A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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"I'm gonna cum and hard." Bobby cried. His ass tightened and his dick shot so hard it hit the top of Greg's bed. Feeling the ass on his dick pushed Greg over the top. He shot 11 hard squirts of cum into his baby brother's ass. It was so much it was leaking out of Bobby's ass onto their legs. The force of Greg's ejaculation caused Peter to cum in his brother's pussy. He came so hard he almost passed out. He thought he would never stop cumming in Greg's hole.

The three boys fell sideways, Greg still in Bobby and Peter in Greg. They lean and held each other.

Greg finally spoke to his brothers. "I'm sorry what I did earlier, and now I wish I didn't move out of our room. I love you guys so much."

Don't worry Greg. We love you too, even though you can be an asshole sometimes" Bobby stated. "We can do this again later."

"Yeah. You have a great ass Greg and I can't wait to get fucked by my big brother's dick" Peter cried out.

"I wish I could, but the Fairview came is coming up and I have to study the plays the coach gave us. You guys can help me though, but I might have trouble concentrating on the plays and not your asses." Greg joked with them. They all laughed, but Greg was right. The Fairview game meant the league championship and a chance to go to state.

Chapter 3: Punishment for theft.

The Westdale-Fairview game was approaching. The Fairview players were worried that the league championship would be lost. They had heard the Westdale had a great running back in the name of Greg Brady. Jerry Rogers and his friends came up with a plan to make sure that Fairview would win, steal the Westdale playbook. The only question was how could they. Rich Michaels, a Fairview receiver, remembered that Greg had a sister, Marcia. Jerry figured that if he could get in good with her, he could steal the playbook and then go on to win the game.

Marcia, a 16 year old blonde beauty, was Greg's step-sister and a sophomore at Westdale. She was very popular and every guy wanted to date her. She was very loyal to her school and would help the school any way she could.

Monday, before the big game, Marcia was putting signs up all over town about the game.

"WESTDALE CLOBBER FAIRVIEW" is what they said.

Jerry saw Marcia and couldn't believe it. "That's Greg Brady's sister?" he exclaimed. "Too bad she goes to Westdale. She's a knock-out."

Rich said, "Remember what you're here for champ."

"Don't worry. You know my heart belongs to Fairview." Jerry replied.

Marcia dropped one of her posters and was bending down to pick it up. Jerry crossed the street and helped her pick it up. He then nailed the poster to a telephone pole.

"Thanks." Marcia said. Then seeing who was helping her was shocked. A hot guy was helping her and he was from Fairview. Jerry was 6'1" of good looking guy. At 195# he was a beautiful specimen of man. Jerry had curly dirty blonde hair and the most piercing green eyes, like jade. He had a magnificent physique and Marcia realized that he was a star quarterback. She also saw the tight jeans that outlined 6" of wonderful boy meat. Marcia knew she wanted to save herself for marriage, but she couldn't help staring. Marcia being a little self-centered thought that it must have been her charm and beauty. "Do you know you're Jerry Rogers?" she asked.

"Yes I know." he came back sweetly.

"And you're helping me?" she queried.

"Don't let this get out or I'll be in big trouble." Jerry said. "Mind if I call you sometime?"

"Hey that would be great!" Marcia exclaimed. She then gave Jerry her number and they parted ways.

Jerry crossed the street and met with his buddies. "No problem. That Brady chick doesn't know it, but she is going to help us win the championship." he bragged.

Marcia put up the rest of her posters and went home. As she ascended the stairs, she saw Jan and Cindy coming down. "Hey guys I have to tell you something." Marcia told them.

They went back to their room and Marcia told them about Jerry Rogers.

"He is so gorgeous." Marcia told them. "I hope that he does call me."

"Aren't you worried what Greg might say if he comes over here?" Jan asked her big sister. "You know the game is coming up. It could get ugly. Remember Warren Mulaney."

"I know and I hope that this will not be the same." Marcia said. "I just won't tell Greg unless I have to do so."

The girls kept chatting about Jerry well into the night. As morning came, Marcia felt so happy and alive. She got ready for school and bounded downstairs with a big smile on her face. Usually this told everyone she was in love with a boy and everyone noticed it on her face.

