A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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Just a word of warning, from this point on the story is going to take a trip to the Twilight Zone in terms of strange events. I hope that you will like this addition to the story.

As we saw in the last chapter:

Mike took Andrew in his arms and kissed him deeply. Their tongues intertwined as they laid in bed and their limbs mingled. Mike reached down and felt the velvety fur on Andrew's cheeks and reached a finger to the hole. Andrew, though having been fucked regularly, seemed to have a tight hole. Mike inched a finger into the waiting orifice which caused Andrew to squirm. Mike began to work his way to the love canal. Mike licked, kissed, and sucked Andrew's neck, worked on his nips, and Andrew emitted low moans. Mike worked down to the sweet 6.5" rod and swallowed it. Mike's mouth caused Andrew to flay on the bed. Andrew loved Mike's mouth and pushed more deep into the oral cavity. Mike had other ideas as he lowered further and took each ball into his mouth and worked on them, which caused Andrew to squeal like a bride on her wedding night. Mike then went down further until the pucker was revealed. Mike bent Andrew until the sweet hole was even with Mike's mouth. The Brady patriarch snaked his tongue deep into the hole. Andrew loved to be tongue-fucked and helped Mike as he opened and closed the pucker. Mike loved that he pressed further in, which caused the tip of Andrew's dick to press to his mouth. Andrew opened and took an inch of his dick in his mouth. The more Mike pressed into his hole, the more of Andrew's dick pressed into his mouth. Mike removed his mouth and got some lube form the nightstand. He applied it to his 12" and to Andrew's hole. The finger wiggled in Andrew's mancunt and Mike felt the muscles contract. With Andrew still bent as he was, Mike placed his hand on the wall, positioned his dick at the pucker, and plunged deep into Andrew. The thrust pressed deep into Andrew and Mike hit bottom quickly. The tip of his dick slammed against Andrew's prostate, which caused Andrew to spew precum down his throat. Andrew drank the liquid as quickly as he could. Though he had tasted his own fluid, getting it from the spigot was more exciting. Mike slowly fucked Andrew's ass and each time his dick hit the magic button. This made Andrew moan loudly and he felt his balls tighten. Two more strokes by Mike in his ass and Andrew's cum flooded his mouth with the thick, creamy fluid. His ass clamped down on Mike's cock and it took all his control not to shoot his load. Andrew shot six healthy loads in his mouth. Mike pulled out and lowered Andrew's back on the bed. Mike lifted his legs and slowly slid his rod back into Andrew. He then wrapped Andrew's legs around his waist and began to make love to the man beneath him. Mike moved in and out of Andrew, while the kissed passionately. Their bodies knotted as one and the love flowed between them. Andrew's hard cock rubbed between them. Mike's dick kept hitting Andrew's prostate until Andrew could stand no more. The flow of cum erupted between them. Between Andrew's blasts and his ass tighten on his dick, Mike shot seed into his lover's bowels. The two held tight to each other, never wanting to let go. After a couple of minutes, they both glowed in the aftermath of their lovemaking. They kissed and fell asleep entwined in each other's limbs, Mike's pole still in Andrew.

Chapter 15: Oliver Becomes a Real Brady

For the next several months, life in the Brady household went on, but with some changes. Andrew decided to practice law from the house. John and Michael decided to quit the police force and start their own private detective agency. The entire family decided to move to Andrew's house. Mike sold the ranch house and set up educational funds for the children along with the insurance money that Alice left. Mike also had a huge insurance policy on both himself and Carol so the children would be provided for in case of an emergency. The insurance company paid Mike the sum of $1.5 million because of Carol's stupidity.

Each member of the family paired off and they seemed happy with who they decided to take as a lover. Occasionally, they would swap off, and everyone learned why Peter was the masterful one in the family. When he plied his talent on John, it was only a matter of minutes to control him. Andrew was almost the same and realized that Peter, though the middle boy, was a truly formidable person. Michael was a different matter. It was a matter of wills on who would last out. All were present as Peter and Michael were on Peter's bed and Peter's ass was manipulating Michael's hot rod. Each time Michael tried to cum, Peter would stop him. Both were drenched in sweat and everyone was yanking on their dripping cocks. After two hours and holding Michael at bay twenty times, Peter was ready to concede until everyone heard a small voice.

"Oh God. Let me cum!" Michael begged. "I'm gonna bust if I don't shoot. Please let me shoot."

"Who's in control here?" Peter stated. "Who's the master?"

"You are." the hot man said meekly. "You are so powerful."

With that Peter worked his ass muscles and Michael roared as his cum blasted into the anal canal. The force was so powerful that Peter felt his body being lifted off with each blast. 15 forceful shots filled Peter's hole and the hot spunk oozed out of the hole, down the shaft, and onto Michael's legs and the bed. Peter pointed to the three girls who got on the bed and lapped up the free-flowing jizz.

