A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

"Greg I have to talk to someone." she said to her brother. "I was going to break my date off with Charley to go out with Doug Simpson."

"You know that really rotten Marsha." Greg said to her. "Charley is a great guy and should not be treated like this."

"I know and I'm sorry that I treated Charley like that." Marsha said. "I am going out with Charley Saturday."

"What happened Marsha?" Greg asked her.

Marsha explained what happened when she got the call from Doug and what he did when he saw her nose. Greg didn't like Doug to start and now he really hated the guy. He decided to get even with him. His plan involved his brothers, father, and Charley. He told Marsha that he would deal with Doug Simpson and bring him to a realization that no one `fucks with a Brady.'


CHAPTER 7: Something Definitely Came Up.

Doug Simpson. Big man on campus. Star athlete. 6'4" and 195 pounds of muscles. Brown hair and eyes that would make any girl swoon as well as any gay guy. He could have any pick of girl and he enjoyed the attention he always got. He hated the girls who were not attractive in his opinion. That was the reason he decided to date Marcia Brady. She was the hottest girl in school and everyone wanted to date her. After he saw her nose swollen, he decided that she was not the girl he wanted to be seen with anywhere. He came up with the lame excuse of going to his grandmother's house. A few days later, he saw that her nose was healed and said that he didn't have to go to his grandmother's house and would still take her out on Saturday. Marcia told him that she had to go to her grandmother's house, but would love to see him on Friday. They agreed to meet at 7:00 that night to go to a movie and for pizza.

What he did not know was that 2 days before, Marsha and Greg had talked on what happened. Greg then decided to get even with the boy who hurt his sister. Greg decided to tell Peter and Bobby. They talked about what should be done.

"Well let's get that asshole like we did Jerry Rogers." Peter suggested.

The other boys looked and smiled. They decided to get Doug squealing like a pig with hard dicks in his ass. Peter went to Mike and talked with him.

"Dad, did you hear what happened to Marsha?" the middle Brady boy asked his father.

"What happened Pete?" Mike asked in return.

Peter explained what happened with Doug Simpson and how he hurt Marsha's feelings. Mike got angry and wondered how he would confront the teenager that hurt his daughter's feelings.

"Well dad," Peter began to tell his dad. "We have already come up with a plan to get even with him. We want you to help us."

Peter went into detail on what the boys planned to do in humbling Doug Simpson. Mike was very reluctant since this was forced sex. He began to tell Peter his thoughts on the matter. Peter then started to stroke his father's dick through his pants. Mike began to moan with his middle son's touch. Peter felt the 12" grow in his dad's pants and knew that his father would do what he said at this point. Peter went under his father's drafting table and began to undo his pants. He fished the hard dick out and began to lick the head of this father's prick. Mike could only moan out loud. Peter swallowed half of the hard foot long and gave his dad a blow job that was not to be believed. Mike began to thrash in his chair and knew he could not last long. Then he realized Peter was no longer sucking him. He felt the velvet feel of his son's ass engulfing his dick. Peter leaned in and kissed his father hard with his tongue. Mike felt like he was giving head to his son's tongue as Peter drove it deep in his father's mouth. Peter moved up and down on his dad's dick in slow motion. Mike was being driven crazy and knew he was ready to shoot his load. Peter also realized it and stopped his motion. Mike looked at him and he knew that Peter was controlling him again. He knew that he could not refuse his son.

"Well dad, you gonna help us?" Peter said. He squeezed his ass cheeks together. Mike was hooked and would not refuse. Peter then moved faster on his dad's dick and Mike was ready to explode deep in his son's ass. Peter felt for his dad's nips and twisted them hard and that's caused Mike to release his cum deep in Peter's ass.


Mike cried out. He shot load after load into Peter and Peter released his load all over Mike's shirt, chin, and all over his own 8".

Peter explained the plan in detail to Mike and Mike agreed to help his boys avenge his daughter. Peter then picked up the phone and called Charley. Mike was beginning to think that this might be a bad idea. Peter told Charley to come over on Friday night so to avenge Marsha, which from what he gathered from Peter, Charley was very willing to help.

"Why did you invite Charley?" Mike asked, uncertain this was wise.

"Charley will be the finale dad." Peter told Mike. "He's even bigger than you."

Peter left his father and went to tell his brothers that Mike would be helping them with Doug Simpson. He also said that Charley would be there too and the Charley will be the last to fuck Doug Simpson. Greg and Bobby just smiled and they laid the plan for "Operation Asshole". Carol was taking the girls to a ballet recital. Mike said that he was staying home because he had some plans that needed work for Saturday morning for Mr. Phillips.