"So Marcia, who's the lucky creep you're going with?" Peter joked and laughing with his brothers. "Obviously someone who is so desperate, he would go out with Quasimodo and ring from the bell tower."

Marcia was so enraged, she walked over and popped Peter on the back of his head.

"Shut up you little creep or I'll do worse!" she yelled at him.

"Mom!" Peter cried out.

"Marcia, you know better than to hit your brother." Carol said. "And Peter, you know not to tease your sister. Now apologize."

"I'm sorry." they said halfheartedly.

Marcia went through school, but could not concentrate because of Jerry. She thought how good-looking he was and if she would be able to see him again. The final bell rang and after she went to her locker and put her books in it, left for home. All of a sudden a red Corvette convertible pulled up beside her and honked. It was Jerry Rogers.

"Marcia, you want a lift?" he asked.

All Marcia could do was smile. "Sure." she said. She got in the car and they sped off.

Greg was home and studying the plays the coach had given the team. Greg wanted to make sure that he was going to know all the plays so Westdale would win the championship. He started to get hungry and went into the kitchen to get a snack and then he heard the phone in his room ring. He raced upstairs to answer it.

Bobby and Cindy were in the backyard on the teeter-totter. Bobby's mind was not on what he and Cindy were doing. He was remembering the 2 good fuckings his brothers gave him that past Friday. There was still some of their cum in his ass and he loved the feel of it. Cindy noticed that he wasn't paying attention.

"Bobby!" she yelled at him. "Don't you want to play?"

Bobby snapped to attention. "Sorry Cindy. I was just thinking of something."

"It's Millicent, isn't it?" Cindy said. "Bobby loves Millicent! Bobby loves Millicent!" Cindy kept repeating. It was Cindy who caught Bobby and Millicent kissing in the back yard just a couple of weeks ago.

"Cut that out or I'm going in the house!" Bobby cried out.

Marcia and Jerry pulled up in the drive way just then. Jerry got out, came over, and opened Marcia's door. They approached the kids playing.

"Bobby, Cindy, this is Jerry Rogers. Jerry, these are my brother and sister." Marcia said making the introduction.

"You're right Marcia, he's gorgeous!" Cindy exclaimed. Jerry blushed with embarrassment.

"I hope that Westdale whips the pants off of you guys." Bobby said. But he also thought that Jerry was one good looking guy and would love to suck the dick he was sporting. The jeans he wore left little to the imagination and Bobby could see a nice piece of meat there. Marcia and Jerry went in so that Marcia could get Jerry some lemonade.

"That was rude Bobby." Cindy told him. "He's Marcia's friend."

"But he's a Fairview creep." Bobby came back. Cindy got upset and got off the seesaw and dropped Bobby on his ass. Bobby was still thinking of the hot dick he saw outlined and started to get hard. He did have a secret place he would jack off at in the backyard and moved over to it.

Jerry and Marcia went in the back door and moved into the family room.

"This is a nice house." he said to Marcia. "Do you guys have your own rooms?"

"Only Greg does. He converted the attic into a room." Marcia told him.

"I would love to see it and maybe I could get some ideas." Jerry said, all the while looking around to see if he could find the playbook. He finally saw it on the table, mixed up in some magazines. He grabbed it and was going to put it in his jacket but it fell on the floor and he hurriedly put it back on the table.

Bobby, in his special place, was hoping to see that hot ass of Jerry's, so he started to spy on him. He saw Jerry put the playbook in his jacket and then back on the table. He was so mad he was ready to go in and kick this guy's ass. He then realized that Jerry would beat the shit out of him. He decided to tell Greg. He waited for Jerry to leave the family room and go in the living room. Bobby burst thru the kitchen and into the living room.

"I've got to go to the bathroom." he told the couple on the couch. He then ran upstairs and then up to Greg's room. Greg was laying on his bed, just thinking of how much fun his brothers and he would have after the game.

"Greg! Greg! I have to tell you something!" Bobby was yelling as he hit the top of the stairs.

"Whoa Bobby. You look like you need to relax." Greg told him.

"Greg, I just saw Jerry Rogers try to steal your playbook.." Bobby explained to him. "I was in the backyard doing something, and I saw him through the window trying to steal it."

