A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

Arthur and Peter went to the door.

"If you can, come over tomorrow." Peter said.

"Sure." Arthur responded. "If I'm not grounded."

"We can have some fun with my brothers." Peter said with a sly grin.

Arthur saw this and smiled back, with a nod.

Chapter 12: Double Attack

The next day Peter and Arthur met at lunch and planned their surprise on the Bradys. The main objective was for Peter to get Greg and Bobby set up, then introduce Arthur into the mix. They decided to meet after school and beat everyone to the house.

As they arrived they went to Greg's room and Arthur hid in the bathroom. Bobby arrived first and went to his room. Peter went down and called him to Greg's room.

"Bobby, come up to Greg's room." Peter yelled.

Bobby bound up the stairs and Peter grabbed him and gave him a long passionate kiss. The two brothers stripped very quickly and fell in the bed, entwined in each other's arms. Arthur saw this, stripped down, and slowly stroked his own 7.5" uncut dick.

The two Brady boys got in a 69 position, getting their hot cocks wet. Peter then delved into Bobby's hole with his tongue. Bobby moaned loudly and wanted Peter's rod deep in his boypussy. He climbed on his older brother and sank onto the pole. He felt the hard meat engulf his body, wanting more. Peter waved Arthur over when he saw Bobby absorbed in the pleasure of the fullness. Arthur hovered his own dick over Peter's mouth and set himself to take Bobby's 6" solid rod. Arthur descended and took the sweet pre-teen cock in his mouth, while Peter was treated with his look-alike's shaft. As Arthur's mouth touched his dick, Bobby's eyes opened wide and looked.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed in shock.

Bobby saw Arthur's head bobbing up and down, then saw Peter's mouth full of dick. The younger Brady shook his head in disbelief, not knowing what to do. He then saw both heads looking at him smiling, like the Pushmepullyou from Dr. Doolittle.

"Bobby, this is Arthur." Peter said. "We met in school. Now double the fun."

The look-alikes went back to orally manipulating the cocks they were working on and all three were in the throes of passion. As Bobby worked Peter's rod against his prostate and the oral caresses by Arthur, he knew that he would not last much longer. His hairless balls pulled up tight against his body. Bobby felt the cum flow up and his body stiffened. A guttural sound emitted as the first volley of boy juice flew from the dick in Arthur's mouth. Arthur felt the sweet fluid fill his mouth and he continued to swallow all that Bobby had to offer. Peter felt the muscles contract around his pole, which sent him over the edge, filling his brother with love. Peter then constricted his pressure on Arthur's love stick, which released a flood of cum into Peter's mouth. After several minutes all three collapsed into each others arms.

"Man, that was awesome." Bobby said, kissing Arthur.

"So you like him better than your own brother?" Peter said with a smirk.

Bobby realized that he was tongue wrestling with Arthur and was totally amazed at the similarities. All he thought was this would be so fun to trick Greg.

"So how are we going to get Greg?" the youngest Brady asked.

"Well we will get to start laying his pipe." Peter said. "You will get him to fuck you and have him sucking me. As we get him occupied, Arthur will begin to fuck him."

All three began to laugh as they heard Greg come up the stairs. Arthur headed to the bathroom again, while Peter and Bobby began kissing on Greg's bed. Greg got to the top of the stairs in the attic room and found his two brothers kissing and fondling each other. Though Greg wanted to get mad, he could not because he loved the sight of his nubile brothers. He stripped down and his own massive rod sprang to life. Arthur saw the hot dick and knew he wanted that behemoth up his hole, though he never had been fucked.

"Now, what have we got here?" Greg demanded, feigning anger.

The two younger Brady boys separated and smiled at their older brother. Bobby got on his hands and knew as he wiggled his smooth ass at his oldest brother. Greg dove in and began tongue fucking his brother's hole to no end, tasting the sweet cum that was still there from Peter. Bobby whimpered at the wonderful feelings he was getting. He knew that he was about to get the ride of his life. Greg took his 11" cock and pushed it deep into Bobby. Even though his hole was full of cum and spit, the large intruder still had to be taken slow. As Greg moved more into Bobby, Peter went around, spread Greg's cheeks, and dove in bathing the hole. As Peter got the hole ready, Arthur lubed his cock and approached from the rear. Peter finished getting his brother ready, who was pleasuring Bobby slowly. As Peter got around and straddled Bobby's body, Greg got a puzzled look on his face.

"Well, aren't you gonna finish what you started?" he asked.

Peter gave him a grin as Arthur took his own cock and pushed it into Greg's ass. As Greg opened his mouth to speak, Peter shoved his own 7.5" deep into the oldest Brady's mouth. Peter held Greg's head, shoving his rod in and out of the mouth, while Arthur was providing the same treatment to Greg's ass. Arthur's force pushed Greg deeper into Bobby, who was pouring precum onto Greg's bed. All four wee moving almost as a well pistoned engine. The churning bodies were pouring sweat that it seemed they were drenched by a hose. Bobby was the first to shoot, sending his first shot past his head onto the headboard. As he continued and with his ass clamped around Greg's 11", this sent Greg to release his load deep into Bobby's bowels. Once Greg erupted, the pressure his ass and mouth created forced the look-alikes to shoot their load to fill Greg's body. As they finished, all four collapsed on each other. He was amazed at the resemblance. The only way they could tell which was Arthur was the skin covering the head of his cock.

