Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. If you are offended by descriptions of homosexual acts or man/man relations, please exit this page.

The Inheritance Part 5

Note: This part of the Inheritance contains a lot of anger. There are some things said in it that many gay men has thought at one time or another. It is just a story though and I think it will add to the intrigue later on. I hope it keeps you interested. Yes there will be sex involved in the future for those who have asked. We all have thought about men before we ever had a chance to do anything. Brad and Scott are no different.

Setting me on the cot Scott checked the wound on my head. He took a washcloth and cleaned it up.

Hey Brad looks like you could use a couple of stitches up here.

If you think it will heal I will tough it out.

Well it will scar but not that bad.

You know as well as I do I can't leave to go to the hospital unless it is an emergency.

Well I guess we could sew it up here if you want. I do have a needle and we can use a hair from one of the horse's tails. Stay here and I will get the things I need.

I was glad to see Scott put some water on to boil before he took off. He was back in a few with what he needed. He moved me over to where the sun was shinning in so he could see well.  He put in three stitches and said ok taken care of on top now drop the draws and let's check out that bottom.

I turned a deep red when he said this and flashes of my dream crosses my mind. I looked up to tell Scott how sorry I was when I noticed the black eye he had. His right eye was just about swollen shut. This made me feel even worse, here he had to save my life and patch me up after I had struck him for no reason.

I put my head down in shame and told Scott I was sorry.

For what Brad there was no way you could have known the cougar was going to attack.

No not for that Scott. For giving you a black eye I should not have done that.

Hey Brad lets forget about that now and get you patched up so drop the paints.

I stood unfastening my paints and started pulling them down. There was a pulling where the blood had dried to my paints and wound. It started bleeding again as I got them off. I lay down on my cot while Scott went to get some more hot water to clean the wound with.

When he got back he commented on how this was kind of deep. He started cleaning the wound while I flinched every time the washrag passed over the area. Brad all I have is alcohol to disinfect this with and it will sting like hell. There was some dirt in the cut and it's still bleeding some. The bleeding will help cleanse the wound some but I still think I need to put the alcohol on it. This will need some stitching because the flesh is starting to swell and is puffing up bad.

Scott got ready to stitch the cut up and warned me before he poured the alcohol in the wound. I was not prepared for the burning of the alcohol and let out a scream. The three scratches besides the cut also added to the pain and I started to whimper like a baby. Scott kept telling me he was sorry for the pain but at the moment it did not help. After a few minutes he had me stitched up. I would have a scare but hoped he had done a good enough job to keep it from being too bad. Then he smiled that smile of his and said the little wife will tease you about the puss that bit back.

This hit me kind of strange that he would say that. He knew I was gay and would not have a wife.

He told me he did not have a way to bandage it wound properly but we did have some band aids the he could cut the tape part off to make a bandage out of. So here I was with my ass cut bad and could not sit or walk much for a few days till it healed some. That meant I could not help Scott with the house and we really needed to be working on it.

Scott let me know he was taking off to get the cougar and bring it back.

I got up after a few minutes and put some jockeys on and could not believe how bad it hurt when they fit snugly on my ass. My head was pounding and I felt for the first time the gash I had gotten on my head. As I checked my self out I found more scratches but they were small and not from the cougar at least. There we a couple of nice size bruises that were starting to turn the blue shade on there way to black. I was just happy I was alive the cougar could have killed me.

I remember as it happened the few things that flashed through my mind. You know you always are being told your life flashes before your eyes. Well I must have had a dull life because all that was going through my head was I was going to die. I was not thinking about Chris and how much I loved him or anything but I was going to die. And it was going to be the one thing that I have always tried to avoid that was going to do it. A pussy a dam pussy was going to kill me. My tombstone was going to say a gay man killed by pussy.

I lay on my cot again so I could try to ease my head. It was starting to hurt and the adrenaline had worn off so I was getting shaky. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew I smelled food cooking. I tried to set up and just about fell down again I was so weak and talk about sore. I was ready to die every part of my body hurt but I forced myself to get up. I looked around for Scott and spotted him at the stove so I stepped over to him.

Hey Brad how you feeling?

Is shit a good answer? That's how I feel... like shit. I am so sore that every muscle in my body hurts.

Well you had a good fight on your hands. That was a big cougar that attacked you. Do you want to see the hide?

I told Scott I did and he walked me over to a frame he made and stretched the hide on.

