A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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I feel that you should see where we left off at the last chapter:

They continued to make love for almost and hour, Bobby feeling the power of Peter in him and Peter feeling the tightness of Bobby's ass around his dick. They sweated and felt each other and knowing they loved each other more than brotherly love. Peter felt the passion surging through his body and ready to cum in his brother's ass.

"I'm so close Bobby. I'm ready to cum." Peter yelled.

"So am I Peter. I want to feel your cum. Breed my ass. Make me yours." Bobby moaned.

They continued to fuck and kiss. Peter finally rammed his dick deep in his brother's ass and they hit Bobby's button.


Bobby could feel 8 hard shots of cum move into his ass, coating his ass walls. This sent him over the edge.

"FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK" Bobby yelled out. He shot 6 large amounts between his body and Peter's, coating them and making them one. After each had finished, Bobby could still feel Peter's softening dick still in his ass. They kissed long and hard, feeling Bobby's cum rubbing between them.


Each looking deep in each other's eyes and not a word passed. They knew they loved each other and were ready to make it wonder forever.


They didn't hear the door open and their brother, Greg, standing there. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" Greg screamed.

Chapter 2: Taking on Big Brother

Peter and Bobby were wide-eyed with fear on what their brother was thinking. All they could see is disgust and hate in his eyes.

"WHAT WERE YOU FAGGOTS DOING?" Greg screamed vehemently.

All Bobby and Peter could do is look at him with fear. They didn't know what he was planning. They hoped that Greg would not tell their parents.

"Get your queer asses out of bed and up to my room." Greg told them harshly.

They climbed the stairs to the attic room that Greg got after they cleaned it out for the rummage sale at the school. Peter and Bobby, still naked and their dicks soft, looked at each other on what Greg might have them do. Greg was so sadistic at times when getting even with them. Now he had them where he wanted them.

Greg started to take off his shirt, and the boys looked at the hot chest of their oldest brother. Strong pecs and large nips that they would love to suck on forever, if he wasn't such an asshole.

Like his brothers, Greg had the curliest brown hair and piercing blue eyes. They lingered on to the hot 6 pak abs he had, with a treasure trail of brown hair from his navel to his pants. Greg was the hottest guy they had ever seen, but still was a piece of shit brother.

Greg then undid his jeans and lowered them. Bobby and Peter loved looking at his hard muscular thighs and calves covered in hot brown hair. They saw his boxers tent to an enormous size they never thought of before. As they saw the bulge, Greg looked at them leeringly.

"Get your fucking asses on your knees and crawl over here." he demanded.

Peter and Bobby did as they were told and crawled on their knees to him. They looked up at their brother and worried what he might do.

"Take off my boxers with your teeth you faggots!" Greg said.

Peter started on the front and Bobby on the back, grabbing the waist area of the boxers with their teeth, and pulled them down. Out sprung a hard cut 11" thick dick, oozing with precum that started to coat Peter's face.

"Now you fags are going to suck my dick, then I am going to fuck both of you" Greg said with an evil smile. "Get your fucking asses on my bed now."

As the boys were getting on the bed, Greg's phone rang. He decided not to answer it since he had an answering machine. This turned out to be a big mistake on his part. As the machine picked up the call the 3 boys heard Greg's friend, Hank Wilson.

"Hey Greg, I've been thinking about you. Your hot ass with my dick deep in it, fucking you long and hard." Hank said on the machine.

Greg grabbed the phone too late and told Hank he would talk to him later. He hung up the phone, turned, and saw his brothers coming at him.

"Call us faggots and you love a hard dick in your ass." Peter sneered.

"Greg, I thought you were a god, but you are nothing but a fucker." Bobby cried with venom.

They tackled their brother onto his bed and forced their brother on his back. Even though Greg could take them easily one-on-one, they were too much for him together. Greg saw Peter's 7.5" dick at his mouth and feared that his brother would force him to suck his dick.

Bobby was a quick kid. He grabbed the tape from the answering machine and looked at Greg.

"I guess we have something to hold over you Greg." Bobby laughed. "I guess you are a hot `fag' just like us. Now how about us enjoying your dick."

They jumped Greg and started to kiss him all over. They were kissing his mouth, first Bobby, then Peter. They were mixed of hormones and love at that time. They worked down his neck, hard chest, then worked on the wonderful nips on the hard chest of his brother. Greg began moaning loudly.

"Oh fuck you guys, that feels so fucking good." Greg exclaimed with passion.

They continued to lick down to his hard abs, tasting his 17 year old Adonis chest, playing with the hair around his navel. All Greg could do is squirm with delight, feeling it from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

Bobby and Peter continued down and licked through their brother's thick bush to the tower of pleasure. Bobby started to tongue fuck his oldest brother's piss slit, tasting the precum that was flowing out copiously. Peter started to lick Greg's massive shaft all over. They could hear what kind of pleasure they were giving him and just winked at each other.

Bobby decided he wanted to try to swallow his brother's dick, but took it slowly. Peter decided to suck and lick the balls that hung low on Greg. His nuts were the size of oranges and he could take only one at a time.

