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The Inheritance part 7

Note this will explain a little about Scott growing up. Brads life will be in the next chapter


A noise came from the brush and Yeller ran into it. I went to my horse as quickly as I could ready to mount and take off when I heard Yeller whimpering. The brush was moving from Yeller wagging his tail. I climbed up on my horse to be out of range of what ever might be in there when it decided to come out. Again there was more whimpering and whining coming out of there. I strained to see what was in there when it looked like a hand moved.

I yelled, " Scott!", as I jumped from the back of my horse and went tearing into the brush. I could not believe how hard it was to get to Scott. The brush was winning . So under I went and then got my first good look at him. He looked as if he was dead but his hand moved trying to push Yeller away from him. I got a hold on Yeller's collar and pulled him out so I could get a better look. I tied him to a limb and went back to check on Scott.

I climbed in and was looking around trying to figure out if he could be moved or not. His mouth was cracked and dry so I crawled back out to get some water. I still had the full extra canteen of water that I had brought in case it was needed. Taking the top off. I filled the cap with about a teaspoon of water and poured it in his mouth. Then wetting my fingers I put them to his lips to wet them and gave him some relief. There was wind coming out of his mouth but no voice. I waited a couple of minutes and repeated the water again making sure he did not get too much at a time and get sick. About an hour later I heard the first noise coming from him. They were not words but sounds that could not be made into words yet. After a few more minutes I heard the first real word and that was thanks. I gave him another sip of water and ask him where he hurt. His hand slowly rose and pointed to his left shoulder. I ask him if his shoulder hurt and he shook his head. Are you hurt anywhere else? It took a couple of minutes but he then pointed to his leg.

I crawled around to his side to look at his leg. I saw where the knee looked swelled and pulled back the jeans so I could look at it. It really looked bad, black and blue all around the knee joint. He was not easily going to be moved. I went up to his head and ask again if there was any other place he was hurt and he shook his head no.

I gave him another sip of water and he smiled at me. This almost broke my heart. I know if I had not accidentally found him he would not have made it much longer. If it had not been for the cougar I would have not traveled in this direction. Thanking Yeller for his part also in chasing the cougar in the first place.

It was starting to get late in the day and I wanted to get him back to the cabin at least. After a few more sips of water I ask him if he could ride the horse so I could get him to camp. The words that came out I had to strain to understand.

Get me on it.

I ask Scott one more time. If I can get you on the horse can you ride it back?

Once again Scott shook his head yes.

I worked on getting him out from under the brush with as much help from him as I could get. I could tell he was in pain but gritted his teeth as I worked him out. Once he was out I helped him to stand up never letting him go as I pulled the horse into place. I put my arm around his waist and took most of his weight as he slipped his right foot in the stirrups. The horse tried to move from the odd feeling of being mounted from the right side.

I held Scott close enough that I moved with the horse. Scott tried to lift his weight but did not have the strength to lift his weight and throw his bad leg over. I pushed on his ass to get him high enough to lie across the saddle. I put his foot in the stirrup so he could put some of his weight on his good leg. Telling him it was going to hurt as I pulled his bad leg across the saddle.

Scott was gritting his teeth as I started moving his bad leg. I was just hoping he would not pass out from the pain. I took my shirt off and placed it between his swollen knee and the saddle. This should help to keep his leg from bouncing against the horse so much.

Once he was in the saddle I ask him if he was ok and he shook his head yes. I let Yeller go and we started back to the valley and home to the cabin. The closer we got to home the faster my horse wanted to go. I had to fight it every now and then to keep it from running me down. I think some of it was the way Yeller was running around his feet and not being used to dogs this made him very nervous. I talked to him to keep him calm and that seemed to work.

We made it to the cabin a little after dark and brought Scott right up to the cot to get him off the horse. After this was done I tied the horse close by so I could get Scott settled in before I put the horse in his pen.

Once I got Scott on the cot I went to the stove and put two pots of water on to boil. Putting some beef in one to make some broth for Scott to help build his strength. Then taking my horse to his pen and put the saddle up. When I got back the water was hot and I got ready to clean Scott up.

I took the water over and started cleaning Scott's face. He had been asleep from exhaustion and I really wanted him to continue to sleep. I knew he had to be checked out so I could access the damage. I woke him and explained to him I was going to clean him up.

"Brad I can clean myself up later", Scott said.

"Scott you are in no condition to do that", I said.

"Brad I will clean myself. I do not want you cleaning me up."

Brad was shocked at the tone Scott had used when he said this. So he stepped back away from the cot. Starting to turn away from Scott it hit him. Scott did not want him touching him because he was gay. This hurt Brads feelings. Then the more he thought about it the madder he got.

