Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. If you are offended by descriptions of homosexual acts or man/man relations, please exit this page.

The Inheritance part 9

The visitor

I was taken out of my thoughts by Scott asking me if I was going to wash his hair off his head. I did not realize how long I had been scrubbing his head. I rinsed the soap out of Scott's hair. I noticed he flinched when the warm water ran over him. I think some of the cuts and scrapes were stinging. I worked my way down his back being gentle as I could. His back had a few cuts that were a little infected. I cleaned them as best as I could trying to soften the skin to remove the scabs to drain out the infection. Once I had done this I gave the washrag to Scott. I told him to wash his front while I put some more water on to heat. He washed what he could, finding it impossible to wash it all.

I had my back to him as he did what he could. Then he asked for some help. His face was red when I turned to see what he needed help with. He could not get his jockeys off by himself. I handed him a hand towel to cover himself with first before I approached him. He thought that was strange but covered himself anyway. I helped him step out of them with a little effort to lift his leg. The swelling had gone down some but it was still a lot larger than normal. While he was standing I washed the beautiful ass of his. I swear he had chills run down his spine as the rag touched his rosebud. I did this a quick as possible trying not to give him the wrong idea. I worked my way down the back of his legs so he would not have to stand long. Once I had rinsed him as best as I could I had him set down. I was finished soon and helped get him dry.

I went to retrieve the alcohol to doctor the wounds that had festered looking puffy. He jerked when it started burning. I had to tell him I know it hurts remember. I had to chuckle to myself with the returned torture I was inflicting on him. I finished getting him cleaned up and soon ready to rest some more. I made an ice pack for his knee to help the swelling go down.

While he rested I wrote a letter to Chris telling him how bad I missed him. Then I started lunch. I was hoping that I could work on the cabin some today. We had missed a few days.

I sat back looking at Scott while he slept some. He was just covered with the hand towel still. I guess he was so worn out he forgot to put on some jockeys. I could plainly see the outline of his cock under the towel. I noticed the trail of hair on him from his pecks to under the towel was thick. It was like a line drawn in the sand it stood out so prominent. How could it look like it was combed to the center?

I stood up slowly circling him like he was prey. I looked at him from every direction. Under all that hair he was built great. He stirred a little and the towel shifted some. When I got back to the foot of the cot I could see his hair covered balls. I squatted so I could see them better. When I was eye level with the cot the head of his cock could be seen. I wanted to touch it. Just to see what it felt like.

I heard the meat start to sizzle so I stood up before he woke. I turned it down so it would not cook too fast. I wanted it to be good to eat tonight. Once this was done I went back to look at Scott again. He had not moved much while I was cooking.

I went back to the foot of the cot to look at him again. When I squatted I could tell he had grown some. The very flaccid cock was now a little larger. I kept starring at it hoping he would get real hard. It was growing but not as fast as I wanted it to. I got up and checked on supper again. He was not going to get that way today. I was about ready to serve lunch when I turned to wake him. I could not believe me eyes when I did. He had pulled off the towel in his sleep. There before me was a naked Scott in all of his glory his cock was amazing. He had seven hard inches before me. My cock responded with the same reaction. It was hard as a rock within seconds. I went for a closer look at it. My hand started to reach out taking hold of it but I pulled it back at the last second.

I repositioned myself and reached down to shake him enough to wake him. Letting Scott know it was ready to eat. He had been in a deep sleep taking a few seconds to wake up. He grabbed my arm trying to pull himself up. I reached down wrapping my arm around his waist helping him to stand. When I looked up we were nose to nose. I looked deep into his blue eyes and could not move. We were that way for a lot longer than we should have been. It took everything I had, not to kiss him. I wanted to and the only thing that stopped me was fear. Fear of rejection. He broke the stare finally. I looked down in shame to see his cock was hard still poking me in the hip. I moved my hip against him pressing his cock into it. It was hard and I would swear I felt it jump a couple of times.

He removed his arm from around me. He was looking around for his jockeys. I told him he fell asleep before he was able to put them on. I handed them to him so he could put them on. He tried to but could not get them on not being able to bend his leg.

I saw he was having trouble so I walked over to help. He refused at first but then came to his senses. I bent over to slip them on his bad leg then the other pulling them up. I came eye to eye with his hard cock pointing me straight in the face. I then stood telling him I think he could get it from there.