"Now to prove your subservience." Peter said, still on the rod. "You will take everyone's load."

Mike and Greg hovered over Michael's face and with two pulls on their dicks, they released their huge loads into the ex-cop's mouth, who swallowed with gusto. After Michael pulled the last of the cum from them, Andrew and John were next. Again, in a matter of seconds, Michael was drinking thick man cream, and again he sucked the remnants from their poles. Bobby and the girls took their cocks to Michael's mouth and they also flooded him with their hot teen jizz. As Michael sucked each of them dry, Peter pulled off the thick sausage that plugged his ass. His hard 7.5" was presented to Michael who swallowed the hot cock. Peter was face-fucking the hot Hispanic when he noticed Oliver on the side as he looked left out. Peter waved him over and whispered something in his cousin's ear. Oliver's face beamed and his smile brightened the room. Peter continued to feed his teen cock to Michael. Peter then removed his dick.

"Okay, on all fours." he said to Michael, who complied.

Peter rammed his cock back into the sweet mouth of Michael. Mike got behind the hard man and spread his cheeks. Mike's tongue slipped into the hairy, brown pucker. Michael, who had always been a top, was surprised when the tongue slipped into his hole. He panicked on the thought that Mike's 12" would rip his ass open. John prepped Oliver's cock by swallowing the boy's rod. Oliver began to sprout a few hairs and his dick grew to a nice 4.5". John made sure he was ready and Mike inched his middle finger into Michael's ass, which immediately clamped shut. Mike wiggled the end of his finger and Michael began to open up a little. As Mike worked more of the finger around the virginal hole, the more Michael opened his hole. John released Oliver's dick from his mouth and turned the boy around. Mike guided him to the hole, removed his finger, and Oliver slammed his 4.5" of boy meat into the now deflowered hole. Michael tried to yell, but Peter's cock prevented that. He did squeeze his ass muscles on Oliver's rod, which caused the boy pain. Peter saw this and rammed his cock into Michael's throat. The former cop relaxed his ass when the rod in his throat cut off his air. Oliver was ready to forget the warm, tight hole, but John was behind him and whispered encouragement in his ear. Oliver slowly moved in and out of the ass. The pain in Michael's ass subsided and he began to rhythmically move his ass with Oliver's thrusts. Oliver loved the velvety feel of a just broken-in mancunt and loved Michael for allowing him to be the first though it was through some coercion. The blonde boy began to pick up speed on his thrusts. Michael sucked Peter's cock with such a vacuum, Peter could not hold off. His teen spunk flew into the waiting mouth, which Michael swallowed like a man dying of thirst. When the final drop oozed out, Peter pulled back to watch the huge, muscular man's ass being fucked by a boy. Michael loved the feeling of cock in his manpussy.

"Oh yeah." he said. "Fuck me Oliver. Make me your bitch."

Oliver kept ramming his cock into Michael. John saw Michael's rod was hard again, got under his lover and partner, and swallowed the gargantuan pole. He sucked Michael as Michael's ass sucked Oliver's cock. Oliver felt the rush of a climax about to hit, but something was different. Usually the feeling was in the groin area and spread, but this time it generated from the balls and felt it move through his cock. With one last shove, Oliver let out a yell and his head went back.


He thought he was peeing in Michael's ass and he felt ashamed. At the same time Michael released a huge load into John's waiting throat. Michael felt the liquid shoot into his hole and he knew it was a first for Oliver. As both finally relaxed, Oliver pulled out and was ready to run, but Michael grabbed him.

"Please let us have a minute." he said. "John please stay."

The rest of the Brady family left in confusion. As Peter shut the door to his room, Michael held Oliver to his hard chest. He ran a finger across the tip of Oliver's cock to catch a remnant of boy juice and brought it to his mouth.

"Gross!" Oliver said in disgust.

"Tasty boy cum." Michael said.

"Huh?" Oliver asked. "I just peed in your hole."

"No son." Michael said. "You came for the first time. And this will be a special bond between us. And now the only one who will be fucking this hole will be you. John, I know you understand."

"I do." John said. "Mickey was my first and my only one."

Oliver hugged his two lovers to know that he was so special to them. Oliver was a lucky boy to have so many people who cared for him. He knew one day that his parents would come to get him, but that day seemed a long way off. John called the family back and explained that Oliver had his first ejaculation. They all smiled and congratulated him on becoming a man. The doorbell rang and Michael answered the door in all his glory. There was a delivery boy, about 16, who handed the Hispanic god a telegram. Michael signed for it and was ready to get the kid a tip, but he shook his head no and ran off. Andrew saw this from the stairs, along with Mike and John, and they laughed. The telegraph was addressed to Mike, so Michael handed it to Mike. The Brady patriarch opened it and read the contents. Mike slumped in a chair and began to shake his head. Andrew picked up the telegram and read it.

