A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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Just a word of warning, from this point on the story is going to take a trip to the Twilight Zone in terms of strange events. I hope that you will like this addition to the story.

As we saw in the last chapter:

Arthur dove onto the 12" mammoth and took as much of it into his mouth. He could feel that muscle pulse and wanted to taste the man cream. Mike's cock filled the gullet of the boy. He was amazed that the boy make his cock hum with excitement. Then with a suddenness, Arthur removed his mouth and allowed his cum-coated ass to cloak the huge dick. Mike groaned as he felt the velvety ass close around his rod. The teen rode the foot-long rocket as the three Brady boys moved their teen dripping cocks to Mike's face. He instinctively opened his mouth and sucked each teen pole alternatively. Mike loved feeling his boys' cocks in his mouth and wanted to drink all of the protein his boys will produce. As the feeling on his dick mounted to release, Mike's intensity on his sons' cocks increased tremendously. As if almost planned, after almost 90 minutes of wonderful sex, all five men erupted. Mike's 12" member shot hard into Arthur's ass. The force hit the teen's prostate hard enough for Peter's twin to erupt without his rod not even being touched.. His load hit the Brady boys on their backs. The trio were so hot they erupted all over their father's face, neck, and chest. After an infinite amount of time, all five collapsed in a heap. The four teens cleaned the man's body, enjoying the mixed juices, while Mike ate his load out of Arthur. The non-Brady got p and dressed out of Arthur.

"Arthur, you are welcome here anytime." Mike said.

"Thanks Mr. Brady." the teen responded.

He left, leaving the Brady men on the bed, smelling like intense sex...

Chapter 13: Good-bye Carol and Alice

Carol had noticed the lack of sex from Mike. She felt frustrated to the point of finding another man. Mike came home one day and found Carol on top of the neighbor, Nick Ditmeyer, as she slid up and down on his hard rod. Ironically Mike was not upset, but glad. But he had to play the outraged husband.

"What the fuck is going on?" he said with feigned anger.

Ditmeyer sat up, almost knocking Carol to the floor. Carol looked surprised, then an evil smile crossed her face. She continued to ride the cock deeply imbedded in her. Nick felt the warm pussy and loved the feeling until he shot a huge load deep into Carol. She got off Nick and just slapped Mike's face.

"Now I've found a man." she said with a sneer. "More than you'll ever be."

She proceeded to get a shower, while the two men looked at each other in silence. Finally Mike broke the silence.

"Well Nick, how's the wife?" he asked.

This drove fear in Nick's heart. If his wife found out, he would be divorced quickly. Carol then came out of the bathroom standing in all her glory.

"Well, I guess you want me to get out." she stated with contempt to Mike. "Don't worry, I will and you can have those three bitches I had. I need to be free and how I can. And Nick, you were a hot time, but now it's time to move on."

Carol grabbed some papers from a drawer and handed them to Mike. It was divorce papers which said she would give Mike an uncontested divorce and he would have sole custody of the children. While Mike read the papers, Carol dressed, packed her suitcases with what she could, then handed Mike a pen. Mike signed the papers and Carol took them.

"Well boys, it's been fun." she said. "But now it's for me."

"What will you do for money?" Mike asked.

"Hey moron." Carol replied. "I have the life insurance from my first husband. And let's face it Mikey, I have some of your money. Oh and remember this. Not all things are as they appear."

She grabbed her bags, then left. Mike and Nick heard her descend the stairs, then out the door. Mike turned to Nick, who thought Mike was going to kill him, until Mike grinned.

"Thank God!" he exclaimed. "That bitch is gone. I feel sorry for the girls, but she was not much of a mother."