"Scott we have to talk! I know you are hurting all over but its time. I will not be treated like I am diseased. I may be gay but it does not rub off and I have a partner already. All I am trying to do is help clean you up so I can see if I need to get you to a hospital", Brad pleaded.

Scott started trying to set up but could not manage it. The cot was the canvas type that sank in the middle so Scott could not get the leverage he needed to sit.

Brad walked over and helped Scott sit up.

"Brad, we do need to talk but can we put this off till I feel a little better? There are some things I need to tell you to but with all this pain I am having I can not think clearly. If you will just let me rest tonight you can help me in the morning get cleaned up. I just need something to drink and rest right now", Scott said.

Brad felt bad for the way he had come at Scott now and said he could wait." I have some broth cooking for you. You need some to help build your strength and a lot of liquids. You are dehydrated to so for a while you will need rest and keep as much liquids going in as possible", Brads said.

Scott ate the broth as soon as it was done and wanted some of the meat that the broth was made from. So Brad gave him some small bites of the meat but would not let him have much. He did not want to take the chance of getting sick at his stomach.

Brad gave Scott some aspirins before they lay down to sleep to help with they pain. They had not had anything more than that while they had been here. On the nest supply drop off they were going to ask for some more medicines. It should be here in a couple of days.

Scott had a hard time resting that night with the thought of how close he had come to dieing. He dozed off a few times then he found himself needing to go to relieve himself. Again he could not get himself up from the cot without help. He had to wake Brad to get up.

Brad helped him up with out saying a word.

Finding it difficult to fasten his buttons on his jeans he just decided to remove them and sat back on the cot. Brad helped him to remove his boots then the jeans so he could lie back down.

Brad eased Scott back down on the cot and told him if he needed anything just let him know.

Again in a couple of hours Scott had to wake Brad. He needed more to drink.

Brad got up to bring Scott something to drink. Brad helped Scott sit up to drink. He was making sure Scott did not have to go to the restroom again. He again told Scott if anything was needed wake him.

When morning came Brad got up and fixed breakfast. He waited till it was done before he woke Scott.

"Scott are you ready to eat"?

Scott rubbing his eyes with his good arm asked Brad what time it was.

"It is 10:30 am and time for you to get up and eat something so you can build your strength back", replied Brad.

Brad helped Scott get out of the cot again so he could take his morning piss. As he stood up Scotts morning wood poked Brad in the leg. Brad looked down to see Scott's cock standing straight out a good seven inches. His cock was beautiful and felt so good as it pressed back into Brad. Brad wanted to reach down to take it in his hand. For some reason he wanted that more than anything right now. He turned Scott loose as soon as he could. Brad had to walk away as his cock was as hard as Scotts right now.

Scott hobbled over to where one of the windows would be when they finished the walls. He relieved him self out that window and headed back to eat breakfast. Scott still looked rough from his time being out in the wild by himself.

When Scott was done relieving himself he made his way over to one of the benches and sat down.

Brad finished fixing Scott's plate brought it over to him.

`Scott are you going to be able to feed yourself, "?

"I think so Brad but where did you get the eggs,"replied Scott.

"The chickens started laying eggs three days ago. We are getting two to three eggs a day now so we will be having eggs for breakfast some", Brad informed him.

"Scott I need you to teach me how to milk the goat. We are out of milk and she has not been milked in a couple of days now", Brad told him.

"She needs to be milked soon Brad. We do not want her to rupture and not be able to have milk. If you will bring her up here to the cabin where I can show you we can milk her now", Scoot said.

"Scott I will go get her while you eat then milk her."

I went to get the goat that is milked and feed every thing. Yeller came running up to me wagging his tail. I reached down to pet him and scratch him behind the ears. I guess I did not do it to suite him so he stopped and scratched it for himself. I made it over to the pin and looked at the two goats we had. I was thinking they should have names if I am going to be around them much. What do you name goats I thought? Well I looked at them and thought nanny could be the white one. The one that will have a baby soon would be Oreo because she is black on each end and white in the middle. I gathered up the eggs and got nanny on a lead then headed to the cabin.

When I got back to the cabin I saw Scott trying to move the milking pot over beside the bench.

I put the eggs away then took nanny to the milking bench. It was easy to get her to jump up on the bench. She started eating the feed as soon as she got up there. Being milked before she knew the routine. Scott told me she was packed and the milk today would not be good. She would have to be milked every day to keep good milk coming. It will get lumpy in the bag if not milked like she should be and if we waited too long she would dry up.