"We regret to inform you that Mr. and Mrs. Jack Peterson were killed by guerilla activity in the jungles of Peru. They were kidnapped and executed. A representative from the State Department will be coming to see you in a few day."

"Oh my God!" Andrew said with tears in his eyes.

"Oliver!" Mike called out, not even looking up. "Kids! Mickey and John! Please come here."

The entire Brady family came to the den and sat down. The look on Mike and Andrew's faces revealed that the news was not good.

"Oliver, we have some bad news." Mike said. "Your parents were killed. I'm so sorry."

Oliver ran to Mike, who picked up the boy and held him tight. The entire family was crying and consoled Oliver on the lose of his parents. Mike could feel the heaving body as he tried to release his grief. After an hour, Oliver had no more tears to shed. Mike put him down and Oliver sat down between Michael and John.

"H-H-How did they die?" the boy asked. "What's gonna happen to me?"

"They were murdered Oliver." Mike told him. "Guerilla activity where they were. These people kidnapped them and executed them. As for you, until I hear differently, you are part of this family. Everyone get ready for dinner."

Mike and Andrew went to their room and Mike put on boxers, pants, and a pull-over shirt. The doorbell rang again and Mike began to grumble. He went to the door and a man in his mid-20s stood there in a three-piece suite.

"My name is Larry Matthews." he said and extended his hand. "I'm from the State Department. May I come in?"

Mike shook his hand and led him to the den. As Larry sat down, Mike offered him something to drink, which the man declined. He put his briefcase on his lap and opened it. Larry pulled out several sheets of paper and then closed his briefcase, then put it on the floor.

"May I see the boy?" he asked.

Mike nodded and called for Oliver. The boy arrived a few minutes later in a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Mike introduced Larry and they sat down.

"First let me give you my condolences on the death of your parents." he said. "What happened is tragic and they should be remembered fondly."

"Thank you." Oliver said meekly.

"When will the bodies be returned so we can have a funeral?" Mike asked.

"Ummm." Larry hesitated. "Mr. Brady, may we discuss this in private? I don't think we should say anything in front of the child."

"Mr. Matthews, you may say anything in front of Oliver." Mike said. "When do we get the bodies back?"

"Never." the government employee said. "The bodies were mutilated. Only the heads were found. I'm so sorry to have to tell you this."

Oliver ran from the den and cried along the way. Mike was going to go after him, but knew that Michael and John would be there to comfort him. Larry just looked at the papers in his lap. Mike sat down and Larry met his eyes.

"Mr. Brady, there was no delicate way to say it." he said. "I have some paperwork for you to sign. I know this is not a good time, but it does involve the boy specifically."

"Hang on." Mike said angrily. "Andrew! Please come here."

Andrew came in wearing a dress shirt, slacks, and shoes. Mike introduced larry to Andrew and explained that Andrew was the family attorney.

"Well, first is an insurance policy for Oliver." Larry said. "He gets $100,000 from the US government."

"Well that goes to his trust fund and education." Mike said.

"They also had their wills made out." Larry said. "We kept them in case of an emergency. They provide that if Oliver is still a minor, you are to be his legal guardian to care for him as needed. Also you are to administer the estate. The will lists all assets to be dealt with."

Andrew looked over the wills and paperwork, then nodded to Mike that all was in order. Larry handed the necessary paperwork to Mike and the Brady patriarch signed the papers where he needed. Andrew witnessed the paperwork and handed everything back to Larry.

"Listen, the media is going to get wind of this soon." Larry said. "We can hold the news for about two more weeks. After that, this place will become a media circus. Can you get Oliver away for a couple of weeks until this dies down?"

"My son is graduating from high school on Friday." Mike said. "We were going camping for a few days afterwards."

"I would make it two weeks." Larry said. "I don't think the boy would be able to handle the media."

The men agreed to let Oliver be shielded from media scrutiny. The three rose and shook hands. As Mike led Larry to the door, Oliver, the other Bradys, and John and Michael came down. Mike thanked Larry as he left.

"Mr. Brady, there was something I left at the office." Larry said. "I didn't think Oliver could deal with it."

"What is it?" Mike said.

"A letter from his parents." he replied. "It looks like it was written before they were kidnapped. I will bring it by after you go camping."

"Bring it before." Mike whispered. "I think if Oliver was alone, he could deal with it."

Larry nodded and left. Mike closed the door and turned to the family. He picked Oliver up and turned to his family.

