Under The Stars
By Dillon Wallis

[Legal Disclaimer] This bit has to be here for legal reasons. This story involves sexual acts between minors (boys under the legal age) and is entirely fictional. If this type of story turns you off or you find it offensive, please leave now. Also, if you are under the legal age where you live, you must also leave. Sorry.
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"Hey Dill!" shouted Gary. Gary was my best friend at summer camp. He was two years younger than I was and we had so much in common.

It was my third year here at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on the Utah-Arizona border where, for six weeks of every year (usually around the end of July) parents and teachers get together and organize a camp trip. Kids come from select schools of junior high (middle school) and elementary from all over the state. I was from Cannonville, not far from the Kodachrome Basin, and Gary was from Logan, further north than I've ever been in Utah before. I never traveled much. My dad was training to be a MD at the local hospital and before that he was a nurse, and my mom worked part-time in a food-court just because she wanted to have something to do. And when she wasn't working or clearing up the mess I always left behind me at home, she was either preparing for the camp, or attempting to write a novel. She let me read the first chapter once - she called it "twenty folios of pure genius". I didn't ask what a folio was, but there were twenty pages so I managed to put two and two together. It was about the relationship of a couple set in Utah (mom always said to write what you know) where their families didn't agree with the marriage and things like that. A modern day Romeo and Juliet I think.

Anyway, back to the story. Gary came bounding up toward me from the marquee and gave me a squeeze of a hug. He smiled. "I thought you weren't gonna come this year!" he said. He was wearing nothing but a pair of white bathing shorts and some sandals on his feet and his waterproof watch and he was all wet. He had obviously been swimming. He had told me before that he was a "water baby" - he had been born in a hospital birthing pool and could swim like a fish.

I blushed at his hug in front of my mom. I knew I was gay ever since I started jerking off when I was about ten, and now that I was thirteen my feelings hadn't changed at all. In fact, I thought Gary was very cute and I often dreamt of kissing him and touching his little member. There was water dripping off his black hair and his snub little nose onto his tanned chest and I could feel something happening down below in my pants. "Of course I'm coming this year. I wouldn't miss it! Plus," I said in a lowered tone, "my mom helps out here so I had to come."

"I heard that!" mom laughed. "Go on. Go and sign in while I have a word with Tommy." Tommy was one of the group leaders.

We dashed down to the marquee together for me to sign in. Paul was in charge of signing all the boys in. He was eighteen and probably the youngest leader at the camp. He was tall and well built and always had something funny to say or a scary story to tell at night. "Not you again!" he said when he saw me. We laughed and he ticked my name off the list.

"You know I keep coming back to see you," I smirked.

"Oh, stop! You're making my heart palpitate!" he said in a stereotypical "queer" voice. I just smiled in the hope that he didn't know about what I was.

I went to unpack then after Paul had signed me into the same tent as Gary. It was one of the smaller five-man tents and consisted of me, Gary, a boy my age called Henry, a boy I had never met before called Dexter, and Paul - he was our small-group counselor and shared the tent with us. He was supposed to be there for us if we needed anything during the night or if we needed someone to talk to about things we couldn't tell our parents. But I just couldn't bring myself to telling him my "problem".

We met Dexter as soon as we got to the tent. He was a small boy with wire-framed glasses and ash blonde hair and he was only a year younger than me. When I asked him where he came from he answered in a thick Texan accent, "Castle Dale, about halfway up the state. But I only moved there last year from Houston, Texas. Dad got himself a new job in Utah and we had to go with him."

"Yeah?" asked Gary, ever inquisitive. "What's your dad's job?"

"He's a geologist," said Dexter. "He plays with rocks, mom says."

I was about to say something when a familiar voice interrupted. "It's better to play with yourself, I always say!" We turned towards the open entrance and saw Henry standing there. Henry was a nice boy with shoulder-length brown hair and wide green eyes. He came from Cedar City, which is only about an hour and a half from where I live by car, but I had never been to his house. He was a natural leader in almost everything and there wasn't anything he wouldn't try once.

"Henry!" Gary and I chorused together.

"Are you back again, Dill?" Henry questioned. "Brought your luscious mom with you this year?" Gary and Dexter laughed.

"In your dreams, man!" I said. Then the introductions were made between Dexter and Henry and we chose which bunks we wanted. Henry and I got the two top bunks and Gary and Dexter had the lower bunks while we left Paul with the single bunk along the back tent wall. So Gary was under me, which is what I wanted. This would be a good summer camp, I realized.