Nick rose and dressed. He looked at Mike as the senior Brady was looking at his cock. Nick smiled and knew that Mike loved a hot cock. Nick was one who loved to feed cock to a hot mouth and sometimes liked to swallow a thick hard rod also. Nick's cock hardened, even though he had just emptied a load. It grew to a healthy 8" and about 3" around. Mike undid his shirt then dropped his pants to reveal his thick and hard 12". Nick's jaw dropped. The monster rod enticed him to suck the foot long rod. Nick worshipped huge cock and wanted what Mike's giant ball sac contain. Mike grabbed his head and rammed the entire length into Nick's throat. Nick could not breath and tried to pull off, but Mike held him in place.

"So you liked fucking my wife?" he said. "Now see what being fucked is like."

Mike forced the man's head on and off his rod, while copious loads of precum filled his mouth, which Nick tried to swallow. Mike kept the assault up until he heard a noise at the door. Peter and Bobby were standing there with their pants down and cocks out. Nick tried to get up, but Mike held him into place. The boys came in and stripped. Nick saw their hard cocks at his face.

"Dad, let's have some fun." Peter said.

"How?" Mike asked.

Peter whispered in his father's ear and Mike mouth grew into a huge smile. He nodded to his middle son and pulled his cock out of Nick's mouth.

Now you're going to learn never to fuck with a Brady." Mike said. "Or fuck one without paying the piper, or shall we say the Peter."

Mike pushed Nick on the bed and Peter worked his mouth on the 8" of his neighbor. Bobby got behind his brother and proceeded to eat the boypussy of Peter. Nick came close to releasing another load, but Peter prevented that by grasping the base of the rod. When Bobby got Peter nice and wet, the middle Brady boy got up and placed his hole over the burgeoning cock. He rubbed the head along his hole, which caused Nick to moan. Peter then plunged his entire body down and engulfed the 8". Nick threw his head back and moaned loudly. Peter slowly rode the rod pulling up to the point where the head of the dick barely stayed in the hole. Nick could not believe how tight and warm a boy's ass could be. Mike began to prep his youngest son for a loving fuck. Mike's tongue burrowed deep into Bobby's hole. The youngest Brady boy love to be tongue-fucked and his ass squirmed back to his father's mouth. After several minutes, Mike laid next to Nick and Bobby climbed on his father and he slowly lowered his body onto the mammoth rod. Nick was amazed that a boy that young could take such a cock. Bobby slowly fucked his dad's pole and took full measure to caress his prostate with it. Peter, on the other hand, had other plans for Ditmeyer. He sped up his fucking with caused Nick to achieve his climax quickly. He shot load after load into Peter's hole and set off Peter to release a huge load all over Nick's face and torso. Nick began to deflate in Peter's ass and was ready to get up, but Peter began to move his ass muscles, which inflated the neighbor's rod again. And again, Peter rode the cock. But, as he did in the past, Peter refused Nick to cum when he was ready. Ten times Peter did this maneuver, upon which Nick Ditmeyer begged for release of his cum.

"So are you ready Dad?" Peter asked Mike, who nodded. "You are gonna be a Brady sex slave. You will do as we say."

"Yes, anything." Nick begged. "Please let me release."

"Ask properly slave." Peter demanded.

"Please sir." Ditmeyer cried. "Please let me release my worthless cum into your magnificent hole. Please sir, I beg of you."

Peter moved the muscles in his ass and Nick Ditmeyer unloaded his white juice into Peter. To Nick, it seemed to go on forever as Peter's muscles milked his rod. Nick lurched, bent his back, tried to shove his dick deeper. At the same time, Mike released his load of teen jizz onto his father's chest and stomach. As each man finally released their man cock's from the teen cunt, Peter tested the neighbor's subservience.

"Eat the juices from this boy's ass." Peter ordered.

Nick Ditmeyer never ate an ass and was repulsed by this thought. Peter saw the reluctance and began to play with the man's cock again. Peter's ability to manipulate a cock was amazing and Ditmeyer realized that he better do what the boy said or he would be tortured again. Bobby hovered over the man's face and Nick began to tongue the boy's hole. He received the jizz from Mike's ball sac and drank it down like a man who was dying of thirst. Ditmeyer stuck his tongue and tasted the freshness of the boy. Peter noticed Greg and Oliver standing in the door. He winked and motioned them into the room. Peter stood at the side of the bed away from the door.

