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The first day at a new school is never easy, not even for a vampire. Jaiden sat outside the principals office waiting for his schedule, numerous students walked past him, all of them saw him but none of them acknowledged him - Except for one - He didn't speak and didn't even stop but gave Jaiden a smile and a nod of his head, without realising Jaiden smiled back and instantly cursed to himself.

The only reason he was sat here right now was because he got too comfortable at his last school and it cost him is friends, his whole life. He had made the mistake of trusting someone, a girl, and she totally turned on him - She had threatened to tell everyone and he had no choice but to use his powers on her and erase her memory. It was the first time he had ever altered someone's mind and he soon found out that it had a flaw, when the person next set eyes on him, their memory would return. So his father moved them here to Beacon Hills and Jaiden vowed to himself that he wouldn't open up to anyone here, he couldn't stand to lose his friends again.

The secretary motioned to Jaiden and he went to collect his schedule, as he walked up the other student was coming past and smiled again - And once again Jaiden returned the smile, mentally kicking himself.

"Here you are Jaiden, you're schedule and locker combination" The secretary said handing him his documents "Oh Mr Stilinski - Could you show our friend to his locker please?" The other student walked back towards him and once again he found himself cursing to himself, why couldn't she have asked one of the other students, there were plenty around and none of them acknowledged him which he liked "You two have a good day"

"Thanks" The other guy replied and they walked off. The walk was rather silent, neither of them wanted to be the first to talk, they walked in silence a little longer "Is it just me or is this a really uncomfortable silence?" Jaiden let out an involuntary smile "I'm Stiles" They had then reached the lockers "And this is your locker"

"Hey, I'm Jaiden" He replied and turned to Stiles with a smile "Good to meet you too Stiles" He couldn't believe he'd done it again, so much for the being invisible plan he had sworn to himself. A group of guys walked up to them and pushed Stiles into the lockers.

"Stilinski and a new boy - Hey I'm Jackson" Jaiden didn't particularly feel like responding but couldn't stop himself.


"Welcome to Beacon Hills High, listen you need anything you just come see us, we'll see you right" Jackson replied and the group walked off. Jaiden and Stiles both knew that was high school talk for join us or face hell.

"You okay buddy?" Jaiden asked Stiles putting his arm around him.

"Yeah I'm good" Stiles replied walking to his locker which was just a few down from Jaiden's - He got the books out that he needed and closed his locker with a sigh "Look Jaiden he's right - If you want an easy life here you'll listen to him and go with them, I'm not the kind of guy you want to hang with, it will only cause you trouble" Before Jaiden could reply Stiles walked off. Jaiden was torn between going after him or finding Jackson and putting him in his place - The bell decided for him and he went to his first class.

The morning had been uneventful and Jaiden had spent a lot of time thinking about Stiles - There was no way that he wanted to hang with Jackson and his crew but Stiles had kind of given him his excuse to stop their friendship before it had a chance to get started. But at the same time he felt drawn to Stiles, there was something about him that made Jaiden want to get to know him better.

Jaiden sat on the grass leaning back against a tree eating his lunch, he was trying to shake the thought of Stiles from his mind but couldn't - He looked up and saw Stiles, he was about to call him over but soon changed his mind. He noticed Stiles looking at him and quickly looked down, he didn't want to make eye contact with him, it was going to be hard enough to do this. He thought back to saying goodbye to his friends, not being able to let Lara see him again meant he had to leave quickly and he couldn't go through that again.

When Jaiden looked up again he saw that Stiles had continued to walk on and he let out a sigh of relief. He heard some loud laughing and saw Jackson thrust a football into Stiles' stomach - He was trying to hide it but Jaiden could see that it had knocked the wind from Stiles, he tried to ignore it but that only lasted a few seconds, he got up and walked over to Stiles and took the football from him and moved a few paces away from him.

"Hey Jackson" Jaiden called, Stiles turned around - Although he had told Jaiden not to bother with him he felt a bit sad that he decided to be friends with Jackson "You forgot something" Jaiden said launching the ball at him. Jackson turned around and the ball hit him in the chest and knocked him off his feet. A lot of the other students had heard Jaiden call Jackson, had seen what he done and started laughing.

"Dude that was awesome!" Stiles said running up to Jaiden and putting his arm around his shoulder "Where the hell did you learn to throw like that?" Jaiden brushed Stiles off and walked away from him "Jaiden!" He continued to walk away, fighting the urge to look back at Stiles.

