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The Inheritance part 8

Note this will explain a little about Brad growing up.

Brads Past

Scott jumped as Brads hand touched his shoulder. He knew he could not clean himself but he did not want Brad doing it. Brad got the hot water off the stove pouring it in the wash pan. Brad Put more water on to heat for rinsing the soap off later.

He put the water on the stool in front of Scott. Then Brad retrieved the soap and a washrag. Scott had not taken off his clothing yet so Brad thought he was waiting for him to help him with the removal. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever. While Scott reached for the button of his shirt they never broke eye contact. Brad was going to let him do everything he could for himself not wanting to make him feel uncomfortable. Scott was doing ok till he started getting to the lower buttons of his shirt. Not being able to use left arm was making it almost imposable to do. He wondered why Brad was not trying to help him. Being gay he thought he would want to get his clothes off of him quickly. But all he was doing was looking him in the eye. It had reached a point to where he could not go any further.

Scott gave a sigh as he put his arm to his side. "I will need some help for the rest". Scott stated.

"Ok" Was all Brad said then he reached over and helped remove Scott's shirt. Scott did not have a pleasant odor at all. It was pure stink of not bathing for a few days. As he pulled Scotts shirt back to remove his arm Brad saw the big bruise where he had broken his collarbone. It looked bad so he was real gentle as he pulled the shirt off. He did not want to cause more pain. At least it was not broken completely into so he would have to wear a brace. There was a knot on the bone though where the break happened. He also saw a few scratches that were red that needed cleaning to keep out infection. He reached for the snap in the front of Scotts pants. As he slipped his fingers about an inch inside the waist band to unfasten them Scotts hand was on his. He looked Scott in the eye. Scotts hand slowly dropped back to his side.

"Look Scott I am just trying to help you. It is not sexual in any way. Yes I am Gay! As you found out when you were going through my suitcase. I just want to get you cleaned up. You stink. We can talk about this all you want when we are through. But for now stop acting like kid and be a man. We have to depend on each other out here. We can be adults or act like high school kids that are afraid of what someone else thinks. There is not anyone around to call you names though. I have someone I love and am not looking for anyone else."

Scott stood there in shock. Brad had admitted he was Gay. Where was gods wrath? Why is he still alive? My father had always told me god punished gay people with death like Mike. Yet he stands here boldly stating he is gay. The guys at college were gay and god did not strike them down. I had thoughts running through my head a mile a minute.

Scott sighed and said. "Ok but just be careful I am sore all over".

Brad was careful as he removed Scott's pants. He looked up to see Scotts face. Scott would not look him in the eye anymore. He also seemed to be looking to see if someone else might be around. Brad chuckled inside at this. Scotts face was red from embarrassment as Brad removed more clothing. When all Scott had on were his jockeys Brad motioned for him to sit on a stool. Brad wet Scotts hair and started soaping it up.

Brad's thoughts were going back to the conversation of growing up. He did not tell Scott everything. Though my parents may have had money, I was not as important as it was.

You see as I was growing up I thought Nanny was my mother. My parents were seldom ever around. My Dad fell for Mom, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks as my grandfather would say. He was in love. He always made up excuses to run to town. That way he could see Mom. They always met at the park in town never letting Dad see where she lived. She was Dad's first and dad thought he was hers also. After that summer Dad took mom to meet grandfather.

Grandfather dug up the information on mom. He found she came from a less than desirable family. Her mother was sixteen when Mom was born and did not know who the father was. She was known for getting drunk then letting anyone that wanted to, have their fun.

Dad was sent away to military school to keep them apart. Grandfather did not know when time allowed Dad was seeing mom. She found a small place and moved to the city where Dad was. When Dad could get off campus he was seeing mom every chance he could. He gave her all the money he could to help with rent and expenses. Mom worked but I never knew doing what. Three weeks after dads eighteen birthday Mother found out she was going to have a baby. My Mother never wanted kids and wanted to abort me. Dad convinced Mom to have it. He told her that he would marry her. With the baby on the way grandfather would not object to the wedding.

Grandfather was not happy about this at all. Mom and Dad had a small wedding at the house. Mom moved into grandfather's house because grandfather did not trust her. She shook the house up by bossing the cook and maid around. Making them wait on her hand and foot.

