A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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Just a word of warning, from this point on the story is going to take a trip to the Twilight Zone in terms of strange events. I hope that you will like this addition to the story.

As we saw in the last chapter:

"FUCK ME BOBBY!!" she said. "TAKE MY ASS!! FILL ME UP!!"

Bobby felt the tightness around his dick and he was ready to load her ass with his jizz. But with the oral manipulation on her breasts and Bobby's dick hammering her prostate, Cindy was pushed over the edge. The familiar feeling of a dry orgasm started, but her balls felt different. The flow of pleasure overcame her and the orgasm hit hard. Her ass clamped like a vise on Bobby's dick, which sent him into overdrive. His dick blasted a huge shot that filled Cindy's asscunt. Six more blasts erupted from Bobby until he collapsed on his sister. After several minutes to recover, both Brady kids noticed a wetness on their stomachs. Bobby rose and felt the clear sticky fluid. He also noticed the trail from Cindy's prick.

"Well Sis." he said. "Welcome to the club."

He put his fingers to her lips and she got the first taste of her cum. Bobby cleaned his sister and savored the flavor. They got under the blanket and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 14: Good-bye Carol and Alice Part II

Peter and Jan wee in the boys' bedroom. They stripped quickly and Peter's 7.5" stuck out proudly. Jan turned around and produced a hard 7" cock that dripped with precum on the floor. They landed on Peter's bed and began to kiss deep and long.

"Peter, why were you ordering Mr. Ditmeyer?" Jan asked.

"Well let's say I can cause someone to do what I want." he replied. "I can do things with my ass that drives guys wild."

"I would love to see that." she said.

"Peter pushed Jan on her back and he licked her hard 7" until it was extremely wet. After taking two loads, Peter's hole was quite lubricated for what was about to happen. Peter straddled Jan's body and placed the hot uncut cock at his entrance. In one motion he placed the rod in its entirety into his boycunt. Jan gasped at the feeling around her cock. The velvety moistness made Jan to leak precum into Peter. Peter leaned forward to play with Jan's large tits. As he rose, his ass muscles tightened to pull the rod up with his ass. Jan felt her cock being milked by Peter. She knew she would not last long. Peter's hands caressed, pinched, and tweaked her nipples. As the cum rose from her sac, Jan knew the explosion would be huge. After a few more pulls by Peter and his ass, Jan launched a geyser of white juice into Peter. Eight volleys erupted in full force from Jan. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her body undulated with pleasure. After two smaller shots, Jan relaxed and her uncut cock began to soften, but Peter had other plans. Manipulating his ass muscles, Peter got his sister raging hard. And he began to slowly fuck his dick. When Jan reached the point of climax, Peter did his ass magic to stop the eruption. He started again after she calmed down and then stopped when she reached climax. He did this four other times until Jan was in tears.

"Please Peter!" she cried, almost begging. "I need to cum. It hurts so much."

"You will do as I say." Peter responded. "No matter what."

Jan nodded in agreement, with tears streaming down her cheeks. Peter sat down and twitched his muscles a few times. It was like setting off a rocket. Jan exploded even more forceful that the previous load.


Jan's body wracked with pleasure. Her head went back, and her back arched, which caused her dick to go further into Peter's ass. After a tenth volley, Jan's dick spasmed to the point with nothing coming out. She finally eased down and her dick softened out of Peter's ass. Peter kissed her lips and suckled her breasts. Jan finally eased to consciousness. She smiled weakly at Peter and kissed him passionately. Peter glared at her and began to finger her ass. Jan felt the finger go in and she moved down on it to be fucked. Peter noticed her slightly loosened hole.

"So who fucked you?" he asked.

"George Glass." she replied.

"Does he know about this?" Peter asked as he cupped her dick and balls.

"No." Jan responded.

"How big is he?" he asked her.

"Not as big as you." she told him. "About 5 inches."

"Well bring him home tomorrow and he'll get a big surprise." Peter told her. "Now get on all fours."

Jan did as she was told. Peter spread her cheeks as he exposed her pink hole. The middle Brady boy snaked his tongue deep into her ass and Jan squealed with delight. Peter got the hole nice and wet, then pushed two fingers deep into her hot asscunt. Jan pushed her body back further onto his fingers. Peter inserted a third which caused some pain to Jan, but Peter finger fucked her hole until she was wide open. Peter then took his 7.5" and shoved the entire length into his sister. Jan yelped in pain and tried to get away. Peter held tight as he started to fuck her hole hard.

