A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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NOTE: I wish to thank everyone who has written about the ongoing Brady saga. I am sorry that it has taken a while for the new installment, but my job has been a bear so I have been so busy. This is a 2 part installment and this will include everyone's favorite dad. I hope that you enjoy.

As we saw in the last chapter:

Bobby slammed down on Mike's dick hard ready to feel the cum in his ass. This pushed the both of them over the edge.


Mike's first round felt like it was going to come out of Bobby's throat. Bobby's first shot arced high and landed on Mike's mouth, which Mike tasted. Mike loved the taste of his son's cum. Bobby shot volley after volley on Mike's chest, stomach, and down his own balls. Mike's cum kept shooting in his son's ass. He shot so much it leaked all over his own dick, balls, and legs. Bobby fell on top of his dad and snuggled against him, meshing his between his father and son.

"Bob, I love you son." Mike cooed in his son's ear.

"I love you so much Dad." Bobby whispered in his dad's ear.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, holding onto each other and never wanting to let go.

The Camping Trip Part 2

In the other tent, Peter and Greg settled down for an evening of pleasure. They had stripped out of their underwear and looked at each others hot dicks sticking straight out. Greg pulled Peter to him and started running his tongue deep in the younger Brady's mouth. Peter returned the favor and the boys were dueling with their tongues. Their hands were all over their bodies.

Peter loved the feel of the hair that was developing on Greg's chest. He caressed it with his fingers, making it come alive in his hands. He then pushed Greg down on the bedroll and started to lick the neck of his older brother. Greg moaned as he felt the tongue do its magic. Peter worked down and licked the pits of his brother, tasting the sweat and musky flavor of Greg.

"Yeah, lick that sweat Pete." Greg moaned. "Lick it all up."

Peter obeyed his brother with a passion. He tasted the aroma of his brother and loved every morsel. He then proceeded to lick the chest of his brother. He licked through the hair and found the nips he loved to lick. He began sucking them like an infant at feeding time. Greg moaned and writhed in pleasure. Peter bit the nips lightly and they raised to a point on the older boy's chest. All the while both boys were dripping precum. Peter then licked down to the chest and the wonderful treasure trail of his brother. His tongue danced on Greg's navel, which caused him to laugh as he was ticklish there. Peter knew that and wanted his brother beg for his mouth and more. Peter then licked to the groin, but avoided the cock and balls, working his way down Greg's left leg. He licked down the muscular thigh taking bits of flesh into his mouth and nibbling on it. This created pleasure sounds from the oldest Brady boy.

"Oh fuck Pete." the teen cried out. "That is so fucking hot."

Peter continued down to the hard calf of his brother, doing the same to it as he did the thigh. He continued to work down to the foot and he licked the arch. Peter worked on the size 13 foot of his brother, sucking the toes and the sole of the foot. This made Greg squirm with passion that he never knew. As he finished with the right side, he moved over to the left and started from the foot and worked his way up to the thigh, doing the same things he did to the right. Greg could not believe that his younger brother could control him like this and his loving it.

Peter then approached what he wanted. He saw the low hanging orbs and the leaking 11" dick. His tongue ever so lightly danced on the balls of cum. Greg felt it and immediately shook with pleasure. He couldn't believe the pleasure he was getting from his brother. Peter became more forceful. He began licking and sucking the balls with a passion, feeling the fullness in his mouth. He loved the taste and wanted more. He stopped at what he was doing and looked at his brother. Greg looked at Peter wondering what happened and worried that he might stop. He had nothing to fear about that. He took his tongue and brushed it against the older boy's piss slit and tasted the precum. Greg just moaned loudly. Then Greg didn't expect what was next. Peter swallowed his dick, all 11" whole, right down to the root. Greg threw his head back and tried to shove his entire body into his brother's mouth. He was amazed that anyone could take his dick, let alone in one motion. Peter began moving his head up and down, pulling his mouth in a huge vacuum motion.

"Oh fuck." Greg uttered. "Oh shit. Suck me Pete. Yeah baby, do it."

