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The Inheritance part 6

I took my belt and made a makeshift splint so I could walk on my hurt leg a little. This was going to be a long day of walking a few steps at a time. The hunger was making me weaker than I thought and the pain worse. I had to find the creek for a drink soon to I was parched but had no one to blame but myself for my condition. Yeller stayed right with me the whole time I walked but would stray to look around after I stopped walking.

Brad ate breakfast quickly feeding the animals so he could start out looking For Chris. When he got to where he could feed the horses he saw Scott's horse come walking up. He looked around for Scott calling his name but never got an answer. Getting a little upset he yelled Scott if this is a joke I am not amused. After a few minutes Brad started to wonder if Scott was hurt or even dead. In a panic he filled a couple of canteens with fresh water and took some shirts to use as bandages in case he was hurt. He wanted to hope the horse just got away from him and he was looking for him Brad could tell the saddle was turning sideways a little.

He started to leave then thought he better take the horse incase Scott was hurt and could not walk on his on. He wished he could ride but with the place on his butt he could not ride. He knew this would be slow going but he would do the best he could. He headed into the valley trying to see if he could follow the tracks the horse made. It was not that hard at first but when they hit the valley floor he could not see the tracks at all. He decided he would go to the middle of the valley floor and walk down it yelling for Scott every few yards hoping he was able to hear him. Brad had not gone far when he had to stop and rest a little. He was very sore from the attack by the cougar but hoped to walk some of the soreness out.

It took over two hours to get to the middle of the valley not being able to move around quick. Brad had busted some of his stitches when he tripped once and could feel the stickiness of the blood as it tried to dry. He stopped to put a bandage over the spot and rest a little hoping it would clot back up and quit bleeding. It slowed down some but never really stopped as long as he was moving around.

Scott was not doing as well trying to get around. He had only gone a couple of hundred yards when the pain had started getting to him. He rested for a couple hours hoping he would feel good enough start again. It was getting warmer and he started getting thirsty. He had a fever from the break in his collar bone and his knee was swelled a big as a grapefruit. He had to move on soon or he would not make it and he had made up his mind. He put the belt back around his knee and pulled it a little tighter. Lights started swirling around in his vision. He thought he would pass out from the pain but managed to stay awake.

By the time he managed to get to his feet he was exhausted again. Scott pushed himself to make it a hundred yards closer to his goal. Yeller was barking all the while Scott hobbled each step. It was time for him to loosen the belt again and return the blood flow back to his leg. The pain almost knocked him to the ground when the circulation returned. Resting this time with out sitting would have to do.

While Scott rested Brad had started moving again. He would go a little further each time before he would rest again. The soreness was starting to ease up some as he walked but he now was getting a headache. He pushed on wanting to return the favor Scott had shown him by saving his life. Move a little and yell for Scott on this went for a few hours. Brad had traveled about a mile and a half before he had to rest for a longer period of time. He could not even see where the cabin was anymore with the trees and shrubs along the way. It was getting warmer now as he drank from the canteen.

Scott had made another hundred yards before he to rest again. At this rate it would take days to make it back to camp and he knew he would not last that long. He was getting close to passing out from pain as he sat down. His knee had swelled more and his shoulder was still killing him. Calling yeller over he tried sending him back home to get help but yeller did not understand what Scott was trying to get him to do. He came over trying to lick Scotts face and bumped into his shoulder. This caused Scott to scream in pain and yeller to take off away from Scott. The pain had taken it toll on Scott and he finally dozed off from being worn out. Yeller took off while he was asleep.

Brad was getting hungry now that it was close to noon he pulled out a candy bar he had packed before he left camp. He thought he might need the energy to keep going. The rest turned into a longer one than he had wanted to take. Brad made up his mind he would find Scott soon. He could see the other end of the valley and it was not that far from home.

When he got back up Brad was stiff again from setting so long. He checked the cut on his ass and the bleeding had stopped and his headache had all but gone away. He started out again and soon came to the place Scott had camped at last night. He saw the canteen on the ground and also where Scott had made a makeshift bed out of some pine branches. Brad had always heard of doing this but never under stood what the pine needles were good for. It seemed to him that the needles would stick you and the small sticks would be lumps that would be hard to lie on.

Looking close at the bed Scott had made I could see the indention his body had made. The pine needles were shaped closely to the same shape as his body. I could see where his broad shoulders had been and the little deeper indention of his but. I ran my fingers in the indentions and marveled at how well he was shaped. I stood and decided it was time to head on out and look for him again. I say where he had ridden the horse out of camp in the soft dirt by the creek so I headed that direction. Soon again the hoof prints disappeared again so I went in the general direction he was headed. I started yelling for him again but never got a response. A couple of hours later I was at the other end of the valley and still had not heard him yell back.

I thought I would go to the far side of the valley and work my way back to the cabin.