Unfortunately the rest of the day hadn't been as uneventful as the morning, mainly because all of Jaiden's classes had been with Stiles. He had tried to talk to Jaiden on numerous occasions and each time Jaiden just ignored him - And each time it was getting harder. At least this was the last class of the day and being sport meant that there hadn't been too many opportunities for Stiles to try talk to him.

Jaiden was lined up for a 400 metre sprint, Jackson was one side of him and another guy called Danny was the other side and Stiles was next to Jackson.

When the sprint started Jackson somehow manage to trip Stiles up, Stiles nearly went down but was able to recover. Jaiden looked across to Jackson and saw him smirking, he wondered the best way to get back at Jackson - He could easily outrun Jackson, even in human form he could outrun the fastest athlete without losing breath but he decided that playing Jackson's game would be best. He slowed down a little and let Jackson get ahead of him a few paces. Danny had caught up to Jaiden and was running along side him, he looked at Jaiden and smiled like he knew what Jaiden was about to do.
When they got close to the end, Jaiden picked up the pace and caught up to Jackson - Jaiden pushed into him and Jackson immediately hit the ground and rolled a few times. By the time Jackson had recovered, Jaiden, Danny and Stiles had finished the sprint - Jackson ran to the end and tackled Jaiden to the ground, he punched Jaiden in the stomach a few times and then on the face. Before Jaiden could retaliate the coach came and pulled them apart.

"What the hell are you two doing!" It was less a question and more of a statement to show is anger with them "Jackson you're out of Saturdays game and you, you're in detention tomorrow"

"That's not fair" Stiles said "Jackson started it!"

"And you're joining him - Jackson, give me five laps" Stiles was about to protest again but Jaiden stopped him "Stilinski, Darby hit the shower and go home"

Jaiden walked off the field and headed to the locker room. He couldn't believe that he'd been given detention on his first day at school but at the same time it was worth it. When he got to the locker room he took his t-shirt off and looked in the mirror, his nose was bleeding and he had a cut on his lip. He wiped his face with his shirt and went and turned a shower on, as soon as the water had come to temperature he removed his shorts and hoped in. He heard a couple of other people enter the locker room, he was expecting Stiles but not another person - He took a deep breath in through his nose and recognised the smell of Danny. After a few moments Danny walked into the shower area with a towel wrapped around his waist, Danny could see that Jaiden was confused as to why he was here too.

"I argued back and got detention too"

"Sorry about that" Jaiden replied, he hadn't wanted to get anyone else in trouble.

"Don't worry about it, I don't think it's fair Jackson got away with it either" They continued to shower in silence, neither boys knowing what to say to the other. Danny found himself sneaking smalls peaks at Jaiden, he admired the other boys muscled appearance but found himself more drawn to Jaiden's emerald green eyes. He quickly snapped out of his little daze, it was wrong to be thinking that way of someone he'd only just met, especially whilst in the shower and even more so that Jaiden didn't know of his sexuality "Can I ask you something?" Danny asked although he didn't wait for a reply "Why have you been ignoring Stiles?" there was a long pause, that wasn't the kind of question Jaiden wanted to answer "I mean you've been looking out for him all day but you ignore him every time he talks to you"

"It was hard when I left my old school and I swore that I wouldn't make friends here in case I have to leave again"

"I understand but you can't go through life like that" Danny replied, Jaiden knew he was right but at the same time it felt too soon, the pain of leaving his old friends was still raw "And you could make worse friends than Stiles"

"He does seem like a nice guy but I doubt he'll want to know after how I've been all day"

"Go speak to him before he goes"

Jaiden had now finished in the shower anyway, he wrapped a towel around his waist and headed to the main locker room. He was pleased to see that Stiles was still here, Stiles looked at him and then immediately turned away - The motion hurt Jaiden and he wondered if that was how he had been making Stiles feel all day.

"Can we talk?" Jaiden asked

"What have we got to talk about? You've made it perfectly clear that you don't want to know me" Stiles didn't turn around to look at Jaiden "I know I told you not to bother we and go with Jackson but you didn't so what kind of an ass does that make me? And why have you been standing up for me all day if you didn't want anything to do with me? I don't need you to protect me, I already have a best mate who looks out for me" Stiles paused for a moment and realised what he had said "Shit! That came out all wrong - I don't need anyone to protect me"

There was a silence for a few minutes, Jaiden thought about what Stiles had said, he hadn't meant to be rude to him. He could also sense that Danny was finished and waiting to get changed but was staying back to give them some time.

