A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

"Okay, to bed." he said. "We leave at three in the morning."

Everyone went to bedrooms and settled down for the night. Mike spooned against Andrew and wondered when he should give Oliver the letter. Larry had delivered the letter the day before. Mike wanted to make sure Oliver was ready for the contents. He nodded off to sleep as he held Andrew tight.

Chapter 16: Come On, Get Happy Part I

At two o'clock in the morning, the family rose and packed five vehicles to go camping. The big difference was that Andrew inherited a large camping chalet in the mountains near Lake Tahoe. It was secluded, so the two weeks they were to be there, no one would disturb them. The drive to the chalet was quite a drive, but eventually they got the lake. By one in the afternoon, they had unloaded the vehicles and room assignments were given.

Before anything happened, a school bus that was painted with various colors, stopped at the chalet. Three boys dismounted from the bus. One looked to be 18 or 19, the middle boy about 14 or 15, and the youngest was about 11 or 12. They looked totally different from each other, that the Bradys thought they could not be related. The eldest was about 5'9" and weighed about 155 pounds. He had brown hair and blue eyes. The middle boy was about 5'5" and weighed about 145 pounds. He had bright red hair, freckles, and very deep blue eyes. The youngest had blonde hair, blue eyes, was about 5'0" and 105 pounds. Mike and Andrew approached the bus and the eldest came to them.

"Hi. My name is Keith Partridge." he said and shook hands with the men. "My brothers and I were going camping, but we're totally lost. I can't find the campsite we have arranged."

Keith handed the directions to Mike and Andrew. As they looked, Andrew knew these boys were taken. The information the Partridge boys had shown them was on private property.

"Well Keith, I hate to tell you, but this isn't a campsite." Andrew said. "It's private property."

"What?" Keith exclaimed. "We sent these guys $50.00 to campout for a week. We also gave up a week's gig in San Diego."

"Keith don't worry." Mike said. "Andrew is an attorney. We'll see that you get your money back. And you guys can stay here. It will be a tight fit, but there's room."

"Gee thanks." Keith said and waved his brothers over. "This is Danny and has a big mouth. This is Chris and he's shy."

The remainder of the Brady group came down and they saw the three girls and smiled. They also saw Davy Jones and Desi Arnez, Jr. and were in awe. After all introductions were made, they helped unpack the bus and showed Keith the phone so he could call his mother. After a brief call, which Mike talked with Shirley Partridge, it was agreed to keep the boys for two weeks. It was decided that Keith room with Greg, Danny with Peter, and Chris with Bobby. They sat in the large living room and everyone decided to have lunch. Everyone pitched in and sat down to eat.

"Man this is a big place." Danny said. "So who'd you sue to get this place."

Keith smacked Danny on the back of his head. Danny glared at his brother, but Mike intervened to prevent a fight.

"Danny, we don't make discourteous remarks." he said to the red-head. "So you need to apologize."

"I'm sorry." he mumbled.

"Mr. Brady." Keith said. "Danny has a problem with being a smart mouth."

"That's okay Keith." Mike said. "Besides I do have permission to discipline you as needed. Danny, consider this your one warning."

After lunch, half the group decided to go fishing, the other half went swimming at the pool. Mike and Andrew went with the fishing group, while John and Michael stayed with the swimmers. Danny and Chris went swimming and Keith went to the lake to go fishing. Danny tried to get close to Jan, but she tried to stay away from him. Peter realized that Danny needed to be taught a lesson. He whispered in Jan's ear, then pulled Arthur to them and told him the plan. They smiled and began playing. Bobby and Cindy were trying to play with Chris, but the blonde boy was extremely shy. They tried to get Jerry to bring him out of his shell. Bobby decided a little nighttime maneuvers would help bring the boy out. Michael and John were tossing Oliver in the pool and the youngest Brady was having fun. Charley and Doug were talking with Davy and Desi at the lake. Mike, Andrew, Keith, Greg, Marcia, and Sam were enjoying the fishing and were able to catch several trout. When dinner was approaching, Charley and Doug were cooking and it dawned on Greg that they were lovers. He mentioned this to Marcia, but it was arranged for Marcia to get even with Doug, since he never apologized to her. When dinner was over, everyone sat on the porch and enjoyed the night sky. The stars were out and the shone in all their glory.

