A Brady Bunch

By: 70's Child

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As we saw in the last chapter:

As they arose the next morning, Marsha got word that Davy Jones and Desi Arnez, Jr. would be coming to perform at the dance the next week. The former Monkee wrote that they wanted to meet their number one fan. Marsha asked Greg to take her to the hotel the stars were staying at.

Chapter 9: The Bradys Meet the Stars

Greg picked up Marsha right after school and they proceeded to the hotel that the two teen idols were staying at in town. Marsha went to the room and were met by the stars' bodyguard.

"So what do you want?" the large man demanded, standing in their path.

"I'm Marsha Brady." she told the man. "I was told that Desi Arnez and Davy Jones were here. I'm supposed to meet with them to get the final arrangements for the dance. May I see them?"

The bodyguard looked at the list and then at her.

"No one is supposed to meet with them." the man told her. "And that means you get your cute ass out of here."

"But I'm supposed to meet them." Marsha said, beginning to cry. "I was told they would be performing at my high school dance."

"Listen, get lost or I call the cops." the bodyguard ordered.

Greg was waiting in the car and he saw his sister crying. He got out and met her at the curb.

"What's the matter Marsha?" Greg asked. "What happened?"

"I couldn't get in to see them." Marsha told him crying severely. "The bodyguard told me to leave or he would call the police."

Greg mused a few minutes and remembered his friend Eddie was working as a busboy in the hotel.

"I got an idea." Greg told her. "Eddie works here and I'm sure I can get us in to the room to see them."

"Oh Greg." Marsha said hugging her brother. "Let's do it."

They went around to the kitchen area and found Eddie outside on his break. He went up and told his friend about Marsha's dilemma about Desi and Davy. He asked if they could pose as busboys and go to the room. Eddie told him that he was supposed to collect the lunch tray in a few minutes. Marsha told him that if he would help, she would go to the dance with him. Eddie readily agreed and showed them where the uniforms were. Marsha and Greg dressed in the white outfits and hats, then went to the room to get the dishes and meet the stars. They approached the room and the bodyguard allowed them in the room. They entered and saw Davy Jones sitting on a sofa going over music with his manager.

"Do you know how to get out of that stupid dance?" Davy demanded with his snide British accent. "I heard that girl was here earlier to meet with us. Can you believe that?"

"Davy, I've tried but we can't get out." his manager told him. "But at least you can meet with the girl and get it over with and never see her again."

Marsha heard what they were saying and wanted to cry and hit them. She could not believe that her favorite singer was this mean. She left the room and dashed to the kitchen area. She began to cry and Eddie came to her and gave her a hug.

"What happened?" Eddie asked her.

She explained what happened in the room and that she was upset. Eddie just told her that the dance would be over and she won't have to see him again. She smiled and thanked Eddie for being a good friend. As she gave him a kiss on the cheek, Greg came down and gave them a big smile. He had the dishes and told Marsha they had to leave. Davy was going to the house right now. Marsha told Greg to drop her off at Kathy's house. Greg wanted to know if she wanted to see him and Marsha was uncharacteristic by telling Greg that he could fuck himself. Greg and Eddie looked in shock at Marsha and began to laugh so hard. Greg dropped Marsha off and headed to home. He developed a plan and needed his brothers. As he got home Peter, Bobby, and Oliver were in the family room watching a game on television.

"Hey guys, I need your help." Greg told them.

"What's up Greg?" Peter asked his older brother.

Greg explained what happened to Marsha at the hotel and what he heard from Davy Jones. He figured that since he was heading to the house, it was time for a Brady payback. The boys smiled and laid out the plan. Since the family was out and Alice was at Sam's, they would have some fun with the "star". Oliver, Bobby, and Greg headed for the boys' room while Peter would answer the door in a towel. They unfolded their plan when they heard the doorbell ring. Peter went down in just the towel and opened the door and saw not just Davy Jones but Desi Arnez, Jr.

"Hi guys." Peter said to the teen idols. "Can I help you?"

The two were amazed that they were greeted by a teen boy in a towel. They glanced over the body and they began to spring hard-ons that were very noticeable. They looked at each other and smiled.

"We're here to see Marsha Brady." Davy said to Peter. "Is she here?"

"She'll be back in a few minutes." Peter told them. "You can come in and wait if you want."

They entered and began to sit on the sofa. Peter ascended the stairs in a seductive manner and their eyes followed him. He turned and looked at them from the top of the stairs.

"If you wanna wait up here, you can." Peter said.

They followed him up the stairs with their dicks pressing against their pants. As they arrived to the room, they saw Bobby and Oliver playing with each other. Peter then got into the scene by dropping his towel and the 2 stars saw his hard 8" jutting in front of his boy frame. Their own dicks pressed extremely painful in their pants.