Scott held the teat in his hand and clamped it between his thumb and finger. Then squeezed downward and the milk came out. It looked easy so when it came my turn I found it was harder than I thought. It did not take long till my hand started cramping. I guess I was not the milking type. It would take time to build the muscles up in my hands.

As I milked the goat we started talking.

"You see Brad. When I was growing up we kept a few milk goats around. My brother and I were the ones who had to milk them every day. It was just the two of us growing up. Mom kept trying to have more kids but lost the babies. She was told by the doctor she could not try anymore. That it would kill her."

"Dad was a good man and always loved us very much but mom suffered from depression from loosing the babies. We prayed for her all the time that she would get better. A few years later she did. My brother was four yeas older than me and I thought he was it. He had black hair and the bluest eyes. All the girls were crazy about him,' Scott continued.

" He was tall dark and handsome. I remember when he was seventeen. That summer he and his best friend were always together. I would sneak around and try to follow them every time I could. One day we all went to the swimming hole and played in the water for a while. He was more like a man than any of the other guys there. With his chest covered in hair and the perfect v shape to him. I was always crazy about him. He felt the same about me."

"A couple of weeks later he ran off to join the service and I felt it was my fault. He and dad got into it over something I said. He came back on leave one time. Dad and he had words again. He pulled me off to the side and told me he loved me and not to become like him. He left for overseas and was killed by a landmine six months later. I felt like it was my fault he got killed but dad always told me it was gods way of punishment. He had not lived like he should have and god took him away from all the temptations." Scott finished.

"Man Scott ,I feel bad for you."

"Don't feel sorry for me Brad everything happens for a reason. What does not kill you just makes you stronger."

"Well I just wish I had had a brother to grow up with. I was an only child growing up and my grandfather was the one that raised me most of the time. Mom and dad were always going places and doing things but never took me with them. My grandfather never spent much time with dad growing up. He worked all the time trying to make money. He always had every thing he wanted. When I was born I had a nanny that took care of me. My parents did not like being confined to the house. They had to fly all over the world seeing everything they could.", Brad said.

"When I was a little older my grandfather told dad he needed to spend more time with me.

He tried but could not handle me. He was a stranger to me that was never around much.

Dad had me put in a military school when I was seven so I could grow up to be a respectable man. At the age of nine my parents were killed in an accident by a drunk driver. Then I went to live with my grandfather till I was eighteen. He took me to the farm to live when I was thirteen. He wanted to make a man out of me. Grandfather was always around to make up for the time he never spent with my dad. It was there I lived until I started collage. I moved to the city after college. Grandfather had a horse farm that I managed on the outskirts of the city. That's how I got to where I am today."

I had finished milking nanny about the time I was at the end of my story. I stood and set the pail in front of Yeller. Yeller started lapping the milk up.

"Scott why was there so much milk today compared to any other day?"

"Well Brad you see the big guy drinking the milk over there. He gets the milk some days and other days we need it. I keep what we need on hand and give the rest to him."

Well I better put nanny up and come back and get you cleaned up. You are starting to get ripe. I don't want to have to stay up wind of you all the time", said Brad.


The thought of Brad cleaning him up made Scott flinch again. He really did not want Scott doing it. This made Scott think back to part of the story that he did not tell Brad earlier. Scott had grown up with a father that was a loving man. But there were some troubled times . He was a preacher that had lost his church. His father's sermons changed when his mother started having problems with depression. His sermons went from loving your neighbor to any sin could keep you from going to heaven. Fire and brimstone to calling out the sins the members had confided in him. This drove away the congregation in a few months. He was determined his kids would not go to hell. He would tell us about all the sins in the bible and made us promise to not commit any of them.

"Then one day I came upon my brother Mike and his friend Sam. They were out at the barn. Sam was kissing Mike and running his hands all over his chest. That was my brother he was touching like that. He started rubbing Mike's chest harder making Mike moan. I wondered why Mike was letting him do this if it was hurting him so much. I walked in and they saw me. They froze like a deer in your headlights. Mike was shaking and begged me not to tell dad. I wanted to know why Sam was hurting Mike that way. Mike made up an excuse that he was sore from school that day. Sam was trying to rub the soreness out for him. I don't know why but I believed him. Later when we went to bed I asked Mike if he was still sore. After a few seconds he told me he was. I wanted to help him out and reached over to rub his chest for him. He grabbed my hand and stopped me. Wanting to know what I was doing,"continued Scott.

