the hospital getting ready to see if Doug was ready to be released today. He had missed him more every day when he left. He knew he was falling in love but pushed it back. Brent always felt that no one could ever love him.

When he opened the door to Doug's room Brent was not pleased to see his dad in the room. They had not been in the room together since the day they had the fight. Brent did not know how he would react to him being there.

As Brent stepped through Doug's mom looked at him and smiled. She asked him how he was doing and patted the seat next to her for him to sit. Doug told her Brent had to give him a hug first.

Brent being a little cautious did not want to start something barely leaning over to hug Doug. Doug having no part of that pulled him on down and hugged Brent then kissed him before letting him go. When Brent stood back up he saw that Doug's dad had risen and headed to the door. Brent felt a little anger at the way Doug's dad reacted but expected it from him.

Doug asked Brent if he had come to see him home. Brent looked at his face and felt the love for him. Then turned to Doug's mom and asked if he could talk to her about Doug in private. She told him he could talk there if he wanted to she had nothing to hide from Doug.

Brent started out by telling Doug to wait till he and his mom finished talking before he said anything. Brent then explained that he felt he loved Doug and was going to ask him if he would come live with him but wanted to speak with her first. At first there was a shocked expression then a look of fear. Doug voiced his opinion quick that he was all for it. Brent turned towards Doug and asked him to wait before he said anything. First I want to explain to your mom that I can take care of you and she has nothing to worry about.

It took a couple of minutes before Doug's mother said anything. She watched as Doug climbed out of the bed and walked over to Brent. He looked like he would burst with happiness. She tried to speak but could not get any words to come out.

Brent broke the silence. He first explained he lived in the city where he could get Doug to the doctors he needed. He had the room in his apartment where Doug could stay. He did not have plans to take advantage of Doug and if the doctors thought it was a bad thing living there he would send Doug elsewhere. His main thoughts were he did not want Doug's dad to make him feel there was anything wrong with his choices.

She sat there for a while without saying anything then looked at Doug and asked what he wanted. Doug was quick to say he wanted to live with Brent. He told his mom he loved Brent and was happy with him. He loved her and his dad but would not stay where he felt like he was not welcome. That got a response from his mom he never expected. She pointed her finger at Doug then promised him if his dad ever acted like he did before she would make his life miserable.

She then explained that it was hard for him to accept that his son was gay. But she knew that it was also hard for Doug to come out to his parents. It was not a comfortable situation for any of them right now but it would get better. The only thing she would hate about it was not having the grandchildren and the ridicule he would have to go through.

Doug took his mom's hand in his and told her he was going to move in with Brent. His dad would have to accept the fact he was gay and the sooner the better. He thought he loved Brent to and the only way to find out was to live together. If it did not work out he still would not move back home. He would live out at the ranch. He was a grown man now and needed to be out of the house. At least this way they would not have to face the everyday life that he had accepted for himself. He did not want them to worry about him because he had good friends that would help him along the way.

The tears rolled down her face as Doug told her how it was going to be. Still she only saw the little boy coming in with scraped knees and cuts. She wanted to hold him till all of this went away. She always felt close to Doug and wanted him to be happy. She knew there was always something different about him and thought it was because he never had anyone to play with much growing up. He was a handsome boy and had grown into a nice looking young man. Still to her he was her child and wanted the best for him.

Doug reached over and wiped off the tears falling down his mothers face and told her he loved her. He explained that he would be out on a regular basis when he settled in. He had to find a job and make some money because he would not let Brent support him. He hoped that someday his dad could accept him also but would not hold his breath.

Doug then buzzed the nurse's station so he could get on with being discharged. It did not take long and the nurses had everything ready. His mom stepped out of the room while he dressed. As Brent picked up the bag of Doug's things to walk out the door Doug's dad entered.

The first thing he did was cross the room towards Brent. Doug cut him off quickly and his mom entered. Jim was clenching his fist and looked like he was going to take a swing. Then Doug saw his mom latch onto his arm. He tried to shake her off but she dug in. Jim looked at Brent like he would like to kill him. Doug noticed a little trickle of blood running down his father's bicep. His mom had her nails dug into his flesh and was not going to let go.

Finally Doug stepped up in front of his dad looking him in the eye. It took a second to register to him that his son was talking to him. When the words became clear he heard Doug telling him this is why he would never come back to the house. The fog kept lifting and the words started sinking in. His son was telling him he had to accept who he was or he would never be able to have anything to do with him. Jim did not know where it came from at first. He felt the arms of his son wrap around him and pull him into an embrace. Then a kiss to the cheek and a goodbye as Doug blocked him so Brent could get by. Jim felt empty as his son walked out of the room. Tears started pouring down his cheeks and he slowly felt himself going towards the floor to sit in a crying heap. His world had collapsed and there was nothing he could do about it. He had lost his son.

Dan had just come back from meeting two ranchers that would take the rest of the calves they had not sold. He was feeling great about the day. One his way home he caught himself turning down the street heading to May's house. He had not planned to go there but he just had to share the news.

When he turned the corner of the street May lived on he saw a different car in the drive. He had never seen it before and his first thought was it was some other guy coming over to see May. His cheer and happiness quickly changed to hurt and jealousy. He passed the hose and started to head on home. Feeling like he had been played for a sucker in thinking that May would be interested in him only. She was a nice looking woman and any man would be lucky to have her. Why did he think he would be the only man in her life? He passed two more streets before he turned back he was going to check out his competition. If nothing else he would end it right now before he was even more hurt.

Dan felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he saw the house come back into view. It felt like it took all the strength he had just to turn the steering wheel to get into the driveway. When he came to a stop he could not move to get out. What if she did not feel anything for him and was just playing a joke on him the whole time. He sat there for fifteen minutes before he finally opened the door to his truck. The closer he came to the house the more he wanted to turn and run.

Finally when he stepped up on the porch he could hear the voices of two women having a heated argument. Dan felt a different feeling when he recognized one of those voices was May's. He quickly pressed the doorbell and could tell the yelling calmed down for a second. When the door opened it was Scott who answered. He asked Dan to come in. He might, need some help if this got any worse.

Dan wanted to know what was going on and Scott told him his mother came over and started some shit. May was telling her off about it and that when it started getting loud. Dan followed Scott into the room where the two ladies were having it out. He cleared his throat as loud as he could to get their attention. May turned to see Dan standing in the doorway besides Scott. Then May turned back to Betty and told her they would settle this another time.

Betty was not going to let it drop. Looking at Dan she asked if this was another one of those dammed queers. This shocked Dan and he stammered no. May walked over to Dan and kissed him on the lips telling him he was sorry he had to see this. Then she turned and walked over to Betty. Bending over and picking up her purse she handed it to her sister and in a stern voice she told her leave.

Betty was shocked at the tone of voice her sister used. She was determined she would rescue her son though. She had to get him away from all of these corrupted people. He was bound for hell if she did not. When Betty didn't move she found out her sister meant business. May had grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her towards the door. She resisted enough to stop for a second to look at her son. In the most demanding voice she could muster she told him to get his things and come home where she could help save him.

Scott felt like a little kid when she said that. It reminded him of when he was little and had done something wrong. All of the memories of the times he had done something wrong came flooding back. He could even hear his father yelling at him. Scott put his head down like a small child. He could remember what it was like being punished for not doing as told as a child. He shied away from his mom and would not look at her. He had not done anything wrong and who he loved was his business. He could hear his mom yelling to get packed up and move home or burn in hell.

When May finally got Betty to the door Dan reached over and opened it for her. May got her out the door and told her to leave and not come back till she could act normal and not like a lunatic.

May shut the door and turned to tell Scott she was sorry. When she took her first step away the door burst back open. Betty was yelling at the top of her lungs for Scott to get in the car. Dan was the one to stop her by blocking her way. Betty reached up and slapped him across the cheek. This shocked Dan more than anything but from the sound it sounded like a gun went off. This caused May to turn around and she grabber Betty by the hair and gave it a hard yank. Then May twisted her arm behind her back, as she shoved her out the door. This sent Scott into action to stand between his mom and May. He had hate in his eyes when he told his mom to leave. She slapped him across the face also and told him to get in the car. The bully action like this is what his dad had used against him over the years. This was the last straw though.

As his mom moved to slap him again he caught her arm in the air and spun her around. He pushed her towards the car and told her to leave and as far as he was concerned he no longer had a mother. Betty turned once more but stopped in her tracks. Scott had his finger out front waving it back and forth. A fear overtook Betty for a second; her husband Bill would do this right before he would beat her. For the first time she backed away towards the car. She shouted you will burn in hell; all of you will burn; right before she climbed in. Scott stood outside till the car was out of site before he entered the house.

Scott had tears rolling down his cheeks as he turned back towards the house. He was not ready to go back in and face May and Dan. He had not told May he had been getting calls from his Mom. Betty had been berating Scott for the lifestyle he had been living. He had been told he was going to hell so many times lately by her it did not faze him so much anymore. He loved his Mom, but because he Dad had been murdered by some guys in prison she blamed it on his lifestyle. Scott could not even talk to her anymore. The whole time he would be around her she would constantly yelling how he had ruined his life and he needed to repent. Hope that God would forgive him.

Scott did not realize it till he heard the steps behind him. Somehow May had snuck up behind his without him knowing it. He felt her arms go around his waste and head on his shoulder. This made Scott feel even worse because of the pity she had to feel for him. When May spoke it was not what Scott expected.

Scott I think it is time to get your Mother some help. She has gone way over the deep end and I am afraid for her life now. If you will help me we can get treatment for her. Scott's tears stopped flowing and he turned to face May.

His face still wet with tears Scott asked May if she was talking about committing his Mom. May shook her head yes and looked into his eyes and told him she needs the help. Brad could not believe he was hearing this. He turned and took off running like a little kid. May was yelling for him to stop and when he didn't she went into the house to get her keys. May was too worried that in the state of mind Scott was in he might not watch where he was going and get hurt.

Dan was right behind May as he headed out the door. He told her they should take his truck. That way when they got him they could control him better sitting between the two of them. Dan started the truck and backed out of the driveway. Both of them were looking for any sign of Scott. They had driven five blocks and still did not see him. May was getting scared. Finally Dan saw someone that looked like Scott sitting on the grass at the park. He pointed it out to May and she told him to pull up.

It was Scott, head down between his knees in a sitting fetal position. May walked up to him and placed her arm around him. He leaned over placing his head on her shoulder and cried.

Dan stood and watched the scene before him. He could not help but to feel sorry for Scott. He had been through so much. It seemed every time things were getting back to normal something happened to mess it up. He could not help but feel sorry for Scott. Dan had gotten to know Scott over the last couple of years and knew he was a good boy. He had always worked hard and done what was expected of him. He had been the type to go the extra mile to make sure the job was done right.

Dan could see the pain on his face as May held him. He did not know when he teared up but he felt a tear running down his cheek. He did know the boy was hurting and it bothered him.

Dan soon was on his knee on the other side of Scott rubbing his back. He did not know what to do other than that. Dan always felt inadequate when someone was emotionally hurting. Never knowing what to say or do.

Dan was always afraid to hug another man because it was not the manly thing to do. Men do not hug, that was way too womanly. As the thoughts about this ran through his head he realized that he had seen the boys hug each other a lot. It seemed they would always greet each other with a hug. It did not matter who was around or watching they just hugged. But these guys were gay and he thought it was something gay men did. You never saw straight men hug. They shook hands and slapped each other on the back sometimes. It was so different with the boys. They seemed so much closer and talked about things no real man would talk about.

Dan watched as Scott wept. May never said much as this unfolded just held him. Dan was glad she was here he would have felt very awkward trying to help him. Dan knew he would have felt the need to be talking the whole time. Men just did not know what to do at times like this.

As Tom copied the last of the journal entries he could find he heard the door to the copy room open. Before he could turn around he felt a sharp pain on the back of his head then everything went black. When he finally came to he could not focus his eyes on anything but he could see white spots. He sat up and realized he was in a bed. Tom called out and then he heard the voice of his girlfriend. Reaching out in the direction of her voice he soon felt her hand.

Tom wanted to know where he was and what had happened. The last thing he could remember was making copies at a copy machine. His girlfriend told him that she had talked to the cops and was told someone had knocked him out. Tom felt the ache to head and then realized someone was on to him.

He then asked his girlfriend to see if she could locate his wallet and find the number to a lawyer in it by the name of Brent. She finally found the card he was talking about and asked him what he wanted her to do with it. He had her call the number and hand him the phone. It rang four times before a lady answered it. He asked to speak with Brent that it was pertaining to a Brad Walker.

About thirty seconds later Tom heard a man's voice asking how he could help him. Tom told Brent who he was and what had happened. Brent did not say a thing till Tom was through telling him what had happened. Brent wanted to know if there was any way he could get a look at the papers he had been copying for Brad. Tom told him he had scanned them all to a disk before making hard copies of them and that it was still in his computer. That was all Brent needed and he asked if he knew anyone that could get him that disk. Tom told him he would have his girlfriend run by the office to get it for him.

Brent thanked Tom for all his help and told him to rest and get better he would later need him to testify for him in court. He then wanted to know if he knew who had hit him and Tom explained that he never got a chance to see them before it happened. Brent told him he would have a police officer come to the hospital and watch his room for him.

When Brent hung up the phone he let out a little yell thinking this was all he needed to wrap up this case. He had all the circumstantial evidence he needed but had not had any hard facts. Now he had both and this case would not be hard to prosecute. Brent knew he had to have that disk soon and when he looked at it he would be able to go straight to the prosecuting attorneys.

Brent knew then his hard work would be worth it. He wanted to call Brad and tell him but knew he needed to wait till he had everything he needed first. It had been a long time sense Brent had paced his office but today he was and would till he had that disk in his hands.

Three hours and four drinks later he heard a knock at the door. Brent stood and quickly opened the door to greet a young lady who had to belong to Tom. When he shook hands and confirmed that was who it was he asked her if she had been able to get the disk. She immediately handed it over to him. She then asked Brent if he could explain what was going on. Brent thought about it before telling her that the disk confirmed that someone had been stealing from his client. Brent then asked how Tom was doing.

She explained he was having trouble seeing because of the swelling to his brain. The doctors had told her that it would get better with a little time as the swelling came down. She then excused herself to go back to the hospital so she could be with Tom.

Brent could not wait to take a look at the disk when she left and popped it in as the door closed. He pulled up the documents that Tom had made copies of and scanned them over. Sure enough there were the signed papers all from purchased cattle. All were being sold to the same company with a lower price for each sale. Brent could not believe his luck when he came across a highlighted section on one paper. It was an account number where the money had been wired to an account. It was in the first couple of transactions. With the information Dan had to where the cattle were sold to different ranches and copies of the checks he turned in to the accountant office this would be enough evidence to bust the man.

Brent felt good inside it seemed like his life was finally going somewhere. Brad had told him he would give him twenty percent of what they collected back on this deal and from what he could tell it would be enough to buy a little office building of his own. He could even take on some more help and expand if he wanted. He was happy at the thought of having it a little easier for a change.

The fact that he was an openly gay lawyer had kept him from being able to join most of the law firms he had wanted to join. Now it looked like he would be able to make it on his own. He had Brad to thank for all of this. Even for his lover Doug that he introduced him to.

Brent sat back and looked at the last year he had had. It seemed like everything was changing for the better. Yes he knew he was a good attorney and had created himself a name. He still was not where he wanted to be. He had worked hard to get where he was. He had never charged much for his time and often spent more defending a case than what he was paid. It was the few cases that he had taken on a percentage that had helped him make it.

He had always saved his money and taken care of what he had so it looked like he had a lot. He found everything he wore on sale during the off season so it looked like he always had a new wardrobe every year. The only thing he spent much money on was his apartment. The rent took most of the money he made. But it was worth it to him. Now that he had Doug living with him he was glad for this money that was going to come in. Brent was so proud he would not let any of his friends know he did not have any money. He always gave then everything he had rather than have them think he was poor.

He could not wait any longer He was going to make a copy of the dick and then he was going home to see if Doug felt like going with him in the morning out to the cabin. He wanted to tell Brad this in person. Besides he wanted to see Doug and this was a good excuse to go home and have some fun.

It was getting late and time to go to bed when Sam finally told the guys he was going to head home. Sam told Wayne he would be back as soon as he fed the cattle in the morning. He kissed Wayne good bye and hugged Brad and kissed him on the cheek. As he walked to the door he turned and told Wayne he loved him then headed out.

Wayne looked at Brad and asked him if they could talk some more before heading to bed. He wanted to apologize for the way he had treated Brad the night before. Brad told him it was ok he would have never guessed he would have been that kind of lover. He had always seen his as a dominate lover like Scott but he was really surprised.

Wayne hung his head down and told Brad he did not know what came over him. How he had never acted that way before. It was like he was a different person. Brad told him he understood that because a lot of men act out differently than when they are with there lover. Its just sex and it's an in the moment thing. He told Wayne how the first time he and Scott had sex. It was rough and not in the least a real loving thing. They had wanted each other for so long they almost killed each other the first time.

Wayne shook his head in agreement knowing fully what Brad had meant. He for some reason had always wondered what having sex with Brad would be like. He just wished it had not been so intense and rough. He knew he would always want to do it again. Wayne had never had sex like that. It had consumed him and mind and body. He knew he could never tell Sam how it was our how he felt. He even wondered how he was going to face Scott now.

Finally Wayne was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Brad calling his name several times. When he looked up Brad asked him if he was ok and ready to go to bed. Wayne told him he was as Brad walked over to turn the light out. As he got to the side of the bed and was taking his shirt off he noticed he was being watched out of the corner of Wayne's eye. Brad looked over at Wayne for a second and then walked over. He knew Wayne was having problems.

Brad sat on the side of the bed next to Wayne. Placing his arm around Wayne's shoulder Brad began to speak.

"Wayne you know I still love you and nothing that has happened will change that's€¯

"But how can it not bother you? I mean I almost raped you last night."

"Wayne you have to understand I was a consenting adult. I should have been the one to stop you so you would not get hurt"

"Brad I could have stopped myself at anytime but I didn't. I think deep down I wanted to see what it would be like with a different man."

"Well I have to say Wayne I wondered what it would be like to be with you also. You are so much like Scott but very different to."

"Brad, can you ever forgive me?"

"If you can ever forgive me Wayne. We both wanted to see what it was like and we did. I know I really enjoyed it and it was sex. We both love someone else and that has not changed. I just hope it brings us a lot closer."

"Thanks Brad now maybe I will be able to sleep."

Brad leaned over and kissed Wayne on the cheek. "Go to bed sleepy head."

Brad then crawled across the bed and got under the covers. They both made sure there was space between then as they tried to go to sleep. It was not long before they both relaxed and drifted off to sleep. Once asleep they ended in each others arms as if nothing had changed.

Brad woke first the next morning his head on Wayne's chest. He took in a deep breath and smelled the manly scent. The hair tickled his nose as they brushed across it. Brad really missed Scott in the mornings. He could not wait till the day he could start waking up with him again. Wayne was nice and all but it was not the same Scott was his. Even though for where he was laying he could not have told the difference.

Brad finally rolled over and stretched. He had to snicker when he glanced down there were to little pup tents sticking up. Brad finally rolled out of the bed and headed for the front door. It was a warm morning this morning at around seventy five degrees. Rex heard the door open and came running. Brad had to watch out to keep from peeing on the dog. He had to wonder why a dog always had to come up and sniff your pee. Brad also thought it would be a good day to take a shovel and turn the ground where they always relieved themselves in the morning. It was beginning to stink a little and he did not want that smell coming in the house.

When Brad finally finished he reached down and petted rex. Rex quickly rolled over wanting his belly scratched. Brad had been scratching him a couple of minutes and pulled off a couple of ticks when the door opened.

Out came a sleepy Wayne hard dick leading the way. They had gotten so comfortable around each other that they had quit trying to hide it. Brad was worried that with what had happened that it might change things some. Wayne walked right past Brad patting him on the top of the head as he went by. Brad could not help but smile and tell Wayne good morning.

He then asked if he was ready for breakfast or did he want to wait a little while before eating. Wayne wanted to wait till everything was fed. Wayne commented on the smell over at the edge of the porch. Brad told him he wanted to turn the ground that day and he could do that while Wayne fed everything.

When Wayne was through reliving himself he turned around and hugged Brad. Brad backed away after the hug and asked what that was for. Wayne grinned that million dollar smile and told Brad he just had to wipe the piss off his fingers somewhere. Wayne took off running then Brad shook his head and yelled at him to wait till he fell asleep.

Brad shook his head and turned to go in to get the shovel. He was going to get to work too. Brad started by digging about a three foot square. When he got down about ten inches he started pilling the dirt in a different pile. He wanted to go down a little deeper and then the dirt that smelled would be put in the bottom of the hole and covered by the dirt that did not smell.

By the time he had gotten the hole deep enough he wished they had made a deeper septic system. That way the could just use the commode. Brad knew the next time if he ever had to do this again they would dig a big hole. He never wanted to do this again. He had to appreciate how hard they had it years ago. When all anyone had was an out house. He wondered how often people moved them. Surly no on would want to have to clean one out for real. Brad thought he would just burn it down and start over.

Wayne came up before he finished and told Brad he had killed a snake in the chicken house. He wanted him to be careful before he stuck his hand under some hen on the nest. He then told him it was not the rat snake they had been seeing but a rattlesnake. Brad was glad Wayne warned him about the snake. It was not that he was afraid of the snake hurting him, but of him hurting himself if he didn't see the snake first.

Wayne told Brad he would finish up if he wanted to go on in and start cooking breakfast. Brad then asked Wayne if he would like to cook for a change. He knew he could fix breakfast but had not in a while. Wayne then told him he could but if he wanted to live he might regret this.

Wayne headed on in with the eggs that he had gathered and put them in the fridge. He tried to think what he wanted to fix. Wayne the spotted the cheese and decided he wanted an omelet. He pulled out the skillet and put a little butter in it. While that melted he chopped some onion and stirred it in. He looked in the fridge and saw the little ham his mom had sent over and pulled it out chopping it into small pieces. Wayne took up the onions and put the ham in to warm. He looked for more things to put in it and only found a can of mushrooms. He knew they both liked them and decided he would use them.

When Wayne put the eggs in he could not wait to surprise Brad. Wayne waited till the eggs congealed some then added the mushrooms, onions, ham and the cheese. He let it cook a little longer and started to fold it over. Wayne did not realize the skillet he was using would let it stick. He could not get it to turn loose. By the time he finished it was a pan of scrambled eggs with brown spots where it had stuck.

Wayne had so wanted to make something Brad would have been surprised at. Now he felt like a big flop. Wayne put the eggs he had burned a little on his plate then started over fixing Brads. He knew he could not do it so he scrambled them placing all the other things on top and melting cheese over it. He had almost finished Brads plate when he came walking in. Brad commented on how good it smelled.

Wayne hung his head and told him he tried to make an omelet but he could not get it to turn loose. Brad chuckled then and told Wayne they did not have a skillet that was good enough to make omelets. He could fix them one day when they had the right skillet. 

Brad walked over and put his arms around Wayne and gave him a hug. He then told him it was nice that he had thought of him. Wayne felt his face flush a little at the touch. He could hot help but think about Brad's body the other night as he felt him hug him. Wayne then asked when Scott would be back out so he could get Brad talking and his mind off of him.

Brad told Wayne he planed on getting a hold of him sometime that day and see what the speech therapist had said. He told Wayne he could not wait to wake up in Scott's arms again. He noticed Wayne looked down at the floor at that statement and figured it kind of hurt his feelings. He then stated it was not bad waking up in the arms of his look alike cousin either. That brought Wayne's head back up and the smile was worth it.

Brad felt his heart beat quicken when Wayne smiled at him just like Scott. Brad himself blush a little at the though then. It was kind of scary thinking about how much they looked alike and could easily be mistaken for each other. Brad knew he could have fallen just as easily for Wayne if he had met him first. They were both really good men and treated you right.

Wayne put the mushrooms, onions, ham and cheese on the eggs and waited for the cheese to melt. Brads stomach growled from the smell as he walked over to the sink to wash his hands and face. He was ready for something to eat. He poured himself and Wayne a cup of coffee. Then got the bread he had baked the day before with the butter and sliced them both a big piece off. He buttered them both and put one on Wayne's plate while Wayne took up Brads eggs.

The eggs were great. Brad did not realize how hungry he was and to him if someone else cooked it tasted better. Brad and Wayne both dove in and soon had there plates all cleaned off. They were both full and sat back and sipped their coffee. It was going to be a day to relax for a change. Brad wanted to know if Wayne would like to go for a ride later. The horses both needed it and it was such a nice day out. Brad wanted to take him down to the creek and go for a swim down in the valley.

Brad finished eating and started washing dishes. As Wayne headed out the door Brad asked him if he felt like taking a ride to the valley when he finished. Wayne told him it would be nice and that he would saddle the horses up when they were through eating.

Wayne headed out to the pen and saw the horses were feeling a little frisky. He walked over to the pen and opened the barrel the held the feed and they came running to the feed trough. As Wayne walked over to put the feed in the trough, the horses were snorted and stomping their feet with excitement. Wayne talked softly to them as he poured the feed in. Reaching over the fence and scratching each of them behind the ears.

Once the horses settled down to eating Wayne refilled his bucket and went to feed the goats and chickens. To him this was life. Watching nature and enjoying it to the fullest. It always seemed to relax him watching the animals helping to put him at ease after a long day. It had a calming effect on his soul that nothing else did. He could not understand why everyone did not own some kind of animal.

As Wayne finished gathering up the eggs he latched the pen door and reached down to scratch Rex behind the ears. This caused Rex to reciprocate by jumping up and licking Wayne in the face. Wayne told him no that his boyfriend would not like him slipping him the tongue. Rex did not understand but stood there wagging his tail.

Wayne took the eggs in and told Brad he was going to go saddle the horses. They should be finished eating by now. As Wayne headed back out the door Brad told him he would not be long. Brad finished drying the dishes and put the eggs away. Once done Brad headed for the door.

Wayne was finishing saddling his horse when Brad walked up. They made small talk while he was finishing everything. Brad told Wayne he had brought a couple of towels so they could go for a swim if they wanted. Wayne told him that might be nice later but was he trying to tell him he stank.

Brad laughed and told him stank was not the word for it. Rotten was more like it. Wayne let go of the stirrup adjustment then and grabbed Brad in a headlock. Making sure he put Brad's nose right in his armpit. Brad could not help but to breathe in Wayne scent. It was different from Scotts but nothing about said anything but manliness. Wayne let go them and told Brad there's your rotten.

Brad turned a little red because he felt a little twinge below but Wayne never knew any different. He thought he was red from being held in a headlock. Brad smiled and told Wayne he would get his some day.

Wayne told Brad Sam should be there any minute and they could take off. Brad had forgotten that Sam was coming over that morning and told him he would run back to the cabin and get another towel for him. He heard the truck coming down the road when he came back out. Brad had also filled a saddle bag because he knew this would be a most of the day trip. He knew also with everything that had been going on they all could use a peaceful day. He was also glad they had kept a couple of extra horses at the cabin now.

By the time Sam walked up to them Wayne had a saddle on Scott's horse. They knew it better that the other one. It seemed a little skittish and there were things that could spook a horse on these trails they were going to ride today. Sam walked up to Brad and hugged him then turned to Wayne.

Wayne tried not to look Sam in the face as he hugged him. Sam had no part of this and planted a big kiss on Wayne. This made Brad miss Scott even more. He even felt a little jealous of the two of them. He wished Scott could have been with them also. They had always had so much fun when they were together. 

They climbed up on their horses and headed out. The trail was narrow in a few places as they were going down. Some places you could almost touch with your foot as you road along. They were the places were it has washed out from heavy rains. Brad had made the trip several times now and knew the path well. Sam was the only one that had been here once. Brad loved it. It was its own little world down here. The echo of the horse's feet could be heard here. They were close to the edge of the valley now and Brad picked up the pace. He was in his own little world here.

Sam was amazed at the feeling that came over him as they went further down. It was like you walked through a portal into another world. Every thing changed from bare desolate ground to lush tree and grasses. How could it change so fast? Sam thought this would be the perfect place to live if you were going to live in this area. You could see the fog coming up off the spring. The birds were singing as they flittered from branch to branch. Sam even saw a couple of birds that he had never seen around the ranch before. He guessed it was the lack of trees that caused that.