"You're a slut." he said evilly. "Ain't you?"

"Yes sir." she said shamefully. "I'm nothing but a whore and I've wanted to be fucked by your wonderful dick."

"Beg for this bitch." Peter ordered.

"Please fuck my worthless ass." she said subserviently. "I want your seed to breed me."

Peter grabbed Jan's waist and plundered her hole as he knew she was his forever. Jan continued to be fucked and hard, while Peter obliged his own lust. The feeling of her hot ass made his dick swell. As he fucked her, his cockhead hit her prostate and this caused Jan to get hard again.

"Don't touch your cock." he ordered.

Jan did as she was told and Peter continued to hammer her button. In a few minutes, Jan experienced a huge dry orgasm without touching herself. Her ass clamped on Peter's dick, but he put himself in a zone so as not to shoot. After the glow of the orgasm died, Peter hammered away again, and it caused Jan to climax again. Peter did this twice more and finally filled Jan's hole with a river of cum.



Jan, who had climaxed seven times, was face down in exhaustion. Peter's cock was still embedded in Jan's ass. He wrapped his arms around her body, kissed the back of her neck, and they fell asleep.

Greg and Marcia were in Greg's attic room. Marcia slowly stripped her brother and licked each patch of exposed skin. She sucked his nips and licked through the hair on his chest. She slowly undid his belt, unfastened his pants, and exposed his briefs with the outline of his hard 11" cock. As Marcia licked the meat through its cotton prison, Greg pressed it hard against her face.

"Oh Greg." Marcia exclaimed. "I've always wanted your hard cock fucking my hole."

In one movement, his briefs were yanked down, then Marcia dove on his leaking rod. She was able to take 8" before her gag reflexes kicked in. The precum coated her tongue and she swallowed it with enthusiasm. Greg then pulled Marcia up, kissed her, then undid her dress. Marcia's luscious breasts were there for Greg to have anyway he wanted. As he caressed the left one, he orally copulated the right. Marcia loved her breasts being tongued, sucked, and bit. Greg then switched and this caused Marcia to leak precum in her panties. Greg worked his mouth and dress down until Marcia's 5.5" cock was exposed in the panties. Greg licked around the hard, uncut cock and Marcia oozed more precum. Greg pulled her panties down and swallowed her hot dick entirely and drank her precum. Greg knew Marcia was very limber from cheerleading and dancing, so he turned her with such ease and put her mouth at his hard rod.

"Wrap your legs around my head." he said. "And you can suck my dick."

Marcia did as Greg said and swallowed as much of Greg's rod as she could. She grabbed his hard ass cheeks to work on his cock. Greg proceeded to spread her ass cheeks apart and slid his long tongue deep into Marcia's hole. Marcia froze in position and moved her ass up to meet Greg's tongue. Greg tongue-fucked Marcia for several minutes, then slid his middle finger into her ass to the second knuckle. Marcia cooed on Greg's dick and the eldest Brady child finger-fucked his sister. After two minutes, a second finger came into play, and Marcia wiggled her body against Greg's. After several minutes, a third finger was worked into Marcia. For someone who had never been fucked, Marcia seemed to enjoy having her butt plugged. When Greg had Marcia sufficiently been loosened, he unwrapped her legs from around his neck. He sat in the chair by his desk.

"Okay." he said. "Put your feet on the outside of my legs. You will lower yourself onto my cock and ride it."

Marcia did as she was told. As she straddled Greg, he held his 11" straight up, and Marcia placed her pucker against the tip. She lowered herself, but the large piece of meat did not penetrate. Marcia tried again, but the same results occurred.

"First Marcia, relax." Greg said. "Then act like you're taking a shit."

Marcia followed Greg's advice and the massive head broke through the ring. The pain was intense and Marcia tried to pull off, but Greg held her into place.

"Just wait." he said. "It will feel better."

Marcia leaned forward and buried her face into Greg's shoulder. Greg kissed Marcia's face, shoulder, arms, and breasts. As the pain eased, Marcia was able to lower herself slowly, only to stop when the pain became unbearable, until she actually bottomed out. All of Greg's hard dick was in her. She leaned in and they kissed intensely. Marcia began to slowly fuck her ass on the large pole and her own 5.5" rubbed against the hair on Greg's rock hard abs. The fucking on her dick was amazing, but hen she slipped and Greg's rod hit her prostate, it jettisoned the cum in her balls. Six shots of love juice flew out of her dick, with the first hitting Greg's chin. The others covered their torsos.