Jan said she was tired and was going to bed. As she left, Danny said he was going to bed. He had planned something different, but his plans were about to go awry. Jan had removed her top and Danny opened the door. He saw her large breasts and immediately got a woodie. He closed the door and wanted her until he was grabbed from behind. Peter and Arthur had not been on the porch and were hiding in the room. A gag was stuffed into his mouth and he was thrown on the bed. He was turned, then tied to the bed. He saw Peter, Arthur, and Jan standing over him.

"So you want my sister, huh?" Peter said as he grabbed one her of her luscious breasts while Arthur sucked on the other. "You want these?"

Danny nodded, but tried to scream also. The gag was wedged so deep in his mouth that only a muffled sound emitted. His jaw was also getting sore.

"So what part of me do you want?" Jan asked as she dropped her shorts, with her back to Danny. "You want this?"

She wiggled her ass in his face. Danny's eyes grew wide and his shorts tented greatly, almost to the breaking point. The precum that leaked from his cock caused a stain on his shorts. The pain he was developing with his cock pressed against the constraints of his outer garment. The biggest surprise was soon to come.

"Or is it this you wanted?" she asked as her 7" dick pointed at Danny's face.

Danny struggled against the ropes. He tried to yell but the gag held him in silence. He then saw Peter and Arthur strip and when their almost identical 7.5" pointed at him, fear set deep in Danny's mind. They then removed his shorts and the red bush seemed redder next to his skin. His hard 6.5" dripped precum all over his body. Jan lowered her mouth on his rod and licked the sweet honey off the tip. This sent shivers through Danny's body and this resulted in more precum to flow. Peter was the next to lick and Danny looked in shock, but the feeling of Peter's tongue caused Danny to moan. Peter licked the underside to coax more clear fluid out. Arthur was next and followed Peter's lead and again Danny moaned through the gag. Peter then tore the t-shirt off Danny's torso and revealed the treasure trail from his navel. Danny's dime-sized nipples became hard when they were exposed to the air. Peter engulfed Danny's rod to the bush and while Arthur and Jan worked on his nips. This treatment sent Danny over the edge. He tried to cum, but Peter applied pressure to his rod so that he would not shoot. Arthur and Jan then turned their attention to Peter's magic hole. They got him nice and wet. Peter then faced Danny and glared at him.

"Boy, now you will know who your true master is." he said to Danny.

Peter then lowered himself on Danny's cock. Danny, who's only sexual activity was with his right hand, rolled his eyes back into his head. A huge moan uttered from his throat. He could not believe anything was so tight. He was ready to shoot his load, but Peter would not let him. Peter applied enough pressure to prevent Danny from unloading his cream. Twice more Danny was ready to shoot, but twice more Peter stopped him. Tears rolled down the red-head's face and he twisted and turned. Peter motioned for Arthur to remove the gag. Once Danny was able to move his jaw, he cried.

"Please. Please let me shoot." he begged. "I have to unload. It hurts so much."

"Now boy, who's your master?" Peter said.

"No one." Danny said defiantly.

Peter moved up and down until Danny was ready to release, then stopped. Again he glared at Danny who was really crying hard.

"Now, who's your master?" Peter asked, this time in a more demanding voice.

"No one." Danny said, but with no conviction.

Again Peter moved his ass on Danny's cock until the red-head was ready to explode, then prevented him to unload. Danny's body spasmed from crying so hard.

"Now once more. Who's your master?" Peter said, knowing he had the boy.

"You are sir." Danny said in a resigned tone.

"Prove it." Peter said as he motioned to Arthur. "Suck that dick."

"N-N-No!!" Danny said in terror. "I ain't no fag."