Friday arrived and the girls went to the recital. A few minutes after the girls left, Doug Simpson arrived to pick up Marsha. Bobby answered the door and let him in.

"Marsha's in Greg's room." Bobby told him. "Come on and I'll show you where the room is."

Bobby led Doug to the attic room and opened the door. Doug ascended the stairs and did not notice Bobby locking the door behind him. As he got to the top of the stairs he was met by the Brady men and Charley. Before he could turn to run down the stairs, Bobby had tripped him and he fell face first. Doug hit his face and felt the cartilage in the nose to break. The older boys grabbed him and threw him face down on the bed and ripped the clothes off his body. They noticed the nice musculature of the quarterback's torso and arms. As they removed his pants they saw the briefs he wore and the hard legs. They then tied his hands and arms to the headboard and his legs to the foot of the bed. Mike then tore the briefs off Doug's body and they noticed his cock, if that's what one would call it. It was the size of a small toe and uncut. There was more foreskin than there was dick the boys noticed. They all began to laugh at Doug and Doug became beet red from embarrassment.

"You fuckers better let me go." Doug said to the gathering. "If you don't I'll call the cops."

All of a sudden there came a flash and everyone but Greg turned their heads. Greg had gotten his camera out and was shooting the shortcoming of the "superstar". Doug had always bragged how he got any girl to go to bed with him, but now the truth was revealed. The boys in the room knew that no girl would let such a small dick in them at any time. Greg knew he had the perfect blackmail for this. He had always wondered why Doug was either the last to shower or never showered after practice. Now the truth was plain to see.

"You never fuck with a Brady." Peter told Doug. "What you did to my sister was shitty and we're here to teach you a lesson."

"What are you planning to do to me?" Doug asked with great trepidation. He saw the smiles come across the five males in the room.

"Why we're going to treat you what you really are." Bobby told him, undressing before him. "You are a son-of-a-bitch and we're going to make you just a plain bitch after tonight."

"NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!" Doug screamed in fright. "You can't do this. I won't let you."

"It seems you don't have much of a choice now do you?" Peter chimed in, undressing and showing his 8" dick. "You're gonna learn you fuck with one Brady, be prepared to be fucked by all of them."

The remainder of the men undressed and Doug noticed the size of the dicks in the room. He saw that Bobby had the smallest and still the young Brady had a dick that was twice as large as his. He was embarrassed that someone so young was hung better than he was. He then saw Greg, Mike, and Charley's dick and saw that they were monster dicks.

"Are you going to make me suck those dicks?" he asked fearfully.

"Oh for a start." Peter replied, then hitting the side of his left butt cheek. "But that will be the warm up for your ass."

Doug began to cry and begging them not to fuck him. He knew that he was a virgin and was straight. He also knew this could ruin his reputation at school if word got around that he was a cocksucker and loved getting fucked. He wanted to have never happened.

"I'm sorry what I did to Marsha." he tried to apologize. "I know what I did was wrong and I promise that I will take her out. Please don't do this."

"Too late shithead." Bobby told the teen. "We're gonna have fun with you tonight."

Peter and Charley untied the ropes from the foot of the bed and Doug tried to wiggle his way free. However, the two boys had a strong grip on their respective ropes and tied them on the eye hooks that were attached to the ceiling. They raised Doug's legs up and wide open. The five saw the hot pink virginal hole that lay open before them. Bobby got between the football star's legs and shoved a finger deep in his hole. Doug screamed in pain and clamped down on the youngest Brady boy's finger. Bobby grabbed the raisin sized nuts of Doug's and squeezed them hard. He released the tightness of his ass muscles and Bobby began to finger fuck his ass. Doug's had tears streaming down his face and wished this was all over. Bobby then pushed a second finger in his ass and Doug jerked hard against the intrusion. Bobby worked the fingers all in the ass of his sister's tormentor and was prepared to push in a third. He also felt something that he didn't expect, Doug began pushing his ass on his 2 fingers. Bobby pushed the third digit in his ass and told Peter to suck his dick to get him ready. Peter obliged and got his little brother wet for the hole that was to open up for his dick.

Bobby removed the fingers and put his dick head against Doug's hole and shoved it all the way in the untouched ass. Doug moaned loudly. Everyone was expecting him to yell in pain, but they noticed that he loved a hot dick in his ass. They all looked at each other and smiled. They knew that this was a hot bottom that they could make money off every weekend. They also noticed his dick getting hard and reaching its hardness of 3" and leaking precum. Bobby began to fuck his ass hard and long. His hard early teen stomach was slamming into the older boys ass and feeling it push against him. He was ready to deposit his seed in the boy.