If I could not find him soon I was going to head to the cabin to see if he was there. I headed out and soon I was walking back to the other end of the valley.

Scott awoke from his sleep and was so thirsty his tongue seemed to be thicker and his throat was parched. He made it back to his feet and he would have fallen except for the scrub tree he hung onto for support. His knee was killing him and had swollen so bad that he could not bend it anymore. He placed his belt around it again so he could walk. He was slowly moving but was able to make it a little further this time before he gave out. He knew he was just a little over a mile from the valley. Knowing he would find water there and he had to make it. So desperate for water he was wiping the sweat from his brow to have moisture for his tongue. This did little to relieve his thirst but he felt it was better than nothing. Soon he was back walking again and did not make it as far this time. He looked around and saw nothing that he could eat or get moisture from.

He hurt every time he took a step. His shoulder was killing him because he was doing more hopping than walking. That was jarring his shoulder and making the pain worse. Why did I have to run away? He should not have snooped around in Brad's suitcase and looked at the pictures. I knew I would not have been upset if I had not looked at them. His jockeys could not have been in that envelope and I was wrong for looking. I saw a part of a picture and it got the best of me. It's my fault all this happened and I need to be a man and face the music.

I just know if I don't get moving soon I will not make it at all. I was getting weaker all the time and really needed a drink of water. It has been over twenty four hours without water and I did not have many options. Rest and walk keep it going for as long as I could. I know if I make it to water I will be ok. I could go days without food but water was another thing.

Scott are you out there? Brad kept going he was beginning to push himself because of fear again. It has been over twenty four hours without a sign of Scott. He had reached the end of the valley and turned to walk across the floor once again to the cabin. Brad was getting hungry again and almost drank both canteens of water. Heading back Brad increased his pace to the point that it was beginning to hurt some. He was thinking he missed Scott some how and he was back at the Cabin wondering where he was.

Brad finally made it back to the cabin and was disappointed that Scott was not there. He pulled the saddle off Scott's horse and half way brushed it down. Finally he was feeding the horses and other animals. There were two eggs again today he took them and put them in the fridge. He thought out of twelve chickens four eggs in about five weeks were not a very good turn around on ones money. He pulled some leftovers out to eat not bothering to heat them up.

He was exhausted and worn out but still put some water on to boil so he could clean his wounds. He had bled more than he thought he would have and decided he would put some more alcohol on the wounds so as to keep infection out. He poured the alcohol on and tears came to his eyes he put the lid on and dropped it to the ground. The tears kept coming and Brad still did not know why. He started to fight the tears but that made it worse they were flowing down and landing on his cot. He buried his head in his pillow and soon he was asleep.

 He was startled when he felt something cold and wet on his face. Opening his eyes he saw yeller standing before him wagging his tail. Quickly as he could he stood up and yelled out for Scott. Over and over he yelled but never got a reply back. Looking down at the dog he said go get Scott yeller with no reaction. I pulled one of Scott's dirty shirts out of his laundry bag and sniffed it to see if it had his scent on it. It smelled of Scott. Kind of the strong sweaty masculine smell; A nice smell that was and Chris came to mind and then I knew how alone I was.

I stuck Scott's shirt to yellers face and said go get him boy he did not move. So again I stuck it in his face and said go get Scott boy. He did not know what I meant so once again I tried but failing once again I gave up. I looked over at yeller what good are you if you can't help me find Scott. I feed yeller and turned in for rest. I lay my head down on Scott's shirt and fell asleep.

The next morning as I began to stir I was so aroused I had the feeling of wanting to be made love to. The smell of sex was in my mind like it had just taken place. The hot, sweaty manly sex type that we all think about when we see some hot guy. I stirred some more burring, my face in the pillow when a button scratched my nose, wakening me out of the daze.

I looked at my pillow and there was Scott's shirt on it. I had my nose buried in Scott's shirt. I picked up the shirt and stuck it to my nose and breathed in a deep breath. I instantly started getting erect all over again. There was another scent there also that seemed familiar. I put the shirt down and quickly went to relieve my bladder. My brain was digesting all the smells from the shirt as I relieved myself and I could not get my cock to go down and it took a while to accomplish this. I was getting a little perverted excitement from the shirt. I started folding the shirt up to put it back in the bag where he kept his dirty clothes. I noticed the shirt tail was wadded up and ran my hand down it to straighten it out but it was stuck together. When I looked at it to see what it was I could tell it was dried cum. Scott had used this shirt to clean himself up with. I had stuck the shirt back to my nose before I realized it and took in a big whiff of the cum stained shirt.