He knew they irrigated the pastures some but the green was different. It seemed darker here. The air had a little sweet smell to it. It was so pure like right after a rain in the spring when everything is coming to life. It pleased the nostrils with its cool refreshing scents it did carry. The valley Sam of the nature shows he used to watch on TV. The ones in Africa were everything looked dry and brittle from the planes then all of a sudden you saw this green spot off in the distance. As you got closer you saw life around a water hole. The trees would be green and animals gathered around drinking the only life giving water for miles.

Sam was in his on world as he rode on. Looking around and thinking how nice it was here. The peaceful thoughts were broken a few minutes later when his horse stumbled on a rock. Almost falling he came back to reality and noticed that he was falling behind. Sam spurred his horse to pick up speed. By the time he caught up they were at the bottom of the valley. He did not know it but Brad and Wayne felt the same things every time the came into the valley.

As they rode along the horses would snip off bites of the dark green grasses. In places the grasses would almost touch there boots then they would go back to shorter varieties Small birds flittered ahead of them from limb to limb chirping their annoyance that someone was in their territory.

The peacefulness was broken by a loud noise as Wayne fired his rifle. Sam looked in the direction he saw Wayne's gun was pointed but did not see anything. Wayne rode off that direction and soon dismounted. Took about five steps and bent over to pick something up. When he stood back up he had a nice fat rabbit in his hand. He looked over to the others and told them he was buying lunch.

Sam thought that was a little gross. He had never had a taste for rabbit while growing up. He thought maybe they would go fishing. He would try to catch a fish so he could have something else to eat. He knew he would not be looking forward to lunch if that was all they would be eating.

Brad told Wayne they might need to shoot another one if they spotted it. One rabbit would not go far between the three of them. Wayne nodded in agreement with Brad and told him to help keep an eye out for more.

Sam notice it had gotten very quite in the valley. The birds had stopped chirping and it was like everything was holding its breath. It was several minutes before the sounds started returning. The peacefulness had been broken and was slowly returning. It looked like this valley had never seen man more than a few times. He wondered why no one had ever stayed here.

It started to warm up a little more as the day pressed on and soon thy reached the creek. As they rode along the edge of the bank you could see some turtles run for the water as they approached. Even the water looked clean and cool. Sam was falling in love with this valley.

As they pulled up to a stop and climbed off the horses Sam saw the swimming hole. It looked like it had been dug out or something. The bank widened here to where the creek filled this depression. The rocks in the creek looked like they had even been stacked up to help stanch the flow of the water.

Brad pulled out a small camping shovel and a spool of fishing twine. He told Wayne to see if he could find some limbs that would serve as fishing poles. He then asked Sam to see if he could find some fire wood while he dug a fire pit and hopefully found a few worms for bait. Brad heard Sam say alright a little more enthusiastically that he would have thought he should have. Then Brad thought maybe Sam just really wanted to fish some.

It was turning into a very pleasant for all three of the boys. Getting to just kick back and relax for a change. As brad was finishing up digging the hole he spotted a weird shaped rock He picked it up and wiped it off and was surprised to see it was and arrow head. Then he looked glanced around and shook his head. He knew someone else had also enjoyed this valley years ago. Brad leaned over stuck the shovel in the ground and pulled back on the handle. Once the ground was opened up a little he placed the arrow head into the hole and covered it up. It was like a little secrete he would keep safe a while longer.

Brad finished and picked up the few worms he had found. Wayne had finished finding the limbs for poles and was skinning the rabbit at the edge of the creek. Sam came back a few minutes after that with one arm full of wood and dragging a good size limb. There little day was really turning out great. It seemed like everyone was having a great day.

Wayne finished with the rabbit and asked Brad if he had some twine he could tie the rabbit so it could soak in the creek for a few minutes. He wanted to let some of the blood to rinse out of the meat before cooking. Brad unwound the spool of fishing twine and cut a piece off for Wayne handing it to him.

Brad had noticed Wayne had distanced himself from Sam a little today. He had managed not to make it obvious though. He knew he still felt some guilt though. With time he knew it would go away if he tried though. Brad had been through all of that years ago though. He hated that it bothered Wayne but knew that it would strengthen there relationship or destroy it. Longing to get out and experience things cause people to sneak around.

Sneaking around could be fun but it can also destroy a relationship. It can become a thrill ride like a rollercoaster. Its great while it last but it must always stop. You then don't fill the thrill till again you climb back on. Most end up getting caught and the security most times gets destroyed. It's just not the same when you ride by yourself after that. Yes men can be faithful but we are the hunters it is in our blood. The thrill is the chase. It would be great to fall in love and never see another man that would tempt you.

Brad was wise and knew life was always trying to throw you trials that would put your love to the test. There was always another man looking to take yours from you or split the two of you up. He had been through that many times before in his life. He hated someone that he could not trust. He knew he could trust Scott though. Their love was stronger than he had ever felt before. This man put himself between him and a bullet. He also had already learned the difference between love and sex. He understood Brad's needs and push him to not worry about it. It was just sex and knew Brad truly loved him. That's what kept Brad faithful. He had not planned on what happened with Wayne it just happened.

Brad Walked over to Sam and let him know it was time to fish. They headed over to where Wayne was dangling the rabbit in the water. He handed a pole to Wayne and the fishing line. He gave Sam a hook to tie on his pole and told him to tie it on. The rigged up their homemade poles and were fishing in a little while. It was a couple of hours before anyone caught anything.

Sam was the first to catch a small perch. You would have thought it was a big fish the way he acted. In the next half hour he caught a second one. Wayne moved a little closer to Sam and then started catching some perch also. Within a couple more hours the boys stopped for lunch.

Brad walked over to where they had put the saddles while the horses grazed. He found his saddle bag and pulled out a small skillet and a little jar of oil. Walking back over to the fire pit he grabbed some dry grass and a few twigs. Brad handed the grass and twigs to Wayne and asked him to start the fire. Brad peeled the few potatoes he had brought while Wayne started the fire.

Sam was busy cleaning the fish while the others were busy taking care of their chores. There were seven perch to gut. Brad had told him to not scale the fish but to wash them good. By the time he had them all cleaned Wayne had the fire going in the pit Brad had dug. Sam set the fish on a rock close to the fire pit. Brad Ask Sam to dig some clay out of the bank of the creek and bring it over. Sam thought he remembered something about cooking fish in clay from the Boy Scouts.

Brad was cutting the potatoes up to fry when Sam got back with the clay. Wayne walked up about the same time with a few wild onions Brad had asked him to find. Brad took the onions and started cutting them up to fry a few with the potatoes. He knew they were not the same as the ones you get at the store but they would add a little flavor.

Wayne and Sam had salted and peppered the fish from the little pack Brad had bought. Then they were on to packing the clay around the fish. By the time they were done the fire was almost ready. Wayne and Sam headed over to wash the clay from their hands and retrieve the rabbit from the water.

As they headed back to the fire they looked for a good stick to spit the rabbit on. It had to be green to keep from catching fire. Straight was also something they looked for. When they found it Wayne asked Sam to also cut a couple of forked branches to hang it on. It was not hard to find what was needed here in the valley. That was one thing about this place. With a few seeds every year and someone willing to put some food up you could survive off the land here. There was enough game to hunt, fresh water to drink and a beautiful valley to live in.

When the fire had burned down and the coals were red hot Brad slipped in the clay covered fish. He had to put a little more wood on the fire to get it back to burning good the moisture from the clay cooled off a lot of the coals. It was not long till the wood had burned down and he places the rabbit on the spit. Once that was done he asked the guys if they wanted to go for a swim.

They all agreed it would be nice and headed for the creek. Brad knew he would have to get out from time to time to turn the rabbit and a few minutes earlier than the others so he could put the potatoes on to cook. Brad turned the rabbit back side down and put the rest of the onions and more salt on the inside of the rabbit to let the flavor cook in. He knew they would fall out later when he turned it over but the flavor would still be there.

It was still amazing to Brad to watch a man undress. As they all got out of their close he could not help but look. He noticed that the others were also checking him out. As they walked into the water Sam spoke up and asked Brad what happened to his chest and back. Wayne's head shot back as he heard this. Wayne knew Sam knew what happened the other night but he had not seen Brad with out a shirt.

Brad laughed and joked to break the tension some. He then told Sam that yeah Wayne got a little rough but then pointed to his ass where the cougar had clawed him and told Wayne he did not leave the kind of scars Sam did.

Sam was quick to say he did not do that. Brad kept going at it though. Telling Wayne that, that was before they showed Sam how to trim his nails. Sam flipped Brad the bird and took off after him. Brad made it to the water just seconds before Sam. When Wayne dove in he could not believe how cold the water was. When he came up he let out a scream. Just as he took in his second breath of air he was pulled back under the water.

Sam came up yelling "my god its cold" The horse play slowed down a little till their bodies could adjust. When Brad came back up they yelled for Wayne to come on in. Wayne was walking in slowly like it would help. They laughed at him as he cupped his balls right before the hit the cold water. Like that would help.

It took a few minutes to adjust to the water. Once they did the horse play started up with everyone getting dunked and thrown in the air. When they tired some Sam and Wayne got a little closer. Wayne knew they wanted a little time alone and told them he was going to check on the food.

Sam thought this time alone would be a good time to have a little fun. Wayne tried his best to get it up but the water was so cold he couldn't. He told Wayne it was a good thing he couldn't get it up either or he would have thought he didn't love him any more. Wayne felt bad again thinking that Sam was talking about him messing around with Brad again and put his head down.

Sam noticed the reaction Wayne had and put his arms around him. He reassured Wayne he was not saying anything to hurt him. Hell he would love to have another chance with Brad too. Then he told Wayne he wanted to have sex with Brad now he could if he would. That shocked Wayne. He had never had anyone say anything like that to him before. If Wayne even mentioned to someone he was dating that he thought another girl was nice looking he got cut off quick. Sam reassured Wayne he loved him and he knew it was just curiosity.

Wayne turned towards Sam and put his arm around him. He told Sam he was sorry as a tear rolled down his cheek. I am trying to get used to a relationship with a man but it's harder in some ways and easier in others.

Sam asked Wayne what he meant buy that and Wayne explained. With a woman he knew he could not look at other women. That was a no-no. You always had to try and guess what they wanted because they hinted at what they wanted. They never just came out and told you. The mood swings were fast and furious. It was rare to be able to just do guy things without fearing you had to pay for it later. You had to be gentle so you would not hurt them. Sex was also different and more intense.

Sam Smiled and kissed Wayne. He then told him he was ready to get out of the Water and warm up some. When they reached the edge of the creek Sam once again turned Wayne around and kissed him deeply. When the kiss was broken he told Wayne he loved him. He could also feel the blood start to circulate through his tool again. By the time they broke the embrace Sam also felt Wayne's swollen member against his thigh. They walked up the bank and headed to the fire to dry.

Brad had been working on the food when he saw Wayne and Sam standing at the edge of the creek. He felt a little pang of hurt when he saw them kiss. From where he was you could not tell the difference between Wayne and Scott. He shook his head and told himself it was Wayne and felt better. He really was glad Wayne and Sam were working every thing out. He hoped they would stay together. He knew they would be a lot of fun to run around with once this was all over.

As they neared the fire Brad noticed they were a little swollen and thought if he were not here they would be having a lot more fun. He stood up and walked over to the saddle bags and grabbed the towels for them to dry off with. He did not want to stare because he could already feel the blood start to fill his own organ. He did not want them to notice so he knew he had to do something to take his mind off of it.

Brad walked over to them and handed them the towel. He placed the potatoes on the coals then went to put his own clothes on. He had dried off when he had gotten out and finished air drying so he thought it was time to get dressed. He started putting his clothes on When Sam told him he didn't have to do that because of them. Brad told him he thought it was best while he was cooking he did not want any hot coals popping out and burning him.

Sam and Wayne went over and sat on an old log to air dry a little before getting dressed. When Sam sat down he yelped as little a piece of old bark bit into his rear. Wayne and Brad both laughed at his antics. Brad could not help but make comment. "Wayne I thought you would have toughened that up a little by now." Wayne laughed and replied back. "Well it was toughened up but I kept after it till it tenderized it." Sam smacked Wayne on the arm then told him "You will have to give me a lot more than what you have to tenderize this ass." They all chuckled at that and settled down to relax some before they ate. 

When the potatoes were done Brad took a stick and dug out one of the perch from the hot coals. He tapped it with the stick till the clay broke. When he pulled it back the fish looked done. The flesh was flakey and the scales came loose with the clay. He then dug the other fish out and pulled the Rabbit off the fire. Brad then drained the oil off the potatoes and scooted them over to the side. He had Wayne crack open three more of the perch and take his knife and pull as much of the meat off and put it in the skillet as he could. While Wayne did this he pulled off some of the rabbit meat and place it on the skillet also.

It was not long till the skillet was full and looking good. When it was ready they took it over to the log where Sam was setting. Brad found a larger rock he could set it on then the three of them dug in. It was a good thing they were close because they had to share the spoon. They had not brought anything besides their pocket knives. After a while they had wiped out most of the meat.

Brad stood and brought the rest of the rabbit and the two other fish over. He handed one of the fish to Sam because he noticed he had not touched the rabbit. It was not long till there was nothing else and they all had their bellies full. As Brad stood up Sam told him to sit back and relax he would wash the skillet. Brad leaned back against the log and relaxed while Sam got up to clean up. 

Brad and Wayne talked about how nice Sam was while he washed things up. Wayne told him they had talked about what happened and was ok with it no. Wayne told him he was the one with the problem not Sam. Sam loved him and took it all in stride. Wayne let Brad know he was the one with the problem. He was so used to dating women that he had problems separating the two. He expected Sam to react the same way a woman did. It would take him a while to get used to the differences.

Brad then asked Wayne if he was having any more problems with dating men. He knew it bothered him a few days ago and wondered if it still did.

Wayne looked at Brad and told him he had not thought about it much. He let him know he thought he would have more problems when this was all over in a few weeks. He would have to face the public again and it would be different. At least out here you were among men who thought there was nothing wrong with it. He worried if he would still be able to date Sam when he had to move back to town.

Brad wanted to know what he meant by that.

Wayne went on to explain that while out here no one thought anything about it. It town was different. He knew he loved Sam but did not know how it would be later.

Brad was starting to get a little upset. It was ok as long as no one knew about it.

Wayne wanted to make sure Brad understood. He looked at Brad and told him he loved Sam and would love to spend the rest of his life with him. It was just easier out here. No one hassled them and made their lives hard. He had the help of his cousin and his lover to help him out. He let Brad know when he was gone it would be just him and Sam. They would not have any friends that were gay to run around with. The friends he had would probably not want to be friends with him once they found out.

Brad began to understand then. He reassured Wayne he would not be alone. They would be around as much as possible. There was also Doug and Brent that would be around some.

That made Wayne feel a little better but he knew how small towns were. They would be making snide remarks all the time about the two queers that live in town. A lot of the guys would want to start trouble and whoop some fag's ass Wayne knew it would be hard but he would stay with Sam as long as Sam would stay with him.

When Sam finished he walked back up and could tell that Wayne and Brad had been deep in a conversation. They had both been quite and he asked them if he needed to walk off and finish what they were talking about. Brad was the first to respond with a no. Brad explained they were just talking about relationships and where they were headed.

Sam looked Wayne's way and stated he hoped for the rest of their lives. This caused Wayne to look up and smile. If you could just see the look it would have made your heart melt. Finally Wayne spoke and told them they needed to saddle back up if they were going to ride much more before heading back.

Once they were in the saddle again Brad took off. They were going at a good gallop and enjoying the freedom. The horses hoof beats could be felt all through your body. The warm air against your skin and blowing through you hair felt relaxing to Brad. Brad never felt freedom he felt when riding. There was nothing like it. He wished Yeller was still alive and with them. He loved watching the dog running along with the horses.

He hoped when rex was a little older he would enjoy riding with them. He was a little young no and would wonder off to much to bring along. He did not want to have to go off hunting for him. As much as Brad tried rex was just not Yeller.

It was not long before they were getting close to the end of the Valley and turned around. They rode back on the far side of the valley. The trees were a little thicker here. They slowed down a little and looked for animals. They had spooked a couple of deer and their young and saw a coyote. There was one small covey of quail that spooked Wayne's horse and he had to hang or as the horse jumped out of the way.

They slowed down a little more after that not wanting anyone to get hurt. It took them a little over two hours before the reached the place they crossed the creek. Brad rode his horse over to the little ridge where he thought was the most beautiful place in the valley. Once there he stopped and turned his horse to look back once more. He never understood how you could have something so beautiful in such a place.

You could hear all of the guys let out a sigh as they looked over the valley floor. Wayne thought he would love to live in a place like this away for all the troubles of the world. Sam had only been here twice and thought it was beautiful. Brad thought a second and then a big smile crossed his face as he made plans. 

After a few more seconds Brad turned his horse and headed back to the path to the cabin. Wayne and Sam soon followed but not till Sam leaned over and took Wayne hand in his and told him he loved him.

If was not long before they reached the cabin and climbed off the horses. Brad was a little sore from not riding as much as he used to. He thought he needed to do more riding to get back into shape. It would not be long till he would be a working guy again.

Wayne and Sam told Brad if he would start supper they would brush the horses down. They kind of grinned a little too much and Brad knew they wanted a little time alone. Finally Brad told them go on up to the cabin and have a little time to have some fun. He could take care of the horses while they had some fun.

It did not take a repeating of the offer. Wayne and Sam were off in a flash. There were even a few whoops as the rounded the corner. Brad thought he even heard a thank you but was not for sure.

He pulled the saddle off the first horse and took a hand full of straw and wiped the wettest places on his horse then unsaddled Wayne's horse. When he finished unsaddling all three horses and wiping them a little he retrieved the brush. They had started shedding their winter coat and loved the brushing. It made them itch some with the loose hair coming out. Once he turned one loose the horse walked out to the spot they rolled in and had a good role. He saw this repeated with all three horses.

Once they were through rolling he put out some fresh hay and feed for them. Brad scratched and brushed just a little more as the horses ate. He had stirred up a lot of dust doing this and decided he had given them enough time. Brad fed the goats and chickens a little more then headed to the cabin.

When he stepped up on the porch he stopped and listened before going any further. He could not hear any sounds so he thought it was safe to enter. When he opened the door Wayne and Scott was setting at the table. They were still in their clothes and it did not look like the bed was messed up. Brad was the first to speak by asking if he needed to leave for a while again.

Sam's response was no that they wanted to talk to him for a second. Brad made his way over to the table and sat down. Once he was comfortable Brad asked them what was up. Sam started talking and asked Brad to hear him out. Brad nodded and Sam went on to explain. They had made it back to the cabin and started kissing. Then Sam told Brad he had asked Wayne what they were talking about when he walked up at lunch. Sam let Brad they talked about it and after a while they both realized how much they loved him.

As the conversation went on Brad found out how much they both had enjoyed making love to him. Brad felt a little surprised. But he was in shock when Sam finally asks him if he would make love with both of them together. At first he just looked form Sam to Wayne the back. He could not believe they wanted to. Brad knew Scott would not care but he still wanted to get his ok. They kept waiting for Brad to answer and Wayne was the first to say "well."

Brad noticed he had not said anything for a few seconds then told them He wanted to get Scotts ok first.

Wayne picked up the mic for the CB and hollered Mom in the mic. It was a couple seconds when Wayne heard his mom answer. Wayne asked her if Scott was around. He needed to ask him something personal. May told him to hang own she would get him.

In a couple of minutes they heard Scott's voice on the CB. He asked Wayne what was up and Wayne wanted to know if he was alone. Scott responded yes then Wayne asked if he minded if he and Sam had some manly fun with Brad that night. Scott reply was not no but hell no. That shut everyone up on the other end.

Finally Wayne answered and told Scott he was sorry. There was a loud laugh on the other end and a reply just kidding here. Sure if Brad wants to then I do not have a problem with it. All I can say it don't wear it out to much I plan on coming out tomorrow and I want to have a little fun with him before I head back

Wayne was afraid to answer at first then all he could get out was ok. Scott said hello a couple of times before Wayne handed the mic over to Brad. Brad and Scott talked a little and told him they would meet him over at the ranch tomorrow. Scott finally told Brad that he needed to go May was calling him for supper. He told them to have fun and think of him.

Brad told Wayne and Sam to get cleaned up while he fixed them something to eat. Wayne pulled the tub out and had the shower ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

Sam was the first to shower. Brad caught himself looking at Sam some while he showered. Sam still looked great. His body had matured even more. He had slimmed down a little and his muscles were tight. It had shaped up a little different from when he was a gymnast to a hard body working man. The v shape was still there but the skin seemed to hug the muscles tighter. The hair on his chest had grown out more. It did not look like he trimmed it any more. This was even more appealing to Brad now.

When Sam finished Wayne stepped in to shower. Brad could not help but to get a little excited watching this man. He looked so much like his lover. Knowing he would be with this man in a little while made his cock stiff. Brad was fixing some deer meat eggs and biscuits with gravy. They would be getting some fresh meat when Scott came out tomorrow. When Wayne stepped out of the shower the meal was almost done.

Brad noticed Sam had not gotten dressed yet he was just setting on the end of the bed and watching Wayne. Brad asked Sam if he could take over watching the food while he showered off quickly. He was quick to take over and Brad started to strip. He was glad he was not still hard because it would be a little embarrassing.

As Brad got wet he noticed the guys were watching him like they had each other. He could not help it after he wet him self down but to put on a little show for them. He lathered up his chest paying close attention to his nipples. Then he lathered up one arm and slowly washed his pit turning his head towards it as he did it. He repeated this one the other side and watched the guys out of the corner of his eye as he soaped it up good.

Brad could see both of them had full erections now. Brad pressed on letting his hand slip slowly down his firm stomach stopping only to slowly finger his belly button. When he finally reached his cock he found it to be hard like the others. He wrapped his fingers around the base and pulled outward. This caused him some pleasure and a drop of precum came out of the end. It dropped off leaving a long strand glistening and dangling down from the end of his cock. A few more strokes and he finished with his cock and started on his balls.

He could feel they were pulled up close to his body and it took a couple of pulls before they relaxed some. Once this was done Brad moved his hands around to his gluts and lit his fingers enter the hot crevice. As they probed his ring he felt it clamp down. A couple more probes and it relaxed some. Brad let out a moan that was quickly replied to from Wayne.

Wayne told him to quit showing off before this night was over with before it got started. Brad turned and gave them both a grim and asked if they were talking to him. Sam responded back and told him yes. If you don't all your going to get to eat is burnt food. Brad chuckled and pulled the chain and released the water to rinse off. Sam turned back around and started taking the food up.

Brad dried off quickly and decided he would not get dressed either. He sat his towel on the bench and sat down while Sam sat the food on the table. They guys had their meal eating quickly without much being said. When they finished nothing was said but they all stood up and headed for the bed.

Brent felt uneasy being at Doug's parent's house. They had stopped at the cabin and no one was there. It looked like only one horse was there so he thought they might be at the ranch. He and Doug drove on to the ranch and no one was there either. Brent and Doug looked around and could not find anyone so they went to Doug's Parents.

Doug's mom insisted that they stay the night there. Brent did not really want to but after a while said ok. He wanted to go into town and get a motel room. He would have felt a lot better about it.

Doug was a little uneasy about staying at his home also. He still was mad at his dad and had not forgiven his completely. There was a lot of tension while they ate supper. His mom tried to make as much conversation as she could but it did not help. She of course was worried about her son and wanted what was best for him.

When supper was over Doug's father went outside. The tension went down several levels when it did. They talked and it seemed to help Doug and his mom both. Doug told her what it was like living in the city. He explained that Brent had taken him several places and shown him a lot of sights. They had gone to the museums and all about the different types of places to eat. Also that Brent lived in an apartment on the third floor. Doug asked his mom if he could take a few of his things with him and she told him he could.

Doug then asked his mom if dad was going to say something about him and Brent sleeping together. She told Doug to let her handle it that there would not be any problems. Doug the told her he had missed her and being on the farm. He wanted to take Brent for a ride in the morning. He missed riding his horse and wanted to know if his dad would mind Brent riding his horse. She told Doug she would ask him later but that there was a surprise waiting for him in the barn. Doug jumped up to take off but his mom stopped him. She told him he would have to wait till in the morning to see it.

Brent then asked where he would be sleeping that he was getting tired. They had been on the road most of the day getting there and would like to lie down. She asked Doug to take him to his room and show Brent where they would be sleeping. She stood up and hugged Brent and thanked him for helping Doug. Brent hugged her back and told her he was glad to.

Doug then took Brent up to his room to unpack. He showed Brent where the bathroom was so he could wash up before going to bed. Brent pulled out the clothes he planned to wear the next day and set them out. He then headed to the bathroom and washed up. When he got back to the room Doug was laying on top of the bed naked.

Brent was quick to ask Doug what he thought he was doing. Doug told him he wanted to make love. Brent asked him if he was crazy. Doug told him he was a grown man and if he wanted to make love in his room then there should not be a problem. Brent tried to explain to Doug that this was still his father's house. He did not like the fact his son was gay much less that he would be having sex with a man. If he walked in it could be big trouble.

Doug told Brent that would be his dad's problem. He had to accept him or loose him forever. Brent tried to reason with Doug but for some reason he felt a little excitement also. The chance of getting caught was always a thrill for him. Brent could feel himself getting hard just looking at Doug and thinking about it.

Doug was not going to let it drop and started stroking himself while looking at Brent. When he saw that he was getting the response he wanted he raised his legs and inserted a finger in his ass. Brent could feel his heart start to pound. He had a weak spot for Doug every since he had met him.

It did not take Brent long till he started to approach the bed. Doug sat back up and started helping Brent out of his clothes. When Brent's pants hit the floor he stepped out of them. Doug leaned forward pressing his face against Brent's boxers. He could feel Brent pulsing against his face. Doug knew then he was going to get to christen his room for the first time. Brent leaned in feeling the warmth of Doug's breath coming through his boxers.

When he felt Doug open his mouth and engulf the head of his cock Brent moaned. He loved the feeling Doug had awakened in him. As much as Brent had fought it he had fallen in love with Doug. There was such and innocence about Doug that Brent had fallen for. He had not been out in the cruel world and been used by so many yet. He did not know the games men played to get you in bed to get another notch on their bed post. His heart had not hardened yet and he was truly what you got.

Brent reached down and ran his fingers through Doug's hair letting him know it was feeling good. Doug responded by putting more pressure on Brent. The front of Brent's boxers was getting wet. When Doug finally reached up and gripped the waist band and pulled down. Brent's hard cock slapped Doug in the face on gaining freedom. Doug went down on Brent till the hairs from Brent's pubes were tickling his nose.

Brent had never been a very quite lover but he was trying his best. Brent's legs started shaking and he had to place his hands on Doug's shoulders to steady him self. Doug seemed like he was trying to make him moan. He had never gone at it like this before. He seemed like a man hell bent on making him scream. Doug was clamping down with his throat and Brent knew he could not hold back any longer. He felt like scalding cum was flying out the end of his cock.

When Doug felt the first blast hit the back of his throat he reached between Brent's legs and inserted a finger I his ass. With his other hand he grabbed Brent's balls and gave them a light squeeze. This cause Brent to let out a noise Doug loved to hear. It was a deep throated growl that started deep within Brent and worked its way up.

Doug applied more pressure to Brent's prostate and tugged a little harder on Brent's balls. That's when the roar reached its peak. Doug knew his mom had to hear that and that's why he did it. He wanted acceptance and was not going to settle for anything else. He knew he could make Brent get loud even if he didn't want him to.

When Brent finally calmed down enough his legs started shaking uncontrollably then started going out from under him. His knees hit the edge of the bed as his cock popped loose of the suction Doug had put on it. He fell forward on top of Doug and tried to catch his breath and compose himself again.

Brent jumped when he heard the knock at the door and Doug's mom asking if everything was ok. Doug responded back with a yes were just having a little sex. Brent turned white as a sheet and you probably knocked him over with a feather when Doug responded. He gave Doug a "what the fuck" look and Doug just shrugged his shoulders.