Peter sucked his brother, knowing what he wanted was that dick in his ass. He repositioned himself around and had his ass at his brother's face. He reached back and opened the sweet bubble cheeks that shown to Greg. At that point, Greg knew what his brother wanted and he began to lick around the sweet pink pucker that was lightly dusted with hair. He could taste the boy's ass juices at the hole. He continued until he opened the pucker more and shoved his long tongue deep in the hole. Peter backed up on the hole and bucked himself against Greg's tongue, squeezing it with his ass muscles. They continued for a while until Peter could stand it no longer. He removed himself off of Greg's dick and laid on the other bedroll, pulling his legs up and exposing his ass. Greg took the hint and put Peter's legs over his shoulders and put the dick head at his hole. The one thing the boys forgot was Peter was a virgin to ass fucking. As Greg tried to ply the hole open with his mammoth dick, Peter resisted. Greg leaned down and kissed his brother and tried again, but was met with resistance. Greg tried something that he heard about and twisted Peter's nips. This caused Peter to wince, but his ass opened up. The younger boy then yelled and tightened his ass that Greg thought it was going to strangle his dick. Greg leaned down and kissed Peter telling him he would not move until Peter was ready. After a few minutes, the pain eased and Peter nodded to his brother. Greg eased more into the virgin territory, stopping so his brother would be used to the torpedo that invaded his ass. Greg continued until his dick was completely imbedded in Peter's ass. He then slowly moved to the head and pushed it back in so Peter would enjoy it.

"Fuck me Greg." Peter cried. "Fuck me please."

Greg began fucking his brother with a steady pace. He loved the tightness of the virginal ass, feeling Peter tighten and loosen the ass muscles around his dick. He continued fucking him in and out, picking up speed. Greg knew he could not last long. Peter moved his legs around Greg's waist and pulled him into his ass, loving the feel of a hot dick where none had been before. He was hoping his dad would have his cherry, but the boys agreed that Bobby would get their dad's dick first. Peter was happy that his older brother was gentle with him. He could feel the dick hit his prostrate, but he wanted to do something for Greg, so he used every ounce of will to prevent his dick from shooting. Greg was stroking in and out and felt his balls pull up to his body. He knew he was going to shoot and very soon. As the moment approached he slammed his dick deep in Peter's ass, causing Peter to moan loudly. Greg threw his head back and started to shoot deep in the boy pussy of his brother.


Peter could feel the juice of life fill his ass. He knew if he were a girl, he would probably be pregnant by his brother, and he love the thought of that.

"Yeah fill me Greg." Peter cried to his brother. "Breed me. Give me your seed. I'm yours."

Greg shot volley after volley of hot boy seed into his brother's ass. It seemed to go on forever and finally he rested on his brother. He could feel his dick slide out of his brother, but didn't care. He kissed Peter's face and chest, tasting the sweat. Peter loved his brother, but he was going to show his brother who was the master fucker in the Brady house was. Greg had noticed that Peter was hard and had not cum yet. He began to lick to the hot 8" dick of his brother, but Peter stopped him.

"Get that ass over here now!" Peter ordered his brother.

Greg could not believe he was being ordered by his little brother, but he did as he was told. He moved over to Peter, ready to take any orders that might be given.

"Now put that ass over my face so I can get it ready." Peter told his brother.

Greg put his ass over Peter's face and felt the younger boy's hands spread his ass cheeks wide open. He then felt what seemed a snake enter his ass. Peter's tongue was 6" long and wiggled deep in his brother's ass. Greg squirmed in pleasure and his softening dick got hard again. He could feel the hot tongue work on his ass, getting him wet. He knew he was going to be fucked and was ready for it. Peter spread his ass and stuck 2 fingers deep in his ass. Greg moved on the fingers, moaning loudly for the pleasure it brought him. Peter then stuck a 3rd finger deep in the ass of his older brother, eliciting the same response. He worked the fingers in his brother's hole for 10 minutes, listening to his brother to fuck his ass.

"Get on all fours now." Peter demanded his brother to do. "I want to see that bitch pussy in front of me."

Greg couldn't believe he was doing this. He was the oldest and usually gave the orders, but he realized he was a subservient slut that needed to be ordered. He spread his cheeks and Peter got behind him. He placed his 8" cock at the hold and slammed it all the way in to his brother. Greg popped up at once, but his brother pushed him back down. He proceeded to grab Greg's hips and begin to fuck him hard and long. He slammed his dick in and out of the hot hairy hole of his brother.

"You like this don't you." Peter said to his brother.

"Yeah I do." Greg responded. "Fuck me harder. Fuck me raw."

"This is a Brady ass and no one but a Brady may fuck this." Peter said to Greg. "You are a Brady fuck slave, you understand that."

"Yeah I do." Greg said. "Just fuck me hard."

"Yeah you do what?" Peter said, enjoying the domination he had over his brother.

"Yes sir I do." Greg finally said, knowing he was Peter's slave.

"You are my bitch, and don't you ever forget it." Peter told his brother. "Now what are you?"