Again, Peter started on Danny's dick and the middle Partridge boy realized either suck the cock or be tortured all night. Arthur slipped his hot, uncut rod in to the virgin throat to his bush, which caused Danny to gag. His spit covered Arthur's rod and Arthur eased back. He began to face-fuck the boy under him. Peter motioned to Jan and she came to him. He kissed his sister/lover then whispered in her ear. She first went to kiss Arthur, who slipped his tongue deep in her mouth. Jan thanked him for helping with Danny, which Arthur said no problem. Jan went to the foot the bed and untied Danny's right foot. Before Danny realized what happened, Peter was holding his foot. Jan did it again with the left foot. This exposed Danny's hole, which Jan ran her tongue along his pink rosebud. Danny quivered at the touch and he moaned with each pass of Jan's tongue. She then probed his ass when her tongue pushed into the hole. Though there was some resistance, Danny's portal opened. Jan's tongue probed deeper and deeper. Danny felt a rush of pain and pleasure. He was not sure why, but he pushed back on Jan's tongue. Jan then took her middle finger and showed it into the unsuspecting ass of Danny. He winced in pain and clamped down on Jan's digit. Arthur continued to face-fuck the mouth of the red-headed smart ass, as Danny could not yell out. Peter moved his ass to take Danny's mind off the pain. Danny finally released and Jan wiggled her finger around the hole and Danny's pain moved to pleasure. Jan pushed in a second finger and then eventually a third. Danny adapted quite well to each intrusion, but the finally incursion came with full fiery. Joe removed her fingers and Danny felt empty. But the Brady girl took care of that as she shoved her cock all the way into his ass. Danny felt as if he were split in two. Tears flowed from his eyes and his entire body seized. He wanted to cry and scream, but a cock in his mouth prevented that. Joe stayed in his ass while he became accustomed to the fleshy torpedo. As he got used to it, he relaxed and Jan began to slowly fuck his ass. In Danny's mind he knew he could not enjoy this. He knew he was not a fag, queer, fudge-packer, homo. But his body belied his façade. He enjoyed a dick in his mouth. He loved a dick in his ass. He loved sucking and being sucked. He loved fucking and being fucked. His entire body took over. He moved his head on Arthur's rod with enthusiasm. He pushed on Jan's dick to get more into his ass. He felt the tip brush against his prostate and he knew he was in heaven. After being fucked from both end, Peter decided to give Danny what he needed - release. He moved on Danny's dick and when Danny hit his release point, Peter milked his cock.

"MMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!" Danny cried out as he shot his load.

It seemed to flow from every pore of his being as Danny Partridge - big mouth and supposed he-man - felt his being pulled into Peter's hole. The first volley caused his mouth to have Arthur release his load into Danny's throat. Danny tasted the salty flavor and loved it. He gulped it down with great passion. His ass also tightened and Jan shot load after bountiful load into Danny's ass. After several minutes the four teens collapsed. Peter however was not finished.

"Now boy, who is in charge here?" he asked Danny.

"You are sir." the red-head said subserviently. "I will do anything you say."

"Now you will watch while I make love to this fine creature." Peter ordered.

"Yes sir." Danny said.

Peter took Jan by the hand and pulled her to him. Their bodies molded as one and they kissed ardently. They fell on the other bed with Jan on top. Peter looked at Arthur and Danny.

"Arthur, please get my cock ready." Peter ordered. "Danny, your treat will be to eat Jan's ass."

Danny looked at him with an horrific look, but knew this would be his chance to taste Jan. He stuck his tongue into the hole and enjoyed the taste. The tang from Jan's ass rolled on his tongue as he began to tongue-fuck her. Both Bradys enjoyed the oral manipulations. Danny seemed to be a natural ass-licker. Jan moved her ass on his tongue trying to get Danny's oral digit deeper into her hole. Arthur teased and played with Peter's rod as he lapped the clear nectar off the tip. Peter motioned Jan to him and she eased her ass onto Peter's dick and slid down the pole. She closed her eyes and the passion shone from her face. Arthur took Danny to the first bed and ate his ass. Danny wanted to be fucked and hard. Arthur tasted Jan's sweet jizz and lapped it from Danny's boypussy. Danny swallowed the same dick that deposited a big load into his stomach just a little while ago. As his ass became more loose, Danny was ready to be fucked a second time. Arthur lifted Danny's legs on his shoulders and began to slip his 7.5" of uncut raging cock into the hole. Though Danny had just been fucked, his teen cunt was still nice and tight. Arthur slowly inched into the hole and Danny accommodated it nicely. Soon Arthur was buried to the hilt in Danny and the two became one as Arthur slowly fucked Danny's ass. The twin looked into Danny's blue eyes and he fell in love. He leaned in and kissed Danny tenderly. The red-headed teen was reluctant at first, but soon felt an infatuation and opened his mouth to receive Arthur's tongue. Both sets of teens were in the throes of excitement when Mike and Andrew looked in on them. As they left, Peter was the first to release his load.

"FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!" he cried out as the first volley shot deep into Jan's ass. This released her load all over Peter as he shot several times into her bowels. Arthur's load was ready to escape his ball sac as he pushed in Danny's ass and he released numerous shots. Danny, when the second shot hit his prostate, spewed all over himself and Arthur. All four teens collapsed and each pair held onto each other as they fell asleep.

Keith, Greg, Marcia, Charley, and Doug went to Greg's room in the chalet. Keith was unsure why all five were in the room, but he soon found out.

"Keith, we better explain things to you." Greg said. "Marcia and I are lovers as are Charley and Doug."

"Two homos!" Keith exclaimed. "I'm getting out of here!"

Greg and Doug prevented that by blocking the door and grabbed Keith. They threw him on the bed and all four proceeded to rear his clothes off. Keith had a nice build and a healthy 4" cock that was soft. Doug was the first to strip and revealed his strong, muscular body and small cock. Keith began to laugh until Marcia slapped his face. Charley was the next to strip and Keith's eyes bugged out at the sight of the massive 13". Greg was the next to strip and the hard 11" was pointing at Keith. The prone teen was speechless, only a slight gurgling sound emitted from his mouth. Marcia was the last. She first revealed her large breasts, which Greg began to suckle. This got Keith hard, quickly until his rod was at its full 7". Marcia turned and lowered her shorts and panties. This revealed the hot ass she had. Keith's cock leaked precum like a dripping faucet.

"You like?" she asked coyly and wiggled her ass. "Then you'll love this."

She turned and her hard 5.5" pointed at Keith. The oldest Partridge boy tried to say something, but to no avail. As he started to move, all the boys pounced and Keith was tied to the bed. A t-shirt was shoved into his mouth. Marcia then whistled upon which Davy and Desi arrived in all their glory. Davy's hard uncut 7" was leaking all over the floor, while Desi's 12" was being handled by Davy. Ever since their true feelings came out, Davy loved Desi making love to him almost every night.

"First, we have some unfinished business." Greg said. "Doug you owe Marcia for your insult a few months back."

"Marcia, I do owe you for my stupidity." Doug replied. "And now you can give me my due, please."

"I appreciate that Doug." Marcia said. "But I also owe Charley for being my champion. Greg do you mind if I reward Charley?"

Greg shook his head no as he approached her. He kissed Marcia and hugged her. What neither Doug nor Marcia knew was Greg and Charley have had some hot fuck sessions on several occasions and Greg knew Charley could make anyone walk funny. Doug laid on one of the beds and raised his legs. Marcia saw the gaping hole that had been well fucked. She slid her tongue deep into the hole. As she ate out the hot pucker, Charley slipped his tongue into Marcia's ass ring. They were so deeply involved in their world that they did not see what was happening on the other bed. Greg and Desi raised Keith's legs by the ropes and tied them off after throwing them over a rafter. Davy dove into the hot, hairy hole of the teen and pushed his tongue deep into Keith. Davy did notice something. His tongue slipped in easily and he could taste the remnants of cum. He smiled and waved Greg and Desi over. He whispered his finding and all three looked at the terrified boy.

"So you're not a fag?" Greg said as he removed the rag.

"No I'm not." Keith said.

The three on the other bed looked up to see what was going on. Greg slipped two fingers into Keith's hole to the last knuckle in one move. Keith began to groan with pleasure. All six realized they had a slut boy on their hands.

"You wanna change your answer?" Greg asked wryly.