You could hear Doug's mom walking away and Brent asked Doug why he did that. You should not be rubbing it in your moms face. Doug told Brad it was not nice to push his feelings on his parents so fast. They needed some time to adjust or he could loose them forever. Doug was still mad and Brent knew that. He still had a lot of anger towards his dad and it would take time to fix it.

Brent knew he needed to go talk to Doug's mom but now was not the time to leave. All it would do would be piss Doug off. Brent knew Doug always fell asleep after a good orgasm so he had his mind set. All Doug knew was he was having the time of his life. Brent showed him tricks he had not even thought about. Doug came quickly but Brent wanted to make sure and pressed him for a second orgasm. He was shocked that Doug was even making noise today. Brent pushed him harder and when Doug had his second orgasm Brent laid down on top of him.

It did not take but a couple of minutes before Doug drifted off to sleep. Brent made sure he was careful and slowly got off the top of Doug. Doug groaned when Brent's cock slipped out of his ass but he did not wake up. Brent quietly dressed and went down stairs to find Doug's mom.

He did not find her in the house but instead she was out on the porch starring off into the distance. Brent walked up behind her and asked if he could talk. She nodded her head but never said a word. Brent went on then to apologize for what happened earlier. He explained how Doug still felt the pain of rejection and wanted some of that pain to be put on them. He is still angry with his dad for doing what he did.

Brent could see her shoulders start to shake. He knew she was crying and wanted to help sooth her but was afraid to. Brent went on to explain how much better Doug was getting.

He still had anger but Brent was helping him work through it. Brent went on to explain Doug was to the point he wanted to hurt them as much as they had hurt him. The doctors had explained that he would be going through this faze but the next faze would be just wanting their acceptance and love. That was the important part of the healing. He had to let go of the hate first.

All of a sudden Doug's mother turned around and took the two steps towards Brent. Brent could not read her reaction. All of a sudden she took both of her fists and pounded them on Brent's chest. Several times the fist rose and dropped on Brent's chest. Each time they hit a loud sob with why oh why could be heard coming from her. Finally the fist stopped coming and she curled them to her chest. Leaning forward against Brent who had not backed off she cried and cried hard. Finally Brent lifted his arms and encircled her with in them.

Brent could feel the tears start running down his cheeks to. He felt sorry for her. He knew it had to be hard on her. She had just found out her son was gay and her husband threw him out. Right after that he tried to commit suicide and she almost lost him again. She had not seen her son for three weeks and did not know if he was dead or alive.

It took a while but she finally calmed down enough to pull back and look at Brent. She stared at Brent for a few seconds. It felt like forever to Brent but her eyes never broke contact with his. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out at first. Finally when it did she mouthed the words. "You really do love him don't you? I can see it in your eyes. You really do love Doug€¯ Then she put her arms around Brent and hugged him.

When she broke the hug she took Brent by the hand and led him to the porch swing. She sat then patted the seat beside her for Brent to sit. She looked at Brent then told him she was sorry. Brent started to say something back but she raised her hand.

Brent sat there while she went on telling him that she never believed a man could truly love a man. She had thought some men might enjoy using another man. Just because: it would make him feel manlier to humiliate another man. By making him service him like a woman. When she had heard the sounds coming from the room it confirmed it for her. Then Doug's response repulsed her and she could not stand the fact he had to do those things.

She could not help but run out of the house she wanted to find her husband and have him make Brent stop doing the things he was doing to her son. She could not find him he had left. Then she headed up to the house to confront Brent and make him leave. When she stepped back up on the porch she heard Doug making noise. She stopped to pull herself together and tried to think what to do next. But all she could hear was Doug moaning and groaning. She couldn't think. The sounds were making her crazy her son being tortured. Then she froze. She could hear Doug telling him what to do. She had not realized she had opened the window to his room to air out some when she found out he was staying the night. That's why it sounded so clear.

The sounds reminded her of when she first got married and her husband was spending time making love to her. Those were not sounds of pain or of someone doing something they did not want to. Those were sounds of someone pleasuring some one else. She could tell Doug wanted what was happening to him. Then she heard the sound of someone having and orgasm and it was Doug. She knew she had heard those sounds before when some nights she had had problems going to sleep. She would hear noises coming from Doug's room and sneak up to the door to listen. She knew what he was doing then and turns to leave. But on a few occasions she heard him when he had reached his point of no return.

That was the sounds she had heard today. Not just once but twice. Then she knew Brent was not hurting her son that he loved him. When she looked in his eyes a few seconds earlier she knew for sure he loved Doug. He would not do something to Doug he did not want to do. 

She looked Brent in the eye again and told him it was hard being torn between being happy for Doug and being unhappy because of what he was doing. She loved her son and wanted him to be happy but not like this. It was wrong and she could not figure out what she had done to make him like this.

Brent attentively reached out with his arm and put it around her shoulder. He explained that it was nothing she did or did not do. He explained that it was just natural for some males to want to be with other males. The percentage was small but it happens. The best thing she could do was to accept the fact her son was one of them and be happy that he found someone that would treat him good. Brent when on telling her he loved Doug. That he would never hurt him intentionally. He let her know he was sorry that she had heard them and he did not planned on that. Doug was acting out and trying to prove something. He wanted to make sure she knew Doug only wants acceptance.

They sat there in silence for a few minutes before Brent stood and told her he needed to get back to the room before Doug woke. He handed her a business card and told her it had his phone numbers on it. If she ever just needed to just talk or wanted to talk to her son. They could be reached through those numbers.

Brent stood then and headed back into the house. He stopped at the bathroom to relieve himself. When he came out he looked back at the front door. No one was there even though he had hoped that there was. He headed up the stairs to Doug's room. Opening the door as quietly as he could, he stepped in.

Doug was still on the bed where he had left him. Brent crossed the room undressed and genteelly lifted the covers and slipped in the bed. He did not wake Doug. He hoped Doug would sleep all night. He felt Doug press back against him and snuggled into his normal position. Brent put his arm around him and pulled him into an embrace. He kissed the back of his head and whispered he loved him to a sleeping Doug.

Back at the cabin the guys were just getting ready to head to the bed. Sam was the one that was the most excited. He ran and jumped in the bed telling the others to hurry up. Wayne and Brad walked over to the bed and sat on the side of it.

Sam rubbed his hands together like a little kid. He could not hide his excitement. His cock was standing up against his stomach. When Brad looked over he almost laughed. He thought if you pulled down on Sam's cock it would brake off at the root. It looked like it was almost turning blue it had so much blood in it.

Brad then asked the question. "Who was the one that should be the focus for the night" Wayne looked at Sam and shrugged his shoulders. It was Sam who finally spoke up and told then it should be Wayne. He wanted Wayne to experience the same thing he did that night with Brad and Scott. Having two guys working on him was the wildest thing he had ever had. Brad asked Wayne if that was ok and he shook his head yes.

Brad told Wayne to lie back on the bed. Brad began to feel a little excitement as he thought what he wanted to do to Wayne. It started with both Brad and Sam kissing Wayne. While Sam kissed Wayne Brad whispered in his ear to follow his lead and do the same thing he did. Sam broke the kiss and looked at Brad. Brad leaned over and genteelly nibbled on Wayne's ear Sam followed suit and did the same thing with Wayne's other ear.

Brad was familiar with Wayne's scent. It seemed to change a little as he became excited. He became a little muskier as he got excited. As Bras worked his way down his neck he lightly ran his fingers up Wayne's side. When he reached his arm pit he reached back down. This time Sam noticed and followed suit. They started at the top of his thick bush. Lightly grazing the hairs and working their way up. Wayne started wiggling then. Brad noticed his cock was hard against his body then. He decided it was time to move a little further down.

Brad and Sam worked their way towards Wayne's pits. Raising his arms above his head they nuzzled then. Making sure they never stopped rubbing his chest lightly. Wayne was starting to breath a little faster then he would stop for a few seconds and hold his breath. It was not long till Brad had Wayne's pit soaked and he licked and nibbled on it. When he started to bite a little harder he could hear Wayne moan. Brad started tweaking his nipple as he gentle bit at Wayne's pit. Finally when he lets Wayne's nipple go he reached back down to gently tickle Wayne.

Brad was surprised when he reached down and found a puddle of precum had leaked out of Wayne. Brad stopped and brought his fingers up to taste it. It was a salty sweet taste. Brad smiled at Sam then and looked at Wayne's nipples. Sam smiled back then attacked them. As Brad had one and Sam the other they bit, licked and chewed on them. Wayne could not help it he lowered his arms around both Sam and Brad. He pulled them both close to him as he tried to figure out all the sensations running through him.

Wayne wanted to scream. The pain and pleasure he was feeling was almost an overload for him. He wanted to reach down and stroke himself. Every time he tried he was stopped. Wayne started to wiggle and Brad knew he was having a great time.

Brad could not help but to think of Scott as he worked on Wayne. The thick hair around his nipples made it hard to get a good suction started. He could tell by the way Wayne was reacting he would not last long when they got down to it. He did not care though they could make him go more than once. Brad reached down to lightly stroke the hairs on his balls.

This caused Wayne to tense up some. Wayne thought he would blow any second if they did not stop. He had hands all over his body working parts of him that should not be possible. Wayne's balls began to ache. He wanted to cum but never wanted it to stop all at the same time. When Brad and Sam pulled off him at the same time he got a chance to cool down some. The ache was still there but eased off a little.

Brad lifted his legs some and Wayne started to object. Brad looked Wayne in the eye and told him to trust him. Once again Brad lifted his legs pushing his knees into his chest. Wayne felt very venerable for the first time. He did not know if he should object or not. Finally he relaxed a little and he felt two mouths attack his shaft. Wayne could feel his cock throbbing as they both mouthed different parts.

Even though it felt great he still had some apprehension. He felt a tongue running up the underside of his cock as another ran around his balls. Wayne pulled harder at his legs. This was feeling great as the two mouths worked him over. He felt a slight pain as one of his balls was sucked into a mouth. It was being pulled away from his body while it was fighting to pull closer.

Wayne felt like he was on the edge again and a mouth engulfed him. He pushed back on the pillow trying not to cum yet. He eyes were closed so tight he was seeing little spots of light. The tongue that was working on his balls had dipped a little lower. It was working on that spot right behind them. This sensation made him move his head back and forth.

Moans and groans were heard with and occasional shit as spots were hit that drove him crazy. Brad knew it was time to take it a little further. He slid his tongue around the tight ring. Wayne responded by pulling his ass further in the air. Brad grabber each of Wayne firm ass cheeks and pulled them open more. This caused Wayne to try and lower his legs a little but Brad did not let him. He looked up and saw that Sam was taking Wayne cock all the way down his throat.

Brad spread Wayne ass again and drove his tongue into his ass. He started to move his tongue in a fucking motion and felt a little better as Wayne relaxed his muscles some. Brad stabbed and prodded till Wayne relaxed even more. He could start to feel Wayne pushing back and open even more. He knew Wayne had never taken a man but that was going to change tonight.

Brad tapped Sam and told him to slow down a little he did not want it to end to quick. Sam leaned up and started kissing Wayne some while he cooled down some. Brad continued to work on Wayne's ass.

Wayne was having a hard time not cumming. He had felt things tonight he had never felt. He wondered if Sam felt the same way he was while Brad rimmed him. It was no wonder he could make a girl or guy groan from doing that. He knew he enjoyed doing it but it felt even better receiving it. Finally Sam stopped kissing him and moved back down. He was licking and sucking on his balls now.

Wayne could not even open his eyes. The feelings were great. He soon wanted to do something to and asked Sam if he would turn around so he could suck him also. Brad knew he was getting into the heat of the moment now.

Brad was working as fast as he could to get Wayne's muscles to relax more. It took a few more minutes but they did. He wet his finger and slowly pushed it in. Wayne did not notice it for a while then asked Brad to remove it.

Wayne felt a little empty when he did remove the finger. It took a while for him to realize it when Brad slipped it back in. Wayne knew it did not hurt but still wished he would not do it. He managed not to say anything though this time. Soon between what Sam was doing to him and he was doing Brad manager to slip a second finger in. Wayne noticed the pressure and almost a need to push. He thought it was uncomfortable till Brad hit something inside him.

There was an electric shock. Wayne did not know what happened but he felt the jolt run up his spine. Then it happened again. It was more intense this time and lasted longer. His balls almost erupted as this wave hit him. What did Brad have up his ass? Wayne wanted to know but then it hit him again. Soon Wayne could not think about it any more he was to high on the waves of pleasure. Over and over they hit. Wayne knew he would go soon. He had Sam all the way to his pubes when he felt a searing pain.

He almost clamped down on Sam. He could not get Sam out of his mouth. All he knew was he was hurting. He pushed trying to get what ever was hurting his ass out. Slowly the pain eased and he could get his breath.

Brad knew it had hurt when he slide his cock in Wayne. Sam had watched as he inched his way in. He could tell the pain was easing up as Wayne slowly relaxed some. He did not want to hurt his so he did not move. Finally Wayne stopped pushing back. He could not dislodge Brads cock.

Brad signaled Sam to resume sucking Wayne. As Sam did this, Brad eased out little by little. When he had all but the head out Brad started pushing pack in. Wayne tensed back up as he felt the pain again. It was not as bad this time but it still hurt. It was like a sore muscle being stretched. Wayne wanted it all to stop. He could feel his cock start to go soft. He wanted them to let him up. He was not enjoying this any more. It took a couple more minutes before it quit hurting.

Wayne finally got Sam's cock out of his mouth and was going to tell them to stop when it struck him again. In his shifting a little something hit that electric button again. It took his breath for a second when it hit it again. Wayne realized what was happening then. Brad was fucking him. He was being gentle unlike he had been with Brad.

Wayne wanted to tell him to stop but felt like he deserved this. He had raped Brad the other night and if he could take it he would let Brad get even. Wayne then decided he would try and focus on something else till Brad finished. He hoped it would be soon though.

Wayne turned his head back and started sucking on Sam again. Anything to help take Wayne's mind off, of what was happening to his ass. Brad began to speed up his attack on Wayne's ass.

Brad could feel the hard little button as it slid across the top of his cock. Wayne was so tight he knew he had to keep it slow or he would cum. He developed a steady rhythm. Never going to fast. Brad angled his cock a little more till he was hitting Wayne's prostate more directly. It took a while but Brad could tell Wayne was starting to relax even more. His cock started to plump back up as Sam worked it. Wayne's body started to jump a little as in response.

Soon Wayne was full blown hard again and Sam was working him over good. Changing speed several times. He would get him close then back off. Brad kept a steady pace going. The longer Brad went the more Wayne seemed to enjoying it. Finally Brad picked up the pace and Wayne seemed to be arching his back in time with him.

Sam could not believe his luck. There less than six inches away he was watching a cock slide in and out of his partner's ass. It was turning him on watching it. After a few minutes he notices his lovers cock started to swell again. This caused Sam to work a little harder. He wanted his first time to be a pleasure for him. Sam soon had his mouth full with his lover's meat. Sam pulled Wayne's balls out of the way genteelly and massaged them. He found he was pumping his lovers face faster and fasted.

Sam gripped Wayne harder and slowed way down to keep from loosing it. Soon Wayne was bucking some under him. It always happened on Brads in stroke at about four inches deep. Wayne would jerk up a little each time. Sam knew what was happening and backed off some even though he really was fighting off the drive to finish Wayne off.

Sam noticed the more Wayne bucked the faster Brad started moving. Brads breathing started getting heaver and Sam knew he was getting close to. He looked up at Brad and told him give it hell it's time he blows. With that Brad leaned over a little more and started pounding Wayne. Sam could feel Wayne shaking under him. He was no longer bobbing any on his cock just sucking on the head. Sam started adding a lot of pressure and going faster up and down on Wayne. The grunts coming from Wayne was getting louder and louder but he never let Sam slip out of his mouth.

Sam did not know how much longer it was before Wayne blew but when he did it was all he could do to stay straddled of him. He arched his back taking Sam's knees off the bed with him. Brad was pounding Wayne hard and started cumming to. Wayne was gasping for air as he came back down from his orgasm. Brad had slipped out during the ordeal and started stroking himself. He shot several volleys across Wayne's inner thighs and Sam's face. Sam licked his lips capturing what he could then climbed over just a little and sucked out what was left.

Brad flinched When Sam locked on to him. His sensitivity was still high but he let Sam have what he could get. When he had milked everything he could get from Brad he went back to Wayne's and finished cleaning him for anything he might have missed.

Wayne just laid there not able to move. It seemed like all the energy he had was gone. He could still feel the sore ache in his ass but it was nothing like he thought it would have been. It burned a little but felt empty. He could not tell if he was able to tighten back up or not. He hoped he would not feel like this forever. He could understand why he had enjoyed it but the pain he had at first really hurt. He knew the more he and Sam had done it. The less gentle he had to be.

Finally Sam rolled off and turned around. He kissed Wayne running his tongue around his mouth. When he broke the kiss he looked Wayne in the eye and asked if he would let him have some now. Wayne's response was a little harsh no. He could tell as soon as he said it that he had hurt Sam. It made him feel real bad and he quickly told him to let him catch his breath first then he could.

That made Sam smile but Wayne did not know if he would be able to or not. He reached down and felt his swollen ass. It felt like his insides were hanging out. They were hot and swollen. Wayne lifted his leg and tried to see his ass but could not. Brad chuckled at the attempt and told him it would look normal in the morning.

Wayne then looked at Sam and told him if he really wanted it he guessed he better get on with it before he changed his mind. With that Wayne lifted his legs in the air. Brad told Wayne it might be better now if he did it doggie style. He was open and it might be a little easier on him.

Wayne rolled over into the doggie position and spread his legs. Brad handed Sam the lube then crawled under Wayne to make out with him. Sam lubed himself up then Wayne. He made sure he used plenty. Wayne flinched when the cold lube touched his swollen ass.

He told Sam he was ready then he felt it. Sam's cock was not as long as Brads but it was thicker. Wayne felt the pain again at being stretched and flinched. Brad knew this and distracted him with a kiss and pinching his nipple. Once Sam was in he waited for a few seconds then started a slow rhythm. He kept it going at a steady pace till he felt Wayne relaxing some.

Wayne was sore already from his first time. He wanted to tell Sam to stop when he started hurting a little. Brad had reached up and pinched his nipple and kissed him. He realized Sam was already in before anything could be said. He was hurting a little from the stinging sensation but it was not unbearable yet.

Wayne tried to let his mind wonder off some. He enjoyed having Brad below him. He had felt so guilty about what he had done. He knew if Brad had done him the same way he would not be able to walk now. A couple of times Sam hit that spot in him and he started to forget about the pain. He could feel it being rubbed every time but when he hit it dead on it was like a jar of his senses.

It did not take long till Sam speeded up. It felt better to Wayne the faster he went maybe that was why Sam would tell him faster and harder. Wayne decided to give it a shot and told Sam harder and faster. Soon Sam was pounding him hard. It did feel better and Sam hit his hot spot more this way so he asked him to speed up more. Brad loved the feeling of having Wayne's body rubbing against him.

Brad felt his cock start to harden up again and this aroused him even more. Wayne was now getting into it. He was telling Sam how good it felt telling him more and he loved it. Brad felt Wayne's cock start sliding up the inside of his leg. Finally Brad asked if they could reposition some. They untwined then Brad sat on the edge of the bed and lubed his ass up. He asked Wayne to put it in. Wayne slides it home with just a little grunt from Brad. Brad then pulled Wayne on top of him and asked Sam to climb back on.

Sam started back up and the rocking he did of Wayne moved him a little in his ass. Brads cock was trapped between him and Wayne and as he moved he could feel that to. Wayne could not believe how it felt to have his cock in an ass and a cock in his own at the same time. Once the rhythm was going he moved as much as he could. He wanted brad to feel it also.

It had not been long till Sam let out a grunt and started filling Wayne's ass with his load. Wayne had reached a point he wanted to cum again and when Sam pulled out he started going after his second load of the night. The soreness of his abused ass heightened his arousal. He was soon pounding Brad hard. He tensed and strained till he felt it coming on. When he said he was fixing to cum Sam reached over and slipped his finger up Wayne's soar ass and rubbed his prostate hard. Wayne yelled as he cummed. It felt like it was burning all the way out the end of his cock. His balls started hurting like they were empty.

Finally Wayne told Sam to pull his fingers out and climbed off Brad. Sam leaned over and started sucking Brad and ramming his fingers in his ass. It did not take much of this till he blew his second load of the night. When Brad was done he looked at Sam and told his to just wait till he rested. Then it was payback time. Sam told him bring it on anytime.

As the guys lay there and rested it was not long till they drifted off. At first light Sam got his payback from both of them twice. He was going to have a hell of a time setting in the saddle this morning. Between Brad and Wayne they tagged teamed him. When one would cum the other climbed on. They repeated this twice and Sam was ready for them to stop then.

Brad fixed breakfast and sent Sam on his way. He had to rotate the cattle that morning and needed to get there. He did not manage to do the last rotation last night so they desperately needed to this morning. He told Wayne he would be back for lunch. He had some meat that needed to be cooked and would bring that. Brad told him they would be waiting for him.

Wayne went out to feed the horses and livestock while Brad cleaned the dishes. He was putting the last of the dishes in the drain when he heard Wayne talking with someone. Brad walked over to the door and opened it up. There in the yard was Brent and Doug talking with Wayne. Brad walked on out in the yard and greeted the two of them.

After a few pleasantries Brad invited the two in. He asked them if they had eaten breakfast. Brent explained that they had spent the night at Doug's parent's house. That caused Brad eyebrows to shoot up. They had a pleasant breakfast then headed out to the cabin. Doug just sat there and did not say a word. He seemed like something was bothering him.

Brad did not want to pry yet so he asked Brent what was the pleasure of their visit. Brent told him he had some good news for him. Tom had managed to acquire the information they needed to arrest the cattle rustlers.

Brad was excited to find out. He told Brent to start from the beginning and not to leave anything out. As Brent started to tell the story Brad looked over at Doug and told him if he wanted to he could go out to where Wayne was and see what he was doing. If you ask him nicely he might take you down to the creek for a skinny dip. He probably needs to soak his ass any way. That Raised Doug's eyebrows and he stood up to leave.

When Doug left Brad asked Brent what was up with Doug. Brent told Brad everything that happened the night before. He explained that he had thought that would be the worst of it till they went down to breakfast. As Brent started telling what happened at breakfast they heard some steps on the porch.

It was Wayne that stuck his head in the door and asked Brad why the hell he would promise Doug he would take him skinny dipping. Brad and Brent both started laughing and shaking their heads. Brad finally stopped laughing and told Wayne he and Brent needed some private time to talk about Doug's problems.

Brent then told Wayne go ahead and take him if he didn't care. Skinny dipping was the only way to get him to go. That is unless you want to give him some he would go for sure for that. Wayne just shook his head and told them his ass was sore enough already. Brent chuckled and told Wayne it was not his ass he was after. Wayne perked up and said ok that more like it. He grabbed a couple of towels and asked how long they needed. Brent told him a couple of hours at least.

Wayne headed out the door and hollered for Doug to come on if he wanted to see what a real man looked like naked. The guys could hear Doug whooping as he ran in front of the cabin.

Brent then told Brad about how Doug's dad showed his ass at breakfast. Brent said as soon as they walked down stairs, how he got up from the table and headed outside. He had not even had time to take a bite off his plate.

Brent followed him outside when he saw he had not eaten. He caught up to him about the time he entered the barn. Brent grabbed him by the arm and spun him around. When he did he had a fist flying at him. Brent blocked it just before it made contact. He made sure he was not going to swing again and shoved him against the barn door. Brent then grabbed two handfuls of shirt and got into his face.

He made sure he talked slow and plain. Telling Doug's dad to march his ass back up to that house and sit down and be civil. They were either going to have breakfast together or when he returned to the house he would be living all alone. He would also be looking for a new job and place to live.

He looked into Brent's eyes and could see an anger that worried him for the first time in years. He knew Brent meant every word he said. He wondered if his wife would really leave him over something like this. He knew when he came in last night she struck him for the first time. It had shocked him because she had never been like that before. She was always a quite and calm woman. Every since Doug had tried to kill himself she had changed.

Brent told him he had two choices, either eat, or he would whoop his ass so bad it would take him the rest of his life to get over it. He knew Brent could do that after the incident at the hospital the last time. He did not really want to loose his wife either and she had threatened him last night. Finally he put his head down and started walking up to the house.

Brent told Brad through out the breakfast you could have frozen ice in that room. Doug finally got up and started packing a few things he wanted to take with him. Before Brent left the room the fight between his parents broke out. His mom wants us to stop back by and pick her up on the way out.

Brent told Brad he did not know where she was going to stay or if she planned on coming home with them. He knew he really did not have room for her but he would not turn her out. Brad told Brent he would talk to May about it. If she could stay there she would see how much better it is when you accept it. May has been great about Wayne. We can ask May about it in a few minutes when Scott calls. If she could stay with her for a week or so it would be great. They could talk about it and May might be able to help her accept it.

Brent was glad he had talked with Brad. It always seemed like he was able to come up with the right solution. This would help everyone Brent thought. She would have a place to stay and could be in contact with Doug on a regular basis.

Once that was settled Brent started telling Brad about what happened with Tom. How he had found the information they needed to get the conviction. How Tom made a copy of the information on a CD. Then Tom tried to make hard copies of everything. He explained that as he was making the copied that someone snuck in and knocked Tom out.

Brad was worried that someone would get hurt or killed. Brent let him know there was a guard at the door of Tom's hospital room and he would have a guard till this was over. Brent had made arrangement to move Tom someplace where he would be safe till it all came out.

Brad then asked the big question. "Who was the one in charge of steeling from him?"

Brent let Brad it was MR Williams's son. It seems he has worked at the company for years. He was never one to work hard and there lies the problem. His dad and his partners never promoted him like he thought he should have been. They did not see the work ethics in him he needed to be a partner in the accounting firm. He has not moved up in over ten years. Others that have started way after him have been promoted but not him. It looks like this is not the first time he might have done this.

He trys to work his way onto probate cases and filter a little money from each one. Most of the time he will doctors the books. He knew you did not know much about your Grandfathers estate and tried to take a larger chunk this time. He would have gotten away with it if we had not found out from Dan about the sales.

Brent told Brad he had presented the evidence to a judge and expected and arrest sometime tomorrow. He just hoped he was caught before he had a chance to skip the country. Brent was smart enough to put a couple of guys trailing him to make sure he didn't. Brent then let Brad know he was going to have to use some of the money he had gotten from the sale of the cattle to make this all happen. He planned to talk to Dan about writing him a check for it. Brad told him he could have everything he had just make it all happen.

Brent Asked Brad "What are you planning when the next two weeks are up."

Brad explained "I have worried about that. I really don't know for sure yet. I know I love Scott and he will go with me. The big thing is I really wonder how he will take it all."

"Does he even have a clue" Brent asked

"No not really" Brent went on. "He knows my Grandfather had money but he does not know how much. I really don't want to take him to the house till we have had a little time alone without all of the problems we have had here. I do know even if it does not work out I will take care of him moneys wise for a while. I want Wayne and May taken care of to. I could not have made it without them. I guess there are several people I need to take care of including you."

Brent was a little shocked at that last statement. He had only hoped he would have a job with the family. Brent explained "Brad all I was hoping for was a job working for you."

Brad laughed "Oh you have that for the rest of my life if you want that but what you have done for me deserves some compensation."

Brent stood then and hugged Brad and told him "thanks buddy."

With that Brad stood and told Brent "its time we go check on the boys." Doug should have had enough time to rape Wayne a few times by now. "Besides that way I get to see your ole ass naked."

Brent laughed as Brad turned to get a couple more towels. Brent turned a little red at that comment. He felt almost like Brad had read his mind. He was just glad Brad could not see his face as he headed to the door. He could fell a swelling down below just thinking about getting to see Brad naked again.

Brant and Brad walked side by side down the path. Spring was almost over and the days were getting warmer. Everything was green again and alive. Brad saw that the berry bushes were in bloom and he remembered the sweet fruit that they had from them last summer. He wished he had some left he would love to have a good cobbler. That was one thing he missed was the sweets.