"What the fuck happened?" Marcia asked when she recovered her senses.

"My dick must have hit your prostate." Greg said. "Awesome isn't it?"

Marcia nodded in agreement. As she began riding Greg again, she made sure that her prostate was hit time and again. With her dick rubbing against Greg's body and her magic button, Marcia came four times, the last one was a dry climax, but just as intense. And with her long blonde hair flying all over and her breasts bouncing in Greg's face, the eldest Brady child hit the moment of eruption. He held Marcia on his rod as he tried to push more of it into her ass. After a couple of minutes, they were both spent, but Greg's cock was impaled in Marcia's asscunt. He lifted her with some difficulty and carried her to the bed. Marcia rested her head on his shoulder. As he laid on his back and Marcia on top, they kissed softly and deeply. As they broke the kiss, Greg looked at his sister.

"Man, this is the best of both worlds." he said. "Hot tits, great body, and great dick and ass."

"Greg, let me stay here with you." Marcia said.

"Oh yeah." he replied. "You and me forever."

They fell asleep with Marcia still on top and Greg still hard in her ass.

The next day arose and the doorbell rang. After several minutes, Mike rose, still with the aroma of sex on his body. He went down in a bathrobe as eh wondered why Alice did not answer the door. Surely she would have been home by now. Mike opened the door and two cops were standing there. Mike thought that Ditmeyer called the police to say he was raped.

"Mr. Brady?" the nearest officer asked. "Mr. Michael Brady?"

Mike nodded. Something was wrong, but Mike could not determine what. The nearest officer was white, about 30, 6'3", 195 pounds, with sandy blonde hair, and gray eyes. His body fit in the uniform nicely, but Mike was brought back to reality when the second cop spoke.

"Mr. Brady." the officer said. "We have some bad news."

Mike waved them in and they entered the living room and sat. The second cop was 25 and Hispanic. He stood 5'9" and weighed 175 pounds. He looked like his uniform was spray painted on his body. The muscles oozed from the uniform and Mike would not mind exploring either of both of them, but he noticed wedding bands on their fingers.

"Mr. Brady." the first officer said. "Do you have a wife named Carol?"

Mike nodded and wondered what the hell she did now.

"She was in a car wreck last night." the white officer said. "She was speeding and ran through a red light. She hit a pedestrian, killing her, then your wife lost control and hit a building. I regret to inform you that your wife is dead."

Mike lowered his head and shook it. His emotions went to various extremes: anger, sadness, gladness, shock, and elation. Here was the woman he loved at one point, but did not care if she was dead now.

"And Mr. Brady." the second officer continued. "Does an Alice Nelson live here?"

"She's our housekeeper." Mike replied. "She's not here. Why do you ask?"

"Because she was the pedestrian your wife killed." the officer responded.

Mike was furious. He wanted to kill his wife, but now he could not. Alice had been with his family since Bobby was a baby. She was loyal and cared for the children.

"Mr. Brady." the first officer said. "We need for you to come to the morgue and identify the bodies."

"I will." Mike said. "Please let me shower and I'll be ready in a few minutes."

"We will meet you there." the first officer said.

Mike shook their hands and it seemed they held the handshake a little longer. As he closed the door, the kids came down the stairs. Mike had them sit down.

"Kids, I have some bad news." he said. "Your mother is dead. She struck and killed a pedestrian, then smashed her car into a building."

"I thought you said it was bad news." Peter said. "This is great news."

"The person she killed was Alice." Mike said.

Peter slammed back into the sofa, as if he had been shot. The kids looked like stunned sheep and they all began to cry. Though the loss of Carol was no problem for them, Alice was a different story. They held onto each other and sobbed openly.

"I have to identify the bodies." Mike said, with tears in his eyes. "I will stop by your schools and tell them you will not be in for a few days."

Mike went and showered. He dressed and looked at a family picture of them in Hawaii. They seemed to be the happy family, now two are gone. Mike took the picture and threw it against the wall, which shattered the glass. Mike sat on the bed and cried. The kids came into the room and comforted their father. After Mike gathered his composure, he stood and looked at his kids.

"I want you to get ready for the day." he said flatly. "I want you to get some breakfast and clean your room."

