A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

Friday came and Westdale whipped Fairview 20-7 and won the league championship. Greg, Peter, and Bobby were discussing their camping trip coming up that weekend and the fun they would have.

The Camping Trip Part 1

The boys were looking forward to their camping trip with their father. Carol and the girls decided to spend time with Carol's parents. Greg, Peter, and Bobby had the gear all packed and there were deciding the sleeping arrangements when Mike called them.

"Come on boys." he said. "I want to make the campsite before sundown."

Greg got in the front with his father, while Bobby and Peter climbed in the backseat of the family station wagon. They decided to put a blanket over them so they could have fun without their father noticing anything. Mike kissed Carol and they told each other to drive safely and they would see each other in a couple of days.

As the men pulled out, Mike was happy to spend some quality time with his sons like he did before Carol and he were married. Mike felt he missed the bonding the boys and he used to have years before.

They had driven for over an hour and Mike looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Bobby was completely under the blanket and that Peter had his head back and his eyes closed with a smile on his lips. "Must be thinking about a girl." Mike thought.

What Mike did not know is that Bobby was licking and sucking his middle son's throbbing hard dick. Bobby had pulled out Peter's dick from his shorts and was playfully manipulating the 7.5" turgid piece of teen flesh. Bobby then moved completely under the blanket and slowly sucked his older brother. He was playing with Peter's nut sack with his left hand and lightly fingered Peter's hole with his right. Peter was in sexual heaven feeling his dick and ass being fondled by his hot little brother. Peter's breathing became erratic and Bobby felt the heavy, cum-filled balls pull tight against Peter. The 12 year-old sex fiend knew he was going to get a large amount of boy cream. He backed so only Peter's head was in his mouth. The first volley of cum hit the back of Bobby's throat and he felt that he would choke. Before he could move though, three more shots of boy juice was filling his mouth. Bobby swallowed quickly, but some flowed out of his mouth and onto Peter's hairy legs. Three lesser shots came out and Bobby swallowed greedily. He then licked the head of his brother's dick and stuck his tongue in the slit where the juice of life flowed out. Peter could only moan softly, hoping is dad would not hear.

Greg however did hear the moan and he knew that his two horny little brothers were up to in the backseat. His 11" log grew in his pants and he hoped his father would not notice the huge lump in his pants. Greg tried his best to discretely adjust his hard on, but his dad noticed and had a slight grin on his face.

They drove another hour and got to the campgrounds. The Brady men unloaded their gear and hiked to the campsite that Mike reserved. The boys followed their dad and they began to notice him in a different light. Mike Brady was 40 with curly brown hair, just like the boys, with a little graying at the temples. He kept fit by working out 3 times a week at the gym and maintained a great 185# body. Mike had soft brown hair on his chest that covered his quarter-sized nipples and down to his trim stomach. The boys noticed his arms and legs, with hair covering them. They also saw the hot tight ass moving, practically hypnotizing the boys, willing to follow their father into hell if necessary. What the boys did not know, but wanted to see, is the dick that made them. Soft, it already surpassed Peter's dick hard at 8". But when it got hard, it grew to 12" of cut meat and thick as a soda can. The Brady boys looked at each other and smiled as if to say, "Let's introduce Dad to our little club."

The Brady men continued until they got to the campsite for which Mike paid. The area was secluded from the other areas and was close to the lake. The boys unloaded their backpacks and set up the camp. They pitched two tents, which were big enough for 2 to sleep in comfortably. It was decided that Mike and Bobby sleep in one tent, leaving Peter and Greg in the other tent.

"Can we go swimming Dad?" Bobby exclaimed.

"Sure, go ahead." Mike told his boys. "But be careful."

The boys changed into their Speedos, showing off their dick and hot bubble butts. They grabbed their towels and ran to the lake. Mike saw his developing sons running and his dick started to stir in his shorts. He could not believe that his boys had an effect like that on him. Mike did experiment with a few buddies in college and he knew that he enjoyed sucking dicks and his best friend, Jim, let him fuck his ass a few times. But Mike knew that he could not have feelings for his sons other than paternal love. Mike went down to the shoreline and watched his boys splashing around the lake. He smiled thinking on how his sons were not into drugs or alcohol. His boys were overly protective of their step-sisters and of each other. Mike noticed how closer the boys have gotten recently and was happy about it. Little did he know the reason for the closeness.

Greg dove under the water and yanked Peter's Speedo off his body. As he came up, he brushed his hand over Peter's dick which sprang up quicker than a soldier to attention. They were in 8' of water and Greg swam away from Peter, waving his blue swimsuit over his head.

"Hey! Give me back my Speedo!" Peter cried out. He saw Greg and Bobby laughing hard. Mike saw what was happening.

"Greg, give Peter back his bathing suit!" Mike yelled at his eldest son. "Apologize to him, too!"