They had a small bakery about three blocks from their apartment and Brad would stop off a couple of times a week and pick something up. He loved walking in and smelling the fresh baked goods. They would always make his mouth water. The lady that ran it would always have samples for you to taste.

Brad came out of his thoughts When Brent told him they should be quite and sneak up to see what the boys were doing. Just two more little bends and they would be there. As they crept quietly up the path Brent in his own way wished that they would find the boy's doing something. It might be a chance that he could do something with Brad.

As they rounded the last obstacle to see the guys Brent hunkered down. They could see Wayne leaning back against a rock at the edge of the pool. Doug was not in sight anywhere. Brent's first thought was Doug must be between Wayne's legs. After a minute or so Doug popped up in the middle of the water.

Brent had not realized that his heart was racing as he looked on. He had also been holding his breath. When he exhaled he stood up. He was a little dizzy as he stood and tried to balance himself. He felt funny as he walked to the waters edge. As he thought about it he wondered if it was from nothing happening or worried something might have. Brent shook it off and said hello to the guys.

Doug swam to the edge and climbed out. Buck naked as the day he was born. He walked over to Brent and gave him a kiss. Brent backed away telling him he was wet.

Doug being the kid blew Brent a kiss telling him not to worry he wasn't sugar he would float. Then he turned and ran to jump back in.

Brad could not help but check Doug out as he was out of the water. For an eighteen year old he had a great body. More like someone in their mid twenties. Farm work what else can you say.

Brad started to take his clothes off as he watched Doug splashing in the water. It was times like this when Brad wished Scott was here. He loved having all his friends around him. He looked over and saw Brent was also stripping his clothes off. Brad thought Brent had always been a good friend. He knew Brent had been interested in him but to Brad he had just been a friend. He had never felt and interest in Brent. It was in no way that Brent was not a hot looking older man, but he had just never felt that way towards him.

By the time they were undressed Brad noticed Brent was almost hard. He was not as shy as he used to be about nudity. Brent saw Brad checking him out. He looked over and reached out grabbing Brad by the cock. "You have a nice one yourself" Brad shocked just stood there. Brent gave it a couple of tugs then took off for the water. He could feel himself turning red all over as he hit the water. When he finally came up he looked back at the shore. Brad was standing there with a Simi hard cock.

Brent was shaking from thinking about finally touching Brads cock. If the water had not been so cold he knew he would have had a full blown hard on. He was just thankful he was in the water.

Doug swam over to Brent and grabbed his cock. He was still half hard though and Doug commented on it. Brent then took Doug in his arms and planted a big kiss on him. He never let Brad get out of his sight though. He watched as Brad walked out into the water.

They swam for about half an hour when someone yelled from the bank. "Dam guys you know your supposed to tell me when its get naked time" Everyone turned to look at Sam as he stood on the bank. Wayne spoke first "Hi babes come join us."

Sam started removing his clothes to get into the water. Wayne seemed happy that Sam had made it. When he climbed in Sam hugged and kissed Wayne. He then came over and hugged Brad. Brent and Doug came up and also hugged Sam and they started talking. Sam told Brad he had called May before he left and wanted to know if she could round everyone up and have a cookout today at the cabin.

Brad told him he had called Scott on the CB and asked him earlier if he could get her to come out. Sam smiled and said he guessed they would be here then. She was all for it.

As Brad looked over his friends he thought what a good looking bunch of guys. Not a reject in the bunch. If he was one just looking for some fun he would do any of them. Not a one of them could go into a gay bar without someone turning to check them out more than once

Like Wayne his smile could stop a charging bull. The thick black hair covering Wayne's muscular chest was such a turn on now to Brad. His muscular body was one of someone that worked out on a regular basis. With a nice round firm butt Wayne was hot. The cool cowboy walk and talk was also nice.

Sam also had thick hair covering his chest but it was brown. When it was wet it looked a lot darker with a thick line running downward to his belly button. He still looked like he belonged on the gymnast floor with his huge V-shaped chest. A cute boyish face with a little strut to his walk would make you want to look at him.

Doug was in complete contrast. He was a smooth blond with a nice tan. His dark brown nipples just begged to be nursed on. He had a faint treasure trail that drew the eyes to his package. He had the clean cut cowboy look where you expect him to say sir to you when he talked.

Brent was the late thirties something businessman. Brent looked like he took care of himself but he was not a workout type. Not to say he didn't have some definition. He just was not a hard body like the others. He had dark eyes that could hold your attention. Neatly trimmed and sharp dressing Brent was someone that caught your eye.

Brad thought about what it would be like to go out on the town with them. Just to see how many heads they could turn. He knew in the gay bar about forty miles from his old apartment the queens would be all over them. This made Brad want to show his friends off. The thing that impressed him most was they were real friends. Not like some that hung with him and Chris. They were just after what they could get from you.

About another hour passed and the guys climbed out. Brad told them they needed to head back to the cabin. They had guests coming and five naked guys would be a real surprise for a couple of them. They dried off and sat to talk for a second. It was not long before the subject turned to sex. It came out Wayne was not cherry anymore and some teasing began to happen. Doug being the kid he was said he would like to take everyone on. He could handle them all.

Sam spoke up letting him know he might not want to say that. If it wasn't for guest coming he would be glad to give him a ride. Wayne told him he had two and that was one more than his ass needed. Brent jumped in and let Doug know he better watch what he wished for he might get it.

All Doug responded with was a big smile and mouthed anytime guys. Brad held up his hands after that and told them they needed to go before Doug had to prove it. To that Doug jumped up spread his cheeks and said bring it home guys.

Brad smacked him on the ass and told him on his twenty-first birthday he would throw a party and they could all have a turn with him. Doug reached up and hugged Brad thanking him. Brad began to wonder if he had thought he was serious. Brad almost told him he was kidding but then thought better of it. This was one of the few times Doug had not been in a mood.

Finally they had all slipped on their pants and shoes and threw a towel over their shoulders and headed back. They laughed and cut up all they way back to the cabin. As they neared the house Brad asked Doug and Sam if they could get a fire started in the pit they had used the last time they were all together. He told Wayne if he could feed every thing Brent and he would take care getting things inside ready to cook. They all agreed they could as soon as they rinsed off and put some clean clothes on.

The group came to a stop as they rounded the corner and saw Doug's mom sitting on the porch. Doug was more shocked than the others and ran to see what was wrong. When she looked at Doug he froze in his tracks. His mom had a black eye and swollen lip. He asked his mom what happened.

As she looked at Doug she started crying. Everyone gathered around wanting to know if she was ok. Finally she spoke up letting Doug know that she and his dad had gotten in a fight. Doug jumped up and ran off in the direction of his home yelling I will kill that bastard. Brad and Wayne took off after him.

It took a while to catch up with him but finally Wayne was able to grab him arm. He had made it about four hundred yards before they did. When he spun around he swung at Wayne for stopping him. Brad tackled Doug knocking him to the ground. Wayne and Brad both had a hard time holding him down. Finally he calmed down enough for them to talk to him.

Tears were streaming down his face the dirt made a muddy spot on his cheek. Brad tried to reason with him but was having a hard time getting through to him. He was yelling and cussing his dad with every breath. He wanted to hurt him worse than he had hurt his mom. It took a few minutes to calm him down enough that they thought they could let him up.

When they finally let go Doug took off again. It did not take as long to catch him this time. Wayne took off his belt and put it around Doug's Waist and arms. He tightened it so he could not swing at anyone else. He then took Doug's face in his hands telling him he had two options. He could either walk back to the cabin or he would hog tie him carrying him back. He was not going to his house till they were finished talking to his mom.

Finally Doug started walking back but Wayne did not take the belt off or let go of him. They were inside when they made it back. Doug told Wayne to untie him in a harsh tone. Wayne swung him around and told him to watch his manners. He needed to be strong for his mom. The last thing she needed was a kid acting like an idiot.

Doug did not calm down much but he did not respond hatful either. Everything Wayne Said to Doug could be heard inside the cabin. When Doug entered his mom told him it was her fault. She explained when they left this morning his dad and her got into a fight. She did not back down this time and the argument became even more heated.

Before she knew it she was hitting him. After a while he hit her back. It knocked her into the door frame and when she got up she ran off. She headed out the door and down the road not realizing where she was going. It took a while for her to pull herself together. When she did she headed this way. She knew Doug and Brent was coming here and hoped to find them.

When she got here no one was around but the car and trucks were here so she knew you had not gone far. She checked and saw the horses were still he so she figured she would just wait. Doug broke down then. He finally let it all out telling his mom it was his entire fault. Brad told the others they should step out and let them have a little time alone.

When they closed the door and stepped of the porch a ways. Brad told them one of them needed to stay close by the door in case Doug tried to take off again. The rest of them could be getting the fire ready. They might as well plan on a long night. It did not take to long to bring up enough wood to plan a bonfire. Once the wood was up Wayne and Sam went to feed the animals. Brad got the fire going and was setting on the porch when he heard a car pulling up.

Brad ran around to the drive and saw it was May's car. He was glad because he was afraid it might have been Doug's dad.

Brad was so excited to see Scott he ran and jumped into his arms. Brent came around to greet the three of them also. As they headed towards the cabin Brent stopped them. He wanted to make sure they knew what was going on before they came up. May could not believe it. She told them she would take care of it.

When May walked in the door she looked over at the two of them. There they were holding each other crying. She walked up to them and asked Doug if he could give them a little time alone. Doug started to object but his mom nudged him. He did not like it but he got up and headed out the door.

May sat on the bench beside her and placed her arm around her. May told her she needed some fresh air. She then took her hand and stood up. As they walked to the door Becky stopped and told May she did not want the boys to see her like this.

May told her it would be fine they would not care how she looked. As May tugged on her hand she finally led her out the door. May told the guys they would be back in a few and headed off.

They ended up walking to the creek where the boys had just come in from. They talked as they walked along. May was telling her that after she accepted the fact her son was gay it would be easier.

Becky told her all the fears she had for her son as May just listened. Finally they came to the edge of the creek and May found a nice flat bolder they could sit on. When Becky finished spilling her guts May told her story of her son.

Becky had not realized that Wayne was May's sun. When she found out Scott was her nephew and how his mom Betty was treating him she flinched. May explained she did not want that for her son. She did not want their relationship to change. May told of how much closer she and Wayne had gotten. He now talked more to her and of his feelings. Their bond had grown stronger than it was. She knew Sam was a good boy and Wayne seemed to be happier than he had been.

Becky just listened for a while. She started thinking how Doug had been pulling away from the two of then in the last four years. They used to talk about things but that had changed. Now he just seemed to answer the questions she asked. Becky finally spilled the problems she and her husband was having ever sense Doug had told them. He could not handle the fact he had fathered a gay son. He blamed it on her that it hat to come from her side of the family.

May listened and agreed that it could be hard for some men to accept the fact their son was gay. They think it reflects on their manliness. Always afraid the apple did not fall far from the tree.

After a few more minutes May started telling Becky about how nice the boys were. They had become a tight nit group. They helped protect each other. May let Becky know Doug was part of that group and would protect him. She wanted her to look at how they reacted when Doug tried to commit suicide. They were all there and how they have taken him and taken care of him.

Becky wanted to know why Doug seemed so full of anger then. He seems like he hates everyone now. That was not her son. He was a happy loving child that never seemed mad at anyone. Now he seemed to hate everyone.

May told her to step back and think about it. Here his parents do not want him to be himself. They want him to be someone he isn't. They fight with him every time they see him. His dad will not even talk to him and his mom acts different around him. Everyone he knows and loves wants him change. They call him names and tell him how wrong it is. I am sure he would rather not be gay so he could live a normal life. Who wants to be persecuted for being who they are?

Becky started to cry again. She was on overload and wanted her son. May wrapper her arm around her and told her it was alright. She would help her through it.

Becky then told May she did not have a place to stay and did not know what to do. May laughed then and told her with this bunch here you will always have a place to stay. She could come live with her if she wanted. It would give her time to think and clear her head.

Becky then turned her head putting her arms around May and thanked her. She explained how living way out here she had never really had any women friends. All she had was her family.

May told her she had a lot larger family now. The only problem was the guys kissed guys. She went on to tell he that at first it was hard to get used to. When you see the love they have for one another it gets easier to accept. She explained she just now had two sons. She just hoped they would adopt so she could have a grandchild to spoil.

Becky laughed for the first time then. She told May how she had been looking forward to having Grandchildren. Then she wanted to know what May knew about Brent.

May told her from what she had seen he was a great guy. He always seemed to show up when needed and was helpful beyond what most friends would be. They all speak highly of him and invite him out as much as he can make it. Brad has known him for a long time and if he thought he would hurt Doug he would stop him from seeing him.

The tension seemed to ease the longer they talked. May was ready to head back and asked Becky if she would like to wash her face before they headed back. She agreed she really needed to and walked to the edge of the creek. As she looked down she saw her reflection. She could see her eye was blackened and lip swollen. There was still some crusted blood at the corner of her mouth. It was no wonder Doug freaked out.

Becky washed her face and felt a lot better from the cool water. She saw the foot prints all around the edge where she was squatted. This must have been where the guys were when she got here. She mouthed a short prayer and stood. When she turned May was waiting for her. They walked back in silence for a while. Then Becky told May she wanted to thank her for her help.

As they were about to round the bolder by the cabin May gripped her by the arm. She told Becky to wait. She wanted her to just watch the boys for a couple of minutes. They stood back and saw that Brad and Wayne were cooking at the edge of the fire pit. Doug and Sam were standing back a little from them. Sam had his arm around Doug's shoulder rubbing his other arm. Dan was standing beside them talking with the two of them.

As they watched Brent and Scott was bringing the table out of the house. When they stepped of the porch Scott asked if someone could get the benches. Sam, Dan and Doug headed to the house to grab them. It was not long till they had the table set up. The guys were working on getting everything ready.

They watched as man after man went in and came back out. The plates and glasses along with the silverware were being brought out. It was not long till the table was set. Two of the guys were working on a salad that May had brought the fixings for. Another brought over some more wood for the fire.

It was amazing to Becky to watch this. Doug had never been on to help around the house much. He seemed to be so happy with the men. She watched Brent walk up behind Doug and wrap his arms around him. Doug melted into his arms as Brent kissed the top of his head. It seemed that all the guys would walk by and pat Doug on the back telling him it would be ok.

Even though Becky flinched at watching Brent hug her son she could see he loved him. He was tender and showed him affection without being vulgar. They watched for about tem minutes when they heard a vehicle coming. >From where they were Becky saw it was her husband's truck.

She started towards the Cabin and May grabbed her arm and stopped her. She turned towards May and said "I have to go help Doug."

May held on not letting her go. She told her let the boys handle it. The last thing Doug needs now is to see his parents fighting over him. Becky finally quit pulling and backed up beside Brad. As they watched the guys all stood up as the truck came to a stop.

Doug started towards the truck and Brent stopped him. He yelled for him to let him go but Brent refused. As Doug's Dad climbed out of the truck you could tell he had been drinking. Almost as one they stepped between Doug and his Dad.

He yelled "Where is your mother you little fagot"

Almost as one they moved towards him. Brad spoke first "I think you need to leave now.

"Oh if it aint the little fagot rich boy"

Brad pointed his finger at him speaking plain and loud. "You better get in your truck and leave now. Neither Doug or your wife is leaving with you."

"Oh yeah and who's going to stop me."

It came out in unison from all the men "me."

"Yeah it would take the whole bunch of you fagots to whoop my ass."

With this Doug pushed his way through. He pointed his finger in the air towards his dads truck "Dad its time for you to leave. I will no longer take any disrespect from you. I have made my choice to not live a lie. Mom is going to be staying with me for now so I suggest you leave. When you grow up and except the fact I am a man and did not choose to be this way come talk to me. Until then I am just another fagot that you can walk across the street to avoid. I am who I am and you can accept it or not."

As Doug's father stepped closer "You don't talk to me like that boy. I brought you into this world and I can take you out."

Doug raised his hand to stop the other he could here coming up behind him. As Doug's dad swung his hand to strike Doug grabbed it and it stopped in the air.

"Dad I am a man now and will not put up with you striking me again. If you do not love me enough to love me as your son then get out of my life. I will tell you one thing though I am taking my mother who still loves me with me."

His dad struggled to get his arm free but Doug would not release it. When he tried to swing the other arm Brent grabbed it. Brent was mad enough that he was almost yelling. "If you hit him I will make sure you never hit him again. I love this man and will defend him till the death. Now leave or you will be dealing with me."

Doug released his dads arm then and stepped back Brent wiggled his way between the two of them. Brent looked Doug's father directly in the eyes. He could see the man's bluster start fade. It lasted only a few seconds before he put his head down and turned around. As he headed to the truck Brent told him they would be by later to pick up Doug's mother's things she needed. As he climbed into the truck Brent shouted it would be a wise thing for you not to be home either. Brad followed it up with and "you need to be out of the house by the end of the week. You're fired."

Brent then turned and took Doug into his arms. Doug had fought the tears while his dad was there but now they flowed freely. He could not help the hurt he felt. He really loved his dad but now he had no one. After a while each of the guys hugged Doug patting him on the back and telling him they loved him.

Becky had sat back watching the whole thing. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She could not understand all the feelings running through her at this time. They were so mixed up. She had feelings of hate, disgust, loathing, love, fear, emptiness, and sadness all flowing through her at the same time. Finally when she could not stand it any longer she took off running to her son.

When she reached him the heaving sobs made everyone's eyes water. Doug told her he loved her and would protect her. Brent them came up behind them and put his arms around her. Soon everyone was in a group hug. It had touched them all in one way or another. It caused memory's to flood all of their minds. Some good, some bad. May was the last one to reach the group. She told the guys to back off and let Becky sit down. She had been through enough today.

Once Becky was sitting down, May told the boys to finish fixing supper. Everyone needed a good meal. There were a few comments about not being hungry. May shook it off and started giving orders. She pulled Brad over to the side and quietly told him he had a new roommate now. Brad looked at her like whom. May told him Scott would be staying here again she was taking Becky home with her. Brent and Doug still need some time alone and Wayne can stay with Sam. Becky needs some time to think.

Brad hugged May and told her if she insisted. The grin on Brads face said it all. He walked over to Scott and told him he hoped he brought enough clothed for a couple of weeks or he would just have to stay naked.

Scott ask Brad what the heck he was talking about. Brad explained what May had told him. Scott hugged Brad and planted a big kiss on him. He looked over at May telling her no one better bother coming by for a couple of days he had a lot to catch up on. She just shook her head and said nothing.

Brad asked Scott to come with him. They walked over to Wayne and Sam. Wayne asked what that was all about. Brad looked at Wayne real serious and told him he no longer needed his services. Wayne's jaw dropped. It took a while before Wayne could say anything. He then looked at Brad and asked "Did I do something wrong." Brad grinned and said "nope. You did every thing right."

"Then why are you letting me go"

"Wayne the way I see it is I do not need you to stay with me any longer. I am firing you as of now.

Wayne was in such shock he could not respond. Finally he asked "is this a joke?"

"No Wayne I am sorry to say it's not. I will say I had heard they were hiring at the ranch house down the road."

"You mean the farm where Doug's dad worked"

"No Wayne. At the cattle ranch... in the other direction. I heard that a Sam something or other was looking for a good hard hand. Oh I mean hired hand."

Wayne smiled and called Brad an ass. Brad made sure he knew what was going on then. He explained how Becky was going to be staying with May.

Wayne told Brad he knew his time here was coming to an end but he had not expected it to be the way it just happened. Brad patted him on the back and told him he still had a job if he wanted it. Even after his time was up Sam needed some help. Wayne told Brad he was thankful but he knew that Sam's job was a one man job. He did not need to feel sorry for him. Brad told him to hang on after this was all over he would defiantly need him. So till he did he would just have to stay at the ranch.

The mood slowly changed with the boys being so happy everyone else could not stay glum forever. Brad had fixed a little bit of everything. Supper was almost ready to eat. They started horsing around a little to bring Doug out of his funk.

Betty started talking to the guys some and that helped her mood. Brent talked to her the most. He told her he would not call her mom unless she wanted him to. He knew there was not much difference between there ages. She was maybe five years older than him at the most. Brent finally started pulling the food off the fire.

He had baked several potatoes in the ashes. Had a skillet where he had fried some corn. Brad fixed the last of the peas out of the freezer, from last fall. He had fried some cabbage. That with the salad was all the vegetables he fixed. They had some beef ribs, steaks and a small pork shoulder. It all smelled good as they sat the table. They had pulled the truck over so some of them could sit on the tail gate.

Rex had been a pest every sense they had started cooking the meat. Now it would not be to long before he would get some bones to keep him occupied. Brad told everyone to take a seat. He then asked May if she would say the prayer.

It was a touching prayer asking for everyone there to be watcher over and for god to especially be with our special guest. When it was over they all said amen. It was everyone for them selves then. Plates being filled like no one had eaten in days.

Everyone thought the food was outstanding. Brad knew it was just because it was cooked over an open fire. It was always the same. When you cooked over and open fire and ate outside everything tasted better.

Soon the talk started up and everyone joined in Becky told everyone she would be staying with May for a while. Doug was not really happy about that but knew she would be well taken care of there. Dan was the only one a little disappointed but knew it was for the best. He had hoped it would not be long before he and May got to spend some time alone.

Everyone settled down for a good evening. Soon everyone was full and just sitting around and chatting. They avoided talking about what they knew was to come. As the sun started to settle down they dreaded what had to happen. Finally Dan was the one who broke the subject.

He asked what they needed to pick up at Becky's house. She told them all she needed was some of her clothes and a couple of things her mother gave her. If she needed anything else she would get it later. Dan told them they better get going then. They still had at least an hour's drive home.

Sam asked if Brent and Doug if they would like to spend the night with them. Brent was glad he dreaded the drive to the motel. At least they could go by and see Doug's mom on the way out tomorrow.

Brad was the one that asked if they could all get together tomorrow again before Brent had to head back to the city. He would like to have a big dinner together again if they could. May told Brad she would love to if she could bring the food. Wayne said it sounded good to him but could they do it at the ranch because of the room.

When they had everything worked out Dan, May and Becky took off. Brad pulled Dan off to the side as they were leaving. He asked Dan if Doug's Dad was there to reaffirm he was to be off the property by the end of one1 week.

Doug wanted to go also but Brad told him it would be easier if he stayed here. Brad worried there might be trouble but knew Dan could handle it. Sam waited for about thirty minutes before he asked Wayne if he was ready to go. Wayne wiggled his eyebrows and told Sam he was always ready.

Brad laughed and said "oh really." Wayne back peddled then and told Brad, "Well most of the time I am." Sam and Brad both chuckled at that and the rest of them had a confused looks on their faces.

Finally Wayne grabbed Sam by the arm telling him he was getting tired and needed to get to bed. With that Doug stretched and stated he needed to get to bed to. As a group Sam and Wayne followed closely by Brent and Doug headed to the door. Brad turned and hugged Scott as the door closed.

"God I have missed you Scott"

"I have missed you to babe"

"Well we like less than two weeks now and all of this will be over. I have so much I want to show you."

"Brad there's only one thing I want you to show me right now."

"I thought you would never ask"

"It was all I could do to keep my hands off you Brad"

"Well that's one part Scott. But not the part I have been thinking about all night long."

With that Brad kissed Scott deeply. Brad was so happy it felt the same. Like your being consumed but wanting more. He felt his heart jumping and a lump forming in his throat. He was finally back and Brad was not going to let him go this time. When they broke the kiss Brad saw the sparkle in Scott eyes he had grown to love so much.

He could feel Scott cock throbbing against his own. Brad had wanted to rinse off since he had not been able to earlier but knew he could not wait. This was the man he loved and right now he wanted to feel his naked flesh against his own. He was so nervous and excited he could feel himself trembling.

Brad reached up and slowly started to unbutton Wayne's shirt. Once he had a couple of buttons undone he leaned in to smell his man. Scotts scent made brad light headed. He stuck out his tongue and licked Scott's chest trailing it into the dimple at his throat. His taste buds came to life. Brad was breathing heavy and his loins began to ache.

Brad acted on impulse and ripped the buttons off Scott's shirt. Then Brad pulled downward taking Scotts shirt off him in one move. Dropping the shirt to the floor Brad rapped his arms around Scott. He ran his hands from his sides, up his back. Then back down slipping them in the back of his pants to feel the round firm flesh.

Brad could not believe he was back. If it had not been for feeling Scott respond back he would have thought he was in a dream. It seemed like it had been years since he had felt Scott rap him in his arms. Brad was getting more worked up by the minute. His fingers fumbled around trying to unfasten Scott's belt. Finally he felt it release. Once it was open he pulled at the top button of Scotts 501's. He heard the popping as the buttons opened up.

Brad grabbed his own shirt then and ripped the buttons off. Flying in every direction they hit the floor. It seemed like he fought with the shirt to get it off fast enough. Once it was off he threw it in the floor never breaking the kiss.

Scott reached down and picked Brad up into his arms. He carried him to the bed and gently laid him down. Scott then undid Brad's belt and pants. In one motion he pulled everything down at once. As Scott looked up he could see Brads cock tip glistening with a drop of precum. Brad rolled over on his hands and knees. Telling Scott he needed him now. He wanted him to take him now then make love to him later.

Scott looked at Brad and could not deny his urge to do the same thing. Scott pulled down his pants and nipped Brad on the butt as he bent over. He wanted to dive between those tight cheeks but the urge was to strong. He had not taken care of his own needs in weeks. Hoping he would get the chance to come out for a short time.

Scott stood back up and wet his cock with his own spit. Once he had it slicked up a little he lined it up with Brad waiting ass. It looked as if Brad was trying to open up as he leaned in. Scott pushed and finally felt the muscles loosen up enough to slip the head in.

He hears Brad gasp as his muscles tried to relax enough for Scott to finish entering him. Scott paused, waiting for Brad to give him a signal to go ahead. Before he knew it though Brad started backing up on his own. He did not stop till Scott was buried all the way in.

Scott let out a groan as he felt the fiery walls engulf him. Brad was engulfed in his own mixture of pain and pleasure at the moment. Scott could hear little moans and gasp escaping brad as he began his in and out movement. Scott felt like a flood of emotions was overtaking him. He sped up and tears rolled down his cheeks. He loved this man with all his heart. He felt one with him and only wanted to please this man.

Scott sped up as Brad urged him on and on. He could feel his balls slapping against Brads on. He kept picking up the pace till he heard slapping noises and his body made contact with Brads. He soon felt like he was floating on air. His speed was fast and furious. They were groaning as one caught up in the moment.

Scott began to feel the building up of the end. He wanted this to last but also wanted to spill his seed. It had been so long and he wanted to feel the sensation of his approaching orgasm. It was Brad that pushed him over the edge though with his on orgasm.

Brad started clamping down on Scotts cock. It almost felt like he was in a vise. Scott tittered on the edge for just a few seconds before he started spilling his own seed. The feeling was over the top. Brad was matching him shot for shot. Finally as Scott started to slow down Brad collapsed on the bed. Scotts cock pulled out and popped against his stomach. The last of his cum flew up hitting his chest. Scott was also weak after that, his legs shaking. He leaned over Brad and settled down on top of him.

It took a while before Scott had his senses back under control enough to move much. When he was finally able to he started kissing the back of Brad's neck. This sent shivers down his spine. Brad finally rolled over and returned Scotts kisses.

Brad told Scott that was great but they needed to shower so they could make love now. Brad climbed out of the bed to set the shower up. As Scott watched him he could not help but feel love for this man. Brad was all he had ever wanted in his life. As Scott ran his fingers through his dark curly hair. He thought about everything they had went through this past year. Scott thought if it would have meant he would have not met Brad he would go through it all again. Brad was worth everything he had gone through. Loosing his dad, getting shot and having his mom turn against him. It was worth it. He finally felt whole.

Brad told him to come on they were going to shower together. Scott climbed in the small tub with Brad. As Brad turned the water on Scott lathered them up. He relished the feeling of Brad skin under his finger tips. He slowly traced every muscle and paid particular attention to the spots that he knew excited Brad. As he came up Brads neck brad arched his head back and let out a low growl.