"Okay, now suck this cock." he ordered the neighbor. "Get on all fours."

Nick did as he was told and began to suck Peter's hard 7.5". Peter grabbed his hair and force his dick in and out. Greg and Oliver stripped and the hard 11" ran in and out of Oliver's mouth to get it moist. Greg's rod oozed precum into Oliver's mouth. As Oliver removed his mouth, Greg got behind the neighbor's hole. Bobby and Oliver spread the hair cheeks of the man working on Peter's rod. Greg lined his dick with virginal hole and rammed 6" into the man. Tears welled in the man's eyes and he tried to scream, but it was useless since his mouth already had a hard cock in it. Greg pulled back an inch then rammed the remainder of his large, hard pole into the man's now deflowered cunt. Greg proceeded to fuck the man with abandon, while Peter fucked his mouth with a vengeance. Oliver worked on Mike's rod and got the patriarch hard and wet. Mike worked on Bobby's rod and got him nice and hard to his full 6". Greg rammed his dick across Ditmeyer's prostate, which caused him to get hard. Greg was very close to exploding in the man's hole. Two quick and hard lunges and Greg flooded the hairy hole with his cum. After a few minutes, Greg pulled out, but was replaced by the small 4" of Oliver. The Brady cousin felt the juices of the oldest boy on his dick. He fucked with some abandon and to prevent the man from pushing Oliver off, Greg stood behind his cousin to prevent escape. Oliver could not last long as he felt the familiar tingle from his balls run through his body. Peter saw this and motioned for Bobby to get ready. Oliver's body stiffened, then spasmed. Bobby pulled out of Mike's mouth and was ready to fuck Ditmeyer's ass. As Oliver collapsed, Bobby took over. Ditmeyer realized he was the fuck toy of the Brady men and he began to like it. He realized that each Brady would fill his hole with cum. Bobby rammed his 6" into the mancunt and Ditmeyer pushed back. The moans emitting from Nick's mouth proved that the Bradys were lockmasters who could tame any man's hole. Bobby rammed his cock in and out of the horny man's ass as he slapped it red on every stroke. Bobby got close, then slammed hard into the open hole, and spewed his jizz into the cunt of the man. Peter removed his cock, which was replaced by Mike's mammoth rod. Peter eased his dick into Ditmeyer's manpussy and loved the feeling of cum from his brothers on his cock.

"Don't wipe off your cocks." he said to everyone.

"But it's drying on them." Greg said.

"Don't worry." Peter replied. "They will be cleaned."

As Peter fucked the neighbor's ass and Mike worked his rod in the man's mouth, Nick began to play with his own rod. Peter slapped his ass with severe force.

"Don't touch that dick slave." he ordered. "We will let you cum in due time. Understand?"

Nick could only nod his head. Peter and Mike continued to fuck the man's body from each end. The Bradys used the man and knew he would be back for more. Peter's release was eminent and she slammed his cock deep into the hairy hole, where he released a torrent of teen juice into the man's bowels. Mike removed his cock with a pop. As he moved behind Ditmeyer, the boys went to his head.

"Okay bitch." Peter demanded. "Clean them. And don't bring us off."

Ditmeyer cleaned each of the boys' cocks of his ass juices, shit, and dried cum. Mike rammed his foot long dick, which slammed against Nick's prostate. Each forward thrust seemed to push precum out of his 8". If he had a dick in his mouth, it forced that boy's dick deeper into his throat. After half-an-hour, each boy was clean and hard as rocks. Mike slammed into his neighbors as one final time and shot very copious loads into the man. The first shot hit the bull's-eye which caused Nick to release his load without touching his dick. The first shot hit his chin and the remainder unloaded fast all over the bed. Mike pulled out his rod and had Ditmeyer clean it, which the man did with great relish.

