A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

The morning broke over the trees and the Brady men rose to a new day. They went down to the lake and washed and played in the lake. They went back to the camp and dressed for the ride home. They packed up, loaded the car, and left with memories of what happened that weekend.

"Boys, thank you." Mike said to his sons.

"For what Dad?" Peter asked.

"For letting me my true self." Mike answered his son. "For teaching me that I can love my sons fully and not be ashamed. I dreamed of this moment for quite a while, but feared on acting on it. Now I can love my boys."

Mike stopped the car before they got on the main road and turned to his sons. There were tears in his eyes of joy. He kissed each of his boys passionately and held them tight. He loved his boys and just wondered if he could hide his feelings from Carol. Time will tell.

CHAPTER 6: Something Suddenly Came Up.

Mike and boys arrived from the camping trip at the same time Carol and the girls were arriving from their grandparents. The kids unloaded the respective cars, while Mike and Carol kissed in the driveway. Carol sensed something was different, but she did not say anything to him. They walked into the house and were met by Alice.

"So how was your weekend?" the housekeeper asked the parents.

"Fine Alice." Carol said to her. "It was fun to visit my parents. They did ask where Mike and the boys were, but they understood about the camping trip."

Alice turned to Mike and eyed him suspiciously. It seemed like women's intuition was taking over in the house.

"Well we had fun." Mike said. "We went fishing and it was fun to let the boys have fun."

The family was finally together and everything seemed normal. Carol decided to change her bedroom so they had wallpaper samples sent over from the local hardware store. The person who brought them was Charley. Charley was 17 and stood 6'0". He weighed 180 pounds, but he was not muscular. He was a little chunky, but not overweight. He had red hair but he was not handsome, but was not ugly. He was a shy boy who was polite to everyone. He liked the Bradys, especially Marcia. He wanted to have a date with the eldest girl. Charley brought the samples, hoping to see Marcia. He entered through the porch screen door and was met by Alice. She offered him some cookies, which he accepted quite readily.

"How are you doing Charley?" Alice asked him.

"I'm okay Alice." Charley responded. "Here are the samples Mrs. Brady asked for."

"I'll take them for you, Charley." Alice told him.

"Thanks Alice." Charley said to her. "By the way, umm."

Alice knew what Charley was thinking and smiled at him.

"She's not here Charley." Alice told him. "The only person here other than myself is Greg. He's in his room."

"I think I'll go up and see him." Charley said. Charley was a friend of Greg's. Even though Charley was not in the same crowd in school as Greg, the oldest Brady boy liked Charley and treated him as a close friend. Charley was also afraid of seeing Greg. Lately, Charley has had dreams of Greg and he in bed making love. His mind was reeling with the thought of Greg's body next to him. He would wake up with his dick hard and precum oozing all over his body. He had noticed Greg when they first were in gym. He saw the body on the Brady boy and once in a while would see the huge dick of Greg's. Charley began to wonder if he liked guys. But he went to the attic room of Greg.

He went up and what he saw surprised him to no end. He saw Greg on all fours and Peter fucking his ass hard. He also heard Greg calling Peter sir. Charley could not believe what he was seeing. But what was surprising him the most is that his own dick was getting very hard, stretching down his pant leg. What people did not know is that Charley had a very huge dick. As Peter was fucking Greg, he saw Charley from the corner of his eye. He smiled and nodded for Charley to come over. Charley snuck up the rest of the stairs and moved to the bed. He motioned for Charley to shed his clothes and the red-headed boy complied quickly. Greg's eyes were closed feeling his brother's dick slide in and out of his hole so he didn't see Charley come in the room. Peter's eyes spread wide when he saw the dick that was jutting out from Charley's body, 13" of uncut dick. The shy boy was standing at Greg's face and his dick was touching the older boy's mouth. Greg's eyes opened and when he saw the mammoth dick at his mouth, he tried to hide. Peter would not let him go and Greg then saw the face that was connected to the dick and saw Charley. Greg could not believe the friend that was shy also was connected to a huge dick. Whenever he saw Charley in gym, Charley was only 5" soft. He figured his dick was only 8" hard. Greg looked at the hard dick in front of him and opened his mouth. Charley pushed his dick into the waiting mouth and loved the feeling of it. He grabbed the back of Greg's head and began to face fuck his friend's mouth. The warmth and moisture of the mouth was great on his dick. Greg's mouth was sucking the gigantic dick for all he was worth and Charley enjoyed the ride. The red-head was watching Peter fuck his brother and was amazed that Greg was enjoying it. The oldest Brady was moaning in pleasure like a bitch in heat. Peter leaned to Charley and pressed his lips to the older boy. Charley was surprised and then he parted his lips and stuck his tongue into Peter's mouth. The two boys were kissing passionately while they were using Greg's body for their own pleasure. The boys knew they could not last for long, being that Greg became an expert sex slave under Peter's tutelage. Peter's cum was pulling from his ball and he slammed deep into Greg's ass. His cum shot deep in Greg's ass, which caused Greg to suck Charley's dick hard and Charley began dumping load after load into Greg's mouth. Greg could not keep up and lots of cum spilled out of his mouth onto his bed.