When the bell pealed out two rings for lunch that afternoon, we all leapt off our beds and headed up toward the marquee to grab a table. When we got there, we managed to get a table close to the kitchen so we could easily go back for seconds or even thirds if we wanted to!

Once everyone was gathered there, a collection of faces I knew and a lot I didn't know, Tommy the leader stood at the front and made his obligatory speech. "Okay boys, is everyone here?"

There was a mumbled "yes" from everyone and then Henry shouted, "I'm not here!" The boys erupted into laughter.

When they had all settled down again, Tommy said, "Henry, you are going to have to get some new jokes! Anyway, if everyone is here - apart from Henry - I'd like to welcome you to the Glen canyon National Recreation Area Summer Camp." At this, there was an uproar of cheering and applause. "Some of you have been here before," he continued then, "and some of you haven't. So for the benefit of those who haven't been here before, I want to point out some of the ground rules we have. Firstly, under no circumstances do you disobey a leader or anyone of authority; this camp is operated by your schools and whatever rules you have there, they are the same here. Secondly, if we tell you to jump in an ice-cold lake in the middle of nowhere with rocks tied to your feet, you do it." Some of the parents that were still hanging around laughed and the kids just looked shocked.

Tommy's jokes were always that lame but he was still an okay guy. After his speech, we ate. There was meatloaf and potatoes and lots of horrible healthy food, and absolutely tons of Kool-Aid in hundreds of different flavors. When we had finished eating, it was time for a quick swim and further introductions. Some of the leaders were new and this was the time that they walked around trying to get to know the kids.

Gary hadn't changed out of his swimming shorts all day so he headed straight down to the lake while the rest of us went back to our tent to change. Once there, Henry asked Dexter, "How good are you at swimming?"

"Not bad," Dexter said. "Why?"

"I bet you can't beat Gary across the lake and back!" Henry said, smiling.

"That baby? Bet I can!" Dexter said.

"But-" I protested, about to say that Gary was a water baby and absolutely no one could beat him at swimming, but Henry gave me a stare that said Shut up, we can make some money outta this guy!

"I'll bet you ten dollars you can't!" The bet was on. We quickly got changed - Henry into tight Speedos and Dexter into baggy shorts with a draw-cord at the waist, with me pulling on my on Blue shorts. I made sure I brought the baggiest short I owned because I was positive I would get a hard-on at some point during my time here!

We made it down to the lake before most of the boys had. Gary was dripping wet again and sitting on the bank as if waiting for us. When we got there, he stood up and waved. Henry then told him about the bet and Gary was happy to play along. So he and Dexter stood side by side on the bank and waited for Henry to shout go. Henry smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Go!" he shouted and the two of them were in the water as quick as a flash. Gary pretended to be slow at first, lagging behind as Dexter made it to the middle of the lake. Then as it looked like Dex would win it to the end, Gary put on his turbo-booster and rocketed off, catching up with the Texan in no time, overtaking and reaching the far side in an instant. Then he kicked round and headed back towards us even before Dexter reached the end. It was laughable. I think Gary had a smirk on his face as he swam but I wasn't sure.

Henry was in stitches when Dexter made it back to us. "Got you!" he said. "Come on, cough up; where's the $10?"

"That's not fair!" Dexter said, slumping his dripping body out of the lake.

When Henry had stopped laughing, he said, "Okay, never mind. Forget about the bet. But it was funny, you have to admit that." Dexter looked sullenly from Henry to Gary to me, and then we were all laughing so hard it hurt.

As soon as the stars were beginning to come out to play, several small campfires were built and we gathered round the one with Paul at it as he told a story.

"This is a true story," he said - it was something he always began his stories with. "Margaret and Sean were a couple aged about sixteen or seventeen. They were so much in love and Margaret's parents didn't like Sean." This was beginning to sound a bit like my mom's novel! "They lived in Pocatello in Idaho and one day they decided to elope to New Mexico to get married and live happily ever after. But," - he stressed the but for emphasis - "things didn't go according to plan. They started hitch-hiking down through Utah to cross into Arizona and then into New Mexico and they got about half way through Utah, down to about Richfield, when suddenly Sean fell ill. It was some strange fever that they had never come across before. They stayed in a home with a family - the dad had picked them up on the road - and they were there for about a week before moving on. The symptoms were a big red rash on Sean's skin and dizziness, followed by violent vomiting and delusions. Sean spoke of seeing angels and everyone thought he was dying. But he began to recover after the mother of the family cared for him and gave him some peculiar medicine that she made herself, and then they moved on, further south."