As he left, Mike drove to the county morgue. The two officers met him there and they went to the cold room where the bodies are stored. The first drawer was Carol's body - bloodied, bruised, and deeply gashed. Mike nodded and said this was his wife. The next drawer held Alice's body, which was severely bruised. Mike told the coroner and police it was Alice's body.

"Do you know if she has any next of kin?" the Hispanic cop asked.

"She had none." Mike responded. "All her family is dead. I believe we were the closest thing to family she had."

The other officer brought both women's personal effects to Mike and he signed for them. Mike said he would pay for both funerals. He left the morgue and went to the kids schools to notify them about the tragedy and that the kids would be out for the week. He then went to the funeral home to make arrangements for the funerals. His final stop was to his job to arrange for time-off. He finally went home and found the kids dressed and the house cleaned. When the kids saw his ashen face, they went to him and they cried.

For the next few days, friends and relatives came to the house to pay their respects. The usually happy family was anything but that. There were only forced smiles, but the joy was not there. And the sex drive was non-existence. Though the pairs slept together, it was to comfort each other for their loss of Alice, not Carol.

Carol's funeral was first and it went off with few tears and everyone just going through the motions. It seemed that everyone Carol had come in contact with in the last few months began to despise her. When the services were over, people gathered at the Brady home to finally release their true feelings about Carol. The words bitch, slut, whore, cunt were heard frequently. The adults thought the children were out of earshot, but someone saw Marcia at the kitchen entrance and they froze.

"Don't stop." Marcia said. "As the saying goes `the truth shall set you free'. My mom was a bitch and we're not sorry to see her gone."

Everyone felt more relaxed after that and Carol became the butt of many jokes that day. Finally everyone left the house and the mood lightened somewhat. Two people at the house and funeral that Mike did not expect were the cops that notified the family. Mike thanked them for coming and they introduced themselves as John Brackton and Michael Sanchez. Mike also noticed they did not bring their wives, but did not bring it up to them, as he thought it would be discourteous.

Alice's funeral was set two days later and the emotions overran. The kids cried freely and Mike was visibly shaken. At the gravesite, the kids placed single roses on the casket, which they did not do for Carol. At the house, the mood and attitude was different. The praises for Alice was beyond the pale. The kids felt that she was more of a mother than Carol. And again the two cops were there and without spouses. As people left, Mike asked them to stay behind. When the last of the guests left, the kids went to their rooms. Mike offered John and Michael a seat.

"It's nice of you guys to come." Mike said. "But I wonder why."

"Well it seemed that a double tragedy like this," John said. "We decided to lend moral support. Besides guys like us need to stick together."

Michael slipped his hand into John's left and squeezed. Mike then confirmed his suspicion that these two were very much gay and a couple. He rose and gave each of them a hug.. John handed Mike his card.

"Call us anytime." he said. "If you want to talk, or anything else. You should keep your lifestyle low key from your kids."

"Oh they know." Mike told them. "Besides, they're gay too."

The two cops were stunned, but then produced a grin. The two men left and Mike was ready to get out of his suit when the doorbell rang. He went to the door and a young man about 30 stood at the door. He was 5' 10" and weighed 165 pounds. He had black hair, green eyes, and a very nice build.

"May I help you?" Mike asked.

"Mr. Brady?" he asked. "Mr. Michael Brady?"

"Yes." Mike responded.

"My name is Andrew Brown." the young man said. "I'm and attorney for Miss Alice Nelson. She asked that her will be read the day of her funeral."

"C-C-Come in." Mike stuttered. "Have a seat."

"Mr. Brady." Andrew said. "Miss Nelson came to me for two explicit reasons. First, I'm her nephew, which she found out about seven months ago. Secondly, because of my persuasion."

"I'm not sure what you mean." Mike said.

"Please bring the kids down." Andrew said. "They are all mentioned in the will, too."

Mike called the kids down and introduced Andrew when they appeared. As they sat down, Andrew produced a document and a tape recorder.

"Okay." Andrew started. "Skipping over the being of sound mind and body, to the meat of the will. She bequeathed all her worldly possession to the Brady family to be divided fairly and equitably. She also left seven life insurance policies to each of the children for their educations. But she also wanted this played for you."

Andrew pulled out a cassette tape and inserted it into the machine. He hit the play button and Alice's voice filled the room. This hit the Brady family hard as tears welled in their eyes.