"Hey why don't you join us?" Peter said to them. "It's okay, no one will squeal on you."

The two started to undress. Davy's pale white skin stood out. His thin chest was different from what was in front of him. Desi's dark color came from his famous father. He has almost an almond coloring to him. He also worked out and had a nicely developed form to him. He also had a fairly hairy chest for a guy who was only 20. As they dropped their pants, the 2 stars had been traveling together, but never saw each other's dicks. As they removed their underwear, Davy was sporting a nice 7" uncut banger while Desi was definitely more packing. He had a hard 12" monster that was cut and seeping precum all over the floor. The three boys were amazed at the sight and pulled the 2 teen idols on the bed. They all began kissing hard and they wanted to make sure that everyone had a good time. Peter cornered Davy on the single bed and began giving the Brit a slow, prolonged suck job that drove the singer wild. He wanted to shoot his load, but the middle Brady boy controlled the pace, making him beg for more, which he did. The two younger members of the Brady clan worked on the massive foot long cock that was jutting out from Desi's legs. Bobby began licking the precum and it produced, while Oliver worked on the large goose egged shaped balls that they knew the juice of life was going to come.

The three Brady boys were busy working on the stars while Greg was spying from the bathroom door way. He had gotten Peter's tape recorder and his camera and began the blackmail plan of all times. The two stars were begging for more of the boys' mouths and Peter was finger fucking the snobbish singer with 2 of his digits. Greg was snapping pictures with high speed film so as not to use a flash. The two idols were so deep in the throes of passion, they never heard the camera clicking.

The final two steps were now in place. First Bobby and Peter moved over the dicks of the two stars and lowered themselves down. They moved their asses up and down, working their rectal muscles so to drive the two crazy. When each was close to cumming, they Brady boys would stop and sat down on their pelvic regions. Desi and Davy couldn't stand it much longer. They begged for release, but Peter and Bobby were masters of the ass manipulation. They finally felt sorry for them and allowed the stars' cum shoot into their holes. Davy released a decent amount of hot lava into Peter, but Desi's dick seemed to shoot forever and forever. Cum was moving out of Bobby's hole and onto the bed. Oliver started to lick it up and shared it with Bobby. The two finally stopped shooting and the Brady duo got off their dicks.

"Now we got you pricks where we want you." Greg stated, coming from the bathroom. "It seems you like to molest little boys huh? I wonder how much the tabloids would love this shit."

Greg began playing the tape of them and the stars turned beet red with embarrassment. They tried to get their clothes, but the Bradys were too quick. They claimed the garments and stood there looking at the naked stars. Greg also showed the camera and stated that he had enough pictures to send them to prison forever.

"Why did you do this?" Desi demanded. "Why are you blackmailing us?"

"I was there when shithead over there insulted my sister." Greg stated frankly. "You two cocksucker thought it would be fun to hurt a person."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Davy lied. "I never said any such thing. I never even met your sister."

"Oh yes you did motherfucker." Greg said. "You remember the two busboys from earlier today. That was me and my sister. Now you will get yours."

"Hold on!" Desi said. "You mean you said that about his sister. You told me that you didn't mind doing the dance. You also said you wanted to meet your number one fan. You limey cocksucker, I ought to knock you through the wall."

Davy was at a loss for words. Here he was, naked, being blackmailed, and the guy he was touring with wanted to kill him.

"I had no idea he did this." Desi said to the boys. "I was the one who wrote your sister that we would do the concert after stupid there agreed. Trust me, I want to make the dance a success."

"Well what should we do with this bastard?" Greg said.

Peter gleamed with an evil smile and pride. He knew how to teach the snobbish rocker a great lesson. Since he was acting like a son-of-a-bitch, how about dropping son-of-a and make him a true bitch. Davy began to panic, but he was outnumbered 5 to 1. They grabbed his body and threw him on the bed. The four oldest held him down, while Oliver got behind him and spread his ass cheeks. He placed his 3" dick at the hole and rammed it in hard and deep. Even though he was small, Davy had never been fucked and his ass was tight and the intrusion of an object was painful. Oliver fucked the Brit's pale white ass hard and long. The tightness of the ass felt wonderful on his young dick. The boy loved fucking and he could feel the power he held over the star. He wasn't going to last much longer and felt the intenseness rise from his being. He slammed hard into the deflowered ass and began to shake with a spasm that the others thought was an epileptic fit. He finally collapsed and he grabbed the rope the boys used for games. He tied the left foot of Davy Jones to the foot of the bed.