By this time, some of the smaller kids were getting a little scared and two of them even got up and left the fireside. Paul continued. "Now, when they reached Boulder, Sean was beginning to feel ill again, but they pressed on because their love was so strong that he wasn't going to give up that easily. So Margaret helped him walk some times and when he slept she stayed awake to watch over him, dabbing his forehead with a damp cloth to keep him cool and praying to God that he would survive. But the further they traveled it seemed like he was just getting worse and worse and it wouldn't be very long before he would die. So they stopped in the forests just north of Rainbow Bridge, about twenty miles from here, and he said to Margaret, 'Margaret, my love, it is obvious that I do not have long. You know I love you so much and when I am dead I will never leave your side. I will be here always waiting for you to come to me.' And then he coughed and spluttered blood onto his shirt and they both knew that he was on Death's Bed. Margaret said to him, 'Sean, you are my one true love. Believe me when I say that it will be only seven nights before we are together again and we will be able to run free without fear of my parents tainting our love.' When she had finished speaking, she was unsure of where those words had come from and what they meant exactly. She kissed him on the mouth and laid him down on the undergrowth, crossing his arms over his chest, and she sat beside him, cradling his head in her lap until he died."

"Wow!" one boy said. "He died right beside her?"

Paul nodded, still wrapped up in the story. "Yes, he died right there with his head resting against her. And when he was dead, she did not move from beside him. She simply sat there and cried, with her back leaning up against a tree, and her tears dripping onto Sean's shirt. And she didn't stray from that spot for seven days and seven nights, crying non-stop and saying his name over and over again. Until on the seventh day, when the stars came out overhead and a chill wind kicked up around her, they say something came out of the woods toward her. She wasn't afraid because she knew what it was. She knew it was Sean come to take her. So she stood up and embraced the silhouette and neither of them have been seen alive to this day. But," he added ominously, "if you listen carefully at night, you can almost hear her voice whispering Sean's name over and over again, and they say a few people have even seen their ghosts wandering free among the forests that border Glen Canyon. Some people have even said that they have found the place where they both died, and there is a tree there, a huge pine tree that stands on its own in the middle of a clearing, that has Margaret's tears weeping out of it every night - the tree that she rested against for seven days."

He stopped there, watching the scared faces of the younger boys and the dubious faces of us older boys. "Listen," he said. "Listen just before you go to sleep and see if you can hear her, see if you can hear her whisper the name 'Sean Sullivan... Sean Sullivan... Sean Sullivan...' Listen very carefully."

There was silence. No one spoiled it by shouting "Arrrgggg!" or going "Boo!" Everyone was enraptured. Was it a true story? No one could tell.

"Okay, boys," Tommy's voice then interrupted the din, "time for bed."

I climbed onto the bunk and slid under the comforter. From the corner of my eye, I watched Henry undress. He drew his T-shirt over his head and his boyhood muscles tensed into luscious moulds of tanned flesh as his arms stretched upwards. Then he turned away from me and undid his pants, slipping them down his lithe legs. He was wearing plain white briefs that followed his pants down an inch or two and I could see the slight crack of his cheeks over the lip of them just before he adjusted them. I had to stifle a moan. Then he too got into bed, my eyes following him until his sexy body was covered. I touched my stiffening cock. I wanted to jerk off.

"Was that really a true story?" Dexter asked Paul from his bed as Paul undid his shoelaces.

"Of course not!" Henry said. "He just made it up!"

Paul shrugged. "No one knows if it's true or not." His statement added to the mystery. "No one has disproven it, and people do claim they have heard her. Who knows? You fancy a trip down to Rainbow Bridge to find out? If we leave now we can be there by midnight, the witching hour."

Dexter said, "No way am I going down there!" and Henry said nothing, simply turning onto his side, facing away from us. I wondered if he did believe it.