Scott gave Brad a long slow kiss when he brought his head down. He could feel Brads cock slowly started to harden against his leg. Finally they broke the kiss and Scott turned Brad around to soap up his back. They fit so nicely together this way. The height difference made it to where they spooned together perfectly. Scott could feel his own member start to swell.

Soon he was completely hard and getting more excited. He rubbed it against Brad's crevice as he soaped Brad up. Soon Brad was grinding back against Scott. A couple of thrust placed the tip of Scott cock back at Brads opening. Brad pushed back and, between the soap and cum from earlier, Scott slipped in with ease. Scott pulled Brad back against him. Brad would squeeze his spinster muscles as Scott soaped his chest. Scott pulsed his cock in response so Brad knew he enjoyed it.

Scott started playing with Brads nipples and held Brad close. Neither one wanted to break the embrace they shared. They were connected and wanted to stay that way. They longer Scott played whit Brads nipples his body began to rock. They worked into a nice slow rhythm. Nether spoke as they slowly brought themselves closer to the edge.

This was not a rushed experience. They were enjoying the love shared between them. Taking the time to enjoy it completely. Brad could feel every ripple and vain in Scotts cock as it slid slowly in and out. He could feel the point where Scotts cock thickened. It was slightly thicker in the middle. He could feel his own ass spread when Scott started slowly pulling out. Then the closer it got to the head it would start contracting.

There senses were so heightened this night. Everything was bringing them closer to exploding. The feel of Scott's thick hair on his chest moving back and forth across his back to the coarse hair on his thighs tickling the back of his legs.

Scott finally let his right nipple go and slid his hand down to cup Brads balls. He slowly rolled them between his fingers feeling the egg shaped jewels inside. He loved this man completely. Brad groaned and pressed back on Scott in pleasure. This made Scott want to Make Brad feel even better. He slid his hand up to encircle Brads cock. He could feel the pulsing flesh slide between his fingers.

It did not take much to make Brad moan even more. Scott sped his hand movements up. Brad began to clamp down more on Scott more and more Scott could tell he was getting closer. He also knew he was close to. Speeding up some to try to match Brads own orgasm was a mistake. Scott did not realize he was as close as he was. He soon started tensing up and could not stop himself. He released Brads cock and thrust harder. Brad could feel Scott starting to cum. He grabbed his own cock and started pumping it. He was a little behind Scott and pumped furiously. Brad asked Scott to thrust harder and it was all Scott could do. He was getting so sensitive but he kept going for the man he loved. Finally Brad started clamping down as his orgasm started. Scott slowed down a little because Brad was pushing and clamping so hard he was afraid he would slip out and ruin it for him. Finally Brad finished shooting his load across the floor.

His legs were shaking badly and he had to shift from one to the other to keep from falling down. As Scott tried to balance his self he noticed Brad was trembling. He thought he must be getting cold so he reached up and turned the water on. It was not hot but it was warmer than the air. After He had Brad rinsed off he noticed Brad had quit shaking so much. Brad picked up the soap and started washing Scott then. Even though it felt good Scott would not get hard again. They finished washing and climbed out.

As they dried off Brad mentioned he was getting hungry again for some reason. Scott agreed he was to and asked Brad if he wanted to eat something. Brad wiggled his eyebrows and snickered. Scott told him he could eat that all he wanted but he wanted some real food for right now. Brad went over to the fridge and pulled out some of the leftover from earlier.

He wished they had a microwave. He did not know how much you depended on one till you didn't have it. Brad loaded up a couple of plates and stuck them in the oven. At least they could warm stuff up it just took a while. Once they were dried off they sat on the edge of the bed and talked.

Brad asked Scott if he had any plans after the two weeks were up. Scott got a scared look on his face. He thought maybe Brad was fixing to dump him. He had always had a fear that he might after this was over any way. Brad recognized the look and rephrased his question. What I mean Scott is do you have anything in particular that you would like to do together.

Scott let out his breath that he had not even realized he had been holding. He told Brad he had scared him there for a second. Scott looked over at Brad and told him not really. He had just planned to go where ever Brad went. He asked Brad if he thought he could find a job in the city he could do. He wanted to make sure he pulled his own weight.

Brad chuckled and told Scott not to worry about that. They were going to take some time and just enjoy themselves for a while. Once we settle in he could work with him at the horse breeding farm. They could always use a good hand. Scott told him thanks but would he not be better off giving him some room. Brad explained that he would have plenty of room for now.

Scott asked so we will be going to the city? Yes for now at least. I will have to see what all is going to need my attention first but yes we will live there. The first thing we will need to do is find an apartment close to the farm. I will run into town as much as I have to too take care of business. I expect that will take a lot of my time at first but then it should slack off a lot later.

Brad could smell the food so he knew it was getting warm now. He went to check on it and saw it was ready to eat. They had left the table and benches out side so they just sat on the edge of the bed and ate. It tasted almost as good the second time but not quite. Brad thought it had to be the fresh air to go with it.

They ate as if it had been hours ago that they had supper. Once there appetites were sated Brad sat the plates in the sink. Scott lay back on the bed and Brad joined him. They laid there and snuggled for a while then drifted off to sleep in each others arms. It felt great to have Scott home Brad thought. He slept more peaceful that night.

Over at the ranch the others were just getting to bed. To say everyone was going to sleep right away would be a joke. Wayne and Sam were in their room having sex and talking about how exciting it was with Brad the other night. Brent and Doug were in their room and Brent was trying to help Doug forget about what happened today.

It would be a while before both couples turned in for the night. They would be sated and worn out. It would be worth it though because it would strengthen there bonds.

Dan Walked Becky and May to the door of her home. There were not any lights on inside the house but Dan did not want to take the chance. When they got inside it looked like the house had been ransacked. Draws had been opened and the contents from some of them were on the floor. Becky started to cry but pulled herself together. She walked across the room and picked up a picture of her family that had the glass broken. She pulled the picture out of the frame holding it to her chest.

As she looked around the room she picked up a few things and sat them up right. She sat a few things on the couch then headed to the back room. When she came out she asked May if she would put those things on the couch in the box for her.

As she turned to leave the room May handed Dan the box and followed Becky. Her next stop was the bedroom where she pulled out an old battered suitcase. She set it on the bed and walked over to the closet. When she opened it May was shocked to see only a few things in it. There was only about five dresses and three pair of pants. She pulled all of them out and then dug out about six blouses. May could see the rest of the clothes were her husbands. It seemed he had more than Becky but not much. She had two pair of shoes she pulled out and placed on the bed. May opened the suitcase and started placing the clothes in it. Becky walked over to a dresser and pulled out a draw. She removed what undergarments she had and places them beside the other things she had.

It was breaking May's heart to watch her. This woman could put everything she had in one suitcase. As she walked around the room and gathered what few things she wanted to take with her it was like watching a zombie. It took everything she had. After a while she had everything gathered up and in the suitcase. She sat on the edge of the bed and cried. May held her in her arms and tried to sooth her.

Becky finally wiped her eyes and stood up. She walked over to the nightstand on the other side of the bed and pulled out a small box. When she opened it she started to cry again. She looked at May and told her he took it all. May asked took what. Becky told her he had taken all the money they had saved. She wanted to know what she was supposed to do.

May walked around the bed held her and told her it would be ok. She did not need to worry about that right now. She was going to stay with her right now and did not need anything. May reached over picking up the suitcase telling Becky to come on. They could come back later and get anything she had missed.

Becky drug her feet leaving but finally walked out the door. Dan loaded the few things she was taking with her. It took a couple of hours to get to the house but they finally made it. As Becky looked around she was amazed at all the nice things May had. Her house seemed so nice and cozy.

May took her to the spare bedroom and helped her put her things away. Once they were through Dan said he had to get going if he planned on making it tomorrow at all. May fought inside with wanting Dan to stay the night or go home. If Becky had not been there it would be no question. Dan would be spending the night. She had not thought about how it would effect her having someone else besides Scott living with her.

Scott for the most part was the one that kept asking Dan to spend the night. At least twice a week he had been staying over. Scott was not here now so he guessed he should be going soon. Once May came out of Becky's room she asked Dan if he would like a cup of coffee. He told her it would be nice but he should be going. May asked him why?

Dan explained he had thought that since Becky was here he should go home. May looked a little disappointed when Dan said that. After the Day she had had she was looking forward to him holding her. Finally May asked Dan if he was sure he didn't want to stay the night. He would not get a lot of sleep if he had to drive home then drive back. It was and hour to his house.

Dan smiled and kissed May. He told her he had thought that because Becky was staying here things would change. He dreaded not being able to hold her at night. May was quick to inform him things would not change. It was still her house and as long as it was she would invite whom ever she wanted to stay the night. Dan pulled her into a hug and kissed her.

When they broke the kiss May noticed Becky out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and asked Becky if she would like a cup of coffee. Becky told her not to make a pot just for her. May told her she was planning on making one. Becky told her that would be nice.

May wiggled herself out of Dan's grasp and headed over to where she kept the coffee. As she was fixing a pot of coffee May explained to Becky where everything was. When she was done she told her to make herself at home. May explained she usually had breakfast ready at seven but if she did not eat that early she could fix something when she woke. Becky told her she was used to eating by six at least on the farm.

They sat down and had a cup of coffee and chatted some more. Trying to get to know each other the best they could. After and hour May told them she was ready for bed. Showing Becky where the TV remote was and a few other things. May and Dan headed to bed. Becky was not far behind them.

Scott was the first to wake. He looked around realizing he was back at the cabin. Brad was who was in his arms. He was not having a dream because he had to pee. Scott tried to unwrap himself from Brad without waking him. Brad woke anyway. He let Brad know he had to pee and would be right back. Brad told him he would go with him as he needed to go also.

As they stepped out on the porch Brad reached over and kissed Scott on the cheek. Scott wanted to know what that was for. Brad explained because he had missed him so much. Scott smiled at Brad then and grabbed him. He kissed Brad so deep and passionately Brad's knees were beginning to get a little weak. When Scott broke the kiss he told Brad I guess I missed you more. As Scott walked to the edge of the porch and released his stream.

Brad just stood stunned for a few seconds. As he walked up beside Scott he reached out and took Scotts cock in his hand. The stream almost stopped at first but began again. Brad twirled and looped it back and forth. Scott wanted to know what Brad thought he was doing. Brad told him if they had some snow he would see he was writing. Scott wanted to know what Brad wrote. Brad told him it was Brad and Scott forever. What was "Forev" Scott wanted to know. He then joked that he ran out of piss before he could put the "er"on the end of forever.

Scott told Brad to piss so they could get back to bed. Brad started his stream and Scott him. Twisted his cock a couple of times and said there's your "er." Now finish and come me how you really use that thing. With that Brad pushed to finish faster. He took off after Scott and raced back to the bed.

Scott was on the receiving end this time. Brad was intent on making Scott feel as great this time as he had made him feel earlier. He had wanted this so bad the last few weeks. It seamed there was no question anymore as to who was to give and who was to receive. It seemed they both liked each just as well. It was never asked it just happened.

A couple of hours later they were fast asleep again. Each was sated and ready to rest again. Brad wrapped his arms around Scott and drifted off to sleep. It seemed like they had just drifted off when Brad woke and the sun was up. Brad decided he would get out of bed and start cooking. He looked at the clock and saw it was eight in the morning.

When he stepped out on the porch he saw it had rained at sometime during the night. Rex heard him and came running. He was almost grown now. They coat color was off just a little and his tail curled up more than yellers but he was a good dog. Brad reached down and scratched him behind the ears. When he stopped Brad had to remind him again he was not to jump up on someone.

When Brad entered the cabin Wayne was laying on top of the covers naked. Scott's morning wood standing straight up. Brad walked over and kissed Scott good morning. Brad could not resist straddling Scott waist. He positioned Scott so he would be able to work him into his ass. Scott started to object but saw Brad really wanted it. Once Brad settled into place he rocked gently back and forth. Even thought Scott needed to use the restroom it felt great.

Brad started to move a little faster and let a moan escape. Scott reached down grabbing Brad by the hips. Scott pressed upwards grinding into Brad. Using his hands Scott started setting the rhythm he wanted. It started picking up the pace after a few minutes. Brad was grinding harder and harder into Scott. Reaching down he stroked his cock in time with the rocking movements. With Scott's girth Brad could feel the stretching ease off just a little. It did not last much longer till he was grinding into Scott like a man whose life depended on it. His hand sped up faster and faster to.

All together they had been going at it about ten minutes before Brad started jerking and having his orgasm. Scott on the other hand needed more action. When Brad finished Scott rolled the both of them over pressing Brad's legs up. He then proceeded to finish reaching his own orgasm. Brad could not help but to watch the concentration on his face. This was the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

When Scott collapsed on top of Brad he wrapped his legs around him not letting Scott slip out. Once again Scott had given him the seed of life. Brad could not help but wonder if one of then were a female what there children would look like. That was the one thing Brad would miss in life. He had always thought he would like to have a couple of kids but knew he never would. He felt he had so much to give a child.

Scott finally poked Brad in the ribs telling him to let him up. If he didn't soon he would be real wet. Brad jerked grabbing his side. Scott had hit a ticklish spot. Scott tickled Brad a couple more times lightly. He kissed him telling him he loved him before climbing out of bed. Brad relaxed a little while Scott stepped out side. The sheets smelled like sex. Scott's scent mixed with his own. Brad loved Scotts smell. It was a turn on for him.

Scott came in and stated he thought someone was supposed to be cooking breakfast. Brad lifted his legs telling Scott it was all warmed up just waiting to be eaten. Scott ran and jumped on the bed. He kissed Brad and told him he would love to eat that if that's what he would like. Brad shook his head and told Scott he was crazy. I would need to wash up first. Scott told him to get a washrag and come on if he wanted. Brad told him he needed some real food then he would let him reheat that later.

As Brad stood up he pulled Scott up with him. Brad finally got up and headed over to the stove. Pulling out a couple of skillets and setting them on the stove. Brad looked in the fridge and pulled out some bacon and eggs May had brought yesterday for the salad. Brad was glad to have some real breakfast food again. It had been a while for him. He hoped the chickens would be laying again soon.

Then it dawned on him it would not matter soon. He would be home and get to eat all of that food he had missed. The first thing he wanted was a big piece of cake and ice cream. Then eat a big spaghetti dinner. He had not had spaghetti in almost a year. That was something he had almost every week before. He missed some of the restaurants to. Brad could cook but they ate out almost as much as they had cooked.

Brad soon had something to eat ready. He and Scott stepped out to bring the table and benches back in. When they had them in place Scott whipped them off while Brad sat the table. The seats were a little damp still but not to bad. When they were finished eating they washed the dishes together and put them away.

They held hands as they headed out to feed the stock. It seemed like every thing was great. They were back together and Scott was doing great. You could hardly tell he had a speech problem any more. He had a little bald spot where the bullet went into his scalp but not to bad. Still he looked great to Brad. It would not matter if he was completely bald he loved him.

The horses came running up thinking they were going to get out again. Brad fed them as Wayne brushed them down. They were still loosing there winter coat and it had to feel good to be brushed. Horses itch so much when it comes out. Brad wondered if they were brushing all the horses down at the farm. He had always made them brush the horses down every day till they were through shedding. Brad loved the slick new coat in spring. He thought he needed to see if there was some worm medicine at the ranch. The horses had not been wormed and needed it.

Brad next headed over to the goats. He knew they were still lucky to be alive. There were a few times he skimped on the meat and fished a lot to keep from having to kill them to eat. The rooster had not been so lucky. They had all been killed but one. Even a couple of the hens were killed for meat. Brad liked the chickens but not like the goats. There was something different about them.

Brad finished feeding the goats then headed over to the chickens. They all came a running when he walked up always wanting something to eat. Brad laughed as he looked and saw three eggs in the nest. He turned looking over the chickens. "So I see you all heard about eggs being brought in yesterday. Afraid you would end up in a pot." Brad picked the three eggs up and put them in his feed bucket.

As he took the bucket over to the feed building he saw Scott coming back with the brush. They put the things away and headed back to the cabin. Scott with his arm around Brads shoulders. Rex was close on there heels knowing he would be fed next. It did not take long till he was rewarded. Brad poured the drippings from the bacon over the feed for Rex.

Brad wanted to make sure it was cool before giving it to rex first. Brad washed off the eggs and put them away before taking Rex his food. It was almost ten thirty now so Brad told Scott to strip and shower. Brad went out to feed rex while Scott got the shower set up. Rex started jumping and barking as soon as he saw Brad with his bowl.

Brad fed Rex then headed back to the cabin. The sun was out and warming up. As he walked by where the garden was there was a few things that had come up volunteer. Brad thought he would pick what he could next week so it would not go to waste. He liked his little garden the only thing is he wished it was bigger. It was a lot of work last year but they would not have made it without it. There were enough greens that he picked them so he could take them for today.

When he finished and headed inside he saw that Scott was drying off. Dam was he hot. Brad walked by him and ran his fingers up and down his fur covered stomach. He felt his own cock start swelling as he did this. The thick hair curled around his fingers making Brad want to burry his face in it. He knew better though. He would hate to have Scott take another shower before they left.

Brad sat the greens on the table and started stripping. When he was naked he walked over to the shower and stepped in. Pulling the chain to wet him self down. Brad started lathering up and watching Scott as he did it. His cock swelled to full size just watching him. It was a little tender from all of the activity last night and this morning but ready to go.

Brad noticed Scott starting to harden also from watching him. When Brad finished soaping he pulled the chain to rinse off. He ran out of water before he finished and had to have Scott pump some more in the barrel. They had forgotten to fill it back up last night after their showers. Once Scott had the water going Brad waited a few seconds then pulled the chain. It did not take long till the cold water hit him. Brad decided he could wipe off most of the soap. The water was so cold he lost interest in the sexual thoughts he had. Brad dried off while Scott finished filling the tank.

They walked around in the buff a few minutes so their skin could completely dry before getting dressed. Scott had a couple of changes of clothes left here and picked one out. Brad pulled out what he planned to wear that day and got dressed to. Brad thought he likes Scott naked better but said nothing. The one thing about out here he had run around naked more than he had in his entire life.

Once dressed Scott saddled the horses and they headed out. It was a nice day. The temperature was about seventy and they had a light breeze. As they rode along weaving in and out of the cacti and sparse grasses they talked about what they had planned. Before long Brad asked Scott what he would like to do after this was over. Scott told him he had not thought about it a lot. He just wanted to be with him. Brad asked Scott to think about it and let him know later.

Brad thought he would love to take Scott to all the places he had enjoyed in his life from New York to the Caribbean Islands. He had been lucky growing up. His Gramps had taken him to a different place every year. He got three places to choose from and they could stay a week. That was the thing his Gramps had always enjoyed. He loved the look on Brads face when he was seeing something new for the first time.

Brad wanted to share all of those things with Scott to. He wanted to see the look on Scott's face. Brad knew he had not had the chance to see much in his life. He just wanted to make him happy.

They were getting close to the ranch now. They ran into the first fence that ran around the pasture. They followed alone the fence till they came to the road. Then they turned towards the house. Brad wondered how Doug did during the night and asked Scott what he thought.

It was not long till they could see the house and barn. Brad spurred the horse on a little faster now that they had made it to the road. He knew there was nothing to hurt them on the road. In five minutes they pulled up in front of the barn. Brad and Scott climbed out of the saddle and took them off the horses. They then placed them in a stall that had some hay and feed in it.

Brad and Scott headed to the house then. Scott reached over and took Brad by the hand as they walked. Even though Brad had been open most of his life he still was not comfortable walking hand in hand with a man. The city may be more accepting but was not quite that accepting. You would get catcalls from passerbies if they thought you were a couple. Brad knew he would love for the day to come when you could walk down the street holding your lovers hand but it was not here yet.

Finally they made it to the door. Scott didn't knock but just entered. When he walked in he saw a naked Doug with a shocked look on his face. Doug told him he scared the shit out of him he had thought it was his mom coming in. As Brad and Scott looked around all the guys there were naked. The others were sitting around the table eating a bite. Brent told them sorry but they had gotten up late and were just finishing breakfast.

Scott told them it was ok he liked looking at all the cute asses running around. Brad and Scott then walked over to the table and took a seat. Sam got up and grabbed a couple of cups and poured them a cup of coffee. Scott leaned over and told Brad Sam sure did have a nice body. Brad agreed and told him someday he might get to find out again how good it really was.

Doug told Brad and Scott it was not fare they were dressed they should strip off to. Brad explained he would pass this time even though it was tempting. Wayne told him he needed to go take another cold shower. Doug could not let that pass and stated all the old men in here needed to go take a hot shower and a Geritol.

Brad looked at Brent and told him he needed to give this young thing more. Brent looked at Brad and asked him if he wanted to play tag team he would need a couple of partners to tag off on to satisfy this sex starved kid. Sam and Wayne slapped hands then and told him to count them in on it then.

Doug's eyes bugged out as he said bring it on grandpas. Sam told him if they were not expecting company he would teach him a lesson. Doug could not resist it he told Sam he liked all the talk but knew he could not walk the walk. With that Sam jumped up and tackled Doug. He had him down before he knew what hit him. Sam was tickling him mercilessly and soon had Doug to where he thought he was going to pee on himself. Even though you could tell Doug was being tortured he still got rock hard. Sam finally let him up and told him it was time to get dressed.

They still had cattle to move and friends coming over to eat. The guys headed up the stairs and went to there rooms to get dressed. Brad and Wayne washed the dishes while they were getting dressed. Brent was the last one to come down the stairs. He did not have a pair of jeans to wear. He had not expected to be staying this long he just wanted to get some papers signed and tell Brad the good news. He knew they really needed to get headed back home today.

Brad asked Brent if he would mind staying at the house while they went out and moved the cattle. He was glad in a way he was asked he still was not the most comfortable man on a horse. Brent told them he was going to look around and clean some. Sam told him where the cleaning stuff was and to make himself at home.

The others headed out to saddle horses up while Brent cleaned house. As Brent started he thought this place had not had a deep cleaning in a while. The first thing he did was start moping. He wanted to make sure the floor had time to dry before they came back. Brent had always enjoyed cleaning house. It was one thing he knew he was good at.

Brent started in the front room. He worked on the floor sweeping then moping. He looked for some wax to seal the floor with and found an old can in the back of one of the shelves. Brent took an old rag getting down on his knees to wax the wood floor.

He had been whistling while he worked and did not hear the door open. The sound of May whistling stopped him dead in his tracks. Brent looked up to see May, Dan and Becky entering the front door. May commented that Brent needed to come by her house when he was done here. Brent stopped and stood up walking towards the ladies to help them with the sacks they were carrying. May told him they were ok but there were more sacks in the back of the truck.

Brent headed out to the truck and was met by Dan on the way back. Brent knew they would need to make a couple more trips to bring everything in. May and Becky was putting everything away as they brought the stuff in. Once all the sacks were in Brent said he needed to go finish the floor before the guys made it back.

Becky asked if she could help that she would enjoy it. Brent told her to grab a rag and come on. May told Dan to go check on the boys while she was getting a few things together.

Becky was talking with Brent as Dan made his way through. They talked about Doug and his mood last night. Brent was filling her in and asking about things Doug really enjoyed eating and doing. They were getting along great. Brent wanted to know how she did last night and she was telling him as Dan walked back in.

Brent made the statement it did not take him that long. Dan told him he saw the guys riding back towards the barn. He then excused himself to go help May in the kitchen. Brent and Becky seemed to be hitting it off good. Each kept asking the others question and finding out more about each other. Becky finally told Brent she really liked him and wanted to thank him for all the help he had been. Brent asked her if she would like to come up for a visit soon. He told her he only had a one bedroom apartment but he had a hide abed she could sleep on if she wanted. She told him that would be nice. Brent told her he hoped to find a two bedroom apartment soon or maybe even a house.

Soon the boys came into the house and Brent told them to loose the shoes at the door. Wayne made a comment that give the guy a mop and see how he changed the rules. Becky thought he was being hatful till he and the other guys started laughing. She did not know what to think about all of the guys kidding around all the time.

Becky had always lived with a man that meant every thing he said. He was not the type to joke around. Doug tried to kid sometimes but his father would get on to him. Brad asked if they had another rag then he could help. Sam told him there was a drawl full of them in the kitchen. Brad headed into the kitchen and caught Dan and May sneaking a kiss.

He cleared his throat and told them there were children present. May then looked over at Brad and said "lesson one about the birds and the bees. Kissing is done like this." She then planted a big kiss on Dan. Brad cleared his throat again and hollered for Scott to come here. When Scott entered the door he planted a big kiss on Scott.

When he broke the kiss he looked over at May and said "Ok lesson one was fun now what's lesson two." May looked at Brad and mouthed the words smart ass and started laughing. Scott was clueless and wondered what he had been pulled into the middle of.

May asked them what they were doing then and Brad explained he needed a rag. He planned on helping Brent and Becky with the floor. She looked at Scott then and asked what he had planned then. Scott shrugged his shoulders and said nothing. May popped of a quick good then started looking through a couple of the sacks still on the counter. When she found the one she was looking for she handed it to Scott and told him to start shelling the peas.

May then walked to the door and hollered for the rest of the guys to come into the kitchen that was not working on the floor. They all looked like whooped puppies when they came into the room. May handed Wayne a bowl and knife telling him she needed the peaches peeled. She handed Doug a sack with green beans in it and a bowl and told him to get to snapping. She pulled the last sack off the counter handing it to Sam and told him to shuck the corn. She then looked at Dan and told him he was going to work some dough she planned on fresh bread and some sweet buns to eat. She handed him some flower, salt, Sugar, baking soda and baking powder. She took the yeast and a cup with warn water in it and stirred it up.

May started barking off how much of each of the ingredients of each one to put in the bowl for Dan. While he did that she worked on other things. Soon everyone was busy. More that one tune was being whistled around that house. It seemed in each room someone was whistling. Even the guys on the porch were humming a tune or two. Everyone was having a good day. They guys sitting on the porch were talking and laughing having a blast imitating how May gave each of them orders.

Brad got to know Becky better as they chatted back and forth. They house was alive with cheer and fun. The first ones done were Brad, Becky and Brent. They headed into the kitchen to see if there was anything else needing done. May told Becky she could help her in the kitchen while Brad and Brent cleaned house. May and Becky worked well together.

As Brent and Brad worked together Brad revealed some of the plans he had made to Brent. He asked Brent if he could handle some of the things for him. Brent seemed overjoyed to do what he could. He explained how he needed him to be put on payroll in two weeks. He shot Brent a number and asked if that would work for him. Brent was shocked by the offer but told Brad it would be cheaper if he put him on retainer. Brad told him he needed him full time right now but could revisit it in a couple of years if he did not think he had enough to keep him busy. Brad just wanted someone he could trust.

Brad when on to tell Brent to start pressing charges on the Williams guy. He also wanted his to sue the firm. He wanted the books examined and all money returned. He wanted to see if he could find him a good book keeper that could be trusted.

He finally asked Brent if he could have a party set up. He wanted all his new friends and old friends to meet. He wanted to rent the Barron hotel ballroom in town. He also needed the top three floors rented so everyone could have a room and not have to drive. Brent made mental notes of everything Brad had been asking to do. Brad told him he wanted to have this party on Friday the weekend after he got home. That would give Brent two weeks and three days. It would also give Brad and Scott time to pick a place to live and not have to worry about the party much.

Brad Wanted to thank Brent and his close friends. He would have to get some checks printed up for them. He knew the projected cash flow but not sure what it all was worth. He did know he would like to sell off some of the small companies. There was too much work involved in all of that and right now he wanted to focus on Scott not work. Brad thought he would look at the books in a few weeks then decide what was best for the two of them.

Brent and Brad finished the plans he had in mind for now. Brent would start work on them as soon as he got back. Brent had gotten the papers signed that he needed and Brad had even given his a nice check for his help. Brent tried to have Brad hold off till he was free of everything but Brad insisted. He told Brent that would help him till he had more money. He knew Brent had been out a lot of his own money and wanted to give him some of it back.

As Brad looked at the account Dan had set up he knew he was running out of money fast. What he needed to do was make sure he used the rest wisely. Brad had always been good with money and had not been frivols with his money. He knew in a few days he would be able to access more.