Keith closed his eyes and began to cry. It seemed that when his family decided to start a band, they tried to heard, but to no avail. He went to one producer that told Keith if he wanted to get ahead, he would have to give up something while he rubbed his cock. Keith was afraid, but relented because he wanted his music to be heard. At first it was only sucking the producer's cock, but it developed to getting his ass fucked. At first he did not want to do it, but after a while he enjoyed a dick in his ass. He got together with a friend of his to satisfy his cock lust. Greg looked at the pitiful teen as he tried to get an idea what to say.

"We're not here to judge." Greg said. "Be true to yourself."

They untied Keith and Davy continued to eat his hole. Keith began to suck Greg and Desi's dicks alternatively and loved their taste. As each cock was moistened, Keith was trying to decide who he wanted to fuck him first. He decided to go with both. Keith had heard about being double-dicked, but was afraid. Greg saw some fear in his eyes and tried to comfort him.

"Don't worry." he said. "We'll take it slow."

"It's not that." Keith said. "I decided to try something and I'm afraid."

"What's that?" Desi asked.

"I want both of you in me." Keith said with great trepidation.

Both Greg and Desi looked at each other in amazement. They were both trying to imagine how 23" of hard thick meat could fit in the ass of their new friend. Davy had already started by inserting 3 fingers in the hole, which Keith took with very little discomfort. Davy slipped his fourth finger and Keith recoiled in pain for just a moment, then he moaned with great passion. Greg and Desi climbed on the bed next to Keith. Greg placed his legs over Desi, even though he was the taller of the two. Davy, still with his fingers in Keith's ass, helped the boy up and led him to the other teens. As Keith straddled the legs, Davy grabbed both dicks and placed them together. Keith lowered himself and held just a foot above the great giant phallus. Davy slowly removed his fingers and Keith placed his hole on the two-headed monster. With a deep breath and closed eyes, Keith pushed down. Some how both heads pierced his sphincter and imbedded in his hole. The pain ran through every nerve in his body. Keith's first reaction was to pull off, but he remained still for almost 10 minutes. No one seemed to move, but to stare at this amazing feat. Though the pain was excruciating, Keith lowered himself further on Greg and Desi. After a couple of inches, he stopped to adjust until every inch of the two large missiles were in his ass. Sweat was pouring off Keith's body and he weakly smiled as he achieved his accomplishment. Everyone cheered to see the teen take everything in his hole. Keith moved up and down a couple of inches and began to enjoy the feeling in his hole. He felt full and knew he had to find a lover with a huge dick after this. Every time he moved down, both dicks pressed against his prostate and he was flowing precum. Davy began to lap it up. Then the British rock star decided to try something. He faced Keith and lowered his ass on the hard 7". Keith was doing double duty. While he was being fucked by two dicks, he fucked a hot ass.

When the four proceeded fucking themselves silly, the threesome on the other bed resumed where they were. Marcia dove back on Doug's ass while Charley tongue-fucked Marcia. After a few minutes, Marcia proceeded to push her hot 5.5" deep into Doug's ass. When she was completely in his hole, Charley slipped his hard 13" into Marcia's tight ass. He had to take it slowly since this was the largest dick Marcia took. After several minutes she felt the final piece of meat embedded and the bush against her cheeks. They stayed still while Marcia adjusted to the monster, then Charley began to fuck her hole. As Charley pulled out, he took Marcia with him, so to Doug, he felt as if he was being double fucked.

In the room all you could hear were moans of pleasure. Davy's hard cock rubbed against Keith's abs. Marcia loved the hard 13" mammoth in her and she wanted more.

"Oh Charley." she cried out. "Give me your seed."

"Marcia, God your so fucking hot!" Doug and Charley said in unison.

Sweat poured from everyone until Davy and Doug could stand no more. Almost simultaneously, they shot their loads, Doug on his hard abs and chest, while Davy's jizz released all over himself and Keith. As their asses shut, the chain reaction occurred. Marcia planted her seed in Doug, while Keith exploded deep in Davy's ass. As these ass muscles contracted, the final three explosions happened as they flooded the caverns where they were exploring. All there could be heard was loud moans and grunts, with the occasional remarks.