"Well it looks like we have a true new member of our family." Mike said. "Remember I told you that you are my son while you live here. Well now it's official."

"Dad, can we have a funeral?" Oliver said.

"We are." Mike replied. "It will be tomorrow. I'm sorry your parents won't be here in body, but they will be in spirit."

"Are we going camping Saturday?" Peter asked.

"Yes, but for longer than expected." Mike said. "The State Department will withhold the news until we leave for our trip. We should be away for two weeks."

"Cool!" the kids said enthusiastically.

"Also there will be some surprises also." Mike said.

The Bradys had dinner that night and prepared for the funeral the next day. As they went to bed, the somber mood was lightened a little when Oliver told some funny stories about his parents. The kids went to bed and the four men sat in the den.

"We need to keep Oliver away from the media." Mike said. "This is something he does not need right now in his life."

The four men agreed to keep the media away from the family at all costs. The four made sure the house was secure and John and Michael went to comfort their little charge. Andrew and Mike looked in on everyone. Bobby and Cindy were spooning with Bobby snuggled against Cindy's back. From Bobby's movement, the two men suspected Bobby's cock was implanted in Bobby's ass. The next room was Greg and Marcia. Greg was slowly fucking Marcia and they kissed passionately, while they pledged their love to each other. As they moved to Peter and Jan, they heard loud moans coming from the room. The peaked in and saw Peter as he rose Jan's hot cock. Jan begged to cum, but Peter was still the master of the cock. He saw Mike and Andrew standing in the doorway and he decided to let Jan let loose. Two moves with his ass muscles and Jan unloaded a torrent of cum into Peter's hole. Peter milked every drop of jizz from Jan's cock. She thrashed on the bed until she passed out from exhaustion. Peter removed himself off her dick, lifted her legs, and began to eat her hot ass. His tongue snaked in which roused Jan. Peter's tongue caused Jan to flay on the bed. Peter then placed his cock at Jan's asscunt and plunged in deep. They were kissing with fervor, long and deep. Mike and Andrew left the door ajar and went to their room. Mike held Andrew close to his chest and wondered what would happen in their lives.

The family rose and dressed for the funeral. The service was small and very secluded. Two empty caskets were draped in American flags and Oliver was presented with two triangle shaped flags. The Brady clan was there for their cousin. After the funeral, they went home to finish school that week. Greg had gotten his cap and gown, so he was ready for the ceremony. The other kids finished school and all attended the graduation celebration. When Greg crossed the stage, the entire family applauded and cheered excitedly. As they arrived at the house, Mike turned to his family.

"All right everyone." he said. "To bed so we can get an early start. Besides our guests will be here soon."

"Guests? What guests?" Bobby asked.

Before Mike could answer, the doorbell rang. Peter answered it and Desi Arnez, Jr. was standing there along with Davy Jones. They were shown in and everyone got reacquainted and the new members of the family were introduced. The doorbell chimed again with Bobby going to the door. Sam was there and Bobby gave him a big hug. Sam was away when Alice was killed and could not bring himself to face the family when he heard the news. Sam was welcome with open arms and he met the new members of the Brady clan. Again the doorbell sounded, this time Jan answered the door and saw Peter there.

"What are you doing..." she asked with confusion on her face, until she saw Peter. "AAAAHHHH!!"

Everyone looked and Arthur, Peter's double was ushered in. The girls did not know that Arthur even existed, but Peter began laughing because he knew it would be fun fooling everyone. Again the doorbell resonance and Jerry Rogers was standing there and Bobby ordered him in. Marcia became upset when she saw him.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" she queried with venom in her voice.

"Don't worry babe." Greg said. "This weekend this pussyboy will get his."

Marcia saw Greg winked as he ordered Jerry to drop his jeans, which the blonde teen did and revealed pink lace panties. Again, the doorbell rang, and when Oliver answered the door, Charley and Doug Simpson were standing there. Marcia was mad at seeing Doug, but was glad to see Charley. After everyone was introduced, Mike yelled over the din.

"Okay, to bed." he said. "We leave at three in the morning."

Everyone went to bedrooms and settled down for the night. Mike spooned against Andrew and wondered when he should give Oliver the letter. Larry had delivered the letter the day before. Mike wanted to make sure Oliver was ready for the contents. He nodded off to sleep as he held Andrew tight.


NOTE: As we get close to the end of the Brady series, there will be more intense sex and fun with the Bradys. I explained in the beginning that it would travel down the path of the bizarre and kinky. The ending will bring back past characters and add three new people for the trip. I have finished the story line and they will be posted within a week's time frame. Please send any comments, good or bad to WritHot@comcast.net. Please also mention which story you are writing about. As you can see I have several stories on the burner. Please also tell me where you are from so that I man add your name on the readers' list.

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