Mom talked Dad into doing things he would not normally do. Soon Dad vary rarely went in to work. He was always taking Mom places and buying her things. By the time Mom was seven months, she was driving everyone in the house crazy except Dad.

After I was born she was not the one to take care of me. Dad was the one to feed me and change me. By the time I was a month old the maid watched me most of the time. One day grandfather just happened to come home at lunch. He was going up stairs to clean up when he heard me crying. He thought dad or mom was with me so he headed back down for lunch. He was eating and asked Sue the cook if mom and dad had eaten lunch yet. She told him that they had gone shopping and would be back later this afternoon. Grandfather ask how long they had been gone and who was taking care of the baby. Sue told grandfather I had gone with them. He jumped up from the table running up stairs to check on me.

It took grandfather a while to calm me down. He was changing me when he saw how badly I was broke out. He called the doctor after he was done changing my diaper. The doctor came to the house and checked me out finding I was also not getting enough to eat. Grandfather made some calls to find a nanny. One was there the next day. Mom was mad because she said I was just fine all babies get rashes.

I was moved into the nanny's room next week when grandfather found out she caught Dad spanking me for crying. As time went on dad and mom were around less. By the time I was five I was lucky to see them one day a month. Then mom or dad would spank me because I did not act the way they thought I should. On my seventh birthday Dad got mad at me because I told him I hated him. He sent me to military school the next day. He told me it would make a man out of me.

Grandfather would come see me when he could. That would be about a few hours a week. I was so happy to see a face I knew. Mom and dad on the other hand came once the first year to see me. I never saw them again. A few weeks after my ninth birthday grandfather came to see me. He told me my parents were killed in a wreck by a drunk driver. Also I would be moving back home.

I was glad to be back I missed cook. She always had me a glass of cold milk and cookies ready. We moved out to the farm that same year. Granddad wanted me to go to the school in that area. I worked around the farm for my allowance.

The house down the road is where my best friend lived. We played together all over the farm. During the summers we were inseparable. I was smitten with him. By the time we were teenagers we had been messing around. Sucking each other off every chance we got. Andy watched the horses breed a few times then asked the breeder about sex.

Andy always loved for me to play with his ass while I sucked him off. He really got excited one day moving around a lot when my finger slipped in ass. He shot off like crazy that day with more cum than ever. Soon he was having me finger him while I sucked him off. Then I hit his prostrate one day. He went nuts wanting more so I put in two fingers and he loved that too. We had been doing this for a few days when we were wrestling around one day. I held him down telling him I was a stud horse. I was hunching his ass like mad almost to the point of cumming. He was pushing his ass back to me. When we slowed down he was ready to suck dick. We sucked each other off in no time. We rested for a few minutes then Andy asks me to suck him again. Being young and horny all the time this was not a problem. I started sucking him again putting two fingers up his ass. I was getting horny again too. I started riding his leg while I sucked him. He stopped me asking me if I would like to try something new. I was game till he asked me to stick my dick in his ass. I did not want to do this. He kept at me till I agreed to do it.

I put my cock up to his ass and pushed but it would not go in. so I wet it with spit like my fingers and tried again. This time it went in. Andy took a deep breath and said it hurt like hell the first time I stuck my finger in. I pulled out quickly thinking I had hurt him. He wanted to know why I did so I told him. He wanted me to put it back in but use more spit. I did because it felt really tight and hot in there. Once I got it back in he had me wait for a little bit to see if it would quit hurting like my finger did. It did not take long till he was asking me to start moving it in and out. I pumped him slowly loving the feeling my dick was getting. I could tell I was getting close to cumming. I kept speeding up and pumping him harder. Then all of a sudden his ass started squeezing my cock. He was cumming and then the next thing I knew I was also. It was one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

We were lying back enjoying the after glow when Andy told me that was his best. I also told him it was the best for me. We got dressed soon and headed back out where we could be seen. Later that day we headed back to the hay loft. I fucked Andy two more times. My cum in his ass made it real easy to fuck him. We did not know about lube then.

The summer went that way almost every day with Andy getting fucked at least two times a day. I had asked Andy if he wanted to fuck me but he liked it the way it was. This went on till we graduated high school.

Grandfather was always around telling me everything he knew. He told me he had messed up raising his own son. Not showing the love he needed. But he was not going to do that with me. We were close my grandfather and I. We talked about everything. The week I left for college we had the big talk. The birds and the bees talk. He explained what happened with my dad and mom. Of course I had heard all of this before. When he was through he asked me if I had any questions.

