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"A Backwards Relationship"

Justin Bieber/Josh Hutcherson & Ross Lynch/Riker Lynch


One Shot




There's always something big going on in Hollywood. Either there was a new movie coming out, new shows, coming or a new commercial. The only way to survive in the celebrity city is to have an agent and be talented. You could be talented in many area; weather it was singing, dancing, or both you could live your life in Hollywood if you could perform.

Seventeen year old Ross Lynch was talented. He was a walking showcase. He has the slickest dance moves, and his voice is amazing. Everyone wanted to be Ross or have a piece of him. The only one that could actually have him was his boyfriend and close friend Justin Bieber. Ross questioned himself and his sexuality deeply before taking the leap into Justin's life, but he didn't regret it and he was glad it happened.

Justin awoke with a sour sweat on his brow. He didn't understand what was happening or why he was suddenly hot. He hadn't fallen asleep hot. As a matter of fact, he had fallen asleep cold, freezing cold for that matter. Bieber quickly turned his head and was shocked when he didn't see Ross, the usual source of the heat. Justin then lay upon his pillow, and before long almost ripped the blankets from his body. In more than one was he was naked.

There was not on ounce of clothing on the boy's body. The boy's sandy brown hair was strewn about his head and the beginning of his treasure trail was easily visible. The outline of each and every one of his abs was clearly visible and his pink and pert nipples were softly bouncing off his body. Justin was beginning to worry about the problem at hand.

Across the town of Hollywood, new comer actor and singer Ross Lynch was sound asleep. The golden locks of the boy could be seen from a mile away as his head slid slightly from the tops of his covers. There was a faint sound of breathing in the room and just a beautiful sight to see. Twenty one year old Riker Lynch loved his younger brother. He would do anything to comfort and protect his younger sibling, so it was when he and Ross first fooled around that he found that true feeling of what it was to be in love.

Riker awoke from his bed. He never slept late, being used to getting up early to prepare for his scenes of the dramatic show, Glee, but recently they had finished the season. Riker always awoke with his morning wood. The older man would fall asleep thinking about his younger brother and would awake wanting to take his younger brother to a place of no return. Riker stood from his bed, in his nude state and began to wonder down the hall.

Riker loved the fact that he could be caught at any moment by his family. It wasn't his brothers that he worried so much about. After all, they had found pretty quickly about he and Ross; it was his sister Rydell that he worried about. She could walk out of her room at any moment and he would have to explain what was going on.

Riker ran to the small, solid wood frame of his younger brother. He listened softly as his brother was still asleep. He slowly twisted the know open and stepped into the room. He smiled as he saw his younger brother in the state of slumber. There was a small on Ross's face and Riker couldn't stand to see it; he wasn't causing the smile.

Justin threw back the sheets of his bed. He stood and made his way into his bathroom. While making his descent to the bathroom, he couldn't help but notice his seven inches of fury swing between his legs. Justin loved his cock and he wanted to save it all for Ross. Justin wanted to Ross's first.

Justin smiled as he thought about the first time he used his piece. He though back onto the set of Kickin It when he first met Leo Howard. Leo had been dying to see the cock and before long the long and hard cock was inside his mouth and soon in Leo's arse. Justin loved using his cock to pleasure other people, but the problem was finding people to pleasure him.

Most of the time Justin would have to jerk himself until his avalanche of cum overtook his body. Justin wanted and tried hard to save it all for Ross, but when Josh Hutcherson came screaming through his door, he knew he wouldn't be able to resist.

Josh ran into the room. He too, was naked in hopes of having a little fun with his closest friend before Ross. Justin smiled as Josh ran to him and began to rub into the abs aboard Justin's chest. Justin moaned softly as Josh's soft touch caressed his body. Justin was already hard, and he was quickly getting hard, if it were possible.

In Ross's bedroom, Riker was quickly making his way underneath the sheets of his younger brother. Riker had only one intention on his mind. He was going to surprise his brother with a wake up blowjob. Riker loved Ross's cock. He loved the way it filled his mouth and the way it tasted. He enjoyed the taste of the stud cum that leaked from Ross's cock.

As Riker lifted the sheets he slowly let his hand glide over to Ross's crotch. Ross was still softly asleep and didn't move. Riker smiled and began to push down on Ross's crotch and the penis below slowly began to harden. From four inches to six and a quarter inches, the cock was at full mast in less than ten minutes.

Riker loved seeing the cock hard inside the confines of the boy's boxer briefs. Riker's head was next to follow his hand. He quickly moved his face and head underneath the sheets and began to kiss and lick over the cloth covered cock of his younger brother. Ross let out a loud sigh, but remained asleep. Riker began to jerk the cock and soon, was ready to release the six and a quarter inch monster from its confines. Riker let his lips run across the head of the cock and Ross was instantly awakened from his slumber.

"What the!" screamed Ross.

