A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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Peter and Bobby shared the same room since their older brother moved to the attic.

Peter, who is 15, was a good looking kid. 5'10" and 165# of hot boy. He had the cutest brown curly hair and sweet blue eyes that would make anyone melt. His body was not totally defined, but he has a hard flat stomach and hot nips. He enjoyed the way his body looked and he really enjoyed the fact that he had a very nice dick, 5" soft and cut and 7.5" hard. Tufts of brown hair surrounding it and a ball sac that was low hanging and balls the size of walnuts. He was constantly horny, but the one person he wanted the most was his brother Bobby. Ever since they had the room to themselves, he was looking at his little brother.

Bobby was a 12 year old hot kid. Brown hair and curly like Peter's and the same blue eyes. Peter always loved looking at him as he dressed and undressed. Bobby had the hottest body he ever had seen, a 5'2" frame and 120# of cute boy body and just the right amount of baby fat and the cutest ass. Peter thought of that ass all the time and wanted it. The one thing that amazed Peter the most was the size of Bobby's dick. 4" soft and Peter wanted to taste it so much. All that was going to change very soon.

One day after school, Peter had gotten home. "Anyone home?" Peter called out. There was no answer. He noticed the board with a message. "Peter and Bobby, We are out until 7pm with the girls. Alice is over at Sam's. There is dinner in the oven for the both of you. Do your homework and behave. Love Mom and Dad." Peter was smiling because he could fool around until Bobby gets home and he can thought of Bobby's ass all of a sudden. His dick got hard and he was going upstairs to beat off.

Peter climbed the stairs and was approaching his room when he heard some moaning coming from his room. He got scared and slowly opened the door. What he saw then was the most amazing site he saw. Bobby was jerking off with great vigor. Peter saw the nicest 6" dick on the boy of his dreams. What amazed Peter next was what Bobby was saying. "Oh Peter. Suck my dick please. Take it all the way down. I want you baby."

Peter smiled and started to take his clothes off. He removed his shirt and his nips were hard and pointed. He unbuckled his belt and the noise startled Bobby. Bobby's eyes were wide with fear, until he saw the smile on Peter's face and the hard on thru Peter's bell-bottoms. As Peter unbuttoned his pants and let his pants fall, Bobby saw the hard 7" thru the tight white FTL his brother was wearing. Peter dropped his briefs and Bobby started to lick his lips.

Peter looked at the site on the bed before him. A hot, hairless boy with a huge dick that was not to be believed. Peter climbed in bed with his little brother and held him close to his body. Bobby leaned forward and timidly kissed Peter's lips. Peter was surprised, but then kissed Bobby with a passion they didn't think they could have. Their tongues twisted in their mouths, fighting for dominance. Peter was caressing his little brother's chest and back, feeling every inch of the boy he had wanted for so long.

The boys felt their hard dicks rubbing between their bodies, oozing precum all over their dicks and stomachs. Bobby loved the feel of his big brother's dick against his and wanted to feel that wonderful dick in his mouth and ass. His dream was about to come true very soon.

Peter broke the kiss and looked at Bobby. "Bobby I thought you were in love with Millicent. You always talked on how great a kisser she was."

"She kissed me, and when she did the only person that popped in my mind was you." Bobby replied.

"How did you know about me you little shit?" Peter asked.

"Well you keep on looking at me, especially my hot ass and my dick. But one day I came home after school and you were jerking off and calling my name." Bobby said with a smile. "When I saw the note about everyone being gone until 7, I knew you would be home and we can start a new life as brothers."

"I want to fuck you Bobby and make love to you. I want you and me to be a couple" Peter said smiling.

Peter started to kiss and lick Bobby's neck. Bobby let out a moan that could be heard through the house. Bobby could just squirm under his brother's larger and heavier body. He felt tingling through his body as Peter continued to work on his body. Peter moved down and licked the chest of his hot little brother. He began working on the nips of the little god in front of him, sucking and licking and biting them lightly. Bobby just let out a scream of pleasure. Peter knew he had him just where he wanted him. Peter just kept licking and kissing all over Bobby's cute little body, his stomach and navel. He licked down the right thigh, working it all over, moving to the calf and down to the right foot.