When everyone was in bed, I just couldn't sleep. Maybe it was because of the tale of Sean and Margaret, maybe it was the meatloaf I had earlier. I wasn't sure. But whatever it was, it was keeping me awake. I looked at the glow-in-the-dark dial on my watch and saw that it was 2:16am. Outside, an owl hooted at the night and there was a flutter of wind pushing past the tent. My heart was beginning to race and I could almost hear Sean Sullivan being carried on the wind. It was just my imagination, I tried to convince myself, but somehow I wasn't sure. My mind went reeling out of control and soon I was sure that Margaret was standing right beside me, breathing on my face, whispering that name, that horrible name, into my ear. She was talking to me, she was nudging me, she was here, she was right beside me. I almost screamed when I turned my head to see if she was there or not.

"Shhh," whispered Gary. "Don't wake the others."

I could have killed him. He nearly gave me a heart attack. "Gary, what...?" I started and he stopped me with a hand over my mouth.

"Don't tell anyone, but Paul's story kinda got me scared. Can I bunk with you tonight? I promise I'll be out before anyone else is awake. No one'll ever know. I promise. Please?"

How could I resist that face? He was so close to me that I could have kissed his lips without even leaning up far. I could see his chest heaving heavily as if he was either cold or really scared. "Sure," I said, an erection already beginning down below. I drew back the comforter and he climbed in, wearing only his briefs. As we lay there together, I could almost feel the warmth glowing off his body even though I wasn't touching him. My erection stiffened to the hardest I had ever had and it was with all my willpower that I resisted touching him... for a while.

In a sleepily kind of way, I flopped my arm over his chest once I was certain that he was asleep and left it there as if I had done it in my own sleep. He didn't move. Safe, I thought. Then, ever so slowly, I began to move my hand down his silky-soft chest, fingers brushing lightly over his tiny nipples and down to his belly button. I circled my index finger around the cute little button and I could feel my hard-on getting even stiffer. Then, so cautious that I was barely touching him, my fingers brushed the waistband of his briefs. I closed my eyes and gulped. What if he woke with me leering over him like this? I would loose a close friend and my secret would probably be out in no time at all.

I fought the urge to pull away and I moved my hand further down. Oh my God! He had a stiff prick. My fingers touched it gently and I could feel it pulsate under the touch. It was like electricity jolting between my hand and Gary's little member, back and forth, back and forth...

I looked at his face and noticed a gentle smile tugging at the corners of his lips. I was sure he was still asleep. Maybe he thought I was some girl he may have fancied that was touching him in a dream. And then suddenly his legs spread slightly further apart. My fingers touched his cloth-covered balls and I imagined having him naked with my tongue liking over that cute little pubeless ballsack. With my other hand, I began tugging on myself through my boxers. Having one hand on Gary's privates where he'd been likely touched by no one before except himself, and my mind going over scenarios that involved lots of nakedness and close contact, it wasn't long before I came, shooting wads of hot cum into my boxers and drenching the front of them. I had to stop myself from moaning his name out loud. I looked at his angelic face and smiled, saying to myself, I want you so bad, Gary. I want you so bad.


When I awoke the next morning, my cum having hardened and gone crusty on my boxers, Gary was not in my bed. Had I dreamt it all? No, I couldn't have, it was all too real. My next thought was what if he knew what I had done and he had gone to tell someone? I would be ruined.

I quickly hopped out of bed, an erection still present in my boxers from whatever dreams had followed my waking hours, and pulled my pants and a shirt on. Then I went out of the tent to look for Gary and maybe apologize to him or threaten to hurt him if he tells anyone, but I didn't have a clue of where to look for him. Tommy, the leader, would probably be down at the lake having a pre-breakfast swim, so I decided to go there.

It was only a couple of minutes' walk to get to the lake, but it felt like absolutely ages by the time I got there. I was slightly out of breath from having jogged down, and when I reached the thicket close to the lake I saw something that horrified me. Gary was sitting on the bank of the lake next to Tommy and they were talking. Oh no! I thought. My life would surely be over now. My heart thumped in my chest and my whole body tingled as the blood boiled. Tommy would have me fried for sure. I may as well go back to the marquee and have my last meal - Lucky Charms and toast - before I'm hung, drawn and quartered.

And then suddenly I had been spotted. Gray glanced me from the corner of his eye and he turned to me, waving. I thought I noticed a smile on his face. I had to brave them. I stepped out from the thicket and started toward them. I would pretend I was having a walk, just to get to known my surroundings again, and deny everything Gary said. Then Tommy turned to me too and waved.