"Bobby, are you absolutely sure of what you saw?" Greg asked his baby brother.

"Greg I swear and if I'm lying may I never have any of this again." Bobby replied rubbing Greg's crotch.

"I believe you Bobby." Greg reassured him. "But we need to find out why Marcia is seeing him."

They went downstairs and they saw Jerry leave. Marcia was lingering after Jerry and then came into the living room.

"Marcia, we have to talk." Greg said.

"Greg Brady, were you spying on me?" Marcia asked him.

"Can we go to my room and talk about this?" Greg replied.

Greg, Marcia, and Bobby all went to the attic room and Greg started.

"Marcia I have told you that I would never tell who you should or should not date." Greg began. "But you realize that Jerry Rogers does go to Fairview and that we are playing them this Friday. I have to tell you that Bobby saw him try to steal my playbook from the family room."

"That's a lie!" Marcia screamed. "You're just making this up because Jerry goes to Fairview and he's a great quarterback!"

"I'd be a great quarterback if I had the other team's playbook too." Bobby quipped.

"Take that back you little creep!" Marcia shouted.

"I'll tell you what Marcia. I want to be fair too. Invite Jerry over and if he doesn't try to steal my playbook again, then we will apologize. Is it a deal?" Greg said.

"You better get ready to apologize!" she said vehemently.

"You better get ready to find another creep to date!" Bobby replied. Marcia then stormed out of the room.

"Greg, you can't let him try to steal the playbook." Bobby told him.

"Don't worry little brother, I won't." Greg said. "I said I would let him try to steal a playbook, but I never said it would be my playbook."

All the night Greg, Peter, and Bobby were devising plays that would send Fairview all over the field for a slaughter.

The next day, Marcia called Jerry to come over for some lemonade. Greg gave her the fake playbook and she arranged the magazines with the playbook. Jerry came in wearing a windbreaker, partially zipped up. Marcia went into the kitchen to get the lemonade. Jerry saw the playbook and stuffed it in his jacket and zipped it all the way up.

"I hope you don't mind that I root for Westdale during the game." Marcia said. She came to the little bar that divided the family room with the kitchen and she saw the playbook missing. She turned and started to cry.

"Oh what a dope I am." Jerry told her. "Coach called a special practice and wanted to take team photos today. Can I take a rain check on the lemonade?"

"I understand perfectly." Marcia said, fighting back the tears. Jerry left and drove off. Marcia was so upset and she wanted revenge. Greg then walked in and saw Marcia was upset.

"What's wrong Marcia?" Greg asked.

"You were right, Greg." Marcia replied. "He only used me to get your playbook. I'm glad he got it, but I want to get even with that little asshole."

Greg was taken aback. He had never heard his sister cuss ever. Then Greg came up with a wonderful plan to get even with Jerry.

"Marcia, invite Jerry over tomorrow night." Greg told her. "Mom and Dad will be out at the alumni dinner and Sam is taking Alice out. Take Jan and Cindy to the movies. Bobby, Peter, and I will take care of that little shit."

Marcia smiled as they hatched their little plan.

"Greg I'm sorry for calling you and Bobby liars. I am glad you are my brother." Marcia stated.

The next night, Jerry came over and he saw a note.


No one is home and I want to chat with you. I'm in Greg's room. Go to

the top of the stairs and it's the first door on the left. I'm waiting for you.


Jerry went in the house and climbed the staircase. He found the door on the left and went up. He saw the bed and the bead dividers in the room but no Marcia.

"Marcia? Where are you?" he asked.

All of a sudden the lights were turned off and he felt as if a dozen guys were all over him. They grabbed him and shoved him on the bed. He began to panic since he knew he was about to get his assed whipped. He then felt his hand being tied to the bed and then his legs. He tried to see in the dark, but could not make out who was there. He then felt his shirt being ripped off his body. He felt cool air in his hard chest. His nipples were getting erect. Then he felt his pants and boxers being cut off his body. He was thinking, oh fuck, what's happening?

The lights went on and he saw the Brady boys naked and hard as rocks. He saw Greg's hard 11" dripping with precum. He then saw Bobby and Peter, looking at him evilly.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Jerry screamed.