All the Brady men were hard and stroking their hard poles, when they heard moaning at the door. The three Brady girls were standing there and rubbing around and between their legs. The six men froze as they saw the three girls. Marcia smiled and nudged Jan, who then nudged Cindy.

"Well what do we have here?" the eldest girl asked with a huge grin. "All this fun and we're left out. And what would Mom think of your fucking her man-on-the-side?"

Mike was not believing what he was saw or heard. The girls entered the room and began to remove their dresses. Marcia's firm breasts revealed themselves to the men. Jan followed and surprised the people with the size of her breasts which were larger than Marcia's. Cindy revealed her developing perky breasts.

"So what would Mom say?" Marcia asked.

"Nothing." Mike replied. "She left all of us. I'm sorry she did that to you girls."

The three blondes looked at each other and then let out a shrill scream of joy. The word bitch was said more than once and they hugged their father.

"Dad, you don't know how glad we are." Jan said. "Now we can be ourselves."

The men gave each other quizzical looks and the girls let their dresses fall to the floor. The five men noticed bulges in their panties. The three girls dropped their panties to reveal three uncut cocks. All six guys' mouths dropped open in amazement.

"W-W-Wh-What the hell?" Peter cried out.

Jan explained that all three were born males, but Carol, in her warped senses, wanted girls so she fed them estrogen almost from birth. They did develop female attributes including rounded hips and breasts.

"Dad, are you mad with us for deceiving you?" Marcia asked.

"No I'm not." he replied, as he hugged his daughters. "It was your mother. All I have to ask is do you want to stay as you are, or return being boys?"

"We've been like this for so long." Jan said. "We want to remain as we are. But as long as we are with you."

"Well get over here." Peter said. "We're going to send this guy off Brady-style."

All the Bradys, including Oliver, began stroking their cocks. They all stood over Nick Ditmeyer, who was on his back and saw all these dicks aimed at him. From Cindy and Oliver's 4" to Mike's 12", the neighbor began to feel precum dip on his body. Cindy and Oliver were the first to reach climax as their bodies shook and they collapsed in each other's arms. Jan, Marsha, and Bobby came soon after and splashed their neighbor's legs, groin, and arms with cum. Peter and Greg were next with their teen jizz which hit his arms, stomach, chest, and some in the man's mouth. Finally Mike release a stream of cum which filled Nick's mouth. The man swallowed the load quickly. The drips from Mike's rod fell onto Nick's hair and eyes. Peter picked up the man's clothes and tossed them to him.

"Now go home." the teen said.

"I need a shower." Ditmeyer said.

"You go home as you are." Mike told him.

Ditmeyer dressed and left the house with cum all over his body. He tried to figure how to explain the events to his wife if she saw him. The Bradys then went to the family room, just as they were.

"Well now, we must decide how we are going to live." Mike said. "With Carol gone, what shall we do?"

"Well Dad." Peter said. "I think we should introduce our sisters to our lifestyle."

"Dad." Jan said, as she stood by Peter. "We knew what was going on and now we want to be part of the family."

It was decided that each girl would pair with one of the boys by age: Greg and Marcia, Peter and Jan, and Bobby and Cindy. Oliver wanted to sleep with Mike, so after a quick dinner which the kids pitched in to make, since it was Alice's day off, they all went to the bedrooms.

Mike and Oliver climbed into the cum-soaked bed. The preteen climbed on Mike's chest to feed him his cute 4" rod. Mike sucked the rod in deep and took his small ball sac at the same time. The boy writhed under the oral manipulation of the man. Mike ran his tongue from the ball sac to the tip of the little cocklet. Oliver leaned back and felt the monster pole that would invade his ass later. Mike released the boy tool from his mouth, then got on all fours.

