The 4400/Smallville Crossover

By Lilliluthor

Pairing: Clark Kent/Shawn Farrell

Feeback: lilliluthor

The 4400 and its characters are copyrighted by American Zoetrope. Smallville is copyrighted by DC Comics and Tollin/Robbins Productions. No copyright infringement is intended.

Shawn Farrell stood on the solitary dirty road of the Kansas town deemed Meteor Capital of the World. With nothing but a backpack, less than $100.00 in his pocket and the clothes on his back, he held out his thumb trying to hitch a ride with whoever would stop for him. He wasn’t foolish enough to believe that the powers that be wouldn’t catch up with him sooner or later, but for all intents and purposes he was free to go wherever and getting as far away from Seattle as he could was all he longed to do. He ran his hand through his light brown hair and turned to face the red pick up truck lumbering down the road.

Clark had been driving aimlessly for the last hour pondering his shattered relationship with his once best friend and former lover. Deep down he knew he was to blame. His constant lies to the only man who if he’d given him half a chance would have accepted him for he was, had driven a wedge between he and Lex. Now with Lex’s father in jail for murder and Lex salvaging what was left of the empire Lionel had so carefully constructed for him, Lex had no time or use for Clark and his lies.

There was a time when Clark had been willing to tell Lex everything. He had risked it all to rescue his love from Belle Reve. But that failed attempt had somehow changed Clark. The level of depravity and the lengths that Lionel would go to protect himself had quite frankly scared Clark. His instinct for self-preservation caused him to alienate his only true friend and first love. Clark feared even now that to come clean with Lex would only fuel the fires of hatred that his self- proclaimed best friend felt toward him.

Clark was so lost in thought he barely noticed the young man standing along the side of the road. Although picking up hitchhikers was potentially dangerous, for Clark with his superhuman strength and strange abilities, it wasn’t a problem. Clark stopped a few feet from where he passed the young man. Looking through his rearview mirror, he waited for the hitcher to jog up to the passenger side and hop in.

“How far you going?” Clark asked.

“Just looking for a cheap place to stay. You know of anyplace?”

“I might,” Clark smiled and head back towards home.

Shawn glanced over at the brunette as they drove. The first thing he noticed was how stunningly beautiful he was.

“I’m Shawn,” he said, offering Clark a half smile.

“Clark…Clark Kent.”

“So where are we going?”

“To my home. My mom’s a great cook and the room is free.” Clark smiled again and Shawn felt something stir within.

“I don’t want to put you out. Are you sure your mom won’t mind?”

“Don’t worry about it. Besides if you’re not in a hurry, maybe you can help out on our farm.”

“So do you usually ride up and down the highway looking for free labor?”

Clark let out a hearty laugh. “No, I swear. Just stay the night, you’ll be free to leave anytime.”

Shawn smiled again getting lost in the emerald green eyes that occasionally glanced over at him.

“So where are you headed?” Clark asked.

“Nowhere in particular. Just trying to find myself I guess.”

Clark glanced over at the young man. He sensed Shawn was hiding something. Clark understood all to well what that was like. Shawn seemed lonely like himself. Turning into the road that led to the Kent farm, Clark wondered if that was what made him stop for Shawn. Something about his face reminded him of himself. Eyes that seemed to be carrying the weight of the world glanced over at him.

“We’re here,” Clark tried to sound cheerful.

Shawn looked out the windshield at the modest yellow farmhouse. Maybe, he thought, he had found what he was looking for.