The two boys were spent and collapsed on the bed. However, Greg was still hard and knew that he could not release his load unless Peter allowed him. Charley noticed it and wondered why this was happening. Peter began to explain the events of what happened from the time he found Bobby and their first experience, to Greg finding them, the revenge of Jerry Rogers, and finally the camping trip and how he taught Greg to become a hot slave for him. Charley looked at Greg, who looked so subserviently at Peter and ashamed at Charley. He was found out, the big football star that Charley looked up to as a hero was nothing more than a bitch boy for a younger man.

"Get on your back now bitch." Peter ordered his brother.

Greg was obedient and laid on his back. Charlie saw the hard 11" dick against Greg's hard stomach and his mouth watered. Peter saw this and had an idea.

"Charley, do you want to suck that hot piece of meat?" Peter asked him.

"Yeah." was Charley's response. He leaned over and put the hot dick in his mouth. Charley tried to suck it all the way down, but gagged and backed off spitting. Peter just smiled and told him to take it slowly. Charley did as he was told by Peter. He slowly took the dick inch by inch until he had 8" in his mouth. Peter told him to slowly move up and down on the dick, putting pressure on the underside of Greg's log. He also warned about using teeth and to take it slowly. Charley moved up and down slowly and began to taste the precum coming from Greg's dick He swallowed the clear liquid and began to love the taste. While Charley was sucking Greg's dick, Peter placed his ass over Greg's mouth. Greg was ordered to lick his brother's hole, which Greg did with fervor. He loved the taste of Peter's hole. He also knew what was going to happen and that Charley was going to be a witness to his humiliation. Greg snaked his tongue deep in the hole and Peter was squirming over his brother's mouth. Charley was noticing all that was taking place between the brothers and began sucking with and adamant passion. Greg then began to squirm. Peter pulled off his brother's mouth and told Charley to move off Greg's dick. He then took Greg's dick in his hand and lowered himself over the 11" pole. Charley noticed the pleasure that both boys were giving each other. Peter was going up and down on Greg's pole long and hard. He manipulated the speed that he used to force Greg to moan and buck. Charley continued to watch and his dick got hard again. He loved what he was seeing and imagined what it would be like to be fucked also. Peter saw the hard dick and motioned Charley to stand over Greg. He did and Peter took his dick into his mouth and began to suck him hard. He manipulated Charley's low hanging balls in his hands and felt the precum seep out of the dick. The 3 boys were enjoying themselves and Peter was the master manipulator. He knew that Charley was the perfect one to have join them for fun. He worked hard on both dicks and he knew the older boys were ready to cum.

"Please sir, let me release." Greg begged his little brother.

"Not yet." Peter told his brother. "Charley will be cumming at the same time. Do you understand me slave?"

Greg nodded his head, knowing the build up was pushing him to the breaking point. Peter knew that he had his brother so pent up he would be willing to do anything he was told. He also knew that Charley was close to shooting his load. Charley was looking at Peter and nodded that he was ready to shoot. Peter went down on his dick and felt the first load hit the back of his throat going down to his stomach. Once he felt the first volley, he used his ass muscles to force Greg to release his load that shot hard and fast into his ass. Peter was being loaded from both ends and loved every ounce of boy juice that was entering his body. He felt the cum seep out of his ass and the load that was going into his mouth was partly moving out of his mouth. The two older boys were finally spent and Peter knew he had them.

"Okay, Greg lick this cum off my face." Peter ordered. "Charley, lick this cum off my legs and Greg's legs."

Charley could not believe that he was being ordered. He was not going to be a slave.

"No I'm not." he told Peter. "There is nothing that you can to that can make me."

"Fine." Peter told the boy. "Get your ass out of here now."

Charley looked at him in stunned disbelief. He was being dismissed and was ready to cry. He started to grab his clothes and walk away. Peter saw this and felt sorry for the boy.

