A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

Just then the phone rang and the Bradys went downstairs. Mike got the phone and answered it. The boys listened to the conversation.

"When is he supposed to arrive?" Mike asked. "Next Friday? Sure, we'll be ready for him."

Mike hung up the phone and he turned to the boys.

"Well your cousin Oliver will be arriving next week." Mike told his sons. "We need to get ready for his arrival."

CHAPTER 8: Cousin Oliver Comes to Stay

Friday arrived and the Bradys got ready for the arrival of their 10 year-old cousin. The boys had never met their cousin, since he was from Carol's side of the family. The only thing they ever knew about him was he was an only child and might be bratty. He would be staying in the room with Peter and Bobby. They were upset since their ability to love each other. Greg told them if they wanted to use his room, he would let them. Carol and Mike went to the airport to pick up their diminutive cousin. They came through the door and the boys saw a cute boy. Oliver was 4'7" and 85 pounds. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and was very cute.

The boys took their cousin up to their room and got him settled. He wanted to change his clothes.

"Is there a swimming pool around here?" Oliver asked Peter and Bobby.

"There sure is." Bobby said. "You want to do there?"

"Yeah I do." the boy said.

He got his swim suit out and began to put it on. The boys looked at him and saw his smooth ass. He moved around and they saw a nice 2" cut dick on his body. The two boys started to get hard, but began to get ready. They got their Speedos out and stripped down. As they began to get their tight swim suits on they noticed that Oliver was peeking at them. He began to spring a hot spike the tented his trunks out.

Greg knocked on the door and told them to get to the car. The boys went to the local pool and they had fun. Peter pulled Greg to the side and told him what they saw while changing. They smiled at each other and plotted to see if he was interested in boys. The Bradys and Oliver were playing the in the pool. They had fun and occasionally they would brush their hands across Oliver's groin. Peter felt a hard little dick and smiled. They finally left and made it home in time for dinner.

The family ate and laughed at what they did that day. Carol told Oliver he was in time for a trip to one of the local movie studios. As the night wore on it was time for bed and the boys went upstairs and showered. They got dressed and went into the room.

"Hey guys Greg wants us to come up tonight." Peter told the two younger boys.

The three boys went up to Greg's room and found the oldest Brady on his bed in his boxers. Peter and Bobby were smiling as they got to the top of the stairs. Oliver saw his cousin in the state of undress and swallowed hard. He saw Greg's dick springing to life to its full 11". He began licking his lips and his own little dick was hard as a rock.

"Come on in guys." Greg told them. "You know how we dress in my room."

Bobby and Peter took off their pajamas to their own underwear. Oliver could not believe what he was seeing, his cousins in their underwear and sporting wood. He finally followed suit and they saw his briefs tenting.

"So what did you do back home Oliver?" Greg asked.

"I used to play with my friends." Oliver said. "We used to have a club and we had a special initiation."

"What did you have to do?" Bobby asked him.

Oliver went over to Greg and licked the head of his large dick. Greg moaned deeply and loved the feeling of the boy's mouth on his dick. Oliver tongue fucked his cousin's piss slit. He loved the taste of the precum that was coming out of Greg. Oliver was swallowing the clear liquid and he loved the taste. He began lowering his mouth on Greg's cock and took almost 6" in his mouth before he began to gag. He moved his mouth up and down on the hot rod and making Greg moan loudly. The oldest Brady could not believe the talent of his cousin.

Peter got behind Oliver and pulled his briefs off his ass and down his legs. He spread his cheeks wide and saw the tight pink hole. Peter shoved his tongue deep in the hole which had Oliver off Greg's leaking pole.

"OH GOD!" Oliver shrieked. "What are you doing?"

"You're gonna love this cousin." Bobby told him as Peter continued working his hole.

"Are you boys up in Greg's room?" they heard Carol call up. "You're supposed to be in bed. Andy why is Oliver screaming?"

"We just told him about the movie studio trip." Greg called back down. "He got exited."

"Well you better get to bed or no one will be going." Carol said to the boys.

"Okay mom, we will." Greg shouted back down, grinning evilly.

Peter had never missed a beat and Oliver was pushing back on his tongue. The 10 year-old moved back on Greg's dick and sucked it well. Greg's head thrashed all over his pillow while getting a hot blow job from a kid. Peter's tongue had Oliver humming on Greg's dick. While Peter, Oliver, and Greg were having fun, Bobby decided to get in the game. He hovered his hot 6" dick over Greg's mouth and pushed it in deep. All the boys were in heaven, ramming their dicks or tongues on one another and making a Roman orgy look like a Sunday School picnic. Peter finally got his cousin ready and placed his 8" dick at his hole and it eased in deep into the young hole. He was amazed on how it went in and he began to slowly fuck his cousin. Oliver pushed back onto Peter and they developed a steady rhythm. Bobby continued to face fuck his oldest brother and Oliver worked hard on Greg's mammoth dick. The boys pick up the pace and Peter was close to shooting his load in Oliver's ass. He rammed his dick in the soft young ass and loved the feeling that his cousin was giving his dick. He pushed all the way in and released a huge load deep into his bowels.