I walked over to the stove to bring the pans to the table. My hands were shaking so bad I was afraid I would spill everything. Going back to get the rest, I stood for a few seconds to pull myself together. I was so shaken up and could not explain it. Why was he having an effect on me like this? It is like the air is full of sexual tension and its all mine. He is not having any problems with it. Just a normal guy that needed to piss really bad. We all get a piss hard on when we fall asleep. Scott stepped over to where the window to relieve his self. Then he made it to the table as I sat the last pan down.

We ate without talking much. It was a good lunch and very filling. We had run out of a lot of supplies to eat. I for one was looking forward to the supplies being dropped off tomorrow. This would also give me a chance to send Chris the letter I had wrote. The mail has been dropped off at a farmhouse down the road. I got up picking the plates and pans up to wash. Scott was going check on the animals when I stopped him. I made sure he sat back and rested. They could wait till I was through washing the dishes. By the time I was through there were only a couple of hours before time to fix the next meal.

The sun was starting to go down making it hard to look to the west. I thought I would start working on putting some of the sides up. I pulled out a couple of boards to start cutting off. I hated using the handsaw. I could never cut straight either from side to side or top to bottom it was crooked. It takes me so long to cut a board with the saw jamming up all the time. Scott says it takes a few times to get it right. Well it has been a few times but I still do not have the hang of it. I nailed the first one to the two by four then started the next one. Well problem number one hit. What do you nail it to? There is the top and bottom two by fours but nothing in the middle.

I asked Scott what to do about this. He told me to cut a couple of two by fours and put them between the studs this would give me four places to nail to. It took me a while to get used to the idea but soon was cutting the boards. I toe -nailed them in and soon I was cutting a couple of other boards to put up. I managed to put up ten boards before my hands started to hurt too bad. I put the tools up to start supper.

We ate and went to bed early. I was beat from everything I had done today so I was ready to head to bed. Scott was asleep soon with me following quick second.

It seemed like I had just fallen to sleep when the rooster started to crow. I found myself getting up to start the day. I wish sometimes the rooster would die. He would start an hour before dawn. He was the worst alarm clock I ever had. You could not push snooze on him. He just crowed when he felt like it. I was used to the fifteen minutes extra before it would go off again. I would sometimes get a couple of minutes sometimes ten you never knew with him.

I was excited today anyway we were to get fresh food to eat again and mail. It had been a while and I was looking forward to it. So up I got then. I started to wash clothing while I fixed breakfast. A couple more times with the rooster then Scott was awake. He was also excited about today we had only had each other to talk to for over a month now. He knew the guy bringing in the supplies. It was the oldest son of the farmer he told me. I wanted to know how old he was. I was surprised to find out seventeen or so. Scott wanted to know why I was surprised. I let him know that I did not expect someone that age still being around here. I would have gotten out as quick as I could for the city.

We ate breakfast then I started to work on the house some again. I cut a board then marked some by it. It seemed to be going well at first then they were getting short. I could not figure out how they were getting that way. I marked three more and they also were short. It took a while till I figured it out. I had some bowed boards when we started this wall so the frame was a little shorter in this corner. The studs were bowed and I needed to put in the supports to fix them. I took off every thing I had done last night starting fresh.

The boards I had cut were cut up for the braces for the studs. I was on a roll so I kept making braces. Before I knew it was past time to start supper. I stopped and picked up the tools putting them away. My hands were so sore it was hard to grip anything. The cool water helped but it would be hurting again after a few minutes. I could not believe I was so soft. I fixed supper then ate. It looked like Scott was going to ask me something all through supper but he did not. This was driving me crazy.

We finished supper and I was ready to hit the bed. Scott had been sleeping a lot through the day and wanted to stay up for a while. I went to bed and fell asleep quick. Scott got out the cards and played solitaire for a while. He soon got bored and made it back to his cot. He watched Brad as he slept. There were a lot of question going through his mind he wanted answers for. Sleep finally took him but dreams haunted his sleep. The dreams were of Mike.

The rooster once again woke the boys at the crack of dawn. Brad did not want to get out of bed. He was sore and wanted to sleep the day away. Soon he had to get up to relieve his bladder. He saw the Scott was a wake to but had not risen yet. He said his good morning as he went to put the coffee on. He needed a cup real bad hoping it would help his mood. He went to lie back down while the coffee was brewing. It had taken a while to learn how to brew coffee. He was used to putting coffee in the coffee maker and fifteen minutes he had coffee. Brad was learning he was not as smart as he thought he was.

