Fic: A Mother's Gift

A Mother's Gift

Author: Aphrodite

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Disclaimer: Fiction because Adam Lamber didn't grow up in Hollywood nor did the events of his birthday bash occured as told in this story.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: It all started out with a simple family discussion...

Author's Notes: Inspired by the infamous Rolling Stone article with Adam Lambert being molested by a snake on the cover art, "A Mother's Gift" is my first pathetic attempt to be cool and slash Adam so please forgive me if the story is awful.


A Mother's Gift

It all started out with a simple family discussion at the dinner table one lovely evening in mid-December. Leila Lambert asked her eldest son, Adam, if he had a girlfriend. He said no. She asked if he had a boyfriend. He said no. Then she asked if he wanted a boyfriend, to which Adam replied, "Yes, that would be nice."

Adam was turning the monumental 25 and what better day to find Adam a boyfriend than on the day of his birth. The Lamberts, among Hollywood's Royalty, were known for their extravagant bashes throughout the years and on this day in January was no different. Leila Lambert invited all of Hollywood's hottest eligible bachelors to attend her son's birthday bash, hoping that one of those boys would catch her son's sapphire eyes. Adam, decked out in a tailor made white suit and black bowtie with matching black fingernails of onyx, descended down the spiral staircase as the guests continued to pour in to celebrate his 25th birthday. Leila joined him at the foot of the stairs and hooked her right arm through his, escorting him around the colossal mansion as younger son, Neil, treated the guests to an impromptu comedic show. Adam chuckled out loud. Damn Neil would do anything to upstage his older brother even at his own birthday bash. Leila tightened her hold on his arm and careened him through the noisy crowd to perch on a stool by the bar. She leaned into her son's personal space and whispered into his ear.

"So, my dear, have you seen anyone who has caught your eyes yet?" She asked.

"Justin Timberlake isn't here." Adam pouted.

"Justin Timberlake declined the invitation, but it's okay. He's a fuckin' cunt anyways." Leila responded.

Adam nodded and took a sip of Crystal when his eyes caught sight of the cute boy with a crooked smile by the Hors doeuvres table. The petite boy was wearing a black skinny suit and an equally black skinny tie. Adam smiled appreciatively. At least the boy knew what the latest fashion trend was. Hell, he looked better than Justin Timberlake in that skinny suit.

"I want that one," Adam said, leaning into his mother.

"Kris Allen. He's a cutie. Just signed with Jive this past month. He's going on tour this summer and will have his first album out before the end of the year." Leila explained.

"I like that. Cute and talented." Adam said, getting up to meet the charming young singer when out of nowhere a perky blonde ran up to the bachelor and planted a kiss on his lips. Adam immediately sank to his seat and turned to his mother. "I thought no girls were allowed, mother."

Leila nodded as she took a sip of the alcohol. "True, but that pesky blonde is Kris's newlywed wife." Adam frowned upon hearing that the cute boy was already taken. His mother noticed the disappointment washed over his face and whispered into his ear. "Don't worry, my dear. The wifey is not a factor here. If you want him, little blondie will have to take a hike."

"I do like him, mother."

"Very well." Leila clapped her hands and within seconds Katy Allen was whisked away. Kris tried to follow his wife, but his manager stepped in and stopped him. A whispered exchange of words took place and Kris sighed deeply, returning to the table to mingle with other stars. Leila leaned against the bar and ushered the bartender forward with her fingers. "Send Mr. Kris Allen The CockTail."

"Right away, Madam." The bartender said, mixing the cocktail of the night to perfection.

"Anyone else, my dear?" Leila asked.

Adam closed his eyes and concentrated on the music vibrating off the walls of the mansion. "I like that." Adam mused, enjoying the music by tonight's special guest performer. "And he's cute, too." Adam thought out loud as he opened his eyes toward the make shift stage.

"That eligible bachelor, my dear, is David Cook." Leila told him. "He's already a bonafide superstar, selling out concerts around the country with top hits under his belt."

"Is that all he has, mother?" Adam raised his eyebrow suggestively.

Leila laughed out loud as she took another drink to empty her glass. She slammed her glass on the counter and demanded another serving as well as The CockTail to David Cook.

Giggling uncontrollably, Leila grasped Adam's arm and pulled him toward her. "There's one more empty room upstairs if you want to invite another contender."

Adam nodded and grinned widely. He took one last drink, ordered The Cocktail to go, and slipped off the stool. With the glass in hand, he cruised the dance floor, seeking out the boy who would occupy the third and final guest bedroom upstairs. Thus far he was confident in his choices. Both Kris Allen and David Cook were musically talented, which only added to their charm, and both boys were undeniably hot in their own special ways. If he couldn't find a third boy to take upstairs, it would be okay. What his mother did for him tonight was more than he could ever ask for. He felt like the Royal Highness, holding a ball to find his soul mate. He was about ready to call it a night when the doorbell rang. The maid scurried past the diaphoretic bodies to open the door. She ripped the door open and an exquisitely beautiful boy with pretty long dreadlocks and captivating blue eyes waltzed in. Unlike all the other guests, who all dressed appropriately in their formal suits, he stood underneath the chandelier in a pair of tight designer jeans and a black corduroy blazer over a blue checkered shirt. One quick scan of the expensive suits and fancy dresses, the boy twirled around on his heels, and headed for the door when Adam grabbed his arm and handed him The Cocktail. Jason Castro became the third and final bachelor.