He felt his load pull his being into his cousin. Oliver picked up the pace as he wanted the load of his oldest cousin in his stomach. However, Greg had better plans for Oliver. He winked at Peter and the middle boy pulled Oliver off Greg and placed his used hole on the 11" cock and Oliver slid down like a pro. Greg felt the tightness of his cousin's ass on his dick and bucked his groin up into his cousin. Bobby had an idea and went to work. He moved around on Greg so he looked like he was going into a 69 position and continued to fuck his brother's mouth. He then moved on his cousin's hot 3.5" cut dick and swallowed it whole. He worked a rhythm so that Oliver can enjoy getting fucked and that Greg would get a load of his boy juice.

The three moved in complete unison until they finally his the point of no return. Bobby felt the cum rising from his balls and he felt Greg was close to shooting. Greg's mouth started to tighten around his brother's dick. He also felt Oliver's body become erratic in its movement. Bobby felt the cum shoot out of his dick into Greg's mouth, who began to swallow hard from the copious amount of boy cum that Bobby produced. This pushed him over the edge and he shot hot load after load into Oliver's ass. Bobby's mouth still worked on Oliver's dick, which finally caused him to shake. The young boy's body felt the pleasure run through his body and his body tensed as if thousands of volts of electricity ran through his body. The feeling finally subsided as the dry orgasm finally ebbed from his body. The boys all collapsed on Greg's bed and they held each other and kissed deeply, Greg and Bobby together, while Peter and Oliver were playing tonsil hockey.

"Oliver, how were you able to take a dick like that?" Peter asked his cousin.

"Well the real reason I was sent away was that I was caught with the babysitter." Oliver started. "We had been messing around and he had a hot dick. I knew I liked boys. Like I told you my friends and me had a club where we sucked each other's dicks. Timmy, my babysitter, is 15 and he found out my secret. He liked boys and we started to having fun when he took care of me. When he put his dick in my ass the first time, I loved it and I wanted it all the time. A couple of weeks later my parents came home early and found us in bed while he was fucking me. My dad freaked out and he wanted to kill me. He said `he doesn't want a faggot in his home.' So here I am."

"Well Oliver, here we love dick and no matter what we love you." Peter said.

The other boys nodded and they held each other. Peter leaned to Greg and whispered in his ear. The oldest boy nodded in agreement and moved the two younger boys under them. The smiled at the 2 on their backs. Bobby and Oliver thought they were going to be fucked and hard. All of a sudden the 2 older boys lowered their mouths on the younger ones and began sucking their dicks long and slow. Peter and Greg masterfully moved their mouths on the dicks and got them harder than granite. Peter then lowered his ass on Oliver's hard boy dick and Greg did the same to Bobby. They then rode the younger boys with masterful expertise which caused the prone boys to just try to buck into the hairy asses of the older boys. Oliver and Bobby reached up and began stroking the huge dicks that were in front of them, spreading the precum all over the head. The older boys then began riding the smaller dicks and working their asses hard on the boys. All 4 of the boys were ready to release their pent up ache in their balls. Bobby and Oliver in harmony shoved their dicks deep in the older boys holes. Bobby released his seed in Greg and Oliver's body shook with great spasms with the orgasm that racked his body. This pushed Peter and Greg over the edge and their loads flew over the boys' heads to the headboard of Greg's bed. The succeeding volleys hit the boys' faces, hair, chests, necks, and stomachs. The older boys then began scooping their cum off their respective boys and feeding it to them, which Oliver and Bobby ate with great delight. They sucked the juice off the fingers and licked it all over.

The older boys laid down next to the younger boys and they just held each other and kissed. They finally fell asleep in the double bed, which was a tight fit, but made them feel closer. Greg was smart enough to set his alarm clock for 5:30 in the morning, so the boys could get to their room without being found out. The 3 boys went to their room and fell into their bed and slept until 8:00 am. They all arose and went to the movie studio and were the millionth guests through the gates. They were placed as extras in a movie in which the Bradys had fun. They went home and got ready for dinner. They ate and enjoyed the rest of the night.

As they arose the next morning, Marsha got word that Davy Jones and Desi Arnez, Jr. would be coming to perform at the dance the next week. The former Monkee wrote that they wanted to meet their number one fan. Marsha asked Greg to take her to the hotel the stars were staying at.

TBC...See what happens to a snotty star when he meets a Brady.

NOTE: I appreciate the emails that I get for the story line. It is fun to write about a show that I grew up on and still watch. I love watching a show that was a time that I remember all too well. And remember all...CAVEAT EMPTOR. LOL