Life out in the wild was not as easy as he thought. Not having plumbing was not so bad at first. But the new feeling of camping had worn off. Brad was beginning to find out how much he took for granted. The supply truck should be here soon and was really needed.

Brad got up and fixed breakfast thinking about fried rooster the whole time. The bird was really starting to get on his nerves. The sun had come up by the time he had finished eating. Brad went to feed the animals there morning rations. Then he headed back to the cabin with Yeller on his heels wanting his morning meal. The dog was fed and played for a few minutes around the cabin. Brad started dragging the tools out to start his days work.

He was cutting the first board when he started hearing a horn. He looked up at a dust trail that was coming down the rough road. Brad went to the top edge of the valley waving his arms. He wanted to be spotted for sure. The horn blew again letting him know he had been spotted. Yeller came running up barking he had recognized the sound of the truck.

I went down to the cabin and let Scott know a truck was on its way. In a few minutes an old red truck came to park beside the cabin. It had our supplies in the back. The door opened and a young man stepped out. He walked up to Scott giving him a big hug. Scott let out a yelp from getting hugged to hard. Then he proceeded to tell the young man about getting hurt. Scott then turned to introduce me to him. Brad I want you to meet Doug he is the son of the farmer. He lives at the farm we passed on our way here.

I reached out my hand to shake this handsome guy's hand. Doug was over six feet tall with sandy blond hair. He looked to be average in size with the start of a goatee. His shirt was big enough that you could not tell what he looked like. But his smile would light up the darkest of days. He backed off a little to look at Scott shaking his head. I thought he lingered at Scott's crotch a little too long. He walked around Scott looking him over good. He made sure Scott knew that he looked ruff. By the time he was done looking Scott over it looked as if he had a slight bulge in his jeans.

My gaydar was going off. I looked at Doug very close seeing the signs of someone that had a crush. It was not the infatuations of a young man that was friends. It was of someone that had the hots for someone in a more than friendly way. This boy wanted Scott. Had they had sex before? Doug would be willing I could tell but Scott never gave any signs that he was interested at all.

We started talking some when I asked if there was any mail. Doug ran to the cab of the truck and pulled out a small bag and a box. He brought them over to the table and set them down. I was about to bust wanting a letter from Chris. He pulled the mail out of a sack setting it all on the table. He handed most of it to Scott. A lot of it was sale bills and the normal junk mail. There were a couple of letters that he put on his cot to read later. I was shocked that I had so many letters. There were some from the lawyers but most seemed to be from Chris. I was so excited that I wanted to just rip them all open and start reading. Scott asks if I wanted to visit first then read after Doug had gone. I guess it hit me I was not being a good host but I wanted to read about Chris.

We sat down drilling Doug about what was going on in the world. We had been out here six weeks and were starved to hear information. To hear someone else talk was nice for a change to. After a few minutes Doug told us we had not opened the box. Scott reached over and opened it. It was a big apple pie. May had sent us an apple pie from the diner. I looked at Scott kind of funny. He laughed telling me May was a distant relative. It was getting close to time to start lunch so I asked Doug if he would help me unload the truck. He was glad to help unload things.

We had a lot of things in the truck and I was getting hot. I took off my shirt hanging it over one of the stools. I also did this to see Doug's reaction. I wanted to see if my gaydar was right. I could see Doug staring as I unbuttoned my shirt. I was trying to put on a show but not be too obvious at the same time. I could tell it was working. I was getting the reaction I thought I would. He looked directly at me not trying to hide it at all. It was just as it was with Scott he was checking me out. We finished unloading the truck and had worked up a nice sweat.

Then we went back and set down and catch our breath for a second. I was a warm day and not much air was stirring. Soon Doug reached down grabbing his shirt tail pulling it over his head. I was not prepared to see what was unfolding before my eyes. He was toned not a hard body like someone that works out all the time. But very defined like someone that works hard for a living. If he had the chance to work out at a gym he could be one of the little gods that seem to parade around.

We talked a little more then started lunch. I never realized that if you cooked every meal how much time you spent doing it. Chris and I ate out most of the time or brought it home to eat. But here we did not have a choice. Sometimes we would cook enough at lunch to reheat for supper. That saved a lot of time. Doug wanted to help with what he could. I had him put away some of the things he had brought. There seemed to be less stuff this time but I did not ask why. We finished what we were doing and ate.