What was I doing sniffing a guys cum stained shirt I think I have lost it. But common sense was not in order to day because I again brought it to my nose. The smell of sweat and light sent of cum was making my head reel. I looked around then stuck my tongue to the biggest spot on the shirt. It was dried but slowly it started to mix with my saliva and it was sweet to the taste. Chris always had bitter cum and I had not really enjoyed the taste of it. This on the other hand was sweet to the taste so I looked for other spots that might offer another sample of this new flavor. My cock was getting hard as a rock and was straining to be let loose. I walked over to the bag where his dirty laundry was kept and riffled through it when I saw some of his jockeys. I brought them to my nose quickly and took a deep breath of them and there it was. A scent I was looking for the scent of a mans ass. This made my cock so hard I thought it would explode. It was so hard it hurt and I quickly took it in my hand and started stroking it. I was not going to waste time with prolonging this I wanted it hard and fast.

I closed my eyes and breathed deep filling my lungs with the sweet aroma for man sex. Sticking my tongue out I could taste the light pungent taste of a mans ass and in my mind it was Scotts ass I was tasting. The texture of the jockeys was in my mind the texture of Scotts hair covered hole. I pushed them on my face with one hand while I jacked mercifully with the other. My tongue was searching for any morsel of flavor I could find. In my head Scott was pushing back to drive my tongue deeper into his ass. It was like I could part the hair with my tongue and these added new sensations to me were exciting. Maybe a man with a little hair would not be so bad after all. There was a light musky scent to the jockeys that was different from what I was used to. My hand kept pumping at a fast pace I wanted to blow quick.

 I kept picturing him at the creek that day with the water running down his chest and remembering the feel of running my fingers down his chest. Then the site of him bending over and how round his ass was with the hair covering it I could see his crack but the hair blocked getting to see the tight bud of his ass. And in my mind I was parting that ass now and running my tongue all over it. This was sending me over the edge my body was tensing up and I could feel my ass start the clenching and releasing that always signaled I was starting to cum. I inhaled deeply once more and felt my cum start its travel up my tubes to shoot freely into the air. I was counting the pulses...six seven then I was gasping for air. I found I had held my breath while I was cumming and needed to get oxygen back to my brain. The light headedness was from starving my body of oxygen as I had held my breath so long. Every ounce of strength was gone from my body as I sank to my knees. I was weak as a kitten and had to just set there to wait for enough energy to stand once again.

I slowly pulled myself together and stood up. My legs still shaky from an intense orgasm I had just had I put things back as I had found them and headed over to fix some breakfast. I ate and cleaned up the mess finding Scott on my mind again. I needed to find him today or I was going to have to go get some help to do it.

I fed the animals and saddled my horse today giving Scott's a break then headed out. I had went down the middle of the valley the day before and saw where Scott had slept the night before and decided it would be a good place to start again then follow the side closest to the cabin back..

Scott had made three more attempts to make it to the valley but was still more than half a mile away. The last attempt had done him in for the night. His leg was so swollen the there was no way he could bend it. He had started running fever and the pain from his leg and shoulder was killing him. He had to lay down and rest for a little while he took his knife out and cut his paints leg down the seem. Looking at his knee he saw that it was black and then the blood started moving to his leg again. He did not realize the blood flow had been cut off some from the jeans being so tight. The pain was to much as the blood started to flow back into the leg. He always hated the feeling when his leg was asleep and circulation came back in it. The stinging and throbbing this time was different it was ten times worse. He could feel the bile rising up as he emptied what little there was in his stomach. This caused pain to run through his body then it came, everything was turning black.

When he awoke again he could not speak his throat was so dry. He was so weak all he could do was lay there. As long as he did not move he could live with the pain but when he did move he would start to see every thing get blacker. He had decided he would die soon. There was no way that Brad would know to look for him here and when he left he may have thought he did not want to be around anymore. His only chance was to rest some more and hope he would build some strength back up.

When Scott awoke it was almost dawn. His tongue was really swollen and his throat felt like someone had taken sandpaper to it. He could not even swallow now that it hurt so badly. He tried to set up by grabbing a branch and pulling himself up. A drop of moisture hit his arm and he looked up to see where it came from. There on the tips of some of the leaves were some drops of moisture that the dew had formed. He was so desperate for moisture that he was going to get some off of what ever he could reach. He made it to a standing position and the pain was unbelievable. Looking for leaves close to him with moisture was not as easy as he thought. He found a few and did not know if the energy spent looking for the few drops he found was worth it. His tongue and throat appreciated what little there was though so Scott hobbled to the next tree. Soon he could stand no more and set back down to lean against his last tree he found moisture on. He saw he had not came even a hundred yards in his attempt and if he had just tried he would have been a lot closer to the valley rather than hunt for moisture.

He knew it would be some time before he could get back up on his leg again. It had swelled back up to the size it was last night already and the throbbing had started again. He knew he was about a half a mile away from the valley now and told himself he was going to make it the next time. He had to get to some water soon.