"Greg, this is Arthur." Peter said.

The boys laid on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. As all four began to recover, Arthur knew he had to have Greg's dick up his chute. Peter and Arthur attacked Bobby and Greg's cocks respectively. Arthur had some trouble swallowing Greg, but plodded on until he was able to take 7" of the thick meat in his throat. Meanwhile, Bobby and Greg tongued the holes that they were going to slip their dicks into. After several minutes, Peter and Arthur turned themselves around and placed Bobby and Greg's rods at their particular boypussies. Peter eased with no trouble onto Bobby, but Arthur took Greg's dick much more slowly, since he had never been deflowered. The first few attempts to get Greg into him failed due to the pain. Peter reached over and fingered Arthur's hole, rubbing Greg's dick at the hole at the same time. After 15 minutes, Greg's dick popped into Arthur, which shot pain into the one-time virgin teen. No one moved for quite a while until Arthur became accustomed to the massive intruder. As he became adjusted, the pain subsided a bit and he lowered himself more, stopping to adjust to the bulk. Arthur began to move up and down on Greg, pushing more of the older Brady into him. After several moves, Arthur had all of Greg in him, that gave him a full feeling and wanted more. The look-alikes moved up and down in unison, bringing their lovers to the brink. Peter then moved for Arthur to stop, which his twin did. Peter leaned in and whispered to Arthur. He smiled and nodded. They resumed the motion to bring the oldest and youngest Brady boy to climax.


After numerous minutes, the two that were on their back exploded several shots of cum into Arthur and Peter. With several streams of jizz, both Greg and Bobby were exhausted, but the twins had other plans.

They began moving the muscles in their asses, coaxing the spent rods back to life. As both Greg and Bobby's cocks rose, they knew what was in store. Arthur and Peter began riding the dicks slowly, pulling up and tightening their asses. Both prone boys were moaning with this treatment, as they knew they were in for a long session. As Bobby and Greg came close in shooting their loads, Arthur - taking his lead from Peter - sat down and they remained still for a few minutes. As Bobby and Greg's passions ebbed, the twins began again. They brought the two prone boys to the brink again, only to stop to let them ease back. The look-alikes continued this for over an hour until Bobby and Greg were whimpering and begging to shoot.

"Please let us shoot." Greg begged. "I gotta cum. My balls are hurting."

"Please Peter." Bobby was crying. "I can't stand it any longer."

With that, both Arthur and Peter tightened their ass muscles, causing Greg and Bobby to flood their bodies with jizz.


Their eyes were clenched shut as they released their loads, trying to force their dicks and balls up the holes. Peter and Arthur reached for each other's cocks and shot simultaneously on Bobby and Greg. They covered the prone teens faces, necks, torsos, and pelvic regions in white juice. Cum flew everywhere and finally all four were exhausted and lying in a heap. Peter and Arthur were licking the cream off Bobby and Greg, while feeding it to them also. As they were in the heat of post-copulative bliss, Mike came into the room and he had a confused look in his face.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed.

"Dad, this is Arthur." Peter said.

Mike could not believe that he was looking at a twin of his son. He also saw and smelled the sex in the room and his mammoth rod snaked down his pant leg. The boys saw this and sprang into action. They grabbed the patriarch of the family and threw him on the bed. They took off his clothes and Mike felt he had an octopus attacking him. As the vestige of underwear came off, his 12" monster slapped on his abdomen. The four boys just smiled at the vulnerability of the man on the bed.

"We should let Arthur have first go." Peter said. "After all, he's the guest."

Arthur dove onto the 12" mammoth and took as much of it into his mouth. He could feel that muscle pulse and wanted to taste the man cream. Mike's cock filled the gullet of the boy. He was amazed that the boy make his cock hum with excitement. Then with a suddenness, Arthur removed his mouth and allowed his cum-coated ass to cloak the huge dick. Mike groaned as he felt the velvety ass close around his rod. The teen rode the foot-long rocket as the three Brady boys moved their teen dripping cocks to Mike's face. He instinctively opened his mouth and sucked each teen pole alternatively. Mike loved feeling his boys' cocks in his mouth and wanted to drink all of the protein his boys will produce. As the feeling on his dick mounted to release, Mike's intensity on his sons' cocks increased tremendously. As if almost planned, after almost 90 minutes of wonderful sex, all five men erupted. Mike's 12" member shot hard into Arthur's ass. The force hit the teen's prostate hard enough for Peter's twin to erupt without his rod not even being touched.. His load hit the Brady boys on their backs. The trio were so hot they erupted all over their father's face, neck, and chest. After an infinite amount of time, all five collapsed in a heap. The four teens cleaned the man's body, enjoying the mixed juices, while Mike ate his load out of Arthur. The non-Brady got p and dressed out of Arthur.

"Arthur, you are welcome here anytime." Mike said.

"Thanks Mr. Brady." the teen responded.

He left, leaving the Brady men on the bed, smelling like intense sex...TBC

NOTE: As we get close to the end of the Brady series, there will be more intense sex and fun with the Bradys. If you have any suggestions on the next few chapters, please let me know what you think. Please send any comments, good or bad to WritHot@aol.com. I am sorry that this did take so long to get to you, but with the accident in May it had been quite a time trying to type with a broken finger, but I plod along. And finally...