"Hi everybody." Alice said. "If you're hearing this, then I must be long-gone. First I loved all of you.. You were my family and I loved being part of this. Now that you met my nephew Andrew, please treat him with love and kindness as he would fit in perfectly. I knew about all of you and your love for each other cannot be diminished. And yes girls I knew about you, too. Your mother was wrong for what she did, but I still love you. Mr. Brady, Andrew has agreed to take over as housekeeper for me. He hates being a lawyer and was a houseboy for two men in San Francisco a few years ago. Please give him a try. One final thing, Jan, Andrew should be giving you a box now. Please open it."

Andrew pulled the small box and handed it to the middle Brady girl. Jan opened it and a locket was in the box. Alice's voice began again.

"Though I love each of you equally." she said. "Jan I feel a special kindred spirit to you. Being a middle child makes you feel not special. Like you, I was the middle child and for a girl it is hard. So I am giving to you a locket that my aunt, who was a middle child also, gave me. Wear it in good health. I love you all. Take care of each other."

Andrew turned off the tape recorder and put it in his briefcase. He then handed Mike seven insurance policies each worth $10.000 face value, but included a double indemnity clause in each due to accidental death. Mike signed all the necessary forms so the monies would go into the children's accounts for their education. The kids went to their rooms with a feeling that their true mother was looking out for them.

"Mr. Brady." Andrew said. "I will file these papers with the court and the probate will be done quickly. And if you want me as a housekeeper, I would be very willing to work here."

"Andrew." Mike said. "I need a mother for these kids. Do you think you can do it?"

Andrew pounced on Mike and slid his tongue in the taller man's mouth. He stroked Mike's iron rod into hardness, then pulled off.

"Let me file these." Andrew said. "And I'll be back to show you."

Andrew grabbed his briefcase and left the house. Mike recovered from the attack and tried to compose himself. He realized that he never removed Carol's items from the house, so he called the kids together.

"Boys, there are some boxes in the carport." Mike said. "Get them. We're going to remove any trace of Carol from this house."

The boys got the boxes, while Mike and the girls removed the last of Carol's possessions from the bedroom. All her clothes, shoes, make-up, any and all traces of Carol Brady was packed up for charity. Mike went down to Alice's room to look at her belongings. He decided to allow Andrew to pick which of Alice's belongings he wanted. The kids arrived in the room.

"I've decided to let Andrew to choose which of Alice's things he wants to keep." Mike said. "You will be allowed to choose one thing each to remember Alice."

The kids nodded silently. The front doorbell rang and Mike had Oliver answer it. Oliver ran and Andrew was standing with his suitcases in hand.

"Come in." Oliver said. "Put your suitcases here in the entrance way."

Oliver took Andrew by the hand and led him to Alice's room off the kitchen. Andrew was confronted by the family. Mike led him to the middle of the room.

"First, Andrew since you are Alice's nephew." he said. "Please choose whatever you want of Alice's."

Andrew chose three items: a picture of Alice, a charm bracelet with her sisters and the Brady children on it, and a photo album.

"Thank you Mike." he said. "I truly appreciate this."

"Okay kids, you may choose one thing to remember Alice." Mike said. "We'll start from the youngest."

Oliver chose a picture of the Brady kids, himself, Alice, and Carol at the movie studio. Cindy chose an afghan. Bobby chose a picture of Alice on skis. Jan said that the locket was her item to remember Alice. Peter found a scrapbook that held clippings about the Bradys' accomplishments. Marcia found the white sweater Alice usually wore to keep warm. Greg took a picture of Alice as she cheered the kids during a talent show. Mike kept a picture of the person who came into the family when his youngest son was but a baby - Alice holding Bobby. The Brady clan packed Alice's belongings to give to charity. Mike put the boxes in the car and came back in to the house. The family was in the living room when he came back.

"Now Oliver, Alice's old room is yours." Mike said.

"But Dad." he protested as he wondered why he was suddenly being dismissed from Mike's bed.

"Andrew is moving in." Mike continued. "He will be mother to you kids. Oliver, I need to get to know Andrew."

Oliver was ready to cry since he felt as the odd man out. That was until the doorbell rang again. Greg answered the door and the two officers, John and Michael, were there. Mike invited them in and showed them a seat nest to Oliver.

"John and Michael said they wanted to join our family." he said. "And Oliver, would you like to show them what it means to be a Brady?"