"I'm your lowly bitch sir." Greg said, resigned to this life now.

Peter continued to fuck his brother in and out, harder and harder. This caused Greg to ooze precum. He started to reach around to stroke it, but Peter slapped his hand away.

"Who told you that you could touch your dick?" Peter demanded.

"I just need to get off sir." Greg said meekly. "My dick aches so sir."

"That dick is mine to do with as I wish." Peter commanded. "Don't ever touch yourself again unless I tell you."

"Yes sir." Greg said obediently.

"I am going to teach you a lesson on obedience." Peter said harshly.

He then grabbed Greg's dick and yanked on it, then pulled hard on his balls. Greg winced in pain, but was turned on more to this torture.

Peter then continued to fuck his brother like a bitch. He wanted to make sure that Greg knew who was boss. He was close to shooting his juice into his brother's ass.

"Well Greg, do you think you deserve my seed?" the younger boy asked his older brother. "Have you earned that privilege?"

"Yes sir." Greg responded. "Please breed me as your bitch. Fill me with your seed."

Peter slammed his dick all the way in and felt the seed pull through his dick.



He shot load after thick load of creamy cum into his brother. He shot 8 blasts into his brother who was oozing the cum down his legs. Peter leaned on his brother and felt him moan in pleasure. Both boys fell to the ground and held each other. However Greg knew he had to cum again. The pressure of the fucking he received was too much for him.

"Please sir, may I stroke myself." Greg begged.

"Lay down slave." Peter said to him. "For being a good slave I will give you a treat."

Peter then lowered himself on Greg's dick and controlled how and when Greg was going to cum. He rode the dick slowly, then rapidly. He would stop all together, having Greg squirm to the want of release. All Peter wanted to do is control his brother. He could feel the dick of his brother close to shooting, however he controlled it so he would say when Greg would cum.

"Please sir, may I cum?" Greg begged his brother. "It hurts so much."

"I'll tell you when to cum." Peter told him. "Your body is mine to command."

Peter decided to allow Greg to cum so he sat directly on his dick all the way down. He manipulated his ass muscles which caused Greg's eyes to roll back in his head. Peter felt the first shot hit deep in his ass, which caused his dick to shoot all over Greg's face. Greg's dick kept spouting cum in his brother's ass over and over. He actually shot more cum in Peter's ass than the first time. Peter also shot load after load on Greg's chest and stomach, letting it spread all over his brother. As they finally stopped shooting boy juice out of their cocks, Peter fell on his brother, gluing his body to Greg's.

"Sir, may I clean myself?" Greg asked.

"No bitch, you may not." Peter commanded. "You will sleep with my juice of life on your body as your reward."

"Yes sir." Greg said, learning his place. "Thank you sir."

They finally fell asleep with Peter laying on Greg's body, holding his brother tight. Peter loved his brother, but he felt that his brother should know he is the master fuck in the house.

Morning finally arrived and the Brady men got out of their respective tents. Mike had Bobby on his back as he was when he was younger, feeling the hot boy's dick poking him in the back. At the same time, Peter and Greg came out of their tent and Mike noticed the cum all over his eldest son from head to stomach. He smiled as he knew what happened in the tent the previous night.

"So did you boys sleep well last night?" Mike asked with a sly grin.

"Great dad." Peter said. "Didn't we Greg?"

Greg just look at his dad and brothers. He knew he was humiliated and he knew his place by his brother. He nodded and gave a slight smile.

"Let's get washed up boys." Mike said.

They all went to the lake and washed their bodies all over. As they went back to the camp, they got breakfast and then decided to go fishing. They only put on shorts and t-shirts. They grabbed their fishing poles and went to the lake and enjoyed a day of fishing.

"Hey dad, let's have a fun bet." Peter suggested. "The one who catches the largest fish gets to do whatever he wants tonight."

"Remember Peter, we're Bradys." Mike said. "And Bradys don't bet. But who ever catches the biggest fish is the winner of the contest and gets his way."

They continued fishing and as it would be, Peter caught the biggest fish. He smiled as he knew he would the master of the evenings events. The Brady men went back to the camp and had dinner. They ate the remainder of the food they had packed and the fish they caught.

"Okay men, now Peter is in charge." Mike told his boys. "Peter what do you want us to do?"

"Strip down now." Peter demanded. "I don't want to see clothes anywhere on your bodies."

The three Bradys who lost the fishing contest stripped down fast and dicks swelled up in front of them. They looked at Peter and saw the evil leer in his eyes.