Once all the guests were ushered out of the mansion, Adam made his dramatic ascent up the stairs as strobe lights danced over his glittered hair. He knocked lightly on the first room and when he motioned to turn on the doorknob, Leila appeared beside him and handed him the key.

"I hope you find your perfect match, my dear." Leila said, kissing her eldest son on his frosted lips.

Adam smiled, hugging his mother. He unlocked the door and slipped inside the dark room. He felt for the light switch and when he turned on the light, the sight before him made his cock jump in his pants. Jason Castro had been stripped naked. His wrists were bound together and pinned over his head to a hook in the wall. Adam traced his fingers across the stretched body before him. He roughly seized the boy's swinging hips and slammed his body against the wall, making the boy yelp. He grabbed the boy's muscular legs and split them apart. He thrust into the boy's puckered hole, ripping him open. Jason cried in pain, but bit down on his lower lips to stifle the screams that would tear through the night. Adam withdrew and slammed right back in, tearing through the resistance, making the boy bleed onto his pristine white suit. The boy was simply too tight to accommodate Adam's massive cock. Any pleasure he could have had washed away with Jason's tears as blood dripped to the floor between their writhing bodies. Before long, Adam was just thrusting into a lifeless body as Jason passed out from the intense pain. Adam ejaculated inside the still body and slipped out. Jason Castro, as pretty as he was, wasn't the perfect fit for Adam.

Adam closed the first door and opened the second door. Again, it was too dark to see anything. He felt the wall for the light switch, but when he couldn't find any, he stumbled across the room and collided with the nightstand, nearly knocking the lamp over. He propped the lamp on the nightstand and turned on the warm glow. He turned around and was startled to find David Cook bound to the chair, fully naked. It took Adam two hefty strides to get to David and the first thing he did was run his fingers through the light hairs on his chest. David perked up and slammed his right foot on Adam's foot, causing Adam to shriek in pain.

"What the fuck is going on here?" David demanded to know.

"You didn't drink The CockTail?" Adam asked.

"I took one sip of the drink and thought it was the lousiest drink I ever had."

"Oh." Adam gulped. "Well that certainly presents a problem here."

"What the fuck are you talking about here? Why the fuck am I naked and tied to a chair? Is this what you fuckin' morons in Hollywood do for fun?"

"No. Not all the time." Adam answered as a matter of fact.

"Well, care to explain to me why I'm naked and tied to a chair?" David asked, again. When Adam didn't respond, David continued, "Look, Queenie, I have a concert tomorrow so if you don't mind, untie me, and let me go."

"Actually, I do mind." Adam told him. "And the reason why you're naked and tied to the chair is so I can find my perfect match."

"Excuse me?" David asked incredulously. "A perfect match?"

"Yes. A perfect match. You see tonight is all about me finding my Prince Charming."

"You're fuckin' delusional. This isn't the medieval times, buddy."

"True, but I am the queen." With that being said, Adam penetrated the bound rockstar. He slid easily inside the struggling musician-too easily in fact for Adam's liking. Adam humped David, slamming them against the wall. He kept pounding into the singer's body until he finally struck the prostate. David tensed and closed his eyes before screaming a litany of curses in the air. He came hard and fast, spoiling Adam's pristine white suit.

"Damn. That was one of the best orgasm I ever had." David panted.

Adam got up to his feet and pouted. David might have had one of the best orgasms he ever had, but Adam didn't get shit. As great as David Cook was, he simply wasn't the right fit for Adam.

Adam sighed dejectedly as he made his way to the next and final room. He knocked on the door lightly before unlocking the door. He invited himself in to find Kris Allen sitting on the foot of the bed with his body turned away from the door and toward the window. Upon closer inspection, Adam noticed he was naked from the waist down. He still had his tuxedo white shirt, slim fitting blazer, and skinny tie on, but nothing much. Adam pushed him on his back and grabbed his ankles, sliding them on his shoulders. He unzipped himself and whipped out his cock and without further ado, tested the bachelor. Kris bit down his lower lip and stifled a moan as Adam plunged deep inside. Adam was like the key sliding into the lock. They were a perfect fit. There was hardly any resistance but just enough friction to cause both boys to moan uncontrollably as Adam established a rhythm, rocking back and forth against Kris's body. It didn't take long for Kris to scream out in ecstasy, taking Adam over the edge with him. Adam collapsed on the bed next to the boy and pulled him closer to his body. Adam leaned in, kissed Kris' lips, and whispered aloud, "I've found my perfect match," to which Leila smiled warmly as any mother would do when their children find their soulmate.

Author's Notes: If you're feeling nostalgic, come visit me at Aphrodite's Labyrinth for stories inspired by the sparkly boys of 'Nsync like the classic, "A Tale of Two of Boybands" first archived here a decade ago, otherwise for more recent works, vist my author's page at Castrofics inspired by my current muse, Jason Castro.