Brent put the papers and checks in his vehicle and came back in. He could smell the food cooking and decided he had time to clean a little more while everyone else was busy. He loved the fact he was getting closer to Brad and his friends. He had been having a lot more fun in life in the last year and he wanted it to continue.

Brent tried to think of what Brad would want in a place to live as he cleaned. Brad had asked him to line up three different places for him to look at. He wanted something close to the area he worked on the farm. Brent knew he really needed a new place to live also. With Doug living with him it was getting a little cramped in his place. Brent decided he would try to take one of the places Brad did not choose if he could afford it at all.

Doug had been looking for a job and wanted to help with the expenses. Brent knew if Doug found something that maybe he could come up with the difference depending on how much it was. Brent did know that over in that area it was a little more expensive. He also knew with more steady work coming in from Brad he could afford more. The place where he had been working took a large percentage of his client checks. When he returned he planned on quitting there and be out on his own for the first year. Brad had offered him more money than he already made per year so he knew he could make it for the first year. All Brent needed to do now was to attract a couple more clients her and there. He would be able to open his own firm and bring in a couple of lawyers just graduating school. It would be nice to not be working for the other guy.

Brent was brought out of his deep thoughts by Doug kissing him on the cheek. Brent had not realized he had been in such deep thought. Doug told him about how they had finished and thought he would help Brent. Brent had not even noticed the others had come in either. Wayne and Sam were walking by with there hands full of laundry headed to the laundry room.

Brent told Doug to grab a rag and start dusting. The two of them were dusting when Becky looked into the living room. She saw Doug snap his rag, popping Brent on the butt. She started to say something but stopped when Brent stood up and hugged Doug. Doug had such a happy look on his face she started tearing up. That soon changed though when Doug kissed Brent deeply. Becky could not help but feel her stomach turn flips. Her son was kissing a man. Becky turned around and walked back to the kitchen.

May saw that Becky came back into the kitchen and leaned against the cabinet counter. She placed her hand over her mouth and looked upset. May walked over to her and asked what was wrong. Becky shook her head and told May it was nothing.

May would not let it drop and soon found out what Becky had seen. May knew exactly what was wrong then. She explained how the first few times she had seen Wayne kiss Sam she thought she would throw up. She told Becky it would get better though. You come to see they love each other very much. It's the same as you love your husband. The problem she had found was that society had always told you it was wrong. When you think it is wrong you feel upset by it. Once I accepted they loved each other and told myself loving someone even of the same sex was ok, it began to not bother me. Now I am just happy that he has someone that loves him and makes him happy.

Becky thought about the words May had spoken. She looked back through the memories she had filed away in the last couple of years. She had not seen Doug smile much. As she had thought back even more she could not remember him smiling or laughing at all. She realized then how unhappy he had been. He must have been fighting these feelings for a while.

Becky began to feel bad about not realizing how upset her son had been. She realized even though she thought it was wrong, she had heard Doug laugh more in the last few times she was around than he had in years. Doug seemed happy now. She could either accept him happy or loose him. If Brent made him happy and was good to him what more could she ask of Brent?

The house soon settled in and dinner was almost ready. May and Becky had fixed enough to feed a small army. They had a large glazed ham, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob, green beans, early peas and carrots. For desert she fixed a peach cobbler and apple pie with ice cream. Becky was the one to call every one in to eat. She watched at the guys settled around the table. It seemed like everyone was talking all at once till May spoke up and asked if Doug would like to say the blessing. Doug looked a little shocked at first then looked at his mom smiling and bowed his head.

Everything was ok till Doug said he was thankful he was able to have his mom here and accepting Brent as part of the family. Becky felt tears roll down her cheeks and when Doug said amen she turned towards the kitchen. May had been watching and followed her in. May walked up and put her arms around Becky. The tears still flowed. May patted her on the back and told her it would be ok.

As Becky tried to stop crying May told Becky it was not as hard for her accepting Wayne. She had had the chance to be around Brad and Scott for a while. She had always worried about Wayne. He had never seemed to find a good girl to settle down with. The ones he had dated were not good for him and usually trouble. She had seen how much Scott had loved Brad and been loved in return. It made it easier in some ways to accept it. Wayne had changed for the better and now seemed happy and when you stepped back and watched. They were all normal guys with one exception. They loved each other. They were all bonded and protected each other.

May looked Becky in the eye and asked her. Have you looked at Doug and saw how much he loved Brent. Becky nodded yes. Have you noticed how much these guys protect Doug? Again Becky nodded. Well all I can say is if that love is wrong in others eyes, then so be it. But I will not be one that steps between my son's happiness and him being miserable the rest of his life. I would rather accept it than take a chance on loosing him or him killing himself.

Becky dried her eyes pulling herself together. She looked back at May and told her thanks for being there. If it had not have been for you I would still be thinking only about how this affects me. It's hard to see it affects my son also.

May told Becky it would all be ok soon as she turned and picked up the tray with all the glasses of ice on it. She looked at Becky as she headed to the door and asked her if she could grab the pitcher of tea for her. Becky took a deep breath and picked up the big pitcher of tea. She felt always felt better after May's little pearls of wisdom. Becky opened the door and smiled as she headed to the table.

The men all had there plate filled and was eating as Becky and May passed out the glasses of tea. The room was filled about talk of the ranch and what had been happening. Brent filled in everyone about what had happened with Tom and how they had what they needed to file charges. Dan was telling how the other ranches were doing. Doug then wanted to know how many ranches there was Dan told him there were ten more just like this one. Also there were ten farms set up just like the farm he had been raised at. Doug could not believe it. He just blurted out that Brad had to be a millionaire. Brent shook his head yes as Doug just looked at him.

Brad had not explained all of that to Scott before and Scott wondered why. He knew there had been a couple of more but not ten. He knew how much this ranch made because of the books. But he was shocked to find out he was really in love with someone that made more a month than he could make in his life. Scott wondered why Brad could love someone like him. He had nothing to offer.

Brad explained he knew it sounded like a lot but there were some holdings that did not make near the money this one did. Some of the businesses lost money. Brent could tell Brad was trying to down play it for some reason so he did not bring anything else up.

Doug explained he had worked for years at the farm where the horses were raised and was paid a salary just like everyone else. He also told them there were several at the ranch that made a lot more money than he did.

That confused Doug as to why the owners Grandson would not be paid the most. Brad let Doug know if he wanted a job when they got out of here that he could arrange for him to meet the guy who hires men to work with the horses.

Doug was quick to let Brad know he was interested. He wanted a job to help Brent with some of his expenses. He knew he was costing Brent a lot of money and wanted to pay his way. Just because Brent was a lawyer he had been helping a lot of people that could not afford it for free. Brent cut in and told Doug that work is called pro-bono.

Becky just sat back and watched the guys around the table. As she looked from one to another she noticed how nice looking they were. She would have loved to have dated any of these guys if she were younger. They all took great care of themselves. She did not notice any one cutting each other down as most groups of men acted. They were all nice to each other and seemed to try to help each other and really cared for each other.

As much as she tried to find fault with them she could not. The more she watched the more she could understand why May felt the way she did. She watched as someone would pat another on the back and encourage the others. It was like she had seen her older brother do her younger one a few times. He would tell his little brother how wonderful he was and how much he loved him. There was a bond between theses guys. A strong bond that would help the others in there times of need.

It seemed no mater how hard she tried she could not find any problems with these young men. She told herself to accept it she now had a son-in-law. Becky and May grabbed there plates, filled them and went back into the kitchen.

May took the cobbler out of the oven before setting down. It would still be a little to hot to eat right after dinner but it would be ready soon after. She talked to Becky about what she would like to do after they left today. The only thing Becky could come up with is she would like to go looking at different stores the next day. She got into town about once a month and that was just to do the shopping for food. The only time she got to shop for close was twice a year. She would get to go once during the summer and once around Christmas. She told May she did not have any money to buy anything but would like to just look at what they have.

May was glad to take her anywhere. She wanted to see if she would let her buy her a new dress. She had noticed Becky did not have any jeans and wondered if that was her choice. May thought she would pay attention to what Becky looked at and see if she would let her buy her an outfit.

A few minutes later Dan came into the kitchen and asked the women where the desert was. May showed him where the saucers were and asked him to take them on out and she would bring the desert. Becky jumped up and told her she would bring the pie. May insisted she sit down and finish her lunch. Becky told her that she was fine and used to eating after the men were finished. Becky followed her on out and sat the pie down then told May she would bring the ice cream out.

May started dishing up the cobbler and pie. When Becky returned she was asking who wanted ice cream and dished them each a couple of scoops on there desert. Soon all the men had there plate and was eating. There were comments from all the men on how good everything tasted. May made sure they knew Becky helped with the cooking to. They made sure they thanked her also. Becky and May finally went in to finish their lunch.

While they finished eating the guys filed in carrying the dirty dishes. Sam started the water in the sink. The dishes were piled up beside the sink and Sam placed a few in. While he started washing Becky told him to go on back in the other room and she would wash them. It was almost in unison she heard a no. Sam told her she had cooked and they would clean. Becky tried once more but was turned down. Doug started heading into the living room and Brent stopped him. He told Doug to dry and he would put them away.

Doug started to object but stopped with the look he got. Doug asked where a towel was and Wayne handed him one from a draw. Brad started bringing in the bowls of food that was left to put them away. He made sure he asked if May or Becky wanted more. Brad found smaller bowls and put the leftovers away. Scott made sure he had everything in the kitchen. Dan busied himself cleaning the table and picking up any crumbs he found. It did not take them that long to put stuff away and Brad fixed him and Scott a couple of plates to be dropped off at the cabin.

By the time May and Becky finished Sam was waiting on there plates. May was surprised at how the boys worked together. She even saw Scott take over for Sam a couple of times when he had to step away from the sink. She thought back and realized she had never seen her husband wash or put a dish away before. She had not even seen Doug do it either. She chuckled to herself about how funny it was to see her son doing dishes. Maybe this was not such a bad thing after all.

As they shooed the women into the other room Brad put a pot of coffee on. It was ready as the guys filed out of the room. Brad and Doug brought a cup for the ladies also. They sat around the room all full from the big lunch. After the coffee May asked Becky if she would like to go for a walk.

Doug told his mom they had horses if she would rather ride. Becky told Doug that May had asked for a walk not a ride. Doug then told them his mom used to have her own horse when her and his dad first met. He sold it off right after she got pregnant. Becky told them how she had loved riding and had rode Doug's a couple of times till her husband caught her and sold it also.

May then told her if she would like to ride they could get the boys to saddle some up and ride as a group if she wanted. May hoped she would say no, but didn't. She seemed so excited to get to ride. May had not been on a horse in years. Wayne was the first to say are you really going to ride mom. May spoke up fast and asked him if he thought she couldn't. He just shrugged his shoulders and said ok. Dan told them he would go get the horses saddled and wanted to know how many wanted to ride, they all said they did. Wayne and Sam told Dan they would go and help him saddle horses.

When the rest of them made it to the barn they still liked four having them all saddled The others pulled out the horses and started helping saddle them. It was not long till they had it almost done. The closer it got to getting in the saddle toe more nervous May became. It had been many years sense she had ridden a horse.

As Dan handed the rains to May he could tell she was scared. He knew he had given her the horse that was the most gentle. She was old and retired from work. He just hated to sell him off to someone that would take him to slaughter. He could not stand the thought of that so he had placed the old horses on the ranches to live out the rest of their lives in peace. It would also give the farm hands a horse that someone who was not used to riding could be safe on. Dan knew this horse it was the first one he was ever given to ride. He came out every great once in a while and still rode him.

As May climbed in the saddle she relaxed as the horse did not fidget. Doug helped his mom in the saddle. She had to tuck her skirt all around her to keep from exposing herself. She looked over at May and told her she did not have the close to ride any more she just hoped she did not embarrass her or the guys. Wayne was the one that commented that she had nothing to worry about as long as Dan did not see anything. It might scare the rest of us except for Dan.

Sam could not leave it alone and told them he had spent nine months of his life trying to get out of one and didn't want to go back so she was safe from him. Brad reached over and smacked him on the arm. Brad told Sam that was in bad taste. Becky smiled remembering she had heard that once before but it was in reverse.

Finally they got started and rode down the road. It took a few minutes for May to relax. She still worried that the horse would take off any minute though. Becky was the first to spur her horse faster. She asked if it would be ok to ride at a gallop. Dan told her to go ahead but he and May were on older horses that did not need to run. He explained the horse she was on was not in to bad a shape so she could give it all she wanted.

Becky kicked her horse to pick up speed and the boys took off with her. Dan held his horse back and it did not take much to hold May's back. As they got further away May told Dan thank you. I know your horse is not that old so that means you had to have done that for me. Dan let her know it was as much for him as for her. He had not had much time alone with her and thought it would be nice.

May tried to get her horse closer to Dan's but it would not go. She told Dan to come on over and hold her hand But Dan told her he couldn't. He explained if he did her horse would scoot over to. They were not the best of friends as horses go. May stated that was just her luck to get a horse that could not stand his. Dan told her it was just an age thing.

It had been a few minutes at a steady pace before Becky eased up on her horse. She felt the blood flowing through her veins as the adrenalin pumped through her. Becky had not felt so free in years. She wanted to scream her joy at the feeling she was having. She felt the first stirring between her legs that she had had in years. When the horses came to a stop Becky had a smile across her face. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked ten years younger.

Doug looked at his mom and wondered why she was grinning like she was. She did not look like the same person even though she still had the black eye. Doug finally told his mom she looked happier than he had seen her in years.

Becky's words almost came out as a shout. She told Doug she felt more alive than she had in years. It made her feel young again to ride. She had almost forgotten what it was like. She told the guys thank you for letting her ride again. It had been something she had loved for years then she had to get rid of her horse.

The others could also see the change in her. She was not this quite little woman who jumped when told. It was like she had a taste of freedom again. Brad knew what ever happened it would never be the same again. She had a taste of life and would not go back to the dull life she had been living.

They headed back to find Dan and May again. Galloping along at a good speed the dust was flying through the air. As the seven of them got close enough to make out Dan and May the slowed their pace a little. Brad thought it looked funny seeing the horses rear covered partially with a skirt. Every time the horse swished its tail he would giggle to himself.

They finally caught up to Dan and May just talking a nice slow walking pace. May tensed up as the other horses came to a halt. She was afraid hers would want to take off to. She wished she could relax more and be comfortable. Dan told them they should head back so they could get supper started. It would not be long before they needed to be heading back to town.

By the time they ate it would be time to head back so as a group the headed back. They were just a couple of miles from the ranch and at the pace they were going they would be back in fifteen minutes. May began to relax again and watched the guys as they headed back. It seemed they had paired off into couples again. May thought to herself how confidant Becky was looking in the saddle.

It was Dan that finally made the statement about it. Doug told Dan he had saw that his mom looked different also. Becky giggled like a little school girl and told them it was the fresh air. As they approached the ranch house Sam told them he needed to rotate the cattle again. There were also a couple of cows he wanted Dan to look at with him. He thought they might be coming down with pink eye.

Dan asked if the girls minded if they went on to check out the cattle. May asked who was going to help her down and Brent spoke up. He explained he would ride to the barn with the ladies. He could tie the horses up till the guys got back. He was already a little sore from the ride. Doug almost slipped up with a wise crack to Brent but caught himself.

The rest of the guys went to move the cattle and check them out. As they approached the barn Becky told Brent they could unsaddle the horses. It had been a while but she thought it would not be hard. May told them she hoped she knew what to do because she knew nothing about saddling horses.

The guys fanned out and herded the first group through the gate. They all looked for signs of cattle with pink eye as they moved them. Scott and Dan were the first ones to spot it. Dan took down tag numbers of the cows he thought had it. As they moved through the heard they all spotted a few that looked a little suspicious. Dan decided they had better get the vet out and treat them all. It would be too hard to have to cut out the ones and miss one to re-infect the whole herd. Brad agreed and told Sam when he got back to the house.

It was an hour later when the guys made it to the barn. They smelled a little like the horses but not too bad so they would wait till later to get cleaned up. Each of them unsaddled there horse and rubbed it down. The horses had worked up a sweat from the little run earlier. Once they let them loose the first thing they did was find the soft dirt to roll in. It was strange that the horse would always like to roll in dirt.

They headed back to the house when everyone was finished. Dan patted Sam on the back telling him he was glad he spotted the cows with pink eye. Sam patted Dan back a little lower making Dan flinch. That was the first time he had ever had a guy grab his ass. Sam snipped off how he needed to go to the gym. His ass was getting a little flabby. Dan turned fast but not fast enough to plant his boot across Sam's back side. They all had a good laugh at Dan's miss

He could not help but wonder if his ass was getting a little soft. When Dan thought no one was looking he reached around and felt his ass. It was not as firm as he remembered but not bad for a man that was fifty.

When they made it inside Supper was almost ready. The guys kicked back and relaxed for a few minutes. There was an old John Wayne movie on that they watched till May told them supper was ready. While around the table Dan asked if every one would be able to come back tomorrow and help with doctoring the cattle. Everyone could except for Brent and Doug. They needed to get back and take care of some business. That left the five guys to handle the cattle.

Supper was good and when finished May asked Wayne if they could handle cleaning up. As they left Doug hugged his mom telling her he loved her. Everyone said there goodbyes and Brad asked Brent if they could drop the plates he had fixed them off at the cabin. Scott and Brad headed back to the barn to saddle their horses.

As they rode home Scott commented on how much he had missed the cabin living in town. Brad told him he would not believe how much he missed him. Scott pulled his horse close to Brads and stopped. Leaning over he kissed Brad then told him how much he loved him. Scott asked Brad if they were going to live in his grandfather house when they moved back to the city. Brad let him know he had Brent looking for a place for them. He wanted three places to choose from close to the horse farm.

Scott asked why they would not just live in the house and save money. Brad explained he was not ready for that yet. Scott understood there might still be a few feelings haunting Brad.

Brad let Scott know he wanted something close to the farm. He had been called many nights to run down there because of a foal being born. He wanted something closer than he was, incase that happened.

Scott wanted to know how far his grandfather's place was away from the farm. Brad explained it was about thirty miles. Not far in distance but in the time it took to get there over and hour. There were times if he had been an hour away he would have lost a foal. Scott understood that. He did want to see the place Brad grew up in though.

Brad explained most of what he was having Brent do over the next week. Brad told Scott he would have to go to court most likely. He was pressing charges and suing the law firm. He did not care what it cost it was just wrong to steel from someone. He knew that Mr. Williams would be upset that his son and rightly so.

Brad told Scott he was changing law firms because of this. Scott asked him why he didn't use Brent's. Brad told him Brent worked for a guy that would never put Brent on as a retainer for a client like him but he had talked with Brent about quitting and taking him as a client. He had never let Brad handle anything of importance because of the fact he was gay. He was ashamed of Brent and put him mostly on pro-bono cases. Nothing Brent could really make much money at. Brad told him he promised Brent more than he made now and would send his friends his way. He mainly wanted Brent to be free the first year so he could focus on him.

As Scott listened to Brads plans he was amazed at how smart Brad was in business. He hoped he could learn to help him out. Scott's biggest worry was Brad would find out he was not able to do much and start looking for someone more like himself. Scott was still insecure about why Brad loved him.

Finally they made it to the cabin and put the horses away. Then after feeding and taking care of the other animals they headed to the cabin. It had been a long day and knew tomorrow would be another one. Brad asked if Scott wanted to shower now or wait till in the morning.

Scott grinned and evil grin and told Brad he wanted to shower tonight. He had plans for them tonight. Brad shook his head and went over to where they had the shower pulling it out. Once he had it set up Brad started pulling his clothes off. He asked Scott if he could put some of the dirty things in the washer while he showered. Brad did not waste any time and showered off.

As he dried off Scott started stripping. He rubbed Brad on the ass a couple of times before he finally stepped into the tub. It took Brad by surprise that Scott did not pull the curtain around him. He wet himself down good then took the soap and lathered up. He was putting on a show for Brad. Once he was covered with soap he started stroking his body in a sexual way. Brad went over to the bed and lay down to watch. Scott had started with his chest twisting his nipples.

Brad could feel blood rushing to his cock. This man with olive skin and black curly hair had done something to Brad. He had never in his life been affected by a man like this one. He watched Scott moving his hands around his chest and stomach. The thick hair could still be seen through the soap suds. It still formed a thick trail down the middle. Scott finally moved his hands to his thick cock and stroked it gently. Brad could feel his own cock reacting to what Scott was doing.

Scott turned around showing Brad his nice round globes. While Scott ran his finger gently up and down, between the two globes. After a few trips between the valley Scott plunged his finger in. A mixture of pain and pleasure crossed his face. He turned opening himself more for Brad to see. Scott slid his finger in and out whimpering his pleasure. Brad could not just watch any more. He reached down taking a hold of his throbbing member telling Scott to hurry.

Scott could feel his own need building. His finger just made him want more. He wanted Brad. So Scott reached pulling the chain to let the water flow. He rinsed off as fast as he could then stepped out. Scott grabbed a towel and walked over to the bed drying what he could. When he reached the edge of the bed he tossed his towel to the side. Brad met Scott with a kiss on his way down.

Scott lay on top of Brad grinding into him. Brad could feel the damp hair as it resisted against his skin. Brad loved the feel under his finger as he locked them in Scott's curly hair. Still wet and cold against his skin felt strange. Brad relished the weight on him knowing it was the man he loved.

Brad could feel Scott grinding his cock against him. His own was just inches higher than Scott's. When Scott broke the kiss he worked his way down to the hollow of Brad's neck. He could feel brad drawing his neck up as the goose bumps popped out all over his body. There was a little shudder Scott felt as he hit a certain spot he knew drove Brad crazy.

Scott began to trace the little goose bumps downward with his tongue. When he finally found the little nub that was Brad's nipple. He licked and nibbled till it was hard. Scott wanted to clamp down on it but fought the urge. He traced it over to the other side gently blowing air across the wet spots. Again the goose bumps popped up as a moan escaped Brad.

Scott reached up taking both Brads nipples between his fingers. He twisted them some watching Brads face. Once he knew by the reaction how much pressure to apply Scott started making a trail downward with his tongue. He stopped long enough to run it in and out of his belly button a few times. Scott then traced a wider path around and around it. He could feel the ripple of muscles under his tongue. Scott exhaled blowing cool air across his wet flesh.

Brad let out a GOD then letting Scott know he was very turned on. Scott knew it was time he wanted to do this several times today. Moving down Scott opened his mouth and moved it over the head of Brads cock. Scott plunged downward almost gagging himself on Brad. He could feel the burn as his throat stretched to accommodate Brad's size. Scott felt Brads cock hang on the soft membrane at the back of his throat. Scott shifted some and soon had Brad all the way down.

Scott swallowed three times making his throat squeeze Brads cock milking it of the sweet clear nectar he had. Scott held it down till he could feel his lungs begging for air. Finally Scott relented and came up for air. Once he had a breath his plunged back down. Brad ran his finger through Scott hair sawing something but Scott could not make it out. Between the thumping in his ears from the blood rushing by and lack of air Scott could care less what Brad was saying. He was too involved in sucking Scott's cock to care. He wanted to taste this man. To push Brad over the edge.

Scott could feel Brad locking his fingers tighter in his hair. This made Scott try even harder. He was milking it with his throat now. Scott clamped down as hard as he could so his muscles pulled tightly forming a vacuum on Brad. Scott felt Brad try to pull his head up and off him. Scott just locked on tighter until he felt the hot liquid hitting the back of his throat. Brad released his hair and his body started to jerk. Scott kept the pressure up feeling each pulse of Brads cock in his throat. As Scott had to back off enough to catch his breath he got his first taste of Brad's nectar. It was warm and sweet. Thicker than he remembered but still Scott relished it.

Brads head was swimming. He felt like he almost passed out for a few seconds. Brad was glad he was lying down because he knew there was no way he could have stood up. It had felt like he was floating in the air when he started to cum. Brad had never felt such an intense orgasm in his life. Brad remembered he tried to stop Scott but didn't. Now he was glad he didn't but he was so weak he could not move.

Scott finally released Brad's member. It was almost soft again. Scott slowly climbed up beside Brad and leaned over to kiss him. Brads response was not enthusiastic yet. He was still riding the waves of weakness surging through his body. Scott switched to nursing on his nipple. Brad finally wrapped his arm around Scott showing a response.

As Brads head started to clear of the fog he almost started to cry. He had never loved someone like this before and it scared him some. What would he do if something happened to Scott? Brad realized you could only have sex like this with someone you truly loved. Brad pulled Scott closer to him not wanting to let him go. He realized he was beginning to gain strength. Little by little he began to move. He wanted to show Scott how much he loved him now. Brad pulled Scott into a kiss. The kiss was tender and passionate.

Brad loved everything about this man and wanted to show him just how much. Brad told Scott he loved him and asked him what he would like. Scott let Brad know he wanted him inside him. Brad worried at first he would not be able to perform. Scott had drained him of everything he had.

Brad started making love to Scott by kissing him gently at first. As the passion heated up it turned urgent. The kissing quickened and mouths opened up. Brad pressed his body against Scott's in a dry humping manor. He realized his body was already responding to Scott's. Brad could fell the roughness of Scott's chest hair against his skin. It was making him even more sensitive. Brad finally felt the hunger building inside that could not stop.

As Brad moved down he breathed in Scott's scent. He was beginning to sweat and smelled so masculine. Brad finally made it to Scott's nipple and latched on. He knew Scott loved to have it chewed on roughly. As Brad clamped down Scott groaned. Scott's head moved back and forth on the pillow.

Brad switched to the other nipple and clamped down on it. Scott's reflex caused him to grab Brads head pulling it to his chest. Brad clamped down harder and Scott let out a gasp. Switching back to the other nipple so the feelings stayed heightened.

Scott pushed upward with his hips and Brad felt the wet cool trail Scott was leaving on his stomach. Brad ground back into Scott increasing his pleasure. Brad soon had Scott begging him to take him. He was so worked up Brad knew he could go at any time if he didn't.

As Brad lifted his weight on his hands and knees Scott smiled lifting his legs. Brad could see the dark pools in Scott's eyes pleading to him. Brad reached down to line himself up with Scott. As the head of his cock touched Scott's pucker, he clinched it. Brad had planned on rimming Scott but he could see that was not what he wanted now. Brad began to apply his weight behind his forward movement. He could feel Scott pushing outward as to open up for him.

You could see the pain cross Scott's face, as the head of Brads cock pierced Scott's sphincter. Brad held still while Scott adjusted to it. Scott shifted a little and wrapped his legs around Brad's waist. After a couple of seconds Scott pulled Brad into him and Brad leaned in for a kiss. A few seconds after the tender kiss Scott let Brad know he was ready. Brad withdrew slowly then plunged back in. over and over he withdrew slowly and plunged it back in. Scott wiggled beneath him.

As this dance continued Scott started building up inside. He soon reached the point he wanted Brad to pound him harder. As his breathing hastened Brad knew what Scott needed. His pace picked up faster and faster. Scott response was what Brad expected. They were lovers and knew by instinct what the other loved. Brad would give his soul for this man.

He was the only thing that mattered any more to Brad. Scott was telling Brad he loved him and grunting the pleasure he was having. Brad and Scott stared into each others eyes. They would not break contact till the last seconds. It was as if by doing that you could feel what the other was feeling. Brad could sense the buildup in Scott and in response he started feeling his own build up. He watched Scott's eyes and moved according to how they responded to his movements. When he shifted a little he started hitting Scott's prostate. He could tell by the way his pupils opened up each time.

Scott eyes started rolling up and his head started arching back on the pillow. Brad pounded harder as he watched this. Then he felt the first clamping on his cock. Brad looked downward waiting for the first of many shots to be fired between them. Two more times he felt Scott's muscles clamp down. Then it happened, a small spurt of semen shot out. It did not travel far just barely hitting his navel. Then another clamp and then a shot fired. The second one traveled half way up his chest. By the third shot it was hitting Scott's chin.

Brad saw two more shots then felt his own body reacting. He arched his head back and let out a growl. As his own body spasm Brad's eyes rolled back in his head. Brad felt two hands twist his nipples making his own orgasm more intense. Scott had come down from his high and was making Brads even better. As Brad's body shuddered the last time he collapsed onto Scott.