 I will need to build a fire and smoke it so it will not stink up the place and help preserve the hide. I will scrape all the meat and fat off of it I can in a few minutes. I don't know much more about it than that but we can try to keep it from being ruined.

Scott walked over to check on dinner. And I told him I was going o set back down and rest again

It was just as hard finding a way to set down as it was to get up. I was not very comfortable no matter how I was sitting so I got back up. I felt a little strange running around in my jockeys when Scott was completely dressed. I asked Scott if he would put some water on to boil so I could clean up a little after he was done cooking. I saw I was going to do a lot of standing for a few days.

Yeller was staying close to me now that I had been hurt and wondered if he felt a little guilty that he was not with me when it happened. We had been making him stay at camp most of the time after the tracks of the cougar had been spotted so the goats and chickens would not be eaten. I petted him and he was glad and then ran off to check on the other animals.

We ate our lunch and had the talk I was dreading so bad. We both avoided a lot of things by skirting around them and I was glad they did not come up. The one thing I wanted to tell Scott I tried but could not get it to come out. I wanted him to be told I was gay and proud to admit I had a lover. Then I thought would Scott have acted the same way this morning if he had known. Would he have let the cougar kill me and gotten to go back to his normal life as a hand. I was afraid to take the chance right now I needed him to much. He had to know but could not confirm it and I was not going to be the one that did. I was exhausted by then and went to stretch back out on my cot.

As I turned to walk away Scott said you have bleed through you bandage and need to have it changed. I looked back as best as I could and saw Scott was right. I had a lot of blood that had stained my jockeys. I went and lay down as Scott brought the hot water over that I had asked for earlier.

Scott said you wash up and I will put some more to heat up and get you cleaned back up.

I took an old fashion sponge bath washing everything I could reach without hurting to bad. I could smell myself and new Scott had to smell me to. I did not get all cleaned up this morning like I wanted to. I looked to keep an eye on Scott while I washed my cock and balls. After I was done I threw out the water and took it back to Scott.

He followed me back and asks if I had some more clean jockeys to put on so he could get the blood washed out of those. I told him in my suite case there was another pair.

I went to get Brad some clean jockeys out of his suitcase; I looked around in it but did not see any. As I looked through his things I saw a picture of him and another guy. They looked happy but there was something different that I could put a finger on. I kept looking and saw more pictures of them together. Then it dawned on me they looked like a couple the way they looked at each other. Then I saw it they were kissing. He had a picture of them kissing; I dropped them like I was shot and just stood there. Brad was gay! I looked back at the pictures and there he was the guy that Brad was kissing. I could not believe it because Brad did not act gay. I quickly put everything back where it was and grabbed his other suitcase and found what I was looking for. I was in a daze because I could not get the image out of my head. Brad kissing a guy and he was model type at that. I walked back over to where Brad was laying on his cot. I wanted to scream at him for not telling me he was gay. If I had known this I would not have taken this job. I was being punished for the thought I had about men and now I was having it right in front of me. I gay man laying on a cot in just a tee and jockeys and the jockeys were fixing to come off and I was going to be touching his ass. The ass I just doctored a few hours ago.

I see you found some Scott.

Yes and let's hurry and get this over with Brad.

What's the matter you seem upset?

I just have other things to do.

Oh   ok then hand me the clean jockeys.


Scott handed them to Brad and flinched when Brad reached up to take them.

Brad slipped his others off trying not to expose any more than he had to while Scott turned away.

Ok Scott I am ready.

Scott turned at those words and looked at Brad with his ass looking so round and hot. He is trying to seduce me. The gay boy is trying to seduce. I quickly pulled the other patch off and Brad let out a yelp.

Scott don't be so rough man that hurts.

Scott looked down and saw that the wound started bleeding again. That serves him right. He should know that he is living wrong he should fight the urges and not sleep with men. Was he not raised in a good home with loving parents that taught him he was wrong in the way he was living? When I looked the area seemed to be red and puffy almost like it was mad. I quickly put the new bandage on and turned to leave.

I went out to the pen and got my horse saddled and hollered for yeller to come with me. He did not need to be around someone that was sick also. We took off and went down the valley and a pretty good pace. I was not paying much attention to where we were going I just needed to get away form Brad as far away as I could.

 We were close to where I had camped many times before and decided I would stay the night here. I was not going to sleep at the cabin tonight because I could not be around him. He was wrong in the way he was living and I was not going to be like him. I was going to find me a good woman and settle down and raise a family like you were suppose to.