"Telling him I wanted to help get the soreness out. I reached back over to rub him some more. Mike did not want me touching him like that. I wanted to know if it helped when Sam was rubbing this afternoon. I think this shook him up some. Then he wanted me to rub it a little. I sat up in bed and placed both hands on his hairy chest. As I rubbed his chest his little nipples got hard as a rock. My cock for some reason started getting hard too. I thought Mike had the perfect chest. The hair was soft and I was getting excited by rubbing him. I looked at his nipples and for some reason I pinched one. Mike moaned so I pinched the other one with the same reaction. With just enough light coming through the window to see Mike opened his ice blue eyes. He looked at me kind of funny and grabbed my hands" Scott stated.

"Ok, Scott you have to stop", said Mike.

I rolled over to my side of the bed and said good night. I started pressing my little cock into the mattress. Later that night I awoke thinking I pissed in the bed. I shook Mike and asked him to help me. He woke up turning the light on. Looking at me he saw my still hard cock pushing out the front of my jockeys. He then looked at the mattress seeing only a small spot on the sheet. He started laughing. "Scott I think you just had a wet dream." Not knowing what he was talking about he explained it. I looked to make sure he was right. I did have some sticky stuff on the inside of my jockeys. I went and cleaned up putting on some fresh underwear. We then went back to sleep.

For the next three weeks I could not find Mike and Sam. They would sneak off not to be found. Then one day I found them again. They were out at the place where dad always took junk. Farming now that he did not preach, dad had a place in an old fence row that he piled all the old scrap metal. Mike and Sam were there. I watched as Sam was kissing Mike. Then they both dropped there pants and played with there cocks. This lasted for a few minutes till they started making funny faces at each other. Them all of a sudden Mike said he was cumming. Then this white stuff started shooting out of his cock hitting Sam. Sam Then started shooting back at Mike but not near as much. Sam stuck his finger in what Mike had shot on him bringing it to his mouth. He did this till he had every drop cleaned up. Then he dropped to his knees and licked his stuff off of Mike. He then took Mikes cock into his mouth cleaning it all off.

For some reason my little cock was hard as a rock. I wanted to shoot that stuff to. I pull out my cock while watching Sam suck Mikes cock. I started rubbing it like I had watched them do. It was feeling strange all tingling and all. Sam started bobbing up and down on Mikes cock. It was not that long till the tingling started getting more intense. Then Mike was holding Sam's head thrusting his cock in and out. He was arching his back making those faces again. Soon the tingling started running up my little cock and moans escaped my lips at the same time Mike said he was cumming again.

If this was what cumming was about then I liked it. I had a little creamy stuff on my finger. Bringing it to my mouth I had a little sweet but funny taste. It was not bad at all though. I now under stood why Sam had licked it all off Mike. But why did he stick Mikes cock in his mouth. That was nasty. He pissed out of that so it had to be nasty.

A couple of weeks later we went swimming down at the creek. Mike with a few of his friends. We played a couple of hours and then the other guys left. Mike was such a hunk compared to the others. There was only on other guy with hair on his chest. He did not have half of the hair Mike did though.

That left Mike, Sam and I to play. I got tired so I got out and headed to the house. I had not gone far when I noticed I forgot my sneakers. I turned around to head back. When I got almost there I heard Mike saying suck it. Yeah just like that. I snuck through the bushes and saw Sam on his knees sucking Mikes cock. He was going at it like it was some kind of candy. I watched this for a while then Sam stood back up. Mike dropped to his knees taking Sam's cock in his mouth. Sam was very noisy while Mike sucked him. Sam said he was getting close and wanted mike to do him.

I did not know what do him was but I wanted to see. I had my cock in my hand going at it like crazy. Sam stood up and turned around. Mike spit on Sam's ass then taking a finger he was poking Sam in the ass. I did not know why Sam was moaning for. This had to hurt. Mike then spit in his hand grabbing his cock making it wet. Then Mike stood lining the head of his cock up with Sam's ass. He started shoving forward with Sam moaning with pleasure. Soon he was shoved all the way in. Mike pulled most of the way out then shoved back in. Mike started increasing his pace beginning to going faster and faster. Soon I was cumming from watching this. Mike just kept going and going. Sam was telling Mike harder so Mike sped up. Soon Sam was soon shooting cum all over the place. Then Mike was yelling he was cumming to. It was not long till Mike pulled out his cock still dripping cum. The guys went back to the creek to clean up. I grabbed my sneakers and headed to the house.