Bobby then climbed behind the man and took his 6" dick and rammed it home so hard that Davy's head snapped back in sudden reaction. Bobby began fucking the still tight hole with a force that caused the Brit's dick to rub against the bed. The feeling of the bed and the dick in his ass made Davy to shoot a load onto the bed. He couldn't believe that he came like that. His ass also began to burn less and feel good. He actually began to push back on Bobby's dick. Bobby, who didn't expect that, rode his ass until he was ready to drop a load into the singer's mancunt. The pre-teen slammed home one last time and forced load after load into the ass. He was finally spent and removed his dick with a loud pop. They then tied his right foot down and Peter took his shot.

Peter spread the cheeks wide open and rammed 3 fingers deep into the used hole. He could feel the hot spunk of his brother. He pulled some out and put it at Davy's mouth.

"Open wide bitch." Peter told him. "Taste some of what you're going to have in you."

Davy's mouth opened slightly and Peter shoved the cum soaked fingers in his mouth. He wiped them on the tongue and roof of Davy's mouth, who actually sucked the fingers clean. Peter then took his 8" and shoved it all the way deep into hole. Davy just moaned in passion and pushed back hard on Peter's dick. The teen slammed his dick in and out of the hole. Davy just begged more for the dick and everyone was laughing at the pussy on the bed. Peter kept fucking the smaller man on the bed. He finally slammed his dick home and dumped a huge load of boy juice in the ass. As Peter pulled his dick out of the man's pussy, Greg got behind Davy and slammed his 11" cock deep in the Brit's white ass.

Greg grabbed Davy's hips and forced his dick continually in the hole. The singer was feeling the teen's groin and abs ramming into his body. Greg also was continually throwing insult after insult at the man.

"You're nothing but a lowlife fuck who only cares for himself." Greg yelled him. "You are a piece of shit. If it weren't for my sister and her friends, you would be a has-been."

Greg love harassing the man verbally and using his ass. All he could think is that Davy was a bitch and deserved what was happening. Davy realized that he was a cock sucking bastard, but he wondered how long this would go. He loved the feeling of dick in his ass and he wanted more of it. He knew that his singing partner was cute, but did not realize that he had such a huge dick. Greg finally reached the point of no return and he impaled the man on his dick. He spewed a lava flow of cum in to the well worn ass. It all seeped out onto his legs and the bed. Greg finally pulled out with a huge noise louder than a pop. Desi finally moved around and shoved his dick, all 12" into the ass of his touring partner.

Desi began to fuck Davy slowly. He liked the feeling of a hot man pussy on his dick. He fucked the man below him with reckless abandon. His hot foot long dick filled Davy to the maximum. He kept hitting the Brit's prostrate and Davy began to moan with great pleasure to the feeling in his ass. His own dick was leaking precum as a loose pipe. The Bradys saw this and smiled at what was before him. Desi was fucking Davy harder and knew that this would bring a new "relationship" to the rest of the tour. His dick was slipping in and out of the man's ass and he could feel him wanting more. He knew he could give it to him from here on out. He sped the motion of his "dick slipping" until he knew he could not hold off any more. He rammed his dick deep into the ass and threw his head back.


His dick erupted in atomic proportion. Desi felt his entire being flow through his dick and into Davy. He felt the cum pour out of him and overflow into the man's ass. The minute the first volley of cum hit his prostrate, Davy unloaded all over the bed. He came like he never had before in his life. The first load hit the wall at the head of the bed. The successive loads reach from the head of the bed all the way to below his dick Davy collapsed on the bed and pulled Desi with him. They fell in a heap and the cum clung to his torso. The Bradys saw the stars on their bed and Greg finally spoke.

"You know you owe my sister a big apology." he told Davy. "And if you don't, let's say you will become somebody's bitch in prison."

"You're right and I will be willing to do anything." Davy said.

"Okay, at the dance you call her on stage." Peter told them. "You both give her a kiss. That should placate our sister. If you don't, this will be working it way to the police."

The two stars agreed. They got dressed and left for their hotel. As they arrived, they began to delve into their new relationship. Davy knew he was a bottom and loved every minute of it. Desi knew that he loved this man and would make him happy in their relationship.

Friday came and the dance was scheduled for 8 pm. Marcia and Greg went to the dance with their dates, Eddie and Rachel. They enjoyed the dance. The gym exploded in applause when Davy Jones and Desi Arnez were introduced. As Davy began singing his hit song, "Girl", they called Marcia on stage as the one who brought them to Westdale High. Desi gave Marcia a sweet kiss on his cheek, then Davy was going to kiss her other cheek until Marcia slapped him hard. She just stared at him and left the stage. The dance continued with no other incident and the Brady kids went home after dropping their dates home.

Saturday came with most of the family shopping. Peter and Bobby were in the family room playing checkers when they heard a knock on the back door. It was Sam the butcher. The boys liked Sam and he liked them.

TBC...How much does Sam like the boys?

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