Doug seemed to have a big crush on Scott not taking his eyes off him much. I don't know why but Scott did not seem to notice. Were straight men that stupid that they could not tell when a guy had the hots for them? Doug had a hard time taking his eyes off Scott's chest. I watched his eyes as they darted back and forth over Scott's body. I wanted to have some fun with this so I asked who wanted to go to the creek and cool off. I thought Doug was going to turn the table over to get up.

Scott did not feel like walking that far and would just stay here. I kept insisting that the cool water would feel good on his leg. I made sure he would not have to walk. We put him on a horse to ride to the creek.

I wanted to see how Doug reacted to Scott. We helped Scott get off the horse letting him lean against a large rock. I then tied the horse out of the way in some fresh grass. Scott was dreading the shock of the cold water but I was enjoying what I thought would happen. Just before Scott got to the edge of the water I stripped completely.

Making the statement I wanted some dry clothes to put on when I got out. Both guys turned to look. Doug had a look of shock on his face seeing me naked as the day I was born. I smiled at them as I said "well it's just us guys here so why worry about being naked".

Doug finally closed his mouth long enough to clear his throat. He had his eye on my cock and was not blinking. I broke his stare by letting him know he was going to have to help Scott get his clothes off. I think he would have passed out if he had not been frozen in place. He looked at Scott in disbelief.

"Well somebody is going to have to help me" replied Scott.

You could visibly see Doug's hands shaking as he inched forward to help Scott remove his clothing. It was a good thing he did not have much on or poor Doug would have fainted before he was done. Scott pulled his boxers down some and his big fat popped out. He put his hand on Doug's shoulder for balance to lift his one good leg to remove it from the boxers. He did not expect what happened. Doug started sinking to his knees with the pressure. As he was going down he placed a hand on each hip. Slowly he slid his hands down to where the waist band rested around his legs. He was gentle as he done this. When his face reached cock level he started to lean in some. I watched as his mouth opened then acted like he stumbled. His mouth almost engulfed Scotts cock except Scott turned a little. He did make his nose burry in his balls though.

Scott bent as best as he could to help Doug regain his balance. I almost laughed at this trick. It was a good one and almost succeeded. Scott apologized with Doug telling him it was ok. God I knew how the guy felt. He wanted to have sex with Scott so bad.

Doug finally managed to remove Scott's shorts without any other problems. He maintained a grin on his face keeping it hid as best possible. He then started stripping him self. I walked over to help Scott to get into the edge of the water. Doug was removing his jockeys as I reached Scott. Doug had a nice hard cock sticking out. He was fully hard and not shy at all. I winked at Doug as Scott was settled down in the water. Scott was not pleased with the waters temperature as he started sitting down. It did seem to be a little colder than it had been. Doug went wadding out till he reached waist deep water then dove under. He came up a couple feet in front of me then splashed me.

Doug and I horsed around a few minutes in the water. I noticed a well placed hand a couple of times when we were playing. Looking over at Scott I saw he had his head thrown back. He looked like he was almost asleep. The better I got to know Scott the more natural the hairy chest looked. I could see Doug being infatuated with him. He did remind me of the Marlboro man with his rugged dark looks and ice blue eyes.

Doug and I took a break from playing. We got up on a couple of big rocks so we could dry off some and warm up. I was kicked back talking to Doug. When he asked what Scott was to live with. I went into how strange it was living with someone you don't know. That he was a good guy but we have had some tension between us. Doug could not understand how that could be with a guy like Scott.

I decided I would drop the bomb on Doug. Well most of Scott's tension is from the fact I am gay.

Ok that was a bomb from the look on Doug's face. His jaw dropped and from the expression of his face. He was scared, happy and shocked all at the same time. It took him a minute or so to respond back to my statement. Then all he could do is stammer out one word re re elly really. I shook my head and smiled back at him. Explaining to him that I had known I was gay for years. I lived with my lover of five years now. We are very close and that most of the letters he brought me were from him.

Doug was pumping me with all kinds of questions about how I knew I was gay. So I was honest and told him. Then he wanted to get a little more personal with his questions. I explained to him a lot of what he asked but would not tell him anything about Chris and my personal life.

