A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

As Cindy released her rod from Chris' mouth and Bobby pulled out of his ass, Jerry knelt over Chris with his 10" leaking precum. Chris slowly took the thick teen rod in his mouth a few inches. He tasted the sweet clear liquid and loved it. Chris was able to work 6" into his mouth before he knew he could not handle any more. After several minutes, Jerry pulled Chris off his cock and began to kiss him. As he held Chris to his muscular chest, he began to lower the boy to his cock. When Chris' ass was at the top of the cock, the young boy felt it but did not care. His ass opened for Jerry as the head popped into his ass. Chris stopped until he was able to adjust to it. Bobby and Cindy looked at this as they held each other. Bobby decided to give Cindy himself. He sucked on her left breast while he caressed the right and her cock simultaneously. Cindy became hard almost instantly. Bobby moved down to her dick and replaced his mouth with his hand on her left breast. Bobby laid her back and straddled her rod. Bobby took the entire length in one move and began to fuck her pole. As he leaned down, he worked on her breasts and kissed her passionately as lovers do. With both Bobby and Chris on hard cocks, the moans grew in intensity. Jerry fell in love with Chris and the feelings were mutual. Bobby make Cindy feel very special. Jerry was the first person to shoot his load. The first blast hit Chris' prostate, which caused the blonde Partridge to have another climax. Cindy released her load with great force, which sent Bobby's balls to release their contents all over Cindy. The four laid on the same bed and held onto each other as they fell asleep.

Chapter 17: Come On, Get Happy Part II

Oliver, Michael, and John were in bed when Mike knocked.

"Come in." Oliver said.

Mike poked his head in the room and sat on the chair in the corner. He was quiet for a while, but found the words to say to Oliver.

"Son." he began. "We have to talk in the morning. I have something to give you."

"What is it Dad?" the blonde boy asked, feeling a little strange that Mike was his father now.

"A letter." he responded. "It's from your parents."

Oliver was torn whether to read it or not. Here were two people that decided to dump him on relatives, but he wanted to see what they had to say. Michael and John held him tight.

"Don't worry." Michael said. "We'll be here for you."

All three men agreed with the statement and Mike kissed Oliver and gave the two hunky ex-cops big hugs. He left the room and the three lovers were on the bed.

"So big man." John said to Oliver. "What shall we do tonight?"

"Double my pleasure." the blonde boy said.

The three had several ways of double dicking Oliver's ass, but Oliver's favorite was both men on their backs. The started with a mutual suck fest. Oliver began working on Michael's monster, Michael swallowing John's hot dick, and John eating Oliver's hole. After several minutes they would switch, where Oliver had John's rod in his mouth, John with Michael sausage, and Michael eating Oliver's hole.

"Okay, set up." Oliver ordered.

John straddled his legs over Michael's so their huge balls and cocks touched. Oliver grasped both dicks and placed them at his hole. He faced John and the heads pushed through his ass ring. He then turned clockwise and faced Michael, thus lowering himself. He then turned counter-clockwise to John and further lowered himself down. He continued this until both men were fully embedded in his ass. This twisting enthralled the two men as their cocks rubbed together in the tight cavern of the boy. Oliver began riding their cocks with deep thrusts, which caused the boy to spring his precum to the tip of his own 4.5". Oliver rode these men with the expertise of a bull rider at a rodeo. After almost an hour, where Oliver's climax reached its pinnacle six different times and he prevented it, the blonde boy turned to Michael and released a flood of boy juice that hit the man's face, neck, chest, abs, and groin. And as his own climax caused his ass to clamp on the two poles, the two men who loved him sent their seed deep into Oliver's body. After several minutes, and the men's poles still in his ass, Oliver slowly removed himself off their bodies. He grabbed John's arm and tried to pull him to Michael's head. Both Oliver and John licked the body of their Hispanic lover and devoured the pre-teen jizz.

Mike and Andrew were in their room with their special guest - Sam. The burly butcher was sitting in a chair and wondered why he was there. Mike and Andrew stood before the man in all their glory.