While they were working on his dick, Greg wanted to try something he thought he would never do in his life, suck a dick. Before him were 2 dicks, 6" and 7.5" of hard boy cock. He warily took Bobby's dick in his mouth and felt the precum on his tongue. At this point, he knew he was a born cocksucker and would always be one. He swallowed Bobby's dick slowly, finally taking it all in his mouth. Bobby was moaning, taking 6" of Greg's dick in his mouth. All the boys could think of is how hot they were for each other.

Greg started to lick Peter's hot dick and loved the feeling that his middle brother had. He also could imagine his brother with a bigger dick than he has. Hank had a nice dick Greg thought, but it was only 9". He knew that he wanted to be fucked by his brother, but how to approach this.

Bobby pulled off Greg's dick. He looked at his brother and then Peter. Peter knew what his little brother wanted and nodded approvingly. Greg saw this and he smiled.

"Greg I want you to fuck me with your hot dick." Bobby pleaded with him.

"I will, but we can't leave Peter out. How can we include him?" Greg stated. It was as if Peter read his mind.

"Well brother, while you fuck my lover, I will be fucking you." Peter stated as a matter-of-factly.

Bobby was excited and spread his cheeks. Greg was ready to put some lube in his brother's ass, but Peter stopped him.

"Bobby loves getting his ass rimmed and eaten." Peter said.

Greg looked in disgust, but Bobby looked at him with anticipation. Greg pulled the cheeks apart and saw the slick ass of his baby brother, with Peter's cum dripping slowly from the hole. Greg moved down and sniffed. He didn't smell anything except cum. He tasted the hole and cum and dove in lovingly to Bobby's boypussy. Tasting the freshly fuck hole and the cum made Greg hotter than he expected. Bobby was squirming hard and tightening his hole on Greg's tongue.

Peter was moving behind Greg and saw a hole covered in hair. He licked through the hair to the hole, tasting the musky flavor of his brother. Greg jumped when he first felt Peter's tongue on his ass. He then felt Peter's tongue deeper in his ass. Greg felt the passion Bobby is feeling by his tongue. The boys finally decided it was time to fuck. Peter and Bobby knew this was not going to be what they had know just a little while earlier, but love getting Greg involved.

Bobby was on his hands and knees when Greg pulled the cheeks apart of his love hole. Greg put the head of his dick against Bobby's hole. He shoved the head in and Bobby froze in pain and fear. His hole tightened on Greg's dick so hard, Greg couldn't move and it hurt the head of his love pole.

"What's the matter Bobby?" Greg asked.

"Your dick is bigger than Peter's. Hold on while I get used to it." Bobby replied in pain. As the pain ebbed in his ass, Bobby was pushing back onto Greg's dick.

Meanwhile, Peter spread his older brother's ass cheeks and put the head of his dick at Greg's hole and pushed. Greg felt the head go in and he froze. He was feeling the dick of his brother slide in further and all he could do is squeeze the muscles in his ass on Peter's cock.

Finally Peter's cock was in Greg's ass and Greg's massive member was in Bobby's boypussy. As Peter pulled out he took Greg with him. With Peter fucking his ass, Greg didn't have to work at fucking Bobby. Bobby felt like he was being double fucked by his brothers.

"Oh shit, this feels so fucking hot!" Bobby exclaimed with delight. "Fuck me harder, please."

Greg moaned with the feeling Bobby's ass was doing to his dick and Peter fucking his ass.

"Man this so fucking hot." Peter said. "It feels like I'm fucking 2 asses at the same time."

The boys continued for quite a while. Greg reached around Bobby and was stroking his dick. Bobby could not hold off any longer.

"I'm gonna cum and hard." Bobby cried. His ass tightened and his dick shot so hard it hit the top of Greg's bed. Feeling the ass on his dick pushed Greg over the top. He shot 11 hard squirts of cum into his baby brother's ass. It was so much it was leaking out of Bobby's ass onto their legs. The force of Greg's ejaculation caused Peter to cum in his brother's pussy. He came so hard he almost passed out. He thought he would never stop cumming in Greg's hole.

The three boys fell sideways, Greg still in Bobby and Peter in Greg. They lean and held each other.

Greg finally spoke to his brothers. "I'm sorry what I did earlier, and now I wish I didn't move out of our room. I love you guys so much."

Don't worry Greg. We love you too, even though you can be an asshole sometimes" Bobby stated. "We can do this again later."

"Yeah. You have a great ass Greg and I can't wait to get fucked by my big brother's dick" Peter cried out.

"I wish I could, but the Fairview came is coming up and I have to study the plays the coach gave us. You guys can help me though, but I might have trouble concentrating on the plays and not your asses." Greg joked with them. They all laughed, but Greg was right. The Fairview game meant the league championship and a chance to go to state.

Chapter 3: See what happens to a thief in the Brady house.

Note: I appreciate the notes that I have been getting from those who read Chapter 1 of my story. As I stated this is my first attempt to write a story of any kind and I appreciate the messages of encouragement. I will write anyone who writes me. If you have any criticism, please sent it also because it makes me want to learn more and improve the story.