Then I hit Doug with a question. "How long have you known you were gay Doug" boom that hit a nerve. I thought he was going to take off running. He jumped up looking me in the eyes telling me he was not gay. Trying to keep the noise down telling him he did not have to yell I was right in front of him.

His look of fear was getting worse. He pointed a finger at me telling me I am not gay. His eyes started to water and his voice was breaking.

Brad said "it is ok if you are or not with me. I want to be your friend either way. It is that you send signals that you are. I apologize to you if I am wrong in assuming you were."

Doug was crying harder now as he went back to his knees. He was scared and did not know what to do.

I reached over putting my arm around his broad shoulders. Telling him everything is ok

I did not mean to offend him. He turned his head resting his face in my neck as he tried to stop crying. I rubbed his back telling him it was ok. When he started squeezing me back I knew he was going to be ok. I took my arm away from around his shoulder as he quit crying.

Doug looked Brad in the eyes then planted a big kiss on my lips. I started to break the kiss when his tongue tried to enter my mouth. I almost responded back to the demands of his tongue. But I stopped him breaking the kiss. He had a look of fear and hurt on his face.

"Doug I can not do this I have a boyfriend. If I were single I would gladly take this further but my heart belongs to Chris. You are a very sexy young man and will break many hearts in the future but I can not do this". Brad stated

Doug looked down then responded "But brad you cock says you do want to do this"

I looked down seeing my cock was as hard as a rock. I looked back up at Doug telling him" Doug my body is responding to you but it is my heart I follow. I would not feel right if we did anything at all. I have needs just like every guy has but being in a relationship you have to curb them."

"Why" Doug wanted to know

"Have you ever been in love Doug? Where one person that shares in your life is the most important. Being the only one you want to please." Brad ask

Doug finally told Brad "Brad I have never even kissed a guy till I kissed you a moment ago. I thought because you were gay it would be alright. I did not know guys lived together like a man and woman. I thought it was just not done. I never knew anyone that was gay before and thought you could be my first. You have a great body and I was hoping we could do some things. I have always wanted to be with a guy to touch his dick and balls. To know what it felt like to put it in your mouth. I did get to kiss a guy just now. It was better than I even thought it would be."

"We have been home schooled all of our lives so we never get to be around other guys much. Dad would always have something bad to say about guys in town that even acted like they were gay. I just knew from the first time I saw a man's cock when in town at a restroom I wanted it. The only time I ever touched a man was today when I slipped into Scott. I almost came in my jockeys from that".

"Doug I can remember having crushes when I was younger. I was just lucky to have a close friend that helped me through those years." Brad told him

"That's the problem Brad. I have never had anyone to even talk to about this. The only guy around much is Scott and I would give anything to be with him. He is the best looking guy I have ever seen. If he was gay we would live together forever". Doug stated

Brad had to explain some things to Doug. "Look Doug just because two men are gay and single does not mean you can have Sex. It's just like with girls. You have to have an attraction to them. It does not mean you can have sex. You may get lucky and find a man that respects you but most are out for one thing... sex.

Doug butted in. "That's what I am looking for is sex Brad. I want to suck a dick and be sucked by a guy. I have never had sex and want to. It has been very confusing in my life with no one to talk to."

"Wait Doug Sex is not something you jump into easily. It should be with someone you care about. It is not the same as when you love someone." Brad explained

"But Brad I have never got to touch a man or hold one before. All I have ever done is jack myself. I want to know what another cock feels like. I want to just touch one with out having to do like I did today". Pleaded Doug

I looked a Doug knowing how he felt it was not easy being gay. When you are thinking you are the only person on earth that feels that way inside. You are lonely and confused. I remember how I felt after I lost Andy. I was alone and did not want to go on being the only guy out there that would not have someone to love.

"Come here Doug." I put my arm around him pulling him close to me. "Doug you are not alone in this world there are men out there. You will find someone some day. Just relax when the time comes you will not regret it". Brad told him

Doug snuggled into Brad feeling like there was hope for the first time. He was getting to touch a man with out him jerking away. A man that was just like him gay. He felt his cock getting hard as he enjoyed this. He wanted to reach out and touch Brads cock. To feel another mans cock in his hand for the first time. Doug was lost in his thoughts of what he would like to do to Brad. He kissed Brad on his chest then as Brad pulled back he came to realize what he had done.

