Under The Stars: 2
By Dillon Wallis

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The night went painfully slow. I was hoping for a bit more "action" from Gary that night in bed, but Dexter and Henry were up half the night telling each other lame jokes and talking about Dallas and all the sights there - it appeared they actually had something in common after all. They found out over dinner when Dex said he'd been to Dallas quite a few times. Henry had been just a few months ago to visit some friends of the family or something.

When they had finally allowed their mouths a rest, and it seemed as though they were actually going to let up for the night and sleep, I was too damn tired to try anything and it appeared that Gary had drifted off to sleep quite some time ago. Paul, on the other hand was still fretting over his notebook.

"I just can't understand where it's gone. It's either been beamed up by aliens for some anal probing or someone has taken it," he said softly, almost as if to himself.

I leaned over the edge of my bed to look down at him. "Your notebook? The alien theory is probably more likely!" I joked.

He flicked his eyes towards me without moving in his bed. "I thought you guys had all gone to sleep - at last!"

"Nah," I said. "I think they have - Dexter's snoring - but I'm just a bit restless, that's all." I settled back on my bed but the air of conversation was not over, I could feel it.

"You think it was taken?" Paul asked. I could hear him twist uncomfortably on his bed.

"Don't know," I admitted. "What was it anyway?"

"You'll think I'm stupid if I tell you," he said. I told him I wouldn't and he said, "I'm writing a novel - about camp. Only not just like the ordinary stuff that happens. It's a horror story. But not gore. It's going to be psychological. Kind of Stephen King meets Franz Kafka, you know? It's about this group of boys who think they can sneak onto a neighboring girl's camp. They manage to get some beer passed the leaders and they get drunk and then swim across the lake to the other camp - only none of them make it. And all these weird things start to happen around the camps, like people would go missing for days and then turn up again with no recollection of where they'd been or what they'd done. And there'd be screams in the night but they don't belong to any of the leaders or the kids. And-" He paused, then said, "You think it's dumb."

"No I don't," I told him. "It's good. I bet publishers will jump at the chance of publishing it." I looked down at him again, knowing that if my mom had ever lost her manuscript she would go completely mad! "I'll look out for it. Is it your only copy?"

He nodded. "It's all handwritten. I'm saving up for one of those really expensive computers, the ones with all the attachments, and then I'm going to type it up and make it look presentable. Anyway, enough talk. We should probably get some sleep if we want to be awake in time for breakfast!"

So I turned back round in my bed and tried to sleep. I seemed to be lying there forever, half-awake, half-asleep, and the last thing I remember before I slipped off to na-na-land was hearing Paul toss and turn restlessly in his bed.

Dawn, and a new day swamped the area in all its hopes and wishes. Gary was the first up and he woke me early. I was breathing normally in my sleep and all of a sudden I woke with a little difficulty in breathing. There was something on my face covering my mouth and nose and one of my eyes. I looked up and saw Gary's smiling face beside me, and then I pulled whatever it was on my face off and looked at it. It was Gary's briefs - the same ones he had worn yesterday. His smile broadened.

"They're not clean," he said. I scrunched them up in my hand and took a whole-hearted sniff of them, smelling his boyishness, his salty sweetness. Then I felt his hand reach under my blanket and grip my morning hard-on through my boxer shorts, sending maddening shivers careering up and down my body. He leaned in and kissed my cheek, gave my stiff cock another little squeeze, and pulled away just as Henry stirred awake and sat up. Quickly, I tucked Gary's underwear - my prize - under my blanket, almost reluctant to let them go, and I climbed out of bed for breakfast.

Before breakfast I had a cold shower and was glad of it. The shower block had been erected not far from my tent so I didn't have far to travel with a stiff dick hidden behind my towel and the showers were almost empty while I was there. I contemplated jacking off when I saw from the corner of my eye a ten-year-old's smooth and round ass as he lathered it up with soap, but I managed to concentrate and keep my state of arousal to a minimum. For a minute though, I thought I could have both Gary ana this nice looking kid together, watching as Gary eases his way inside that tight little soapy puckering ass. My cock stood to attention and I had to think about something else so I could finish showering.

At breakfast, Gary came and sat next to me. He was wearing a pair of tight blue shorts and a tee-shirt with a South Park print on it. Once, he "accidentally" dropped his knife and he stood and picked it up. As he leaned over, I could see his ass practically bulging out of the shorts he probably should have stopped wearing two years ago! I wanted that ass so badly! GOD!

And then, when breakfast was over and we were sitting there waiting for the camp leader to tell us the day's events, I could do nothing but stare at Gary. He stared back and smiled at me and I knew things were taking a turn for the better. Our "games" had really only just begun.

"…gorge trip," I heard Tommy, the leader, finish. Gary and I both looked toward him as one. I hated gorging. Tommy said then that it was in the Escalante River and the "expedition" would take at least half the day, maybe all day!