"Well let's say we're here to give you double payback." Greg told him. "First what happens to a thief in the Brady household and what happens when you hurt a Brady."

"I'm not a fag." Jerry yelled, hoping someone would come to his rescue.

"Well let's say you might not have come in that way, but you will be wanting dick for the rest of your life." Bobby told him.

They saw Jerry's dick get hard, mostly out of fright. They were amazed as it grew to a hot 10" of uncut dick.

"Bobby since you found the thief, you should have double first honors." Greg told his brother. Bobby just smiled and climbed between Jerry's legs and started to tongue fuck his piss slit and was rewarded with precum flowing out.

Jerry could only moan with what was happening to him. He never had a girl do this to him. They would only lick the head maybe, but only give him a hand job. He usually wound up getting nothing and go home to relieve himself.

Bobby started to lick the head and shaft of the hot 10" and heard the pleasure coming from Jerry. He smiled and shook his head. Greg and Peter untied his legs and slowly moved the ropes over the ceiling and raised his legs. They could all see Jerry's hot hole.

Jerry then noticed his legs up and panicked.

"Oh fuck. No don't do this. I'm not queer. Please don't do this." Jerry pleaded with them. Jerry's dick started to get soft fast.

"Hey don't worry." Greg said. "You will be one hot slut after this."

Bobby then took Jerry's dick in his mouth and worked it over so well, it swelled in his mouth and felt the precum flow easily. Bobby was sucking him until the entire 10" went entirely in his throat. All Jerry could do is moan with passion. He was thinking what a hot cocksucker that was working on his dick, what he didn't expect that happened next.

He felt someone working on his balls. He looked down and saw Peter work on his nuts like they were candy. Then he felt a new sensation. Greg was rimming his hole. Jerry was moaning out loud. This was a feeling that he never had and was really enjoying. He then felt Greg's tongue deep in his hole. He started to buck into Bobby's mouth, feeling all the sensations around him. Greg then shoved a finger deep in the boypussy of Jerry. He felt the ass wall tighten around him.

"Oh fuck, that hurt!" Jerry screamed. Greg started to slowly finger fuck his hole and he felt Jerry push back on his finger. He then pushed in a 2nd finger and felt it slide in easily. Jerry moaned with passion and kept shoving his ass on Greg's fingers.

"Oh man that feels so good." Jerry moaned in pleasure.

"Wait and you'll feel more in your ass." Greg said. "Bobby since you found the thief, you have the first honors." Jerry looked in fright.

"Please, don't do it!" Jerry quaked in fear. He was worried he would be torn open. He heard stories about fags. He was also worried that he would become one too.

Bobby got between his legs and put his dick at his hole and teasing the hole. He started to push in Jerry's hole, but met with resistance. Peter slapped his ass hard and the hole opened. Bobby's shaft went in 3" and Jerry's ass tightened quick.

"OH FUCK!" Jerry yelled. "It hurts so much."

"I'll let you get used to it." Bobby told him. After a while, Jerry still felt some pain, but he also felt pleasure that he never felt in his life. Bobby started to feel Jerry move on his dick, then Bobby pushed all the way in his ass, his balls on Jerry's stud ass. As he let him get used to the full dick in his ass, Bobby's 6" felt all of Jerry's ass tighten around his dick. This was the first ass he ever fucked and he knew he liked it. Bobby started to slowly fuck that ass he was in and felt Jerry's moan thru his ass and into Bobby's dick. He knew that he was making Jerry feel good.

Greg and Peter knew they wanted that hot stud, but they waited by having Jerry suck their dicks. Peter put his dick at Jerry's mouth and started to face fuck him. Jerry gagged at first, but he then got used to the dick in his mouth and felt true ecstasy. He knew he had to have dick in him forever. Greg then put his dick in Jerry's mouth. Jerry felt his mouth being stretched like never before. Feeling 18.5" of dick leaking precum in his mouth made him so hot.

Bobby was fucking Jerry's ass with abandoned and realized he hit his prostrate when Jerry was moaning and shaking all over. The pleasure Jerry was getting from Bobby's dick on his prostrate finally sent him over the edge. His body stiffened and shot a huge load on Peter, Greg, and himself. 12 hot loads erupted out of his hard dick, covering them. As his ass tightened, Bobby couldn't hold off.



"MMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!" He shot so hard in Jerry's ass he felt that he was being pulled in to the boypussy. He collapsed on Jerry, feeling the last of the cum ooze out of Jerry's dick. Bobby then pulled out and Jerry felt so empty. He didn't have long to wait. Peter got between Jerry's legs and started easing his 7.5" deep in the quarterback's ass. He then got into a nice rhythm and fucked his ass long and hard.

Jerry thought his dick was spent, when he felt Peter in his ass, felt his dick stay hard and knew he was going to shoot. He was still sucking the 11" hot dick on Greg. Bobby came around and put his dick at Jerry's mouth.

"Clean this dick of your ass juices boy." Bobby demanded. Jerry could not believe that a 12 year old boy was ordering him around, but he couldn't help it. He felt that this was a person he would love to be a slave for. He let Greg's dick out of his mouth and sucked the hot dick that had the ass juices and cum on it. He loved the taste in his mouth and wanted more of it. He felt Bobby get hard in his mouth and loved it. Bobby then started to face fuck the high school stud on the bed and kept making him take it deeper and deeper.

Peter was fucking this stud's ass harder and faster. He wanted to fill his ass so full it would come out of his ass. Peter knew he was close and rammed his dick deep into the ass of the kid on the bed.




Peter shot 10 hard wads of cum deep in Jerry's hole that it started to come out of the ass.

Jerry couldn't believe what he was feeling. He knew he became a slut and really didn't care. When he felt Peter shooting cum deep in his hole, it put him over and shot again with the same intensity. He couldn't believe it. He came without touching his dick. He knew then that he was a hot slut and loved it.

Peter pulled out of the hot ass and Jerry got the same feeling again of emptiness. He didn't have to wait long because the hot and biggest was coming for him. The guy who he tried to screw shoved all 11" up that hot hole. All Jerry could do is scream loud because the suddenness of the dick shoved in his hole. Greg let him get used to the hot dick he shoved all the way up his ass. Jerry started to feel the great dick and tightened around Greg's love muscle. Greg felt it and started to fuck Jerry long, hard, and slow.

Bobby's dick was hard in Jerry's mouth and ready to fill the quarterback thief full of his boy juice. He grabbed Jerry's head and fucked his mouth hard. Jerry loved the feeling and kept sucking on his dick. Greg could feel Jerry sucking the dick in his mouth and it was like he was sucking Greg's dick thru his ass. Greg was fucking his ass harder and harder and knew he couldn't last long after 30 minutes. He rammed his dick deep into Jerry.




Greg shot hard and long. He felt that he couldn't stop shooting. He felt his cum oozing out of the ass. Jerry felt it and shot so hard hit Bobby's head. This pissed Bobby off that he shoved his dick deep in Jerry's mouth choking him. Jerry couldn't breath and then felt cum shooting down his throat. He wanted to be the boys' slut forever, especially Bobby.

"Now you will tell the coach you don't want to play." Greg told Jerry.

"Why would I do that?" Jerry asked. "I'm gonna kick your team's ass."

Greg pulled out a microphone and tape recorder that Peter had planted in the room. Jerry's eyed bugged out. They played back about him stealing the fake playbook and his moans of lust being fucked at both ends.

"If you don't then we play this all over Fairview." Greg explained. "Oh by the way, the playbook you stole is a fake." The brothers laughed in his face. Jerry knew he was screwed in more than one way. He agreed to the terms. The brothers untied him and tossed him some jeans and his shirt.

"Now get out of our house." Greg told him. "Bobby show him the way out."

Bobby led the used stud out and showed him the door. Jerry turned to Bobby and smiled.

" I would love to be your slut slave." Jerry told him.

"Oh you would huh?" Bobby teased him. "Well then you have to learn your place." He tossed him a pair of lace pink panties. "You will where these all the time you bitch!"

"Yes sir." Jerry answered with his head down.

"You will come over when I demand you fucking whore." Bobby demanded.

"Yes sir I will." Jerry said with a slight smile.

Friday came and Westdale whipped Fairview 20-7 and won the league championship. Greg, Peter, and Bobby were discussing their camping trip coming up that weekend and the fun they would have.

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