Mike's thoughts then moved to his middle boy naked in the water, then teenage dick flopping around in the lake. His dick sprung to its full foot length and Mike panicked. He went back to the campsite trying not to think about his sons. He tried everything to get his mammoth dick down but all was in vain. Mike went into his tent and removed his shirt, shorts, and boxers. He slowly stroked his unyielding piece of man meat and played with the low hanging goose eggs that were between his legs. He tried hard to picture Carol naked with her firm breasts and dripping cunt, but all he was seeing was his sons naked, with their pink boy pussies winking at him as if to say "fuck me". Mike's large helmet head was oozing precum all over the ground. He kept moving his hand up and down on his pole seeing the holes he wanted to fuck, filling them with the same seed that created them. He started to call out their names and moaning loudly until his balls pulled up signaling the impending force of cum. Mike stroked up once and he felt like his balls were pulling up into his throat. As Mike stood at one end of his tent, the first volley of hot cum hit the opposite end of the tent and slowly dribbled down. The 7 succeeding shots of man juice fell far from Mike and finally he stopped. Mike felt drained, then realized who he was fantasizing about, felt dread. How could he think of his 3 boys as sex objects? He worried how he would deal with these feelings during the camping trip. All he thought was that the boys were in the lake and they did not hear or see their father as a pervert.

What Mike did not know was the boys snuck back to their campsite when they saw their dad go into the tent. The Brady boys heard their father call out their names and moaning. Bobby peaked in and saw his dad stroking his long pole. He told Peter and Greg what he saw and how big their dad's cock was. They smiled and moved into the woods to relieve their own straining dicks. They went only a short way to a clearing and they dropped their tight Speedos there were wearing. All three boys were slowly maneuvering their hands over their rigid fuck poles thinking of the man whose seed was their beginning. It was as if they all had the same fantasy about their father - fucking their hot pussy boy holes.

Bobby cried out first and hit the ground with six volleys of boy seed. Peter followed soon after with 8 shots of his white teen juice. Greg lasted a little while longer until Bobby started to suck his balls and Peter worked on his 11" rod with gusto. Greg just moaned with great passion and released 10 shots of cum into Peter's waiting mouth. Bobby, not to be left out, pulled Peter back and sucked the remaining juice out of Greg. The eldest Brady child fell to his knees to catch his breath. As he opened his eyes, he saw his two brothers in front of him, begging to be licked and sucked. Greg licked the dicks, pulling what remaining juices he could get out of the hot boys he had grown up with. Peter and Bobby loved seeing their big brother on his knees before them, licking their dicks. The boys were oblivious to the world around them, but were pulled back from their sexual bliss when they heard their father.

"PETER! BOBBY! GREG!" Mike cried out in fear.

The boys struggled to get their Speedos up and act like nothing was wrong. After their father called out again, the boys walked out of the woods. They saw him looking around and the look of relief on his face when they emerged from the woods. Then they saw a side of there father that they never had seen.

"Where the fuck were you three?" Mike yelled. "I looked at the lake and you were no where to be found. You three scared the fucking shit out of me!"

"We're sorry Dad." Greg said sheepishly. "We were tired of swimming so we decided to explore. We won't do it again." Peter and Bobby hung their heads and said in unison,

"We're so sorry."

I ought to just pack up and we go home." Mike said, glaring at them.

The three boys cried in unison, "NO!" "We won't wander off again."

"Okay, let's get back for supper." Mike told them.

As he walked ahead of them, the boys kept nudging each other and giggling. They got back to camp and set up for dinner. Carol had packed fried chicken and potato salad. The Brady men ate until they were satiated.

"Okay boys time to get ready for bed." Mike told his sons. "We have to get up early to go fishing."

The three boys headed to the lake to wash up and set their plan for "Operation Dad". Bobby was to take the torn up sleeping bag and then fake he was cold to sleep in it. The boys smiled as they got back and each grabbed their sleeping bags, then go to their respective tents. Mike went to wash up and Bobby found a wet spot where he could place his sleeping bag. The bag had several small holes and one big one where Bobby put over the wet spot. He got in the sleeping bag and laid down when he heard Mike tell Peter and Greg good night. They said the same back and Mike entered the tent. He saw his youngest son laying down.

"Night Bob." Mike said to the boy.

"Night Dad." Bobby replied. The boy settled in, getting nervous. He feared the plan would not work out. Mike noticed the holes in the bag.

"Bobby, why did you bring that bag?" Mike asked him. "Where's the new one we got you for Christmas?"

"Remember, I let Billy borrow it." Bobby lied. "They haven't had a chance to air it out."

"Are you going to be okay with that one?" Mike queried.

"I think so, as long as it doesn't get too cold." Bobby replied.

"Well if you get cold, wake me up so we can get you comfortable." Mike said.

"No problem Dad." Bobby answered.