Brad had been trying to explain to Doug about how he and Chris were lovers. Then Doug kissed him on the chest. He pulled away from Doug looking at him.

"Have you been listening to me"? Brad asked

"Most of the time but I caught myself day dreaming". Doug explained

Brad looked around to see Scott relaxed and sleeping so he never saw anything. Then Brad scooted over to put some space between them.

"Look Doug I have a boyfriend and do not take it lightly. I love him and he loves me. So I could not willingly do anything with you. I love him and do not want to cheat. Nothing could happen between us. Do you understand"? Stated Brad

"Ok" Doug said then he slipped back in the water to swim around a little.

Brad stretched out on the rock to think over every thing that had happened in the last few minutes. He understood what Doug was going through. It is very hard learning you are gay. With no one to talk to and when you find someone they reject you. He hoped he had not hurt Doug to bad. He would talk to him again in a little bit explaining to him what happened. Then he would let him know anytime he needed to talk he could. Soon Brad dosed off to sleep after the refreshing swim.

Doug swam around the little swimming hole going up to Scott. He could see he was asleep so he took this chance to look him over. He had a crush on Scott ever sense he had seen him with his shirt off. He helped put some fence post up one day when it was hot. His shirt was soaking wet and sticking to him. Then after a while he took his shirt off to reveal the most beautiful chest Doug had ever seen.

His chest was covered in hair. You could see the sweat run down the trail of hair. As hairy as it was there was still a much defined treasure trail. It started right below the pecs running to his belly button. Then it picked back up and went into his jeans. All Doug could think of is what is at the end of it. If his chest was so hot what did his cock look like? Doug could not help it he sprung wood instantly staying that way the rest of the day. He had to turn around to adjust his cock several times that day. When he got home he ran to the barn to relieve himself. It only took three good pulls on his cock to have the best orgasm he had ever had. He remembered he masturbated five more times to the thought of Scott's chest and what lay beneath his jeans.

Doug was as close to Scott as he could get with out taking a chance of waking him. He wanted this man so bad. He wished he could touch him and feel him respond back. Scott moved in the slightest and it stirred the silt on the bottom. Doug could not see Scott's cock now so he backed away. His cock was so hard it was hurting so he moved away to play with himself. He needed the relief from his balls aching for getting to see his fantasy guy finally. This would be enough to make it for years to come. They fantasy of making love to Scott at the creek.

He looked around to see Brad was also asleep. He then got up on a rock so he could dry off some before he took matters into his on hands. He looked at Brad again. There he noticed that Brad was not completely soft. Doug was going to have to check this out. He moved as quite as he could till he was back setting beside Brad. Brads cock was semi hard. Doug started rubbing his balls between his fingers trying to sooth the ache in them.

All this was doing was making matters worse. His cock was so hard it was hurting. He started to slide his hand up his cock. When he reached the head he felt a drop of moisture. He had precum leaking out at a steady pace. Doug brought his finger tips up to his mouth to taste his own seed. Doug did not know how or why but it looked like Brad's cock was getting bigger. He looked at Brad thinking this guy was hot to. The only major difference between the two was Scott had hair on his chest. There build was very close to each other. Both men were nice and tall with wide chests tapering down to nice waist. Long muscular legs that led to a pair of low hanging balls right below beautiful cocks.

Doug could not stand it any longer. He slowly reached over to touch Brads cock. He could feel the heat of Brad's body as his hand made it to his prize. He was shaking badly as he touched Brad. This was not what Doug thought it would be like it was much better. He wrapped his fingers around Brads cock. Doug was trying not to wake Brad. Doug's heart was beating so fast and loud he was afraid Brad could hear it. Doug had never been this sexually excited in his life. The chills that ran all over his body were incredible. It was like every cell in his body was linked to a nerve. Brads cock was getting harder. Doug had to do it he could not stand it any longer. He let Brads cock slip from his hand then placed it on the other side of his waist. Easing over to where he could place Brads cock in his mouth without touching him. Doug looked up to see if Brad was awake. He was still sleeping. Doug was shaking badly as he positioned himself so he could take Brads cock in his mouth. He had to do this with out waking Brad. The adrenalin was flowing through him like mad. He was so sexually excited he felt like his heart would burst.