Gary and I looked at each other, grimacing. Gary said, "Watch this," and he stood up as everyone else was getting up to get ready for the trip to the Escalante. I watched him, walking slowly along behind him as he seemed to be heading right for Tommy. Suddenly he fell and let out a cry. "Ow!" I rushed to his side and helped him up, thinking he was seriously hurt. He just winked at me before Tommy came rushing over to us.

"Okay, what's going on here, boys?" he said sternly. He must have thought someone had deliberately knocked Gary over or something.

Gary limped around a bit, hanging on to my arm as if he could barely walk. "Sorry, Tommy," he said. "I tripped. I think I sprained it." He reached down toward his ankle, to illustrate that this is what he sprained.

"Here, sit down. Let me see it," Tommy said. I knew at that point that Gary was making it up. But why? He sat on a chair, some of the boys gathering around to see what was going on. Gary's face was squinted up like he was in pain. Tommy pulled back his sock and pressed gently on his ankle. "Is that so-" he began.

"Ow!" Gary said again. He nodded. "Hurts."

"You think you'll be okay for the gorging?" Tommy asked. Gary shrugged, tried to put some weight on the foot and squelched up in pain again. Then he shook his head, negative. Tommy patted a hand on his shoulder. "Okay," he said. "It doesn't seem to be swelling but it might in a few minutes or so. You want to come along anyway and watch everyone else get wet?" Gary shook his head again. "Well, it's either that or you stay in the infirmary till we get back. You're choice."

Of course! I knew what he was planning! "Um," I said, clearing my throat. "I can stay behind and keep him company if he wants. I don't mind…"

Tommy looked at me, quizzically, and I almost thought the game was up. "The gorging is kind of compulsory, Dill," he said.

"Yeah, but -" I said.

"Okay. You can stay," he whispered to me. "But don't tell anyone I said so or everyone'll want to stay too." I nodded. "Right," he continued louder. "Help him back to his tent, Dill, and then get your things together. We'll be leaving in twenty minutes. Okay boys, off you go!" The area cleared almost instantly.

"Are they gone?" Gary whispered from his bed. I looked out the door and saw the three mini-buses pulling away from the camp. I nodded. "Excellent!" he exclaimed and hopped out of bed. "We'll have to be careful," he said. "We don't want any of the remaining leaders or the infirmary people seeing I was faking it." I nodded again, amazed at his "miraculous recovery".

"Don't forget Tommy said someone from the infirmary will be coming round a few times during the day to see how you are."

"They won't do that!" he said. "They're lazy! They'll probably come round in about three or four hours and then about twenty minutes before the others are due back." He smiled. "So, what do you want to do all day?"

I grinned back at him, my penis getting hard at the thought of our day alone together. This would be so excellent.

Gary obviously knew what I was thinking, because he moved toward me and put his hand on my growing bulge. "I thought you'd want something like that!" he said. I closed my eyes, his touch sending shivers running up and down my entire body. Suddenly he dropped to his knees and undid my jeans, fumbling around inside for his prize like in a Cracker Jack box. I breathed heavily, allowing him access to me. It felt divine. I needed my cock out and in his mouth.

Finally he grabbed it and pulled it out, admiring my size. I was only five-and-a-bit inches but it was bigger than his. He smiled up at me. "You sucked me yesterday. Now I have to repay the favor." And with that, he opened his sweet little pink-lipped mouth and engulfed my cock. I gave a quick intake of air as I went into him, his mouth so warm around my stiff member, and then his tongue was lapping at my purple cockhead. I gripped his head as he bobbed back and forth over me, going all the way down as far as he could and then back up again in slow strokes. I was in Heaven. I wished he would not stop all day, I wished he would make me cum and cum and cum until I was sick with cumming.

He tugged on my jeans and boxers and pulled them down my legs, and then he reached up and tickled my balls. I stood there, with my legs spread, eager for his touch, eager for a climax, but wanted to hold it back as long as I could. But then he drew back from me, my cock slipping out of his mouth, sparkling with saliva, his lips moist and puckered, and his snub little boyish nose looking like it needed to be kissed. He stood and took my hand and we walked to Paul's bed where I lay down ready for him. He yanked his clothes off revealing his preteen erection and I took hold of it as he knelt down again beside me and slotted me back into his mouth like a video into a VCR. Working on his cock like that and having him suck on me, made me so close to cumming so many times. But every time I was getting close and murmuring loudly at him, he slowed down and eased the sucking motions of his mouth, letting me fall away from the edge until I was far enough away for him to start again.