"Now Bobby take off my shirt." Peter commanded his little brother, who rushed over and pulled the t-shirt off his brother.

"Now Greg, take off my shorts." Peter ordered his older brother, who did as he was told. "I want you to remove them with your teeth."

Greg took the elastic band of the shorts in his teeth and worked them down slowly, exposing the hard 8" dick. Mike could only beam with pride with seeing the large dicks that were exposed to him. Greg pulled the shorts down to the ground. Peter lifted his legs so that the shorts could be pulled off.

"Now Dad, get on all fours." Peter told his father. "Bobby get at his face. Greg spread his ass cheeks."

Mike knew what was coming. He saw this as a break through in his life, but was very wary of what will happen. He saw his youngest son's dick at his mouth and knew his eldest was at his ass. He was prepared for anything.

"Greg lick that man hole and get it nice and wet." Peter said to his older brother. "Dad you will suck the dick in front of you at all times. You will be fucked by all of us, starting with your youngest son."

Greg attacked his father's ass with gusto. His tongue danced over the hot brown hole that was covered in hair. His tongue moved in and around his father's ass and loved the taste of it. He got his tongue deep in the ass and felt his father squirm under his tongue. Mike looked at Bobby's dick and swallowed in and moved it around his mouth. Bobby began face fucking he man who impaled his ass with the 12" dick the night before and loved every moment of being fucked by his dad. But now it was his turn. He face fucked the man who gave him birth and loved feeling his dick slide in and out of his mouth.

"Now Bobby, get behind dad." Peter commanded, which Bobby did as quickly as possible.

Greg moved off his dad's ass and was ready for what he was to be told. Bobby placed his dick at his dad's hole and he was ready to fuck the hairy ass.

"Now fuck dad hard." Peter told his little brother. "Cum in his ass and fill him up."

Bobby pushed against is dad's hole and was met with resistance. His father was never fucked and didn't think he could go through with it. Bobby tried again and met with a tight hole and no opening. Peter went to his father and yanked his father's hairy nips hard, which caused Mike's hole to open and Bobby's 6" to slide in to the hot tightness. Mike yelped in a high tone. He felt his son's dick deep in his ass and he was getting a feeling of joy that spread through his ass and his body. Bobby started to fuck his dad's ass with a great passion and allowed his young intuition take over. Knowing that the man beneath him was his dad and that he was going to send his seed into him made his fucking even more adamant. His dick was sliding harder and harder in and out of his dad. Mike was loving the feeling of his son, his baby boy, fucking his ass. He pushed is ass back on his son's dick. In the mean time Peter put his dick at his father's mouth and pulled Greg to him.

"Okay Dad." Peter said. "Now it is time for 2 dicks to get ready. Open up."

Mike saw the 19" of total meat in front of him and opened wide. Peter slipped his hard meat into Mike's mouth and slid it deep. Mike felt it in the back of his mouth and slightly gagging from the fullness. Peter grabbed his father's hair and face fucked him hard, but then pulled completely out of his father's mouth. Greg then filled his father's mouth with his almost foot long dick. His father felt it filling him and Mike could not believe that he had all 3 of his son's dicks in his mouth. Bobby was getting close to cumming and he looked to Peter. Peter knew his brother was ready to come and nodded to him. Bobby pushed deep in his dad's ass and erupted his boy seed into his father.


Bobby cried out, spilling load after load deep in his dad. He pulled out, still half hard and loved the feeling. Peter then got behind his father and pushed his dick all the way in his hole. Mike jumped and pulled Greg's dick hard with his mouth. Mike look behind him and stared at his middle son.

"Peter, don't be so rough." Mike told his son. What happened next, he didn't expect.

"Listen dad, I won and you have to pay off." Peter told his dad and then slapped his ass hard. "Now get back to sucking Greg's dick."

Mike realized he created a monster, but he loved the feeling of his boys' dicks in his ass and wanted more. He figured that he might be able control Peter after the trip. Peter fucked his dad's ass long and hard, slapping the hairy ass on every stroke. Bobby couldn't believe what he was seeing, his own brother was a master in the making and he was going to dominate his dad. What he didn't know was Greg was already his slave. He watched as Mike's ass was turning a bright red and Mike was pushing back on his son's dick like as before. What all three boys couldn't believe was what Mike said next.

"Please cum in my ass son." Mike was begging his son. "Please fill me with your cum."

You will get it when I give it to you." Peter told his father. "You are just a bitch and this ass is mine and who ever I let fuck you."