There was quiet all through the camp. The only sounds were the crickets and the occasional frog and owl. Bobby listened in silence to his dad. He heard the man he loved settle in and slowly drift off to sleep. The boy heard slight snoring coming from his father. Bobby felt the moisture from the ground seep through the hole in the sleeping bag and saturate the briefs he was wearing. Mike did not mind his sons wearing just their underwear on their camping trips and he only wore his boxers this night also. Bobby lay still, sweating to make sure his motives were not obvious. After about 2 hours he unzipped his sleeping bag and went over to his dad, who was sleeping on his right side.

"Dad." Bobby whispered, shaking Mike. "Dad." He kept shaking his father.

"Wha-a-a-a?" Mike said groggily. "What is it Bobby?"

"Water is coming through the sleeping bag and now I'm soaked." Bobby cried. "My underwear is all wet."

"Where are you're other clothes?" Mike asked.

"In the other tent with Pete's stuff." Bobby answered his father.

"Well let's not wake your brothers." Mike said. "Climb in here and you can sleep with me."

"What about my briefs Dad?" Bobby asked. "They are very uncomfortable."

"Well take them off and climb in." Mike responded, not thinking clearly because of his tired state. Bobby, with his back to Mike, lowered his briefs and showed his hot pussy ass to his father. Mike's dick stirred in his boxers and he started to worry that Bobby would see it poke through the slit. He was ready to tell the 12 year old that he couldn't sleep with him, but he knew he couldn't let his son freeze.

Bobby climbed into the sleeping bag with his dad, his back to Mike. He loved the feel of the hair on Mike's chest on his back, making him feel warm and loved. Bobby's ass was directly in line with Mike's dick and lightly poking him on the crack. Mike was fearful of what could happen. He tried to pull back, but with both bodies in a small space he couldn't move. He felt the chest of his son breathing slowly as if he were sleeping, so he felt a little relief. He planned to move his dick but didn't want to wake the boy and feared what his son would think. He relaxed and tried to sleep.

Bobby felt his father relax a little, then put his plan into action. His right hand was on his side and it took no effort to spread his cheek so he could accommodate the 12" spike of his father. He started to move as if he were asleep and the head of Mike's dick was at his hole. He could feel the precum ooze out of his dad's dick. Bobby felt that it was now or never and he pushed back. The head popped past the ring of his ass and he felt a sharp pain. He felt that his ass had the fat end of a baseball bat in it.

Mike felt his dick at his little boy's hole and wondered if his son was asleep. All of a sudden he felt the head of his dick in his son's ass and then tighten around it. Mike tried to pull out, but Bobby's boy pussy was so tight he felt like it was being strangled.

"Bobby, what are you doing?" Mike asked panting.

"Dad, we want you so bad." Bobby told him. "We love you and we want you to make love to each of us."

Mike could not believe his ears. His sons wanted him to fuck them. But the feeling of Bobby's ass on his "little" head overruled his "big" head. He unzipped the sleeping bag so they could have more room. He laid on his back and maneuvered his son with him, his dick still in Bobby's ass. Bobby could look at his dad and knew what he wanted. Bobby started to lower himself on Mike's thick sausage slowly so he could get used to it. Mike looked at his son lovingly, not wanting to hurt him. Bobby took it slowly until all of Mike's mammoth meat was in his ass. They looked at each other and knew the time had come to consummate their new found relationship. Bobby leaned down and started to kiss his father passionately, sliding his tongue deep in Mike's mouth. The boy started to play with the nips on his father's chest, making him moan deeply in the boy's mouth.

Bobby then sat up and started to ride his dad's dick up and down, with his dick standing straight up. Mike started to play with Bobby's 6" tool, feeling the precum seep out and licking it, tasting the boy's sweet juice. He rubbed some of the liquid on Bobby's dick head and shaft. Bobby moaned as he felt his dad's hand on his dick and the foot long muscle tight in his ass, hitting the boy's love button. Bobby knew he couldn't last long. He rode Mike's dick long and hard. Mike felt the cum rise from his balls, ready to coat the ass of his youngest boy. Both knew they were going to shoot..

"I'm ready to cum Bobby." Mike moaned.

"So am I Dad." Bobby told his dad.

Bobby slammed down on Mike's dick hard ready to feel the cum in his ass. This pushed the both of them over the edge.


Mike's first round felt like it was going to come out of Bobby's throat. Bobby's first shot arced high and landed on Mike's mouth, which Mike tasted. Mike loved the taste of his son's cum. Bobby shot volley after volley on Mike's chest, stomach, and down his own balls. Mike's cum kept shooting in his son's ass. He shot so much it leaked all over his own dick, balls, and legs. Bobby fell on top of his dad and snuggled against him, meshing his between his father and son.

"Bob, I love you son." Mike cooed in his son's ear.

"I love you so much Dad." Bobby whispered in his dad's ear.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, holding onto each other and never wanting to let go.


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