"Sam." Mike began. "I know you feel sorry for not being at Alice's funeral. I know how much you loved her."

"Mike." Sam said. "I was so ashamed not being there. I thought your family was angry for my absence."

"Nothing could be further from the truth." Mike replied. "But one person wanted to know how much you loved Alice."

"Who?" the big man asked.

"Andrew." Mike said with his arm around Andrew's shoulder. "Alice's nephew."

"Sam." Andrew said. "My aunt said you loved her. I want to see that love and that way the bond between you two will never die."

Sam rose and began to undress. Mike and Andrew helped him along until the butcher's special 11" sausage sprung from his pants. Sam stopped as he looked at Andrew. He saw the shadow of Alice in his face and began to cry. Andrew embraced the man and soothed him. He felt the hairy chest of Sam against his own and knew why Alice loved Sam. Mike and Andrew led him to the bed and laid him on it. Andrew kissed Same fully on the lips and Sam returned the gesture. Mike began to work on Andrew's ass by rimming the hole, but did not penetrate it. Andrew began to lower to Sam's chest and kissed down to the half-dollar sized nipples. He began to bite them which caused Sam to jerk. He loved when Alice did that to him. Andrew began to work further down until the hard tube-steak was at his mouth. But instead of taking it fully into his mouth, he worked on it inch by inch, which drove Sam wild. Mike was still working on the hole and his tongue was very much deep in Andrew's mancunt. After several minutes, Andrew pulled of Sam's pole and Mike removed his tongue from Andrew. Andrew laid by Sam and looked at him.

"Please Sam." the man said. "Please show me the love you had for Alice."

Sam stared in disbelief, then looked at Mike. Mike nodded and smiled at the butcher. Sam raised up and put Andrew's legs on his shoulders. Sam knew Mike was a bit larger than he was, but he still did not want to hurt Andrew. He slowly entered the man's hole and felt the looseness, but warmth of the man. As Sam began to work his way into Andrew, Mike began to spread the hairy cheeks of Sam. Mike slid his tongue around the brown pucker of the man. As he stuck the tongue into Sam, the big man squirmed and drove his rod deeper into Andrew, who loved the thick piece of meat in him. Mike tongue-fucked the big man's ass, then pushed two fingers into the hole. Sam stiffened when he felt the intrusion, but relaxed after a couple of minutes. He knew what was coming and did not fear Mike's cock in him. Mike pushed another finger into Sam and he pushed back on the digits. Mike removed his fingers and placed his 12" at Sam's hole. He pushed in and Sam accommodated 4" before he tightened. Sam's own dick leaked precum into Andrew's ass. As Sam relaxed his hole, Mike pushed more in slowly and Sam adjusted easily until Mike's bush pressed against Sam's hairy ass. Mike began to fuck Sam, who followed the patriarch's lead. As they developed a rhythm, the one who truly felt the effects was Andrew, who lowered his legs and tried to pull both men into him. He felt the power of Mike and Sam's dicks pounding into him and he felt loved by these two wonderful men.

"Oh God!" he exclaimed. "Fuck Me! Love Me!"

This redoubled the efforts of both men and they made sure Andrew felt them. Each dick hit the prostate of the hole it was in and Andrew knew he was close. After 30 minutes of ramming their dicks home, the unison of their blasts filled the room.




The huge blasts of cum completed the love in the room. As the three finally came down from their exhilarated culmination, Mike and Sam collapsed to the side of Andrew. Mike had removed his cock from Sam's ass and got on the other side of Andrew.

"Sam, your love for Alice will live with us." Andrew told the man.

"Sam, we decided we want you to move in with us." Mike said. "Just say yes."

"Oh yes." Sam said with no hesitation. "I do want this."

"Sam, I wanted to make sure you got this." Andrew said.

Andrew got up and pulled a frame from his suitcase and a letter. The picture was one of San and Alice after they won the mixed doubles bowling tournament. Andrew pulled out a letter and read it.