Doug eased down to where he felt the hair from Brad's balls touch his nose. Then he breathed in as deep as he could to take in Brad's scent. There was just a hint of smell that the water had not washed off. I turned my head to look back at Brad once again. He was still asleep so I moved my mouth towards Brads cock. I stuck my tongue out to run along the under side of his cock. I was surprised that there was not any taste. I do not know what I expected but this was not it. I continued up his shaft till I reached the head. I flicked the head of his cock with my tongue. It was soft and like velvet. I was shaking so bad from the tension I thought I might collapse. I got up the nerve to suck the head of Brad's beautiful cock in my mouth. It was heaven to me. I had dreamed of sucking on a man's cock for years. I ran my tongue around the head of Brad's cock and with gentle sucking motions I could feel it start to swell.

I had been sucking Brad for about a minute when he stirred some. I moved away as quick as I could trying to act as though nothing had happened. I looked over to see Brad had not moved again so I eased back over. I could see he had turned a little and this would give me better access to his cock. I could not touch myself for fear I would cum. When I was back in position I took Brad's cock in my mouth again. At this angle it was easier to take more of him in. Soon Brad was hard again. I took almost half of his cock in my mouth then I gagged. This caused Brad to move again. His hand hit my cock as he moved around. This caused me to cum from his touch. He had only brushed my cock with the back of his hand but at seventeen it does not take much.

The first shot of my cum went all over Brads arm and the second across his chest. When the third shot hit Brad he opened his eyes. Setting up I could not hide what I had done. I still pumped a couple of shots out even though it was not being touched.

Brad looked at me then at himself. He put his hand to his chest and felt my cum sprayed across it. Looking at his hand then at my cock he figured out what had happened. I expected he would start yelling at any moment. He did not though. Brad sat up with a smile on his face and started to laugh.

"Well it looks like we have a shooter here" Brad said as he laughed

Doug did not know what to say except "I am sorry Brad".

Brad just chuckled again and told Doug. "Man its ok it's not like the first time I have had cum shot on me. I hope it's not the last either. Nice cock by the way."

"Thanks! I am sorry about it Brad but seeing you there naked where I could look at you without feeling I was doing something wrong. It was the first time I have been able to look at a naked guy. Without being worried that someone might see and start calling me names". Doug told him

"Its cool with me but next time you're jerking turn it away from me. I remember when I was your age I stayed horny". Stated Brad

Doug was sweating it hoping that Brad did not know he had sucked on his dick. If Brad looked down he would see the head of his dick was wet with saliva. He felt better when Brad stood up and walked into the water to rinse the cum off of him.

Doug was so excited his cock never went down it still ached for more.

Brad finished cleaning the cum off then stepped back out of the water to sit beside Doug. He saw Doug was still hard even though he had gotten off. There must be a reason for it so he thought Doug may want to talk.

"Doug is there any thing you want to ask me"? Brad said

"I have a lot of thoughts that go through my head Brad. Like what is it like to kiss a guy? How do men make love? Where do you meet men? What does it feel like to take a man's load"? Doug was saying

"Wait Doug one question at a time. First I do not know what it is like to kiss a woman so I could not answer that any different than I like it. Making love to a man is a lot like a husband and wife. Someone gives and the other takes". Brad was telling him

Someone gives and someone takes. What do you mean by that Brad?

"Well in most relationships one or both men top or bottom and some do both. The top will put his dick in the bottoms ass and have sex like a married couple except its anal sex". Brad explained

"Dang doesn't that hurt Brad"?

"It hurts some at first but then I am told it feels great. I have never bottomed so I don't know how to tell you it feels. I have always been with total bottoms so I don't know how it feels. They never offered to top even when I have asked. They liked it so well they did not want to top". Brad told him

"Wow I thought all you did was suck each others dick and masturbate each other". Doug said

Brad went on to explain all he knew about male sex to Doug. Doug sat and took in everything Brad was telling him. After a while they saw Scott was stirring around. They quit talking about sex and got ready to head back.

When they returned to the cabin it was mid morning. Brad asked Doug if he would stay for lunch and he agreed to. They enjoyed having Doug around for the afternoon. It made the day seem to fly by quick.

That afternoon Doug hugged Scott and Brad goodbye and climbed into the truck and headed out. He would not be back for six more weeks. Then it would be time to bring out more supplies.

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For those of you who have been wondering when something will happen between Brad and Scott Chapter 10 will be posted next week.