Bobby was trembling all over, never knowing what kind of pleasure that could be had at the hands of his brother. Peter licked the instep of his brother, the sole of the right foot and each of his toes. Peter then worked his way back up doing Bobby's left foot and leg.

Bobby just kept squirming and moaning all the way up until Peter got to his pride. Peter then started tongue fucking his piss slit, tasting his brother's precum and loving the nectar from his brother's dick.

"Aw fuck that feels so good!" was all the Bobby could muster.

Rolling his tongue all over Bobby's head made Peter want more of this dick. Peter loved the taste Bobby's hot dick. He started to suck that wonderful piece of boy dick deep in his mouth and loved every inch of it.

"Oh Peter, suck me baby. I love it so much." Bobby screamed.

Peter turned on the dick he wanted for a long time and his hard 7" was over Bobby's mouth. Bobby started to tongue the head and tasted the wonderful precum from his brother. He took the dick and took as much as he could and was amazed that he could actually swallow 5" of it. The brothers were in a deep 69 that they dreamed about so much. Peter got brave and started to lick down to the wonderful nut sac and kissed, licked and sucked the wonderful balls of his stud brother. Bobby could just moan at the feeling of his balls being played with by his brother. They continued sucking each others bodies and knew what each wanted.

Peter moved down and spread the hot boy canal he admired for the longest time. He saw the pink pucker, with the smell of hot love waiting for them. He apprehensively stuck his tongue in the hole of his lover and brother. He tasted sweetness and soap, as if Bobby was ready for him and what was to come. He licked all in the hole, shoving his tongue deep in his brother's hole. Bobby started to moan on Peter's dick and that drove Peter crazy. He licked the hole harder and deeper, getting his brother wet for his hot dick. Peter then inserted a finger deep in his brother's ass, feeling it tighten around his digit. He wiggled it around the hot ass and feeling Bobby suck harder on his dick. Peter moved another finger and then a 3rd until Bobby begged for him to fuck him.

"How do you want me to fuck you?" Peter asked.

Bobby laid on his back and pulled back his legs. Peter put those legs over his shoulders and teased his brother's hole with his dick. Bobby just told him to fuck his ass hard and long. Peter then inserted the head with little trouble.

"Oh shit!" Bobby cried out. "That hurt. Let me get used to you." Peter just stayed there until Bobby start to move on his dick. Peter slowly inserted the dick, letting Bobby get used to it. Once he felt Bobby's ass against his bush and abs, he slowly started to fuck the hot ass he was in and they started to blend in one making love, kissing passionately, feeling Bobby's dick rubbing between them.

"Oh Bobby you are so hot and tight. You are one great love that I want to have forever." Peter exclaimed in passion.

"Peter, please fuck me. Love me long. Be my love, please" Bobby pleaded.

They continued to make love for almost and hour, Bobby feeling the power of Peter in him and Peter feeling the tightness of Bobby's ass around his dick. They sweated and felt each other and knowing they loved each other more than brotherly love. Peter felt the passion surging through his body and ready to cum in his brother's ass.

"I'm so close Bobby. I'm ready to cum." Peter yelled.

"So am I Peter. I want to feel your cum. Breed my ass. Make me yours." Bobby moaned.

They continued to fuck and kiss. Peter finally rammed his dick deep in his brother's ass and they hit Bobby's button.


Bobby could feel 8 hard shots of cum move into his ass, coating his ass walls. This sent him over the edge.

"FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK" Bobby yelled out. He shot 6 large amounts between his body and Peter's, coating them and making them one. After each had finished, Bobby could still feel Peter's softening dick still in his ass. They kissed long and hard, feeling Bobby's cum rubbing between them.

Each looking deep in each other's eyes and not a word passed. They knew they loved each other and were ready to make it wonder forever.

They didn't hear the door open and their brother, Greg, standing there. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" Greg screamed.

To be continued if you wish it. Please email me with your comments.