Oliver's face lit up. He showed the two officers their room that he would be sharing. Andrew went to the kitchen and prepared dinner. Mike would go behind him and pressed his hard 12" into the Andrew's cheeks, while kissing his neck. As dinner was ready to serve, Mike called everyone to the dinner table. All the Bradys, with the exception of Mike and Andrew, came to the table nude. Oliver was riding John piggy-back. Everyone saw John with his muscles and the hefty 5" between his legs. But when Michael turned the corner, eyes seemed to bug-out to the muscles on the man. But the long, thick uncut piece of meat that was flaccid and the huge balls had everyone drooling.

"Mike, this kid is amazing." John said. "He seems to be a born sword swallower. He took all of Mickey's rod in one shot."

Mike disrobed and showed the two cops his hard 12" which enlarged their eyes. Andrew, not to be left out, removed his robe to reveal his hard body and mice cut 6.5" rod. The entire family sat down, ate, chatted, and got to know each other, and now they were one happy family.

As dinner ended, the kids cleared the dishes and washed them. All decided to go to bed early. Oliver and the two officers went to their room. Oliver jumped into bed and his cute 4" stuck straight out. John swallowed the boy meat quickly. Michael straddled the boy's chest and presented the soft rod to his lips. Oliver swallowed the man shaft in one move. Michael could not figure how a boy this small was able to take a dick so big. His organ swelled in the boy's mouth to its full 13" of thickness. Oliver loved the precum that leaked like a broken faucet. John moved down Oliver's body to the sweet boypussy. John's tongue darted in and out of the hole, as he got the boy ready for the ride on Space Mountain. Oliver squirmed on the mouth that invaded his hole. John them inserted a finger into Oliver, that slipped very easily into his pucker. After a couple of minutes, he pushed a second finger in, then a third. The only response he got was Oliver ass pushed back on his fingers and a moan. John inserted a fourth finger and Oliver felt full.

"Okay Mickey." John said. "He's ready."

Michael popped his 13" monster out of Oliver's mouth and sat on the edge of the bed. He lifted the boy onto his lap and had Oliver face him. Oliver took over and took the mammoth cock into his hand and placed it at his hole. Oliver slid down the pole slowly so that Michael enjoyed the tight feeling of the boycunt. Oliver loved the feeling of the rock hard chest and abs of the Hispanic male. Oliver felt secure with these two men and was happy with them. When Oliver bottomed out, the fullness overwhelmed him, where he felt the on come of an orgasm flooded his body. His body tensed and his ass clamped down on Michael's rod. After several seconds, he eased back. Michael moved so his back was against the headboard. Oliver felt the cock vibrate in his ass. John, not to be left out snuggled behind Oliver and his 7" cock rubbed against Oliver's crack. The boy felt the fine hairs against his back and he loved being the middle of this sandwich. Oliver began to move up and down on Michael's cock and his body rubbed between these rock hard men. John had placed his legs over Michael's and on one move down, his cock popped into Oliver's anal cavity along with his partners. The pain popped in Oliver's brain and he stopped. The feeling he had in his ass was so intense, he could not utter a sound or move. John tried to move, but Oliver's body clamped on both men's cocks.

"Oliver, son." John said. "I'm sorry. Please move so I can get up."

"NO!!" the boy said.

Oliver felt a fullness that he did not think possible. The pain, though still there, subsided a bit and he wanted both men. He moved up and down slowly at first to accommodate both cocks. With both men in his hole and their bodies kept him safe and secure, Oliver experienced a second dry orgasm and collapsed his ass muscles on the cocks. As he came down from the orgasm, rode the men again. Michael and John had never double dicked anyone and they loved the feeling as their dicks rubbed together. Oliver continued to move up and down and he experienced three more orgasms. The fifth orgasm pushed both men over the edge. John shot first and his cum pulsed through his dick and splashed into Oliver's ass and on Michael's rod. Michael shot a couple of seconds later and both men hung onto each other. Oliver felt the cum as it pulsated in his ass, he had a sixth orgasm. All three collapsed on the bed as both men kept Oliver between them. They fell asleep and oliver felt so happy.

Mike and Andrew went to Mike's bedroom and learned about each other. Andrew was true bottom and he wanted to make Mike happy. Alice told her nephew about the Bradys and that Mike was a very nice person. Andrew fell in love with Mike from the picture that Alice showed him. Alice knew about Mike Brady and her nephew and that they would be a prefect match. Little did she know that her death would bring them together.