Mike was resigned to his fate now. He sucked Greg's dick in earnest and waited for his hole to be filled again with cum. Peter felt the cum swirling from his dick and was ready to fill the man who created him with his cum. He grabbed Mike's ass and pushed all the way in to release. He felt it rise and pushed out of his dick.


Peter released cum into his dad and mixed with Bobby's seed began leaking out of Mike's well worn hole. He loved the feeling of being a bitch to his boys. Peter pulled out and looked at Greg.

"Okay bitch, now it's your turn." Peter told his older brother. "Fuck that ass now. And fuck it hard. Shove that dick all the way in the hole."

Greg got behind his father and shoved all 11" deep in his dad, who was loosened up with the 2 previous fucks. He loved the feeling of dick in his as and pushed back hard. He wanted to feel all of his son's dick in his ass. Greg fucked his dad with abandon and great force. Mike knew he was going to be a bitch for the rest of his life, even though he loved his wife and step-daughters. He could only moan feeling the 11" of his eldest son fucking him harder and harder. He felt his own dick pouring precum out of the head. He started to reach for his dick, but Peter saw him also and grabbed his hand away.

"I didn't tell you that you can touch your dick." Peter told his dad. "I will say when you can shoot."

Greg recognized this from the night before and knew that Peter was going to get his dad's cum. Bobby however did not know what was going on and was beginning to fear his older brother. This is not the same person who I fell in love with just a couple of months ago. Peter saw the worry on Bobby's face and came over to him. He whispered in his ear.

"Don't worry." Peter told his brother. "I would never treat you like this. I love you too much. I love Dad and Greg, but my love for you is beyond compare." With this he kissed his little brother and held him close.

Greg and Mike were in such frantic passion they were wondering how long this would go on this night. Greg looked at Peter as if to tell him he needed to shoot. Peter nodded at him and Greg pushed his entire dick and balls deep in his dad's now well worn ass. The cum released out of his dick hard.



He released his seed deep and it oozed down Mike's legs and Mike felt it. Greg pulled his dick out and Peter told his brothers to stand in front of their dad. Mike saw the same dick as earlier and saw the cum coating.

"Now clean these dicks." Peter commanded his dad. Mike cleaned each dick of the cum and ass juices that were on them.

"Nice." Peter said. "Now lay on your back."

Mike did as he was told and his hard 12" was against his stomach. Peter saw this and loved the look of the dick that created 3 strapping boys and knew what he was about to do.

"Greg suck that dick." Peter said. "Get it nice and wet. Bobby I want you to lick my ass and get me ready."

Both Greg and Bobby did as they were told. Greg sucked Mike's dick down to the root and caused Mike to roll on the ground, feeling the grass, leaves, and other parts of nature under him. Bobby loved the taste of his brother's ass and tongued it with pleasure. Peter turned to Bobby and gave him a wink as if to say, you are going to fuck me when we get home. Bobby continued with great relish to get his brother ready for the same pleasure he experienced the night before. Peter realized he was ready and hard again from the tongue fucking his little brother gave him. Peter pulled Greg up by his hair and Greg sulked off subserviently. Peter also saw Bobby's dick hard and he got an idea. Peter grabbed Mike's dick and placed his ass on the head. He then lowered his ass on his dad's dick and felt the hot foot long slide in his ass. He then looked at Greg.

"Okay Greg, get on your back and raise your legs." Peter ordered.

Greg did as he was told and Bobby saw the hole of his oldest brother. He knew what Peter wanted now. He positioned his dick at the hole and plunged it all the way in his brother. Greg moaned in pleasure. Peter rode his dad's dick like he did Greg the night before. He varied his motion from slow, to fast, or he stopped and just sat on the dick. Mike was wanting to shoot but he knew that his son, his middle boy, was now his master when it comes to sex. Peter kept this up for over and hour, loving the feel of his dad's dick in his ass and he knew that he would have more of it. He looked over and saw Bobby fuck the shit out of Greg and Greg was loving his brother's dick in his ass. Bobby knew he was ready to shoot and looked at Peter. Peter just nodded and Bobby let out a groan, filling Greg's hairy ass with his seed. Peter also knew that he was going to let Mike release his man seed into him. He did as the night before and sat on his dad's dick hard. He then manipulated his ass muscles which sent Mike over the edge and release torrent after huge torrent of cum into Peter's ass. The first volley put Peter over the top and shot his cum all over his father. He saw the same results that he did to Greg and wanted to make sure that the man that he loved as his father knew who was in charge. He finally released his cum on his father and his father finally stopped shooting. Peter pulled off his father, who was still hard. He could not believe that his middle son was having this affect on him.