Brad had made good time today as he was not as sore as he was the day before. Still he had called for Scott over and over and had not seen or heard any response back. He kept going and was getting scared he was being avoided by Scott. If Scott did not want to be found he would not be easily found. He stopped at the creek and let his horse drink while he rested some. The creek brought back thoughts of seeing Scott that day they were building the dam. His muscles and how they moved under the skin and what effect it had had on him. Then that morning how low he had sank to get the satisfaction he had earlier. He had put another mans jockeys to his face and masturbated to the thoughts of the pleasure he could have gotten from satisfying him. He had a boyfriend and missed him so much but the only man he was around was not to be had.

Yeller and Brad soon were off looking for Scott again. They would travel for a hundred yards or so and stoop for Brad to yell for Scott. Yeller would take off chasing something and a few minutes would return wagging his tail. They kept this up till they were just a few yards from the edge of the valley. Soon Brad turned to go to the edge of the valley hoping he would soon find Scott. Once again they turned and headed back towards the cabin stopping to yell for Scott again. It was time to rest once more so Brad sat down and picked up a stick to throw for yeller to bring back. They played this game a few times and brad was starting to get hungry. It was a little past lunch time and he could feel his stomach telling him it was time to eat. He took out a biscuit and sausage he had cooked this morning and brought with him. He gave yeller the one he had brought for him and settled down to eat.

He caught himself thinking about sex again and wondered what kind of women that Brad liked. Were they tall, skinny, fat or was that important to him. Did they have anything that he would think would be important to him if he liked women? What kind of sex would he be into mild wild or vanilla? He never understood what men found so exciting about women there was nothing he had ever seen that made him want one. Having babes was the only reason to be with one. Were straight men so interested in babies that it could be the reason? The drive to be a dad had never been a big thing to Brad not that he would mind having a child. It's just the desire to be with a woman to have a child was not worth the unhappiness he would have to endure.

He was getting up to head back and was looking for yeller but did not see him. He called out to him and headed back towards the cabin. He heard yeller barking in the distance and thought he was chasing something. He walked another hundred yards and called out for Scott again still no response. The frustration was getting to him and he was worried that something bad was wrong. He grabbed the reins of his horse and was heading out again when he still heard yeller barking in the same place. He called for him again and waited still not hearing him come but staying in the same location barking. Panic set in with his thoughts of maybe yeller having found Scott maybe dead and was trying to let him know.

Brad panicking climbed on his horse feeling a pain shooting through him. The place where the cougar ripped his flesh touching the saddle made him think of getting off. He decided he would stay on because he could get to yeller quicker. He rode up the end of the valley and was calling Scotts name. He never got a response so he kept going in the direction he heard yeller in. The brush was thick at the rim of the valley and was hard on his legs and the horse also. He could tell he was getting closer to yeller because of the sound getting louder. The further he went the less the brush there was and I made better time. A few seconds later he saw yellers tail wagging and he defiantly had found something. Ignoring the pain he pushed his horse a little harder and soon found himself beside yeller.

Brad got down seeing what he had found hoping to see Scott. He walked closer and bent over to get a good look under the thick bush. To his fear it was a cougar not a large one but a cub that looked to be half grown. Back peddling he was getting away from the low growing shrub quickly. He had been attacked by one cougar and was not looking forward to being attacked again by one scarred out of its wits. He got back on his horse and rode away as quickly as he could trying to stay in the thinner shrubs. On his mind was where there was a little over half grown cougar there had to be a grown one close by. He had ridden about three hundred yards away and let his horse slow down so it would not stumble in the undergrowth.

 He headed back towards the valley now that he was away from where yeller had trapped the young cougar. As he got close to the entrance to the valley he stopped to yell for yeller to come to him. It took a few times calling him before he stopped barking and get him to come to him. He sat in his saddle waiting for yeller so he could head back to the cabin it had been another bust. He was going to call the cops when he got back to the cabin. He could take the truck to the farm up the road and get the farmer to get the cops out here and help locate Scott or his body.

While waiting on yeller the horse moved up to get a bite off of the bush closest to it. This caused me to turn and give the horse a few choice words. My ass was killing me so I thought with yeller by my side I would not have to worry about cougars anymore so I climbed down from the horse. I was about to go on when the horse spooked away from the tree. I froze in place as I looked for any signs of movement in the heavy brush. About that time yeller cam up from behind me poked me with his nose and I yelled.

Author note: I want to thank all the readers that have written. I have enjoyed all the words of encouragement and did not realize I could touch as many people as I have. I have been surprised at all of men that have written me telling me they have wanted to say the words I wrote in part 5 to some men. I was worried that I may have gone a little too far. For those of you that are wanting to know a little about Brad and Scotts past it is coming soon. I have really enjoyed writing so far and hope I don't carry it on to long. I just started writing this story to see if I could write. The words are still coming easy and hope they will continue on as easy.  Thanks for all the support Ment10@yahoo.com