Ross pulled back the sheets and saw his older brother between his legs. Riker smiled and before Ross could say anything Riker took the cock into his mouth. Ross moaned out softly and allowed his brother to service his cock.

Josh is now on his knees in front of Justin as he's taking the seven inches deep within his body. Josh pulled off the cock and began to lick the underside, following the largest vein he could fine. Justin was deep in pleasure. He pulled Josh's tongue from his cock and placed his cock back into the older man's mouth and began to force his cock into the warm heat.

All that could be heard from the room was gagging and slobbering. Josh was aroused and he wanted to let his lover know. As Josh took more and more of the cock into his mouth, he quickly began to wank his seven incher. Josh using his hand let it slide up and down his uncut cock, watching the foreskin close and open around his cock. Justin loved the way the skin pulled off the head and soon began to get a feel of it.

The nineteen year old pulled Josh off of his cock and reversed the positions. He pulled Josh up and laid the boy across his bed. Josh moaned as Justin took hold of his cock. Justin didn't hesitate to take the head into his mouth, tasting the precum oozing from the cock.

Justin licked the head and tried to let his tongue sink as far as it could into the piss slit of the older man. Justin pulled off the head and began to lick around the foreskin. Justin had a strange craving for the skin and he wanted every inch of it. Josh moaned out loud as Justin let his saliva soak Josh's foreskin. Justin released the skin and took the entire seven inches into his mouth and began to bob between Josh's legs. Justin took the cock as deep as he could, gagging a little as the tip of the cock hit the back of his throat.

Josh could do nothing but out loudly. He was in pleasure and there was nothing that could bring him down from the high he was experiencing. Justin pulled the seven inch cock from his mouth and began to lick the dick from tip to base. As Justin made his way to the base of the cock, he took in a deep whiff of the stench of his lover. Justin loved the fact that Josh always smelled of strawberry jam. Justin kissed the cock head before pulling off.

Riker let the entire length of Ross's cock into his mouth as he bobbed between his brother's legs. Riker wanted to taste the blonde pubs of his brother and that was what he was going to do. Riker sucked the cock softly before pulling off and pecking his brother on the lips. Riker soon, pulled back the sheets as well the comforter and exposed his brother's stud body. Riker soon made his way to Ross's toes and taking each toe into his mouth and sucked hard. Ross was surprised as well as turned on.

Ross didn't know what to do. Riker or anyone else for that matter had never tried anything so sexual and erotic. Riker pulled from the last toe with a loud pop and began to lick and bite his way up Ross's inner thigh. Ross was aching from his horniness and he had to release as soon as possible. Ross pulled his older brother from his body and laid the boy across the bed. The younger of the two began to gingerly kiss his brother ,and before long the boy was sitting atop his brother's face.

Riker soon noticed that Ross's arse was atop his face. Riker let his tongue slip into the crack and Ross quickly began moaning. This wasn't his original plans, but it felt so good he didn't know how to stop it. Ross let his hips sink farther onto Riker's lips as the man's tongue probed his arse hole. Ross could do nothing but moan. Riker was hard as steel now and he need a release just as much as Ross did. He loved being dominated, but he knew as long as Ross was in charge he wouldn't release.

Riker grabbed his younger brother and slammed the boy onto the bed. Ross moaned as their cock touched. Riker pulled his right from around his cock and demanded Ross to take one of the digits into his mouth. Ross didn't hesitate to lick and suck the finger. Riker pulled the digit from his brother's mouth and quickly made work of inserting the finger into Ross's arse.

Both boys slowly began to sit up. Justin had his hand wrapped around Josh cock and Josh had his wrapped around Justin's. Justin loved playing with the foreskin and loved seeing his lover experience climax. Justin jerked hard and began to grip the cock a little harder. Josh had his wrapped around Justin's cock going at a steadily rate and went crazy as Justin began to let his cum release from his cock head. Josh looked at his lover's face couldn't help but release. The look on Justin's face as he released was enough for Josh to let loose a load of five shots of hot and sticky cum.

Riker pulled the finger from Ross's arse and quickly replaced it with his eight inch cock. Ross wasn't new to having cocks up his arse. Ross could remember his first time with co-star Callum Worthy and how the thick seven inches slid in and out of his arse. Riker let his cock slide into Ross's arse before pulling out and quickly going back in.

Riker wanted the sensation to last longer. Ross began to force his arse back, and Riker didn't have a choice but to speed his pace up. Riker could hear the slaps of his thighs against Ross's arse. Ross was deep in pleasure. The seventeen year old wrapped his hand around his cock and began to jerk furiously. Riker smiled and quickly found Ross's prostate and began to strike Ross's sweet spot with powerful thrusts.

Ross began to moan loudly as his cum left his body. The constricting and clenching of Ross's arse became too much for Riker. He forced his cock into the hole one last time and released, letting loose a load of four ropes of cum. Riker pulled his cock from Ross's arse and allowed the boy to lick the cum from his cock head. Riker moaned as Ross licked the drops of the cum from his dick.


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