When I had approached them, Tommy said, "Hey, dude! Whatcha doing outta bed so early?" He seemed cheerful enough.

"I... I was just taking a walk, that's all. Getting reacquainted with the place. Good swim?" They were both dripping wet and Gary's body was looking super fine today.

"Not bad. Gary was just telling me what you did yesterday." My heart was in my throat and I looked at Gary with a shocked expression on my face. "Don't worry. I think it was funny. But I hope you guys didn't take the $10 off of Dexter. You have to go easy on the new kids, Dill. It was funny this time, but if I hear of you doing something like that again I'll not be so understand, ok?"

Relief. He was talking about the trick we played on Dexter. "Oh, um, ok. No more picking on the new kids. Promise," I said.

"Ok. Good. Now, if you boys will excuse me, I have some kids to wake up!" With that, he left us alone.

I didn't know what to say to Gary then, whether I should mention last night or not. But I didn't have to say anything. He broke the silence. "Thanks for not saying anything about last night," he said. "I'd never live it down." I could have said the same thing to him.

"No worries," I said. "Anytime." Then I watched him jump back into the lake and swim close to the edge. He smiled up at me and I could have melted into him right there and then.

"You're not coming in?" he asked.

"Nah, I didn't bring my shorts down."

"So?" he questioned and then he grabbed my leg and hauled me into the water. I splashed about a bit until I got my footing, then I flashed water in his face. "Hey!" he cried. "No fair!"

"No fair?" I said. "Look at me! I'm all wet and I'm wearing my clothes!" Then we both laughed.

He swam back toward me and suddenly he was inches from me. "I know what you did last night," he said. "But it's okay. I'll not tell anyone." He grinned. "Maybe I'll be too scared to sleep alone again tonight." With that, he swam back out into the middle of the lake and left me to wonder what he meant exactly.

The next time I saw Gary was at breakfast. He came and sat next to me and just having him so close turned me on. I couldn't stand up or everyone would see my hard-on. He ate breakfast and didn't say a word about what had happened the night before. I was almost scared. I wanted him to come to me again tonight and I knew that if he did everything would be all right. But if he didn't, I'd probably have lost him as a friend.

I decided to avoid him as much as humanly possible that day. But what with the exercises and projects we had to work on, it was kind of difficult. But everything seemed to be fine so far, so I was glad. Until...

"Hey queer!" Someone was shouting from behind me as I was walking back towards my tent to change my clothes. My eyes widened and I dared not turn around. "Hey! You! Faggot!" They were making me angry. I clenched my fists involuntarily and turned to face them.

Then I turned back again. They weren't shouting it at me, they were shouting at some kid I didn't know. So I walked on to the tent. Inside I found Paul searching through his things. "Hi Paul," I said lightly, hoping still that Gary hadn't told anyone.

"Hey kid!" he said. "Listen, you haven't seen my green hard-backed notebook, have you?"

I turned from him and started to undress, slowly, hoping he'd leave before I had to take my pants off. "Notebook?" I questioned. "Nope. Lost it?" I had my shirt off. I sat on the edge of Gary's bed to pull my sneakers off.

"Can't find it. It's important, so if you see it, can you let me know?" I said I would and then he left the tent. Thankfully! I finished undressing and pulled on and old pair of jeans and a baggy shirt, then went back to the central marquee where Tommy was organizing a hike through the nearby forest. Gary was there, but he was talking to some other kids, so I managed to keep away from him for a while. My mom was there too, and she called me over to her which helped me stay away from Gary longer.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked. "I hope you're not getting into any mischief."

"Mischief? Me? Never!" I said. She laughed and gave me a look that said she didn't believe me.

The hike through the forest was boring. "This is an oak tree... This is a pine tree... Oh look! Did you see the squirrel?" And then someone shouted, "Arg! It's Margaret's ghost! Help!"

"Very funny," said Tommy. "And this, this is the tallest oak tree in this forest. They say the Indians used to worship this tree. It's stood here for more than a century, you know."

I yawned and suddenly Gary was beside me. "Tired?" he asked.

"Um," I stalled. What could I say to him? If I said I was tired, he'd probably think I was hinting at getting him back into bed! "Kind of," I said. "More bored, really."

He tugged on my shirt. "Come on," he said.