"Now, Greg and Dad will sleep in the same tent." Peter ordered. "Bobby and I will sleep in the other tent. Oh and Greg, get your ass well prepared for Dad's dick. I will be check in on you two in a little while."

The Brady men went to their respective tents and the two older ones were dumbfounded that they were dominated by a 15 year-old boy. But they knew he was very well domineering in sex and he was able to manipulate his boy pussy to create such pleasure in them. They also realized that deep down, they wanted to be dominated. They did as what Peter said. Greg got on all fours and felt his dad's dick slip deep in his ass. He felt all 12" slide in all the way and he wanted more. He felt his dad slide in and out of his ass and he pushed back. He wanted a good fucking and he knew he was going to get it. Mike proceeded to screw his son's ass long and hard. Greg was moaning in passion and Mike loved the feel of his eldest son's ass. He slammed his dick in and out. He wanted to feel more of his son. He pulled out of Greg and put his son on his back. Mike then raised his son's legs and pushed back into his ass. He proceeded to fuck his ass and he did so harder and longer. Greg wrapped his legs around his dad's waist and loved the feel of the man in him. Mike leaned in and kissed his son passionately. Their tongues twisted around each other. They made passionate love until they heard the tent flap.

"Okay did I say you can kiss?" Peter scolded them.

They stopped in mid-stroke and looked at the middle boy. Peter smiled at what he saw and came up to his brother and father and kissed them both.

"Have fun guys." Peter said. "See you in the morning and don't make too much of a mess." He left and met Bobby in their tent.

Greg felt his dad fuck him harder and longer and Greg knew he had to have his dad's seed soon. He was ready to cum himself. He felt Mike working hard in his ass and knew his dad was ready to cum himself. Mike's breathing was labored and Greg felt him shove his dick into his hole. He was cumming hard into his son's boy pussy and filled it to overflowing. Greg felt the cum and he began cumming all over himself, feeling the cum on his face chest and ass like the night before from his brother. Now he and his dad would be sleeping like that, dried cum all over them and in each others arms like lovers.

Bobby and Peter just held each other, knowing that they had their own slaves for sex when ever they wanted them. They kissed as they did when they learned they loved each other and needed each other.

"Pete, do you have to be mean to Greg and Dad?" Bobby asked his brother. "I mean you love them don't you?"

"Bobby, I love them and it's all an act." Peter told his little brother. "But I want to make sure Dad and Greg want my dick and ass, so I have to make them think I'm in charge."

Bobby held Peter tight to him and began to kiss him passionately. He loved his brother and made sure he was going to have Peter forever. He progressed down and sucked Peter's cock hard and made sure that he was going to get his reward. He manipulated his mouth and loved every inch of Peter's peter. Peter was so hot and rewarded his brother with his cream.


Cum shot out of his dick load after load. He felt drained and held Bobby. He reached down and played with the younger boy's dick. Bobby was loving the feel of gentleness on his dick. Peter knew how to control a dick, whether it be his own or someone else. Bobby loved the feeling and knew he wanted to cum. Peter then surprised him and pulled him on top and maneuvered Bobby's dick in his ass. Bobby then began making love to his brother. His dick slid in and out of his brother and both boys loved the feeling. As they were fucking, the tent flap opened and Mike and Greg saw Bobby fucking Peter and they were in love. They smiled and went back to their tent to sleep. Peter saw them come in and winked at them, smiling. He pulled Bobby's dick into him and used his ass muscles to pull the cum out of the boy. Bobby knew he could not hold out any longer and shoved his dick deep in his ass. He released his cum into his brother and just threw his head back. He just let out a moan until he was fully spent. He collapsed on Peter and they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The morning broke over the trees and the Brady men rose to a new day. They went down to the lake and washed and played in the lake. They went back to the camp and dressed for the ride home. They packed up, loaded the car, and left with memories of what happened that weekend.

"Boys, thank you." Mike said to his sons.

"For what Dad?" Peter asked.

"For letting me my true self." Mike answered his son. "For teaching me that I can love my sons fully and not be ashamed. I dreamed of this moment for quite a while, but feared on acting on it. Now I can love my boys."

Mike stopped the car before they got on the main road and turned to his sons. There were tears in his eyes of joy. He kissed each of his boys passionately and held them tight. He loved his boys and just wondered if he could hide his feelings from Carol. Time will tell.

To be continued with something suddenly came up.

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