I ask a few to make him feel like he had taught me something. Then we had the talk I was dreading. I told my grandfather that I was gay. It took almost everything I had to look him in the face. Of course he went through the denial part. But in the end he was not happy about it. He could not figure out how I could be gay. What had he done to cause it? Then I explained to him that Andy and I had been lovers for a while now. He burst out in tears. I told him it was nothing he had done but he must face the fact I was attracted to men.

I went to college out of state looking forward to seeing Andy when I got back home. I saw grandfather as soon as I walked through the door. He greeted me like the long lost son. We talked a few minutes then I stood to leave. He wanted to know where I was going. I told him the truth about going to see Andy. He wanted me to wait. He had something to tell me. I sat back down then he hit me with the bomb. Andy had left town. I thought he was kidding me.

Sue came in the room about that time to let us know dinner was ready. I looked at her asking if Andy really did run away. She shook her head to confirm it. I then headed over to Andy's house. His mom opened the door. I asked to see Andy and she burst into tears. She put her arms around me telling me Andy had run away. He had told his dad he was gay. They were having a big argument about it when his dad told him to just leave. That was ten days ago and no one has see him since.

Three months later we found out he had been killed. He made it to Dallas, Texas, and was beaten to death in a robbery. He made it to an area where gangs had been known to hang out. But no one had been charged with the murder.

Two years later I met Chris at collage. He was a very nice looking guy that was two doors down from me in the dorm. We had a class we shared setting beside each other. It was a couple of months before we knew each other were gay. My senior year we shared the same dorm room. Soon we became lovers. The next year I found a job near the school and we moved out to live together. We were each others world soon. Every now and then I would feel guilty because I was not able to show the affection he needed. I blame this on my parents for how I was raised. The only hugs I got were from grandfather.

Chris and I have lived a very good life. I made good money at my job and with what I was left when my parents died. We did not want for much. I would take us shopping every month and buy things we did not even need. It was the one way I could show Chris I loved him. When he graduated from college we moved out by the ranch. I worked there breeding horses for Grandfather. Chris found a job at a small business close by. We had everything we needed. It was not as easy as it was because the interest rates had dropped. I was not getting as much on a quarterly basis as I was. But with Chris working we still had everything we needed.

Life was good to us. Then Grandfather got sick. He was always there for me so I was there for him. I stayed with him all day till it was time for Chris to come home. Then I would go home and stay with Chris till he left for work. Grandfather would tell me of the time he started carving his life out. How he worked two jobs till he saved enough money to by his first piece of ground. It was two hundred acres of ground. He kept one job and worked on the farm the rest of the time. It was two years before he had the farm like he liked it. He ran cattle on half of it and farmed hay on the rest. He married a girl from the farm next to him. She and my grandfather both work jobs off the farm and then farmed after they got home. In a couple of years grandfather purchased the farm on the other side of him. He took all the money from the farm and part of what he and grandmother made to keep buying land.

He would always say God only made so much of it and I want all I can get of what god made. My dad was born ten years later. Grandfather worked harder then while he was young. Wanting to make sure he had the best for his son. When dad turned seven my Grandmother died of a stroke. Dad was sent off to school so grandfather could work on building the farm up. He took the money from the insurance to buy more land and soon had over three thousand acres. >From there on he was growing fast buying everything he could. He bought a few businesses along the way. He was a wise man and made good investments.

He always regretted how he raised dad and said he paid for it. He wanted to make it up to me because my dad treated me the same way. He had seen his mistake and it was too late to do anything about it. He just wanted to make sure the same thing did not happen to me. He showed me love and spent a lot of time with me. He wanted me to be a better parent than he or dad had been. When I told him I was gay he felt like he had failed again. He blamed himself for it. I told him I loved Chris and wanted to share my life with him. He wanted great grandchildren and ask me to rethink it.

I tried to explain about Chris but he did not want to hear it. If he knew how I had felt about Chris he would have to accept it. We had been together for five years now. Grandfather always asked if I trusted Chris. I told him yes he has never given me any reason not to. Grandfather always thought he was a little too girly. He worried about his looks too much trying to impress everyone.

Then grandfather passed away and I ended up out here trying to prove to myself and him I was a real man. I could handle whatever came my way. Being gay did not change the fact I was a man.

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