When I got back to the house Dad had been looking for us. He asked where Mike was so I let him know he was still at the creek. He told me to get in the house and clean up. As I was getting out of the bathtub I heard yelling. I dried off as quickly as I could to find out what was going on. Then heading to my bedroom for clothes I could tell dad was yelling at Mike. Mike was on the way to our bedroom with dad hot on his heels. I could hear a popping sound that sounded like a belt hitting flesh. I wondered what mike had done to piss off Dad so bad. Mike came bursting into the bedroom with dad hitting him with the belt every step. I started panicking thinking I would be next. Dad was yelling you will burn in hell for all eternity. Mike was crying so hard that his body was shaking. Dad stopped after a while and grabbed me by the arm. I screamed no Dad I did not do anything. He yanked me out of the room and closed the door. Stay away from him he is going to hell for his sinful ways.

When it was time for supper Mike never came down to eat. I ask where he was and Dad said he should be fasting and praying. This confused me because I did not know what Mike had done. We finished supper then I was sent outside. A little later I could hear dad yelling at mike again. Then I heard Mike yelling back. I was scared because I had never heard anyone fight at our house before. After dark I went inside. Dad still looked mad and mom was in her bedroom. Dad called me over and sat me down.

Brad we need to talk about what has happened here today. Your brother has disgraced us today. I do not know how long it has been going on but it will stop. He will have to live with this sin for the rest of his life. I just hope god will forgive him. I have to know if Mike has ever asked you to do something you did not want to do. Or has he ever touched you in your manhood area. I answered Dad. He had a look of relief on his face. You will have to tell me if he ever does. Now get to bed and keep a pillow between the two of you from now on. Mike will soon be joining the army. He will be shipping out before to long.

I headed to my room and was shocked when I saw Mike. He had welts all over his legs and back. Dad had whipped him with his belt all over his body. Mike had been crying and tried to stop when I came in. I ran over to him hugging him as easy as I could. He pulled away telling me not to touch him. He did not want to corrupt me too. I was trying to find out what was wrong but he would not say anything. I finally gave up and turned off the light. I put a pillow between us like Dad said. Telling Mike I loved him and always would. I could hear his crying again after telling him this.

The next morning Mike looked awful he had black marks where dad had whipped him. I ask him if he was ok but he would not answer me. I got dressed and had breakfast. I left as soon as I was done with eating breakfast. I had a destination in mind Sam's house.

I got on my bike riding over there. I dropped my bike on the lawn and ran to the front door. I knocked on the door but there was not answer. I ran to the back door knocking there. Still there was not an answer. I knew what window was Sam's so I went to it knocking on the glass. The curtain opened after a little while with Sam's face showing.

He had a strange look on his face saying hang on I will be right there.

Five minutes later I was inside Sam's house being pumped for answers. He wanted to know how Mike was. If dad done something to him? He was going to have to tell me what I wanted first. After a couple minutes Sam started spilling the beans. My dad had come down to the creek to get Mike. When he had gotten there dad found the two of them having sex. Sam had Mike bent over a log sticking out over the water fucking him in the ass. Mike was in the throws of passion when he felt the sting of the belt hit his back. Your dad screamed about how Mike and I were going to hell. Quoting how the Bible said this and that. He kept hitting Mike with the belt as he tried to get dressed. I grabbed my clothing and ran away. I am still afraid your Dad will call my parents.

I explained how I had seen them having sex to. Mike was fucking you when I came back for my shoes. Then he got off in you and you went to clean up. I grabbed my shoes and ran back to the house. Then I met dad and he asked about where Mike was. So I told him he was at the creek. That's when he came down then. I am sorry Sam but you should not have been doing that anyway. Dad said you two would go to hell for what you have done. I turned and ran home.

When I got to the house Mike was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. Dad was staring over Mikes shoulder. When mike finished eating he was told to go back to his room. I could not get Mike to talk to me much. When he did it was always God was going to punish him. He made me promise to never let what happened to him happen to me. I did that and two weeks he went in the army.

After boot camp he came home for a few days. Mike was not the same. He never smiled or looked happy. Maybe god was punishing him. He left a few days later and was shipped overseas a couple of months later.

We got a telegram about six months to the day. Telling us Mike was killed by a land mine. We were given a flag at the funeral. I was upset that God had punished him for making a mistake. Mom went back into depression for a while and dad preached at me to see how God's wrath could be.

This had warped my mind as I had grown up. I knew I was attracted to guys but could never take the chance. I always wondered if god did do what dad said. I grew up and whet to collage for two years. I had seen some gay guys in school but God never chose to kill them. So why was Mike dead?

I could not take seeing gay couples walk around anymore. Knowing in my heart that was what I wanted also. So I saw an ad in the paper for a job as a ranch hand. I applied for the job finding it to be perfect for me. It would get me away from my fears and men.

It has worked for years. Now it was being rubbed in my face once again. I signed up to have a gay man right beside me. God was testing me for sure. Why?

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