While this was going on, Peter hovered over Doug's face and the older boy saw the hard 8" dick that was aimed at his mouth.

"Open that hole boy." Peter ordered Doug, which he did obligingly.

Peter began to force feed his dick into Doug's mouth, deep and long. Doug began to choke when it went in his mouth and be began to sputter and his spittle was flying all over Peter's dick. Peter pulled back slightly and got a hot blow job from the teen under him. Peter noticed that Doug was reaching for his dick, but would not allow it. He slapped his hands away.

"Don't even touch that piece of shit dick." Peter ordered. "You understand me."

With his mouth full of dick, all Doug could do was nod and continue to suck the dick in him. Doug also felt something that he never experienced, a pleasurable feeling that was surging through his body. He felt Bobby hitting a special place and didn't know what to make of it. His dick was produced a little bubble of precum and he felt like he was going to cum. He then felt Bobby ram his dick deep in his ass and felt the young Brady shoot load after load of cum into his ass. He realized that he loved the feeling and also realized that he was a cum bitch. He then noticed the camera flashing over and over. Greg was taking pictures of him getting fucked and sucking dick. He knew that now his world would be turned upside down.

Bobby pulled out of Doug's ass and Peter pulled out of his mouth. Peter then moved between his legs and shoved his dick deep in the now deflowered ass. Greg then move over Doug's mouth and shoved his 11" dick deep in the oral orifice. Mike then took the camera and was shooting pictures of the two that controlled the boy who hurt his daughter. Doug never felt so full as he did now, but he realized that there were still 2 others to come.

Peter fucked his ass long and slow and Greg was feeding his mouth with his huge dick. Doug took both dicks and loved the feeling in his ass and mouth. He began giving Greg an incredible blow job. Greg began feeding him precum down his throat, which Doug swallowed greedily. He then felt Peter shove his dick deep in his ass and spewed forth a huge load of cum that seeped out of his ass and down to the sheets. As Peter pulled out of his ass, Greg took over and Mike shoved his hard 12" into the teen's mouth. Bobby then began taking pictures of the two huge dicks sliding in and out of the body of the teen that fucked with a Brady.

Doug's dick began oozing precum out of his dick. He had never produced that much in his life and now it was forming a pool on his abs. His dick was straining to release, but he was not allowed to touch it. Greg was ramming his dick hard into Doug's ass and loved the feeling of the tight ass around his dick. Doug started to flex his ass muscles and this drove Greg wild.

"Damn Doug." Greg exclaimed. "How did you learn to do that?"

Doug could only shrug a little, being his arms and hands were still tied to the headboard. He kept flexing his ass and Greg hit the point of no return. He shoved his dick deep in Doug's ass and unloaded an enormous load of cum in his ass. With 3 loads in his ass, most came out and fell to the bed. As Greg pulled out, Mike replaced his son and pushed his foot long cock into the boy's ass and Charley moved over Doug's face and shoved all 13" of his dick in the boy's mouth.

Charley, who was normally a mild-mannered teen, was so mad at Doug for hurting Marsha, began viciously face fucking Doug's mouth. The sweet teen just glared into the boy's eyes as he choked Doug with his dick. He wanted to make sure that the boy beneath him would learn that he could not treat people the way he had been.

"Now you will learn to treat people nicely." Charley was telling the teen. "You're nothing but a little dicked shithead."

Doug's eyes filled with fear that Charley would hurt him, especially that he was going to have the largest dick in the room in his ass soon. He wondered if he would get out of the room with his life. He then heard something that he knew would save him.

"Charley...Charley." Peter started to say to the teen. "We're here to teach him a lesson. We just want him to remember not to treat people like shit."

"Peter, I'm going to make this boy my bitch." Charley said to the middle Brady.

Mike was long dicking Doug's ass and Doug was pushing back to get all of Mike in his ass. He loved the feeling of a man's dick in his ass. Mike made sure that Doug took all of his dick and his big bull balls were slapping the cheeks of the boy. Charley was slowly fucking the mouth and feeding the boy precum. Doug loved the taste of Charley's precum and wanted more. He manipulated his mouth to pull more out of Charley and the teen with the huge dick was enjoying it. Mike felt the muscles of the quarterback squeeze his dick hard and that pushed him over the edge. He rammed his dick deep, which caused Doug to moan and vibrate Charley's dick. Mike shot 12 huge thick loads into Doug's ass and it oozed out of his ass.

Once Mike finished, he pulled out and Charley replaced him. He slid his dick slowly into Doug's ass. Doug tried to push back but could not.