Brad could feel Scott's seed cementing them together. Drained and happy they laid there. It was much later that Brad woke still lying on top of Scott. He moved some and could feel the dried cum pulling at his skin. This woke Scott also. Brad let Scott know he needed to use the restroom. His bladder was aching. Brad climbed off of Scott and stood up.

Brad could not believe how sore and stiff he felt. Scott followed Brad onto the front porch. As they stood side by side Brad looked over and thought how lucky he was. He knew this man was his soul mate. There was not any question about it. When they finished they turned and Brad took Scott into his arms and told him he loved him.

The special moment broke when Brad felt something wet hit the top of his foot. He looked down and saw where a drop of piss had landed on his foot. It was Scott's and Brad told him you pissed on me. Scott laughed and told Brad he was just marking his territory.

Brad let Scott know there were better ways to mark his territory than that. With that Brad grabbed Scott by the hand and led him into the house. When they reached the bed Brad told Scott he was ready to be marked. They sat on the side of the bed kissing for a few minutes. Scott leaned Brad back and made love to him then.

Brad awoke the next morning and looked outside the sun was up and he knew they needed to get going. He could still smell sex in the room when he walked back in. He thought about what had happened the night before. He could still feel the tenderness of his ass. Scott had worked him over for about an hour. He thought about how it was going to feel today sitting in a saddle for hours. That made him clinch up as he knew it would not be fun. Brad reached around and felt the puffiness of his tender ass and thought he needed to cool it down.

He thought a cool shower would do him some good. Brad looked over a Scott and wanted to run over and jump on him. But the flaking evidence from the night before needed to come off. Brad pumped some water to fill the tank. They were in to big a hurry to do it last night. The shower was still in the room set up. Brad had busied himself and was not paying attention. As he bent over to put the bucket back he felt two hands grab him by the waist. Scott had sneaked up behind him and slid his hard member into Brad's crevasse.

Brad being a little swollen from the night before tried to tighten up some. Apparently Scott had slicked up some before approaching. Brad felt it slip on in while he was bent over. The tenderness was amplified when stretched. Even though Brad wanted to say something he didn't He could feel Scott thick hair against his backside. Brad stood back up as Scott started to pull out. He quickly bent over the sink though when Scott pushed back in.

Scott leaned over and kissed the back of Brad's neck sending goose bumps down his back. Scott began the smooth rhythm sliding in and out. Brad quickly forgot how tender and pushed back in Rhythm with Scott. The dishes in the drain were clinking in time with the two men. It did not take long till Brad had his hand between his legs stroking fast and furiously. Scott was the first to start firing his load. Brad told him he needed it harder so Scott fought the urge to withdraw and bring Brad to a finish. It was a couple of minutes before Brad painted the underside of the sink with his seed. Scott just stood there till he softened up and slid out.

When Brad felt Scott leaving his body he turned to face him. He explained how he was a little tender but felt better now. He just hoped it would feel the same way by the end of the day. Scott told Brad he was a little tender to so maybe he could return the favor. Brad lightly slapped him on the arm calling him a little horn dog. He then slipped out from between Scott and the sink telling Scott he would have to wait till they got back home. He was spent for right now and also a little tender. Scott made a little pouting face at Brads comment.

Brad walked over to the toilet and pushed out Scott's fresh load. Gas came out of him loudly and Scott teased Brad that he sounded like he needed a tune up. Brad flipped Scott the bird and told him to get his ass in the shower. Scott stepped into the tub and pulled the cord. He let out a scream when the clod water hit him. Brad laughed so hard he almost fell off the toilet. Scott had not realized Brad was filling up the shower.

It did not take Scott long to shower that day and Brad stepped in right behind him. The water was cold but helped with the swelling Brad had. Once they were dressed Brad fried a couple of eggs sandwiches for the two of them and ate.

Scott went out and saddled the horses while Brad fed the other animals. They were starting to get more eggs now and Brad wondered what to do with the chickens when they left. He thought about setting them free but knew they would be killed and eaten by something if he did. He thought he could have them moved to the ranch for Wayne and Sam. The goats he could take to the horse farm.

Brad finished and helped Scott finish with the horses. The three that were left in the corral voiced there displeasure of being left behind as they rode off. Brad and Scott rode at a good pace knowing they were running late. They saw a couple of rabbits and a covey of quail as they rode along. They smelled something dead a little further along and slowed down to see if they could find out what it was. They came to a place where there was a dead deer. It looked like it had been killed by a cougar. It was partially hidden in a shrub and you could see claw marks where it had covered it with some dirt.

It made Brad a little nervous at first. Scott told him at least it was hunting away from the cabin a few miles. Brad told Scott he thought they should be free out here but knew others hated the cougar. Scott told him some kill young livestock so farmers hunt them. Brad let Scott know if they killed any cattle he wanted them trapped and moved not killed.

If he had to he would find some land and make a place for them. He knew the one that attacked him was starving. There was too much land fenced off and not much wild game around here. That's why his gramps had never put all of this land into cattle. He knew they still had to provide for wildlife.

Scott asked if that was why when he had asked before about fencing off more land he was told no? Brad let Scott know it was. Gramps would buy property and when most people would run one head per two acre he would fence different and run one per acre. He would always leave half of it for wild life.

Scott knew better why now he just had always been told no. If they had explained why, he would have understood. He just thought they didn't want to invest the money. He had always wanted to expand and show them what he could do.

Brad told Scott that a lot of people thought his gramps was nuts for doing it that way. They wanted to have more and more land taken up to produce. Brad explained that the ranch had a thousand acres fenced and a thousand not fenced. The farm farmed two thousand acres and let two thousand unfarmed. The three thousand acres between the two was where the valley was.

They rode off from the kill and soon could see the edge of the fence. Brad wanted to see about shipping in a few feeding stations for the deer heard here. He thought if they had a little better feed they might reproduce a little more and make a better food source. There had been a few dry summers and so food had to be scarce. He thought he could put a couple of wind mills to pump a little water for them also.

When Brad and Scott came riding up, they saw that they were the last ones there. They had already started moving the cattle and Brad saw Becky out on a horse. She was cutting in and out moving the cattle on. Brad just shook his head and told Scott to look who was riding.

Scott laughed and told Brad it might not have been a good idea to put her on a horse. I think you just lost a horse. He chuckled again because he just realized she had on a pair of pants. May must have taken her shopping after they got home.

Brad and Scott rode on up and started helping the others. They worked hard and took turns spraying the cattle's eyes with the medicine. At lunch time May stepped out side of the house and yelled for them to come on in and eat.

They had worked up an appetite rounding up the cattle. They were a little over half done and it had really sped up after Brad and Scott showed up. They had two working the shoot and two moving the cattle in. The other two were moving out the doctored cattle. They had moved the cows to where there were not any empty lots between them. It was Brad and Scott moving them out on the first go around

They would be the ones to doctor after they finished lunch. May and Sam were bringing them in and would still be working on that when they went back out. Dan was sure to tell them to mark any cow with the pink eye with the paint. That way they would be able to look for them in the herds.

It was getting hot working the cattle. Where they were doctoring the cattle the dust was thick. Dan had decided to worm all of the cattle while they were running them through the shoots. Wayne's shoulders were getting sore after a while. Pulling for hours to lock the cow's heads so they could be doctored was work. Dan finally switched with Wayne to give him a break. They worked well as a team.

Dan wished he had brought in a couple of more guys so as to not wear anyone out. At first it was taking Brad and Scott a while to push the cattle to the far pens. They would get back and it would be only a few minutes till they had to move the next herd out.

Brad watched as they got back from the last ride as Dan would lock then in the shoot. He sprayed their eyes then sprayed them with something else across there backs. He could tell that would be a tough job. The cattle were upset and stirring up a lot of dust. He knew he wormed the horses a little differently. He gave them a little tube of paste orally.

Brad asked Scott if he would like to give Dan and Wayne a break. Scott told him that would be fine so they swapped places for a little while. Once Dan showed them a few times Brad and Scott took over. For Brad holding the cows head tight while they twisted and jumped was tough. Every time Scott sprayed the medicine in the eyes the cow would start moving.

Brad and Scott switched places every ten cows. That way you would not wear yourself out. It took a while to get the hang of it but soon had a rhythm going. You could tell when Dan and Wayne got back they felt obligated to take back over. Brad told him they needed to switch more so no one person was worn out. They decided they would switch one person every lot.

May came out and after a while and let them know it was time to eat. They had not even finished half of the cattle by lunch like they had hoped. As the dusty and dirty guys walked up to the house they were quiet. They had all worked hard and were not in the mood to talk much.

May told them to wash up while she poured their drinks. One by one they sat down. May wanted to say something about the smell but didn't. They all smelled of horse and cow. She could tell it was hard work by the way they moved. She had fixed a nice lunch but not a heavy one.

No one was in a hurry to get back out there but after a little rest Dan asked them if they were ready. May told them she would have supper ready at five and not to be late. As they filed out of the house May went to make a call. She contacted a few men whom she knew worked ranches some. She knew a couple of them had been out of work for a while and asked them if they would like a job for the rest of the day. A couple of them agreed and soon were on there way.

May cleaned the dishes and sat down for a while to watch a little TV. She heard a truck pull up and went out to see who it was. She saw the two guys whom she had talked to earlier getting out of the truck. May walked out to take them to where the others were working. She saw that Sam and Dan were working the shoots this time. May let Dan know she had called in some reinforcements.

Dan knew the men and knew one was a real good hand but the other was on the lazy side if not watched. He knew he would not have much of a choice today but to work. Dan had the one take over holding the clamp for the shoot while he yelled for Brad to come over.

It seemed to go a lot faster with the two additional hands. Dan made sure the two men knew what to do. With the additional two men at the shoot no one had to kill themselves. They had enough men to push them through faster. Dan figured that if they kept up this pace they would have them all through by the end of the day.

Each of them traded off so no one was worked to hard. May came out right at five and told them it was ready. She had cooked a bigger supper than she had a dinner. She asked Becky how she was holding up. Becky let her know she was getting sore. It had been many years since she had ridden much. May transferred the information to Dan so he could give her a break.

They ate the meal May had fixed and soon were ready to head back out. Dan stopped Becky before reaching the door and asked her if she would like to call it a day. Becky looked hurt at first but Dan let her know May might need a little help. Becky seemed relieved but also a little hurt. She had enjoyed being out and feeling useful.

As the day wore on they could finally see the end in sight. There were only one hundred head left to go. Dan asked the guys that were running the cattle into the shoots to go and make sure the cattle were spread out like they should be with two lots between them. He mounted up and made sure the shoots stayed full. At the rate they were getting them through it would only be a couple more hours before they had them all worked out.

He knew they only had about that much daylight left and wanted it to all count. Brad and Wayne worked there way back making sure the cattle were worked into the pens they needed to be in. It had been a long day but now it was almost over. Dan thought he might see if the one man wanted a job after this was all over. He needed someone to replace Doug's Dad.

As the last of the cattle was run through the shoot and doctored everyone took a deep breath. It had been an exhausting day. Dan handed Brad the checkbook and told him he should pay the guys for a whole day. If he had thought about it he would have called a couple of guys in himself. Brad wrote the checks out and also wrote one for Becky. She had been as much help as anyone. He thought she would feel better with a little money of her own.

Finally they were done with the cattle and Brad gave the guys there checks. They took off shortly after and the guys went to the barn. Each of them was covered with dirt and Brad told them he was ready to shower off. They headed to the house to get some clean clothing then to the Barn to rinse off. Becky and May had cleaned everything up and had a snack ready for when they finished.

As they made it to the showers everyone stripped off and headed in to clean up. The hot water felt good on there sore muscles. Even Dan mentioned how sore he was. Dan looked around at the young men as they showered. He remembered when he was in as good a shape as they were. He looked at each of them and saw how nicely they were built. He knew he was not built the same as they were but he did remember having the tight muscles.

Dan thought each of the guys were nice looking and knew women that would love to have any one of them. It bothered Dan a little when they started soaping each others backs. He worried that it might go a little further than he was comfortable with. Other than a pat on the butt to let the other know they were done Dan never saw any thing.

Brad was the one that asked if Dan needed any help washing his back. At first Dan said it was ok but paused and told him go ahead. Brad lathered him up and massaged his back a little just like he had done to Scott. When he was through he smacked Dan on the butt to let him know he was done. Dan had not realized he was enjoying it as much as he did till he looked down while he rinsed the soap off. He saw his cock had swollen and felt him self turn red.

Dan looked at Brad and saw the slightest grin. He never said anything but let Dan no he knew. Dan saw that the others had had the same problem. He was not the only one to get a little excited at being rubbed down.

It seemed that everyone was so tired that there was not going to be any horse play tonight. Not to say he was not checked out. Dan was just glad he knew these guys because they would just look. It made him feel a little uncomfortable but not to bad. It was not like they were trying to hide the fact they were looking either. They would look and make a comment like nice.

Dan looked at Wayne and Scott both naked and wet looked like twins. They both had the thickest hair on there chest. There might be and inch different between the height but the biggest difference was the length of there hair. Scotts was still shorter from his head being shaved. Scott seemed to have a little more hair on his ass cheeks but other than that it would be hard to tell the difference from vary far off. Sam was built better than all the others as far as body. He had the deep v-shape of an athlete that had worked for years to shape his body. Brad was the most different of the three. He had no hair except for a little on his legs crotch underarms and head.

Dan could see the difference between being fifty and being in your twenties though. His body was not near as firm as theirs were. He envied them a little on being young. He could not remember how many times he wished he was younger and knew what he knew now. How different his life would be now. At least his life was getting back on track. He had met a woman he was interested in and that had not happened in a long time. He had his job back and was working for a nice kid. He hoped everything would keep working out.

Brad watched as all of the guys filed out of the showers. He had formed great relationships with them. He had met someone that seemed to really love him. He had met new friends and hopefully formed great bonds with them. Brad could not help but think this had been a great thing. His life had changed for the better all around.

He was surprised there had not been many comments tonight. The guys did not cut up as usually. Brad knew he did not want to make Dan feel uncomfortable but thought it was just everyone was tired. As they dressed and headed to the house Brad took Scott by the hand. He loved having this man in his life. They reached the house and Brad remembered he had the checkbook and took it out of his pants. He once looked at the total. There was seventy thousand left in it. Brad wanted to give a lot of that money to Dan he had not been paid much and wanted to make it up to him.

Brad handed it to Dan and asked him to pull some out for his own use. Dan told Brad there was time for that later he just needed to wait for now. Brad knew it would not do any good to argue with him right now but made a mental not to make it worth Dan's while.

As they ate a snack May brought out some beer. It was cold and tasted so good after a hard days work. They ate sitting in the living room and watched TV. It had been so long Brad did not know what was going on with most of his shows. Finally they tuned in a movie and watched that. He looked around and saw some of them were almost falling asleep. He decided he and Scott needed to head home and asked Sam if he could take them.

As they stood up to leave Brad handed Becky the check he had for her. He told May to take her shopping with it. As Becky opened the check she saw it was for five hundred dollars and told Brad it was too much. Brad insisted and told her she needed to get out and buy her a few things. Becky tried to give it back but Brad refused it. She mentioned she could send some of it to Doug to help Brent with the bills. Brad spoke up and let her know it was for her to spend not for Doug's bills He would take care of them later she needed to spend that on her.

With that Brad and Scott headed out to the truck. Sam was right behind them and they took off to the cabin. Sam asked them if they would be back the next day to pick up the horses. Scott let him know they would be back in a few days if nothing came back up. They just wanted a little time alone.

They said there goodbyes as Sam backed out of the drive. Brad told him they would see him in a few days. Sam waved bye as he backed out. Soon they were headed to the front door of the cabin. Both guys were tired and ready for bed.

Soon the undressed and went straight to bed. There were a few kisses then the sounds of sleep overtook them. It was light outside when they woke. Brad was the first to try and move. He could not believe how sore he was. It was all he could do to keep from laughing as Scott climbed out of bed and grumbled about how sore he was.

They went through the morning ritual and stepped out on the porch. Once they were done they walked back inside and climbed back in the bed. Nether one of them wanted to do anything. They laid there and held each other. Scott was the first one to slip his hand down to feel Brad's member. Brad felt him self swell as Scott gently fondled him.

For the next few days all they did was stay in bed most of the day. Brad and Scott made love several times a day. It seemed like Scott was after Brad all the time. Brad finally told Scott it was time for them to get out and do something. He wanted to go for a walk if nothing else.

Brad and Scott got up and dressed for a walk. Scott made sure he took the rifle along after seeing the kill the other day. It should be time for the female cougars to give birth. He did not want to be out there and run up on one without something to defend himself with.

They headed out about an hour later walking hand in hand. It seemed like something was bothering Scott. In the last few days he seemed to be on edge more and when making love it was like he would never get the chance to do it again. Brad decided they would talk while walking and see if he could figure out what was bothering Scott.

It was a nice day outside. The sun was shinning and they had a nice breeze. Brad tried to think of a way to ask Scott what seemed to be bothering him. He could not think of how to bring it up. They had walked around in different places this time. For a little while Brad knew he was lost till he seen a familiar site. Scott was getting fidgety as they sat down for a little while. He had a sad look in his eyes that bothered Brad.

Scott walked over and kissed Brad with a pleading look on his face. Brad responded back with his own kiss. Scott's hands wrapped around Brad pulling him into and embrace. When Scott broke the kiss Brad spoke up. He asked Scott what was going on. Scott turned his head not wanting to look Brad in the face.

When Scott spoke it was a plea to make love to him. Brad told Scott he would love to make love to him but first they needed to talk. Brad asked Scott what was going on. He needed to know because he was getting scared. Scott just stared for the longest then finally spoke up.

He explained to Brad his worries about what was going to happen in a few days. He had thought maybe he might change his mind and not want him. He worried what happened when they left and things were different would he still be wanted then. He was being honest with Brad. He worried if Brad would leave him like he left Chris. He had loved Chris when he came out here and then it all changed.

Brad understood what was going on in Scott's mind then. He raised Scott's face up to look into his eyes. He told Scott he had never felt in his life for someone as much as he felt for him. He thought he loved Chris but knew he loved him. Like he told Scott months ago he did not really feel love for Chris it was just close friendship. It was having someone close that you were attracted to. He told him he would not lie to him he did miss Chris a lot at first. He wanted him around because he hated what he had to go through. He did not want to be alone with someone that he was having problems getting along with.

He explained how he truly loved Scott and would never think of leaving him. He could not wait to show him different parts of his life. Brad wanted to reassure Scott he was going to be part of his life. Once they talked Brad could tell Scott felt better.

Brad finally told Scott it was time to go back to the cabin. They headed back with out much being said. Brad never let Scott's hand go and when they made it inside Brad started fixing something to eat. Scott cleaned and washed some clothes while Brad cooked. Talk was little that night as they settled in for the night.

Brad cleaned up after the meal and asked Scott if he would like to lie down. Brad undressed Scott and then himself. Once they climbed in Brad snuggled up to Scott and held him. He told Scott he loved him and never wanted to loose him. The day of worry had taken its toll on both of them. The mental exhaustion wore them down and soon found the two of them asleep.

Over the next few days Scott still seemed a little apprehensive but lightened up some. They had spent a lot of time holding each other and making love. It seemed like it was almost over, it was to end. The sex had urgency to it, like an affair was coming to and end. Brad started to worry to afraid Scott would not leave with him. There was nothing that seemed to cheer them up. Talk of what they would like to do seem like a joke. It was a little gloomy.

Brad could not help but to worry that Scott was trying to end their relationship. He was scared that he was going to loose the love of his life. He knew there was only two days left before they would be aloud to leave. The only time Brad felt secure was while making love. Scott seemed like he was trying harder to please Brad than ever before. They spent hours making love but between sessions the gloom always returned. Brad could not help but think Scott was not planning to leave with him.

Brad called May on the CB that afternoon he wanted to plan a party for everyone that had helped him through this. He told May he needed to talk to her about Scott to. Of course May could not let it drop with that. She had to know what was going on. Brad filled her in on the short version and May told him not to worry Scott more than likely was just scared of what would happen when they went into the real world. Brad told her he hoped that was all it was but was getting scared. May let him know they would talk more later, when she got there.

She told Brad she would fix a feast for everyone and let Brent and Doug knows to let his friends there know to come also. She told him she would take care of everything. Brad told her to take twenty thousand of the money left and rent a big tent and tables. If she needed help to call Brent he knew where they had always rented from and what to get. He wanted them to plan on having it at the ranch house. He wanted a BBQ so get a side of beef and half of a hog to BBQ.

Brad had just stopped talking to May when Scott came inside from feeding everything. Brad let him know he was planning a party for the morning after. He wanted Scott to know and filled him in on a few of the things he had planned. It was getting later in the day and Brad was going to start supper when someone knocked on the door.

Brad was surprised when Brent opened the door. He looked like someone that had swallowed a canary. Brad wanted to know what had brought him out. Brent let Brad know he had filled the papers and found out more. Doug Asked Scott if he would like to go outside and not have to listen to all this boring stuff. Scott looked over at Brad and he shook his head for him to go ahead.

Brent then started on a lot of legal mumbo jumbo till Scott and Doug went outside. Once they were gone Brent told Brad he didn't know what all he wanted Scott to know but had told Doug it would be very boring.

It seemed like Drew Williams had been siphoning off a lot of money over the last few years. They books were audited and his bank accounts frozen. He had twelve million in an account that he was going to transfer this week. There was evidence he had been doing this for a few years from other clients to. The cash he had just opened the accounts with was all Brads. He had been using the other money to help with his lifestyle and putting some of it away. Brent smiled at Brad telling him now the good news. The money has been transferred to your account. A deposit of a little over twelve million was deposited into your checking account yesterday. I pushed the judge to release the money because we could prove exactly where the money came from. Also as of today you are free to go. The judge ruled you should be free of the request of the will. You can go home tonight.

Brad sat there in shock. He didn't know what to say. Brent shook Brad and asked him if he had heard what he said. Brad stammered out a yes but still was too stunned to talk. Brent went on to tell Brad he had found a place for him to live. Brad finally was able to speak. He asked Brent to not say anything to anyone about it all being over. He wanted to stay till it was over he could handle the two more days.

Brent looked at him like he was crazy and asked why. Brad explained something was bothering Scott and he needed the time he had left to find out what it was. Brad then asked Brent if Doug knew any of this. Brent told him he had not said anything to anyone but him. Brad was glad and told Brent something was bothering Scott and he wanted the time to figure out what it was.

Then he asked Brent if he would take some of the money and rent tuxes for all of them. He wanted Sam, Wayne, Doug and himself to also have them. He was planning a big party and wanted a lot of friends to come. Brad then went on to tell Brent he needed a tent and tables and chairs. He wanted to have it set up at the ranch. Bran told him to have the tuxes brought in different sizes because he did not know everyone's sizes. Brent knew what to do and took notes. He explained to Brent to get with May about the food and some of the things she could do. Brad told him he had two days to pull this off in.

Brent stood up then and told Brad he needed to leave then so he could get started. Doug asked him if he had a checkbook and Brent handed him one. Brad wrote Brent a check for one million and told him that should be plenty to take care of it all. He then asked Brent to pick up one more thing for him. Brent looked shocked and asked if he really meant it. Brad smiled and told Brent more than anything.

Brent walked to the door and opened it yelling for Doug. It took a while but Doug finally came walking up. It looked like Doug and Scott were down by the horses. Brent walked up and hugged Scott goodbye. He whispered take care of your man he loves you more than you can know into Scotts ear. He then turned to Doug and told him they had to hurry home. Doug objected to having to leave but Brent told him he had no choice they had something that could not be put off.

As Brent and Doug headed to the car Doug asked if they had time to stop off and see his mom. Brent let him know they could but they had to hurry. Brent waved goodbye as he climbed in the car and pulled out.

Scott asked Brad what was the hurry that they could not stay longer. Brad let Scott know that they had arrested Drew Williams and released his money back to him. Scott was surprised that it happened so fast. Brad let him know he was shocked to. Brad figured it would be tied up for months. Brad let him know that they both would need to go to court over this before it was all over.

Brad asked Scott what he would do if he was offered money to leave now. A shocked Scott wanted to know what Brad was talking about. Brad had thought about this for a few minutes and decided he would go for it. Brad asked Scott to sit down. They sat on the porch as Brad talked to Scott.

"Scott I love you and want you to be happy."

"I love you to Brad"

"Scott you do not understand me. Let me explain. Brad pulled out his checkbook and started writing"

"What are you doing Brad"

Brad ripped out the check handing it to Scott "Scott I do not want you to love me for what I can do for you. I want you to love me because you really do."

Scott looked at the check it was for ten million. "What is this for? Are you trying to buy me off?"

"No Scott I want you to have the money. You can be in control of it all and do what you want with it."

Scott ripped the check in half and gave it back to Brad. "I do not want your money Brad. It is you I want. I told you I love you not your money."

"But Scott all I wanted was for you to be happy."

"Then why are you trying to buy me off then."

"Scott I am not trying to buy you off."

"It sure feels that way. It's almost like this is all over and here is your pay for the ass I have gotten."

"Scott, don't feel that way. I love you and want you to be happy. I just don't want you to feel obligated to me. I want you to feel like you are your own man and can stand on you own two feet. There will be a lot of things happening in the next few weeks and you should feel like you can afford to buy what you want and need without having to ask me for it."

"Brad I have my own money and do not need to ask you for anything."

Brad shook his head and looked at Scott. "Ok Scott but remember, I want you to tell me if you want anything."

"Like I said Brad I have my own money and I will be ok."

"As long as you're my partner is all that matters Scott."

"Brad as long as you will have me we will be together."

Scott reached out to Brad and hugged him telling him he loved him. Both felt better about what was happening now. It took them a while but realized nothing between them had really changed.

That night they both slept more peaceful after a lovemaking session that seemed more normal. Even though both of them woke up a couple of times during the night they fell back to sleep without worrying about their future for the first time in days.

As the sun came up and peaked through the windows Brad woke. He rolled over to look at his love still sleeping. He could not resist running his finger across the thick morning's growth of beard. Brad loved the look of the black hair against the olive complexion. He watched as Scotts chest rose and fell while sleeping. Finally he could not resist anymore and lifter the sheet some to look down at his lover's chest. From this angle Brad could not see any skin on Scott's chest. Even the nipples were blocked from his view by hair.

Brad folded the sheet down some to expose the right nipple. As he leaned over to take it in his mouth Scott's hands came up and grabbed Brad by the head. He pulled Brad to his nipple and told him he had been peeking and if he latched onto his nipple he better be ready to put out. Brad opened his mouth and engulfed Scott's nipple.

They spent the next two hours making love then took a short nap. Scott woke Brad later and wanted to know if he was ever going to get out of bed and fix something to eat. Brad smiled and told Scott to look under the covers he had something he could snack on but to be careful it would fill him up if he kept nibbling on it.

Scott reached down grabbing Brads cock and told him as interesting as it sounded he wanted something that would stick to his ribs a little more. Brad laughed and Scott thought he was the sexiest thing. He had not seen Brad smile in days like he did this morning.

Scott finally pulled Brad out of the bed to fix them something to eat then dresses to go feed the animals. Scott whistled as he walked to the horse corral. He step seemed lighter like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. Rex came bounding up to him and Scott stopped and bent over to give him a good pat and scratch behind the ears. Scott watched as the horses ate and had to get onto Rex for running around there feet and barking while they ate.

Scott walked over to where the goats were and fed them and checked there water. He thought they were lucky they were still alive. They would have wound up eating them over the winter except for the food situation changing.

The chickens as always ran up like they were starving. It seemed that if you ever threw anything over the fence to them they were starving. Brad would catch grasshoppers and throw them over the fence to watch the chickens run around trying to catch them. Some of the things he did would always remind Scott of a young boy.

Scott gathered the eggs and headed back to the cabin. Right before he made it to the porch it sounded like off in the distance he could here a diesel truck going down the road. He did not remember hearing that hay or feed was being delivered today. He knew they were not selling any of the cattle so it had to be feed.