After about ten minutes of this, he crawled up onto the bed and we formed a 69er position, sort of like "§" on its side! I began to suck on him then and he continued sucking on me. We continued like that for what seemed like ages, both slowing down and almost stopping when we felt we were getting near that edge again, and then picking up the pace again after a minute or so. I reached round to his smooth little ass and felt his hotness under my touch, a tiny lather of boyish sweat lining his butt cheeks. Then I stopped sucking on him and said, "Get on your hands and knees. I want to try something." Without questioning why, he did as I asked him. I knelt behind him then and lowered my face to his ass, pumping on my cock so hard it almost hurt. He raised his ass a bit to me, and I licked one of his cheeks, tasting his sweat on my tongue. I could sense him shiver and I grinned as he started to work on his own dick. I could see his tiny balls between his legs slapping back and forth as he pumped on his prick. I bent my head and jutted my tongue out, moving in and lapping at the back of his balls. He wriggled his butt at me and I could tell he liked it. His puckering, virgin rosebud hole was millimeters from my face. I sniffed at his sweet boyishness. He was like a Christmas present just waiting to be broken into!

I pushed my face forward and buried it between his buttocks, sniffing. I stuck my tongue out again and licked his tight little hole. At that, I exploded cum from my cock. I pushed my face deeper into him and drenched Paul's bed in my juices.

Gary quickly turned onto his back and lay there with his legs eagle-spread before me, his hand working ferociously up and down his stiff little cock. I squirted the last of my cum out onto his balls and I bent down and lapped at them, slurping up every drop of cum that landed on him. Then I took his cock deep into my mouth, still squeezing on my own dick, and I sucked as hard as I could until he was screaming out my name in ecstasy. His hands grasped my head and forced me to move quicker over him, to suck harder. I did, and an instant later he forced my head down on him as he bucked his hips upward into me, his swollen cock pressing against my tonsils and almost making me gag. "Unhph… uhhh…. Di- Dill- UGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" His dry climax made my cock jerk alive momentarily and a tiny splurge of cum seeped out of me onto my hand.

I let his now-softening cock slip out of my mouth with a final slurp sound and he smiled down at me, apparently too weak to speak. I raised my hand for him to see the sliver of cum on me and he reached for it, raised it to his face and plopped my thumb into his mouth, sucking up all the cum that was there.

I flopped down on top of him then, our cocks pressed between us, and we lay there, spent, for almost twenty minutes, barely saying a word, barely breathing. At that moment, I wouldn't have cared if my own mom had walked through the door and found us lying together like that. I would have smiled, said "Hi!" and closed my eyes again. The feeling of having Gary so close to me, our bare skin touching and our hearts thudding against each other, was just so right, so perfect.

Finally, Gary turned his head to face me and said softly, "Have you ever done… this kinda thing before?" I could hear some apprehension in his voice.

"Me?" I questioned. "No. But I've wanted to do this with you for ages." I smiled at him. He smiled back.

"Me too," he said. I asked him if he'd ever done anything like this before and he paused for a moment, then looked at me again and said, "Yes. With my little brother."

"Neil?" I questioned. Neil had just turned eight a few months ago, Gary told me. They hadn't done it a lot and now that Gary had me, he said he wouldn't do it again. And then he began to tell me a story of what happened between them just days before Gary came to camp…


"Stop it Neil, you're bugging me!" Gary said. Gary was stood in the kitchen watching his toast go slowly brown. He was hungry and thought a snack before dinner wouldn't harm his appetite. Neil, as annoying as usual, was prancing about the kitchen in his underwear, having just gotten out of the bath, pretending to be a fighter plane. He bore down on Gary with his guns blazing and Gary brushed him away. "Get outta here before I kick your ass!" Gary said.

Neil turned and pulled down the back of his tight sky-blue briefs and flashed his cute little preteen ass at his older brother. He gave it a little slap and said, "Kick it! Kick it!"

"Right! That's it!" Gary said. He put down the knife he was going to butter his toast with and chased after his smaller eight-year-old brother who pranced out of the kitchen. Gary followed him up the stairs to the first floor of the house and almost caught up with him on the stairs if he hadn't have lost his footing momentarily and slipped down two stairs. He fumbled the rest of his way to the top and just as Neil ran into the bathroom and was trying to close the door, Gary managed to get his foot in the way to stop him from locking it. He pushed against the door. The struggle was a little hard - Neil may have been three years his junior but his boyish muscles were pretty well defined, what with Little League and from when he used to accompany his mom when she went jogging in the mornings.

But finally Gary managed to force the door open enough to slip through and then the door slammed shut behind him with the weight of Neil leaning against it. Gary reached up and slipped the bolt across to lock it. "You can't escape now!" he said. Neil giggled. "Come here!" Gary said and he grabbed him by his bare arm and he sat down on the toilet and pulled Neil down over his lap. He yanked his younger brother's briefs down to his knees and said, "Take this!" then he brought his hand down on that cute little ass of his, spanking him. He wasn't hitting hard; it was really just a game and they both knew it.