"Fuck me Charley." Doug begged the teen. "I want you in my ass and fuck me."

Charley looked at Peter and Greg. He began to fall for the teen and wanted to take care of him as a lover.

"Untie him." Charley said to the Bradys. "Let him free."

The Bradys looked at him and then to each other. They could not understand what was happening, but they agreed. As Doug's arms and legs were untied, Charley leaned in and began to kiss him. Doug returned the love that the boy was offering and their tongues dueling with each other. Charley began to slowly slide his dick deep into Doug's ass and massaged the ass walls of his new lover. Doug's head drew back in passion and loved the feeling he was given. Charley slowly began to fuck the ass of the boy he was so mad at and moved in and out of his new romance. Though he thought Marsha was so sweet and beautiful, he now had to have the teen under him as his lover. He fucked Doug harder and his dick kept hitting Doug's magic spot. Doug could not believe the feeling and wanted to let loose. He knew he was close and he wanted Charley's cum in his ass more than anything else. He felt the cum pull from his balls and he was ready to shoot his load. What amazed him was that no one touched his dick and it was ready to unload hard. His ass was starting to tighten around Charley's dick and Charley was ready to shoot his load. He pushed all 13" in Doug's hole and sent the first volley deep. That sent Doug over the edge. His dick began to shoot and it hit his chin. Both boys let out huge screams of passion as they let their loads shoot out of their dicks. Charley shot an endless stream of cum into Doug, who was shooting an amazing amount of cum all over his hard pecs and abs.

As both boys came down from the passion ecstasy, they kissed long and hard. Doug's legs wrapped around Charley's body and they hugged each other for a long period of time. As they finally released, Doug got up and looked at Mike in the eyes.

"Mr. Brady, I do apologize for treating Marcia as I did." Doug started. "What I did was unforgivable, but I do hope you accept my apology. And thank you all for releasing in me what I have in me. I never thought I was gay, but now I know that I am and I now have boyfriend."

"Doug, I accept your apology." Mike said to the boy. "But the person that you need to apologize to is Marcia. I want you to come over and do that tomorrow night. Also I am glad that you have found yourself."

"I just can't believe that I came like that." Doug said. "I have never shot that much in my life. What happened?"

"We kept hitting your prostrate." Mike explained. "You just needed someone, or in this case several to show you what you are able to achieve."

"Well to thank you, please everyone line up." Doug requested.

The Bradys and Charley did as he said and he got on his knees and began cleaning their dicks off and getting all remaining cum off them. They all got hard and Doug had an idea. He laid on the bed and looked at them.

"Let me have it." Doug demanded of them. "I want you cum all over me."

The five gathered around and smiled. The all started to jack their dicks hard and precum was flowing out of all. They let it drip all over Doug's body and smeared it on them. They loved the scene and continued to work on their man hoods. Bobby then got an idea and swallowed Doug's dick whole. His mouth worked magic on Doug and he was moaning like a bitch in heat. He loved the feeling on his cock. He could feel the cum rising out of his balls again and looked at Bobby.

"I'm getting ready to shoot." Doug said, warning the youngest Brady male.

Bobby continued his mouth manipulations on his dick. Doug knew he was ready to shoot and his body tensed all over and his dick and balls moved into Bobby's mouth. His dick spewed forth his cum.


Doug felt like his entire body was being pulled through his dick. He was still amazed on how much cum he shot out of his dick into Bobby's mouth. He finally relaxed and his body fell limp on the bed. The five still stroking their dicks hovered over Doug and Peter was the first to release his load. His head threw back and the first load hit Doug's chest, followed by heavy creamy load all over the boy's body. Bobby, Mike, Greg, and then Charley followed suit and released their loads on the boy. When they finally finished shooting, they all collapsed on the bed and held each other tight. They began to kiss each other and making each other feel close. Charley and Doug held each other the longest and looked in each others eyes. They knew that they would be together forever. The Brady men left the room to allow the boys their time together. They went down to the boys' room and dressed.

"I guess Marcia has lost 2 boyfriends." Peter said with a smile. "I guess she's not all that hot as she likes to seem."

"Peter, remember to treat her right." Mike said to his middle son.

Just then the phone rang and the Bradys went downstairs. Mike got the phone and answered it. The boys listened to the conversation.

"When is he supposed to arrive?" Mike asked. "Next Friday? Sure, we'll be ready for him."

Mike hung up the phone and he turned to the boys.

"Well your cousin Oliver will be arriving next week." Mike told his sons. "We need to get ready for his arrival."

To be continued...See the next character in the story line.

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