"Charley come here." Peter said. "Have a seat. We need to talk."

Charley did as he said and Peter kissed him lightly on the cheek. He pulled Charley to Greg's mouth and the friends kissed passionately.

"Charley you must understand that Greg is my slave." Peter told the red-head. "I don't want you to feel uncomfortable, but I think you like having sex with us. Am I right?"

Charley nodded his head. Peter took his hand and leaned in and kissed Greg. Charley saw the passion that the brothers had and he now understood the connection.

"Charley you must understand that we love each other." Greg chimed in to his friend. "I am willing to do whatever Peter says because as you experienced he is very good at using his body for sex. We want you to join us from now on, but Peter's in charge here."

Charley looked at his friend and assimilated the information he gathered from that day. He looked at the two boys and understood about brotherly love. He wanted to feel that same love since he had no brothers or sisters. He felt something missing from his life and now he might have found it. He looked at the 2 boys and felt he was part of this family. He leaned into the boys and they smiled at him.

As the boys were lying there, Bobby bounded up the stairs and saw the three teens on the bed and nude. He looked at them, then saw Charley's dick and the preteen smiled at what he saw. He stripped down and jumped on the bed.

"Bobby, where have you been?" Greg asked his baby brother.

"Over at Tommy's house." Bobby told his brothers and Charley. "We were just throwing the ball around. He can't leave his house. He was grounded for accidentally flooding the basement."

The older boys started to laugh. Charley was surprised to see the 6" on the 12 year old boy that was before him.

"Charley, you said you wondered what it was like to be fucked." Peter said. "How about Bobby breaking your cherry?"

Charley was nervous, but adventurous at what was about to happen. He nodded and asked what he needed to do. Peter told him to lay on his stomach and Greg put a pillow under his hips and opened the pale cheeks. Greg snaked his tongue deep in the boy's ass and Charley wiggled his body back onto the mouth of the oldest Brady boy. Peter took Bobby's dick in his mouth and got the pole wet to open new territory. Charley and Bobby were enjoying the attention they were getting. Peter was seeing that both boys were ready for the next move, removed his mouth from Bobby and led his brother to the ass. Greg moved his mouth and the older Brady boys each spread a cheek of Charley's ass. Bobby positioned his dick at the hole and gently pushed to Charley. The red-head felt the intrusion and panicked. Peter leaned to him and whispered to relax. He did not lie that it would not hurt, but the pain would subside and he would enjoy it. Charley took the advise and relaxed. Bobby felt the ass loosen and he pushed into the hole. The head penetrated and Charley tensed up quickly. He felt the sudden pain and cried out. Bobby did not move and Peter and Greg kissed the older boy to make him feel loved. Charley felt the kisses and that the pain was ebbing in his ass. He relaxed again and Bobby pushed further until Charley tensed. Again Bobby stopped and Charley noticed the pain was not as intense and quickly faded. Bobby moved more into his ass until his balls were against his ass. Charley felt the weight of Bobby against him and he loved the feeling of skin against him. Bobby then began to fuck the former virgin slowly but surely in and out. Charley feeling this knew that he loved being fucked and wanted the feeling to go on forever. He loved that the Brady boys were helping him on the way to realize his true nature. Bobby loved the feeling of the ass around his dick and moved it in and out faster and faster. He knew he was ready to release and was going to shoot deep in the hole. Charley was hard and knew he was going to shoot soon. Peter and Greg pulled him on his knees and moved under him. Greg began sucking the hard 13" and Peter worked on his balls. The worked in tandem on Charley who was being pushed over the edge and began shooting his pent up load into Greg's mouth. Peter saw this and want some of the boy's love juice. He pushed Greg out of the way and felt a load hit him on the forehead. He laughed and pulled Greg to the dick and both boys were being covered in cum all over their faces. As Charley began to shoot, his ass muscles tightened hard around Bobby's dick and created an eruption from the hot preteen's dick into his ass. Bobby's cum unloaded several times until both boys were totally exhausted and collapsed. Greg and Peter moved in time and began licking the cum off their faces, kissing as they did this. All four boys were laying on the bed holding each other.

"Greg, I know that I love dick." Charley said. "I have had dreams about you and didn't know how to approach it. But I still like Marsha and I want to take her on a date."

"No problem Charley." Greg told his friend. "Let's go downstairs and you can ask her."

The boys jumped in the shower and got cleaned up. They dressed and went downstairs. They met Mike and Carol in the living room. Mike eyed them suspiciously and Peter winked at his dad. Carol saw them and smiled at the boys.