"Andrew." it began. "There was a man in my life. His name is Sam Franklin. We loved each other and I hope we get married. But I also know of his penchant for males also. So if for any reason I die, please love him as I do. And if you are with Mr. Brady at the time, I know his love will expand to Sam. Remember I love you all. Love, Aunt Alice."

All three men were crying and held each other. Here was a woman whose love and kindness poured to everyone she met and knew. And here she was to make sure the man she loved was cared for after her death. The three men finally fell asleep with Andrew sandwiched between two men who loved him.

As the day broke, all rose to a hearty breakfast and ate au natural. Mike looked at this large group and loved his family so much and believed nothing could change that now.

"Okay folks." he said. "So you know, Sam is joining the family. It is the wishes of Alice that he does."

The Brady kids cheered and hugged Sam. They grew up with the man and he was very nice to them. The Partridge boys were trying to figure out why Sam was so welcome. Bobby explained who Sam was and how close he was to the family.

"Now everyone clean up." Mike ordered. "Then shower. We're going down to the lake."

The kids and adults made sure the chalet was cleaned while Mike, John, and Michael took Oliver into the den. They sat down and Mike pulled the letter out of a desk drawer. He handed the envelop to Oliver, who looked at it. His finger slipped under the flap and he opened it. There was a letter , which he unfolded and read.

"Dear Son." it started. "Your father and I are here in Peru. I know when we left you, harsh words were spoken. Though your father cannot understand your lifestyle, but I'm trying. I want you to be happy and if you are happy with who you are, I am too. All I care is that you find someone who will love you as much as you love him. Please be careful. I love you my son. Mom"

Oliver was crying after reading the letter. Mike read it, then handed it to Michael and John. All three men hugged the boy and held him until he was finished. Mike sat Oliver on his lap.

"Remember Oliver." he said. "You have a family who loves you, no matter what. And these two will love you and protect you."

Michael and John kissed the blonde boy on the cheeks. They got up and Oliver hugged Mike very tight.

"What's that for?" Mike asked with a smile.

"For being you." Oliver said. "Can I tell you something."

"Sure." the man replied.

"I was mad at you when Andrew moved in." the boy told him. "I thought you were abandoning me like Mom and Dad. But these guys came into my life and I'm so happy."

"I'm so glad son." Mike said. "And we'll never abandon you."

They left the room and everyone was wondering what was going on. Mike told them it was a matter that Oliver needed to handle and if he wanted to tell he would. Mike also told them not to pester him. Chris approached his brothers and they went to the kitchen.

"Ummm, guys." he said. "I have something to tell you. I'm gay."

Keith and Danny grabbed their little brother, who thought they were going to hit him, but they hugged him and kissed him.

"So are we." Keith said. "Are you fine with this?"

Chris, who rarely smiled, kissed his brothers and hugged them. He looked at them and wondered who had them.

"You know the guy named Jerry?" the blonde said.

"Yeah." Danny replied.

"I love him and he loves me." Chris said.

"Well Arthur is so hot and very cute." Danny said.

"Desi and Davy want me to on the road with them." Keith told his brothers.

"Man we're so lucky." Danny said.

The Partridge boys joined the rest and all went to the lake for a day of swimming and just relaxing. Andrew planned a large picnic for lunch. New friends got to know each other better. They went back to the chalet for dinner and it seemed that the mood was light. Even Oliver, who read the letter at the beginning of the day, was in a better mood. Each evening, the routine seemed settled with those who fell in love spent their nights together. Marcia even forgave Jerry Rogers without gaining a revenge.

Larry Matthews, as promised, released the news about the death of Oliver's parents after the Bradys left for the chalet. And as expected, the media surrounded the house to talk with the orphan. But as they arrived, they found the house empty, with the exception of security guards. After a week, the media finally gave up and left the area.

On the last day, Mike called the three boys together to talk. As they gathered in Mike's room he looked at his sons with pride and a little angst.

"Soon, Greg will be going to college." he began. "I look at all three of you and can't help but be filled with pride in all of you. You are good kids and all I want is to see you happy and I want us to have one last moment together."