Scott went in and let Brad know he thought they were bring in feed to the ranch and wanted to know if he wanted to ride over later. Brad told Scott he would rather stay here and play house. Scott told he needed a break from playing house. He was getting sore on both sides now. Brad laughed and told him he knew what he meant he was afraid to sneeze because he might shit all over himself.

Scott perked up then and let Brad know "I must be doing something right then. I have to keep my man all satisfied and happy."

"Sore is more like it" Brad stated.

Scott walked over to where Brad was standing at the stove and wrapped his arms around him. He leaned over and kissed Brad on the neck. Brad leaned his head back onto Scott's shoulder and whispered "I love you" to Scott. Scott reply was another kiss to the neck.

Brad looked back at the food cooking while Scott rocked him back and forth some. They stood like this till lunch was ready. Brad asked Scott to set the table while he took the food up and set it on the table.

While they sat down to eat Brad told Scott they needed to pack up what they would need to take with them the next day. Brad wanted to know it would only be the personal items needed. He would have someone come out for the rest of the stuff later. There was not much that really mattered around the place but some things meant more to each of them.

They ate there meal and cleaned the dishes up then. Once done Brad asked Scott if he would like to take one last ride through the valley. Scott let Brad know he hoped it would not be his last ride in this valley.

They went out and saddled the horses to take a ride. It was a bewildering feeling to think you might never get to come back to this place. As they rode along Scott could not help but feel like this was home. He had felt like he wanted to live here with Brad for the rest of his life. It was all going to change soon and fear of the change was foremost on Scott's mind.

Scott told Brad he wished they could just stay here and live the rest of there lives with just the two of them and a few friends. As Scott said this Brad could not help but smile. He knew he had always loved the place with the little rise in the valley. He had always thought it would make the perfect site to build a nice home. You could see from one end to the other end of the valley. They only thing that made you know you were not alone in the world was an occasional jet flying over.

As they reached the valley floor Brad spurred his horse on. They took off at a gallop across the valley. Brad leading the way they races to the little rise Brad always loved. Once they were there Brad stopped and climbed down from his horse. He walked around wishing he could tell Scott everything.

They sat on the log they always used and rested some. Scott lay back against Brad looking at the creek. He wanted to go for a swim in a few minutes. They watched the birds fly from tree to tree at the edge of the water.

Brad loved the way Scott felt up against him. He could smell Scott hair. It smelled of Scott and tickled Brad's nose as he breathed the scent in. He was lost in his thoughts as he felt him self began to fall. Scott had shifted around so he could talk.

Scott asked Brad again if he would like to go for a swim. Brad agreed and off they went to the waters edge. Brad and Scott stripped right there at the edge of the creek. They were not fast to get into the water. Edging a little closer to the edge Brad said on three to jump.

When they hit the water it was not as cold as they had expected. The water was only waste deep. Closer to the rock wall where they had fished the last time the water reached their chest. If you looked closely you could see some of the smaller fish swimming around. They embraced in the water and spun around in circles slowly. It was like watching a water ballet as they spun around in the water.

Brad and Scott finally got out of the water and walked around naked enjoying the feel of the sun on their skin as the dried off. The freedom of not having to get dressed was one that Brad had come to enjoy. He could look at Scott walking around naked and enjoy the thought going through his head. It was beginning to get late afternoon before they decided to dress. Brad wished they could always be naked but knew better.

Finally Brad knew it would almost be dark before they made it home and told Scott they needed to head back. He knew he burned a little but not bad enough to hurt much. Scott on the other hand just seemed to get darker. They had been able to run around so much without clothing Scott almost was tanned completely. You could barely see any tan line any more.

As they headed back Brad felt a little sad to be leaving the valley. He had learned to love the land. He knew what he had planned he should not do but for once in his life he wanted something for himself.

The sun was setting as they climbed the edge of the valley. The orange was turning to red then purple as they made it to the corral. As they unsaddled the horses and brushed them down Scott made the comment that things would be different tomorrow. Brad agreed and told Scott they would never forget how they met though. Scott agreed and told Brad it would be a wonderful story to tell to children someday.

Brad thought it would be nice to tell your own children some day. He did hope to have some though. Brad and Scott headed into the cabin and finished packing the things they were taking with them. When they were finished Brad pulled out the shower and rinsed off. He almost wanted to cry as he sat down on the bed. He would have never thought he would grow to love this place. He knew it would be different when they left.

Brad felt a little guilty thinking about how much life was going to change for the two of them. He hoped it would not make Scott want to run away. Brad had been raised in a home that was business and his gramps would make time for him but would work hard and late on the days they did do things.

That was one of the reasons Brad wanted to sell off a lot of the businesses. He did not want to spend a lot of time having to run things. He knew it would take time to find out what he wanted to save and what to sell. He did realize he was not keeping something that required a lot of his time. He would have everything he needed to take care of him and his kids with out having to keep something like that. He was not one to waste money and could live quit cheaply if needed.

When Scott finished showering he walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down. "It will be a little scary leaving tomorrow won't it?"

"Yeah it will. I have spent a year here with you and it seems like it has been my whole life Scott. "

"I know what you mean. I mean I have lived out here for a while now and it seems a little scary to be moving to the city. When I was on the ranch I would run to town a couple of times a month and was glad to get back to the ranch."

"I would love to stay out here but I can't. I have to get back and find out what all has happened. Gramps had some business I plan on selling though."

"Brad your not going to sell the ranch and this valley are you?"

"Scott there's one thing I have learned. Love the land and take care of it. If you do that the land will take care of you."

Brad and Scott went to bed soon after that and it was not long till they drifted off to sleep. Both of them did not sleep well that night afraid of what the next day would bring. Both laid there awake several times but never moving so as to not wake the other. By first light Brad was up and Scott right behind him.

They both seemed a little edgy from lack of sleep. Scott was the first one to speak. He asked Brad if he was ready to leave. Brad was setting at the table sipping a cup of coffee. He looked over at Scott and told him he was not in any hurry. Scott then got up and fixed himself a cup and sat on the other side of the table.

As Scott sat down he told Brad they needed to get on the road early so they could make it to the city before dark. Brad lifted his hand and told Scott they would not be staying in the city tonight. This shook Scott up and he asked him why not. Brad told Scott he wanted to make sure he said goodbye to all of his friends he had made before leaving. They could rent a room at a hotel somewhere along the way. Scott was glad he would be able to say goodbye to Wayne and aunt May at least. Brad told Scott to feed the animals while he fixed a light something to eat.

Scott did not waste much time feeding this morning. He feed and watered everyone then came back in. Brad told Scott the guys from the horse ranch would be by later to pick up the animals. He planned on having them all taken to the farm till something could be done with some of them. Scott told Brad he wanted to make sure they kept his horse. He had been a good friend for five years now. Brad let Scott know the horses would be staying at the farm with them. He was mainly talking about the chickens. They had gone from a dozen hens and one rooster to three dozen all together.

They ate a sandwich and Brad cleaned everything up. Scott helped put things back where they were kept. He did not want the place looking bad. Brad told Scott they needed to have Sam come get the food that was left so it would not go to waste. It was almost noon when they finally left the cabin. Scott poured all the gas in the truck that they had left. It almost filled the tank up so they knew they would have enough to get out of here.

As Brad loaded the last of the things into the back of the truck he could not help but to feel sad. He was leaving the first home they had shared. He asked himself why this place was so special. The cabin walls in places you could see the outside. It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. He did not have things that made in convenient. It had been a hard year. He had to really work to just survive. He thought back and wondered how gramps had made it. They had food delivered and did not really have to worry about starving. If it had not of been for that they would have to have prepared a lot more. Gramps could not have counted on that. He now understood how rough it would have been. How hard you just had to work to survive. But gramps had done more than that. He had worked hard and made it better for him and his family.

Brad and Scott climbed into the cab of the truck. As they looked at each other Brad spoke. "To me this will always be home." Scott shook his head in agreement then started the engine. It was sad pulling out of the driveway. Rex stood there wagging his tail as they left. The road was bumpy as they drove down the old dirt road. Just as it had been the first time.

When they came to the intersection Scott turned towards the ranch. They were going to stop off and say there goodbyes to Wayne and Sam. The drive was silent as they started their new journey.

It was not long till the ranch came into site. Scott asked Brad what the big white thing was in the yard. Brad smiled to himself and told Scott it looks kind of like a big tent. As they got closer Scott could make out it was a tent. Scott kept asking what Brad thought was going on. Brad kept trying not to answer Scott's questions by pointing out other things.

When they finally pulled up to the house Scott and Brad stepped out. There was a flurry of activity going on. Off to the side were a couple of men tending a couple of fire pits with a half of a beef and a half hog spitted over it? Men were walking around with waiter suits on setting up chairs and tables. There was a big bar area where Scott saw a couple of kegs and all kinds of liquor being set up.

Scott looked around still amazed then asked Brad what he was up to. Brad finally told Scott he was throwing a party celebrating the end of the year for them. As Scott was hugging Brad he heard clapping behind him. Scott released Brad and turned around to see Sam, Wayne, Brent, Doug, Dan dressed in Black formal tuxes. Behind them was May and Becky dressed in formal gowns. Scott was shocked to say the least. Surprise was shouted by all as Scott stood there with out saying a word.

Finally they all filed off the porch and greeted the guest of honor. Scott hugged them all telling each of them he loved them. Finally Brad grabbed Scott By the arm taking him into the house.

He told Scott they needed to get dressed also. When Sam told him up in there room were the tuxes Brad headed that way. When they entered the room he saw a few racks with tuxes on them. One rack had several White tuxes and Brad headed to it. There were about ten jackets and several more pairs of pants. Brad wanted to know what size pants Scott wore. Finally he found the size Scott said and pulled them out. Scott wanted to know why they were wearing white while everyone else was wearing black. Brad told Scott they were the host and needed to be seen by all who attended so they needed to stand out. As they found the sizes they needed Brad told Scott they should shower and shave before getting dressed.

As one they took a shower. Brad soaped Scott up and helped him wash his back. Scott was getting a little excited but Brad told him it would have to wait. Once out of the shower they shaved and got dressed. The tuxes were white with black stripes down the legs. The jackets were also white with black lapels. Black cummerbunds accented the outfits. Brad could not help but get a little excited seeing his man all dressed up in his tux. His dark complexion and hair set the tux off. Brad could not help but to feel proud of how Scott looked.

When they left the room Scott told Brad he felt funny all dressed up. Brad told him he needed to get used to having a suit on for special occasions. Scott looked at Brad and asked what this special occasion was. Brad told Scott they were going to announce to all of there friends that they were now a couple and partners. Scotts head turned to look at Brad. As he did Brad dropped to one knee and pulled out the box Brent had snuck to him as they came into the house.

On his knee Brad opened the box. Inside of the box were two rings. "Scott will you accept me as your partner in life. To always love and protect."

Brad saw Scott's jaw moving but nothing came out. All of a sudden Scott dropped to his knees and through his arms around Brad knocking him to the floor. Scott was covering brads face with kisses. Brad felt drops of moisture hitting his face. When Scott finally loosened his hold on Brad, Brad asked him "So can I take that as a yes"

"Yes yes oh hell yes."

"Well then let me up so I can put the ring on your finger. Besides we don't need to be rolling around on the floor getting dirty."

Scott stood up then reached his hand out to Brad. "I can't believe your doing this."

"Scott I told you I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you"

"I know but still I did not expect this."

"Brad slipped the ring on Scott's finger then kissed him tenderly. "You know this means forever don't you?"

"I love you Brad"

"I know you do babe. We better get down stairs and see to our guest then."

Scott raised the ring up into the light. "God this is beautiful"

"Just like you babe"

"Wasn't there two rings in that box?"


"Can I put your on your finger then."

"I was hoping you would feel that way"

Scott took the ring out of the box almost dropping it; his hand was shaking so badly. "With this Ring I give you my heart Brad"

After releasing Brads hand Scott picked Brad up and shouted with all his might. "I LOVE THIS MAN"

They turned to look down the stairs to a clapping group of there closest friends. When Scott set Brad back down he gave him a peck on the cheek and ran down the stairs to show his friends and family the ring. There was a lot of patting on the back and talk of good luck as they greeted Scott. Brad stood at the top of the stairs watching Scott as he showed the ring to everyone. Finally Brad walked down the stairs to be greeted in the same way by his friends.

Once everything settled down some Brad excused himself and went into the office. He pulled out his checkbook and wrote out several checks placing them all in separate envelopes with names on them. When he finished he walked outside to see how everything was going.

Brad again picked Scott out of the crowd and watched as he was going from friend to friend still showing off his ring. Brad walked over to where Scott was talking. He interrupted the conversation and asked if he could borrow Scott for a few minutes.

Scott stopped talking and beamed his killer smile at Brad. Even though the last thing Brad had on his mind was sex right then. Brad could not help the feelings he had at that moment. He wanted to rip off Scotts clothes and take him on the spot. His cock agreed because it was as hard as a rock in about ten seconds. As Brad composed himself and the red left his face he took Scotts hand and led him off.

Scott wanted to know what was up and Brad explained they needed to make sure the help knew what was expected of them. Brad led Scott into the tent towards the bar. He told Scott to listen and learn.

Brad introduced himself to the Bar tender and then he explained that it would not be a large crowd tonight but he wanted everyone to have there fill. Keep the drinks flowing and not to be stingy with the booze. I want everyone to have the best of time. There will be a toast at midnight and to make sure you have the best champagne ready to pass out right before the toast. The bartender shook his head he understood and Brad and Scott walked over to the man in charge of the servers.

He asked him to call then all together for a second so he could speak to them. The man clapped his hands a couple of times and all of the men working around the tables stopped and looked up. He motioned for them to all gather around and soon Brad and Scott were encircled by the staff. Brad spoke up then letting them know who he was.

As he spoke he looked around making sure they all paid attention to his words. Brad told them there were enough of them here to have only two people each to wait on. He expected them to make sure the guest never ran out of anything. Keep fresh food and drinks in front of them at all times. I want to see that food on the plates has to be thrown away. You are to fix a plate and make sure there is more to replace anyone needing seconds. I do not want to see anyone go away hungry. The other should keep the glasses full and remove dirty plates and glasses. He did not want to see any guest get up except to use the restroom. 

Scott followed Brad as he made his rounds through the Band and DJ. He next went over to where they were cooking the beef and hog letting them know he did not want dry meat served and to make sure it was warm when serving. Scott was amazed at all the details Brad checked out. It took about an hour to work his way through. Scott would not have thought to do all of this. He would have expected to have hired someone and they would know what to do without being told. Brad went through the seating making a few adjustments. He did not want anyone seated beside someone who might have any conflict or someone that had nothing in common. He had the decorators shorten the bouquets on the tables. He said they were too tall and you could not talk to someone you could not see.

As they made there way out of the tent Scott saw there had been some guest that had arrived. A couple of the ranchers Scott knew and they had swapped cattle with a few weeks ago. A few of Brads friends that had been out before had also arrived. Brad walked up to greet them and tell them they should step over to the bar and get something to drink

Scott talked with a few of the new arrivals and Brad the others. Scott saw they were also setting up a dance floor beside the tent and stringing lights. As Brad and Scott met again Scott told Brad this must be costing a fortune. Brad explained that he wanted to mix a little business with pleasure but wished they had been able to have a couple more days in planning. He would have preferred to have everything set up before anyone arrived.

Scott was still amazed at how Brad was pulling everything together. He seemed to manage to visit with everyone and still step off to make sure things were taken care of. When Scott managed to catch up with him he asked Brad if they would be doing this very often. Brad grinned at Scott and wanted to know if he would like to. Scott quickly told him no. Brad was happy with Scott's reply and let him know that this would be a yearly event but the location might change. Scott wanted to know why yearly and Brad let him know it would be their anniversary party.

Scott poked Brad on the arm and shook his head. So it's the day you proposed to me. Brad said yes and then told Scott they needed to get a few things started. Brad asked everyone to join them in the tent for drinks. Inside Brad asked them to place their names on a peace of paper and drop them in a box that was on the table. There would be a few door prizes given away for today. Brad then leaned over and whispered into Scott's ear this was the business part.

As they mingled, more and more guests arrived. There were only a couple more guests that had been invited that had not shown up. You could tell the ranchers from the city guest because of their dress. The city guys were dressed in tuxes and the ranchers seemed a little uncomfortable in the miss matched suits they wore. Brad just hoped they did not feel out of place at the party he was just glad he had invited a few of them so they could be more comfortable.

When the last guest arrived Brad told everyone that supper would be ready in thirty minutes and if everyone would find the marker with their name on it to have a seat and they would start with the festivities.

It took about twenty minutes for everyone to be seated. Brad had made sure that everyone was comfortable them nodded to the servers. They went to the two they would be serving that evening and asked about drinks. It was not long till everyone had drinks setting before them along with a glass of water.

Brad nodded again and the servers started bringing the plates with the vegetables on them and setting them in front of every one. As this was being done the men who had been cooking the meat brought in large platters of meat. The servers were taking the platters and asking the guest what they would like. Scott was shocked at how much meat was placed on each plate. Hot rolls were set around in baskets in front of groups.

As Scott watched the servers were bringing drinks when someone would be still half full. Platters of vegetables and meat were constantly being brought in and food being passed out. Everyone talked and seemed to be having a good time. The ranchers seemed to be the ones most shocked by the event. They were not used to big parties like this. Scott watched as some of the women tried to help the servers but were politely turned down.

About an hour later Brad tapped his glass and stood up. Everyone fell silent as he stood. Brad graciously thanked everyone for coming. He announced that he wanted to make a little speech.

"My friends my journey here has finally come to and end. I will be leaving with a lot more than I came with. I have made several good friends over the last year. As most of you know I am gay and for those who don't I hope this doesn't offend you. I have met the man I want to share my life with and he has offered so kindly to share his with me. As we start our journey I hope we can all remain close. I hope to make this a yearly event and all of you are always invited." Brad took Scott by the hand and had him stand. "We as a couple hope you enjoy the event tonight. Desert will be served soon and prizes will be drawn for shortly after.

Brad made a couple of more comments about the evening events and sat back down. He watched till some of the guests were getting a little fidgety then signaled the servers to start serving the deserts. One cleaned the plates off the table while the other offered the desert trays. Brad had had the deserts brought in from the city. They had several to choose from.

Brad knew from hearing the groans that the guest loved the deserts. He saw several going for seconds. He held Scotts hand under the table as they watched everyone. Brad would look at Scott from time to time loving the expressions he had. Scott had a hard time eating because he was trying to take it all in. As the dishes were finally cleaned off the table people were talking. You could see someone leave every once in a while to use the restroom but all seemed to be enjoying the party.

At seven thirty everyone was through and guests were beginning to stir around talking with others. Brad saw some drifting off into there own little comfort groups he knew it was time to move on to the next event. Brad stood up and tapped his glass.

Folks if you will step out to the dance floor we will now have a drawing for the first three prizes. Everyone filed out not knowing what to expect. Brad had the musicians playing till everyone was out side stranding. Brad and Scott took to the podium along with Brent. Brad had already discussed what should happen as long as they could. He had Brent purchase ten prizes. Five of them would be fitting for the ranchers and five for non rancher types.

Brad held up the bowl and asked Scott to draw the first name. The first prize to be drawn came out of the bowl. It happened to be one of the ranchers that had the smallest ranch. Brad had met this man and seen his ranch. He was a hard working man but did not have the means to invest much in his ranch. He had been the hardest one to convince in the swap out for fear he could loose everything if it went wrong. After it was all done he was the one who was the most thankful.

Brad announced the name and asked the man to come up and collect his prize. Brad walked over to the table and picked up and envelope that Brent had arranged in the order Brad had asked. As the man came up on the podium Brad handed him the envelope and the man opened it. Inside he pulled out a piece of paper he looked at Brad then back to the paper. Brad reached out his hand and shook it. The man stood there in shock for a few seconds then asked Brad if this was a joke. Brad clapped him on the back and said no it was real. With that Brad motioned Brent and he said something into a walky-talky. From the back side of the tent came a brand new Ford F 150. The man just stood there with his mouth open.

The crowd seemed as in shock as the rancher did. Finally they broke out into applause and Brad asked the man if he would like to go check out his new truck. He turned and hugged Brad lifting him off the floor. When he set Brad down he jumped up and down then took off to look at his truck. The whispering and talk told it had shocked every one attending.

Brad watched the man as he ran across the ground between him and the truck. When he came to a stop he stood three feet from the truck and just looked back and forth from one end to the other. Brad could see he and his wife who had joined him had tears running down their cheeks. They finally hugged each other the man yelling yahoo. Brad felt so good inside as he saw the joy the man had written on his face.

Scott leaned over and whispered to Brad did you really give that man a truck. Brad leaned over telling Scott yes babe we will always be helping our friends. Scott hugged Brad and said that was nice. That man could use a new truck more than anyone here. Brad winked at Scott and said "I know"

When all the talking slowed down some Brad announced was everyone ready for the second prize. You could have heard then yelling for miles. Brad asked Scott to draw a second name. You could have heard a pin drop as they waited to hear there name being called. As Scott handed the name to Brad he smiled. Brad looked at the name and laughed. Well it looks like the second prize goes to our own May. May started jumping and screaming while holding on to Dan. Finally she took off to the stage. Brad walked over picking the prize under the number seven.

As May came up on stage he handed her and envelope. She told Brad she had never won anything in her life. She hugged him planting a big kiss on his cheek before letting him go. Her fingers were having trouble opening the envelope. When she got it opened she pulled out two pieces of folded paper with the picture of a plane on them. She did not know what it was at first. Brad whispered in her ear what it was and she turned loose and screamed so loud Brad could hear ringing in his ears afterward.

She started jumping up and down shouting "YES YES YES Brad finally told the group gathered what May had won. May has just won a two week all expenses paid trip for two to Hawaii. The crowd again broke out in cheers. May jumped around hugging Brad then Scott then Brad again. She let Brad know she had always wanted to go to Hawaii but never thought she would be able to.

Scott drew the third name from the box. It happened to be another rancher. Brad looked over to Brent and held up five fingers. When the man made it up to the podium he was excited knowing he had won something. Brad handed him the envelope and the man hurriedly ripped it open. Inside he found a paper telling him he would be able to pick out ten calves of his choice of this years calf. They man was excited he owned a small ranch also and had been working on improving his herd over the years.

Once the man stepped down Brad announced the next drawings would be held after the dance. That would be in two hours. As Brad stepped away from the microphone the band started playing. The first ones on the dance floor were Brad's friends. As they started dancing the ranchers were whispering about the men dancing with other men. May and Dan were standing next to three couples talking about the couples dancing. She had heard enough and looked over at them and stated are you going to let a bunch of men show you up. Then she took Dan by the hand and led him to the dance floor. Brad and Scott watched as slowly two more couples joined May and Dan on the floor. It took a few more minutes till more started moving out. Once Brad saw the majority of the couples were out on the floor Brad and Scott joined them.

Scott let Brad know as they hit the dance floor that he could not dance. Brad let him know it was like making love you just let your body know what it is to do and it will come naturally. It took a while for Scott to relax and have fun. The drinks relaxed him enough that he didn't care and soon he was all over the dance floor.

Scott soon felt like he was in a dream. He hoped he would not awake from it he was having the best time. He loved that he was having the best time of his life. He was with the man he loved and dancing in front of his friends and they accepted him for who he was.

The night went on with every one enjoying them selves. At the second drawing another truck, two cash awards and another trip were given out. They danced more and then took a short break. Brad told them to mingle and get another bite of food if they wanted. The group talked and laughed ate and drank. There were many times that the people came up and told Brad that this was the best party they had ever been to. None of them had ever been to a party where the prizes were this grand. Brad told them he always hoped it would be this way. He loved giving things to friends and would keep it up as long as he could.

At the end of the night as the guest were leaving Brad could hear the ranchers telling each other they would be back for sure the next time. Brad gave directions to his friends to the hotel where he had reservations for them all to stay. Brad asked his close friends to stay a little longer he had something for them after the others left. As the last guest left Brad asked if they could come into the house. He told the man in charge that the night was over and he could start cleaning up.

When they got inside the house Brad asked them to all have a seat. Brad then let them know he had something for them all. He walked over to the desk and pulled out some envelopes. The first one he handed out was May's. As he handed it to her he explained he hap promised he would pay her for all of the help she had been and the pay she had lost. He told her he hoped this would help some and give her a little to go for her trip.

May opened the envelope as the others watched. As she saw the check she made the statement this has to be wrong. Brad reassured her it was right. She looked at Brad and told him it was too much. Again Brad told her it should be more.

Doug asked her what she had got. May turned to Dan and showed him the check. His eyes bugged out and he said five hundred thousand. Brad spoke up letting everyone know he had made a deal with May many months ago that he would pay her for her time and services. He had done that now and also gave her a bonus.

The talk made Wayne's heart race as he thought about what he might get. He knew his mom had done a lot for Brad and took care of Scott for him. He only hoped he would get a small portion of that. He thought if he did it would give him and Sam a good start.

May finally stopped objecting as Brad pulled out the next envelope. It had Doug's name on it. When he handed it to Doug he asked Brad what he had done to deserve anything. Brad told him it was for what he would be doing he hoped. Doug opened his envelope and inside he saw a check for ten thousand and a letter. Doug opened the letter and read it to himself. Brent was the one to finally ask what it said and Doug told him it was a letter to a collage. He had been accepted to a school. Brad explained that Doug would get a check every semester for ten thousand that he made passing grades. Brad would pay all the expenses for schooling and the ten thousand was so he would have spending money.

Doug jumped up and thanked Brad. Becky was right behind him telling him thank you also. She had wanted him to go to school but did not know if they would be able to afford it. Brad told her as long as he studied he would be fine. It was only a couple of miles from Brent's place so he should still be able to live there.

Brad pulled out the next envelope and handed it to Dan. Inside he found a check for five hundred thousand also. Brad explained that Dan had been using his savings for so long to help float the expenses he had endured. This was to help pay him back those and the wages he should have been getting. Dan thanked Brad and told him this was too much but thanked him any way.

The next envelope Brad pulled out was Brent's he handed him his. As Brent opened it he thanked Brad but did not expect to see what he pulled out of it. It was a check for one million. Brent stammered as he tried to thank Brad. Brad explained he wanted to pay Brent for the job he has done. He wanted Brent to bill him for the hours he had used on his part so his firm was paid. Then went on to tell Brent he wanted him to open his own office and hire who he needed to help him. The money there was for that purpose. He wanted Brent to work for him over the next year and build his own law firm. Brent hugged Brad and kissed him.

When Brent finally sat back down Brad pulled out the next envelope it had Wayne's name on it. He handed it across to Wayne and you could see Wayne's hand shaking as he took it. He opened it and saw he also received five hundred thousand. Wayne had tears building in his eyes as he thanked Brad. He knew that was more money then he had ever expected to earn in his life. He now could do anything he wanted.

Brad then pulled out the next envelope and handed it to Becky. She was shocked to say the least. As she took it she thanked Brad. When she opened it she saw there was a check for one hundred thousand. Brad told her he wanted her to not worry about money till she figured out what she wanted to do with her life. Then Brad pulled out the last envelope and handed it to Sam.

Sam not being shy took it and opened it. He pulled out a check and was shocked to find out it was only two hundred fifty thousand. Brad told Sam he wanted to thank him for all the help he had been. His check would have been more but he still received a check from the estate and now had a rich husband to support him.

Once all of the envelopes had been passed out Brad stood and told everyone they needed to leave. Everyone jumped up to hug Brad and Scott goodbye. Tears were shed by all as they told each other good bye. Finally Brad headed to the door. It was the hardest thing for him to leave. This bunch had become his family. Brad felt so sad as he left but knew he would see them again.

As Brad and Scott climbed into the truck they looked at each other and saw tears in each others eyes. Scott started the truck and slowly pulled out of the drive. It was hard for Scott to not turn down the road to the cabin. He wanted to for fear of change. Scott was scared of what the cruel world held for them.

As they passed the road to the cabin Brad smiled. He could not wait. Brad was the boss now and he had plans. He was not going to be like his gramp's. He could feel it inside life was his now and he was free to do as he wished. Brad lowered his head and told Scott to wake him if he got sleepy. As the last tear dried on his face Brad fell asleep.