"Okay Oliver." he said. "Have fun fucking your uncle."

Since Nick Ditmeyer was only the second ass he fucked and he loved the feeling on his dick, he decided to fuck his wonderful uncle. As he slid his 4" rod into Mike's hairy mancunt, the warmth and tightness felt wonderful around his cocklet. With youthful enthusiasm, Oliver fucked Mike with great lack of inhibition, many times his cock slipped from the warm moist hole.

"Easy son." Mike said. "We have all night."

Oliver slipped his rod back in and slowly fucked Mike. The feeling of hot muscle that massaged his rod Oliver speed up because the sensation of his dry cum started to overcome him. Mike pushed back as he loved the small cock in his ass. Oliver's body suddenly snapped to a rigid position. The heaves of his dry cum overpowered his body.


After a minute or so, his body collapsed on the bed, with his cocklet still semi-hard. Mike pulled the small blonde body onto his hairy chest. Oliver purred on the man's body and looked at his uncle with his sweaty, matted hair and a smile on his face.

"That was great Uncle Mike." he said.

"While your living with us Oliver." Mike said. "You're like a son, so you can call me Dad."

Oliver beamed with joy and kissed Mike passionately. As his tongue danced in the man's mouth, he utilized his small feet to work Mike's gargantuan piece of man meat. Mike loved the feeling on his cock and wanted to have this boy's tight boycunt. Oliver turned his body and began licking the precum off the tip of the dick. The boy took the head into his mouth. Mike worked his tongue into the sweet boypussy and made sure the kid was loosened to take his cock. As he ran his tongue in and around the hole, Mike inserted a finger to open the hole. He then stuck as second, then a third to make sure Oliver was opened even further. Oliver already had 4" of Mike's pole stuffed in his mouth, but wanted more. He did try to swallow the huge cock, but gagged when he was trying to get half in his throat. When Mike had Oliver's ass nice and moist, he pulled the boy off his dick. Oliver stood over Mike's body, each leg straddled him. Mike held the pole straight up and the blonde lowered his ass where the massive head touched his small pucker. With a deep breath, Oliver relaxed his hole and the huge rod slipped in 4" The pain wracked the small body and Oliver stiffened. After a few minutes, the pain subsided, so Oliver slowly inched down, and stopped when the pain became too intense. When he had 9" in his hole, Oliver began to rise on Mike's cock, twitched his ass muscles, then lowered himself. With each successive move, he got more of Mike into him until he had the entire length buried in his ass. The last 4" sprung to instant life. Oliver leaned forward and began to fuck is ass on Mike's pole, and allowed his magic button to be slammed. On three occasions Oliver had severe climaxes, each one more intense than the previous. As his dry orgasms hit, his ass would tighten on Mike's rod, and almost brought Mike to full culmination. After Oliver's fourth orgasm, the blonde boy collapsed from exhaustion. Mike turned so Oliver was on his back. The Brady patriarch lifted the boy's legs and fucked the well worn hole until his monstrous cock unloaded a flood of cum in the boycunt of his nephew.


12 huge blasts hit the boy's prostate over and over, which brought Oliver to his sixth climax.


Both were in shear exhaustion from the sexual bout. Oliver climbed on Mike and fell asleep on his chest. Mike wrapped his arms around the sleeping boy and fell asleep with a contented smile.

Bobby and Cindy went to the girls' room. Each undressed each other while kissing. Bobby felt the developing breasts against his bare chest. As each revealed their cocks, Bobby's 6" cock met with the 4" uncut rod and precum leaked on Cindy's dick.

"Bobby, I've wanted to do this for so long." she said.

"Cindy, have you girls ever do anything?" Bobby asked.

"Jan and Marcia always jerked each other or sucked each other." Cindy replied. "It was only recently they included me."

"You mean you three never had a dick in your hole?" Bobby queried.

"Marcia and I haven't." Cindy said. "But Jan said a boy placed his penis in her hole. She said it hurt at first, but it felt much better."