After three or four slow and deliberate slaps, making his brother's butt cheeks turn slightly red where his hand struck him, Gary could feel his cock pulsate in his pants, and he knew Neil could probably feel it pressing against his naked stomach. And with every other slap he issued, his cock just got harder and harder until it was almost unbearable. He needed to jerk off. Or better yet, he needed Neil's mouth around his engorged prick.

He stopped spanking his little brother after about nine or ten easy slaps. He unconsciously let his hand rest on Neil's reddening cheeks as he said, "Had enough punishment, yet?" Then he looked down at his little brother's cute pre-teen, pre-fuzz ass and his cock gave another giant leap in his pants against Neil's stomach.

Neil giggled. "No!" he exclaimed and he reached round to his own ass and began to spank himself. "Spank me, spank me! Oh baby!" he laughed.

Gary got angry at that. He thought Neil was making fun of him for having a hard on. He pushed his little brother off of his lap then and Neil fell to the floor onto his back. The sight Gary saw then was almost enough to make him climax there and then. Neil had a hard on! His little eight-year-old brother had been turned on by having Gary mock-spank his ass. Gary stood up and his own cock was pressing out against his pants, forming a nice little tent in front of himself. He noticed Neil staring at it, almost hungrily, and then Gary smiled at his little brother.

At that, Neil reached down to his own little swollen penis - about 3.5" long in total erect length, perfectly pubeless and uncut, just like Gary's (except Gary's was a little longer) - and cupped his balls in his hand. He smiled back up at Gary and Gary knelt in front of Neil and undid his pants to push them down. He reached out then with one hand and massaged Neil's cock and balls gently, feeling the warmth of them under his hand. He got his own pants and briefs down then and gripped his own penis in his other hand, then he started to move his hand slowly up and down over his little boymeat.

Neil spread his legs wide for Gary to see his ass under his balls and Gary saw the cute little pink puckered hole that looked so tight and yet so inviting. The feel of Neil's cock and balls rubbing against his palm was wonderful and he just couldn't resist anymore. He wanted to suck Neil. Even the thought of it made him harder than he could possibly be.

He got down onto his side then and rested his head against Neil's inner thigh. Then he teased the younger boy's tiny cock-head with the tip of his tongue, making Neil giggle and squirm about. With a finger of one hand he probed gently at Neil's tight hole and as he engulfed the younger boy's cock in his mouth he also pushed deep inside his ass with his finger. Neil took a deep breath. Unconsciously, he began to buck his hips back and forth, his little cock moving in and out of Gary's mouth and Gary's finger pushing in and pulling out of his tight hole.

After a moment, when Gary thought Neil was close to climaxing, he withdrew his finger from his tight little ass, and stopped sucking on his cock. He looked down at Neil's spread legs and said, "Suck on my cock, and then I want to put it inside you when it's all wet."

"You want to what?" Neil questioned, obviously repulsed by the suggestion.

"You heard," said Gary. "Trust me, it'll be good. It's what everyone does. Honest." Gary thought he must have sounded convincing because Neil pondered it for a minute and then knelt in front of Gary and opened his mouth for the erect cock. Gary slowly pushed it into Neil's hungry mouth. Neil's pink lips closed around it and Gary sighed, contentedly. "Don't use your teeth," Gary had to tell him little brother. "And swish your tongue around a bit. That makes it really good." Neil did as he was told. Gary looked down at his brother's face and saw that the little boy's eyes were closed and he looked as though he was enjoying it. Finally, after a few minutes, Gary said, "That's enough now. Turn around for me and stay on your hands and knees." Cool air hit Gary's member as it slipped, saliva-covered, out of Neil's mouth. Then the younger boy turned around and Gary approached from behind.

"Will it hurt?" Neil asked.

"A little bit at first. But then you'll love it," said Gary. He positioned his little prick up against Neil's tight puckering rose-bud hole and slowly began to ease his way inside. At first Neil squirmed and asked Gary to take it out again, but Gary just paused until Neil was used to the feel of a cock in his ass. Then he pushed a bit further, paused again, and pushed some more, until finally all of his little cock was inside his little brother. He paused again for a little while and then he started to pull back and push forward again, slowly to begin with, then building up speed and rhythm and momentum until little beads of sweat formed on his forehead and chest. He could feel Neil's little boyish ass clamp around his rod, and he pushed harder and harder, his hands roaming over Neil's back and round to his chest and stomach.

Neil, enjoying this event now, pushed his ass back towards Gary in a bid to get him in deeper, and Gary pushed forward as hard as he could go. And then his balls tingled and drew up tighter to his stomach and he thrust himself inside his little brother one last time and climaxed, dry.

He screamed and Neil screamed and then the both collapsed on the floor, exhausted. Neither of them would forget that day, the day they both lost their virginity.

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