All seven collapsed on the beds. They finally disentangled themselves and got together. Davy and Desi went to one bed. Charley and Davy pulled out a sleeping bag and cuddled on the floor. Greg and Marcia paired off, but took Keith with them to their bed.

"So Marcia, how was Charley?" Greg asked.

"He has an amazing cock." she replied. "But you're the best lover."

"Keith, how would you like to feel a hot ass on your cock?" Greg asked.

"Maybe later." he said. "Let's just cuddle."

They all went to sleep very contented.

In the room with Bobby, Cindy, and Chris, a fourth person went with them - Jerry Rogers. They all sat on the beds, just looking at each other, rather nervous. Chris and Cindy were trying to figure out why Jerry was in their room. Bobby decided to break the silence.

"Well I guess it's time for bed." he said.

Bobby stood and pulled off his t-shirt, then lowered his shorts to reveal his hard 6" cock. Cindy followed suit and revealed her perky breasts and her 4" rod. Both Jerry and Chris looked at her with wide-eyed amazement at the girl's dick. Jerry stripped and showed off his muscles. He then showed his hard 10" dick, which had Cindy and Chris to look in amazement. Chris was very reluctant to take off his clothes.

"What's they matter Chris?" Bobby asked.

"I can't take my clothes off." Chris said almost in tears.

"Why not?" Cindy asked.

"I'm so small." Chris said. "And you'll laugh at me. And I-I-I'm gay."

"Duh." Bobby said. "So are we. And for being small, we'll not laugh at you."

Bobby removed Chris' shirt and revealed the cute chest with just a little baby fat. He then removed the boy's shorts and revealed the tighty whiteys of the 11 year old. They noticed a bulge in his briefs and Bobby motioned for Jerry to the bed.

"Take off his briefs with your teeth." the youngest Brady boy ordered.

Jerry smiled and grabbed the waist band with his teeth and slowly lowered the briefs. As he removed the front, a hard, smooth 3" cut rod was revealed with a pair of balls the size of grapes. Jerry continued to work the briefs down and showed the plump bubble butt of the blonde boy. Chris seemed to turn red, not wanting to be revealed. Bobby and Cindy had other plans and pushed the boy on the bed. This allowed Jerry to remove the briefs. Cindy and Bobby each worked on Chris' nips. They were licking and sucking on them, which was driving the blonde boy crazy. He did not realize that they were so sensitive. Jerry began to lick up Chris' legs and blonde boy's dick jerked. Each of the three kissed Chris gently so he would not be scared.

"You see Chris." Bobby said. "No one here will judge you. So, since you are the new one, what is your pleasure?"

"Well my friends and I have only sucked each other a couple of times." Chris said. "I've wondered what fucking is like."

"Okay." Bobby said. "Jerry, let's have some fun."

Jerry came over and got on all fours. Chris looked at the hard, muscular ass winking at him. Bobby spread Jerry's cheeks and Chris saw the hole with hairs around it.

"Okay Chris." Bobby said. "You have to get this hot ass ready."

"Ready?" Chris asked.

"Yeah." Bobby said. "You have to lick it. Get it wet."

"Gross!" the blonde boy responded.

"Watch." Bobby said as he dove in the hairy crack and stuck his tongue in the hole.

Jerry was squirming and pushed back on the tongue. Cindy in the meantime began to suck Chris' cock and the Partridge boy squealed with pleasure. His dick seemed to get harder. Bobby finally got off Jerry's ass and looked at Chris.

"See, it's not bad." the Brady boy said. "Just take it slowly."

Chris looked at the hole and cautiously put the tip of his tongue at the hole, then quickly removed it. He thought to himself it was not too bad, so he licked the hole again. Chris finally shoved his tongue deep in the ass and he began to move his tongue in and out. After several minutes Chris lined his rod against the hairy hole and pushed. There was no resistance and his entire 3" slipped in tightly. Chris' entire body tingled with pleasure. He moved back and forth and his pole pushed hard into Jerry. Though Jerry had been fucked several times, Chris' cock felt good because he was taking the boy's cherry. Chris was not to last long and in just a couple of minutes his entire body spasmed with his climax. The only sound was a minute squeal from the blonde boy. Chris collapsed on Jerry's back after his orgasm. Bobby and Cindy laid him back on the bed and a peaceful look was on his face.