"Well you can bet that we'll do that." Bobby said.

They fell on the bed and began kissing again. Their preteen hands fondled their bodies with reckless abandon. The youngest Brady kids' cocks were rubbing against each other. Bobby began working down Cindy's body. He kissed her neck, then down to her hard nipples. He sucked on these for quite a while as these were the most sensitive part of her body. Every time Bobby sucked, licked, or gently bit them, Cindy would moan with great pleasure. Her hard 4" dick seemed to get harder. Bobby then worked down, licking all the way. He found the blonde tufts of pubic hair that was developing around Cindy's cock. Bobby swung around so his 6" was at Cindy's mouth. He dove and swallowed the 4" of his sister. Cindy swallowed as much as she could, but was not able to take it all. She licked and sucked his shaft while Bobby moved down to her balls. As he licked further down, he reached the velvety area which he was ready to have. He licked around the sweet, pink hole and this caused Cindy to jump. Bobby slowly inched his tongue deep into her hole and Cindy began to thrash under him.

"OH YES!!" she cried. "That feels so wonderful."

Bobby's tongue slipped in and out of the hole driving Cindy crazy. He then slipped his middle finger into her backdoor cunt.

"OW!" she cried out. "That hurts."

"Let it stay." Bobby said. "You will get used to it."

As a couple of minutes passed, Cindy felt some pleasure and Bobby slowly slid his finger in and out of her ass. He then inserted a second finger, which Cindy adjust to quickly. Bobby wiggled and fucked her hot hole with his finger, while Cindy got his pole very wet. Bobby removed his finger slowly and then he lifted her legs on his shoulders. He placed the top of his cock at her hole.

"Now relax." he said. When I press forward, act like you're going to take a dump."

Cindy did as he said and two inches pushed through the ring. The pain caused Cindy to clamp tight with her ass muscles. After several minutes, she relaxed a little and Bobby pushed further into her hole until he was completely buried in her. The tip of his dick also hit the magic button and Cindy arched her back with each thrust. Bobby began to slowly fuck his sister as he continually hit her prostate. Cindy lowered her legs and wrapped them tightly around Bobby's waist. Bobby went back to work on her breasts, which sent Cindy into a frenzy.

"FUCK ME BOBBY!!" she said. "TAKE MY ASS!! FILL ME UP!!"

Bobby felt the tightness around his dick and he was ready to load her ass with his jizz. But with the oral manipulation on her breasts and Bobby's dick hammering her prostate, Cindy was pushed over the edge. The familiar feeling of a dry orgasm started, but her balls felt different. The flow of pleasure overcame her and the orgasm hit hard. Her ass clamped like a vise on Bobby's dick, which sent him into overdrive. His dick blasted a huge shot that filled Cindy's asscunt. Six more blasts erupted from Bobby until he collapsed on his sister. After several minutes to recover, both Brady kids noticed a wetness on their stomachs. Bobby rose and felt the clear sticky fluid. He also noticed the trail from Cindy's prick.

"Well Sis." he said. "Welcome to the club."

He put his fingers to her lips and she got the first taste of her cum. Bobby cleaned his sister and savored the flavor. They got under the blanket and fell asleep in each other's arms.

TBC...With the rest of the family and new characters.

NOTE: As we get close to the end of the Brady series, there will be more intense sex and fun with the Bradys. I explained in the beginning that it would travel down the path of the bizarre and kinky. I have finished the story line and they will be posted within a week's time frame. Please send any comments, good or bad to WritHot@comcast.net. I am sorry that this did take so long to get to you, but with the accident in May it had been quite a time trying to type with a broken finger, but I plod along.

Please also keep Andrew, a good friend who is my muse on another story, in your thoughts. I have mentioned Andrew before, but now his Alzheimer's and Asbestosis have taken a turn for the worse. I hope that he will last much longer, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.