"Where-" I began but he quieted me by shhh-ing. Then he disappeared behind the huge oak tree. When I joined him, he said in a whisper, "They'll never notice we're gone. I know of this great place to hide not far from here." With that, he dashed off into the forest as silent as a mouse.

I followed as quietly as I could, but no matter where I placed my feet they seemed to crunch over twigs and leaves and foliage. Finally, I caught up with him as he stopped by a small babbling stream in a clearing. "You think this is where Margaret and Sean died?" he asked.

"Doubt it," I said. "Paul said it was about twenty miles away." And then I was lost for anything to say.

Suddenly I noticed him touch his crotch. He may have been only eleven, but he sure knew how to turn me on. "You want to touch me again?" he asked, undoing his zipper and slipping his hand inside. "It was really nice. I enjoyed it. You want to?"

I gulped, an instant hard-on appearing in my jeans. Should I or should I not? I asked myself. Here he was, ready and willing, and all I could do was wonder if I should! I took a small step closer to him. "What if someone comes?" I asked.

"No one'll come," he said. "No one knows about this place except me, and now you. I used to come here all the time last year." He stepped up to me then and took my hand, pressing it against his crotch. "Oh yeah, that's nice," he whispered, as if in ecstasy. I was hooked. I couldn't have stopped right then if I wanted to. The feel of him was so wonderful. We knelt down then and I pushed my hand in between the opening of his pants. I could feel his hot, throbbing cock behind his briefs. I looked at his face and his eyes were half closed, his mouth lolling open a bit. I wanted to kiss him but dared not in case that was not part of this "game". I licked my lips and touched myself with my other hand.

Seconds later, we were both undone and had each other's prick in our hands. I saw for the first time what I had wanted for ages. His cock was uncut and about four inches long - long enough to swallow the lot, I thought! His balls were, as I had suspected, pubeless, and looked so sweet. I wanted to taste them, wanted to taste every part of him. My own cock was just over five inches and cut and I had a soft down of brown pubic hair surrounding my parts. I was in heaven with his hand around my stiff cock. It felt so good. All inhibition had left me and I wanted to get naked with him.

Gary looked at me and said, "Suck me." It's strange how those two words could provoke such a reaction on me. My cock swelled and my balls tightened up in my sac. He lay back on the ground and pushed his pants and briefs further down his legs until they reached his ankles. We didn't take them off just in case we heard someone coming, so we could get ourselves organized in time. Then I slowly went down on him, pushing his shirt up his smooth torso to his chest and sticking my tongue into his belly button. He giggled and the innocence of it made me rock hard. I dragged my tongue down his silky-soft skin to his crotch and tickled his balls with it. He giggled again and squirmed under me. "Mmmm," he breathed. "That's so nice. Oh yeahhhh."

I couldn't believe an eleven-year-old could be so damn sexy and horny, and I was enjoying every minute of it. I enjoyed it more when I finally sucked his cock into my hungry mouth, his sweet boyishness filling my mouth eagerly. I worked on my own stiff prick as I sucked him and teased his cock head with my tongue. Then I slid one hand up his soft inner thigh to caress his balls and I prodded a finger between his butt cheeks to tickle his tight little asshole. I was in so much pleasure and he was too, for I heard the gentle moans and murmurs issuing from his throat as he whispered how good I was at it. He started to buck his hips then, his cock forcing further into my mouth, my wet lips engulfing him whole and then almost coming off of him and then going down on his sweet boy-meat again.

With my finger, I prodded harder at his virgin hole and I was almost getting into him. It was tight and dry but I finally managed to get in up to the first knuckle and I felt the walls of his ass clamp around my finger which turned me on so much I almost came right then! He bucked his cock into my mouth even harder and his breathing got heavier as I squirmed my finger around inside him. Suddenly he let out a belching scream and he grabbed my head and held it down onto his member as it swelled in my hot and hungry mouth. I could taste tiny droplets of boy-cum in my mouth, but I reckoned he wasn't old enough to cum properly. I would look forward to finding out when he was old enough!

And then, in the heat of the moment, I pumped hard on my cock and squirted out my cum onto the ground, almost hitting my jeans. He smiled at me then and said, "Thanks. That was... that was amazing."

I agreed with him and he said he hoped it would happen again. Then, as if nothing had happened at all, he pulled his pants back up, dusted himself down, and said, "Come on, they'll miss us if we're gone too long."

The End... So Far...

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