I made it down to the stream and took the lead rope I brought with me and tied my hose so he could reach the water and had good grass to eat. I took my saddle off and realized I forgot to bring a blanket to sleep on. Well I could handle it I had slept on the ground many of nights before. I looked around to find some wood for a fire. I knew I would need it sometime in the night also it would keep any other cougars away if there was one. I don't thing were around because it would be to close to the territory of the one I shot but I was not going to take the chance. It was kind of strange that one would attack a human anyway unless it was protecting its young or a kill.

Back at the cabin Scott lay on his cot and wondered why Chris acted so funny a few minutes ago. He did not act that way at all this morning and when he saw that I was bleeding again he seemed like he wanted to help take care of him. It was when he got over to doctor his wound he was different. Like he was friendly till he handed him his jockeys

I thought he may not like blood I know it bothers me sometimes as I looked down and saw the blood stained briefs. Well I was just glad he was here to help me I would have to have left and forfeit every thing if it had not been for him.

It was getting later and he was not back yet so I thought I better get up and feed the animals. I looked around for the now familiar yeller to come running up but did not see him. I thought it was strange for him to be gone because he was always on guard watching the animals. Unless he was hungry and came up to get some food or we called him. Well it was not the time to worry about it I needed to get them taken care of and fix us a bit to eat. I knew Scott would be hungry when he got back and I wanted to have something ready to eat when he did. He had been so good to me saving my life.

 I found two eggs today when I fed the chickens I was so excited about it we were going to have eggs for breakfast. The first eggs in three weeks I could not wait to eat them. I made it back to camp and put the eggs in the fridge. I was going to surprise Scott with them in the morning. I was getting stuff ready to cook when I noticed that my big suitcase was moved.

I went over to the suitcase and with effort I opened it up and I could tell Scott had been in it. He had looked for my jockey's in the wrong suitcase. I quickly zipped the compartment open that I had hopped he had not looked in and saw that the picture of Chris and I kissing was on top. My hart sank because I knew what happened now. Scott had seen the picture and knew I was gay.

I had to explain it to him so he would understand that I was not hiding the fact I was gay its just I don't act like I am any different than anyone else. I am not a drama queen that wants to be a woman I am a man and act like it. I never had liked for a guy to act that way and I understand that some guys are a little feminine but the ones that draw all the bad press are the ones that act more like a woman than most women do. The problem with the real men that are gay is they have a hard time meeting another man. You have to hang out at bars or know someone that knows someone. It has helped with the internet with gay chat rooms but real men get board with the drama that goes on in the rooms and soon give that up to. Know one wants to be gay when they are growing up it is just you have no choice about what really makes you happy. Of course you can marry have children and pretend you are not gay and live a false life till you can not take it anymore and leave your family. To run away and be a closeted person so you can have some sort of life or break it to your wife and kids hoping they don't turn on you. I just hope some day it will be accepted that men like men and we don't want to hook up with all you straight guys. That's what ugly women are for so they have someone that they can dump there loads in. When the men of the world accept gay men this world will be a better place and men will not have to pretend they are straight when there not. We are just like other guys we play sports, act, hunt, fish, drink, dance, and farm, compete in all job fields, decorate, design, love and are better than most men at it. What woman has not compared there husbands to some gay guy at one time or another because they wish there husbands had half the traits gay men have


I have a man that I love and want to be with and can be with him only if I want. I don't need someone else to take his place. He is who I am attracted to not someone with hair growing on them like a lawn so you have nothing to worry about. This is what I wanted to tell Scott when he got back. It is just he did not come back.

I sat and waited for him to come back and after dark I started to worry that something had happened to him. I thought he might have gotten attacked by a cougar to. I started pacing back and forth worrying if I should go looking for him or not. What if I got out there and got lost and he came back and had to go looking for me. I started looking for him at the edge of the slope trying to see if he was on his way. I never saw a sign of him so I started calling him over and over I called him but never got an answer back. I went to the truck and honked the horn over and over but never got an answer from that either. I was starting to get scared now. The guy who saved my life was gone and I had no idea if he was ok or hurt. I called for yeller but never saw him either. I had no choice I had to go looking for him; he had saved me now it was my time to save him.