"Hi Charley." Carol told the red-head. "Thank you for bringing the samples over. You boys upstairs plotting to raid the refrigerator."

"Sure mom." Bobby said. "But is Marsha home?"

"I believe so." Carol said. "Why do you ask?"

"Charley wants to ask her for a date." Bobby said, beginning to laugh.

At that point Marsha emerged from the kitchen and saw the four boys looking at her.

"Hi guys." she said to them. "Hi Charley. How are you doing?"

Charley was at a lose for words. Marsha was the best looking girl at Westdale and he wanted a date with her. Why should the hottest girl go out with the likes of him?

"He wants to ask you for a date." Peter said to her. "He's just nervous about asking you for it."

Marsha looked at Charley and he wanted to run out of the house right then and there. She approached him and kissed him on the cheek and said the thing he couldn't believe would happen.

"Sure Charley." Marsha said. "How about Saturday?"

"S-S-Sure." Charley said to her. "How about a movie and pizza?"

"Okay Charley." Marsha said to him. "I'll see you at 6 pm."

Marsha went to her room and Charley looked like he was ready to faint. The boys led him to the backyard where they sat around the table on the patio. Charley still had a look of disbelief on his face.

"Well well Charley got his wish." Bobby started to laugh. His brothers joined in and Charley just looked at them.

"Don't worry Charley." Peter told him. "We're happy for you. You have a good time."

The boys continued to talk when the phone rang. It was for Marsha. It was Doug Simpson to ask her for a date on Saturday. Marsha answered the phone and not believing the start athlete was calling her, forgot her date with Charley. She told Doug that she would go out with him. As she hung up, her parents looked at her.

"Didn't you forget something Marsha?" Mike said to her.

"What?" Marsha looked at them. It took her a few seconds and then realized that she had a date with Charley. She began to think what she could do. She went to her room and see found Jan there. She explained to Jan her dilemma. Jan said that she should go out with Doug, since Charley was not the BMOC. Marsha was planning on how to tell Charley that their date was off. She went downstairs to tell him, but he had left for home. She figured that she could wait until tomorrow and tell him at school. As she went back to the living room, Carol told her to call the boys in because it was dinner soon. Marsha went out of the screen door to tell the boys. They were out in the backyard throwing the football around and as she stepped on the patio, Peter threw the ball and it hit her dead center on her face.

"OH MY NOSE!" Marsha cried out. She put her hand over her nose and bent over.

The boys came over and looked at her. They were concerned that they might have hurt her and took her in the house. Mike and Carol came to the kitchen and saw Marsha holding her face.

"What happened?" Mike asked the boys.

Peter explained what happened and their parents understood it was an accident. Alice brought an ice bag and placed it on Marsha's nose. She held it there, but it swelled up almost twice its normal size. Marsha was upset and went to her room and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, her nose did not return to normal and she didn't want to go to school, for fear of seeing Doug. Carol made here go and Marsha headed for school with Greg. She tried to hide herself from Doug and almost made it. As she headed for her next class, she bumped into Doug and she tried to hide, but to no avail. Doug saw her nose and made up an excuse of why he could not take her out on Saturday.

"I have to go to my grandmother's on Saturday." Doug told her. "You know, something suddenly came up."

Marsha was upset. As school ended, she went home and didn't want to come out of her room. She decided to talk to someone and went up to Greg's room. She knocked on the door and Greg asked who it was.

"Marsha." she told him through the door.

"Come up Marsha." he said to her. She went up the stairs and Greg was sitting at his desk doing his homework.

"Greg I have to talk to someone." she said to her brother. "I was going to break my date off with Charley to go out with Doug Simpson."

"You know that really rotten Marsha." Greg said to her. "Charley is a great guy and should not be treated like this."

"I know and I'm sorry that I treated Charley like that." Marsha said. "I am going out with Charley Saturday."

"What happened Marsha?" Greg asked her.

Marsha explained what happened when she got the call from Doug and what he did when he saw her nose. Greg didn't like Doug to start and now he really hated the guy. He decided to get even with him. His plan involved his brothers, father, and Charley. He told Marsha that he would deal with Doug Simpson and bring him to a realization that no one `fucks with a Brady.'

To be continued in Chapter 7. We will see what happens to a person who tries to screw with a Brady.

SPECIAL NOTE: I will try to get Chapter 7 out before Christmas. I should be able to, but trying to get this done will be time consuming. I will work hard for this Christmas gift to you. And to all of my loyal readers, have a great holiday season.