"I lost all my friends and the girl who I thought I loved and it hurt a lot - It still hurts - And I know it's stupid but I promised myself that I wouldn't get close to anyone again so I wouldn't have to go through this again but you made it so easy to like you and then you told me not to be friends with you so I kind of used that as my excuse and I'm sorry for being a dick to you Stiles"

Stiles had now turned to face Jaiden, he could see by the look on the other boys face that he was being sincere and that he was truly sorry - And he didn't know for sure why but he had liked Jaiden from the start, it was probably mainly because Jaiden didn't know him but stood up for him and one of his first words were are you okay buddy.

"Can we start again?" Jaiden asked with a look of pleading in his eyes.

"Yeah sure" Stiles replied with a smile "But not here, Shall we meet at the diner at seven?" Stiles could see that Jaiden was wondering why he didn't want to talk here "It's just I wouldn't normally even speak to a half naked stranger in the locker room let alone start a friendship, it's kind of weird"

"Imagine how weird it would be if we hugged"

"You are not hugging me Jaiden" Stiles replied, before he knew what was happening Jaiden put his arms around him, Stiles laughed and returned the hug "Get off me you freak - Damn I'm all wet now" Jaiden let go, it didn't cross his mind that he hadn't dried off from the shower "Right I'm going home, I'll see you later - Oh my dad's the sheriff so obviously I spent a lot of time listening in to the strange crap he deals with which means I'm often late so get Danny to give you my number and send me a text"

"If you're late shouldn't you be texting me?" Stiles turned around about to answer and realised that Jaiden was messing around.


Stiles went home and Jaiden was left thinking, he hoped that everything would be okay between him and Stiles. It was stupid of him to try and not make friends here and even more stupid to ignore Stiles. Danny came back to the locker room and started changing.

"You guys alright?" He asked.

"I think so and thank you Danny"

"No problem"

"Seriously I appreciate it, I was being a right ass" Jaiden replied continuing to get dressed.

"It's okay bro, it sounds like you had a rough time"

"Yeah it was, I really miss all my friends and my girlfriend, I thought I loved her and I do still care for her a lot" Jaiden replied. Both of them were now dressed and packing their things "So anyway, what about you? You got a girl?" Jaiden sensed that Danny had all of a sudden got very nervous and wondered if he had crossed the line.

"I haven't" Danny replied, he wondered for a minute if he should continue or not but decided that Jaiden would find out sooner or later "I'm gay" Jaiden turned around and looked at him now knowing why he had got nervous.

"Did you think that I'd be angry because we showered together?" Danny looked away from him "Dude don't be so stupid, I'm not bothered by it at all - Did I leave my shirt in the showers?" After looking around a little Jaiden decided that he must have left it there "Oh Stiles asked me to get his number from you, could you put it in my phone?" Jaiden asked handing Danny his phone "And yours too, if you want"

He left to go looking for his shirt and Danny started to enter his and Stiles' numbers. When he unlocked the phone he was greeted with a picture of Jaiden with a girl - He was immediately drawn to Jaiden's eyes again, he was pulled out of his daze when he heard Jaiden returned and continued to enter the numbers. He'd finished entering Stiles' number and started his when he realised that Jaiden was stood at the entrance of the locker room and hadn't came in.

"What?" Danny asked looking up to see Jaiden smiling.

"Okay so this really isn't the kind of question you should ask a guy you just met but I have to ask, Did you check me out back there?" Danny laughed "Dude you did!"

"I never said that"

"But you laughed so you did"

"I laughed because you're funny" Danny replied handing back his phone and getting his bag "Both numbers entered" he started to leave.

"Admit it Dan you checked me out"

"If you start calling me Dan I'm going to start calling you Jai" Danny was then walking out the door "And I like your eyes"

Jaiden stood there for a few moments, he was only messing around and hadn't expected that Danny had paid much attention to him but the thought of Danny liking his eyes made him feel good.
He started to make his way home and a text to Stiles, he had put hey it's Jaiden but decided to delete that and wrote next time we hug you have to be half naked, a few seconds later he received a reply saying freak.