Andrew explained his life to Mike. He was a college student who was disowned by his family because he was gay. With no money, he took a job as a houseboy for two well known entertainers and businessmen. The men took care of him and made sure he completed his education. He also was their sex slave and he was required to service them anytime or their friends. His only salvation was that a attorney met him at a party the men were giving and the man took him away. They became lovers and the legal representative put him through law school. He also got a job in the man's firm and worked his way up as a fine tax attorney. That was when he found Alice and his aunt kept in touch. When Andrew's lover died of a heart attack, Andrew inherited everything, which included a huge house. Andrew felt lonely until Alice's death. Now he had someone who he felt love towards.

Mike took Andrew in his arms and kissed him deeply. Their tongues intertwined as they laid in bed and their limbs mingled. Mike reached down and felt the velvety fur on Andrew's cheeks and reached a finger to the hole. Andrew, though having been fucked regularly, seemed to have a tight hole. Mike inched a finger into the waiting orifice which caused Andrew to squirm. Mike began to work his way to the love canal. Mike licked, kissed, and sucked Andrew's neck, worked on his nips, and Andrew emitted low moans. Mike worked down to the sweet 6.5" rod and swallowed it. Mike's mouth caused Andrew to flay on the bed. Andrew loved Mike's mouth and pushed more deep into the oral cavity. Mike had other ideas as he lowered further and took each ball into his mouth and worked on them, which caused Andrew to squeal like a bride on her wedding night. Mike then went down further until the pucker was revealed. Mike bent Andrew until the sweet hole was even with Mike's mouth. The Brady patriarch snaked his tongue deep into the hole. Andrew loved to be tongue-fucked and helped Mike as he opened and closed the pucker. Mike loved that he pressed further in, which caused the tip of Andrew's dick to press to his mouth. Andrew opened and took an inch of his dick in his mouth. The more Mike pressed into his hole, the more of Andrew's dick pressed into his mouth. Mike removed his mouth and got some lube form the nightstand. He applied it to his 12" and to Andrew's hole. The finger wiggled in Andrew's mancunt and Mike felt the muscles contract. With Andrew still bent as he was, Mike placed his hand on the wall, positioned his dick at the pucker, and plunged deep into Andrew. The thrust pressed deep into Andrew and Mike hit bottom quickly. The tip of his dick slammed against Andrew's prostate, which caused Andrew to spew precum down his throat. Andrew drank the liquid as quickly as he could. Though he had tasted his own fluid, getting it from the spigot was more exciting. Mike slowly fucked Andrew's ass and each time his dick hit the magic button. This made Andrew moan loudly and he felt his balls tighten. Two more strokes by Mike in his ass and Andrew's cum flooded his mouth with the thick, creamy fluid. His ass clamped down on Mike's cock and it took all his control not to shoot his load. Andrew shot six healthy loads in his mouth. Mike pulled out and lowered Andrew's back on the bed. Mike lifted his legs and slowly slid his rod back into Andrew. He then wrapped Andrew's legs around his waist and began to make love to the man beneath him. Mike moved in and out of Andrew, while the kissed passionately. Their bodies knotted as one and the love flowed between them. Andrew's hard cock rubbed between them. Mike's dick kept hitting Andrew's prostate until Andrew could stand no more. The flow of cum erupted between them. Between Andrew's blasts and his ass tighten on his dick, Mike shot seed into his lover's bowels. The two held tight to each other, never wanting to let go. After a couple of minutes, they both glowed in the aftermath of their lovemaking. They kissed and fell asleep entwined in each other's limbs, Mike's pole still in Andrew.


NOTE: As we get close to the end of the Brady series, there will be more intense sex and fun with the Bradys. I explained in the beginning that it would travel down the path of the bizarre and kinky. I have finished the story line and they will be posted within a week's time frame. Please send any comments, good or bad to WritHot@comcast.net. Please also mention which story you are writing about. As you can see I have several stories on the burner. Please also tell me where you are from so that I man add your name on the readers' list. I am sorry that this did take so long to get to you, but with the accident in May 2003 it had been quite a time trying to type with a broken finger, but I plod along.

Please also keep Andrew, a good friend who is my muse on another story, in your thoughts. I have mentioned Andrew before, but now his Alzheimer's and Asbestosis have taken a turn for the worse. I hope that he will last much longer, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.


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