Mike unbutton his shirt and the boys followed suit by peeling off their shirts, then shorts. As they lay on the bed, Mike pulled Bobby on top, with Greg to his left and Peter to his right. Mike wanted to feel their dicks rubbing against his and kissed his sons. Greg and Peter worked on his hairy chest and all four were lost in a bonding moment that only could be felt through father and sons. Their cocks rubbed against each other and the pleasure ran through their bodies. And as if they were one being, their cocks exploded in unison all over Mike's body. As they came down from their climax, the boys licked the juices from their father's body. They laid on Mike and wondered if there was a better father anywhere. They fell asleep for a couple of hours, only to be awaken by Andrew. Mike smiled at him and Andrew kissed his lover deep. The boys woke up, jumped Andrew, and kissed him.

"Andrew, just make sure Dad is happy." Peter said. "Or deal with us."

"I will." the man told them. "He's too wonderful to hurt."

They left the room and joined everyone for dinner. The meal was fun, but there was some sadness since it was the last night. Since Danny and Arthur lived near each other, they were going to get together all the time. Keith worked out the arrangements to join Desi and Davy on tour. Chris knew Jerry was going to college near by his house so they were going to get together regularly. Of course Doug and Charley had each other and probably will forever. Sam was to move in with the Bradys and the family had three parents. As for the six kids their lives went on.


Greg went to college, but lived at home. He got his degree in pre-med, then became a doctor - OB/GYN specifically. He became famous as he developed a way for transgendered females to have children. Marcia followed Greg to college and got her degree in business, then her MBA. She and Greg married and with Greg's discovery, they had two children, both girls.

Peter got his degree in public relations and went into advertising. His powerful personality allowed him a large client base who enjoyed his take charge attitude. Jan became an interior decorator. Her flair and style became well known. Her clients were well known and she enjoyed the work. Peter and Jan also married and decided to adopt two children., a boy and a girl. Their reasons to adopt were that they children were deemed unadoptable for being gay. The two Bradys opened their home to these kids.

Bobby decided to become a teacher and got his degree in education, with an emphasis on special education. His students loved him because he was a patient person that cared. Cindy decided to go into broadcasting. She got her degree in media arts and became a huge radio personality. Bobby and Cindy married and had Greg help them to have two children, a boy and a girl.

Oliver went into politics and became a state senator with own security staff - Michael and John. The three were very happy together and they also adopted a boy who was gay and selling himself on the street.

Mike, Sam, and Andrew stayed together as a family. They continued to be there for each other and their family. They always got together for the holidays, vacations, and the anniversaries of Alice and Oliver's parents' deaths.

The Partridge boys, Arthur, Jerry, Doug, Charley, Davy, and Desi all come to the Bradys house for special times. It seemed that the bonds that developed on that two week time at the chalet was stronger than glue. Jerry and Chris got together after Chris graduated high school and started their own gym franchise. Arthur and Danny became talent agents for some big named celebrities. Charley and Doug took over Charley's father's hardware business. Keith, Davy, and Desi went on the road and became big successes. It seemed that all became the perfect picture for this group.



NOTE: As we close the story of this television family, I will say that it has been fun writing it. I told my friends about it and some of them read it. The first words they said were You have a very warped mind. Warped or not, this was my first story and the people over the last 2 years who have written me about this story have been very supportive. This had led me to other stories that I created because of what people wrote me. My lover and partner, who read the start of this story told me I had a fertile mind and wondered how I could do this. All I could tell him was they were in me needing to come out. I tried to use some of the story lines from the show also and if Sherwood Schwartz saw this story he would have a stroke. I will say just a small part of the last chapter, about Keith and dealing with his homosexuality came from an idea that I had read in a book called Dead Egotistical Morons by Mark Richard Zubro. If you have a chance to get this book, do so.

Though this is the last chapter, I still would love to hear what you think about it. Please do email me at WritHot@comcast.net. And I hope that you will read my other stories. I do plan to finish Air Force Fun within a week and have it posted by next Friday at the latest.

And as for Andrew. I did get an email from him today and though he is feeling somewhat depressed, he is trying to keep his spirits up with the help of his family. Please keep good thoughts about this man.


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