Scotts Lesson

Scott was laying there looking up at the stars when a couple of times yeller started to run off but Scott always called him back. He would look at Scott and wine but always came back when called. Finally he settled down and lay close to the fire to keep warm. Scott was having problems going to sleep he would lay there and still be wide awake so he would get up for a few minutes. After he would get up and walk around the campfire a few times would start to get sleepy and go lay down again. But then he would wake up again so sleep never came to him till the sun started to rise. He could not get the image of Brad kissing that guy out of his head.

His dream was fretful as he seemed to be fighting all night long. He kept waking up and in a bad mood he finally got up and broke camp. He needed to ride and ride hard he had to get the image out of his mind. He kept replacing his face with the other guy's picture wondering what it would be like to kiss a guy. Scott had not kiss anyone sense collage and that was 7 years ago. He could not remember what it was like but he remembered it did not move him in any way. He had never kissed a guy but always thought it had to be better. He knew he was moved by men and always felt a stirring when he was around a nice looking guy.

He was riding hard and was taking chances that he knew he should not have. He could hurt the horse and himself with the terrain he was ridding over. He was scared and did not know another way to rid himself of the fears he had with in him. He pushed himself and the horse he was going to get it out of his system.

His mind was on everything but what he was doing and some scrub trees were taking there toll on his body. The branches slapping him on his arms and legs and the horse was getting scared also from the branches slapping it also. There was a sudden burst from the bushes and the horse planted its feet and turned. Quail had been startled and flew away. Scott had not been paying attention and was not prepared for this he had his mind on Brad. He felt himself fly through the air and the stop knocked the wind out of him. His vision turned a searing white then black.

Scott came to and pain was the first thing he felt and it threatened to make him black out again. Yeller was inches away from him and was whimpering at him. He took a couple deep breaths and tried to assess what was hurt. He could move his right arm with out much pain but when he tried to move his left arm he almost blacked out again. He lay there till the pain subsided some. Then went back to trying to figure out what else might be hurt. He moved his right leg and felt slight pain but could tell it was nothing bad. His left leg was another story though. His knee was strained and he knew he could not walk much on it. He made it into a setting position and checked himself a little better. He knew he had a broken collar bone on his left side a strained knee and a lot of scratches. Both arms and legs had bruises from the limbs of the scrub trees hitting him he was a mess.

He looked around and saw his horse was not in site. He knew he would need it to get back to the cabin he was at least five miles from the cabin he had made it out of the valley. He grabbed hold of the scrub tree next to him and pulled himself up to one leg so he could better look around for his horse. It was no where in site so he whistled and did not hear a response. He knew it was spooked and figured it would be on its way back to the cabin.

Why did he always run from his fears? He should confront them and not be running from them. That was his problem; he did not know how to confront them. He knew how to run and run he did, that's why he was here in the first place he ran. Ran away from his feelings so he would not have to confront the fact he liked men. He came out to the middle of no where to a job that he could be by him self so he would not be tempted.

It has worked for the most part but the thoughts always came flooding back when masturbating. I managed to curb my lust after all these years and masturbation was slowing down to a seldom thing and wet dreams have increased over the years. The scary part is the wet dreams started getting so intense when Brad arrived and started happening more frequently. The sex is gone from just playing with a guys cock to wanting to fuck a man in the ass. I saw myself getting rough with him like I was an animal that could not control himself. Making him moan by pounding him harder and harder till it becomes power fucking him till he is ripping the sheets from the bed. Not gentle love making I wanted him screaming with lust to cum so hard that he almost blacks out from the intense orgasm.

That's why I am running again. I see his face in the wet dreams now and not the faceless man that always haunted me before its Brad. Brad is the one that I have been dreaming about and the dreams are getting more intense every sense the day we worked on the Dam.

I know I have to make it back to camp if I want to live. But do I want to live is what I kept asking myself? How can I keep going like this before I can't take it any more or do I give in to it and go against everything I was taught. Gay people are sick mentally and perverted, going against nature in every way. Always on television the child molesters were gay most of the time and wore dresses that they paraded on the streets wanting rights. Never had I known a normal gay person till meeting Brad but I really don't know him. Is he a child molester to but just hiding the fact?

Ok I made up my mind about what to do. I was going to live long enough to confront Brad and if I had to I would beat the truth out of him. I want to know and if he was one of the perverts I would kill him and myself to. We don't need another one that has everything he does that can buy his way out of trouble. I would find out and take care of what I had to do.

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