"Now Chris." Bobby said. "You will learn to receive."

This snapped the blonde out of his euphoria. Jerry had grabbed his legs an Bobby was tonguing his ass. Chris began to squirm when the tongue hit his hole because of the sudden intrusion and pleasure he was feeling. Bobby's tongue moved in and out of Chris' hole, while Jerry prepared Cindy for the inevitable probe of Chris' being. Bobby inserted a finger into the unexplored hole and Chris cringed in pain. Bobby remained steadfast until the boy relaxed. He then worked the finger around the hole, then pressed a second digit into the hole. Again waiting for Chris to relax, Bobby then proceeded to work the two fingers in the hole. While he did this, Cindy prepared to do what she had never done - fuck someone. Bobby removed is fingers and Cindy lined up her uncut dick with the hole. She pushed and met with some resistance. The next time she tried, the head popped through the sphincter and Chris yelped.

"Don't move Cindy." Bobby instructed. "Remember, let him get used to it."

Several minutes passed and Chris loosened the muscles in his ass. Cindy pushed further in and met no opposition. Chris felt her bush on his smooth cheeks and their ball sacs met. Cindy slowly fucked Chris and the blonde boy began to enjoy the feeling. He pushed back on Cindy's cock and they developed an awkward rhythm, but they enjoyed it. Jerry, in the interim, was sucking on Bobby's 6" cock. Cindy could not hold off on her climax as she rammed her dick deep in Chris and she released a nice load of cum into his ass. As Cindy released her rod from Chris' sheath, Bobby prepared to take her place. Bobby slowly pushed into Chris, who quickly adapted to the larger organ. Bobby began to slowly fuck Chris as Cindy came to her lover/brother and kissed him deeply. Chris took Cindy's cock in his mouth and tasted his own ass juices as well as the cum. Jerry came over and began fondling Cindy's breasts, which caused Cindy to cum unexpectedly. Chris was taken by surprise as he began to swallow the jizz that flowed. Bobby then hit Chris' prostate, which sent shockwaves through Chris' body. His cock sprung to his 3" hardness. Chris loved the hard dick in his ass as he continued to suck on Cindy's cock. Bobby was ready to unload his cum and he slammed deep into Chris, who had another dry climax without touching his dick. When Chris' ass clamped hard on Bobby, the Brady boy spewed his juices into the hole. Chris also clamped hard on Cindy's dick and she released another load into Chris' mouth.

As Cindy released her rod from Chris' mouth and Bobby pulled out of his ass, Jerry knelt over Chris with his 10" leaking precum. Chris slowly took the thick teen rod in his mouth a few inches. He tasted the sweet clear liquid and loved it. Chris was able to work 6" into his mouth before he knew he could not handle any more. After several minutes, Jerry pulled Chris off his cock and began to kiss him. As he held Chris to his muscular chest, he began to lower the boy to his cock. When Chris' ass was at the top of the cock, the young boy felt it but did not care. His ass opened for Jerry as the head popped into his ass. Chris stopped until he was able to adjust to it. Bobby and Cindy looked at this as they held each other. Bobby decided to give Cindy himself. He sucked on her left breast while he caressed the right and her cock simultaneously. Cindy became hard almost instantly. Bobby moved down to her dick and replaced his mouth with his hand on her left breast. Bobby laid her back and straddled her rod. Bobby took the entire length in one move and began to fuck her pole. As he leaned down, he worked on her breasts and kissed her passionately as lovers do. With both Bobby and Chris on hard cocks, the moans grew in intensity. Jerry fell in love with Chris and the feelings were mutual. Bobby make Cindy feel very special. Jerry was the first person to shoot his load. The first blast hit Chris' prostate, which caused the blonde Partridge to have another climax. Cindy released her load with great force, which sent Bobby's balls to release their contents all over Cindy. The four laid on the same bed and held onto each other as they fell asleep.


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